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File: 61vVnnx94AL._RI_.jpg (110 KB, 1600x1200)
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Does this get any better? I heard it was the peak of Ultra but its just boring.
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Showa is objectively one of the periods of TV
You're a embarrassment to yourself.
It means go back to watching the New Gen garbage
This thread went to hell.
The first few episodes are slow, but once Agul comes into play it’s one of the best series.

File: rerise custom complete.png (2.25 MB, 1512x1500)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
To keep the thread clean and civil, please report and do not reply to shitposters and spammers that are trying to derail it.


THE GUIDE: http://gunpla.buyfags.moe/


For those new to gunpla/plamo or even just new to this thread; please read the guide. Please read it before asking questions, as there is a chance it has already been answered there.

For those unfamiliar, "plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model". If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here!
If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!

>Why won't anyone answer my question?
Try being specific, especially about your materials and process. Post images whenever possible; even if the kit/part looks bad, you are more likely to get help posting images.

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That head gives me some Zero vibes
Remember, A. E. U. G. only!
File: Eepr9edU4AAhL7C.jpg (198 KB, 2048x946)
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198 KB JPG
Gundam Consecration.
>Remember, Titans only!
New thread


File: Raideen 37_001_15121.png (433 KB, 640x480)
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433 KB PNG
Not dropped, just ninjas and The Event happened.

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File: maripantsu.png (249 KB, 640x480)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
Man, I haven't been taking the time to watch this. The side characters are too annoying. Though Akira's story seems to be pretty good
Thanks kindly!
Thanks again Double S!
>This sub project started ten and a half years ago
Do not imagine The Event happening again! It will cause distress!

File: emperor neo heisei.jpg (107 KB, 1480x832)
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107 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>18790529

>How to get into KR and where to start?

>List of subbed series

>Direct Download Links

>Kamen Rider Monster Compilation

>/krg/ archives

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TWO times faster
Zero-Two isn't a speed form, it's a skill one.
Nothing's faster then Clock Up.
New thread

How would you feel if Hasbro made a SRW styled game with just Transformers, Power Rangers, and whatever else they own that could reasonably fit?
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Also FUN FACT: The Centurions final character designs were done by Norio Shioyama.
>Norio Shioyama.
This explains a lot. Makes sense desu
I'm a girl btw
I remember there was that Pole Position cartoon where all the car designs were done by Shinji Aramaki. Was that something Hasbro had a hand in? It feels like it could be but I don't know much.
Visionaries is underrated

Naked in your cockpit. Advantages/Disadvantages?
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She's like 14 you creep.
No she's not. None of overwatch characters are underage. Blizzard knew exactly what they were doing.
Fuck off /v/
Huh? What's /v/?
Bunch of fucking creeps in this thread.

Ghost Rita (is actually kind of hot) Edition
>Dino Fury

>Beast Morphers Episodes

>BOOM! Studios Comics:
- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Vol. 10 - Latest Volume)
- Go Go Power Rangers (Vol. 6 - Latest Volume)
- Power Rangers: Pink

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>Neither incarnation of Saban "collapsed."
While Saban Brands didn't collapse, it's not hard to see that their lack of any major success contributed to their decision to sell everything to Hasbro. Vortexx didn't work. The movie didn't make money. They weren't making anything that people paid attention to besides Power Rangers.
>Disney was making the Pirates of the Caribbean movies at the same time they made PR
Looking back, very surprising no parent groups went mad that one of Disney's most advertised characters at the time was a womanizing, alcoholic murderer. Not to mention the third movie had an on-screen child death and Davy Jones shoving his tentacles in a guy's eye sockets. Soccer moms weren't angry that a mainstream Disney franchise did all that?
Why would they? It was rated PG-13.
So were half the Harry Potter movies, and parent groups bitched about those.

File: 1596140848395.png (1.06 MB, 1200x1628)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Do you think Amuro would have survived the first battle in a Scopedog?
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Newtypes are faggots, not even Kamille would go very far in a Scopedog
you underestimate Nu-Scopedog
Balls were deployed in June of 0079(Halfway into the One Year War), The RX-78-2 was first discovered in September of 0079.
File: Herro.jpg (31 KB, 550x400)
31 KB
I will now watch Armored Trooper Votoms
File: 135967.gif (1.52 MB, 500x337)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF
good idea

File: AMS-129_Geara_Zulu_OVA.jpg (328 KB, 760x1100)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
I want to watch SEED for the first time and saw an article about a remastered dub, is that out yet? where can one stream it?
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where can i find this?
I think you should just wait for the official dub remasters. Or if you can't wait, watch subs, Although the dub is superior
Just do a general search on youtube you should be able to see it easily
what search terms should I use?
DESU you're better off with the original. All the SEED remaster really does is crop so you lose content, and adds like 5 seconds of Kira beam spam to one episode.

Hey, this wasn't bad. Sure, the characters and the world of Arst could be more fleshed out and the weird turn the story takes around the ending is, well... weird. But damn, this show has some kick ass action sequences and beautiful music. What do you think of Galient?
I liked it, even when the story is not that great. I loved the fight scenes and animation, even considering the recycled shots, but it was great for me.
I wish the series had a couple more episodes for itself because it feels very rushed in the last part.
The story is a weird mix of Star Wars and the manga Pygmalio (Jojo looks like the protagonist Kurt a lot, and both seek to unpetrify their mothers). My issue with it is that the alien part feels so... out of place? It really could use more episodes.
Yea, as most have already pointed out they had to rush at the end, which makes some of the later episodes not as good.

The transformation was pretty pointless. Just seemed like they tacked it on because transforming was popular in the 80s. Also leaving your legs behind on the ground and then hoping you will be able to dock them precisely to combine again seemed stupid to me.
Galient was planned for around 50 episodes. The stuff with the aliens would have been the main plot for the second half if it didn't get cancelled.

File: file.jpg (55 KB, 400x300)
55 KB
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He's a Spanish 4 actually, not a Char.
Actually, Harry, Jamil and other sunglasses wearing anti-hero versions of Char clones, are quattro clones.
File: 30439.jpg (64 KB, 225x350)
64 KB
My one regret is I have boneitis
I really do hope china gets nuke. That piece of shit of a country needs to be destroy.
Unironically better than Char, really.

File: Max and his girl.jpg (302 KB, 1953x1465)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>18785323

Official Site:
[En] https://ultramangalaxy.com/
[JP] https://m-78.jp/z/
>YouTube OFFICIAL Channel:

>Ultra Pastebin:
>Newbie Guide:
>Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeder (SRW-like Tactical RPG Mobage):
>Ultras Music Library (Ucok's Collection):

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I was wondering why was that was going for $80 lmao that explains it. But still shocking that most rare/limited medal start off at $40 but this one started off at $80 which throw me off, thought they were trying to rip me off.
Do you expect it to go down in price? Or just stay around the $80 mark.
endoh stream for goshowa kudasai
Fans hate Jun Fukuyama voicing Mebius for Ginga S Movie and one of those Gundam-Rider-Ultra game.
Is it because his voice was too deep?
New >>18797762

File: 1596330004272.jpg (121 KB, 615x751)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>Comprehensive guide to nearly everything

>Wiki with good suit specific stuff

>More condensed guide that is decent for beginners
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Thank fucking god
contacted support about pic related's blatant misinfo with regards to digital copies getting Lupus Rex
here's their response:
"Hello again,

Thank you for updating us with that extra information! We'll be taking note of this insight and forward this to the respective team so that they could look into it. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact time frame so we ask for your patience in this matter as it gets resolved. Thank you for your support on the Mobile Suit Gundam Series and we hope this gets resolved soon!

GM Tempest
Player Support Representative
Bandai Namco Entertainment America"
Roux Zeta is nice and she's the best girl in ZZ after Hamann
Nothing scary about that. In fact it's very welcome since that means his partner is an easy target. All you have to do is mostly ignore the good player whilst trying to keep him separate from his partner and there will be nothing he can do. I've gotten a lot of wins this way by just targeting the weakest link in the enemy team.
Qubeley (White): Great self-defense due to pressure, Mashymre shooting guard assist/Chara capture assist, and strong melee attacks despite seeming like a ranged specialist. Can be difficult to play optimally, however, due to having to activate her funnel sub attack manually. Considered very strong.

Qubeley Mk. II (Black): Shoots many funnels, using a single large funnel ammo pool for a few weapons. Has a timed power up to make that funnel pool infinite. Considered pretty low tier among 2ks.

Qubeley Mk. II (Red): Conventional funnel sub, powerful Glemy assist, and a special mode that swarms funnels to attack a target over a period of time from across the map, but leaves itself vulnerable. Considered to be a very strong 1.5k.

File: 1595634469447.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Here's your Halo bro
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Because the first book, the one that's a sacred cow in the reading fandom, the one written before H2 came out, is a prologue.

It's fine though, the books killed off Spartans regularly since the only ones that ever really matter are Chief and the Blue Team, and that didn't stop Linda from technically being dead and on ice for the entirety of the events depicted in H1. Spartan casualty rates make Legendary runs look like child's play sometimes.
Yeah but between 2 and 3 there's Blue Team just whooping Covenant ass on earth and the Spartan III's up the wazoo, as depicted in Ghosts of Onyx. A whole book basically dedicated to explaining why Chief is the only Spartan seen in Halo 3. It's pretty ridiculous.
Oh don't get me wrong it's definitely goofball how Chief emits a strong no-Spartans-but-me aura throughout the trilogy, but that's just how the Bungie era was. The books were sorta always apocryphal, they just weren't actively contradicted until Reach.

That said it does help to build up the mystery of just what kind of badass force the S-IIs were, followed by Reach giving you an idea of what it's like for S-IIIs, culminating in honestly one of the things I'll defend H5 for until the end of time:

The Fireteam Osiris and Blue Team introduction cinematics, showing the differences both subtle and overt between the S-IV and S-II groups.
>The Fireteam Osiris and Blue Team introduction cinematics, showing the differences both subtle and overt between the S-IV and S-II groups.
One other thing, FT Osiris could show their faces because most of them were from previous games or live action tie-in materials. Blue team keeps that mystic "helmets always on" or "S-II are anonymous" vibes in their intro vid.
Blue Team intro:
Fireteam Osiris intro:
I mean, I guess? I distinctly remember watching DOOM '16 pre-release hype-making and they were definitely pushing the, "This is tight fast ultra-gory traditional DOOM taken to 11 we're going back to our roots please buy our shit," angle. And whatever the marketing dept. was saying, playing the game you can pretty much tell that that's what they were going for. But I guess if you compare it to the marketing push for Eternal it wasn't nearly as confident, I'll give you that.

Halo is a derail for /m/ so it doesn't matter. :^)

Again, though, my point is just that Halo isn't that. It's just crazy to me how hard it is for 343 to grasp what made Halo feel so good. Despite all the trappings I feel like Halo has always hewed closer to the military ethos (the good parts, anyhow) than CoD, and in presenting a situation where that ethos was actually justifiable (including delineating its limits by actually getting to a point where the situation had changed enough that it wasn't needed anymore). All the pieces fit. It's, like... elegant.

File: msv_OttoBeached_Zg.png (308 KB, 499x701)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
Previous Thread >>18760571

Opening Animation (Current Cut):

/m/SV Gallery/Archive: http://msv.wtf.dev/
Wiki (still needs work): https://msv.wtf.dev/wiki_pages/help:home

A new mobile suit fielded by Shin Zeon has struck fear into the hearts of Earthnoids. Known as the Z'g, its high versatility and low construction cost has allowed them to be deployed en-masse by Shin Zeon's planetary occupation forces, launching their blitzkriegs on every port and coastal bay critical to the Federation. The speed at which they can be churned out is both impressive and fearsome. How will Mask Production ever recover?
Build on, Mask Production!

Welcome to /m/SV Season 2!
/m/SV, alternatively /m/S Paint Variations, is a collaborate fanfic funposting thread originally popularized by OC shitposting last November. As such this thread is about FUN – draw your original UC Gundam characters or mecha, draw OTHER people's original creations, discuss or develop existing characters, and write or draw scenarios and stories of people's submissions interacting with each other. Or just sit back and have a grand old time watching autism at its finest.

Also feel free to make suggestions about filling out the rest of the OP animation storyboard; current goal is to aim for a 2 minute "TV Size" cut.
351 replies and 106 images omitted. Click here to view.
You want tags for male and female characters?

Just go for it man, don't worry so much.
Would be helpful. Oh well, I'll just do whatever.

iim guessing the giant hand is like a hand of nod
It's up >>18798324

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