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File: 1673026155372051.jpg (37 KB, 640x360)
37 KB
Kamille accepted more hard the fact that he was a soldier and in battle he seemed to be more stable so why was he chosen by Tomino to suffer mental alienation typical of some war veterans?
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Kamille started Zeta unstable, anon.
Also Amuro spent 7 years alone in his house and ultimately died fighting the guy he was rivals with as a teenager. Kamille spent a year crippled but had someone who cared about him (someone who fought alongside him even) with him the entire time and seemed to actually be happy by the end.
>in battle he seemed to be more stable
Kamille was dragged into a war that wasn't even his to begin with at 17 years old. By the end of Zeta, he was pretty much mentally burnt out.
Your grammar is atrocious.
File: gundam-zz-47j[1].jpg (21 KB, 640x480)
21 KB
he's fine in the end

Hey /m/, I need some advice. Some friends and I watch toku stuff every Wednesday, having started with Garo. But we're running out of one off films to watch to break up long running series.

Some stuff we've watched include: Godzilla movies/the 90s Kamen Rider movies/Hakaider/Gunhed/Zeiram/and even that silly Gatchaman live action movie. This isn't an exhaustive list, but I've ran out of stuff I'm aware of to acquire for us to watch.

Do you guys have any suggestions or a list of good tokusatsu films?
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I would actually expand your range to non Japanese practical effects films as well. I'd throw up some old horror films or classic 70s to eighties sci-fi. Or if you guys can I'd also screen some old episodes of older 80s toku.
Then you guys can discuss the special effects after, since that's what tokusatsu really is. Just special effects.
Tetsuo the Ironman

Look up Mercury Falcons toku suggestion videos

Watch House

The vomitinb cat one
The Great Yokai War is pretty nice. It's a Takashi Miike film. It's not a karateman show but it's entertaining. Zeiram is another one worth a watch and it's decent. Also for context check out the American live action Guyver films. It's not the worst film Mark Hamill's been in, I mean, he was in Last Jedi after all.
The first few episodes of all the heisei kamen rider shows are on their YouTube subbed. Tsuburaya also have their recent Ultraman shows on theirs. Tubi has a bunch or rider, sentai and ultra stuff.

File: 20231123_165420.jpg (1.58 MB, 3187x4096)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
New character in upcomming series revealed.
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It doesn't help that Jiro Okamoto has gained a significant amount of weight since 2002,
File: 340_yorimo_rawIMG_0636.jpg (49 KB, 800x1200)
49 KB
He became rather fat since the late 90s. Changerion supposed to be slim, but the suit ended up very bulky because of Okamoto's bodyshape. It was still acceptable during early 2000s but his weight absolutely gone out of control after that.
>Alot of Toei suits still appearing post-show
I never said they became unusable, just that their damage becomes apparent way earlier than Garo suits because they're put through more intense fights. The fact that most of the more elaborate stunts in Garo are done with the Makai Knight's civilian forms rather than the armors says a lot about those highly detailed suits' durability.
>>just that their damage becomes apparent way earlier than Garo suits

Press X to doubt. Stunt suits always look either inferior or straight up dogshit. No one cares if these suits were damaged.
File: FZZLoRdaMAA07Pk (1).jpg (1.99 MB, 3258x2336)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
>>he fact that most of the more elaborate stunts in Garo are done with the Makai Knight's civilian forms rather than the armors says a lot about those highly detailed suits' durability.

You seems confused so i'm gonna explain this clearer. Usually in tokusatsu production, there are 2 types of suits are made, closed up pretty suit and stunt suit. Stunt suits usually uglier and cheaper, with less polishing than closeup suit.

Garo has stunt suit and you can see, they have no chrome at all and in lower quality than closeup suits. These ugly suits do the action scenes, no matter how much cgi the crew gonna slap on them later on. The suit's details and decorations were never the problem.

File: N2610671001002_004.jpg (329 KB, 1200x1200)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
The concept of this patch is so fucking funny to me. Imagine walking around wearing a jacket with your ethnicity labelled on it
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File: 1587710147637.png (165 KB, 733x677)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
>Imagine being an X-com veteran
File: BLACK 卍 EMPEROR.jpg (337 KB, 1280x905)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
Have you never seen skinheads?
That weird follow up game to 2 with the alien squad mates isn’t canon. There’s no way humanity would be okay with the ayys after decades of occupation
Traitors, traitors everywhere!
From what I understood. Earthnoid and spacenoid have sort of developed into their own separate ethnic groups. Spacenoids who live in colonies are still citizens of the earth federation they just don’t have equal rights of course

File: giant robo.jpg (111 KB, 560x800)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>Never got the ending or the prequels as planned
It hurts.
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Kenji comes back to life anyway.
Ginrei or Takamizawa
Who is better?
Ginrei doesn't.
so what was their deal?
They both have hang ups about their powers and their deceased/missing brother

File: sachiel.gif (2.7 MB, 498x371)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB GIF
He's so fucking cool.
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No, seriously, look at that texture. He can be a rock star with that oily leather.
>yet not even a single chan does it anymore
There is a new honeypot FULL of it being advertised on /v/ every few weeks.
I think I've seen two honeypots.
I don't ever remember that being the case.
If anything Angels are effectively asexual, since anyway they shouldn't need reproduction as they're "immortal" (Fruit of Life).
Adam and Lilith are referred to as "mothers", but also not sure if it can be said they have a Lilin-like sex.
There's a joke here somewhere about ancient sex and sex role subscriptions.

File: file.png (1.36 MB, 751x867)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
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Nab in a year is what I think people mean. Although I don't actually think that would happen just because he doesn't really seem like he'd fit with the "Nintendo culture" in Kyoto. He'll probably just start his own studio again.
I think he just doesn't want to be held by a shackle which is why him and the other guys at clover funded Platinum back then in the first place, ironic as he seems more eager for Capcom to ask him again to work with then again, some people are guessing that he may go to work with Shinji Mikami but his current direction may not align with him again.

Nintendo is pretty likely because they were the only ones interested in funded his projectsTo be fair Platinum in general. He also had quite the awful time trying to pitch then to Sony and Microsoft, let's not even begin on the Scalebound mess. If anything at least he would get enough freedom there.
but to be fair*
Watch his videos, they are pretty short and informative. He can't work on the industry for a year.
It was going to be Kamkya's ultraman homage game.

File: G9LBTi7p2mTe.jpg (2.02 MB, 3840x2160)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
This week's update is the Black Friday event which will last until the next MS Banner for Gbo2 console; one free supply drop and three free "Black" mobile suits are available for the event.

The new MS is based on the Hamma-Hamma and is equipped with Psycho-jammers, Rozen Zulu is here piloted by The Sleeves Royal Guard Commander, Angelo Sauper.

The steam version we have hanger bonus campaign and the Aggjin from the second Neo Zeon by MOON Gundam.

The next MS update for steam will be the next 4-star support, Full Armor ZZ Gundam and console will soon have its winter event for the month of December.

Previous thread:

Follow Tenda on twitter

GBO2 Clear Banner Art Page

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Perhaps it is, but my (limited!) experience of playing 550 cost frontline generals is that not having an insta-stun or two means getting insta-stunned>downswung constantly. Acting as a ranged skirmisher/flank guard did seem to work much better especially on maps where you can use flight mode to advance unseen.
Assuming you are on a 6000 series, disabling DXnavi will solve the issue. This is a guide, you want the DX9 navi regular DX11 option.
7000 series cards are fucked though.
File: 1691932633066264.jpg (183 KB, 1927x1912)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
boys after 4 space wins i am out of penalty lvl 1
i guess that is 8 more games in caution to play but ill be finally penalty free
>A+/S teammates won't advance for any reason.
I will never understand this mindset. Yeah dieing less is good, but why the fuck are 3 of you not rushing down the 2 low health enemies before the rest of the enemy team shows up or spawns?
Leaving aside tactical considerations, it's the Bazooka for 400+ vs the BR for 300/350.
Also, a stun is almost always going to be better for a raid than beam damage.

Latest victory edition
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It doesn't work as a reminder if it's like every movie Toho makes now. But I heard that for a change Godzilla is not a victim. Just bad. Sounds like it doesn't have as many layers as the original.
You know he's a fictional character? Why do you have some personal vendetta against him that you're so fucking butthurt at any version that's sympathetic or heroic? What's wrong with your head?
without having a meltdown ? yes
He hates sympathetic or heroic Gojis because he thinks they're "stealing" from Gamera. Godzilla should only ever be the monster and tyrant that Gamera imposes in his psychosis-riddled mind, even when they don't even share a setting.
*opposes, but still - the point remains

File: My Conquest.jpg (1.48 MB, 1080x1530)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
I've been thinking of adding titles to My Conquest and Overture for important characters when they first show up on screen just for consistency with the rest of the OVA. Someone please convince me that this is a bad idea and why I shouldn't do it.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>titles for literally every single character every time they appear
would that be "anno-tated"?
Don't tempt me, anon
Do it
Upon discovering that the DVD/blu-ray CA subs didn't even include all of the titles from the Laserdiscs, I'm inserting the missing ones of those into the series as well.
File: mpv-shot0017.jpg (289 KB, 1480x1080)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
mega nz/file/7zA0XbxL#B3OHSDWvjqUA-XGO0dVYmq5Sb1MT8n46Jg9TIhPfMqY

Here's My Conquest is the Sea of Stars with titles inserted. Let me know how bad I did.

File: Kapche-Lanka(BD-CA).jpg (59 KB, 960x720)
59 KB
The planet Kapche-lanka is located at a point in space 8.6 light-years from Iserlohn Fortress, a strategic point of the Galactic Empire, in the direction of the Free Planets Alliance. It is a cold planet that requires more than 10000 seconds for stellar light to reach its surface. The day is 28 hours long and the year consists of 668 days.

The planet was one of the historical battlegrounds between the Empire and the Alliance, and because the weather conditions were not conductive to an effective aerial assault, much of the fighting took place on the ground. The construction and destruction of military installations continued year after year, and an Imperial outpost called B-III (B Drei) was established on one of the continents in the year 482 of the Imperial Calendar, Universal Calendar 791.

In July of that year, Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis, two boys who had just graduated from the Imperial Youth Military Academy, arrived at this base. This was five years before Reinhard took over the family name of Lohengramm.

Both were only 15 years old, but Reinhard was already 5'9" tall and Kirchheiss 5'11".

They were a striking pair, in any case. Reinhard, with his magnificent golden hair that seemed to wrap around his head like sunlight and ice-blue eyes that reminded one of sapphires in ice, was a boy of incomparable beauty, and Kircheis was a man of excellent looks, although he was overshadowed in front of Reinhard. Kircheis, with his flaming red hair, was a boy of incomparable beauty.
After graduation, Reinhard was commissioned with the rank of second lieutenant, which should have made him an adjutant. This was because Emperor Friedrich IV, who favored Reinhard's sister, Annerose, very lightly instructed him to do so. In a despotic state, the will of the monarch takes precedence over all laws and regulations, and with the appointment of only one second lieutenant, there were no courtiers who were so vehemently opposed to the mixing of public and private affairs.

Reinhard's young heart was burning at the thought of going to the battlefields of space.

Outer space, however, was just a means of transit, and Reinhard was unwilling to have his first battle take place on a remote planet.

His talents and ambitions would be at home in the vastness of space, but he could not reach the ocean of stars from his perch on the snowy, icy, high-gravity surface of the planet. It was no wonder that Kircheis was repeatedly frustrated with him.
However, the front line service itself was something that Reinhard had requested. The personnel department first offered him a position in the rear, in the administrative office of a military hospital. It was a safe, comfortable, and sometimes lucrative position, but Reinhard did not want the comforts of the job. He gave up his position and took a front-line position, despite the fact that the personnel officer thought he was a "cheeky little greenhorn."

One of the reasons for Reinhard's frustration was that he could not see any strategic significance in the battles in which he participated.

The planet Kapche-lanka is an extremely cold and barren land. Beneath the 8.4-mile-thick ice at the equator, precious mineral resources such as niobium, vanadium, titanium oxide, radium, lutium, rhodium, rare earth elements, and pure silicon lie in their virgin slumber, but their existence has only been confirmed, and no one was bold enough to predict when mining would establish their economic value. Each camp had built mining plants more than once, but each time they had been destroyed by the enemy. Thus, like a blizzard of snowstorms, the harshness of winter was artificially amplified, military expenditures poured in, and the corpses of soldiers were produced, all for the sole motive of the struggle: "We can't give up this treasure."

A soldier with a gunpowder gun, not a blaster, led Reinhard to the commander's office.

The guards use powder guns not because of antique taste, but because they need to warn their allies with the sound of gunfire. On a planet with an atmosphere, this is also different from outer space.
Machine translated by DeepL, minor editing by me.

>machine translated

Yes, I know, and I have no idea just how accurate this shit is, but at the very least it came out pretty damn readable. If there's any interest in seeing more of this shit I'll continue, I've got the entire Japanese text of LoGH on my hard drive to work with.
Compared to the actual novel translation, not very accurate at all.
> I have no idea just how accurate this shit is

Read the last sentence in you post and try that again.

File: 600x600bf-60.jpg (96 KB, 600x600)
96 KB
Amuro, Kai and Sayla

File: Shin-Mazinger-Zero-01-122.png (590 KB, 1244x1784)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
What's your opinion on Mazinger Zero manga and its sequel?
313 replies and 82 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sometimes, the truth and joke themselves are the meanest
File: Koji aa.jpg (26 KB, 474x418)
26 KB
Do you feel powerful being this way
One final Mazin Go in this thread
File: s25x4kt6pf671.jpg (1.57 MB, 1876x3237)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
If only Kimura didn't leave us, I would have still cling to the hope that he would've done the animations for the anime if one was ever announced. I think the character designs and waifus would've fit him so well.
Didn't realize he hit the limit.

Here's one last ROCKET PUNCH of infinity.

File: 1638334880254.webm (538 KB, 640x480)
538 KB
A containment thread about the non-dictatorial world of synchtubes. Dorkly's mog-rog streams of Tuesdays and Fridays (along with other specific channels he host). My PTSF-THRS on Thursdays, and Deacon's m-adras-tea-and-film and Agguguy's MGRnR200X. Also for the month of October on Halloween, Jigoku-no-Kohai-Oh's Drive-in_of_Hell stream (more on that when the time comes).
248 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, I forgot to say myself, Happy Thanksgiving!
bumping until next month

File: IMG_8747.jpg (66 KB, 300x345)
66 KB
Fuck adults.
28 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I finished this show today, thought it was pretty good. Clearly Tomino has something to say about mothers, or women in general, though it's not totally clear to me. Girls like Marbet or Shakti are shown in an unambiguously positive light when it comes to motherhood. Then there's Lupe Cineau who goes ballistic when Uso won't reciprocate her, ahem, "maternal affection". And then the whole Zanscare Empire is founded on such principles, although it's really Kagatie and other men manipulating the female figureheads. Katejina, no fucking clue how she fits into all of this. I don't really understand her, but she was one of my favourite characters in the end nonetheless
File: F_eAl67aoAAHnjA.jpg (131 KB, 849x1200)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
its been a decade since I watched Victory, but my understanding was that Katejina was a nobody girl in a town in nowhere. She is friends with a local boy named Uso who looks up to and admires her. When the war breaks out, it makes her life way more interesting and she sees it as a way to make her life more exciting. She manipulates Uso in a way to make herself feel better. When Chronicle comes along, she realizes she can manipulate him too. She eventually becomes a pilot because she finds all this power intoxicating. She doesn't want to make friends, she's wants to feel superior. She seeks power. The show ends with her effectively blind and helpless.

All the women of Victory are just different stories of power.
Shakti and Marbet use their power to protect.
Lupe and Katejina use their power to manipulate.
Fuala loses power and then attempts to seize it back.
Maria has power, but is being manipulated.
File: 1621793305882.png (50 KB, 872x632)
50 KB
Saw another post about this awhile ago, but there's a fairly strong anti-feminist message in Victory (sounds kitchy to say it but hear me out, anti-missandrist might be a better way to put it.

All the "powerful women" in the show are basically just pawns for men to excersise their power through. Zanscare is an empire that seems sort of matriarchal at first, but it has the worst excesses of matriarchal societies (being very controlling and needlessly aggressive). While Zanscare is supposed to be ran by a woman, the whole thing is just a front for Jupiter's proxy war. Katejina runs away and pretends as though she's a free and independant woman, while at the same time being little more than a dicksleeve for Cronicle. All she really wants is power and male attention, she gets none of the former and very little of the latter in the end. Lupe's "maternal instincts" drive her towards trying to rape little boys, and Fuala goes fucking insane trying to dominate people mentally.
The women that take on a more balanced, ordered role as a mother and a caretaker are portrayed possitively. Marbet is one of the prime examples of this but it can be applied to Shakti too, Uso's mom as well to a lesser extent. While these aren't generals or queens, they take on a much more important role overall as they support and guide the younger people of their units. Despite taking on the "oppressing" role of a mother, these characters are far more liberated than Zanscare women.

The ones fighting for a matriarchy are ultimately subverted in some way by power hungry people, which is reflective of what feminism ends up with: Lonely, childless women who are forced to compete with men in the workplace. Ultimately the model supposed to empower women only ends up with women in serfdom to the rich and powerful as economic units. Nobody is empowered but the rich, people are miserable and want to die, and no children are born. Whole thing's a sham, like Zanscare.
File: 1687533782867211.webm (1.74 MB, 640x480)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB WEBM
Uso is constantly shown to be improvising on the battlefield.
Matriarchy itself isn't viewed as a bad thing, as a matter of fact, Tomino directly said he believe Matriarchy is a more stable society, it's why he made Queen Dianna in Turn A.
Zanscare isn't a true Matriarchy though, it's a system pretending to be one while many people abuses of it, mens and womens alike. And the people who want a true Matriarchy of peace suffers from it (Maria and Cronicle, who both get manipulated and sacrified by abusive people)

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