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How the fuck did people design mechs in the 80s or whatever without 3D modeling software
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dumb crossboarder
I think that's heavyarms
File: Mrx-012.jpg (1.14 MB, 1321x1845)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
that is definitely not heavy arms
Hell, the /m/sv is going on right now

In this topic we post wholesome /m/ related fan art.
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>screencapping your own shitty meme attempts
Am I wrong for wanting a slice of life show that's just these two raising a family?
Nah, it'd be interesting to see showa hotblood raising kids in this day and age

File: gs3.jpg (177 KB, 1920x540)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
>from cute bunny mobile suit
>to angry mobile suit

what happened to G-Self?
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I'm using law of attraction to manifest a lot of things, one of them is for the G-Reco movies to be released on time (outside of covid) and no sixth movie. Because Sunrise over extends episodes after the initial episode count announcement (Unicorn, The Origin, and Akito The Exile did this).
I think the 5 movies would be enough
I prefer the TV version frame.
Wait what? It covers 8 episodes? Wtf. We still have 2 more movies right? Will they extend the ending?
Why wouldn’t you want a sixth movie

File: Rms-106.jpg (647 KB, 1351x2396)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
>The Hizack is outfitted with a titanium alloy ceramic composite armor and has a higher output generator than that of a Zaku. The Hizack is most often equipped with a 120mm machine gun kai, beam saber, or heat hawk. It sometimes uses a beam rifle, but due to its low generator output, it can only carry one beam weapon at a time.

If its reactor is so ineffective then why isn't the Hizack equipped with beam rifles that use e-pacs? Isn't that the point of beam rifles that use e-pacs? Powered by batteries rather than the mobile suit's own reactor? Or am I misunderstanding the deal behind e-pacs?

It just seems so ineffective to limit what a mobile suit can use by equipping it with weapons that run off its own reactor rather than a battery.
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the text on the side literally said its a "new setting" to reinforce the idea that the Act Zaku is supposed to "support beam weapons"
I always lol when people seethe over The Origin

E-pacs are recharged by the mobile suit's reactor. The Hizack can either keep all the e-pacs for its beam rifle charged, or it can keep its beam saber charged, but not both.
Woah, did they put a Zaku Sniper rifle into the hands of an Act Zaku?

Wait what, why the fuck are they putting Doan's Island in Origin? Tomino fucking hated that island
Which is funny because the G-Defensor doesn't make sense for maneuverability. The bits on the profile mentions it is more maneuverable but strapping a big bulky flat backpack should make you worse at turning not better.

Super Gundam always made sense to me as a "Put the MK-II in the backline and have it blow shit up at a distance" but they throw some tidbits in there about it being 40% more maneuverable or some shit.

FA MK-II looks good but like every FA gundam it's always MSV and they never put that shit into production because it's too heavy.
>Thunderbolt & Unicorn
Yeah, yeah, Thunderbolt is weird cannon. Unicorn should be FSWS - Full Weapons instead of a moronic Full Armor title.

File: Garlands.jpg (3.75 MB, 3840x2160)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB JPG
Left or right?
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File: few96571_0[1].jpg (187 KB, 1000x1500)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
There's some big toy of this at HLJ on sale right now. Is it any good, as far as figures go?
I liked Eiji more than Shogo to be honest.
I thought part 3 was awesome
E=X Garland, please forgive me.

File: 86_Key_Visual_2.jpg (1.86 MB, 1900x2692)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
>hears this new trendy mech show that got a lot of praise
>even my friend said it's masterpiece
>watch 2 episodes
>it's boring with generic emo boy and naive girl main characters
what does /m/ think of 86?
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I thought it was okay OP.
Vol. 4-7 arc feels like one giant homage to old action movies. You have Starship Troopers, you have Screamers, you have the grand finale against essentially T1000 in the volcano.
Asato definitely comes off as a big sci-fi nerd with how much inspiration she takes from sci-fi movies and mecha anime. She even basically wrote Shin and Lena as if Sousuke and Tessa from FMP were a couple.
Shin and Lena remind me about a few other mecha pairings (Heero/Relena in particular) but they are actually written as a couple, with the romantic aspect playing a huge role in the narrative of the later arcs. Maybe Asato disliked how Gundams typically handle this stuff, so she wrote her own couple with enormous amount of actual development and great moments together. They literally can't get enough of each other in volume 4, just looking at her makes Shin smile, and it's just the beginning of everything.

What's more surprising, they are not even the only pairing in the story too, but others look like a tragedy bait, honestly. I mean, what happy end can even await Lerche and Viktor when they are living on an extended bad end already?
They look pretty much the same, both in terms of relationship and personality and character development. Heero and Shin start to show more emotions and abandon their suicidal attitude in battles, while Relena and Lena let go of their naivete but don't abandon their idealism and strive to make it a reality.

File: mecha plot b.png (64 KB, 929x224)
64 KB
Time for one of these threads again!

Post your ideas for /m/ stories, plots, scenarios, premises, and especially worldbuilding! Let's see your cool ideas for /m/ governments, factions, teams, settings, locations, etc.
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I came up with a similar concept, but eventually decided to ditch planet Earth entirely. No explanation of what is going on under the weird storm clouds, it's just an eternal shit-storm and has been that way so long that almost nobody even cares anymore. My writing is focusing on showcasing different transhumanist concepts, so the scattered colonies are just a setting device to provide a variety of semi-isolated environments. The main protagonists are on a journey for personal reasons, and each stop along the way has some different weird shit extrapolated from transhumanist speculation that they get to interact with and/or react to. Since so much of the setting is about moving on, I decided there was no reason to bother with Earth; it's just an abandoned womb. The main story is basically a buddy-cop drama between an artificial life form who does not initially understand it's artificial, and a sort of post-absurdist cultist that's in love with it. The /m/echa bit involves modular technology that people rig into space combat rigs for mostly ritualistic combat.
sick, i'll look forward to seeing it one day
More like ZoE: Dolores, but better.
Short OVA series.
First is final battle of five high schoolers super robot team vs Dr.Evil, in massive explosion disappearing all mechabeasts, BB mecha and 4 of 5 combai machin with pilots.
Sole survivor honored as a hero.
An era of peace and prosperity begins. Later MC is bitter old man in 60+, but in good physical shape. Real good, like almost unnatural.
On the eve of the celebration of the victory over the Dr.Evil at the site of the battle, a rift opens from which mechabeasts begin to popsup.
Despite technological progress peace time GMs no match against hardcore mechabeast bulshittery.
Government fast building a super robot based on a remaining combain machin mc as it core. That turn the tide. Gramp perform real great, his body pumps a huge amount of energy from the flebotium engine core with wonderful results.
The battle is carried over to the rift and MC come in. Inside a Dr.Evil is waiting for him, who can not yet crawl into the rift (too big mecha). He laughs at the hero saying that a coward is not match for him.
Flashback. In final showdown longtime ago resonance of drive engines team and BB mechas (both run on the same flibotium) open a rift in space and time. Everyone started to suck in, but everyone decided to win no matter what. Everyone except MC, he got cold feet, broke the combination and run. The time spent there was enough to irreversibly change his body, the price for this was sterility and a dead soul.
As for the doctor, he had to survive in this inhospitable place for many years looking for a way to get out, for this he merged his body with the mecha and experimented with the engine.
Back to the present. Dr.evil tells that he killed the friends of the protagonist and as proof presents the distorted remains of their combai machin as trophies.
The old man is broken, years of guilt have tormented him to the limit and faced with evidence of his sin turns out to be too much for him.
But this rift is a very strange place, before the sinner appear, maybe visions, maybe the souls of his dead comrades in the form in which he remembered them, he himself seemed to look younger. He asks them for forgiveness for his weakness and want to atone for his deed. The rest of the team forgives him and merges with the robot, transforming him into a original combain mecha from the past. In the final scenes of the ova, the heroes change Dr.Evil with his horde of mechabest and this time they will go to the end together.
Sorry (not sorry) my terrible English.

File: cerberus.png (45 KB, 527x884)
45 KB
>Armed militia made for the sole purpose of expanding humankind's role in space and to genocide the fuck out of aliens
>Will kill any humans anyway even if they surrender.

Cerberus did nothing wrong.
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Fair, but in my eyes it's a symptom of the lazy writing that started with trying to make Cerberus so powerful/mysterious/important.
what they did with Cerebus in the 2nd game was fine but the automatic 180 in mass effect 3 was so jarring. they should have had Cerebus start off as allies and then have their pro-human extremism make them separate caused by a hard decision that helped a alien race at the detriment of some human resources.
nah what they did with cerberus in 2 was shit too, they took an interesting idea, rogue intelligence cell, and turned them into alliance 2.0 as just an excuse to have the normandy but bigger and shinier. not to mention trying to lampshade all of their appearances in 1 as rogue cells and getting out of potential interesting conflict with sole survivor shepards in the least interesting way possible. martin sheen carried the scenes so hard that nobody really thought about how much it shit on the illusion of agency and how little regard for the previous game's storytelling it was showing.
Fuck that sounds amazing
That sounds like it would've been fun.

File: E6xCyLdUYAEbmMR.jpg (125 KB, 768x1024)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
full armor unicorn
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damn that looks like shit

ffs at least panel line it so it doesn't look like a solid block of white resin
Tru full armor version would be called "Unicorn Gundam HWS type"
is that madonalld toy or some shit? Love me a FA Unicorn tho
>madonalld toy
>ffs at least panel line it so it doesn't look like a solid block of white resin

File: srwbeta.png (1.6 MB, 1280x960)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
Found a goof SRW PV with a bunch of Korean bootlegs and non-mecha anime in it. I'd like some help in identifying them since I only recognize a handful.
>Umi ga Kikoeru
>Space Gundam V
Taekwon V and Super Takewon V
Kantam Robo
Doraemon: Nobita and the Steel Troops

Not your favourite songs, nor your favourite OPs, but your favourite /m/ soundtracks and explain what you liked about it.

I'll start:
Majestic, melancholy, and sometimes unbelievably jazzy. Perfectly fits with the show baiting you in with MOTW before revealing itself to be death, destroyer of worlds

>Turn A, and Yoko Kanno in general
Combines primal chanting, alien languages, and bombastic 19th century military anthems. Kanno is generally amazing at soundtracks, but she's especially good at elevating sci-fi and space operas. When she's in charge you can feel it because normal scenes become gripping and fascinating.

>Gurren Lagann
Has got slow sombre tracks that lead up to massive hype just as the action reaches its climax. Instantly recognizable with its hip-hop raps, slow piano melodies, and tendency to drop its OP.
These ones.

Don't really want to explain just enjoy all of these ones plus others.

File: breda kondo(1).jpg (388 KB, 900x820)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
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File: EsZtD2iUUAAATK-.jpg (522 KB, 2048x1536)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
Where to cop these mugs
File: EE_7-Q4U8AAO73I.jpg (131 KB, 900x1200)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
File: EEvXwytXsAICxqv.jpg (303 KB, 846x1200)
303 KB
303 KB JPG

File: ken ishikawa 2.png (2.59 MB, 2462x1760)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
I know this isn't exactly a mecha series but it's the only part I'd imagine is aware of its existence. Anyone know the status of the translation? The art is fucking insane and its story is pretty cool, it would suck for it to be in translation hell doomed to never be finished.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck that is unfortunate, guess the only hope is that someone else is willing to pick it back up from where it left off. I know Ken Ishikawa has some diehard fans out there but I don't like the chances of it being revived
Kyomu Senki is a mecha series? I thought it was a historical (lol) manga like Yagyuu Jubei Dies. Anyone here watched the OVA?
It's more of a sci-fi than anything, you're not wrong in saying it's a historical series because it's also that. I haven't seen the OVA but from what I've gathered it doesn't include the galactic space war plotline that this manga has. To my knowledge Kyomu Senki is a collection of multiple Ken Ishikawa stories that are interconnected with some new content that the OP image is from. It also has some of Ken Ishikawa's greatest art, possibly his greatest.
>Kyomu Senki is a collection of multiple Ken Ishikawa stories

Kyomu Senki (Records of Nothingness)

Kyomu Senshi MIROKU
Ninpō Hannouji Kashinkoji Yōjutsu
5000 Kōnen no Tora
Dogra Senki
Jigen Seibutsuki Dogra
Jakiō Bakuretsu
Skull Killer Jakiō(1990)

It's rumored that Seiten Taisen could be there too because there is a part where they give the description of an entity that match with a part of KS entities. It also open the gate for Getter to be related.
The driving force of the original Kyomu Senshi manga (without the additional outright space opera Ken added in later releases) was a fuckhueg spaceship vaguely the shape of a dragon crashed into the isle of Nipland in ancient time

File: nadiadolls1.gif (2.35 MB, 312x240)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB GIF
First series is fun fantasy adventure. I never expected a kids' show to be really horny.
I absolutely adore the Kazuki Yao rival character.
That is a Nadia blow up doll
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File: E6v7yukVcAI73YZ.jpg (489 KB, 2400x1200)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
Gran Sccasher
The kit from this upcoming set
File: E60uN0pVoAIEBS6.jpg (346 KB, 1406x1235)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
File: DTljioFVAAAsP0u.jpg (78 KB, 640x800)
78 KB
Season 2 was also 10/10 stuff
File: 91116879_p40.jpg (251 KB, 618x1024)
251 KB
251 KB JPG

File: badabing badaboom.gif (1.99 MB, 500x358)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
Why do tankfags despise mecha so much? They view it as this heretical object that should not exist. Why is this the case? As far as I know, it's only tankfags that do this. Some of my friends who were in the Air Force that were stationed in Japan loved the shit out of Macross.
76 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
they serve different roles, though
they dont really replace one another and modern combined arms tactics calls for both

pretty much every country that has tanks is keeping their current models until at least 2030, with intended successors being another tank rather than an attack helo
frontal surface area doesnt matter neatly as much as people think, as vehicles tend to either fight from hull down and show very little of themselves in the first place
or suppress the target with their guns to allow for leapfrogging from position to position, where your size wont really matter because the enemy cannot fire to exploit it

to say nothing of the fact that the bradley has an effective range of several kilometes with its TOW
and at those ranges, you were only ever going to be targetting a tiny cluster of pixels to begin with and having it be a pixel wider or taller will not be the deciding factor in the engagement
I think that modern drone weapons don't care about a vehicle's low profile, they'll still find and hit it.
Unless that vehicle has active defense and a drone of its own, as a human operator node. But active defense and drone grid C&C require power which needs a larger powerplant which needs larger hull.

So, once materials and powersources improve, combat vehicles might grow big with no loss of mobility or defense, and if mind to machine interface becomes a requirement for human operator, then mechs might appear, because human operator will be able to control their humanoid mech without distractions, on instinct level.
A bradley is usually targeted by rpgs, IEDs or heavy machine guns in urban areas in reality, or soviet tank guns in hypothetical design scenarios. In either case it would've been better off if it was less bulky and sticking over cover.
There's more than a couple of pixels at effective tank gun/ATGM ranges.
If you have autonomous killer drones what is the utility of a human piloted mech? Just use the fucking drones.
>in urban areas
protection is provided by its autocannon and dismounts to prevent being hit in the first place
>against the soviets
tank guns firing at a distance of several kilometres will be using their ballistic computer and thermals to detect and aim the gun, making physical size have very little impact

the reason many tanks have their silhouette reduced is solely for weight purposes as a lower tank can be more easily armored
the bradley was designed to resist autocannon and so the trade off in crew comfort was not necessary

do not get your information from Pentagon wars

drones have not mastered the art of looking at 6 o clock to detect a tail chasing enemy

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