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Shooting Star, Cut Through the Night!
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File: IB65565.jpg (85 KB, 600x615)
85 KB
Blessed thread, glad to see so many Ibis bros on /m/.

What the fuck is his problem?
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File: Simpin' Monsha.webm (347 KB, 960x720)
347 KB
>I'd put good odds on him opting out
Nah, I'm fairly certain that, after the initial shock of Nina being a traitor, he would have turned cold blooded and put her down. Monsha is somewhat of a goofball among allies. But against enemies he's pretty heartless. If you are Zeon, then he won't be so kind.
This what Fa SHOULD have been like by the end of the Gryps War. A badass experienced pilot. Or at the very least, a solid competent pilot.
Unrelated to the other entire conversation concerning Fa, at the end of the war she is a competent pilot. She's no ace but she's probably good enough to hold her own against average pilots. ZZ is when they made her completely incompetent, which is sadly the reason she's so terrible in games.

Hell, even earlier in the show she has a dogfight with Yazan, and she actually managed to evade him for a good bit. Granted, she was running away the entire time, but that's still impressive going by how Katz did the one time he was running from Yazan and he's normally slightly better than her.
> but that's still impressive going by how Katz did the one time he was running from Yazan

Katz failed pilot school and it showed.

File: 1602592106453.png (1.69 MB, 1000x1334)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
Any news?
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They showed off the gameplay last year and it's unreactive shit turn-based combat.
File: EEZAGKIU8AACuiQ.jpg (185 KB, 1200x675)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
the MC doing all this for tourism on Jupiter, i'm not kidding it says it on the gunpla info page where they talk about the mobile suit and pilot.
At least he's not another Mikazuki
Looks more light-hearted than IBO
While that's certainly a weak motivation for your story it works as a nice contrast for Mika and IBO's darker outlook on things, kinda like ZZ in a way
>ZZ in IBO's universe
That would be pretty neat

Why are Eva fans so against the timeloop idea?

By 'against' I don't mean 'unlikely'. I also think it's unlikely. But I've seen a few people on here and Evageeks say they'll actually be angry/disappointed if a timeloop is confirmed. Why? Why does it matter? When has the plot of Eva really mattered? Surely it's all about the aesthetics and imagery and emotion?

I just don't see why folks would care either way
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she's in the latest trailer
that's Rei Q , anon.
the only rei anybody can tell apart is TEH REI
No, it's because they only got to finish 3/4 of the movie and the last fourth was supposed to reveal what happened at the end of 2.0
>shinji tries to attack nu-nerv with 01
>gendo extracts quantum rei
>fifth impact

I swear to god this one series does not exist online. There are zero scans. They don’t exist. Why the fuck not? The physical copies are out of print and expensive, so I’ve got no chance of actually reading this anywhere. Every single one of the millions of spinoffs this fucking thing has have been scantilated EXCEPT this. Why? Why is this one series so difficult to find? It’s popular too so there isn’t any excuse
>another boo/m/er crying because he doesn't know how to torrent
getting sick of these threads desu
This is exactly what is happening yes
God bless
You're right, this hasn't been scanlated because the official english release has already been hand-photographed by some /m/an with very long fingernails.

The last Evangelion film was released 8 years ago.
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someone post the artwork of an EVA without the armour
no way this is a blue board

Nerv has to actually create the evas, dummy pluf, S2 engine and fight the angels, without defeating the angels the S2 engine couldnt have been manufactured as seele planned and they wouldnt have the MP evas, the whole goal was to create those.

It doesnt matter If you go by the theory Seele wanted to live in the MP evas or just as a collective consciousness of every human being, either way Seele doesnt want lifeforms with just one of the fruits roaming around threatening their ambitions of being the abovest possible on the evolutionary scale.
And it was kino
I love that scene, it's so fucking stupid but the scale is very well done.

File: 1610845429700.jpg (113 KB, 750x500)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Dedicated to the world destroyer
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She was very pregnant during ZiO's run. Maybe she's pregnant again, idk.
She has 2 babies last year.
(Her with her babies)
Expecting a 3rd one later this year.
Then just make it a regular armor, not a decade one.
Suit on a budget.
It is funny how much less effort they have to put into the Decade versions. Makes it seem more like a cost cutting measure than an upgrade.

File: comparison_shot.png (767 KB, 1360x544)
767 KB
767 KB PNG
"When the stars fall... a hero, Gundam, will appear... And when this world falls, the sky will split, and all will be silent... And he shall ascend to the heavens in a streak of light."

Retimed, retranslated, re-checked subs for the 4 SD Gundam Gaiden episodes.

New raw, pic related.

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File: snapshot471.jpg (419 KB, 1920x1080)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
More shiny than ever.
Sick, love this OVA
Thanks for your service, my dude
nice quality
File: 1524690591924.jpg (167 KB, 1094x724)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Wealth and Glory to Anon!

File: Garcia.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
Could be an actual series or just individual elements or tropes.

All the same, I'd love to know what sort of stuff that you know is kind of bad or at least not good, but still have an appreciation for.

For one, I really like Robotech's score. It's no substitute for Haneda's Macross score, but it's really ear wormy in it's own way and does give me a huge wave of nostalgia. To the point where an episode of Futurama reused a song or two and it flooded me with childhood memories.
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I am amused when robots have weapons mounted in the dickal area.

I think 0083 is pretty well-liked. Maybe except for Nina's betrayal. I think everyone pretty much universally hates her and that part.


Dumb and impractical weapons are fun.
I like Robotech and believe that more kids should have those types of cartoons as opposed to ADD saturated random gay garbo
File: TOM.png (64 KB, 360x450)
64 KB
Cartoons/anime with an overarching story have declined so much in the past decade due to the internet. You can stream/download whatever and binge watch it whenever you want, not worrying about having to catch the same show for dozens of weeks.
Obviously it's really expensive and difficult to produce a story-rich show, so the west was relying on any anime imports they could get their hands on during the late 90s-2000s. You could say that Cartoon Network was getting increasingly reliant on anime.
This changed when it became very feasible in the late 2000s to watch anime online. Anime fans found it preferable not just because they could watch whatever they want, but also because they found subs superior.
Anime on TV declines, and CN declines as a whole. They made the decision to make episodic comedy cartoons instead, because you don't have to worry about watching every episode every week; you can just tune it whenever you want. It proved to be popular and it stuck.
Hopefully with the progression of streaming, more quality cartoons return.

File: lancia-037.jpg (102 KB, 1910x955)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
I haven't watched any modern mecha since the Valvrape days. It was fucking hilariously bad, but I still enjoyed laughing at it. After that I kinda stopped watching mecha shows altogether and want to get back into it.

Anybody got some stuff to recommend? Here, have a mecha related auto as thanks.
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It's not a request topic, and there's nothing wrong with them being here You're one of the very few people I've ever seen complain about recommendation threads. Who the fuck would go to either of those boards to ask for mecha anime recs, anyways?
>It's not a request topic
It 100% is. I'm not that guy, and I'm not going to complain about this specific thread, but don't pretend it's not a request thread.
/wsr/ has anime rec threads on a regular basis and those get replies.
I just don't consider rec threads as such, though that's just my own personal definition not like it means anything.
I'd just never think of going to an r board for it. Though I suppose it makes sense to be there.

File: Dirty thoughts are bad.jpg (221 KB, 1910x1070)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
What does /m/ think of this robot?
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ah, that old classic
The last three episodes didn't happen.
Dunno. Never heard of him.

That's the anime. I suggest the manga for a manga more suited to your tastes.
I still liked it, although I wasn't a big fan of the teacher and felt she made most of the scenes she was in worse and the people I was watching with agreed, but I could see that being a matter of taste
By season 2 she had some funny bits anyway so she wasn't that bad.
The show was still best when it was the one off episodes, although the plot episodes in season 1 held up pretty well and 2 kinda, well, you see the other comments in the thread about that.

lineart thread: ground type supremacy edition

anyone got a new site to host new lineart on?
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The lineart was still pretty bad, fixed it tho.
File: 1610880686880.png (55 KB, 467x750)
55 KB
Should I separate the green into another shade or is this just not working at all?
File: 1610880953548.png (55 KB, 467x750)
55 KB
Maybe use two tones of black and green.

File: file.png (223 KB, 680x481)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
Waiting forever at this point LMAO.

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>Both of those games had rushed developments when factoring when production of the final products actually started.
8 years is rushed development?
File: 1609272562735.jpg (27 KB, 473x473)
27 KB
>8 years
CP2077 didn't actually start development of the game that got shipped until a little less than two years before shipping. It was in pre-production hell for years.
I thought it was done, it's just the release getting delayed.
>third party
2nd party which is practically their own

File: banner.jpg (225 KB, 1264x702)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Is Gasaraki any good?
11 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
we wuz atlanteans n shit
>and subverts it with "rice and religious rituals"

But that's both very important from a serious military perspective. You're trying to make it sound subversive but if anything, and this isn't a complaint, it goes TOO SERIOUS military.
>subverts it
More like has a bunch of mis-matched themes that do not fit together and feels like 5 different shows in one. Trying to tie all those threads together at the end with alien space magic didn't really work.
Gasaraki is pretty good, but its structure can't help but make it incredibly niche and not that popular.

It aims for far more realism on the mecha side. Rather than the flashy looking mechs you get in basically every other mecha anime (sans maybe Votoms), Gasaraki has really only two mechs, one for each side of the conflict, and they are quite plain looking. Most of their actions are realistic stuff (ex. no beam weaponry, no flying, etc...) at least until later in the show when some crazy stuff starts happening.

The show is very heavily focused on politics and corporate espionage. They basically ape the Iraq war for the first half a dozen or so episodes.

The show brings into play some shinto-mystical type things which for me were the best part of the show. This includes 2 really cool episodes that take place hundreds (maybe thousands?) of years in the past featuring past lives of the 2 main characters.

On the other hand, the show's male and female lead are arguably the most bland and cardboard you will ever see in anime. Both have extremely dull personalities. There is a stretch of 5-6 episodes or so where the female lead doesn't utter a single line.

A major aspect of the show is focusing on the international impact of US grain exports going down. Absolutely crazy to have that be a main plot point of an anime. Also there are several scenes featuring 2-3 characters sitting in a room talking about the nature of the Japanese people. These scenes can go on very long (up to 10 minutes) and come off as really dull if you're looking for action and excitement.

And finally, the show has one of the most WTF, what the hell did I just watch final episodes in the history of anime.
Great mecha designs but there was like 3 mech fights in the whole show.

File: unnamed.jpg (89 KB, 342x512)
89 KB
Binging this is probably one of my many biggest mistakes I've made in life. It's like watching a bunch of unedited storyboard ideas on screen with added mood whiplash. And this is coming from someone who enjoys stupid shit in anime. Just a cautionary advice for those who haven't watched ZZ. Watch it weekly.

Puru is best loli and I can see why she's the template for loliconbait.
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File: MR2QYVL.jpg (66 KB, 516x686)
66 KB
Kamille, too late
welcome to pre-internet anime
Is it bad that this one was my favorite?
this was a time long tradition, I wish it came back
Yeah and so was SD 480p format, but I don't want them back.

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