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File: son1.jpg (459 KB, 1059x1059)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
Do you like anthro and mecha/vehicles? What do you think an ideal series would be like in your opinion?
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meanwhile, at cyberconnect2
What the fuck? What's this about?
they always do kemono stuff, they publish kemono mags
this and Outlanders were scifi stuff with muscular beastmen and big booby ladies with spaceships
File: cover1.jpg (751 KB, 1039x1600)
751 KB
751 KB JPG
Bucky O'Hare is kinda /m/ right? It's supesu opera.

File: nelson.jpg (2.53 MB, 2200x1600)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB JPG
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File: Daedalus.jpg (70 KB, 1000x563)
70 KB
*plasma beams your hive*

heh... nothin personnel kid
File: Girty_Lue.jpg (117 KB, 990x455)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
For me, it's Girth Lue
File: 124084.png (480 KB, 1322x1118)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
File: unnamed.gif (37 KB, 480x380)
37 KB
File: unnamed-2.gif (25 KB, 480x360)
25 KB

File: IMG_3608.jpg (2.55 MB, 1125x1690)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
Alright lads, let’s talk about our favorite oversized lizard from Japan.
>Favorite Showa films?
>Favorite Heisei films?
>Favorite Millennium and Monsterverse films?
>Favorite non-Godzilla films?
>Favorite Kaijus?
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70`s Heroes and Villains- Megalon - by RidleyDupree
Does Godzilla's "daughter" dilate atomic waste?
Do you like what you see big boy?
File: 1543637482616.jpg (184 KB, 900x1200)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
My personal favorite design for him so far. Blends the tanky 2014 design with some more classic elements perfectly.

File: 8167L2TrT3L._RI_.jpg (491 KB, 2560x1920)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
Let's have an 80s OVA thread
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>I always think about re-watching it but I don't know if I can endure all the SUFFERING.

The suffering is half the fun. The only thing sadly lacking is some hot girl on girl stuff.
But floof is unisex.
File: 675224-madox_05.jpg (729 KB, 3033x2031)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
Megazone 23 and Madox-01
File: yeah.png (77 KB, 270x410)
77 KB

After trying to watch all of the Gundam series before Hathaway Flash, I think this is my breaking point.
I've watched every series in order but I can't get through Gundam X. With the other series I've been in a trance, but now I'll be lucky to get through one episode a week. I'm stuck on episode 20 and I'm not a huge fan. Should I just skip and come back later or should I stop and play/watch something else because I'm burned out.

My main issues
>Episodes feel like they take ages to go through
>Dumb Gundam designs (I honestly don't know how I got past Wing)
>I personally dislike Garrod the most out of all the previous protagonists. He's not bad, but he's just kinda there.
>The older characters keep talking in weird fucking metaphors and shit. (Yes yes it's okay when Tomino does it.)
>Overall plot feels really aimless
Honestly asking, does it get better because while Wing was kinda shit, it was so campy it was enjoyable to watch. White reflection was hype as well.
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I'll tell you what your problem is: you are a faggot.
File: garrod.jpg (253 KB, 640x1920)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
>not liking Garrod
How can anyone not love this wonderfully cheeky little bastard?
I keep skipping it because they play the preview during the credits and I'm not getting spoiled.
Minimize the video window (if your are not watching by streaming) and listen to it while it's in the background

It's Story Time!
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So does Nagano, he's been using it for 35 years.
Fine with that
I love l-gaim, the setting and atmosphere feels more of a world away than most mecha (even Dunbine which has a 'contemporary' protag while LG was more otherworldly).
File: Five Bay Stories.jpg (163 KB, 781x709)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Out of all five Transformers movies directed by Michael Bay, they gradually take more and more influence from FSS.

File: CAST male.jpg (3.69 MB, 3000x5414)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
Last Thread: >>18640578

A vidyagaem with mecha-looking dudes, fembots, and sometimes usable mechs.

Some guides:

If you plan on playing the North American version of PSO2, then don't download it from the Microsoft Store; use the Tweaker instead by following the instructions here:
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File: pso20200628_003319_003.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1080)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
Something Bouncers can repost, I suppose.
my GT is EarthEmperor645, went with one of those randomly generated ones since it wouldn't accept anything I put into it no matter how random
Based SAGA
Just hit 75 on Bouncer, should I do Ranger, Gunner, or Braver next?
If you have a DEX Mag, any of those work.

If you went DEX, then Braver will take pretty fast; especially if you learn how to shift weapons and fight in both ranged and melee instead of just bow spam. The other two will also take well since you can jumpstart your run with a Sigma Rifle/Launcher (and Sigma TMGs in Gunner's case), as those scale off DEX, and can make full use of their class skills (instead of just Launcher spamming).
Katana is probably the most simple melee weapon. The class has a very straightforward skill tree as well.
Launchers are great leveling weapons to the point where subclassing it to level up with an all-class one isn't that uncommon of a practice.
Probably the harder of the three with lots of PAs.

File: EWVbIRQVAAAdRlZ.jpg (494 KB, 3000x2154)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
Well, while we wait for the next chapter of Re;surrection for next month, the first part of chapter 6 for Kallen's side for Lancelot & Guren is out now.
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anyone have at least spoilers of what the chapter was?
It seems they will announce something relevant on Lelouch's birthday according to the official twitter.

Please be new anime.
That is a while off to start hyping something now, but I won't complain if its a new series. I don't even care if its a new anime or manga.
I think the one big issue with the English dub is the voice director who worked on the series died, so the new one couldn't match his work.

I mean, that's almost a given. balofo, we've been in these threads for years and we know they like to use that date for announcements.

I hope we see a teaser or something, but an announcement is almost certain.

File: gundam-00.jpg (35 KB, 285x394)
35 KB
Did Gundam 00 just say the going green(solar power) fucked the world up?
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Exactly. Despite the incredible promise of the solar power system, supply and demand still exists, and human nature means everybody’s going to fight over it. What seemed like, and was promoted as, a step toward a peaceful and prosperous future just became the newest arena for the same fights we’ve had since the dawn of civilization. Of course, that doesn’t mean the system isn’t progress.

>It’s fitting that CB’s powerplant of choice is the closest thing to perpetual/free energy and thus able to make even solar power seem impotent.
Spot on. CB provides a common enemy for humanity to unite against while also offering a vision of almost religious moral clarity. At first the reactors make Celestial Being ridiculously OP compared to the three great power blocs, beyond what anyone even imagined, but when the blocs cooperate they discover the tech and ascend to the level of CB.

> but when the blocs cooperate they discover the tech

I mean, Billy's mentor was probably on the road to that discovery before the Thrones killed him, but they didn't discover it as is; they were given it by a traitor to Celestial Being to facilitate his own plans. He did so as incentive for them to work together more, but it wasn't something they realized because they cooperated or anything.
Eh? This entirely depends on the region.
South Africa makes a ton of cash exporting energy to its neighbours and the geopolitical situation of said neighbour nations makes it impractical to obtain cheaper* energy elsewhere.

00 confused for a ton of reasons. Aside from Jap ignorance treating Africa like it's irrelevant, I don't see how everyone could just abandon nuclear power(even for MS and space ships) in support of exclusively using solar.

That's just not realistic, particularly from a logistics and defence perspective. You literally can't possibly base your energy infrastructure on importing one form of energy that also happens to be under the control of a foreign power with zero interest in your national security and so on. It's bloody insane.
>treating Africa like it's irrelevant
Well it is Africa. Nice lucky sevens, by the way,
>Solar power became the newest arena for the same fights we’ve had since the dawn of civilization.

Wasn't there at least four or five of those "Solar Power Wars" before the story of 00 began?

>I don't see how everyone could just abandon nuclear power(even for MS and space ships) in support of exclusively using solar.

Aeolia Schenberg probably rigged plenty of "accidents" against nuclear power plants to nudge the world towards solar

File: 20200710_120817.jpg (87 KB, 839x1118)
87 KB
>be a joung Jim enrolled at Tomino High
>Guncannon jocks from the football team pick on you every day at recess
>be fed up with that shit
>start working out
>upgrade yourself to GM Cannon "Long John"
>wreck your bullies, now the Qubeley captain of the cheerleading squad is eyeing your cannon
>so is Mrs.Gouf from home economics
>your best bud Guntank, fresh out of rehab after the accident that cost him both his legs, to the rescue
>he handles both Mrs.Gouf and the principal Mrs.Zaku with is cannons
>You end up taking goth Dom to the prom
>she was getting picked on because of her thicc chassis but she's the perfect fit for your cannon
>pick her up with the white base you rented working odd jobs
>after the dances park behind an asteroid with a stunning view of the Milky Way
>The End
File: domwhitebased.png (13 KB, 520x500)
13 KB
That is a Katoki GM Cannon.

File: images (100).jpg (17 KB, 340x237)
17 KB
Thoughts on pic related?
Haven't watched the show though, what am I in for?
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Van is the best male character Kimura ever designed, Hinoki is alright though.
That top right rough sketch.
>Keita calls him Ushi multiple times

yeah it's almost like Japanese people call each other by their family name.
Americans know that Hinoki's brother is the lead and even played the ED as the OP! Best decision because and Best ED. Japan has good taste in rock music.

Mecha should do Rock and Jazz more often.
File: unnamed.jpg (27 KB, 182x183)
27 KB

Kimura was made for Laser Disc Collection. This is the guy you hire to sell edgelord anime.

File: dancougar.png (269 KB, 593x473)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
I know the show isn't particularly great, but it's my favorite super robot show (mostly out of nostalgia). What'd you think of it?
Personally, I liked the main cast even though most people seem to dislike them other than Masato. I really like the music, Ai Yo Faraway and Burning Love being some of my favorite OPs and EDs in anime history.
Post your best Dancougar and Jyusenki-tai pics.
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File: Dancouga Nova 46.jpg (363 KB, 1280x1902)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
I didn't like this song at first but it really grows on you quickly

File: ReaverTitan.jpg (70 KB, 960x750)
70 KB
Are Titans cool?
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File: wait what.png (164 KB, 356x534)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>bigger then the Imperator
the necrons got the tripods instead
Titans and Knights also fuse with the minds with their pilots and can sometimes go crazy when the pilot dies
Holy fuck he's alive

File: Mazinkaiser.jpg (127 KB, 1280x720)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
What do you guys think about this OVA series? Also holy fuck is Fire Wars good.
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File: Mazinkaiser Daicensor.jpg (103 KB, 1296x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
It was my first real foray into the Mazinger series so I admit I may be a touch biased but I liked it a lot then and I liked it a lot on a recent watch.
It was kinda disappointing how they resolved the "Kaiser's so powerful it knocks the pilot unconcious" thing pretty much instantly, they made a pretty big deal out of it.
Top-tier show. the movie is also great
They didn't make that big a deal of it. And they did make the effort to show Koji training with the thing.
Boring. Nice tits and animation, though.

File: Ms06fz_p05.jpg (290 KB, 1440x1080)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Don't mind me, just conveying Gundam's core message better than Tomino ever could.
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No? What gives you the idea it was.
Heheh burgers
I thought it was the Tomino staple "children are the future, we adults done fucked things up."

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