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File: 1588771289579.png (1.82 MB, 2387x1500)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Personal imports of meat and dairy products into EU banned since Brexit transition ended

Dutch TV news has aired footage of customs officers confiscating ham sandwiches from drivers arriving by ferry from the UK under post-Brexit rules banning personal imports of meat and dairy products into the EU.

Officials wearing high-visibility jackets are shown explaining to startled car and lorry drivers at the Hook of Holland ferry terminal that since Brexit, “you are no longer allowed to bring certain foods to Europe, like meat, fruit, vegetables, fish, that kind of stuff.”

To a bemused driver with several sandwiches wrapped in tin foil who asked if he could maybe surrender the meat and keep just the bread, one customs officer replied: “No, everything will be confiscated. Welcome to the Brexit, sir, I’m sorry.”

The ban came into force on New Year’s Day as the Brexit transition period came to an end, with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) saying travellers should “use, consume, or dispose of” prohibited items at or before the border.

“From 1 January 2021 you will not be able to bring POAO (products of an animal origin) such as those containing meat or dairy (eg a ham and cheese sandwich) into the EU,” the Defra guidance for commercial drivers states.

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we should declare war over this
things newfags say to fit in
Good on ya Dutch boys.
Brits are pasty fags anywho...
You're either new or you aren't, but both of you are faggots.
Ham sandwiches are not halal. That corona infested haram shit must not touch EU soil.

"The actions of the USCP officers were heroic given the situation they faced, and I continue to have tremendous respect in the professionalism and dedication of the women and men of the United States Capitol Police."


My view: There is nothing "heroic" about allowing allowing a terrorist attack at the US Capitol Building.
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>Do you magatards even try to examine the inconsistencies in your thought before you spew it out?
Not a magatard.
They heroically took down barricades, held the door open for them, and took selfies?
I'm fairly certain the guy was secret service, not police. If that's the case, I have even less sympathy for her. Cops may sperg out and may dump on civilians sometimes, but the secret service are specially trained and pretty much have a license to kill.
First, she was with a violent mob attempting to break past a barricade to the VP's chamber after the crowd made their intentions to hang the VP abundantly clear.

Second, let's dispel the myth of "unarmed." She had a gigantic fucking backpack concealed by a Trump flag. What was in that backpack? Could have been one or several explosive devices. Could have been weapons. Could have been supplies for taking hostages. Don't fucking bring a giant backpack to a high security location if you don't want to be seen as a threat and serious risk. It's easy to say she was unarmed after an autopsy, but in the heat of the moment during a terrorist attack, someone with a large backpack trying to get past a barricade shouldn't be treated as anything other than a potential suicide bomber.

She attempted to scale through the first true hole made in the barricade while armed men were on the other side telling them to stay out. What did she expect was going to happen?

And finally, her EXACT JOB in her 14 years of Air Force service was a Security Control Airman. Her entire job was to defend high priority parts of Air Force bases. She very likely had the same fucking training as the man that killed her. She was a moron.


(Reuters) - Michigan’s attorney general charged former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on Wednesday with two counts of willful neglect of duty over the lead-poisoning of drinking water in Flint city - the first person to face criminal charges over the crisis.

The case became emblematic of racial inequality in the Unites States as it afflicted Flint, a city of about 100,000 people, more than half of whom are African American.

Snyder faces two misdemeanor charges that carry a penalty of up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine, an online court record showed.

The findings of the criminal investigation into Flint’s water supply will be announced at a news conference on Thursday, the office of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said.

Snyder’s attorney Brian Lennon previously called the prospect of charges “outrageous” and “mertiless,” saying Nessel’s office had refused to share information about any potential charges.

“It is outrageous to think any criminal charges would be filed against Governor Snyder,” Lennon said in a statement Tuesday. “Any charges would be meritless. Coming from an administration that claims to be above partisan politics, it is deeply disappointing to see pure political motivation driving charging decisions.”
Snyder, a Republican, has repeatedly apologized for the state’s poor handling of the crisis.

Flint’s troubles began in 2014 after the city switched its water supply to the Flint River from Lake Huron to cut costs. Corrosive river water caused lead to leach from pipes, contaminating the drinking water and causing an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease.

The date of the offense was listed as April 25, 2014, the day the city switched water systems.

Snyder, who has been out of office for two years, was governor when the city was under the control of a state-appointed manager in 2014.

Snyder was succeeded by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat.

The change in water supply prompted several lawsuits by parents who said their children were showing dangerously high blood levels of lead, which can cause development disorders. Lead can be toxic and children are especially vulnerable.

(Posted Jan. 11, 2021)

President Donald Trump announced Monday that he was awarding the presidential medal of freedom to Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, a pugnacious Republican ally in Congress who continues to back the president even after the deadly rampage last week by a pro-Trump mob through the Capitol.

Jordan received the nation’s highest civilian award from a lame-duck and increasingly isolated president who has just nine days left in office and who faces the humiliation of a possible second impeachment before President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

The awarding of the medal to Jordan was also harshly criticized by some former Ohio State University wrestlers who have accused him of doing nothing to protect them from a team doctor who sexually abused them when Jordan was an assistant coach from 1986 to 1994.

“If turning your back on hundreds of athletes who were sexually abused on your watch and enabling a sitting President to incite a domestic terrorist insurrection are qualities of a candidate to receive the highest civilian award in the land, then Jim Jordan should get two medals of freedom,” whistleblowing former OSU wrestler Mike DiSabato told NBC News.

Jordan, a former champion college wrestler, has steadfastly denied any knowledge of what the team doctor, Richard Strauss, was doing to the wrestlers, including hearing any "locker room talk."
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liberals, ladies and gentlemen.

they literally think being white is a crime punishable by death. if you value your life, you MUST leave before they take power or you will be sent to the death camps
This is one of those posts where you think it has to be a parody of a magat cultists, but then after a bit of reflection realise it might very well be real.
>they literally think being white is a crime punishable by death. if you value your life, you MUST leave
Please do, although the Northern European white countries or Canada won't let you in, so you'll have to settle for Russia eventhough slavs aren't white. Good luck, you should fit right in ;)
>the best humanity has ever offered to god
Pretty sure God would curse for all Eternity anyone who offered up drumpf as a human sacrifice to Him. Not even because human sacrifice is so utterly heinous, but because the quality would be so disgustingly low.
Good thing god isn't real.

File: flatten.jpg (60 KB, 828x610)
60 KB
Good to see 2021 isn't any less strange.
>The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has shared a recall from Weis Markets, recalling more than 11,000 containers of ice cream. The frozen treats may be contaminated with "extraneous material, specifically metal filling equipment parts," which is not a traditional ice cream topping.

>The company has recalled 10,869 containers of Weis Quality Cookies and Cream Ice Cream in 48-ounce containers, as well as 502 bulk units of Klein's Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream in three-gallon containers. The ice cream may be contaminated with foreign matter which is, obviously, a choking hazard.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I hear Loona likes ice cream. Especially the crunchy bits.
you would think so but this type of obsession comes with a cost
Literally trump's fault.
>What is a traditional ice cream topping then?
Given all the shit we tend to put into cheap ice cream, I suppose they had to clarify that "metal filling equipment parts" are not part of the usual formula.

Sounds like a machine broke some bits during production - kinda of amazed to see this thread make the board, given everything else that's going on.

File: WeCheck.jpg (173 KB, 1152x1536)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Transactions will be prohibited in 45 days

President Trump has signed a new executive order prohibiting transactions with the companies behind eight Chinese apps, including Ant Group’s Alipay and Tencent’s QQ and WeChat Pay. Transactions will be prohibited in 45 days. Reuters was the first to report the news.

The full list of apps includes: Alipay, CamScanner, QQ Wallet, SHAREit, Tencent QQ, VMate, WeChat Pay, and WPS Office.

“The pace and pervasiveness of the spread in the United States of certain connected mobile and desktop applications and other software developed or controlled by persons in the People’s Republic of China... continue to threaten the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States,” the order reads.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross confirmed that the Commerce Department will “begin implementing the E.O.’s directives, including identifying prohibited transactions.” Reuters reports that the Commerce Department will do so before Trump leaves office on January 20th, citing an unnamed official.

The new orders follow two earlier ones from August that already tried to ban transactions with ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, and WeChat. However, a judge blocked the WeChat ban in September and again in October, while a judge granted a preliminary injunction stopping the TikTok ban in December.

If the US is successful in banning these apps, it could be a pretty big deal, particularly for Chinese American families who use these apps to communicate online.

Update January 5th, 7:29PM ET: Added quote from the order.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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China would not loan Trump any more money. So he attacks them.
Guess he'll be attacking everyone and every country then, because he couldn't even get a car title loan at 15% interest/month from his friendly neighborhood loan shark company.
Does this mean Jeff Bezos is packing up shop for another country?
cope moar Biden is gonna fix the mistakes t-Rump made
I'd laugh if it turns out Biden doesn't reverse these and his decisions are objectively worse (hard, I know) than Trump's but everyone writes it off because "anything is better than Trump".

"Anything is better than the Khmer Rouge..."

File: Whoops.jpg (31 KB, 628x314)
31 KB
Two of Donald Trump’s favored banks are pulling away from the billionaire president in the wake of last week’s deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Deutsche Bank AG has decided to refrain from further business with Trump and his company, said a person with knowledge of the matter, asking not to be identified because the deliberations were confidential. Trump owes the Frankfurt-based lender more than $300 million.

And Signature Bank, the New York lender that’s long catered to his family, said it’s cutting ties while it presses for his resignation. Signature is closing two personal accounts in which Trump held about $5.3 million, a spokesperson for the firm said on Monday.

“We believe the appropriate action would be the resignation of the president of the United States, which is in the best interests of our nation and the American people,” the bank said in a separate statement on Monday.

The lenders are following social media outlets and other companies in suspending ties with the president after he encouraged attendees at a rally last week to march on the Capitol, where they stormed the building and interrupted the certification of the electoral college vote. At least five people died in the mayhem and its immediate aftermath.

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This, no one wants to give him a loan now, and thats the only thing thats been keeping him afloat till now.

Joe and Hunter Biden Did Nothing Wrong.

...and unless you agree, therefore Shitler & Trump Did More Than Everything Wrong.

Live by the meme, die by the meme.
Try to make an argument, not a straw man, then "get back to me" you obnoxious twat
The last time Trump used bankruptcy, he came out millions of dollars ahead. Normies think bankruptcy means you lose everything.
>expecting a bunch of impotent underemployed lefties to comprehend such a thing

Dark web market known as “Dark Market” has been dismantled and the manager has been arrested. https://deepwebmarketsreview.com/2021/01/12/dark-market-seized-admin-arrested/
Last year, Operation Venetic: Scotland Yard cracked the military-grade encryption of hundreds of top criminals, arresting them all & seizing their assets. They have backup by GCHQ: who have compromised the Dark Web.

Think that the NSA haven't done the same? Think again, Nazis & Trumptards: that's what they want you to think. No Freeze Peach Soup for you rightists. Anywhere. Good.
The feds probably read about it on deepwebmarketreview.com

File: 5ffc72b6af600.image[1].jpg (302 KB, 1700x997)
302 KB
302 KB JPG

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service is searching for information on the person or persons responsible for the harassment of a manatee discovered Sunday in the headwaters of the Homosassa River. The animal had the word “Trump” scraped into its back.

Craig Cavanna, senior federal wildlife officer and current investigating officer, said of the situation, “I cannot comment on a current, ongoing investigation.”

He added harassment of a manatee, protected by the Endangered Species Act, is a Class A, federal criminal offense punishable by a $50,000 fine and/or up to one-year in federal prison.

The seasonal influx of the West Indian manatee is well known along the Nature Coast. The slow-moving, warm-blooded mammals seek sanctuary in the spring-fed waters along Citrus County’s coastline making them accessible to swimmers and boaters. Laws protect the animals from harassment by swimmers and those operating vessels.

“It’s been My experience that this is very out of character for this community," Cavanna said. "Wildlife conservation is a core value in Citrus County. That’s why it’s called the Nature Coast.”

As the investigation continues Cavanna said, “We are following leads.”

The USFWS is encouraging anyone with knowledge of the incident to call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at 888-404-FWCC (3922). Information will be forwarded to the USFWS.
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This is Grade A butthurt
Watch it be some conservationist who hated Trump
>no u
The left cannot meme.
/pol/ really is a hapless giant after the Russians ditched them after the 2016 election. And you redditors actually think you have influence.
While it's possible to speak for another's emotional output, it's defined as psychopathic behavior to insist on doing so without acknowledging your own. Typically reported as "projection", this practice is usually done because the subject is damaged mentally.

A harrowing photo shows a Trump supporter carrying a Confederate flag inside the US Capitol, flanked by portraits of Civil War-era figures


A photographer named Saul Loeb captured an image of a man carrying a large Confederate battle flag during the pro-Trump riot inside the US Capitol on Wednesday.
Though the Confederate battle flag originated during the US Civil War, it never entered the Capitol during that time.
Behind the man in the photo, two portraits reflect the fractured nation of the country during the 1860s.
To the man's right is a portrait of Charles Sumner, an abolitionist. To his left is a portrait of John C. Calhoun, a defender of slavery.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Henry Sturges: Real Power Lincoln, comes not from hate but from truth!
>>burn a us flag
>it's just a flag lol chud
>carry a confederate flag
>how dare you that's the symbol of our temple of democracy
You really should have posted an image of it for the OP.



Sherman's March to the Sea (also known as the Savannah Campaign or simply Sherman's March) was a military campaign of the American Civil War conducted through Georgia from November 15 until December 21, 1864, by Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman of the Union Army. The campaign began with Sherman's troops leaving the captured city of Atlanta on November 15 and ended with the capture of the port of Savannah on December 21. His forces followed a "scorched earth" policy, destroying military targets as well as industry, infrastructure, and civilian property, disrupting the Confederacy's economy and transportation networks. The operation broke the back of the Confederacy and helped lead to its eventual surrender. Sherman's decision to operate deep within enemy territory and without supply lines is considered to be one of the major campaigns of the war, and is considered by some historians to be an early example of modern total war.

File: 1609217465668.png (207 KB, 419x646)
207 KB
207 KB PNG

The Trump administration's Covid-19 vaccine distribution program needs a major shot in the arm because at the current rate, it would take almost 10 years to inoculate enough Americans to get the pandemic under control, a jarring new NBC News analysis showed Tuesday.

The goal of Operation Warp Speed, a private-public partnership led by Vice President Mike Pence to produce and deliver safe and effective Covid-19 vaccines to the public, is to ensure that 80 percent of the country's 330.7 million people get the shots by late June.

To meet that goal, a little more than 3 million people would have to get the shots each day, the math shows.

But so far, only about 2 million people — most of them front-line health care workers and some nursing home residents — have gotten their first shots of the 11.5 million doses that were delivered in the last two weeks, a review by NBC News of data from federal and state agencies showed.

"I don't think we're going to be able to distribute the 20 million doses that were promised" this year, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration under President Donald Trump and a Pfizer board member, said Tuesday on CNBC.

"Georgia, for example just started vaccinating nursing homes yesterday, and the vaccine has been on the market, right now — been authorized for almost three weeks," Gottlieb said. "So we're late getting into some of these facilities."

But once people start getting the first shot, he said, "you will start to see an impact on the most vulnerable population, I think, soon."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
127 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Everyone knows it was first the China virus, then the left wanted all foreign Chinese to come home.. to spread it in their invasion countries... then the left didn't want any governments to out the Chinese carriers lest it be raciss.
>at the current rate,

LMAO wat

Of course that's how things are going, it's currently still at prioritized rates and all plans are to increase that rate exponentially. This is how nearly all vaccine distribution functions. You could in theory blame the Troompster, and perhaps that's where nbc is going with this, but it's still completely nonsensical and disconnected from reality. Anyone who thinks the distribution will not increase by at least 500% within the next 6 months is woefully uneducated on the matter.

nbc should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a garbage article to be published on their platform. Legit Breitbart-tier retardation.
Sounds sweet
Fuck a nazi
Is anyone who disagrees with you a shill? Man you pol tards are retarded

Twitter removed a post by the Chinese Embassy in the US over the weekend citing a violation of its rules. The embassy’s tweet had asserted that Muslim minority Uighur women were “emancipated” by Beijing’s efforts to “eradicate extremism” in its northwestern Xinjiang province.

The post shared an article by state media China Daily last Thursday denying reports of forced sterilisation of Uighur women by Chinese authorities. Instead, the article claimed the decrease in the Uighur population in Xinjiang was a result of the “eradication of religious extremism” which gave women more “autonomy.”

You go twitter!
You go!
48 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What I think is happening is that the US Deep State, Intelligence agencies, and including leftist establishment are giving the false impression to China that they are subservient and controlled by China, but in fact, once Biden gets elected, they will surprise China and be opposed to China like Trump was. When the House and Senate are controlled by one party, that's when the US typically unanimously goes to war, like the Iraq War. So a War on China is very much possible during Biden's tenure. We'll see what exactly happens in 2 weeks.
>literally the inventor of the slogan "Greed is Good"
no, that was oliver stone, in his movie, "Wall Street"
but i thought he was just a conman who had gone bankrupt many times over, and all his businesses were failed or failing?

youre right that both parties are pro-corporate.
but they favor different corporations.
the democrats favor the companies that are successful,
and the republicans support the failures.
>no, that was oliver stone, in his movie, "Wall Street"
Literally in response to the same line in Reagan's 1984 fireside chat and state address.
>but i thought he was just a conman who had gone bankrupt many times over, and all his businesses were failed or failing?
Oddly, a lot of billionaires are both. Certainly the GOP did not nominate him on the basis that he was a failed businessman, rather than a successful one who managed to pull out of some rough pits.

But no, they are both slaves to the economy, because, as they say, "It's the economy stupid." - fail to keep those numbers up, or more locally, let property values fall, and you, most often, do not get reelected.

I mean, sure, the GOP is more apt to favor environmentally destructive shit, just to spit at the Democrats, while they are more apt to support "diverse" and "green" businesses for similar reasons, but in the broader picture and in action, it's just economics in general they both support. They are slaves to the banks and corporations, because without them, the nation they rule over dies and becomes subject to the will of more successful nations abroad.
When they came for Trump, I said nothing because fuck t-Rump
When they came for the CCP, I said nothing because 1989 tiannemen square.
When they came for me, I said nothing because I was forced to wear a "permanent mask"

Golly, what a coincidence? A week before Biden is to take office and right after Big Tech censored Parler, their user database gets hacked and exposed…

But yeah, a handful of clowns taking selfies at the Capitol were "trying to overthrow the government!"

11 Jan, 2021

Hacker reveals massive Parler data leak: ALL users’ messages, location info and even driver’s licenses may have been exposed

Recently shutdown social media app Parler is at the center of a yet another controversy, after allegations surfaced that the totality of its users' personal data was leaked in the wake of the network going offline.

Parler, a social network popular with conservative audiences, was removed from the internet on Monday, after Amazon kicked the site off its hosting service, citing"a steady increase in this violent content" in the wake of Wednesday's riot at the US Capitol. The decision to pull support came after Apple and Google blocked the social network from their online marketplaces over the weekend.

Shortly before Amazon's move, a self-described hacker from Austria, going by 'Donk Enby' on Twitter, claimed to have gained access to all of the "unprocessed, raw" video files uploaded to Parler "with all associated metadata." The hacker even included a link to the file library in order to prove that the data leak was real.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
67 replies omitted. Click here to view.
> words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words
Probably people from the big tech companies on payroll asked to do this to discredit this smaller competitor which threatened them.
That thing where you make up bullshit and pretend the other person actually said it only works if there's even a chance what they said could be construed for said bullshit.
Sure that is what happened tot Arch (formerly Arch Warhammer) YouTube Channel.
tl;dr cry more snowflake get fucked lmao

File: Capitol-Ink-07-18-18.jpg (572 KB, 2376x1663)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
The magats have finally turned and started feasting on the bloated corpse.

After years of fidelity, Donald Trump's most ardent online fans have finally turned on him.

All it took was for the president to acknowledge the reality of his loss a little over a day after they, the MAGA faithful, stormed the Capitol in a violent attempt to stop the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

“People were willing to die for this man and he just threw them all under the bus. That’s the only thing that’s shameful about the events of the past 36 hours,” Nick Fuentes, the host of the America First podcast and the unofficial leader of the white nationalist Groyper Army, angrily tweeted, shortly after Trump released a video Thursday night in which he conceded that Biden would be the next president and called for political reconciliation.

Cassandra Fairbanks, a prominent MAGA activist, tweeted: “[He] tells angry people to march to the capitol [and then] proceeds to throw his supporters under the bus.”

54 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Gerrymandering though...
archaic voter laws though...
I think I’m just going to start responding with “who cares” to every news post

Who cares
well you got to admit.. their anger makes sense considering everyone hates commies except commies.
Pence rejects calls for him to remove Trump from office under 25th Amendment

"Last week, I did not yield to pressure to exert power beyond my constitutional authority to determine the outcome of the election, and I will not now yield to efforts in the House of Representatives to play political games at a time so serious in the life of our Nation," the vice president wrote in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).
The letter came just hours before the House was set to vote on whether to officially call on him to declare President Trump unfit for office and wrest control.
That vote passed by the way.

File: TRUMP_manatee.jpg (1012 KB, 1472x815)
1012 KB
1012 KB JPG

Someone Etched ‘Trump’ on a Florida Manatee
Wildlife authorities are investigating and said that the harassment of the manatee is illegal under state and federal laws.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission began investigating after the manatee was discovered on Sunday with scarring in the form of the president’s name, the center said. The discovery was reported by the Citrus County Chronicle.
Patrick Rose, the executive director of the nonprofit Save the Manatee Club, said he had seen the photos of the manatee earlier on Monday and was disturbed.
“This is a type of a molestation of an imperiled species,” he said on Monday from Gainesville, Fla. He added that the manatee appeared to be an adolescent.
His alarm was shared by other conservationists.
“This abhorrent action goes beyond the bounds of what is considered cruel and inhumane,” said Elizabeth Fleming, senior Florida representative at Defenders of Wildlife. “I’m disgusted that someone would harm a defenseless creature to send what I can only assume is a political message. We will do everything in our power to help find, arrest and successfully prosecute this coward.”
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Could it be the word "trump" was the real problem here? Im glad the manatee wasnt harmed
Is the Manatee going to die because someone touched it? If not I really don't care and even then this is one of the saddest excuses to talk about Trump I've seen in awhile.
The vast majority of anyone for a better America that supportsTrump would condone that behaviour you retard.
Reminds me of the time someone wrote stuff about Hillary on crabs. Should have kept the graffiti on those with an exoskeleton
Probably a scam by the commie government worker to get in good with his boss and get a promotion.

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