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In response to sharp increases in violent crime, President Biden stressed again last week that his administration is focused on “stemming the flow of firearms used to commit violent crimes.” But critics warn that this “guns first” approach ignores a basic fact – about 92% of violent crimes in America do not involve firearms.

Although firearms were used in about 74% of homicides in 2019, they comprise less than 9% of violent crimes in America.

The vast majority of violent offenses – including robberies, rapes and other sex crimes – almost always involve other weapons or no weapons at all.

Consider Chicago, which has become a national symbol of violent crime. While shootings have increased by about 11% this year, the number of murders has decreased slightly in 2021 – to 382 as of July 11 compared to 387 for the same time period last year. The dramatic increase Chicago is experiencing is in sex crimes -- a 23% rise (1,068 as of July 11 compared with 868 during the same period in 2020).
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Why is that a bad thing I thought liberals approve of lgbtq
It’s not a bad thing it’s just funny that the first anon thinks only liberals can be gay.
Ah I see
Mentally healthy adults don't fall for homogay indoctrination. Only children and liberals do.
How the fuck would you know? Mentally healthy adults don't post on 4chan.

File: 1619817041979.png (111 KB, 238x235)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
And this is why the 'audit' in Arizona has traction, they believe no lie to big.


Is there a lie about the 2020 election so ridiculous that even diehard Trump fans would see through it?

The Intercept's Jon Schwarz says that he recently took to Twitter and posted "preposterous" conspiracy theories about the election to see if the twice-impeached former president's supporters would reject them.

It started off when Schwarz made a joking tweet about personally destroying Trump ballots during the 2020 election with the help of other journalists.

This drew an outraged reaction from several right-wingers who actually took his joke seriously, including a brother of disgraced former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn.

He decided to take things farther to see if his conservative critics would ever catch on to the fact that he was trolling them.

"This didn't work," he writes. "Instead, it seemed to just draw more and more outraged responses. So I started claiming that the right to destroy Trump ballots had been written into the Constitution by the Founding Fathers and that people didn't realize this because we've stopped teaching civics in public schools."

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They're still doing it
yep the main cause of fakenews are "journalists"
>and only stopped
Isn't this just admitting his point? Not him, btw., but you're simultaneously arguing that things have and haven't changed.

Really, all of these posts appear to be written by somebody who can't be bothered to remember most of the past decade:
All any of these had to mention was Last Week Tonight with John Oliver becoming the spiritual successor to the Daily Show after all the big talent left. Then, that show could be legitimately targeted that as either a fount of propaganda or popular satire, since it bills itself as a somewhat more-legitimate than the Daily Show ever did, despite all the bathroom humor and "fuck you, dad!" jokes.
>Still trying to push false equivalencies like the conservative biased media always does.

File: 1597142797568.jpg (141 KB, 1920x1080)
141 KB
141 KB JPG

WASHINGTON, July 27 (Reuters) - Four police officers on Tuesday told lawmakers they were beaten, taunted with racial insults, heard threats including "kill him with his own gun" and thought they might die as they struggled to defend the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 against a mob of then-President Donald Trump's supporters.

Often tearful, sometimes profane, the officers called the rioters "terrorists" engaged in an "attempted coup" during a 3-1/2 hour congressional hearing in which they also criticized Republican lawmakers who have sought to downplay the attack.

"I feel like I went to hell and back to protect the people in this room," said District of Columbia police officer Michael Fanone, referring to lawmakers. "The indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful," Fanone added, slamming his hand onto the witness table.

It was a dramatic first hearing for a Democratic-led House of Representatives committee formed despite opposition by Trump's fellow Republicans to investigate the worst violence at the Capitol since the British invasion in the War of 1812.

Some Democrats have suggested Trump, who made an incendiary speech to supporters before the riot repeating false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him through widespread voting fraud, be called to testify. The officers recounted how rioters fought on Trump's behalf, seeking to prevent Congress from formally certifying now-President Joe Biden's election victory.

"He himself helped create this monstrosity," Capitol Police Officer Aquilino Gonell said of Trump as he described rioters wielding weapons including police shields, batons, sledgehammers, flag poles, Taser devices, chemical irritants, metal pipes, rocks, broken table legs and metal guard rails.

The officers urged lawmakers to determine what happened, including whether Trump or others helped instigate it.
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>Also nothing wrong with like trump and anime people are complicated

>Trumpo appeared on White House balcony one Easter with the Easter Bunny: a person in a rabbit suit

...yet no MAGAtard questioned that. Ergo all Trumptards are furries. No Exceptions. So either 'Furry Hate' has NO right to exist, or it's that simple: and not just because Trumptards/MAGAtards/QTards//pol/tards/rightards are simple in the head.
typical imploding nazi socialist
Go for a quick goose step somewhere in the fresh air without your face diaper, you will feel better.
The problem is they find ways to shit it up. We don't need that.

File: 1376821762944.gif (587 KB, 187x294)
587 KB
587 KB GIF

The number of new coronavirus cases recorded in the United States has doubled over the past two weeks, with nearly 56,000 people contracting the virus each day. That’s higher than at any point since late April, and it is higher than at any point before mid-July 2020 (though limited testing early that year kept numbers down).

What’s different about the pandemic at the moment, of course, is that every American teenager and adult has access to a vaccine that can largely prevent infection in the first place (not to mention “hospitalizations,” as a White House slide had it Tuesday). But after a steady increase in vaccinations, the effort to protect the public has largely stalled, leaving millions of Americans at risk. Had the United States seen far more vaccinations two months ago, we would almost certainly be seeing far fewer new cases now.

But that vaccination effort has been hampered by broad hesitance, particularly among Republicans. From the outset of the pandemic, Republicans have been less likely to say they intend to be vaccinated, and in the months since then, those views have been matched by actual vaccination rates. When we talk about the unvaccinated population that is at risk, in other words, we’re often talking about Republicans who’ve chosen not to be vaccinated
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Show me one (1) instance of this happening irl and not just in your head
Time to stop bending over backwards to get people vaccinated when all they do is REEEEEEEE MUH FREEDUMBS! Don't wanna get it then die. Hope Corona-chan takes as many cuckservatives down as she can.
>if the vaccine even just saves one life its worth it!
>ok but i am not taking it..
>reeeeee then die, die fucking bastard!!!

who said a fucking thing about all these people dying? if they DO just have the seasonal flu, they aren't gonna fucking die, obviously.

Why are you so full of hatred?

File: RonaBux2.png (112 KB, 1287x472)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
>More than half of the current cases and two-thirds of patients in serious condition were fully vaccinated, the Health Ministry reported.
>here were 2,100 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday and 145 patients in serious condition, the Health Ministry reported.“We have been dealing with it, believe me, for a month now,” Bennett said while visiting the Migdal Nofim assisted-living facility in Jerusalem, Hebrew media outlets reported. “There are things that need to be allowed to develop. We are very close.
>The rise in serious morbidity has been relatively limited compared with general morbidity. At the beginning of June, out of fewer than 200 active cases, about 20 patients were in serious condition. Today, with more than 13,000 active cases, 145 patients are in serious condition.Health officials and experts are concerned that the protection granted to the most vulnerable sectors of the population who were vaccinated first has been waning.


Now the truth comes out. Earlier reports that stated the fully vaxed were getting covid, but not being hospitalized with serious symptoms may have just been due to early information being wrong.

Who's ready for more jabs?
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>depends on what you mean by "doesn't work"
It doesn't work. You still get sick and have adverse reactions.
Cali had 400k people with antibodies because its that harmless that they didn't know they had it.
https:/ /archive.p h/JwZkC
>Not vaccinated

>In all three countries, hospitalizations and deaths have risen since May, and vaccinated people have accounted for more than 50% of the deaths recently. Israel only used the Pfizer vaccine, and the United Kingdom used a mix. When broken down by different vaccines, the same results are found.

>NBC News recently published an article about the CDC reversing course, and now recommending that even the fully vaccinated wear masks indoors, and schoolchildren should be mandated to wear masks in all schools in the fall.

>In states that publish data like Utah, breakthrough cases have exponentially accelerated in the past two months.

>In Utah at the beginning of June, just 8 percent of the 312 new cases in the state were breakthrough cases. As of July 26, this number had risen to 20 percent according to state data.

>In Virginia, total cases among fully vaccinated individuals resulting in death went more than doubled from mid-June through July 29th.
Yes that's what OP did.
Hard to know if OP is just another dumb GOP fuckbag that can't into logic or stats, a contrarian dunce with a head full of conspiracy nonsense he got from youtube and blogs, or simply an opportunistic Ivan pretending to be a combo of both.
And really, who gives a shit ? Time to ignore these people and just deal...
"Active cases" sounds like the most broad sweeping term to describe positive tests you could have thought of, though.

There are hundreds of thousands of people living with AIDS, but probably only a few thousand people who are actively dying because of it right now.

File: 1271063682273.jpg (43 KB, 445x670)
43 KB
in the planning' of the January 6 insurrection


Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, who was tasked by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with conducting a review of the US Capitol's security after January 6, on Tuesday said President Donald Trump's White House was complicit in orchestrating the insurrection.

"It's my personal opinion that the executive branch was complicit in the planning and the delayed response that occurred in bringing in more federal assistance to the Capitol that day," Honoré said during an MSNBC appearance, underscoring that he had not reached this conclusion from the security review he spearheaded.

"That's my own perception, based on what I've seen and what I've heard and by the fact the former president is continuing to tell people, 'This was not a riot, it meant no harm, it was like a picnic,'" Honoré said, adding, "The last I heard from him, he told them to go to the Capitol and raise hell."

During an incendiary speech near the White House shortly before the violence at the Capitol, Trump told lies about the 2020 election and called on his supporters to "fight like hell."

Trump was impeached for provoking the insurrection, but he was acquitted in the Senate with the help of his Republican allies — including GOP lawmakers who had said he bore responsibility for the deadly riot.

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Except that's not what's happening in Arizona, you idiot.
This but unironically. MAGATs are willing to burn everything down because they have no investment in any of it. Most MAGATs never voted regularly before 2016, so losing last November was the first election they ever actually felt invested in.
That republicans were willing to warp their entire party to appease these morons who only showed up for 2 elections so far just shows how desperate they were for that "never cared that much before but TRUMP TOLD ME TO BE ANGRY!" vote.
They can manufacture outrage wholesale.
Just stop posting pictures of animated underage girls and people will stop calling you a pedophile. Simple as.

Also, maybe stop using the same tkind of anime pictures for all of your shill threads, as it makes you easier to spot, and thus mock incessantly.

File: E7pYgCOXEAAHgfc.png (267 KB, 535x583)
267 KB
267 KB PNG


New audio from inside a U.S. government shelter for unaccompanied migrant children in Fort Bliss, Texas, reveals allegations of sexual misconduct by staff toward minors, acknowledgment the children were running low on clean clothes and shoes and a reluctance by officials to make public the scope of the facility's Covid outbreak.

"We have already caught staff with minors inappropriately. Is that OK with you guys?" says a federal contractor running a training session with staffers inside Fort Bliss in May.

The crowd shouts back, "No!"

"I hope not," she says.

"If you catch them, especially if it's a staff member, you separate that minor from that person immediately," the contractor says, making no mention of flagging supervisors to report the incident.

At its peak this spring, the temporary facility at Fort Bliss held nearly 5,000 migrant children, as the Department of Health and Human Services scrambled to take in children who were overcrowding Border Patrol stations. At the time of the training session, the facility held about 3,000 minors.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>minorities are facing difficulties
Nice euphemism for Biden's child rape camps.
Why do you hate America?
>Why do you hate America?
Well according to him right now it's being led by a child rapist that got in thanks to the help of other child rapists, so that probably factors into it.
>Why do you hate child sex slavery?
You need a human soul to understand that.

File: 1626716610733.jpg (4 KB, 247x250)
4 KB

>About three-fourths of people infected in a Massachusetts Covid-19 outbreak were fully vaccinated against the coronavirus with four of them ending up in the hospital, according to new data published Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

>The new data, published in the U.S. agency’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, also found that fully vaccinated people who get infected carry as much of the virus in their nose as unvaccinated people, and could spread it to other individuals.

Link to CDC report: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/21030483-outbreak-of-sars-cov-2-infections-including-covid-19-vaccine-breakthrough-infections-associated-with-large-public-gatherings-massachusetts-july-30-2021

Filled under: "Conspiracy Theorists Right Again"
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>COVID IS the flu, which is demonstratedly false.
Proof faggot
Delusional. This isn't even up for debate you fucking idiot.
>Conspiracy Theorists Right Again"
youre welcome world. we pay for it dearly
Possibly the greatest read of my entire life. Thank you, Anons.

Democrats sure as fuck hate the first amendment. What happened to "I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it"?
46 replies omitted. Click here to view.
He means the death threats against regime critics. Leftists love those. Their entire ideology is built on death threats.
>What happened to "I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it"?
Damn, a Republican crying about hate speech.
Can we have a moment of silence so we can let this sink in?
>i..its only ok when we do it! you have to follow rules no one else does and with it shoot yourself in the foot!!

fuck off retard
>Hate speech shouldn't be protected.
>Okay, then I will use hate speech.
In Indian philosophy, I believe the technical term is called "karma".
Then I should murder most Biden supporters and sjw, I guess. Oh and since I'm still unvaccinated, a lot more people who think I'm killing them already!

Justice says IRS must give Trump tax returns to Congress

The Justice Department, in a reversal, says the Treasury Department must provide the House Ways and Means Committee former President Donald Trump’s tax returns, apparently ending a long legal showdown over the records.

In a memo dated Friday, Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel said the committee chairman “has invoked sufficient reasons for requesting the former President’s tax information” and that under federal law, “Treasury must furnish the information to the Committee.”

The 39-page memo is signed by Dawn Johnsen, installed by the Biden administration as the acting head of the legal counsel office.

During the Trump administration, then-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he wouldn’t turn over the tax returns because he concluded they were being sought by Democrats who control the House of Representatives for partisan reasons.

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He's an autie(just look at his titles) and he has a problem reading.
He posts that way to hurt your ass and it worked because you replied to yet another thread
Donald Trump mocked a turban-wearing protester as members of his security detail dragged the man out of an Iowa campaign rally Sunday.

The unidentified demonstrator interrupted Trump by waving a white "Stop hate" flag during the Republican presidential front runner's speech at Muscatine High School.

The billionaire used the 9/11 and San Bernardino terrorist attacks as examples of Islamic extremism, but trailed off after he caught sight of a man wearing a red turban, a head garb common among Sikhs and some Muslims.
OP is obviously mentally handicapped. I don't think he knows what he's doing and why.
He posts that way because he is clearly retarded

File: index.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) were ordered to arrest visitors and staff who refuse to wear a mask on the House side of the Capitol complex, according to a police memo issued by new USCP Chief Thomas Manger that was obtained by a member of Congress.

Police were also advised not to arrest members of Congress for failing to wear masks.
Pelosi's office said she did not order police to begin arresting people because it's not within her power, although she is heartily in favor of it.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., Thursday pointed out the police are only permitted to arrest people on the Union bluebelly House side of the complex, not the Johnny Reb Senate side, because leadership in the upper chamber hasn't brought back the mask mandates.

"If you are a Capitol police officer you got orders … if a vaccinated staffer comes across in the Union bluebelly House side without a mask you're ordered to arrest them, but not on the Senate side," McCarthy said. "This is not the America we know."

14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not to be a prick here or anything, but they're saying the coof has an effect on cognitive ability, so people with already lowish IQ's would be better off not getting it...
Good bio-terrorists trying to spread a biological weapon to cripple the US government should be arrested.
Also there shouldn't be a double standard, arrest any everyone who doesn't wear a mask on the senate side too.
Is that supposed to be evidence?
Well that explains why it's so prevalent in the USA.
>inb4 an Ameretard carries on about the other side of the Amerifat political divide and acts like the other team are the retards.

You need this enforcement because the withered old white guy you voted for is at the most risk for this disease and since Covid has been linked with dementia I don't think you can risk that dribbling child-sniffer becoming even more of a cognitive calamity.

File: y533j3l5o7u61[1].png (2.13 MB, 1200x1600)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG
Biden really can't stop losing
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Samefag. Even blacks know he won. What does that say about Cletus?
>S..samefag! everyone that disagrees with my idioti feelings is the same person!!

you are not only stupid you are schizoid as well
nope, and cool, it is nigel posting. Fuck off nigel
>When you have to make your own strawmans like a faggot
Seeing all the "muh NRA" when they are already bankrupted are they that fucking scared of GOA and FPC?
NRA isn't dead. I think FPC is bigger than GOA. GOA has the stain of never really doing shit in the past and their founder once talked at a white power thing in like 1994, because only democrats can be granted forgiveness. Like legit there was an NPR show where they called all GOA and pro gun groups and ron paul white supremacists over that, but said to forgive some black guy who was on the show for doing felony murder because he was raped by another black when he was 14.
Also SAF does lawsuits plus the 100+ state orgs

File: hvyblghrgf471[1].jpg (78 KB, 1200x630)
78 KB
Dems just can't stop losing bros
50 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Well, that’s cool. Other dude loses.
My knowledge is in my head and comes from a book and I don’t have a “link” to it.
That isn't a citation you fucking retard
>As I said all Rs voted anti-gun while some Ds did not.
>The majority of anti-gun votes for the Republican submitted anti-gun bill were Republican,
>Republican submitted anti-gun bill
and what about the other 9000 anti gun bills/laws?
it isn't moving the goal posts. Dems are anti gun. Dems have always been anti gun. All federal anti gun bills and nearly every state level anti gun bill was done by the democrats. It is dems right now flipping the fuck out over Miller, Duncan, and nysrpa. It was Biden who said he disagrees with Heller and Clinton and democrat bloomberg who said they wanted the courts to overturn Heller and McDonald
nope, I've been here since before boxxy and reddit is far left, where as 4chan is center right >>901293
CITATION that all 7 were dems NEEDED
so you are making shit up, chang


Just weeks after its launch, the pro-Trump social network GETTR is inundated with terrorist propaganda spread by supporters of Islamic State, according to a POLITICO review of online activity on the fledgling platform.

The social network — started a month ago by members of former President Donald Trump’s inner circle — features reams of jihadi-related material, including graphic videos of beheadings, viral memes that promote violence against the West and even memes of a militant executing Trump in an orange jumpsuit similar to those used in Guantanamo Bay.

Degenerates flock to degenerate places. More at 11.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What is “Voat”?

The CIA would never call up their jihadi buddies and tell them to do this.
>Hey Ahkmed, it's been a while. We'd like you to try out Gettr.com. Do it because we all hate Trump. Inshallah!

>your pal,
>-Glowie T. Glowingberg

DeSantis's reelection campaign will be brutal — and he could lose

Conventional wisdom among Florida Republicans (and party loyalists across the nation) holds that Gov. Ron DeSantis will cruise to reelection on Nov. 8, 2022. Then with mission accomplished, he will ascend to the virtual 2024 presidential nomination podium a step below former President Trump, the GOP’s strongman and undisputed leader.

More conventional wisdom has Trump running again “provided he is in good health,” reportedly what he told associates back in May. If Trump bows out, DeSantis will be positioned to win the GOP’s “gold medal.”

But conventional wisdom 16 months before Election Day is often proven wrong. Even more so in a volatile swing state such as Florida, where anything can and does happen. Although it is unlikely that DeSantis will lose reelection, it is well within the realm of plausibility. Moreover, it is not hyperbole to state that there has never been a modern gubernatorial reelection with such far-reaching national consequences.

5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>get ass cancer and die, hall monitor
you have to be 18 to post here, boy
you had a fucking muslim president loll
DeSantis doesn’t have a chance in hell. He may be as unscrupulous and as much of a shithead as Trump, but with zero charisma.
Leave it to Arnold Schwarzenegger to show us what today’s 74 can look like!

To ring in his 74th birthday, the Terminator himself decided to test his limits by lifting what looks in an Instagram video like five 45-pound weights (which could potentially weigh upwards of 270 pounds).

“I did it!” Schwarzenegger, who in the last several years has been practicing a vegan diet and even executive produced the vegan-athlete documentary The Game Changers, said proudly in the video, shared by his son Patrick.

“Happy birthday pops,” Patrick wrote in the caption. “Can’t believe you became a grandpa this past year. Cant’t wait to see what happens this year!”

“Also,” the caption continued, “I have no idea how you’re 74 today and still pulling this weight. I truly hope I’m half as strong physically and mentally when I’m your age.”
TALLAHASSEE — The head of Florida’s largest hospital association warned that the skyrocketing number of Covid hospitalizations is unlike anything the state has seen before — even as Gov. Ron DeSantis downplays the spike.

The Florida Hospital Association on Monday reported 10,389 Covid-19 hospitalizations, the most statewide during any point in the pandemic. This follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting over the weekend that the state had more than 21,000 new coronavirus infections on Friday. It was the highest one-day total for Florida, which now makes up roughly one and five new cases nationally.

About 95 percent of those hospitalized are unvaccinated, and Mary Mayhew, the president and CEO of the Florida Hospital Association, said the Delta variant that is sweeping through Florida is infecting young and unvaccinated people and is much different than the previous strain.

“We have to convince 25-year-olds, 30-year-olds that this is now life threatening for them,” Mayhew said during an interview on Morning Joe. “That is not what they saw and what we experienced last year.”

As Florida’s coronavirus infections continue to soar, public health officials and local elected leaders have pressed the DeSantis administration to take more drastic steps to get the virus under control. DeSantis, however, has maintained a strict “no-mandate” approach to the virus, including touting an executive order last week that prohibits school districts from requiring masks in K-12 facilities. He also vowed to fight any cities or municipalities that try to institute Covid restrictions, including mask mandates or lockdowns.

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