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File: r1280x720l.jpg (124 KB, 937x720)
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Masami Obari is well-regarded here then why does Ginsoukikou Ordian still lack proper subtitles?
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File: 90.jpg (557 KB, 1280x1868)
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557 KB JPG
File: EnwKZm5VQAIx1q6.jpg (70 KB, 1334x750)
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File: Ordian poster.jpg (764 KB, 1280x1697)
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File: unnamed (17).jpg (79 KB, 341x512)
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What sets Might Gain apart from the other Brave series?
It seems even more popular than GGG.
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You mean aside from stealing the female protag of Escaflowne?
Escaflowne premiered the year after Might Gain.
J-Decker is much better than Might Gaine. Maito is boring as fuck and so are Gaine and the other robots in this show. They have zero personality, plots are really generic until the ending. J-Decker is fun and the AI storyline is a lot more interesting than anything in MG.
I don't think J-Decker did
Neither did Fighbird if memory serves.

File: 10524215a.jpg (141 KB, 1200x780)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Freedom Gundam before it was a Gundam.
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File: img0013 (1).jpg (512 KB, 1280x1819)
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512 KB JPG
The Singer of Death.
File: img0010.jpg (617 KB, 1280x1812)
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617 KB JPG
File: 77.jpg (678 KB, 1200x2278)
678 KB
678 KB JPG

File: 1606411953437.jpg (126 KB, 620x907)
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126 KB JPG
Let's say if Lalah hadn't died or something like that.
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File: slap.jpg (63 KB, 620x465)
63 KB
>They already have independence

>However, the Federation government's attempts to coerce the Republic into rejoining the Federation, via the threat of armed force, have only increased the resentment and hostility of the Spacenoids living in the colonies.

>The destruction of this agricultural block further turns public opinion in the Autonomous Republic of Zeon against the Federation. The Diet unanimously demands complete independence, and even in Zum City, Side 3's "Mother Banchi," subversive activity breaks out as mobs run amok. Degwin, the chairman who leads the Diet, is worried that the Federation Forces will intervene to suppress the riots.
>In effect, the military cadets at the Guardian Banchi have now become hostages, whose lives are in the hands of the Federation Forces stationed there. The gifted colony-born students at the military academy include many children of prominent colony families. And its location is next door to the Federation Forces garrison, with only a training area in between.

>The Earth Federation had recognized the self-governing status of Side 3, the Autonomous Republic of Munzo, but this did not mean they were truly off the leash.
Earth Federation Forces were deployed in the space colonies of each Side in the name of maintaining public order, and despite being granted autonomy, Munzo was no exception.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Amuro would have been a rebellious little Chad if the war hadn't fucked him up.

> Using Gundam: The Origin as proof of anything
> Degwin outright says in third movie that the Federation recognized Side 3 as the first autonomous Side after Deikun's rebellion
> Side 3 were autonomous enough that they could decide their political leadership with no oversight from the Federation (Degwin took power based entirely on Deikun's apparent wishes)
> Side 3 traded independently with the Jupiter Energy Fleet (Challia Bull led Side 3's fleet)
> Side 3 could build up military forces without the Federation stepping in and stopping it even though it couldn't really be used against anyone else, since the only other faction in the Earthsphere was Side 6
> But yeah, not independent and autonomy definitely just meant the Federation was breathing down their neck constantly to re-join the Federation
Amuro pretty much set his damage aside until the war was over, at which point he actually took some time to grieve. Char didn't put it aside until the war finished but never moved on from that point. It absolutely makes sense that he'd start to resent Amuro finally processing and moving on from his grief and finding a reason to live and be happy again. Combine that with the pressure of living up to his dad's legacy while being a middling Newtype at best and it's no surprise that Char ends up the way he does by CCA
>We're no longer under your boot! Also, trade with us, we're starving!
>So, you have chosen war...
Strong independent colony cluster that need no Federation apparently needed the Federation more than they thought.

File: CRSS_17.png (1.35 MB, 1028x1200)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Bubblegum Crisis. What did /m/ think about it and is it worth it to watch the TV series version of it despite the design changes?
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I love Priss
I was just rewatching it today. One of the greatest cyberpunk shows of all time. Great show with likeable yet paper thin characters, great visuals, outstanding music (2-3 songs per episode sometimes), and a very basic story, but man, is it flashy sometimes. It's not without its problems but it was great for a late 80s anime. I think the most jarring scene was in episode 2: we beat the boomers, stopped the satellite strike, but we didn't get paid AGAIN and... cut to the CEMETERY WHERE LINNA'S DEAD FRIEND IS BURIED. Roll credits while cheerful music plays!

This series also has an example of them stealing from a creator and the creator stealing it back, much like Gavan and Juspion stole lightsabers and X-Wings, and then Lucas stole double bladed lightsabers back from them -- BGC steals Boomers from Terminator, then introduces Boomers that you can't shoot because they absorb the bullets and regenerate like the T-1000.

It's always introduced the eternal quandary: was Sylia a Boomer? Why would Dr. Stingray send an encrypted data file to her, and how would she learn all the tech data AUTOMATICALLY upon viewing it? And then they introduce Cynthia (SYNTHia?) who is a Boomer child, so we know it's possible, Dr. Stingray's tech was decades ahead of Genom's own.

First few episode seem like it's mostly a series of action sequences with very little plot.

Anons, Daley is a gay, and he's awesome.
lmfao, talk about the dumbest most arbitrary bullshit. I'm laughing thinking about what you must be like in real life.
Daily Wong kawaii desu
>linking retrocrush
So it's an ironicfag thread

How do you feel about Mobile Suit Victory Gundam anons?
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File: Havoc.gif (2.01 MB, 450x320)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB GIF
It's like standing for the national anthem
you can't let let failures to keep you down like a nigger faggot you are,
stand up and just move on to grasp small victory in your pitiful life faggot

this ^^^^
File: Katejina_Loos_5750.jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
I like Katejina's character design a lot in her civilian attire or military gear. Would protecc, court and date if she weren't such a batshit crazy person later on.

I also really wish we got more of her ftransition into beleiving in Zanscare, and spending time with Chronicle to flesh out their very underdeveloped relationship. It seemed like they were intending to pair off at some point, and I think in the ending she said she liked him and Usso but it's been a while.
Victory is my favorite UC series and I really wish Sunrise would revisit the Zanscare war again, even if it's just with some OVA. I'm kinda hopeful, since there seems to be some kind of freeze of late UC material until Hathaway and Unicorn 2 are done.

Do you think we'll get at least some sort of "Victory Define" manga that retells the story in a more compelling way and delves a bit more into stuff like >>19141709?

File: x6.png (911 KB, 2060x1466)
911 KB
911 KB PNG
Just finished Go, what a fucking wild ending. Already read Shin, so I've been going through the manga in "chronological" order, not production order.
My question for people more knowledgeable about the series is, does it matter if I read Hien: Earth Suicide, before Arc? From what I understand, Arc was cancelled on top of getting an anime release next year, so I'd rather read the more "complete" one first.
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File: file.png (26 KB, 194x310)
26 KB
File: dinosaurs.png (837 KB, 1620x1300)
837 KB
837 KB PNG
I'll always prefer that cartoony style.

However, trading that for these >>19142532 badass spreads and mechanical detail was kind of a fair deal.
File: file.png (288 KB, 928x680)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
I'm kinda surprised by the direction the art went
I mean i knew the art would eventually "mature" and i wanted it to, but i was kinda expecting it going torwards the likes of pic related being more prevalent
Oh well, i'm sure i'll get used to it
File: blurry.jpg (204 KB, 900x444)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
You will have something else to look forward to, that's just as a cool but in a different way.

But yeah, I really liked the times in the original manga where the lines went all blurry, it looked cool as fuck
He had three major phases imo. There was his 70s Getter/G era style. From the 80s to early 90s he developed an evolution of that style, as seen in Majuu Sense and Getter Go. Then he developed a radically different style in the late 90s, as seen in Shin Getter, which he used until his passing. I like all three styles, but I think his 80s style, which was adapted for Getter Armageddon, was his best.

Did the original director intended Nina to be Gato's old flame? Her original 'muh gundum' personality was pretty cute.
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Her lusting for Gato didn't make any sense. What were they thinking?
Lmao imagine caring about the non mecha parts of mecha.
Anon... >>19136940

But seriously, aren't you curious about how much was changed? Same goes for 08th MS Team.
Goddamnit, Anon, it's so obvious. Don't feed the troll.
No. But I'm convinced he set her up to fall for Gato regardless.

File: Main56.jpg (1.45 MB, 1786x6383)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
Welp, we've hit bump limit again and sank to page 9, and original OP isn't here right now, so i'm making a new thread again. I'll be posting the images that weren't added before the thread died in this one.

Download frames here:
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File: mpv-shot0082-28.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
>more updates
yeah sorry about that
/v/ crossboarders

File: 1437020573260.jpg (212 KB, 1282x858)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
What /m/ stories actually have interesting science fiction or speculation as a main focus?
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None. Almost no audiovisual media of any stripe has science fiction or speculation as the main focus. That's more the territory of novels, and maybe some comics, which don't have to worry so much about actors, among other issues. It'll basically always be at best a secondary focus in anime, TV shows, films etc.
but reading is boring
Recommend some
2001 nights, the manga
File: ToyBox.gif (79 KB, 470x800)
79 KB

File: 1590829245069.webm (2.73 MB, 960x540)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB WEBM
Only three days to the next three episodes
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I decided to rewatch everything before starting with Beyond and I am enjoying the first season a lot this second time around.
I find this attitude surprising. Personally, the first seven or so episodes were a high point, and I felt the quality lowered a little later on (though I liked the whole thing).
Huh, that's a novelty. I can appreciate the earlier episodes a lot now, but it wasn't until about the halfway point with Tsubaki/Canon/Michio coming in, and Kazuki and Soushi's backstory that I really started getting invested, and then it just escalates from there with the whole back half jammed full of iconic Fafner scenes.
I felt that the earlier episodes had a feel of mystery and genuine despair. When Kazuki left with the skank, I thought that was a bit of a low point, but the stuff after that- the UN invasion, Canon, Maya's father, Operation Azure- was excellent. God, so much happened in the original.
Exodus was honestly a big disappointment for me. There were lots of good parts- the UN-centric stuff, Maya as Hester's prisoner especially- but all the stuff with the alien Mir went nowhere, and there was so much complete nonsense (X-men powers, Canon just dies, Soushi turns into a baby even though they'd already done a missing Soushi arc)...
And now I'm remembering Maya's sister's boyfriend's father, the lava Festum, when they had to protect the assimilated Kouyou...

And, conversely, how they made Rina straight in Exodus.

File: 2170351i.jpg (152 KB, 620x349)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
AI sent me his correction pass on the story script and the library, I looked over it and sent it back to him. He's currently implementing the fixes we agreed on.
I just finished fixing the battle dialogue for all Layzner characters. Series left to cover are Dragonar, Trider, Raijin-Oh, the J9s and OG. Once I do those I guess we're finished, unless AI wants to do a pass on the battle lines too or something.

Previous: >>18772854
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File: Dancouga 10.jpg (148 KB, 540x720)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
File: Dancouga 11.jpg (78 KB, 720x540)
78 KB
File: Dancouga 12.jpg (32 KB, 277x189)
32 KB
Got the Akumada and Belzeb's lines done. Just gotta do Warusa and Bakuryuu-Oh and that will be it for Raijin-Oh.
Bump with a question for Oppai Missile: how did you come to know Japanese? Do you have any general suggestions for someone who wants to learn the language?

File: mpv-shot0797.jpg (142 KB, 1280x720)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>ends with a cliffhanger
I'm so fucking mad. Good show for the most part though.
Does Tekkaman Blade blueball the viewer like this? I know it's a reboot with no direct ties to the original show outside concept, I just like some conclusiveness to my anime.
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File: 1599051278534.jpg (31 KB, 350x350)
31 KB
>works for the government
>glows in the dark
Was Terry warning us about the Sannoites?
the most horrifying aspect of modern life is every day realizing how right he really was
File: Joji.jpg (301 KB, 1600x1358)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
What's he looking at?
File: 90015.jpg (28 KB, 225x350)
28 KB
Consider sealing demon king in your eyes
Jontron announcing he's leaving

File: 1588337432360.png (275 KB, 332x629)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
>gundams are "experimental prototypes"
>never have any unplanned disasters causing it to malfunction or require fabrication of custom parts
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>have no argument
>call your opponent faggot because you're buttmad
>gundams are "human robots"
>never have dicks or vaginas
PMX-004 Titania

this hurts to think about, and I don't like it
>OP posts the Gundam that fucking blows up

File: 3242335.jpg (156 KB, 1280x720)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
What the fuck happened at the end? So the whole thing is just another cycle and Logan is meant to be Harlock?
It has no mechs so I have no interest in it.
You are a newfag and a poser.
I want to fuck Miime

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