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File: file.png (1.26 MB, 1390x782)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
I watched War in the Pocket recently and I really liked the part where the Zeon soldiers infiltrate a colony and do all the espionage shenanigans like meeting with an inside informer and blending in an enemy base, so I was wondering, is there anything close to Ja/m/es Bond? Or any mecha shows/movies with espionage themes?
Funny enough the perfect answer to that would be The Incredibles.
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Pie thriller sounds more authentically British than actual James Bond
Idk sounds pretty american.
All the main characters in Gundam Wing were in some way a spy.
Roger Smith may not be a spy but he has the 007 gadgets to make up for it.
the space battle scene in Moonraker was really amazingly great for being stupid yet real

Who is the mech pilot with the biggest tits?
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Maybe it is if you're homosexual
the actual jarring thing about her is that her fits are big but her ass and hips is small. looks like shit every time
I'll give her a pass if she at least does it from inside a mecha.
This is why your waifu is fat

File: On June 9.jpg (263 KB, 1080x1600)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Unicron is coming! Is /m/ hyped? We even get a exosuit!

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File: Munetaka Abe Starscream.jpg (709 KB, 1256x1006)
709 KB
709 KB JPG
Using this plan for my Halloween year
Well, they finally did it.
Oh no!

File: Mashymre.jpg (398 KB, 1305x1024)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
>simps for Haman whole show
>is told by her to better understand Earth
>blows up Ireland with a Space Colony
>becomes an artificial Newtype off-screen
>pointlessly blows himself up later
>doesn't even kill a single character doing it
>Haman states she cared nothing for him moments after

What the hell was the point of this insane character? Nothing he ever did made any sense whatsoever.
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Dorky Rosensimp
I like how the sleeves called themselves the sleeves because that's the one thing they are legally not allowed to wear. Fantastic writing Fukui,
>go to a spacenoid's house
>we're about to start grilling
>he's washing his chicken in the sink while murmuring "Mashmyre-sama..."
It's symbolism for having to represent a part of yourself that was never there to begin with, like how Full Frontal has to bear Char's mantle despite having nothing essential shared between them. Truly, Fukui's genius is understated

File: 1684763576769.jpg (32 KB, 453x677)
32 KB
If you are bad at shooting try something else that may work.
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>he defeated most named primary antagonists by going melee
Isn't that the case for most Gundam series? You can probably count on one hand the number of named antagonists beat at range. Melee just makes for a far more flashy and personal finisher. Zeong and Legend are two examples of ranged kills but most others are melee or at least melee range even with a long range weapon like the Baund Doc.
I'm just trying to debunk that "00S2 Setsuna is pure ranged" fag who still insists on his fairy tales.

And out of topic, before someone goes "Reddit spacing lol" I just wonder what's wrong if I'm also doing that? Is it because 4chan anons and redditors has a rivalry?
Against Ribbons he openly stated close range was his forte and continued trying to close-in even after learning the Reborns Gundam and not just Cannon was a thing. Though that might be because the Reborns Gundam is comparatively an all-rounder 1 Gundam rather than a close range specialist. Only being a close range thing due to a powerful beam saber and the Reborns Cannon's long range GN Cannon specialty .
Theres no difference between 4chan and reddit.
But Freedom showed lots of Beam saber spin in anime as well. Kira preferred not to kill foes after he runs away from Earthlings.

File: 1683185607842893.jpg (185 KB, 1587x1161)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
What are you anons watching at the moment? Clearing up that backlog.
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Give your autistic obsession towards him, that is something I would consider possible.
>And they're using the fake Duel they created on DeviantArt to commission bondage art featuring girls from shows Duel hates?
This here is the kicker for me thinking you're either conflating people or just guessing. Of all the girls to commission why would he choose fucking Active Raid? It makes no sense. I'm done believing you.
So yeah, ignoring this repetitive drama, rewatched some old kaiju movies recently and enjoyed them.
File: badanime.png (58 KB, 243x800)
58 KB
>Not that anon, but it makes as much sense as the usual bullshit being sold here.
Okay, but that would only mean Duel has rich fans, not rich haters. I wonder if they're lottery winners too.

>only said hater seems to know this 8,500 dollar price tag.
Ghostly shared it openly on Discord. Of course, if he's yet another Duel homunculus, then it might be incorrect.

>Of all the girls to commission why would he choose fucking Active Raid? It makes no sense.
And what's being done to the Active Raid girls, retard? Duel himself has drawn art where his Pitz avatar punishes bad anime.
the funny thing is he doesn't even try to conceal his digital footprint, so it's obvious even when he tries to pretend to be someone else
File: lottery winner.jpg (100 KB, 1440x264)
100 KB
100 KB JPG

File: download.jpg (13 KB, 293x172)
13 KB
Power rangers rpm is shit. And that's not an opinion, it's a fact.

Worst theme song in power rangers history (that alone is enough reason to hate it).
Scott, Flynn, and Summer are bad actors.
Dillon got too much screen time despite not being a red ranger nor revolving around the red ranger.
Gem and Gemma were goofy for sixth ranger standards.
The monster battles were rushed.
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>Worst theme song in power rangers history (that alone is enough reason to hate it).
Don't really have an opinion
>Scott, Flynn, and Summer are bad actors.
Has there ever been a good actor in PR?
>Dillon got too much screen time despite not being a red ranger nor revolving around the red ranger.
Good, tired of red rangers being the focus all the time.
>Gem and Gemma were goofy for sixth ranger standards.
That's not a negative to me.
>The monster battles were rushed.
I didn't notice it.
I don't really care about your complaints because in the end I found the darker setting to be a very interesting direction to take the show.
>Another car Power Rangers

Wasn't there a Turbo?
Agreed, it's shit. Kino shit.
This anon gets it. It was an original and refreshing spin on the show. All the actors were fine. It would have been even better if we got the originally planned end.
is this the blue dog man one?

File: 1588363109671.jpg (88 KB, 921x684)
88 KB
being a containment area for stuff like cytubes and whatnots
I run various stuff Tuesdays and Fridays at 8p Eastern on my mog-rog channel and the rest of the week have current(ish) shows from the past few weeks
Kohai does his thing Thursday nights on PTSF-THRS at 8
and various people do other stuff other nights
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Class of 1999 next!
SDGF next!
Professor Popper's Problems next!
derp I mean End Of Taro next!
now it's the PPP next!

File: fmp1.png (390 KB, 350x519)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
ITT: /m/ Novels and Light Novels
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If you're going to tabulate Yukikaze it makes more sense to count each book as a volume than to specify each book.

Unless Kambayashi changed the format after Good Luck, they're all short story serials.
Some of said isekai sludge has some robots at least. Doesn't make them good of course.

So has anyone here read the 86 light novels? I think I was on volume 5 but I dropped them for a bit for whatever reason. The first novel really put me off until the end but I've really enjoyed every volume after it.
File: 13236938.jpg (136 KB, 307x475)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Classic Gundam novel trilogy
I don't read
When's 00P getting translated?

Which one your personality match closest to? Although I would not be surprised if most of /m/ think and behave like Duo.
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File: kpmnvkzsqi_o.jpg (410 KB, 1600x1132)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
It’s more crazier that Relena is an inch taller than the wing boys except Trowa
File: xxfotkprcc_o.jpg (362 KB, 1600x1135)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
File: 1643868813281[1].png (690 KB, 1277x1275)
690 KB
690 KB PNG
>that heero

For me it’s the messala
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Both were designed by Nagano. Sometimes his artwork (not the concept art or lineart but the coloured pretty artwork) is not so much about factions or fighting, but just showing them in flight.
>but just showing them in flight.
>the green Rick Dias’ with the round shield
Dam why arnt there more of these
>gun helpfully labelled "gun"
Nagano is a fucking mastermind
File: hguc_gaplant047.jpg (255 KB, 900x851)
255 KB
255 KB JPG

File: h63w62uws61b1.png (699 KB, 728x671)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
Confess your /m/ sins, anon.
302 replies and 40 images omitted. Click here to view.
In this thread the person bringing up twitter drama is you. Maybe some introspection and self-evaluation is due.
Based anon
Me I have never completed a proper gunpla, but I will always cherish a vaguely low-rent knockoff Impulse Gundam I got as a kid, largely because my grandmother must have actually paid enough attention to the show while I was watching it in the kitchen to know that Shinn was my favourite character and what MS he had
>implying /u/ crossboards to shitpost about yurishit
I like and care about Tokusatsu more than mecha anime
I agree with this to an extent, I thought the politics and battle tactics and some of the characters were really interesting but I found the main gang to be very uninteresting and the fights to be really dull.

File: KOBURA.png (1.67 MB, 796x1198)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Cobra, we've had threads about it before & we can have 'em again!
81 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
Seconding this
When are we ever going to hear more about The Return Of Joe Gillian?

Pretty sure it's vaporware. Terasawa's condition isn't getting any better desu.
File: 1303027514612.png (681 KB, 640x480)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
God I want this so much. Music sucks though. Doesn't fit.

>Singlehandedly ended the OYW when he was a teenager and accumulated massive PTSD
>Was the only reason the feds got the GM's to work pretty much thanks to the combat data
>Got put on house arrest because the feds didn't want info on Newtypes or the RX-78-2 to leak
>Still said fuck it and joined Karada on the Gryps War
>Put down one of the Titans aces and effectively saved Char and Kamille's hides so basically a major contributor to the Titans' downfall
>Gave his life when Char once again acted up thanks to his sociopathic mommy issues and saved the world in the Second Neo Zeon War
>all he gets afterwards is a small portrait of him in Bright's office
This is just sad
78 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
in the F91 sequel they make a clone of Amuro and within 5 minutes he's completely wiped out everyone involved and the local area
>single-handedly ended the OYW
I didn’t know Amuro was secretly the entire production run of GM? PROTOCTURE IS AMAZING
Dozle surviving means Gihren can never kill Degwin, which means the war ends in an armstice.
Every GM is just an afterimage of the Gundam with mass.
Dozle surviving means Revil would not meet up with Degwin which means the whole EFSF army would be dead because they would be lining up for a clear shot with the Solar Ray

File: season-1.jpg (140 KB, 592x841)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>ALDNOAH's final episode isn't my fault. In my original scenario, the final episode saw Inaho and Slaine 'becoming lovers' before he gets taken away by Asseylum. (虚淵氏「アルドノアのラストは俺のせいじゃねぇーからっ」「原案ではイナホとスレインは恋仲になりが姫に 連れ去られて1話が終わる話だった?)

How many mecha anime do you think Urobuchi has had ruined by people modifying his scripts at the last moment and then the viewers wrongfully pin all the blame on him?
134 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, wasn’t the producer the same guy from Boku no Pico?
No, G-Reco was way better than Aldnoah.
Aldnoah would have been my all-time favorite Mecha had they not done the bullshit at the end of S2 where the princess marries the literal who that shows up in the last 3 episodes.
Really? You're saying that up till then you considered it to be a fantastic show? I'm curious about your thought process.
File: Gunhed_in_hangar.jpg (135 KB, 1200x960)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>If you want to make a good mecha movie you should do it with practical effects and not CGI.
The only movie that's ever done that is Gunhed.

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