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more fun less serious ( i know its a gundam but don't let that restrict you)
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File: Ehw3Y9eVoAAP8gc[1].jpg (239 KB, 2048x1536)
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File: Ehw3Y9eUcAAFg-1[1].jpg (242 KB, 2048x1536)
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File: sdgf.jpg (936 KB, 1920x1080)
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What's your opinion about SD Gundams?
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I want to procreate with this Qubeley
Get in line

File: Imaishi Getter.png (1.04 MB, 627x900)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Damn, Hiroyuki Imaishi was actually really good at drawing Getter.
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File: wcbjeyy641z41.jpg (475 KB, 1188x1614)
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475 KB JPG
Am I Gundam?
File: 20170323135859-18475.jpg (116 KB, 616x346)
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116 KB JPG
WTF did i just read?
Obviously a zeek wouldn't understand what is Gundam.

File: Seven Changer.png (661 KB, 2048x1448)
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661 KB PNG
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File: 045.png (450 KB, 2048x1448)
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File: 010.png (690 KB, 3507x2480)
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File: duel and aegis early art.jpg (271 KB, 1600x1129)
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File: 1440890385609.jpg (326 KB, 1200x865)
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Show your favorite!
Previous thread: >>18691301
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File: GAG8P1n.jpg (163 KB, 850x1280)
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File: VAnjhYT[1].jpg (850 KB, 2477x3500)
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Mecha in different styles thread
Goddamit mods I just wanted that picture of the Getter Evas
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love these, who's the artist

File: doranobi.jpg (88 KB, 921x684)
88 KB
As the /m/uche Ideal said firstly: "It is only by our own hands that relief shall be given during our grudgulous march"
Many peoples gave fond thoughts back towards the times of pastwardness when Eternal Respected VF-kun would lead daily groupwatches, saturday night bootleg super hero time streams on taima, and the long-long ago with Justice Time and its bretheren.
So too as now when bridgandish imperialists make us even less socially active then we usually were that has sprung a time forth of /m/an helping /m/an to find things to kill a few hours each week, be it my own feeble shit on cytube Tuesdays and Fridays evenings on mog-rog (with current shows the rest of the week) , Thursdays evenings on ptsf-thrs from Captain Kohai, the occasional tea time, and then Les Enfants Synchtubles beyond, like cy/1701 and cy/quarks-Bar, cy/just_mst3k, and countless more each endeavoring to embiggen themselves.
in order to keep obnoxious gourpwatch shit from becoming overbearing here's a general to keep all this is one place
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Radioactive Dreams next!
Ultraman next!
Medarot next!
and so now that the darkest medarot to date finishes it's 20th Century Boys part 1 next!

File: 1572789133213.jpg (68 KB, 1280x720)
68 KB
>make a urban fighting robot
>can't climb stairs
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The only specific detail I remember is immediately after ED-209 blows away the low level during the disastrous showing to the Old Man that the guy in charge of the Robocop program swoops in to turn the bosses attention towards his project instead.
>The production team explains in the Criterion Collection featurettes that their approach to designing ED-209 was that OCP basically applied the same principles they used for modern automobile contracts to a military-grade walker-drone: OCP designed it to look impressive and flashy, but it really isn't very reliable "under the hood". Like a modern American car cranked out by vacuous corporate executives and lowest-bid design teams, they cut corners everywhere. Punctuating this, Dick Jones even outright states that it was irrelevant if ED-209 actually worked: it only had to outwardly look just impressive enough that it could dupe the rest of the board and potential buyers into accepting the development contract. It's the Ford Pinto of robot walker-drones. Some of the design features on ED-209 are supposed to accentuate the "style over substance" comparison to corporate-designed low-bid automobiles, such as how it has metal grating around the front of the head like some modern SUV's - which apparently is only there to look "cool", and has no real function.
File: 245342.jpg (196 KB, 750x1000)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
If anything the metal grating would likely be a weaker point in its armour than the rest of the front?
Friendly reminder this piece of junk have a MODEROID in works.
The entire point of the scene is that ED-209 is a lemon, an overdesigned showpiece meant to swindle out and customer dollars, not to actually necessarily be effective.


Recommend, post and discuss your favorite henshin anime, a.k.a. "toku anime lol" and related manga.
Power armors welcome.
Can't shill apocalypse zero enough, but it's still not fully translated.
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I just started Love Fighter Shuravan and it's fucking hilarious.
What manga?
I'm pretty sure it's chainsaw man

File: unnamed (1).jpg (83 KB, 640x360)
83 KB
This weekend is lousy with Battletech content.


Hired Steel

Tex Talks Battletech: The Mackie, The Rise of the Battlemech
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I envision it in a last man standing death match sort of thing where everyone gets one mech. And if you eject, you get a bonus for staying alive for the rest of the match surviving. You wouldnt be able to do much damage by yourself. But you could evade death and maybe kill another pilot or something.
Legging, yay or nay?
File: 1583062821566.jpg (45 KB, 665x390)
45 KB
what if we make a giant urbie that has a little urbie inside of it?

the ubermech
my fav interpretation of the mackie

Zaku II = mig-21
GM = F-5
GM-Sniper - F-20
Jegan = F-16
Stark Jegan = F-16 block 70
RGZ-95 ReZEL = F-18
RX-93MP = F-22
Unicorn Gundam = YF-23
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the GM is a fairly advanced model, the T-34 was a relatively more rough model with most of the ergonomics ripped out to ease production

the GMs best trait wasnt its high production run, but that it could bring the relatively advanced weaponry to mass production when such weapons were still rare
the T-34 was almost exclusively made for its higher production speed

the zaku II would look more like what the T-34 looks like
Ok so this is trash.

First off the Zaku II is a MiG 15, the 79GM an F-86.
Fuck that nonsense, the MiG-15 and Sabre were reasonably on par but the GM and Zaku clearly aren't.
Zaku is more like Messerschmitt Me 262
Tiger II should be the Apsalus. Too big and costly with mechanical weakness. Dom and Gelgog are good/normal.

File: GFYuna.png (47 KB, 300x300)
47 KB
This is Yuna, please say something nice to her! Thoughts about her series are also appreciated.

Yes this is also a mecha musume thread. Go on all you want, fuckers
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Or PSP (which is just emulated PC Engine).
Are any of the games translated? I've only seen the OVA but I wanna see more Yuna.
She's a cutie

Let's talk about heat weapons and their practicality compared to beam stuff.
Personally, I think they're cool and should see more use.
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That's the worst take on Obari pose I've ever seen.
Nanolaminate was really good at dispersing radiant heat and energy from beam weapons, presumably they didn't bother with heat weapons because it would be weakening your weapon for no good reason.
Commiting sudoku

That's just plain wrong. Beam weapons have a lot of variety in UC at the very least, and evolved several times over the space of the shows. The plain beam saber in 0079 alone could double as a beam spear/javelin that re-shaped the beam emitted in to a spiky ball after expanding the beam saber handle, the Driessen in ZZ had a large beam axe with a polearm style handle, while the Geara Zulu has a one with a short handle, the Sazabi's large beam saber could be reshaped in to a beam tomahawk (i.e. an axe with a blade either side of the handle), the majority of Crossbone units have a beam flag emitter, several units in Victory Gundam use a beam fan, the majority of starting Zanscare units have beam rotors that provide lift as well as doubling as a beam weapon, the Gengaozo has a beam sword that can double as a beam mace akin to a beam javelin head with a short handle and longer spikes and all units produced after UC0123 equip a beam shield that's built off the same technology, just using a wider blade and the F91 and Victory both use their beam shields as blades at one point while multiple units in UC and AUs have used beam sabers as beam shields by rotating the hand at speed so the blade creates an impromptu shield.
Expanding in to AUs, Master Asia used a beam cloth in his Kowloon and Master Gundams, the Bolt Gundam has a beam chain to connect the handle of it's graviton hammer to the head, the Dragon Gundam has beam flags, the Mermaid Gundam has a beam net and even Fuunsaiki has beam reigns, while in Gundam Wing Duo had a hand-held beam rotor thing in one of the first episodes of Gundam Wing and the Deathscythe uses a beam scythe and the Altron uses a twin beam trident. Subsequent shows have stuck to mostly using beam sabers, but even just sticking to beam blades they tend to have some variety in length (such as the Leopard's beam knife or Epyon's adjustable beam sword) or the aesthetic of the blade, with the X and Double X using broader blades akin to a European sword, the Masuroa using blades more akin to a katana blade, the Rose Gundam having a beam rapier and so on. You also have variations on the beam sword that mount it in unusual ways, such as the Kerberos BuCUE Hound which mounted 5 beam blades as fangs in the "head" of the transformed unit, with an aesthetic closer to a fang to boot.

It's entirely possible there's a greater variety of beam weapons in Gundam than physical ones, honestly, though you'd have to sit down and count to be sure.

File: EiCmY75WAAAgvSn.jpg (46 KB, 921x537)
46 KB
So apparently there was a leak for ME HD coming to xbone, ps4 and switch. I'm curious on how good of a remaster it is especially with next gen coming very very soon.

if true any Hope's /m/? I really hope me3 gets an actual real final boss, horde mode as a final boss was lame ass, let me fight Harbinger.
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>long cat
Now that’s a meme I haven’t heard-
>is dead
I salute you, you glorious bastard. At least our boy lived a long happy life.
Why is here the place I learn about this
Damn it, must have been an old cat, I remember seeing it back in... fuck, 2006? 2005? It's been so long.
F, poor kitty. Longcat... was long.
>Longcat is dead
Fucking Tacgnol finally did it, the bastard.

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