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File: 1598987632891.jpg (114 KB, 900x600)
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/m/'s thoughts on LadyTron's?
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That is a lot of characters.
Isn't it B^U?
why not both
No point talking about it.

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Honestly, I feel this is unintentional
Like, some intern or someone at Funko googled G1 Jetfire and had that design be passed and Hasbro didn't really pay attention
Britain, amusingly enough. But then again the UK TF content was always the most retarded, somehow so maybe such origins should have been expected.
Wasn't the UK comic a continuation of the original Marvel stuff?
Kinda sorta not really. It ran at the same time, more or less from what I recall, but then again it's been like 40 fucking years since I was twelve and my uncle ran a comic shop.
UK Marvel kind of did its own thing, usually involving sucking it's own dick, desu. A lot of the spergy 'tards in the fandom who ended up running IDW were old UK fans, for example, wrote a lot of fanfiction they ended up making canon.
Including literal MPreg. Thanks Roberts.
File: dtp_hd.jpg (61 KB, 583x450)
61 KB
>Jetfire's head

Recently rewatched the animatrix and I was wondering. How well would humanity had faired during the first machine war if they had proper Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors instead of APUs?
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Neo Or Trinity will be Trans. There will be a trans character 100% guaranteed I'm willing to put money on it.
makes sense since they mostly fucked up 2 and 3
The Two Faces of Tomorrow is a really great one involving an exercise being performed explicitly to test "robot rebellion".
2001 is technically one, but the reasoning as to why isn't explained in the movie.
Isaac Asimov's robot fiction is a good place to look. Some might involve emotions or anthropomorphization, but I think this is balanced because all of what happens can be and is explained via logic.
>The Two Faces of Tomorrow
I came here anon to tell you have great taste.

>2001 is technically one, but the reasoning as to why isn't explained in the movie.
For those who don't know, the reasoning was that HALL CARL was asked to keep the objective a secret from the crew, but when they lost communication they couldn't give new instruction

I recommend highly the webcomic Freefall,
It look a newspaper comic, but the root is (by common standard) very hard-SF story explaining you why an AI with fully working safeguard and incapable of disobeying order can be more dangerous than a rogue AI.
Also the main arc is complete. You can read it and get to the ending.
Its only part of the story but the Xenon from the X series.
They started life as the Terraformers, a Von Neumann swarm designed by Earth to expand and terraform worlds for human colonization.
They worked perfectly fine for a long time until one day humanity pushed out a faulty update, and then later decided that enough worlds were terraformed and then sent out a kill code. Well, either that or sending out a faulty kill code. Its been awhile so I can't really remember.
Consequently the Terraformers returned to Earth, terraforming all in their path, including inhabited worlds.
So like if Microsoft was in charge of your AI swarms software.

File: patlabor manga.jpg (680 KB, 2619x1240)
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680 KB JPG
has anyone thought of translating the mango?
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It's not piracy, it's sharing. That's what the internet is supposed to be for.
Just popped in the blu ray. I'm already happy just by the awesome music on the menu. I hope it's as good as you guys say. I'm going in blind!
archive is a miracle
Miracle Chosuke
Honestly machine translation is pretty good for French so if anyone can just upload the French translations for me I'll go ahead and read it that way, you don't need to translate it to English for me.

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File: 81coQ6SV9YL._SL1500_.jpg (215 KB, 1228x1500)
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215 KB JPG
Anyone know where I can watch this for free online or pirate it?
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You know you can buy it online from rightstuff or even amazon who ships worldwide right?
Buy it you filthy fucking cheap commie.
There could be region locking issues.
File: giphy.gif (1.74 MB, 320x240)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB GIF
Shame the stuff with Onionson seemed to turn him into a lolcow.
this is bait right

File: taichou.png (596 KB, 720x540)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
Goto-san has opened this thread
File: whitebasemolestor.jpg (10 KB, 200x200)
10 KB
dirty zeon scum
File: Goto fish.jpg (907 KB, 471x5292)
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907 KB JPG
Nobody gets into their cars!
Based Goto.

File: EUdMANTUMAA5hW8.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1080)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
they're never going to give us rider stuff as a physical release

this is just dick teasing that leads to nothing
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They care way more about the Asian market. Releasing movies on iTunes, releasing movies in theatres, etc.
Your entire post is so burger-centric, that you don't even think about the easiest markets for them to expand into.
They randomly put out Heisei Generations Forever on Tubi today.

Seems like an odd release to skip to.
Did you really need to post this in 2 threads? It's not even new.
Didn't it stream in the middle of July on YouTube, and then go on the streaming on demand sites in August?

Really? Guess I'm just behind the times. I didn't see it show up until now. My bad, bro.
File: 1387155158261.gif (133 KB, 128x480)
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133 KB GIF
>They even came up with a process in the 80s to edit out the Japanese actors in the original show so you could replace them in frame with inserts of white actors, but nobody was interested.
I thought that was much more modern, not in the 80s

File: DtOZDV_UwAAzl4f.jpg (258 KB, 1200x1131)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
Did anyone ever got around to uploading the blu rays for Daitarn 3 by any chance?

I remember them being announced like last year, but that's it.
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i liked it better than zambot 3
found the mc more likeable
>Zambot 3
This thread is about Daitarn 3 though
Is there any downside to that? I just remember the days you used to have to set aside 600 MB per episode and now not only is it significantly smaller but it also has dual audio which I'll never use but it doesn't matter because it's still smaller than the old release without dual audio.

File: gundam-meisters.jpg (95 KB, 750x414)
95 KB
Gundam 00 appreciation here.
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Yep. It was perfect.
I was getting to it.
I didn't ask for attention. This is an anonymous board you fucking idiot.
The magic in 00 is that it gave us a team of unique characters, but unlike Wing the characters are interesting and likeable. Duo was the only likeable character in GW, and Wufei had potential but it was wasted in a story that was boring and too convoluted.
00 was well paced and the animation looks incredible even by today's standards. The end of season 1 gave me chills.
Neil and Tieria sold the show for me.
It's a shame Lyle couldn't even avenge him properly

File: gvk.jpg (357 KB, 2048x1585)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Alexander Skarsgård plays an unorthodox type of action character, he's not a "Action man" but will take action if needed. He's a type of biologist and scientist.
Eiza González plays a Monarch squad leader who's tasked in preventing APEX's hostile take over of Skull Island, Later revealed to be an APEX agent who originally was supposed to sabotage the team once on Skull Island but has a change of heart after Kong saved her and the group.
Kyle Chandler(Became top Godzilla Researcher since getting Serizawa's journal) and Shun Oguri are rivals, as by are constantly butting heads on Godzilla and Serizawa's legacy.

Millie Bobby Brown is trying to restart her life as a normal teenager, but her plans are interrupted when she starts having visions and emotional breakdowns when around Titans. Ziyi Zhang's characters(Two) aid her and become mentors to her. They tell her that she's developed a "gift" that only a few number of human's had since humanities first contact with the Titans, once called "Titan Speakers". She connects with Kong after he saves her and the storm chasers from a Skull Crawler that breached from a sink hole on Florida soil.
APEX captures her for her gift and uses her as a makeshift ORCA machine, implying her mom originally based it on her and the used her voice for it's "Human" frequency.

Julian Dennison is Millie Bobby Brown's new friend and has a hobby of storm chasing, which is actually a cover for Titan chasing. He gets wrapped into Millie's inner conflict with Godzilla and Kong and the war against the Titans by APEX. He's responsible for telling Mark about Millie's kidnapping and getting a Monarch team to save her.
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>Or how Godzilla saved a bridge full of people from crossfire?
> Or how Godzilla inadvertently saved a bridge full of people from crossfire, and then proceeded in destroying said bridge shortly after?
Ignoring Gamera 3 there
>Gamera 3
So you are melting all the Gamera movies and claiming the 1 new Godzilla movie is copying all the 3 Gamera films? I don’t get it. The other guy was right, if any Godzilla movie was ripping off Gamera 1-3, it was Godzilla 2019.
> a city gets destroyed when 2 monsters fight.
> this was breaking new ground and pioneered by Gamera 3.
You’re kidding, right?
The point was that Gamera in 3 is doing what this anon is claiming is super dark and unique about 2014.

It’s a carbon copy of GOTU but his character is literally Heisei Gamera, hence 3 when you say “but he destroys shit and kills people.”

What would you anons want out of a future Gundam anime, be it U.C or AU?

For U.C I want something in the U.C 300's or 1000's and for AU I want a fantasy, deep space or steampunk Gundam.
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Technology goes in a different direction. Instead of particle beams, they end up using hard light. Instead of beam sabers, they use hard light swords, and instead of rifles shooting particle beams, now they're rifles shooting hard light bullets. Hard light shields mean that solid physical shields are less common, and because of the ability to "mould" hard light into whatever shape, so there exists hard light axes, hard light spears, hard light maces and hard light halberds.
So Valvrave but with less space vampires and rape and more Gundam?
This and also a female Char clone
What if we made a show about Gundams going underwater. Maybe set it on a different planet. The crew could all be part of a pirate sub and they could be trying to reclaim independence by sticking it to a corrupt earth government.
Instead of one character wearing a mask, all characters have to wear masks except for the one rogue character that doesn't.

It’s 202X. The Hollywood Gundam movie was released.
What’s the worst possible fate?
278 replies and 49 images omitted. Click here to view.
sadly gundam may be next on hollywood's radar and the next to become normalised like dnd
gundam appeared in ready player one
gundam and gunpla posts occasionally pop up on social media with a lot of likes
its becoming more main stream, for example:
>i was at a bar like two years ago ordering drinks
>two of my female friends where talking about gundam
>i was shocked and asked them what they were talking about
>a story about a girl meeting a guy on tinder and him sending her pictures of his gunpla had been making its way around social media
>they all thought it was such a cute story as the girl ended up going out with him
>we sit back down at the table and the other girls join in talking about it, even some of the boyfriends knew the story
This. /m/ for the most part actually reminds me of the older days of 4chan (apart from the handful of /pol/-tards and regressive immigrants from /v/ that show up here).
Directed by Rian Johnson who subverts your expectations so that ACTUALLY Zeon did nothing wrong and ACTUALLY the male lead is a toxic misogynistic man and the true hero of the story is the woman that you thought was a side character because you're sexist, stupid viewer
File: IT'S TIME TO STOP.jpg (37 KB, 464x460)
37 KB
Yo dude why won’t you let this thread die?
Deluded dumbass

File: Listeners.jpg (230 KB, 800x1131)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Did /m/ like it?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I spent every episode trying to figure out what the show was trying to go for and I had a new answer to that question every week, until it was obvious that the show was a big mess and all it was trying to be was vaguely "woke", but not towards anything in particular.
>it was trying to be was vaguely "woke"
I thought that was Carole and Tuesday
The only answer I can come to is "Oasis totally sucks."
Carole and Tuesday is a Disney channel teen movie that happens to be an anime with high production values.
>Did /m/ like it?
Did anyone like it?

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it was quite a hit, via word in mouth in Japan game was really seeked for, when vita version released.
People were geniuenly surprised how well NIS's first dungeon crawler fared.
I guess that sequel gets a vita release too is thanks to that sudden popularity
Sequel with Tarethur (MC) and Vulphaes (Red head) teaming up when ?
Tarethur is such a weird name.
and not vulphaes?
Vulphaes sounds like it's derived from the Latin word for fox so it makes sense. I'm not sure what Tarethur is from.

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