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File: mekton.png (504 KB, 962x1244)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
Do you guys know any other /m/ ttrpg systems aside from Mekton Zeta?
Speaking of, has anyone played Mekton Zeta? I've heard mixed comments about it and I'm not sure what to believe.
I was thinking of starting a Gundam Build Divers themed game to ride off the hype of the current season and give me something to look forward to once it goes on ronoa hiatus after this week. I was wondering if Mekton would be fitting for it or if there were any other systems that could work.
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After plsying Lancer for a while, as long as you have a group that doesn't deal with Union shit the setting is pretty cool. The Corpos are varied enough and they even get you a cool planet generator.
It is important to say the setting is bad but it's by far not something impossible to deal with the tools the book gives you.
The mechanics are just perfect, not too crunchy, not too narrative for me.

Seriously to everyone in this thread: You can get the main lancer book for free and it is legit a great game. If you are into tabletops and is a /m/an you need to check it out. Even if it's just to call me a fag.
Mekton's setting is crap, but it also gives you plenty of tools to just ignore it and do your own thing, Lancer doesnt.
It depends on the style. I'm running a Patlabor styled campaign, and the mechs are only a part of the action. It helps having a bunch of on-foot options
Officially? Probably never, there are thousands of jttrpgs and almost none get an official tl. Unofficially/fan? Get learning or pay someone.

File: 1576991835970.jpg (1.34 MB, 2457x3026)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Lake Chon is a deep lake on the summit of Mt Paektu.

It had been called Taethaek (a big lake in Korean) in the ancient times, and it began to be called Lake Chon from hundreds of years ago. The name refers to a lake located on a place as sacred and high as the sky.
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File: 1584196304073.jpg (282 KB, 1296x972)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Various kinds of bio-fertilizers and activators efficacious for crops' growth and yield have been developed in the DPRK in recent years.
File: 1584229732369.jpg (221 KB, 823x657)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Among them is an active fertilizer containing functional physiological activators that promote the growth of plants. Last year, many farms in the country enjoyed high yields in agricultural production by ensuring the germination and early growth of crops with this fertilizer.
File: 1584258757594.jpg (723 KB, 1600x1200)
723 KB
723 KB JPG
A multi-functional compound microorganism fertilizer can be used not only in the production of grain, vegetable and fruit but also in the cultivation of flowers and turf and the creation of grass field. Its economic effectiveness was proved in practice at many units.
File: 1584265205581.jpg (98 KB, 576x600)
98 KB
A bio-compound nutrient activator helps raise the synthetic capacity of nutritive substances in organism to the full. It has been introduced into cooperative farms, contributing to the increase of grain output.
File: 1584269224049.jpg (1.9 MB, 3024x4032)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB JPG
Besides, there is a reinforcing agent for plant insemination which is helpful to raising the ripening rate of crops and thousand-kernel weight.

Why all the hate?

I thought it was good.
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>They're fucking ugly and no longer bear a resemblance to plausible fighter aircraft design
So it's a typical Macross design?
>The franchise is for avgeeks
Maybe if you're retarded
Super Shit, more like.
Turns into a total mess in fighter mode, the only mode that matters for VFs
Nobody watches Macross for the destroids, mouthbreather.
Your taste is super shit.

File: akira-fudo.jpg (77 KB, 800x565)
77 KB
pls no arguing about wether this is /m/ or not, it counts
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>He has his own licensing company called Dynamic Planning.
1.) Dynamic Planning was founded in 1974, which is after all his major works had already been released for the first time.
2.) We were actually not talking about Dynamic Planning, but Dynaminc Productions. Your own links state that those are slightly different things. Dynamic Productions is the actual rights holder when it comes to manga publication rights, while Dynamic Planning is simply licensing out Nagai's intellectual properties for animation. That is something very different.
3.) Dynamic Pro was apparently founded after Hernchi Gakuen because Nagai was not happy with how the publisher treated him there and having the backing of the company allowed him to get written contracts. I could however not find any clues anywhere that Dynamic Pro kept any of the publication rights.
1. 2. 3. Dynamic Planning is a sister company of Dynamic Productions and focuses on animation, while Dynamic Productions is his manga division. Read the fucking article, bitch. and stop arguing because you hate being wrong. You have contributed nothing to this discussion. I refer you back to this >>18570583
>Dynamic Planning is a sister company of Dynamic Productions and focuses on animation, while Dynamic Productions is his manga division
Literally what I stated, "bitch".
Are you this retarded or are you just trying to fool me here? I asked you for proof that Dynamic Productions held the rights for literally every Nagai manga from the start.
Stating that Dynamic Planning exists and is a sister company, while correct, does nothing to prove that. Dynamic Planning has nothing to do with what we are talking about. It can't, because it didn't even exist when the three biggest Nagai franchises were created. Now, can we please return to talking about Dynamic Productions and when they owned which rights?
I refer you to >>18570583
Which was the original statement before you tried to offset the burden of proof from your bullshit claims. So until you want to actually back up your claims, just do us all a favor and fuck off.
>before you tried to offset the burden of proof from your bullshit claims
Again: You are claiming that Nagai's case is extraordinary. You have the burden of proof, not the side which just assumes that it's the same as for every other mangaka. In other words: You might be right, but you don't get to demand that others have to come up with proof for why you are wrong about your extraordinary claims.

File: unnamed (8).jpg (41 KB, 393x512)
41 KB
What does /m/ think of Frame Arms?
Those treads look weird. Like it seems like they wanted to make it "Grounded and realistic" but don't get what that means.
File: fajet.jpg (65 KB, 800x340)
65 KB
They're decent kits, definitely getting better when you look further along in the line. Their modularity is top-notch. It's what Bandai's trying to capture with 30 Minute Missions, but Frame Arms kits do it way better. They've pretty much been totally usurped by their musume counterparts at this point, though. It's a bit of a shame, but at least you can armor up the girls into something a bit more /m/echanical. This is the most impressive custom I've made with just Frame Arms parts and one Flexible Arm B kit to connect the front and back segments.

If you want someone who delves deep into what you can do with the mechanical side of things, Fortresshum on Twitter is the best there is. Dude seems to have a new weapon or robot design damn near every day.
I'm absolutely SEETHING because when they came out I didn't have money, but now that I have money all of the good ones are discontinued.

I just want all the Gaorai and Stylet variants.

File: 1590262590685.jpg (75 KB, 640x480)
75 KB
Previous Thread: >>18565858

>How to get into KR and where to start?

>List of subbed series

>Direct Download Links

>Kamen Rider Monster Compilation

>/krg/ archives

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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anon, completing development isn't "killing it", but we all know you can't make memes anymore because of that. you're as bad as those Wakka memers
Very based and probably cute. I'm not him btw
It's a new take on the latter (belt being part of them / just appearing as whole) Like whats later in W, Ghost or Wizard.
>"I'm not a ZAIA shill..."
which is it? are you not a zaia shill or are you a Gai cuck?
>when did a human directly teach him the concepts of "murder" and "genocide"?
>looks at the robot's skin color
You know they have like, google in their brains, right?

File: downloadfile-2.jpg (33 KB, 360x360)
33 KB
robot girls z / kaiju girls thread

post your favorate robot girl/ kaiju girl or crossover photos between the two
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Oh no i want to cum inside G
>Here she got this form by training with Rom-nee-san, I think?
Not really. She is obsessed with Rom-nee, and got her friend to make her another outfit.
Made for my cock
I wanna smell Grechan's coochie

File: EW_7-RWU4AEAy_Y.jpg (372 KB, 1417x1012)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
Upgrades confirmed for Griepe and L.O. Booster
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Uh, the G-Unit is the top bit of Aesculapius, Griepe's legs and LO Booster's backpack?
I would say it's time for Gundam to move to CG because that looks great but Sunrise will fuck it up, you just know
Isn't this an Astray?
G-Unit Model 03, Gundam Caster.

File: 85673.jpg (72 KB, 320x450)
72 KB
Pick your favourite mecha series.
Then pick one you don't like that much.
Now switch the protagonists.
What happens? How screwed are they?
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Shinji isn't even as bad as people make him out to be.

>to follow that 90% of Evangelion is character drama, not robots punching monsters."

>he hasn't watched ultraman.

evern if your point it's true (sorry for destroying your preconceived ideas but this is not true at all) "robots punching monsters" is not even "bad" ..watch any ultraman you could start with taiga or gaia if you like but not even a show with MOTW are "only" punching monsters (don't be fooled)..they develop its characters and fleshed out ideas.

and for mecha in general , no ..mecha has been doing stuff like this for years so no..

and even if it were "robots punching mosters each week" that is not going to result in something bad you would get Tekkaman blade.

I never said Eva was game changing, take that shit and be assblasted somewhere else.

But Evangelion, at its core, isn't actually a mecha show. If you remove the robots and the space war Gundam doesn't have anything left. At least not for Amuro. Maybe you could make the show about Char's revenge plot instead.
But Shinji's story remains largely intact if you remove all traces of the Angels and the Evas from the series. The only difference is fewer really shitty things happen to him to pour gasoline on the fire that is his life, and his personal story has lower stakes because the fate of the world is no longer in play. But the character drama of Shinji/Asuka/Misato/etc can easily carry the show even in a purely realistic setting. The Evangelions are COOL, but despite their name being in the title the show isn't ABOUT them.
>But Shinji's story remains largely intact if you remove all traces of the Angels and the Evas from the series. The only difference is fewer really shitty things happen to him to pour gasoline on the fire that is his life,
If you remove the Evas, Shinji's life never goes to shit in the first place. What originally caused things to fall apart was when his mom decided to stick her soul in a giant alien abomination, and if you're removing all traces of the Evas from the series, that never happens.
>Macross Plus
Hibiki drowns out Sharon Apple's music with her own inferior songs and stops everyone from being mindfucked, allowing the staff onboard the SDF-1 to destroy the AI box and regain control of the SDF-1 and X-9 drone while preventing the destruction of the YF-21 and saving Guld's life.
If I'm remembering the first season of Symphogear correctly, I think the aliens needed to be sung to for them to be weakened and killed, so Isamu probably wouldn't be able to do much to the aliens with just the YF-19 unless he modified it to work like the Fire Valkyrie and play the songs directly from the mech.

File: mpv-shot0052 (3).jpg (202 KB, 1440x1080)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Sat down and watched Shin Cutie Honey. Loved it.
Other than the manga, any other Cutie Honey I should check out?
176 replies and 54 images omitted. Click here to view.
>He did. Constantly. And continue to insult people who prefer Re
Are you talking about the same Tarantulafag who's been making monthly threads on /a/ praising Shin over the last year? Because that would be me.
Or are you talking about the Tarantulafag who's frequently had pretty constructive discussions about the different merits of Re:CH with someone who does in fact like it most of all adaptations? That would also be me.
Ot are you talking about the Tarantulafag who has in this very thread stated that all Cutie Honey anime are great and suggested in one of the first posts in this thread that all of them are worth watching? That would also be me.

>calling them "not true fans" and "SJWs"
I did not. But if you are who I think you are, you have very thoroughly proven that you are more of a fan of the anime than the manga when you shat on the latter, and that you know much less than you pretend to do when you claimed that Animal Kedaman was released after Cutie Honey, trying to paint me as the fool, when it evidently wasn't and I had fact checked this before ever claiming anything. Yes, I still remember what a dishonest little fucker you are, tumblrite. (And, honestly, you've lost that whole debate so handily that it wasn't even funny.)
That pretty much everyone in these threads sides with me (and the facts) over your lying arse should be reason enough for you not to start your hate-filled tirades over Universe again, that do nothing but derail these threads. You're the one starting shit, have you noticed that?

>You have you fucking liar.
Again, I have not. Everyone knows I have not. I love the manga and I love all the anime. You, however, obviously don't.

>Universe is still bad
It isn't. But if you want to go by ratings on some shitty sites, well, its MAL rating is very much in line with the manga's. Then again, we have established that you don't like the manga either. So fuck off back to your tumblr echochamber where you can laugh about me in peace.
Here, have a last one.
File: 76880880_p15.jpg (1.17 MB, 2000x2000)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
You are the cancer that has killed any meaningful discussion on this franchise with your retarded ass.
Oh, really? What was your contribution to "meaningful discussion" so far? The only thing you have done was come here trying to insult me. And pretty much out of nowhere, I might add. You are the one who's always trying to make this personal, even if you have to tell obvious lies about me.
And you also think that screaming "Universe is shit" is making a substantive statement because that's how you imbeciles communicate on tumblr. Getting offended when someone is making rational arguments against your rather superficial claims.
Tell me, idiot, what else have you posted in this thread other than petty insults and hate on parts of the franchise? Could it be that you are in fact the only one doing what you claim I do? If you were interested in "meaningful discussion", wouldn't it be a better idea to discuss things instead of trying to start shit as you are doing?

File: Judau_in_drag.jpg (54 KB, 960x720)
54 KB
Why do people hate ZZ again, I just laughed my ass off for 20 straight minutes.
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File: yazan.jpg (58 KB, 720x821)
58 KB
Zeta is my favorite UC entry and I also enjoyed ZZ. It does get better like 15 episodes in, but I still enjoyed the comedic tone in the first 15 episodes or so. Judau unironically carried the show.
Also, ZZ is my favorite looking Gundam suit.
absolutely, here's another pleb filter that does it well
forgot image
Judau looks like my gf lol

/m/, do you have an idea what Mika Akitaka's doing these days?
Last time he was heard from publicly was when he made "Mecha Musume" series of illustrations for Newtype magazine during the mid-2010s.
I just wanted to know why it seemed as if he treated my waifu Yuna like a mistake. That series had wasted potential. Hudson did not even bother to find ways to import the games for the Western market, and the OVAs, which were rather promotional in nature, were brought to the USA as some sort of last ditch attempt to see if the series would sell there.

Please help me from my suffering, /m/. Also, recommendations pleaae? Even though Yuna is very unique, charming and probably irreplaceable, I wish to know if there are other anime girls like her (even non /m/-worthy ones, sorry bout that hehe).
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With small changes, you can make an appealing robot girl with these designs. Kinda like a RaCast.
Don't want a robot girl, want a Mobile Suit Girl!

File: 1570046084509.jpg (572 KB, 1314x1558)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
Flesh is the ultimate machine, let's talk about some Bio-Punk /m/ media.
17 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_-e6aqx3.jpg (440 KB, 1440x1788)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
Someone get my shit made.
>/m/ media
Pick 1 & Only 1;
also, Splicers.
Stop adding PUNK to the end of things. It doesn't make it a genre.
Except that is completely wrong.

Meme day virus threads pushed the thread out of the catalog so starting again if anyone wanted to do anything else otherwise let it die.
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File: FB_IMG_1587480594185.jpg (114 KB, 1024x1365)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Well here's the actual chart showing wing zero and Tallgeese related to each other. Also that new MG is definitely wing zero ew, the variants katoki spawned out of his ass are ripe for mold reuse.
46 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Given Star Build Strike?
Tiel is so cute
if I were bandai would make it like F90 and p Bandai all of it so risk of retailers not ordering it is zero.
The fucking universe booster has been reprinted like twice since it was released. that's a mold cost loss. Retailers don't give a shit like>>18569712
Still no translations? Damn.

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