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File: images (74).jpg (33 KB, 400x560)
33 KB
Why exactly did the author call this Zearth? I know it's also an Ultraman reference, but surely it must have deeper meaning if the titular robot is named that
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>some usual bullshit
Was this image specifically designed to annoy me?
it's awkward to say.
Are you joking?

File: gundam00_bd1.jpg (478 KB, 1280x1620)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
This show completely fell apart when the Trinities showed up. Up until then it was pretty awesome but then the sheer amount of drama that was caused by the Trinities stirring up trouble and creating all sorts of misunderstandings that made a bunch of people angry at each other when they didn't need to be. It was so immense that it pervaded the entire rest of the series all the way into S2. It's like they completely forgot what they were initially trying to do.
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File: 94198549541945.jpg (6 KB, 248x203)
6 KB
Why is /d/ not on that list at all, actually?
i always felt like i had a higher I.Q than most on this board, but it's nice to know for certain.
Gundam fell apart long before 00

The fact you think a generalised set of data about a group confirms anything about an individual within that group pretty much confirms that your IQ is probably lower than whatever you think that chart says it is.

File: huh.jpg (48 KB, 949x711)
48 KB
Did Wing Zero ever have rubber insulation on its joints at any point other than this one single shot from the Rhythm Emotion OP?
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I don’t think so, you might have discovered the single instance of it
File: 20200627115145.jpg (46 KB, 469x469)
46 KB
Mech neck: should it be long or barely visible?
Hidden by an armoured gorget.
File: 20200710_145831.jpg (137 KB, 681x600)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
shorter the better, its only a camera/20mm gun so it doenst need to move if the suits moving

File: SSS.png (1.1 MB, 1381x488)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
Steam Summer Sale is here and runs until July 9th so if you're in the mood to pick up some new and old titles or just discuss fun games and projects, be they tabletop of vidya, now's the time.
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You can get it stupid cheap from the Market too.
I played the shit out of Gunhound until I started discovering speedrun exploits and boss glitches.
File: mecha games.jpg (2.9 MB, 4269x4600)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB JPG
this image is honestly kinda hilarious in places.
For example talk about EDF starting on PC-88, and while there is game called Earth Defense Force on PC-88 - it has zero in common with actual modern EDF games which started as Simple 2000 series on PS2.
It really feels like someone who doesn't know much build that list. And while it covers the basics, it's not that good of a guide.
>And while it covers the basics, it's not that good of a guide.

So just like /m/

File: UF3zfRf2_400x400.png (87 KB, 226x226)
87 KB
So Char's Counterattack was when Tomino began to REALLY hate working for Sunrise wasn't it? Pic related as an example.
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No, that's Victory.
I don't think anon is saying Tomino had issues with Sunrise during Zeta as much as he's saying CCA has the faults and issues that Zeta has as a show...
pretty sure it was zeta.
i think this is why he decided to write gundam's secondary posterboy as a lolicon cuckold
Tomino began to REALLY hate working for Sunrise was when he directed Victory,

And look what happened. Victory by far is THE best gundam show of all time

File: MOCKUPFULL.png (1.5 MB, 2280x1380)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Hello, I have very little experience using 4chan, but I was told that this would be a good avenue to ask for the help I need. I'm making an English dub of a Kamen Rider movie, but not just any Kamen Rider movie, the 1976 Taiwanese KR movie, Super Riders. My dub is titled, 'Battle Of The Kamen Riders', and to make the dubbing track I've spliced together an HD rip of the heavily cut German dub, and a poor VHS rip of the uncut French dub. So now that I've gotten as far as completing the dubbing track and the script, so all that's left is the voices, so I'd like to see if anyone is interested in providing voice talent for this project, however I must mention that I unfortunately can't compensate anyone, as I not only have no money, but I also have no means of gaining any money. Under most normal circumstances, I would not like to ask free work of anyone, but I'm afraid I have no other options at this juncture. But you will be credited, my only requirements are that you have a high quality, professional sounding microphone, and that you fancy yourself to be decent at voice acting, preferably with a lot of range. Thank you for listening.

Here is the dubbing track,

And here is the script.
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just found a site to download Mr. Maxman movie, it also have indonesian and spanish subtitle in subscene. i can translate it to english, but i don't think it will be accurate, because translating it from japanese -> indonesian -> english will have some error in it
That's a wonderful offer, but I wouldn't want you putting in all of that effort when there are subs out there already - I just need to find someone who can access them!
Related to Gundala, though, this version is the 'cleanest' that I could find (there's a small watermark, but it's only present for the first 5 minutes) - I don't know if it might be of use to you?
I'm also very happy to QC it for you, if you'd like someone to go through it once you're done.
i'm very happy for the offer to QC my translation, also if you already get sub for Mr. Maxman trilogy can you post it in /otg/ because i only able to find sub for Mr. Maxman and not the sequel
Sorry, I meant that there are English subs for the trilogy available on iflix - I just need to find an anon in the correct geographical area to access them. I'm sure that I will find someone before too long. :)

File: !.png (28 KB, 600x722)
28 KB
Who was the illustrator/designer of this Gunblaster redesign?
A. Newt Hype.
damn that boy pretty
The pose and body style makes me think of Mark Simmons' art on his old website, but I can't recall if he ever made any Victory lineart.
Turdhead McFartnipple
Simmon's art is kinda deformed, though. The head would be way bigger.

File: 31kx55b4dhb31.jpg (25 KB, 548x491)
25 KB
>Full Armor 7th Gundam cost 1,200,000 points

I wish I had done my homework and realized the
DLC suits cost two arms and a leg to unlock in-game before I bought them.

File: 1590362680910.gif (500 KB, 480x360)
500 KB
500 KB GIF
Men, men, men, men, manly men men men.
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>kamikazes into the final boss's mech which transforms into a train
I'm dying.
File: 11.png (7 KB, 250x250)
7 KB
Anyone happen to remember what episode of G Gundam first shows the Gundam Head forming out of that nasty robo-skeleton hand?
Never mind, it was the last episode
>brooklyn mech-mech
Wouldn't that just be Patlabor Brooklyn?
well, there's CLAT, then there's hypotheticals like Mad Bullabor

Didn't know Bandai Spirits is uploading Voltes V eps in their channel subbed because of a figure.

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they never uploaded dairugger xv, you're thinking of toei

So far they only uploaded Trider
No they didn't, they put up the first two eps of Combattler, Voltes, and Daimos but iirc Combattler and Voltes were region blocked and they didn't continue subs past ep 2 just like everything else anyway
Dairugger is on the Bandai spirits page just like Wataru and Trider
Weird, I'm seeing all of the eps of Dairugger. Does this mean they once had a Dairugger tamashi release?
actually, this channel is much better than their toei one, because it has all eps subbed! holy shit. although voltes seems to be the show with opening and closing subbed
Bandai has gotten increasingly exploitative with popular brands they have a monopoly on

See: ultraman Kaiju SHFs, Godzilla SHMAs

Just saw the trailer for this new mecha strategy-game coming out this summer, what does /m/ think about it?

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New footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxL5aJXYG1E
I loved Puzzle & Dragons until I hit a wall that could only be surpassed with gacha. I love gacha as a concept but when it's tied to monetization it's bullshit.
The 3DS game was alright but I missed the constant updates and events. The Switch game never got localized.
Anyway I'll wait for reviews on this one.
Skimmed through it. These guys have absolutely zero charisma but the game itself looks unique. Possibly lacking in the parts department though, hard to tell.
For you
What does that mean?

File: download (20).jpg (12 KB, 359x140)
12 KB
Am I allowed to say they're cool, /m/?
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I think the lore on Iris is that it(she?) was the first attempt by Atlantis to create a weapon capable of killing the Gyaos, giant space bats that shoot sonic cutting beams and eat everything. They used Gyaos DNA as a base, which led to Iris going berserk and being sealed away. They then proceeded to make Guardian Monster v.2, aka Gamera.
Is it? I thought the movie theory was that Iris was made to counter Gamera and keep it from going out of control?
There was an official Manga adaptation that explained the backstory.
File: zeiram.png (656 KB, 566x720)
656 KB
656 KB PNG
Zeiram was one of those creatures that managed to be cool and creepy at the same time.

Xam'd was a fun show but the aesthetics and monster designs always had me wondering if Bones just had some unused Eureka Seven stuff laying around and just said "Eh. Let's use this".

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Weird to name a character after the organization from Evangelion though.
Seele is German for "soul", apparently
It's parodying that animated porno Ramune Girl
Oh. Just checked it out. Yeah, I can see how it's a parody of that.
I thought that other anon was referring to a girl from Knights of Ramune
it's Seelie

File: AChildsFantasy.jpg (799 KB, 1248x960)
799 KB
799 KB JPG
this be an isekai power fantasy for kids, ho/m/ies.
It's my first watching something that's got emphasis on comedy but I'm enjoying it. The OP pretty much lets you know what you're in for.
Any y'all seen it?
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Still, I don't trust anyone who thinks Fire and Fresh are bad, I'm going to see all the series and OVAs and then I'm going to see if it's as bad as these fans say they are
Inb4: they are all butthurt fans
How can it be a butthurt fan take if you weren't a fan to begin with, dipshit?
That truly feels weird
>listening to the Japanese dub of the 90s
feel good, man

File: 1045391328.jpg (107 KB, 500x585)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Which toku franchise has the best Openings?
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The hook is super catchy though.
I prefer the version where it's a complete fusion of the two songs.
>Favorite Rider Themes
Black RX
Accel (if it counts because movie)


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