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Are any of you majoring or have any of you majored in a field that is relevant to making mecha/robotics (Eng, Math, CS, etc.)?

Have any of you worked on projects related to mecha/robotics?
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Drones already do those things at a cheaper price and lesser profile

why Princesses so prevalent in mecha stuff

fucking Grendizer had princess shit
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Because mecha and space operas are modern age medieval romances
fuck off dumb /vt/urd, stop bumping this shit
We literally just had a whole thread on this and it didn’t have any tuber bullshit
fuck off with creepy vtuber shit to your containment board please
what game is she playing.

Post mecha with COCKpits
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File: Naked Jehuty Poster.jpg (555 KB, 787x983)
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File: Jehuty and Anubis.jpg (320 KB, 711x1000)
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File: 1_iphone-2.jpg (111 KB, 320x240)
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File: turn Z.jpg (40 KB, 704x480)
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File: 1612155520869.png (1.34 MB, 827x1231)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG

File: devilmansaga.png (1.28 MB, 580x826)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
Why'd that xpearse guy stop scanlating this?
It's supposed to be the final entry in the Devilman franchise but the scanlations just dried up
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fuck em lol, once it's out it's public domain
if they don't want english speaking readers to translate it from their stuff, don't publish it
just give credit in the afterword and call it a day
>translation of a translation
better than nothing, I guess
or is it
More common than you think unfortunately.
A lot of anime dubs used butchered 4kids abominations rather than the original script.
What an argument

This isn't the high tech future with robots I was promised.
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not really, it's all of the disadvantages with none of the advantages
if they were doing robot bodies, it wouldn't be for 'better' or 'cheaper' but to perform niche, specialist tasks that arise, i.e. out of necessity in some way (needing someone at the site with full human articulation where remote is impossible) - like full body cybernetics like in GITS for the workers who were working in that radioactive place and only full body cybernetics people would qualify for safety (though some faked it at their own risk)
File: wage cage.png (973 KB, 800x1191)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
Does it screech autistically when it finds trash?

I thought Pepper was a girl?

File: file.png (20 KB, 880x118)
20 KB
What did they mean by this?
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>It's not canon though
They're canon to themselves. It's as imaginary as the rest of them.
I would rape Kiki
No but I like to think it takes place in the same continuity where amuro gets shot down in the G-3 by a stray rick dom
doesn't he get shot down by that weird tracked zaku guncannon thing?

What games are you playing, what are your hopes for this year, maybe an Battle Network Legacy Collection? Do you play Megaman clones such as Gunvolt or 20XX? PSN sale is on right now with several Megaman games as well as Gunvolt games.
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I've heard it's the hardest Mega Man game so I don't feel like playing it
For me, X2 was the annoying one.
X2 certainly made me angry a couple of times but X3 was on a whole new level. I mean, it wasn't even developed by Capcom, it was developed by the studio responsible for the GB games
Meh, your opinion. I enjoyed X3 a lot more than X2.
Yeah I need to give X3 another go. It didn't filter me, I just didn't feel like playing

File: GARMA.jpg (91 KB, 892x666)
91 KB

thanks to the anon who said I should watch 0079 in its entirety. I'm having a blast. Breakfast gundam is best gundam.
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I first started watching Gundam last year during lockdown, read origins and then watched Z e ZZ. Before that I had watched other mecha shows but always left Gundam on the side because of how long it was. With the lockdown, I finally had the time. I usually browse /lit/, then i noticed there's a mecha board and started coming here, to find a surprisingly chilled board. People in here mostly just like giant robots.
Giant robots are cool.
Hey I just started watching 0079 and I just watched this episode too, Char seems to be a really mysterious character, looking forward to watching more tomorrow, taking it easy with 4 or so ep per day to enjoy it.
Ive only read mazinger z and watched yamato so Im trying to get into the mecha and space anime genre since the designs and style are really cool.
>Before that I had watched other mecha shows but always left Gundam on the side because of how long it was
Same. Hadn't touched UC until recently, really liked Zeta. Making my way through ZZ right now, I'm thankfully almost past the halfway point.
enjoy, anon. the final arc of 0079 is undoubtedly one of the most kino moments in /m/ related media
File: a comet.jpg (219 KB, 1280x929)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
God I loved Zeta. With all its problems, it really stuck with me. Kamille unironically has one of the most realistic and sad character development I have seen in the history of anime.
>Be autistic
>Everyone beats you up because of it
>Mom dies, start question your autism
>Meet crazy gf
>Have soul crashing toxic relationship
>Begin to stop being autistic by being forced to take care of someone who is not yourself, although crazy
>This is what being human feels like
>Meet autistic lady overlord of space dictatorship
>She's even more autistic than you were
>See yourself in her, try to help her (I cried here)
>Doesn't work
>Having recognized yourself in another human being, you are now fully human.
>But you need to keep fighting

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What is the worst Super Sentai series out there?
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Also Ahames wanted to restore her planet, Bazoo also puts them at odds with each other as they tried to overthrow him together at one point so they aren't enemies by choice I think.
Literally nobody is doing what they do for Bazoo by choice in that show.

What I meant to say is there is a difference between motw who were tragic villains and motw who were already scumbags to begin with and uses the pretense of restoring their world to massacre innocents.

So for Jark Matter it will be enlisting exclusively motw with tragic backstories against the Kyurangers to harden their hearts and make them realize there is a war and you are going to kill innocent people or condemning others to die
is super sentai a genre in and of itself or is it only a franchise?
Fair enough, we don't really know enough about Ahames and Giluke before they were with Gozma but I get your point. Gator was pretty much what you want, his defection was a turning point in the show.
It's a franchise, dummy.

Do they exist in this day and age?

I know if games like Cyberbots and Tech Romancer and stuff like Gundam Extreme vs but any being made now a days?

Also how /m/ is Guilty Gear to be discussed here as Strive Beta makes me want to get back into playing.
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>but Bang is way too weird for me despite being a living breathing caricature of the hot blooded screaming hero of justice archetype
He also outright quotes Kamen Rider Stronger for those that didn't know. Well at least in CT he did, I am yet to play the rest. I love Bang, especially half the shit relating to him in story mode that gets incredibly /m/ at times, but I never really liked his playstyle the little I tried him.
Rising Thunder before it got bought out by Riot
Yeah like right after Calamity Trigger they putzed with his Drive so you have to tag the opponent with one of each D attack to get FuRinKaZan if I remember right.

But then Chronophantasma implemented Overdrives, and since ODs tend to be like pseudo-Installs for a good chunk of the cast Bang got his FRKZ Drive upgraded into being his OD so you can Bang Install at the cost of a Burst instead of trying to land a bunch of D moves.

On the subject of BB while we're at it, shoutouts to two other characters who live and breathe pop culture reference by way of their movelist: Izayoi and Amane, respectively alluding to Gundam and Super Sentai (Izayoi's design also has some 00 vibes going on, rather well documented that it looks like she has twin GN drives on her armor).

BB in general is a bonkers ride, and that's not even touching on how it ultimately ends up being this twisted science fantasy riff on Japanese mythology. I mean, I never really expected its endgame to be
>Susanooh is an even bigger douchebag than the original myth paints him as
File: MarSFCyberAkuma.png (185 KB, 360x450)
185 KB
185 KB PNG

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>snk project ends up being canceled and turns into a gigantic waste of time and money for everyone involved
Classic snk.

>Never End
More like never stop am i right bros.
What a waste! I wish to see Kurumada's take on Shiro Amakusa.
File: Seiya Settei.jpg (772 KB, 2700x1909)
772 KB
772 KB JPG

Why do people have such a big issue with Katz? I recently re-watched Zeta and he was perfectly fine. I think people forget as a kid he was idolizing Amuro and he wanted to be like him. The only difference between him, Kamille and Amuro is that he got fucked and didn't get hax newtype powers.
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Katz is a newtype you fucking idiot.
File: LetzKikka.jpg (50 KB, 784x606)
50 KB
Letz and Kikka seem to be doing fine at the end of Unicorn.
I always hate it when a sequel kills of a survivor of a previous installment but icing a comic relief one and a kid at that feels just a bit extra wrong. And yeah I get it, war is bad, hell is for children, yadda yadda but still.
That is the thing with Zeta: People are doomed to never change, and because they can change in a changing world, they will only receive failure or death. Just look at Jerid, Yazan or Char.

To be fair, by the end of Zeta, Kamille grew increasingly frustrated with the changes in himself and the war. Getting into a coma is his way of giving himself some room to internalize all these contradiction.
Katz hadn't enough people babysitting him, differently from Kamille, who on the other hand had Quattro, Emma and Fa constantly keeping him from acting even more retarded than he was already. Katz was unlucky enough to look up to Amuro, who at the time of Zeta was at his absolute worst. Otherwise Kamille would have died just like Katz did, most likely even sooner.

My three year old was just diagnosed with autism and ehlers danlos syndrome. It makes you highly flexible but with low muscle tone. The doctor said his body(soul) is being held down by gravity. I unfortunately gave my son newtype genes 100 years before he would be ready to use them. For the high functioning autists on this board that make over $200k a year, what do you do for a living?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Thats true. I am pretty rich but Im not Elon Musk rich. But I do have a responsibility to build giant robots. Maybe if I make him something like this he can continue my work.
i wish you the best op. i think most people here are just neurotypical, myself included. So annoying but not enough to ever get actually diagnosed by a doctor
File: 1601775626770.jpg (70 KB, 533x330)
70 KB
>This is the most autistic board in the most autistic website
One of my relatives did that and the way she dotes on the daughter over the autistic son is almost disgusting. That’s not just me projecting, it’s the common sentiment.
Being treated like garbage and worse is the harsh reality for a lot of autistic kids.

File: file.png (246 KB, 254x359)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
New UFO Robot Grendizer game for PC and consoles has been announced.
And developer is Microids.
google translate:
>French game publisher · Microids (formerly Anuman Interactive. Related article ) and dynamic planning is, Go Nagai's robot anime "UFO Robot Grendizer" with the motif of action game that was agreed to develop. The platforms are PCs and consumer consoles, with game names and details coming soon.

>UFO Robot Goldrake, based on Go Nagai and Dynamic Pro, and the anime aired from 1975 to 1977. Duke Freed (named Daisuke Umon on Earth), whose hometown Freed was destroyed by the Vega Star Allied Forces led by King Vega, the ruler who aims to conquer the universe, protects the second home Earth It is a work that fights with the guardian god "Glendizer" of Fried star.

>UFO Robot Goldrake is a work that has gained popularity overseas, and it is said that it was broadcast under the name of "Goldorak" in 1978, especially in France, and gained immense popularity mainly among children. In 2019, Mr. Nagai was awarded the Chevalier des Arts etiquette (Knight) by the French government for his contribution to French art and culture.

>In a Microids press release, the company's CEO, Stéphane Longeard, said he wanted to make the game "a game that early fans would love," and made every effort to provide a game that was faithful to the essence of the original. Declared to work on it.
>And the original author, Mr. Nagai, said, "With today's technology, being able to enjoy the adventures of Daisuke and Glendizer in a game is a dream come true. I want to start this game as soon as possible. I can't wait for it. "
51 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Either this
Great examples but it could also potentially be an open world game to fight off vegan empire saucer monsters. Kind of like how one anon described a theoretical mazinger Z game he came up with.
Did you literally just read the subject and then decide to post?
>theoretical mazinger Z game

Like this?
That's amazing. Didn't know open world Mazinger would be cool

Where do I meet a girl like Yurika irl?
I seem to be unable to find her...
They're around, most of them have been thankfully medicated though.
File: statwal.png (894 KB, 1030x772)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
Neither can Akito!
File: AKITOs.jpg (16 KB, 240x160)
16 KB
That doesn't even flow grammatically. IF OP says he's UNABLE to find her and you say "neither can" that not only doesn't flow but would imply HE CAN find her.
File: English Lessons.jpg (35 KB, 434x280)
35 KB

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