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Speaker Pelosi must simply continue to investigate Trump and submit the articles of impeachment to the senate AFTER the scheduled state of the union speech Feb 4 2020, there is still much to investigate and expose and 4 weeks is less than sufficient time for a thorough job demanded by the us constitution, earlier submittal dates ensure Democratic defeat in November, imagine another 8 years of Trump

a submittal prior to this speech will enable s McConnell to acquit Trump in less than 3 days and ultimately Trump's landslide into reelection in November, the acquittal is 100% certain, some GOP senators are merely acting as if they are undecided to appear impartial when in fact their vote is already certain, Trump will use the speech to continue to utter countless lies and claim the trial was fair and found him innocent, not to mention Trumps desire to denigrate the left up and into the speech itself in front of a national audience, the public at large believes what they hear including falsehoods that will go unchallenged on stage

don't rush Nancy, its only January
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based schizoposter
>Russian shill being called out
>Totally assblasted
Hit dogs will holler I guess
Knowing Rudy if someone tries to throw him under the bus he'll bench press the bus and Greek discus throw that bitch right into pelosi's podium
Are you ok anon? You're making less and less sense with each post.

Liberals and Russia was just a meme....
Your man got impeached

Nothing you can do about it

File: Ci0IEy4WEAAcmPF.jpg (31 KB, 600x440)
31 KB
The Iraqi parliament decided to withdraw all foreign troops from the country. This was announced by Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi, reports Reuters.

It is noted that a plan to end foreign intervention should be implemented as soon as possible. “The exact time for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq has been submitted to parliament,” Mahdi said.

Earlier, the Iraqi parliament gathered at an emergency meeting. There they discussed the issue of ending the presence of foreign forces in the country.

In 2018, it was reported that at least 5,000 U.S. military are located in Iraq - this is the largest foreign contingent in the country. In addition to the United States, Britain, Germany, France and other European countries sent their troops there.

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I totally see the blatant hypocrisy and trouble we cause. Any way to look at this besides realpolitik is rose colored glasses. We aren't the good guys and it is totally understandable why every country on earth would have reason to take pause at our actions.

All we are doing in the middle east now is using our military might to burn treasure killing and destabilizing brown people, while we create the very thing that next generation will be used to justify a hyper militarized surveillance state to "protect" us from the very monster we create.

A pox on all our houses. We should be better and demand better.
Everyone else will pull out though. If you wanna fight Iran you can do it on your own.
Naah he has Israel and the Saudis on his side.
Yeah it's one thing to know America is generally run by the military and capitalism and that shit can be immoral in it's goals. It's another to see it just unapologetically evil about it all. I get the feeling I may see the end of this country as a superpower in my lifetime.
So did this actually go through?

File: tarp meme.jpg (98 KB, 500x509)
98 KB
U.S. plans expulsions of at least a dozen Saudi military students whose colleague killed three at Pensacola naval base
At least a dozen Saudi military trainees in the United States could be sent back to their home country after an FBI investigation found connections to extremist rhetoric, possession of child pornography, and a failure by a small number of people to report alarming behavior by the gunman who killed three people last month at a Pensacola, Fla., military base, according to people familiar with the matter.
Federal law enforcement and military officials are preparing to announce developments in the case in a matter of days. The FBI has been treating the shooting as a terrorist incident, particularly after discovering an anti-American screed posted by the gunman just before the December shooting, according to the people familiar with the matter. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss decisions by government officials.
Several of the Saudis were found to possess child pornography, while others were found to have been a part of a social media conversation that included alarming support for extremism, according to one of the people familiar with the matter
A spokeswoman for the Justice Department and a spokeswoman for the FBI declined to comment. The planned expulsions of the Saudi trainees were first reported by CNN.
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Barrack HUSSEIN Obama invited them
Why stop there? Just get them all out!!!
Countries send their troops to train long-term in other countries pretty often.
the funny thing about that pic is, no one broke the law when they ran the economy into the ground. and that's the real crime
They may or may not have broken laws, nobody will ever no because the Obama era just department made no effort to investigate any possible criminal activity, Obama just wrote them a blank check and told the occupy crowd to fuck off and that was the end of the issue.

File: 1578780529743.jpg (186 KB, 1419x800)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
A missing goat that provided "therapy" for a depressed cow has been found safe and returned home in a police car.

Peaches disappeared on December 13 from a paddock next to the Maungaturoto Hotel in Northland.

The goat was purchased by hotel owner Robin Dickens to provide companionship after one of two of his pet cows died, leaving the other distressed.

Maungaturoto Hotel caretaker Joe Robin said she spotted Peaches on December 23 among a herd of goats outside a nearby property.

"Peaches is a lot whiter than the other goats, so I could tell it was her," she said.

"She was also sitting by herself away from the others, like she didn’t belong there."

Robin said the owners of the property claimed they had bought Peaches at a local market. The goat was believed to be stolen as the fencing to her paddock was cut when she was discovered missing.

"She was very shaken when we found her. We notified the police and they went and picked her up for us," she said.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I know.

Excellent goat.
GOAT goat. Try spinning that, media cretins. You can't keep a good goat down. Wholesome news.
It's nice to get some good news for a change.
t. sheep
Feel bad for the poor thing, probably got raped by a Paki.


Consumers and corporate chieftains are heading in the opposite direction, with one group still brimming with good thoughts about the future and the other sure that tougher times are coming.

Recent surveys exemplify a trend that began a few years ago and has accelerated over the past several months. The gap between sentiment is broad and growing, though there’s some reason to believe that a change could be coming.

Chief executive officers and chief financial officers see an economy that is heading into a slowdown if not an outright recession. Recent surveys show that CEOs believe recession is the biggest risk in 2020, while almost all CFOs surveyed by Deloitte think the economy is likely to at least slow.

They view the U.S.-China trade war, a slowing global picture and increasing headline political risks as threats to the decadelong expansion that is the longest in American history.

But consumers are in the opposite camp.

While sentiment has leveled off from record highs, they still view conditions as generally positive. Spending remains strong even amid a growing savings rate, as consumers remain the beneficiary of a 50-year low in the unemployment rate and historic highs for the stock market.
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Well, maybe if you stopped diluting the labor pool with mass migration wages would improve. Or, maybe you really like migration, thats cool, then implement fair trade practices that tariff-match with other countries (China, Germany, etc) so that manufacturing in the US becomes viable again.

>trickle down
No such thing, anon.
dont forget the yield curve inversion that has predicted like 6 of the last 7 recessions
CEO’s confidence in the central bank has cratered tbh.
This will hopefully lead American CEO'S to make more cautious business decisions so when we eventually experience a recession a ton of business won't be overextended.

Consumer confidence is what matters though.

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Everything has a price, do not think that it has no second intention. Let's wait.
What is it with people on the left and referring to other people as "bodies"
He's trolling you and you took the bait.
I'd assume it's to create mildly visceral imagery linking a black guy getting arrested to corpses being tossed into a mass grave. Also to individualize the ones who are supposedly suffering. The problem is that the effect instantly becomes lost when the mythical White Man is doing the evils since... Well... As a white guy, I don't identify with "white people" as if it was some all-encompassing thing. So, like with a lot of other SJW type things, it ends up feeling like a petty tit-for-tat thing at it's core. i.e. "You spent 40,000 years lumping US into a single hivemind and now we're doing the same back. Nyah nyah!"
My yrs posted to the China post I realize kapernick is a huge baitsou


Today, which is Monday FYI, Harvey Weinstein was falsely charged with more ridiculousness from the prostituter. They're claiming Harvey's not only a pedophile and rapist but also a manipulating con artist.

Smh. Look at him! (as shown in pic) He's pushing a stroller. Come on! How can this poor weak barely able to walk without medical assistance kind-gentleman be able to rape those Hollywood escort actresses? I say this is another sham! Like the Cosby one. Poor Bill has to sit in prison now because the justice system doesn't like black comedians who has nasty quiet sex with ugly white women. RACIST!
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lol he hopped up those stairs like a college athlete then grabbed his 99 cent walker and proceded to limp again...
How else he's gonna get up them stairs? Not like that courthouse had a stairlift. And if he would've tried to use the stroller, he could've took a fall. And that will only make his condition worst.
I hope I hope I hope!
>Weinstein's walker is fake!
but what if I believe Weinstein's walker is real and that the women are all lying?
And Bingo was his name. Those women are all actresses. They know how to act like a victim. And I wouldn't doubt, poor Weinstein is the actual victim in all of this. Where's the justice there? Women own the victim role in this country. And when men are victimized, women laugh about it. As if guys are nothing.

Once I was gang-raped at a fraternity pledge. 5 female sorority co-eds sexually assaulted me for over 10 hours!

That horrifying night began when I was at a gas station panhandling for money, to buy beer with. One of them approached me and made an offer I couldn't refuse. "We got beer."

So they took me back to some strange house and brought me into a some sort of basement. They tricked me into sitting down on a chair and tied me up. Two of them held a funnel above me pouring beers down it into my mouth.

Then they began to sexually assault. And that continued on until the next morning when one accidentally untied me after I promised I would make some pancakes for her. I ran instead. Though they would later claim I didn't run, they kicked me out. Because they was done with me.

File: download (1).jpg (24 KB, 474x297)
24 KB
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122 in 1997, anon

this is a russian (now debunked) theory, hilariously
> debunked
it isn't calment was way too tall to live to 121, she was like 6'. thats the equivalent of a 5' person living to be over 135. calment used her mom'd birth certificate, deal with it. obama was burnin kenya too btw
>people of height 175.3 cm or less lived an average of 4.95 years longer than those of height over 175.3 cm, while those of height 170.2 cm or less lived 7.46 years longer than those of at least 182.9 cm
>i don't know what outliers are and only care about averages
keep going strong, brainlet
Even if Calment was fake, the 2nd one is an American, Sarah Knauss, 119.
That one is real, the French one is fake

File: imrs[1].jpg (146 KB, 1440x979)
146 KB
146 KB JPG

>A Justice Department inquiry launched more than two years ago to mollify conservatives clamoring for more investigations of Hillary Clinton has effectively ended with no tangible results, and current and former law enforcement officials said they never expected the effort to produce much of anything.

>John Huber, the U.S. attorney in Utah, was tapped in November 2017 by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to look into concerns raised by President Trump and his allies in Congress that the FBI had not fully pursued cases of possible corruption at the Clinton Foundation and during Clinton’s time as secretary of state, when the U.S. government decided not to block the sale of a company called Uranium One.
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>The two criminal trials of Paul Manafort were the first cases brought to trial by the special counsel's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Manafort served as campaign chair for the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign from June 20 to August 19, 2016.[1][2]
I'm not sure what your trying to prove here. Report was released 2018 and manafort was indicted 2017
Can you not read? The Mueller investigation began in 2017 and Manafort was charged because of it.
>That isn't how prosecution works, especially in Presidential matters.
Somebody should tell that to the tolerant left then
>The left is much more tolerant, correct.
So much for the tolerant left
>They are not wrong
They are wrong and nothing in what you linked proved otherwise.

Name one person officially charged with collusion. One. Just one.
You can't be charged with collusion, it isn't a crime. Conspiracy is the crime.

Dunkin donuts heaven


File: 1577993425.77629496.jpg (1.13 MB, 1488x9492)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
>What anime are you watching this season?
It has been more than three years since President Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, but all of Clinton’s emails at the center of the email scandal that plagued her failed presidential campaign have still not seen the light of day.

But on Friday, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced the FBI produced 37 new pages of Clinton emails demonstrating she mishandled classified information and used text messages for official business as well.

Judicial Watch announced in a press release on Friday:
>Judicial Watch today released 37 pages of new Clinton emails recently found by the FBI that show former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used her unsecure, non-government email to transmit classified information. The new emails also show Clinton used text messages for government business. The documents, produced to Judicial Watch after a review by the State Department, include 13 new Clinton emails. The State Department did not provide information about where the emails were found; why they were not previously produced; or if additional records are anticipated. Last month, a Justice Department attorney could not tell a federal court judge how and where the FBI discovered the new cache of Clinton emails. The State Department previously claimed it had produced all releasable Clinton emails, including emails recovered by the FBI that Hillary Clinton tried to destroy or withhold. The State Department initially claimed all responsive emails had been produced in 2018, but then found more emails which were produced, for the first time, early last year. Then in November 2019, the State Department first disclosed to the court that the FBI had found this latest batch of emails.
30 replies omitted. Click here to view.
And how much rent does she pay?
None! No rent!
>Another britbart shill thread
remember to report these threads for being actual fake news and propaganda.
You left out the part about giving people like Rush and Sean Hannity something to hammer every day on their shows for years/decades. Judicialwatch would be nothing today without the right wing radio/TV hosts to prop them up.
>right wing radio/TV hosts to prop them up
Lawyers are not paid in "exposure."
Exposure does give you access to the conservative Scaife Foundation, which is their largest donor.

File: pointy ear spacejew.jpg (23 KB, 354x282)
23 KB

Iran Swept By Wave Of Protests Demanding Ayatollah Quit Over Airplane Downing

Iran arrests UK ambassador for suspecting him of organizing protests

Iranian mouthpiece Fars reports anti-government protests
>*Fars' English language service is not covering the protests, but they do have several stories about yellow vest protests and kneeling at NFL games to entertain you.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Its pretty amazing to see it all playing out in real time right before your eyes.
hmm i actually shooped that image in 2016, replaced spocks head with trumps and McCoys face with hillarys... saying something along the lines of "white vs black? literally hitler." or something to that effect
post the original images, faggot
>i made a shoop four years ago
>everyone on this text board must look at it
I dunno, it seems like Iranians are more principled than the average American voter and didn't like how their country responded. That or we're pulling another coup by agitating people.

In between lying to Congress, targeting Conservatives, selling citizen data to the highest bidder and destroying America, he has toast

3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Americans don't have jobs but this guy does.
is this the "naturalized citizens can't be citizens" meme or are you guys just retarded
where i come from they're called foreigniggers
Implying people who bought a piece of paper that let's them be here are citizens
there's no need to imply something that's obviously true

File: Blessed By God.webm (2.84 MB, 1920x1080)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB WEBM
If you have an iPhone you are ghey because you cant watch webm's

Three dead, including gunman, at Texas church where parishioners returned fire
The gunman was killed as members of the congregation returned fire during services in the town of White Settlement, police said.

A gunman fatally shot two people before parishioners shot and killed him at a church near Fort Worth, Texas, on Sunday, authorities said.

J.P. Bevering, police chief of White Settlement, in Tarrant County, said the man opened fire at West Freeway Church of Christ during services shortly before noon. Worshipers returned fire, killing the gunman, Bevering said.

One person was pronounced dead shortly after the shooting. Another parishioner who was in critical condition later died, authorities said.

"We lost two great men today," Britt Farmer, the church's senior minister, told reporters late Sunday. "But it could've been a lot worse."

Bevering said the shooter, who has not been identified, appears to have walked into the church and sat down.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
499 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's literally Patrick Star's Wallet meme in this thread. That outburst was justified.

>for you
I'm sorry, do you have a list of all the times our government gave guns to brown people because I would love to see it. How many scandals does wikipedia have on it?
Only retards don’t know how to watch a webm on iPhone.
Maybe you should spend less time projecting and more time educating yourself on the policy positions of the people you're voting for.

And I'm justified in calling somebody autistic for thinking "You've pissed me off, omg I'm so fucking mad, I'm literally seething right now" isn't cringeworthy.

DOJ says man linked to neo-Nazis used 'swatting' against journalists, government officials


Federal authorities believe a Virginia man tied to a neo-Nazi organization is behind a series of bomb threats and “swatting” attacks targeting journalists, government officials and others, according to The Washington Post.

John William Kirby Kelley appeared before a federal court in Alexandria on Friday, shortly after being arrested.

According to The Post, officials have been investigating Kelley since 2018, when he allegedly called Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va., claiming someone armed with an AR-15 had hidden pipe bombs around campus. Through that incident, officials were able to access Kelley’s phone records, discovering chat logs with members of the group.
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Is this the male equivalent of a false rape accusation?
Only if random people shoot at those accused of rape.
It's also the same people who cry about ANTIFA and say the left are the violent ones
This one always confused me. “Antifa” only shows up when there is someone to be “anti” against. Retards though they are they do not move around picking fights.
Only the fascists go around to pick fights. The incident in New York is a smoking gun for that.
>smoking gun
Not sure you understand this expression

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