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>he is proposing mandatory state indoctrination in schools, criminalizing homeschooling, and through it, the transmission of values from parent to child, which he percieves to be a threat to the state.

All of which people should be for when it comes to stemming Islamic indoctrination

>perceives to be a threat to the state
It is. Islam is poison and needs to be snuffed out
better islam than leftism
Not anon
No problem with Islam here
At least their people are sensible, unlike leftists
Judaism spawned Islam and Christianity though, and both of those are simply the evangelical converting arms of the jews.
Viva la revolucion

File: Friedrich-Karl-Berger.jpg (37 KB, 932x524)
37 KB

A 95-year-old Tennessee man has been deported to Germany because he worked as a guard at a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, the Justice Department announced Saturday.

Friedrich Karl Berger was sent to Germany because he participated in Nazi-sponsored acts of persecution while serving as an armed guard at the Neuengamme concentration camp system near Meppen, Germany, in 1945, according to the announcement.

"Berger's removal demonstrates the Department of Justice's and its law enforcement partners' commitment to ensuring that the United States is not a safe haven for those who have participated in Nazi crimes against humanity and other human rights abuses," Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson said.

"We are committed to ensuring the United States will not serve as a safe haven for human rights violators and war criminals," said Acting ICE Director Tae Johnson added.

"We will never cease to pursue those who persecute others. This case exemplifies the steadfast dedication of both ICE and the Department of Justice to pursue justice and to hunt relentlessly for those who participated in one of history's greatest atrocities, no matter how long it takes," Johnson said.
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Growing up in a place where everyone is conditioned to "know" that jews are less-than-human enabled kids like that. It's just monkey see monkey do.
What are kikes gonna do when everyone involved in their lies is dead. They're already pushing for fucking nonsense like genetic trauma, but no one buys into that.
Go back to 2016, grandpa.
Ask your mom

File: BHigginsProject.jpg (17 KB, 565x339)
17 KB

Former federal government staffer Brittany Higgins has accused Scott Morrison of employing “victim-blaming rhetoric” which is “personally very distressing to me and countless other survivors” of sexual assault.

Morrison on Wednesday insisted he and his office only learned recently of the disturbing allegations made by Higgins. She says she was assaulted by a colleague on a couch in then-defence industry minister Linda Reynolds’ ministerial office in March 2019.

>The former adviser, who has said she was made to feel as though pursuing a police complaint after the alleged rape would end her career, expressed fury on Wednesday that she was only learning key details via media reports rather than from colleagues in the aftermath of the alleged attack.

>“I didn’t know that security guards let me into minister Reynolds suite,” Higgins said in a statement.

“I didn’t know that security guards came into the office multiple times seeing me in a state of undress. I didn’t know they were undertaking an internal review into how the matter was handled at the time. I didn’t know that they debated calling an ambulance at the time of the incident.

“The continued victim-blaming rhetoric by the prime minister is personally very distressing to me and countless other survivors.”

Higgins said: “A current senior staffer to the prime minister and my former chief-of-staff refused to provide me with access to the CCTV footage from that evening and continually made me feel as if my ongoing employment would be jeopardised if I proceeded any further with the matter. The government has questions to answer for their own conduct.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Sorry loser incel, your post has been canceled by
but you are just to dense(stupid{dumb}) to know it.
Second woman just came forward
Aaaand a third

"This is nothing compared to the rape of the First Nations of Australia." Now if you disagree you're a racist.
Hmm it's a bit worrying that they're practicing the political equivalent of sliding a thread. All that has to happen is a slew of accusations with a handful disproven and it brings all the others into doubt. That, or they're really ready to throw the guy under the bus and elide past the major security issues and possible cabinet collusion, something that (unlike, for example, Angus Taylor's company based in the Caymans being paid exorbitantly for water in the Murray Darling - https://www.michaelwest.com.au/angus-taylor/) can theoretically sink a government in this day and age.

Thanks for the link. If you could post it that'd be appreciated.

>"This is nothing compared to the rape of the First Nations of Australia."
They call themselves aboriginals. How do I know this? I work with them in the NRM space. Most of them are more concerned with pressing issues than historical ones, the latter usually being what your average virtue signaller who has done nothing for any of them tend to cling to. Sorry for the rant!

File: EllKdNbXIAAPoEJ.png (807 KB, 1080x810)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
A video appeared on TikTok in which a minor girl from Kiev Liza Leonenko talks about her negative attitude towards the Ukrainian language and towards the people who speak it. The words of the 15-year-old schoolgirl caused a violent reaction on social networks.

The video from Liza Leonenko's TikTok was posted on Facebook by Igor Kolesnik.

In her video, the girl says that she hates the state language. "Yes, shit on your mova. If a person doesn't like this language, then why speak it," said the young blogger.

In addition, she stated that she would not be friends with those people who speak Ukrainian. "I am very angry about this language, especially its sound ... Therefore, little patriots from their pricks and their villages, get away from me .... Because in Kiev there are almost no people. who would speak Ukrainian. Everyone speaks Russian and nobody is fucking about."the schoolgirl summed up.

On Igor Kolesnik's Facebook, the data of the girl and her parents were also made public(by CBU and Police of the Ukraine., after which threats and insults fell in their direction. Haters write in Ukrainian. Some of them urge the girl to find and "re-educate".

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imagine being such a trash nation that you can't beat jews when everyone has been doing it since god kicked adam out of eden.
Tell the 165 million American males waddling around w/o their foreskin how they "won" against them ;^)
British english is not even British. It is merely the affectation of "posh" "noble" accents spoken by foreign (French or Gernman) nobility who didnt speak a lick of proper English.
The native Brythonic english was and continues to be spoken in the various dialects of the American South, In Boston, or Maine.
Oh fuck off. This is up there with that bullshit that Americans don't have an accent. You do have an accent, you're not the keepers of True British Speech. You're not even the keepers of your own cock-ends.
>You're not even the keepers of your own cock-ends.

File: 1611003857378.png (3.48 MB, 2210x1400)
3.48 MB
3.48 MB PNG

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lucasfilm says Gina Carano is no longer a part of “The Mandalorian” cast after many online called for her firing over a social media post that likened the experience of Jews during the Holocaust to the U.S. political climate.

A spokesperson with the production company said in a statement on Wednesday that Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm with “no plans for her to be in the future.”

“Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable,” the statement read.

Carano fell under heavy criticism after she posted that “Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors.... even by children.”

The actor continued to say, “Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

Carano, who played the recurring character Cara Dune on the “Star Wars” series, deleted the post but it was widely shared online and spurred the #FireGinaCarano hashtag to trend. Her character appeared in several episodes of the second season of “The Mandalorian,” a series about a bounty hunter and his quest to unite a powerful, young user of the Force with a Jedi Knight.

Full Coverage: Entertainment

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>the same thing Trump said
[citation needed]

>I mean, I'd say fuck that, either way, but apparently right and wrong is determined by what color tie you wear.
We all know you tie is red and yellow, Chang.
So is Trump's, so...


Basically, until his last months in office, Trump's policy towards any human right's violations in any country was hands off. Thought that's why so many called him the president of peace, despite assassinating people who helped defeat ISIS in Iraq? Are you saying he wasn't, Chang?

Fuck the jews, fuck you too

You have to go back


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I was born and raised in a state that oversees a utility company they allow monopolization for and that crony capitalist corpo burned down an entire fucking town two years ago.

That's my excuse.
What's yours?
Yeah, you had one who went to a private pedo island though.

At least Putin's strippers are adults.
Epstein was not a head of state and is dead, your move Ivan.
He's right U know.
If no one is willing to defend grit, independence and self-reliance in fucking Texas, where the fuck else will they be able to? Somalia?
the irony is that his wife was fired from (her) job for what (he) said.
NOT that the voters elected a (moron) who genuinely represented their opinions and values.

there is no irony or hypocrisy in him holding elected office. thats just a functioning democracy at work, and the logical use of government power AGAINST the government on the part of the electorate to preemptively defend their own (small, limited government) interests, rather than someone who would expand government, for good or for ill.

Most Americans have no clue what other AMERICANS are really like.
I grew up speaking spanish as my first language, and Ive lived a year in France (2001-2002).
Living in rural NY was far more of a foreign country.

File: Cruz-Texas.jpg (872 KB, 2000x1853)
872 KB
872 KB JPG
Sen.Cruz arrives back in Texas with armed police escort

Ted Cruz touched down in Texas on Thursday afternoon with an armed police escort amid outrage over his 24-hour trip to Mexico during a catastrophic storm in the Lone Star State.

He could be seen chatting with two police officers who escorted him off his flight and through a barrage of thrown hedgehogs at Houston’s George Bush Airport by a group of irate flyers trying to escape the Texas tragedy.

Cruz set off a literal political maelstrom of thrown hedgehogs on Wednesday evening when he was photographed boarding a flight to Cancun as millions of Texans braced for their fourth day without power or safe drinking water and toilets full of frozen turds.

Cruz said that he was only chaperoning his daughters, ages 12 and 10, on a flight and was headed back to the US, and that he didn't even have one margarita, or get one drop of pool water on his body, and that his daughters were perfectly fine where he had left them, alone in the hotel .

44 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I hate fat fucking people who would eat their freinds in dire circumstances.
I tole my kids that they have permission to recycle my body to stay alive.
My creepy neighbor can go eff herself.
>Global WARM-ing is responsible for COLD Weather.
Real Galaxy Brain stuff.
This is why the term used more often now is Climate Change.

Places that are usually warm get colder, places that are usually cold get warmer... wrecks havoc on everything.
>through a barrage of thrown hedgehogs

I want to believe small pointy mammals were being chucked at him en masse.

File: 1595260970382.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720)
88 KB
>From Proud Boys panicked about the revelation that their leader was a snitch to the racist America First crowd, old pals are now enemies.


As federal authorities crack down on the far right after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, the movement’s leaders have found new sources of suspicion: each other.

In the Trumpist “America First” movement and the far-right paramilitary group the Proud Boys, alliances are fracturing as extremists brand each other as potential informants. Now racist live-streamers are accusing their former comrades of attempting to turn over followers to law enforcement, while Proud Boys chapters are splintering from the national organization over similar fears.

Until the FBI started closing in, white nationalists Nick Fuentes and Patrick Casey were the two most prominent figures in the racist “America First” movement.

The pair built up shared audiences on live-streaming platforms, and cheered as their fans, nicknamed “groypers” after an obese version of the cartoon Pepe the Frog, heckled more moderate Trump allies at conservative events.

But the federal heat is on after Fuentes received roughly $250,000 in a much-scrutinized bitcoin transfer, then appeared outside the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot. The FBI is reportedly investigating the bitcoin transfer, though Fuentes has not faced charges over the money or the riot.

On Thursday, Casey distanced himself from Fuentes and America First in a live-streamed video, slamming Fuentes’ decision to gather his followers in Orlando later this month for a conference right as other America First supporters face charges over the riot.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
55 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Nick Fuentes
How retarded are you?
Did neo-nazis stop being fascist all of the sudden? When did this happen?
This, I'd like to know too.
There's a first time for everything I guess.
Not even a broke clock

Joe Biden White House says Ebola outbreaks need swift action to avoid ‘catastrophic consequences’


FEB 16 2021

The White House on Tuesday issued its first official statement on the Ebola outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the West African country Guinea.

The World Health Organization announced last week that it had confirmed new cases of Ebola in Butembo, a city in North Kivu Province in the DRC.

The two burgeoning Ebola outbreaks in two different countries : the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Guinea require swift action “to avoid catastrophic consequences,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday.

It’s the first official statement from the White House on the reemergence of Ebola in the two African countries. Psaki said President Joe Biden has been briefed on the situations in Central and West Africa.
ebola out breaks in congo. yet free flights for congoliese to usa....
Ebola is so deadly you have to have a full-body suit with build-in respirator so you don't get sick or transmit the disease when dealing with patients, and the virus can live on in the body like chicken pox and kill you later in life, in addition to bbola survivors suffering from chronic, long-term health problems after the acute infection including headaches, joint pain, and eye problems, truly a terrible infection.

Ebola survival rate is often as low as 10%, compared to 98%+ for covid-19 (for most people covid-19 is a typical cold virus, although many people get flu-like symptoms which can be deadly for some people)

Hopefully they can end Ebola once and for all, truly a horrid disease.
somebody forgot to tell Joe that he needs to wear 4 masks now to be sure...

File: IMG-1242.jpg (1.95 MB, 3982x833)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG

-Create a fake Facebook account
-Copy& paste the Australian news link
-Put a bunch of spaces in it
-Post as a reply to Zuckerberg's posts on his personal page



A defamation lawsuit brought against CNN by the California Republican Devin Nunes, a leading ally of former president Donald Trump, was tossed out by a Manhattan judge on Friday.

The lawsuit seeking more than $435m in damages was rejected by US district judge Laura Taylor Swain, who said Nunes failed to request a retraction in a timely fashion or adequately state his claims.

Nunes alleged the cable news company intentionally published a false news article and engaged in a conspiracy to defame him and damage his personal and professional reputation. His lawsuit said CNN published a report containing false claims that Nunes was involved in efforts to get “dirt” on the then Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Lawyers for Nunes said in court papers CNN knew statements made by Lev Parnas and included in their report were false.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I hate wogs
You will soon die from full blown AIDS so why do you care?
leftards on suicide watch.
>trumps 50+ election fraud cases were politically motivated
>The Orange Fool's and his minion's 80+ election fraud cases thrown out by Democrat, Republican and Orange Fool appointed judges.
>Am I wrong?
>No, it's the courts that are wrong.

Donald Trump's impeachment trial looks to be heading for an acquittal, but the 14th amendment could give Democrats a Plan B
The Signal /
By Ange Lavoipierre, Stephen Smiley


Donald Trump's impeachment will head to a trial in the US Senate this week, although it's unlikely there will be enough votes to convict the former president.

The US House of Representatives has already impeached Mr Trump, but he is yet to be convicted — a step that would bar him from holding office again.

For Mr Trump to be convicted, two-thirds of the US Senate would have to vote in favour of it, which is a high bar to clear.

But even if impeachment fails, there is another way the US Congress could prevent Mr Trump from ever running for office again. It is a little-known amendment to the US constitution, which has only recently begun to be discussed by US legal scholars.
54 replies omitted. Click here to view.
He won

>It sounds to me like you have a bit of a blindspot, anon.
I think the whole nation has, and that's the problem.

And I've never actually seen Rachel Maddow, but I do hear an awful lot about her, for some darn reason.

But no, we're not going to become a communist dictatorship under professional politicians. It's a good chunk of their job to make sure that never happens. The economy does not want that, quite the opposite. Though the resulting desperation that comes with holding the economy as the highest value, is the very thing that threatens that system of moderation.

The risk comes in, when the people start being so afraid that they start demanding people who aren't politicians, in the position of politicians, and our leaders are actually greedy enough for power and blind enough to the bigger picture, to give the people what they want.

That's where your Hitler's and Lenin's and Mao's come from - sure, there's usually force involved, sometimes a civil war, but in order for that to have any real chance of succeeding, the people have to be desperate enough to want to burn their nation to the ground.

We just got lucky it wasn't an idealist, this time, and just another greedy businessman with an eye larger than his acumen, out of his element. A race horse, who ended up driving the cart, rather than a madman with a destination for us all.
Several were done by executive order when the legislature was out of session due to COVID, despite the pesky state constitution’s explicitly stating that the only path to change voting laws was by the legislature or putting it in a ballot initiative to a vote of the constituents. The unsolicited mailing of ballots and not signature matching went against existing voters laws.
And no courts ruled in favor of your argument including Orange Fool appointed judges.

Because, contrary to what they've been told, states weren't breaking the laws when they changed them to accommodate the situation created by the pandemic.

Republicans are just salty as all hell about the mail in particular because they really expected to win by slowing it down and preventing counts lol

File: 1319336384939.jpg (86 KB, 566x589)
86 KB

U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas said the shooter who killed her son and wounded her husband in a 2020 attack meant for her was also targeting Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, according to a “60 Minutes” report set to air Sunday.

Salas said the FBI found a file on Sotomayor, alongside a gun and ammunition, in a locker used by Roy Den Hollander, an “anti-feminist” lawyer who died by suicide after attacking Salas’ husband and son at their family home.

"Theyfound another gun, a Glock, more ammunition,” Salas said, “but the most troubling thing they found was a manila folder with a workup on Justice Sonia Sotomayor."

"Whoknows what could have happened,” added Salas, who has been campaigning for new legislation to prevent identifiable information on justices from being published online.
18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm glad it's starting to be said as a statement, not a fear monger tactic.
Good. Be afraid of what you decide to do in spite of people, vs. Alongside. If a few murders are required to get that point across, all the better. Now if only we'd focus on money and not this clown circus.
It us only ookuticalky motivated if politics motivates the killing. Until you get a manifesto saying he targeted them yo further a political cause, this was just an unhinged guy trying to take his rivals out with him.
>Conservatives want to start a civil war right after their coup failed
I'm sure that's going to go over swimmingly after Biden purges the military of all the terrorists who infiltrated it.
Nothing like a good ol political purge of everyone who disagrees with you
It's worked well every time in the past what could go wrong here
Technically the Union pussied out after the civil war.
But totally wiping out the South would have saved us from a lot of problems of today.

Icy blast of anti-Ted Cruz outrage shows little sign of abating
Constituents, late-night hosts and politicians have lined up to lambast the Texas senator’s tropical trip while constituents froze


Wintry conditions eased in Texas on Friday, but a storm of outrage continued to build over Senator Ted Cruz’s quick trip to Cancún, Mexico, at a time when millions of his constituents were still stranded without heat, food and water.

“Texans’ anger with Ted Cruz right now could power an entire electrical grid,” a Houston Chronicle editorial blasted. “He plopped himself down on a direct flight to paradise and left us to fend for ourselves in this frozen hell.”
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Seems more likely he's a likely candidate for 2024, so he's getting the Hillary treatment now.

Though yes, as they are both politicians, they are both scum by default.
>Freshman Representative AOC raises $2,000,000 to assist those suffering in TX (not even her constituents)
>rightwing Cruz knob polishers say Cruz, multiple term Senator, was right to flee to a tropical resort ignoring the suffering of HIS OWN CONSTITUENTS 'cause he couldn't do nuffin'
Why do Repukelicants hate their own constituents and want to increase their suffering?

Ted Cruz is an embarrassment to Texas
By James C. Moore

Updated 3:50 AM ET, Fri February 19, 2021


One is a drone video showing Stateline Boulevard, the border road that divides the two cities of Texarkana, in Texas and Arkansas. On the Arkansas side, the pavement is cleared and plowed. The Texas roadbed is buried in snow.

The other image is that of Ted Cruz, Texas' Republican junior senator, traveling to Cancún, Mexico on Wednesday, while millions of his constituents were freezing at home, many without power, water or food
There is literally 0 proof that a single dollar of that money went to real victims and not straight into AOCs shell organizations
Cry harder magat. I know it must be embarassing for you GOP fake "christians" to see a commie, atheist, socialist secular humanist acting in accordance with Christ's moral and ethical teachings while you fagfucks say, "Let them eat frozen cake! Let them suffer, die and decrease the surplus population! It's their own fault they can't fly to Cancun and stay in $400/night suites to stay warm! Fuck 'em!"

File: 1613082045684.png (485 KB, 649x454)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
>Mum censorship!
Maybe stop spreading lies and you won't get banned.


The conservative activist organization Project Veritas was suspended from Twitter on Thursday for violating platform rules.

The account was “permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter’s private information policy,” a Twitter spokesperson said.

The group’s founder, James O’Keefe, had his account temporarily locked, also for violation of the private information policy. “The account owner is required to delete the violative Tweet to regain access to their account,” the spokesperson said.
The Project Veritas account had been followed by former President Donald Trump’s adult sons, and the suspensions come amid a broader Twitter crackdown on accounts promoting misinformation. Last month following the Capitol insurrection, the social media platform announced that it had removed more than 70,000 accounts that promoted QAnon ideas, along with banning Trump.

Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) and Gary Peters (D-Mich.) also recently sent a letter to the CEOs of Twitter, Google, Youtube and Facebook, emphasizing the need for clear and accurate information as coronavirus vaccines roll out.

Project Veritas has been known to use deceptive practices and spread misinformation in attempts to expose what it views as “corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct” from liberal organizations or individuals. In September, Stanford University and University of Washington researchers wrote that a Project Veritas video alleging voter fraud with unidentified sources was what a “a domestic, coordinated elite disinformation campaign looks like in the United States.”
149 replies omitted. Click here to view.
God this level of spin spits of foreignfags who couldn't give two shits about the US. Guess "The Left" is the only answer they learn to regurgitate online believe everyone in the country cares about some imaginary red vs blue scorecard and not meeting the next bill or wanting an actual solutions out this 2020 pandemic lifestyle.
>lefist fascist
Nice contradiction. Also enjoy having your fascist propaganda campaign shut down.
Luckily for us, Twitter has access to all the world's truths
>Nice contradiction.
It's not a contradiction, fascist. Go advocate for more censorship.

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