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Harrowing footage caught the moment an off-duty Arizona cop working as a Walmart security guard shot a 61-year-old man in a wheelchair nine times in the back, killing him — after the disabled man allegedly shoplifted.

The officer, Ryan Remington, was on assignment at the Walmart in Tucson on Monday when an employee alerted him about 6 p.m. that a customer in a motorized wheelchair had swiped a toolbox, KGUN reported.

The employee caught up with the suspect, identified later as Richard Lee Richards, and asked him to show a receipt in the parking lot.

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I mean, you sound like you've never been to any walmart. They always have a guy by the exit just in case any shoplifters try anything...

However, what doesn't add up is him having a gun, since security guards are usually forbidden from carrying them on duty.
Maybe don't wave a knife at Walmart employees and you won't have to deal with officers, real or fake.
In Tuscon a business can hire off-duty cops as a security guards and they still carry their guns.
You don't know about the security guards?
Your white privilege is showing.
I'm so glad this wasn't a black guy they shot.
The businesses in the downtown area where I live finally started taking the plywood off of all their windows that were smashed in 2020, and I have a feeling if the guy they shot was black it wouldn't be long before they'd have to put the plywood back up

File: fuck-webp.jpg (119 KB, 800x533)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
I'm a leftie, but his self-defense case was unfortunately water tight if the available evidence was anything to go by.
>After 27 hours of deliberation over the course of four days, a jury declared Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on the five charges he faced after fatally shooting two people and wounding a third during a night of unrest in Kenosha, Wis., last year.

>Rittenhouse trembled as the verdict was read, count by count, then collapsed in sobs.

>"There were times we doubted the case. There were times when we were confident," said Mark Richards, Rittenhouse's lead defense attorney, speaking to reporters outside the courthouse after the verdict was read.

>Rittenhouse faced five felony counts after he shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and wounded Gaige Grosskreutz, then 26. The most serious charge, first-degree intentional homicide, carried a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

>Though jurors did not speak to the media to explain their decision, legal experts contacted by NPR throughout the trial said an acquittal was not surprising.

>"I think that anyone who saw the evidence could see that the jury might have a difficult time coming to a unanimous decision that Kyle Rittenhouse wasn't defending himself," said Julius Kim, a defense attorney and former prosecutor based in the Milwaukee area.
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>here was a HUGE underground movement of people getting ready to "peaceful protest" and get Kyle out of jail if they railroaded him into prison. No prison could hold off 50,000-100,000+ people who would have showed up to "protest/; and get him out.
interesting and kewl
the more interesting story is that, sperate from Kyle, a group of residents from Kenosha actually did set up a militia, and were armed. After seeing the several videos of white business owners apparently being targeted by minority rioters and having their businesses destroyed, it seems reasonable for small business owners to arm themselves. Remember the "Rooftop Koreans" in the LA riots?

So, the really interesting story is that, even IF they pass a law banning minors form carrying guns in public, this type of violence will almost certainly happen again. But next time, it could be a group of adult militia members involved, and you can bet the death toll will be much much higher in that case.

tl;dr: your regurgitation of all the MSM talking points are for naught. The killings shall continue, unabated.
>So, the really interesting story is that, even IF they pass a law banning minors form carrying guns in public, this type of violence will almost certainly happen again. But next time, it could be a group of adult militia members involved, and you can bet the death toll will be much much higher in that case.

Nothing wrong with killing in self defense. Nothing at all.

Hero Kyle for Governor of WI!
>"I think that anyone who saw the evidence could see that the jury might have a difficult time coming to a unanimous decision that Kyle Rittenhouse wasn't defending himself," said Julius Kim, a defense attorney and former prosecutor based in the Milwaukee area.

well no shit! anyone could have seen that, without the state wasting a million dollars on the sham trial.


The Minnesota man who contracted the omicron variant of the coronavirus met up with about 35 friends at a New York City anime convention and about half have tested positive for the coronavirus, a state health official said Friday.

Members of the group traveled to New York from a variety of states for the weekend convention that began Nov. 19 and tested positive after their return, said Kris Ehresmann, director of the Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Prevention, and Control Division at the Minnesota Department of Health. It is not known whether they are infected with omicron or another variant.

“We don’t know if we’ll see a lot of omicron, or we’ll see a lot of delta,” Ehresmann said in an interview. “But we’re likely to see a lot of covid” out of the convention, which drew 53,000 people and tightly packed crowds from Nov. 19 to 21.

The development is not sufficient, by itself, to determine where people were infected, who gave the virus to whom or to develop a timeline of its spread, Ehresmann said. The man infected with omicron also spent time elsewhere in New York City. New York, Minnesota and other states, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are investigating the case and have begun tracing the Minnesota man’s contacts.

But the information casts the convention as a more likely location where the virus could have spread widely. Scientists have speculated the new variant may be significantly more transmissible than the delta variant, which has swept the country in recent months, but are still gathering data on a pathogen first identified last week.

“The conference seems like the most likely spot because of the extreme mixing of so, so many people,” Ehresmann said. “It was just a very large gathering that provided the opportunity for a lot of mixing for many people across the country.”
The unidentified man flew to New York on Nov. 18 and his symptoms began Nov. 22, which would indicate a short incubation period for the omicron variant if he picked it up in New York, Ehresmann said. The man had been vaccinated and received a booster shot in November, officials said.

The man’s symptoms were mild and resolved Nov. 24, health authorities have said. He lives with other people, one of whom tested positive on a rapid test and is being investigated further, they have said.

Organizers of the convention, Anime NYC, said in a statement that “many are making the assumption that the individual contracted the Omicron Variant sometime during their travel to New York City, in New York City, or when traveling home from New York City. No one knows when or how the Omicron Variant was contracted.”

A spokesman said the organization had not been informed of any additional infections.

The event’s organizers and attendees have described a heavily attended convention, with fans of the Japanese style of animation packed tightly in places inside and outside the vast Javits Center in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. Video posted online shows a large crowd milling about in one location.

Attendees over age 12 were required to show proof of at least one vaccine shot, as directed by New York City rules for large indoor events, and to wear masks. Attendees said most people followed the mask guidelines, though some complained about the crowds and disorganization.

Lizzette Lewis, 42, a special-education and Zumba teacher from New York, said she was excited to get back to a convention after the hiatus, particularly in her hometown. Fully vaccinated and about to get her booster, Lewis said felt confident going in.

“Was everyone following the mask mandate? Not quite, including myself,” Lewis said. “If nobody was around, I’d give myself a moment to breathe.”
Kassie Kelly, 30, who lives in Jersey City, said she saw about five people who weren’t wearing masks. And she and her fiance have tested negative.

“I don’t feel like anyone in particular is to blame,” for the emergence of the Minnesota case, she said. But she was also struck by her good luck.

“I feel like I should buy a lottery ticket,” Kelly said.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) issued a statement Thursday saying that “anyone who attended the Anime NYC conference, especially anyone experiencing symptoms, should get tested immediately and take additional precautions, including social distancing.”

City and state health authorities, New York’s Test and Trace Corps and the CDC are contacting convention attendees, the statement said.

De Blasio also said “we should assume there is community spread of the variant in our city.”

At a news briefing Thursday, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) said contact tracing “will not be as complicated as it has been in the past. … We anticipate even if people do test positive the symptoms will be fairly minor.”

Jennifer Nuzzo, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, said in a case where a person contracted the virus while moving about a mass gathering, authorities will trace the people with whom he spent large amounts of time, such as friends and dinner companions. It’s not possible to trace short contacts at a convention, even if they could be determined, she said.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The potential for the spread of a coronavirus variant from a large, crowded event when the pathogen’s behavior was unknown is reminiscent of an episode in February 2020, when a Boston biotech conference resulted in wide and rapid transmission.

Biotech executives from around the world flew into Boston for the annual leadership meeting of the drug company Biogen. It became a superspreader event.

The Massachusetts Department of Health identified 97 coronavirus cases among meeting attendees and people who lived with them. Genetic testing showed that the same viral sub-strain infected 122 residents at two Boston homeless shelters in April.

According to a study of coronavirus genomes, the variant detected at the Biogen conference spread as far as Alaska, Senegal and Luxembourg and as of July 2020 was found in one-third of cases in Massachusetts and 3 percent of genomes studied in the United States.

Since then, numerous other events have led to widespread transmission of the virus, including some associated with a wedding, a church service and a choir practice.
Is anyone surprised? "Con flus" have been a known phenomenon for years. Of course a bunch of people in tight confines are going to spread disease.
>Of course a bunch of people in tight confines are going to spread disease.

Stopping ALL international air travel is the only solution.


Trump tested positive for coronavirus before first debate with Biden, three former aides say

President Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus days before he shared the debate stage with then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in late September 2020, according to his former chief of staff and two others familiar with the former president’s test — a stunning revelation that illustrates the dismissive approach to the dangers posed by the virus in Trump’s inner circle.

Trump’s positive test for the virus was Sept.26, 2020, according to an account by former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows in a new book obtained by the Guardian newspaper. The Meadows account of the positive result was confirmed Wednesday by two former aides who requested anonymity to discuss their knowledge of the former president’s health.

The timing means Trump would have had reason to believe he was infected with the coronavirus three days before the Sept.29 presidential debate and six days before he was hospitalized for covid-19 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The disclosure also provides new evidence of Trump’s often reckless and cavalier approach to his health and the health of those around him as he struggled through a chaotic response to the pandemic.

Oh sweet another schizo thread
What a fucking sociopath. How stupid is he, and now stupid are his supporters
Don't be fatphobic.
Coughing Biden says he has a cold | Reuters
https://www.reuters.com › world › coughing-biden-says-h...
7 hours ago — A hoarse-sounding U.S. President Joe Biden said on Friday he has a cold, possibly contracted from a grandson.
At least Biden didn't meet with the families of dead war veterans knowing he was sick to intentionally infect them and then try to blame the families

As a Portlander, I don't recall seeing (or even hearing) about any riots this time.
>There have been calls for calm in the US after a teenager who shot dead two people during racial unrest last year was cleared of all charges.

>Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, argued he was acting in self-defence when he shot the men and injured a third in Wisconsin.

>The verdict on Friday, which followed a high-profile trial that divided the US, sparked protests in some cities.

>But politicians, including President Joe Biden, and families of the victims have urged restraint.

>"What we need right now is justice, not more violence," lawyers for the family of Gaige Grosskreutz, who was shot and injured by Mr Rittenhouse, said in a statement.

>"I urge everyone to express their views peacefully, consistent with the rule of law," Mr Biden told reporters outside the White House.

>Despite the calls for calm, a riot was declared by police in the city of Portland, Oregon, on Friday evening as some 200 people broke windows and threw objects.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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and all the threats from righties if they do convict

please dont act like your side is all saints, its not reasonable for a human being to be that stupid
Thanks for having some fucking sense
Why is this thread being slid?
Is it because it destroys the narrative of the right wing
i'm convinced he's a grifter lol, claims to be a BLM supporter now saying, ya it's over now guys we need to calm down while people are calling for his head.

Man it's so exciting seeing the regressives triggered like this nothing can top 2016 election results but this comes as close as it gets.

File: 16379993907160.png (1.79 MB, 1100x700)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
Attempts to sow discord between China and Russia are futile - Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Beijing, December 1 /Xinhua/ - The American side should abandon Cold War thinking and hegemonic attitude, any attempts to drive a wedge between China and Russia will not bring results. This was stated here today by the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

According to media reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently said that Russia will not curtail the volume of cooperation with China in connection with the appeals of the United States.

Commenting on this statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin noted that China highly appreciates the words of President Vladimir Putin and that any attempts to sow discord between China and Russia are futile.

According to him, the theories about the "Chinese" or "Russian threat" are nothing more than a pretext fabricated by the United States in order to preserve its hegemon status and resist the trend towards multipolarity in the world.

"The Sino-Russian strategic cooperation at a high level is a powerful guarantee for the protection of peace and stability on the planet and cannot be changed under the influence of external factors," the Chinese diplomat added.

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Because both nations want to be the sole superpower and that can't exist if both are allied to each other. One WILL become more powerful than the other and whoever it is, the other will feel threatened. At least with America there is a giant ocean separating Moscow from Washington.
>Because both nations want to be the sole superpower
sounds to me like you're just projecting
>Ok, but also factor in the fact that the US bankrupted Russia and relations between the two have been fucking terrible for decades.
I'm not saying that Russia will become best buds with the west, I'm simply saying that relations between the two will likely cool off somewhat as Russia has to deal with the potential implications of sharing a border with a superpower.
>This is the same Angloid cope as the belief that Africans will realize that China are bad guys and will embrace Europeans once more.
I've never heard anyone say this, but I will agree that it's maximum cope.
>You people have extremely fucking short memories, and think everything can be forgiven just because you snap your fingers. Russia's entire modern interaction with the west is one of insults, from both sides.
It's not so much that people have short memories, but that states always act with their best interest in mind. Enemies become friends and vice versa whenever doing so is in the best interest of one or both parties. For now, cooperating with China is in Russia's best interest, but you can't expect that to remain the case forever.
>They're not simply going to shit all over China just because China is bigger and stronger.
I never said that they will "shit all over China", I simply said that China and Russia have their own interests, some align and others do not. For the time being, common interests prevail, but the dynamic between the two could be radically different by the middle of this century as the power imbalance between them becomes more significant. This does not mean that Russia will become a Chinese enemy or that they'll even escape their sphere of influence, simply that they will have to be more cautious about how they interact with a superpower on their virtually defenseless eastern borders.
>I honestly don't know why the fuck you think they would ever chase away their one major ally against a world that despises the pair of them.
Again, I never said that.
ching chong we love eating dogs and rats,

I've seen enough chink rekt threads to contemplate how fucking subhumans these bug people are
Moscow's play with regards to the West over the coming decades might be to drive a wedge between European and American interests as the European Union consolidates and its Global Gateway project starts gaining traction while Washington shifts its focus to the Pacific.

Weekly jobless claims plunge to 199,000, the lowest level in more than 50 years

>b-b-but wapo is msm journalist propaganda the data has to be fake
Here's the report from the Department of Labor

Americans were greeted Wednesday to a spate of positive economic news, a preholiday lift signaling that many of the wrinkles to the nation’s recovery continue to be smoothing out, at least temporarily.

Chief among them were the surprisingly strong marks for the labor market. The number of Americans filing initial unemployment claims tumbled to 199,000 — the lowest level since November 1969 — the Labor Department reported Wednesday.

Separately, the Commerce Department said that consumer spending increased by 1.3 percent in October, its fastest pace since March, in a sign that Americans are continuing to spend despite rising prices.

Meanwhile, the trade deficit in goods narrowed 14.6 percent in October according to a Commerce Department estimate, to $82.9 billion from $97 billion in September. That’s its lowest level since October 2020, according to PNC Bank economist Bill Adams.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fucking a anon lol
the "jobless" numbers are infamously only for the recently unemployed, real unemployment is much much higher
Maybe, MAYBE! Corporations can reduce their profit margins and increase wages and benefits?
NAAAAH, conservatives would never allow that to happen.
What’s really wild is that as they increase wages and benefits people will have more income and buy more stuff from them.
Considering the largest wealth transfer and concentration just happened with Dems controlling every branch of the federal government and is accelerating, what exactly does conservative mean to you?

There is at least one person dead and more than 20 more injured after an SUV drove through the Waukesha Holiday Parade route Sunday evening. Nov. 21.

A shelter in place warning has been issued by the Waukesha Police Department. Residents within a 1/2 mile from downtown are advised to wait until there's an all clear.

Cellphone video captured a red SUV speeding through the crowd, hitting pedestrians and accelerating throughout the route.

Authorities said multiple people were injured and at least one person died.

60 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Déjà vu!
I've just been in this place before
Higher on the street
And I know it's my time to go
Calling you, and the search is a mystery
Standing on my feet
It's so hard when I try to be me, wooooahhhh
>ignore the obvious racial motivation, i'm going to appeal to black criminality because i think you're dumb enough to buy it.

It is their culture!
Why is this thread being slid?
Is it because it destroys the narrative of the left wing

File: 1637682675806.png (904 KB, 1430x1080)
904 KB
904 KB PNG
He also confessed that he brought the gun to assassinate Nancy Pelosi


An Indiana man charged with carrying a loaded firearm to the Capitol on Jan. 6 told investigators that if he had found Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “you’d be here for another reason,” according to court documents posted over the weekend.

Mark Mazza, 56, is the latest of about half a dozen Jan. 6 defendants charged with bringing a gun to the Capitol. In this case, Mazza allegedly carried a Taurus revolver known as “The Judge,” which is capable of firing shotgun shells — two of which were in the chamber, along with three hollow-point bullets. A Capitol Police sergeant obtained the weapon after allegedly fending off an assault from Mazza.

According to the charging documents in the case, two Capitol Police investigators visited Mazza at his home in Shelbyville, Ind., on March 29, and he admitted attending the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” rally and later marched with the crowd to the Capitol. Camera footage shows Mazza present during the most intense hand-to-hand violence of the day in the Capitol’s lower West terrace tunnel.

“I thought Nan and I would hit it off,” Mazza told investigators as they prepared to finish their interview. “I was glad I didn’t because you’d be here for another reason and I told my kids that if they show up, I’m surrendering, nope they can have me, because I may go down a hero.”

Though reports of rioters charged with carrying firearms have been limited, the number has been steadily climbing. A former DEA agent brandished his service weapon outside the Capitol. A Texas man was charged with bringing a handgun as well. Leaders of the Oath Keepers charged with conspiring to prevent Congress from certifying the 2020 election aren’t facing firearms charges, but prosecutors have pieced together evidence suggesting they kept a stockpile of weapons at a hotel in nearby Arlington, Va.
33 replies omitted. Click here to view.
They thought they were going to take over the government with sheer force of numbers but they were sorely disappointed when the general public didn't rise up and join them.
No, he was just trying to do the American people a solid and off Nancy pelosi, arguably one of the most corrupt politicians of our time.
If her and Mitch McConnell had a baby it would make Hitler look take in comparison
They were expecting Trump to show up and reveal everything he told them, which of course were lies and Trump left them all for dead at the capitol.
But to Trump's credit, he wanted to order the military to protect the coup.
Why is this thread being slid?
Is it because it destroys the narrative of the right wing?
The root of all evil is low-level education that leaves people ignorant, stupid, immature, mentally/personally ill.
Anyone who is inspired or brainwashed by conspiracy theory, fake, pseudoscience, hoaxes, fortune-telling, or religion and is euphoric as "my knowledge is all true" is a victim of inappropriate low-level education.
Since we do not teach philosophy or psychology in compulsory education, children grow up to have a personality that lacks foresight, sympathy, self-control, problem-solving, logical thinking, self-affirmation, and various kinds of literacy.
All inexperienced people need NOT HATRED (information shut-out, jostle, neglect, punishment, exclusion), BUT LOVE (information exchange, hug, respect, forgiveness, tolerance, comfort, enlightenment, advanced and adequate higher-level education, psychotherapy counseling, salvation)
If you can't love them, it means that you need love first.\

"Emotions Self-Responsibility Theory"

File: AP_19171636994491.jpg (525 KB, 1068x712)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
Jack Dorsey announced today plans to step down as head of Twitter. That prompted Candace Owens to say the following: “I’ve been telling people for years. Jack Dorsey is not your enemy. He is a prisoner at his own company. Good thing the Parler app is finally working properly and looks amazing. The communists will fully run Twitter soon.”

If you don’t already know Candace Owens, all you need to know is that she’s a koshering virtuoso. Like some Jewish people who make anti-Semitism seem respectable, Owens, who is Black, makes white supremacy seem fine and dandy. She appears to think Jack Dorsey had been some kind of bulwark against liberal sensibilities. Now that he’s leaving, she said, “the communists will fully run Twitter soon.”

I don’t care what Owens thinks about anything. Neither should you. Every word she says -- including “a” and “the” -- is a variety of bad faith. Even hyping Parler is deceptive. Authoritarians can’t succeed on the margins of media and society, where Parler is. To sabotage their enemies, they must appear as respectable as a Black woman koshering white supremacy. By blaming the “communists,” Owens is reminding followers of what they already believe true: they are the real victims.

While I don’t care about Owens, and neither should you, we should care about the use of the right’s rhetoric of slander, of which the word “communist” has long played a part in American history. Liberals and progressives first looked to the government as a force of social reform in the early 20th century. Around that time, the Russian Revolution occurred (1917). Since then, the American right has smeared liberals by associating their policies and objectives with godless communism.

27 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What are you babbling about, look at the RNC platform for 2020. They just recycled what they had in 2016 or just said they'll do whatever Trump wants.
>They just recycled what they had in 2016
So what you're saying then is they are consistent with their campaign issues?
Yeah I'd say that's pretty accurate

The American mainstream media is pure garbage, and caters to the rich 1% leftists.
It means they're intellectually and morally bankrupt and a cult.
It literally means they are consistent with their issues.
Democrat platform in 2016 was "give illegals free healthcare", 2020 was "orange man bad", and now they are not doing to well because many have held on to the "orange man bad" platform

File: 1636703995917.jpg (55 KB, 828x874)
55 KB
All of the MSM reported this attack as a legitimate hate crime when it initially occurred, but it turned out that it was a fake hate crime that was staged by the MSM in an attempt to further their anti-white racial hatred agenda.
>rreeeeeeeee! muh noose, muh evil white oppressors

CHICAGO — Embattled “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett was caught on surveillance video doing a “dry run” one day before his alleged hate crime attack, prosecutors said at his trial in Chicago Tuesday.

Prosecutors contend the footage confirms the actor faked the Jan. 29, 2019, alleged attack with Nigerian brothers Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, who are expected to be key witnesses for the prosecution in the case.

Smollett’s lawyers claim the actor was really attacked — by the two brothers.

Prosecutors poked a hole in that claim Tuesday, revealing a text message sent by Smollett to one of the siblings a couple of weeks after the alleged attack, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“Brother…..I love you,” Smollett wrote to Abimbola Osundairo on Feb. 14, 2019. “I stand with you. I know 10000% you and your brother did nothing wrong and never would.”

“I am making this statement so everyone else knows,” the text said. “They will not get away with this. Please hit me when they let you go. I am behind you fully.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's news of an ongoing trial, dipshit. It has a link to sauce and article text in the OP, which is more than half the threads get on this board these days.
couldn't care less, celebrity worshipers belong on >>>/tv/
you seem upset
>Celebrity heavily allied with the Vice President of the United States who fabricated a story to help her push legislation is on trial for his lies


The decision awards $153,285.62 to the City of Detroit, the state's largest city and a Democratic stronghold that became a hotbed for false and unproven claims about voter fraud, and $21,964.75 to the state of Michigan.

The nine attorneys involved in bringing the election case — Powell, L. Lin Wood, Howard Kleinhendler, Gregory Rohl, Stefanie Lynn Junttila, Emily Newman, Julia Z. Haller, Brandon Johnson and Scott Hagerstrom — must jointlypay the amounts within 30 days, according to Parker's order. That's an unless there's an appeal.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson welcomed Parker's ruling.

“The awarding of fees further holds accountable the attorneys who worked to distort our democracy in favor of lining their own pockets,” Nessel said in a statement. “These attorneys demonstrated a flagrant disregard for the law and attempted to use the courts to further a false and destructive narrative. While there is likely no amount of money that can undo the damage they caused, I am happy to see these sanctions handed down.”
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The similarities to certain districts in the 2020 US federal elections is astounding
>american thinker
>steve cortez
stopped reading there. nice clickbait. sad that you succumbed to their alternative facts.
What astounds you?
Detroit won't collect from the "Wacken".
Bankrupt morally and monetarily.
Clicked on two of those links.
>First: were there a statistical anomalies in the 2020 vote?
No. I have taken graduate level stats and the dude in that video is retarded.
>second: why did the rate of Georgia mail in ballot rejections fall?
Actually an interesting question even if the answer is pretty simple. In previous elections most Of those were cast by the olds. In this election lots of people under 75 used mail in ballots.
I realize the election results frustrated you and you were told by people you trust that it was “rigged”. You were even pre-programmed to believe this before the election just like you were in 2016. Frankly it is unhealthy for both you and democracy that you have been so deceived.

This shit needs to go up to the scotus
The dissent is good though

>If ever there was a case study illustrating Madison’s concern about “evil lurking under plausible disguises, and growing up from small beginnings,” it is our circuit’s Second Amendment jurisprudence. In the thirteen years since the Supreme Court ruled in Heller that the Second Amendment “guarantee[s] the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation,” 554 U.S. at 592, our court has trimmed back that right at every opportunity—to the point that now, in the nine Western states covered by our court, the right to “keep and bear arms” means, at most, you might get to possess one janky handgun and 2.2 rounds of ammunition, and only in your home under lock and key. That’s it.

>That’s ridiculous, and so I must respectfully dissent.
This case was over CA's fucking ridiculous mag ban, which they erroneously argue isn't a core 2A right and that since they exempt their personal guard it is ok. There should be real legal consequences for judges like this. She should be stripped of all assets and jailed for life if they rule against basic human rights as the 9th court majority did. Same with the legislatures who wrote and passed the law. If your law gets found unconstitutional you should be jailed and be personally liable in civil court, not the taxpayers paying, the actual legislator paying out of his or her own personal assets
72 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>9th circuit, 3rd most overturned court

Sounds like someone does "shit" a lot and these monkeys get fucked plenty. The real problem is that they are allowed to constantly make bad calls and still keep their power.
>And thanks for proving we need judicial reform and to add seats to better reflect the make up the of the US
The courts exist specifically to limit the power of direct democracy, you braindead fucking idiot. When the country was primarily white conservatives, you idiots were heralding the courts as the saviors of your lives, and conservatives were kvetching and REEEing about MUH DEMOCRACY. Now that you're the ones with a marginal majority, and being held in check from railroading through every political agenda you have, suddenly the courts are evil? And the conservatives are, unsurprisingly, court packing?
Of fucking course you are. You have zero rigidity or morality - all you care to argue is whatever is most convenient and expedient for your agenda. You're going to sell out the country - happily - to the will and mood of the people, as if the people aren't the single most oppressive force in the history of democracy.

I fucking hate the people in this country like you wouldn't believe. We don't deserve freedom.
Boy oh boy. The price of freedom is high.
Good post
>He's a far right wing ideologue, your overton window shift won't work here.
he is middle right. Not far right. He is about as right as Kegan is left.
> And thanks for proving we need judicial reform and to add seats to better reflect the make up the of the US.
why are you being so anti semetic and complaining about too many jews being on the court?

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> Its a statue, not an idol: don't worship men.
While they take down statues of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, they prop up expensive new statues of George Floyd.
>white people have their national heroes
>have to get rid of anything that honors them because they make nonwhites uncomfortable
Very good post anon
a trumper/poltard telling people not to judge by skin color... wtf?
dude they will turn on you, keep that shit to yourself for your own good!
At this point I think you're retarded to even think that and not see the obvious flaws in the theory that an entire party stole an election. If you don't see the flaws, it's because you just don't want to.

In the Polish town of Kartuzy, the Pomeranian Voivodeship, law enforcement officers detained a Ukrainian, who damaged several other people's cars. This is reported by the local police.

It is known that law enforcement officers received a message that an unknown man was throwing stones at cars. This situation was repeated, however, when the police arrived, they did not find anyone.

The next day, eyewitnesses saw the man who, after another crime, fled into the house and closed himself. The police came to him and broke down the door.

The man was arrested for damaging 6 cars for 3 months. In total, he faces up to 3 years in prison for what he has done.

Also, a 19-year-old Ukrainian, who was wanted on suspicion of stabbing two students in Rzeszow, surrendered to the Polish police.

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in a perfect world e*stern europe would just be the german-russian border region
Nice try Ivan but you're not recreating the Tsar's empire.
don't you have a toilet to unclog somewhere
Don't you have a broom handle to stick up your ass for motherland

lol.. joo mad

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