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File: powell-death.png (194 KB, 1002x784)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
Family says:
>Good thing that he was vaccinated, he could have died even harder.
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>calling others antiscience when he is antiscience
the absolute state of vaxxtards
just off yourself at this point
He was an 84 year old man with blood cancer. The common cold could have taken him out.
Look at the numbers, dumbo. In Ontario, Canada they dropped lockdown restrictions in winter 2020 before vaccines were available. The result was infections went up to 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 a day and people in ICU rose to almost 900. Now with over 80-85% of people over 12 fully vaxxed, schools and stores are reopened, but infections are less than 500/day and there are less than 200 people in ICU. Powell was 80+ with blood cancer so his immune system wasn't working. Vax doesn't save everyone but it drastically reduces infections, sickness and death from covid. Antivaxxers can only respond to clear and large-scale real world evidence with old wives' tales from Fagbook and bitchcute grifters.
yep grow up and get the vaccines
[citation needed]
Explain countries with high rates of vaccination and high rates of infection, like Israel


PRAGUE, Oct 16 (Reuters) - When Vaclav Havel nearly died of a ruptured intestine as Czech president in 1998, doctors provided daily updates on his condition.

Nearly a quarter of a century later, a Czech president is again in hospital but the public has not been told what is wrong with him.

President Milos Zeman was taken into intensive care in hospital on Oct. 10. Since then, his spokesperson and doctors have not provided a diagnosis or said how long he will need to recover.

Politicians and members of the public are now asking whether the 77-year-old president is fit to carry out his duties in the central European country, where communists held power for over four decades until the 1989 Velvet Revolution.

It is all the more worrying, they say, because the Czech Republic has just held an election and it is the president's duty to appoint the next prime minister.

"We are beginning to look like the Soviet Union or North Korea," said Michael Zantovsky, a spokesperson for Havel in the early 1990s who now runs the Vaclav Havel Library, drawing comparisons with the secretive communist era.

The president's spokesperson has said Zeman has been communicating and following developments in the country. Being in hospital has not got in the way of the president's constitutional duties, he said.
he spokesperson did not respond on Saturday to a request for comment on Zeman's condition.

Two groups that were in opposition won a majority in the lower house of parliament in the Oct. 8-9 election. Under the constitution, it is Zeman's duty to accept the government's resignation and appoint a prime minister after the new parliament convenes for its first session on Nov. 8.

The upper house requested information about the president's prognosis in a letter to Zeman's office on Monday. It had received no response as of Saturday, a spokesperson for the chamber said.


Speaker Milos Vystrcil said on Friday the Senate could enact a constitutional clause to relieve Zeman of his duties after the lower house convenes if the situation does not change.

He questioned whether Zeman was aware of what his office was doing, telling reporters: "The president is not in good hands."

The Czech president is directly elected. The government has most of the executive powers but the president is the chief commander of the armed forces, appoints key personnel including judges and central bank board members, and can issue amnesties.

If the president's were stripped of his powers on the grounds of incapacitation, his duties would be divided, mostly between the lower house speaker -- who would appoint the new prime minister -- and the prime minister.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Lower house head Radek Vondracek visited Zeman on Thursday and said the president felt better.

The hospital rebuked Vondracek for visiting without doctors' knowledge, distanced itself from his comments on Zeman's health and asked police to enforce a ban on visits without doctors' consent.

Zeman, a smoker, has previously battled diabetes and neuropathy - nerve damage or dysfunction - in his legs, and he has started using a wheelchair.

He spent eight days in hospital in September, when his office said no life-threatening problems were discovered.
Anyone here know what's wrong with him?
He’s sick
How sick?

Anon, what in the actual fuck?
>Executive concerns of "over-enforcement" let hate speech through, report says.

>Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sounded an optimistic note three years ago when he wrote about the progress his company was making in automated moderation tools powered by artificial intelligence. "Through the end of 2019, we expect to have trained our systems to proactively detect the vast majority of problematic content," he wrote in November 2018.

>But as recently as March, internal Facebook documents reveal the company found its automated moderation tools were falling far short, removing posts that were responsible for only a small fraction of views of hate speech and violence and incitement on the platform. The posts removed by AI tools only accounted for 3-5 percent of views of hate speech and 0.6 percent of views of violence and incitement.

>While that's up from 2 percent of hate speech views two years ago, according to documents turned over to The Wall Street Journal by whistleblower Frances Haugen, it's far from a vast majority. One of the company's senior engineers wrote in 2019 that he felt the company could improve by an order of magnitude but that they might then hit a ceiling beyond which further advances would be difficult.
facebook needs to be shut down, but no government has the balls to do it.

File: inflation.png (355 KB, 772x650)
355 KB
355 KB PNG

"The U.S. Department of Education under Biden just reported that it has canceled over $11.5 billion in student loans, lightening the financial burdens of more than 580,000 borrowers who now have more ability to increase savings, invest money and deal with other debts."

So is this going to be an on-going trend just bailing out stupid people?
59 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>What really needs to be done is the student loan system needs to be reformed. This is really just a tiny Band-Aid that doesn't do anything helpful
everyone who owes student loans needs to pay a 100% tax on the interest. Fuck those loan takers
They pat themselves on the back even tho likely they only successfully paid of their debts by becoming an abusive business owner themselves.
Same here but then I'd have to take the jab and that's a no no

In a fucking bizarre turn of events authoritarian socialist (is there any other kind?) dictator, who 2/3rds of Canadians voted against, Trudeau told federal employees they will be fired for using the phrase "Let's go Brandon", a phrase used to show displeasure with unelected socialist dictator of the USA Joe Biden.
I guess socialist dictators gotta stick together
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Hey Jeff, how's the company holding up?
It's literally fake.
>This inferior subhuman's rectum
Not a valid opinion source.

We'll listen when you stop being spoonfed rightard propaganda from retarded smoothbrains like you and start thinking. Oh, wait...!
>banning rightard speech is right
>sure thing

Glad you agree.

File: 1628744920806.png (632 KB, 960x960)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
U.S. inflation accelerated last month and remained at its highest rate in over a decade, with price increases from pandemic-related labor and materials shortages rippling through the economy.

The Labor Department said last month’s consumer-price index, which measures what consumers pay for goods and services, rose by 5.4% from a year earlier, in unadjusted terms. That is the same rate as in June and July as the economy reopened, and slightly higher than in August. The so-called core price index, which excludes the often-volatile categories of food and energy, in September climbed 4% from a year earlier, the same rate as in August.

On a monthly basis, the CPI rose a seasonally adjusted 0.4% in September from August, also faster than in August, which rose 0.3%.

The stretch of higher inflation—which many economists now expect to linger—is weighing on policy decisions at the Federal Reserve and starting to have a broader impact on the overall cost of living, wages and social benefits programs. The Social Security Administration said on Wednesday that higher inflation would trigger a 5.9% increase for Social Security benefits that seniors and other Americans receive, the largest increase in nearly 40 years. It also will increase Social Security taxes for high-wage workers. Last week, the Labor Department said employers increased wages in September by 4.6% compared with a year ago, a pickup from previous months.

In minutes released on Wednesday, the Fed said officials last month worried that disrupted supply chains were raising the risks of more persistent inflation as they firmed up plans to conclude their bond-buying stimulus program by the middle of next year.
22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Your a blithering retard mate, tried and true through and through
Let's Go Brandon!
stimulus increases the money supply, tax cuts do not, tax cuts just mean money remains in private hands rather than being spent by the government
I clean toilets for a living and consider myself one of, if not, the best! Right now I earn well over $50 per hour and expect a significant wage increase by the end of the year along with a quarterly bonus!
Joe Biden has been a gift to people in my profession and we are intensely grateful for his handling of the economy!
When I come back from my 8 weeks of paid vacation, I'll send Biden a postcard telling him he's a smooth President.

File: IMG-20210930-WA0002.jpg (72 KB, 602x757)
72 KB
In the name of freedom, Texas governor Greg Abbott has banned all cities, schools, government buildings, airlines, transit, and private businesses from compelling anyone to become vaccinated.

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Shouldn't he let private business decide for themselves?
Absolutely fucking based
Libshits on suicide watch lmao
We must not underestimate the low intelligence of Americans, where 50% of adults believe in Creationism (pseudoscience) rather than evolution theory(science).
Mr. Trump, a narcissistic personality disorder & diet cola addict, is just a symbol of arrogant, selfish, rude, unwise, smug, defiant, optimistic, ingenuous, uneducated, impulsive, and shortsighted Americans.
His supporters, who have low objective self-awareness and are easily deceived by conspiracy theories and fake and have a poor judge of character, are also victims of inadequate low-level education.
What they need is NOT punishment, exclusion, criticism or neglect, i.e., HATRED, BUT media/science literacy, logical thinking, problem-solving ability, treatment of delusional personality disorder by psychotherapy/counseling, i.e., LOVE.
Thanks to the political amateur Trump administration, American education system has proved to be still immature. Now is the time to save America and make America great again for real.

"Emotions Self-Responsibility Theory"
Yeah, I'm watching gop fucktards off themselves in vast numbers.

File: 6943906748908945.png (48 KB, 1026x626)
48 KB

4.3 million people quit their jobs in August, nearly 3 percent of the workforce

The number of people quitting their jobs has surged to record highs, pushed by a combination of factors that include Americans sensing ample opportunity and better pay elsewhere.

Some 4.3 million people quit jobs in August — about 2.9 percent of the workforce, according to new data released Tuesday from the Labor Department. Those numbers are up from the previous record set in April, of about 4 million people quitting, reflecting how the pandemic has continued to jolt workers’ mind-set about their jobs and their lives.

The phenomenon is being driven in part by workers who are less willing to endure inconvenient hours and poor compensation, who are quitting instead to find better opportunities. According to the report, there were 10.4 million job openings in the country at the end of August — down slightly from July’s record high, which was adjusted up to 11.1 million, but still a tremendously high number. This gives workers enormous leverage as they look for a better fit.
119 replies omitted. Click here to view.
> democrats

everything you said is true except this part. the dems might be the ones pushing this shit today but it was the repubs who really started with the money printing in 2007.

and yes, the biggest and most connected conglomerates are the ones who benefit most. all that being said... how do we pay people a wage that they can live off of? something's wrong either on the cost of living side or the compensation side.
if the population is too dumb to be productive... i think you revealed the solution: invest in education.

everyone knows this. why is it that politicians go out of their way to fuck educators so hard, on the left and the right?
Poorly educated people can't support or think for themselves, making them ideal votes to buy with welfare
Ending farm subsidies is a dumb idea.
we're just accelerating to the way of japan more quickly

if you want to be waited on hand and foot in a restaurant, you need to pony up. only convenience food will be available soon enough.

prepare and transport your own damn food if you need to. we do not need to employ a slave class to function as a civilization

"A far-left Democrat State Senator from Pennsylvania has now introduced a new bill seeking to punish ‘cisgendered men’ who he referred to as ‘inseminators.’
Rep. Chris Rabb’s calls for the sterilization of all ‘inseminators’ if they have more than three children or once they turn 40 years old."
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You will NEVER be a real women.
>Inferior subhuman thinks I want to be a woman: is about to have more than its retarded 'opinion' destroyed:

I'm glad I'm not a woman, nor do I want to be, ever. So there's your 'YWNBAW' meme destroyed. Good.

...oh, and you will never be with a woman. Even better.
I support this China and India have implemented programs with a similar purpose before and it worked wonders
It also should be mentioned 3 kids is very lenient especially with the average amount of children a woman gives birth to being below 2

fucking based

+1,000 social credit for not having more children!

Xi approves!

To Strike a Climate Deal, Poor Nations Say They Need Trillions From Rich Ones
Industrialized countries were already struggling to pay earlier commitments to help with clean-energy development and other infrastructure needs. Now the cost of buying cooperation has skyrocketed.
By Matthew Dalton
Oct. 18, 2021 10:40 am ET
At a July global climate gathering in London, South African environment minister Barbara Creecy presented the world’s wealthiest countries with a bill: more than $750 billion annually to pay for poorer nations to shift away from fossil fuels and protect themselves from global warming.

The number was met with silence from U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry, according to Zaheer Fakir, an adviser to Ms. Creecy. Other Western officials said they weren’t ready to discuss such a huge sum.
>Implying money alone can combat the fastest and most intense shift in global ecosystem that's ever occurred

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham was only midway through his sentence when the crowd began shouting over him.

"If you haven't had the vaccine you ought to think about getting it because if you're my age - "

"No!" attendees at a Republican event held Saturday responded as others booed. Graham was speaking at a country club in Summerville, S.C., about 25 miles outside of Charleston.

Bowing his head and holding up a hand, the 66-year-old - who got his coronavirus vaccine in December - responded to the crowd, telling them, "I didn't tell you to get it. You ought to think about it."

"No!" they yelled again, prompting Graham to defend his choice to get immunized. After experiencing a breakthrough coronavirus infection this summer, he credited the vaccine with keeping his symptoms at bay.

The crowd again responded quickly, yelling: "False!" and "Not true!"


6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
who is the crying kkk faggot on the right supposed to be
Let's be clear: Lindsey Graham is human, and no human can simultaneously suck your dick and stuff it up their ass at the same time. Lindsey Graham can't be expected to suck Trump's dick and take said dick up his back door all at once. Give him time.
I can't believe people ever held these old fart guzzling senate geezers up as the epic cool guys
Can we attack them person to person as the faggots they are now instead of still pretending we need an actual team to root for
Michael moore
I doubt it

File: 1634322468046.jpg (981 KB, 1768x1596)
981 KB
981 KB JPG
>HOUSTON, Texas -- A 10-year-old Texas boy who fought COVID-19 and other complications for more than two weeks has died after his family had to make the heart-wrenching decision to remove him from life support.
> "They gave my sister a choice: to amputate his legs and arms or let him go," Engmann said at the time. "Without the amputation, he doesn't have any chance to live. With it, he has a 25% chance."
And folks STILL wanna argue that COVID doesn’t harm kids.
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It can harm children, but not as much as the elderly.
lol what a chimp XD
>if anyone ever dies, cancel all freedom for everyone forever
>Thanks Donald Trump

Thanks Fauci

A Colorado-based health system says it is denying organ transplants to patients not vaccinated against the coronavirus in “almost all situations,” citing studies that show these patients are much more likely to die if they get covid-19.

UCHealth’s rules for transplants entered the spotlight Tuesday when Colorado state Rep. Tim Geitner (R) said it denied a kidney transplant to a Colorado Springs woman because she was not vaccinated against the coronavirus. Calling the decision “disgusting” and discriminatory, Geitner shared a letter that he said the patient received last week from UCHealth’s transplant center at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus in the city of Aurora.

The letter said the woman would be “inactivated” on a kidney transplant waiting list and had 30 days to start coronavirus vaccination. If she refused to be vaccinated, it said, she would be removed.

391 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Do maps of obesity and rural MAGATs line up? They do. What is your point?
>Do maps of obesity and urban niggers line up? They do.
It looks like obesity lines up somewhat well with black people and covid deaths
Not to good at correlation of population density and infectivity rates are ya?
>map showing how fat rednecks are running up the COVID death count
Fixed it for ya my negro.
Can federal funding be lost over something like this

File: 00austria-03-superJumbo.png (2.45 MB, 2048x1364)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG

VIENNA — It seemed like a miracle. For years, Austria’s conservative party had languished far behind its rivals. Then in May 2017, the polls spectacularly reversed, giving the conservatives newfound credibility that helped them convince voters that they had a real chance of winning. Five months later, in elections, they did.

The man credited with the miracle was Sebastian Kurz. Only 31, well-dressed and well-mannered, with slick hair and even slicker social media slogans, he became Austria’s youngest-ever chancellor and formed a government with the far right.

Elected the same year President Donald J. Trump took office, Mr. Kurz was quickly seen in Europe as the poster boy of an ascendant right for a new generation, a political Wunderkind who had salvaged conservatism by borrowing the far right’s agenda, buffing it up and bringing it into the mainstream.

It seemed too good to be true. And, it turns out, it was.

Prosecutors now say that many polls before that election were falsified and that Mr. Kurz and a small cabal of allies with cultlike devotion to him paid off one of Austria’s biggest tabloids to ensure favorable news coverage. Once in power, prosecutors say, he institutionalized the system, using taxpayers’ money to elevate the appearance of his own popularity and punish journalists and media outlets that criticized him.

“What voters saw wasn’t real,” said Helmut Brandstätter, a former newspaper editor turned lawmaker who was bullied by Mr. Kurz and pressured to leave his job. “It was a scheme to influence elections and undermine democracy.”
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
you are insane calling the övp far right no matter how you slice it, FPÖ might be closer to what you, on the outside think far right actually is.
Relax, Günther, the article is going by American partisanship standards.
>Opposite, it's how Trump and Johnson won.


Here is the ironic thing.
tRump didn't need to bribe any MSM outlets,
the greedy for $ msm gave him free coverage.

Negative, mostly, yes,(I don't care what you say about me, just get my name right) but the MSM is so out of touch with the avg American, that the avg American consumer of MSM took the MSM's negative coverage and said "this is fake news"

The real double ironic thing this time is that the MSM was telling the truth about tRump, but the avg US viewer didn't believe them.
In 2020. it wasn't the MSM's negative coverage of tRump that lost him the election, but covid and the tax break he gave the rich in 2017.
noo you cant spin data and push a narrative through the media!! thats a heckin undermining, people literally cannot politically decide without information vetted by my side!
Conspiracy theory doesn't mean false. It means a theory exists that persons conspired to do something illegal.

Any time there is more than one defendant in a crime that had any forethought, the prosecution presents the conspiracy theory.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump intends to assert executive privilege in a congressional investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol, a move that could prevent the testimony of onetime aides, according to a letter sent by lawyers for the former president.

The letter went to at least some witnesses who were subpoenaed by the House committee and it makes clear that Trump plans to invoke privileges meant to protect presidential communications from being shared with Congress. The substance of the letter was described Thursday by a person who has seen it and who spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press because the letter was not yet public.

Spokespeople for Trump did not immediately return messages seeking comment. Trump said in a statement last month that he would “fight the Subpoenas on Executive Privilege and other grounds, for the good of our Country.”

The move sets the stage for a likely clash with House Democrats who are investigating the roles of Trump and his allies in the run-up to the riot, when thousands of Trump supporters broke into the Capitol as Congress was certifying the results of the presidential election won by Democrat Joe Biden. The committee is rapidly issuing subpoenas to individuals who are either connected to Trump or helped plan the massive rally on the morning of Jan. 6 at which he told his supporters to “fight like hell.”

The committee, which was formed over the summer, last month issued subpoenas to Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff; Dan Scavino, the former deputy chief of staff for communications; Kashyap Patel, a former Defense Department official; and Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser. It was not immediately clear how those witnesses would respond to Trump’s decision to invoke executive privilege or what consequences they might face if they refuse to cooperate.
120 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>your welcome
...my what is welcome? Just like >>944290, you're in error in using 'your', I'm afraid.
>Two more weeks
The right wing can't meme without the Russians spoonfeeding them.
If you cannot admit that the quality of memes fell off of a cliff after 2016 then you are a literal retard.
That would imply they could create anything that wasn't just a rehash of pepe or wojak.
At least the right wing on 4chan stay true to their redditor roots.

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