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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A whistleblower who says he was removed from his government post for raising concerns about coronavirus preparedness told a congressional hearing on Thursday that the United States could face “the darkest winter” of recent times if it does not improve its response to the pandemic.

Hours after President Donald Trump railed against him on Twitter, whistleblower Rick Bright testified to a U.S. House of Representatives panel about readiness for the outbreak.

Bright was removed last month as director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, or BARDA, a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services responsible for developing drugs to fight the coronavirus.

“What we do must be done carefully with guidance from the best scientific minds. Our window of opportunity is closing. If we fail to improve our response now, based on science, I fear the pandemic will get worse and be prolonged,” Bright said during his testimony.

The pandemic has infected nearly 1.4 million people in the United States, gutted the economy and killed more than 82,000.

Bright testified to the subcommittee on health that he would “never forget” an e-mail he got in January from a U.S. supplier of medical-grade face masks warning of a dire shortage.

“He said ‘we are in deep shit. The world is. We need to act,’” Bright said. “And I pushed that forward to the highest level that I could of HHS and got no response.”

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You say that every time a whistleblower reveals the truth. No one buys it anymore.
>not the '6 million people are gonna die unless we completely quarantine everyone arbitrarily because reasoninos'
>not the 'its all drumpf's fault' even though the virus originated in china and the chinese withholding critical information caused everyone to respond underwhelmingly'
>not the change from flattening the curve to 'completely stopping the virus', the latter of which has no actual timetable because stopping a virus from diffusing through the population is impossible
>not the retards that came up with the pandemic death numbers and advice on the response believed that wearing masks would completely immunize a person from getting infected
>not the news that a large chunk of deaths are coming from old people homes and long term care facilities, where many of these people have pre-existing conditions
>and definitely not the constant doomsayers ignoring the findings that go against the mainstream narrative and screeching every five seconds that 'its going to get so much worse if you do the things we told you not to do' like their heads would explode if they didn't keep shilling this narrative
Omgawd were all doomed! I predicted this!

I'm now a whistleblower and expert because some of you agree with that sentence and I'm a phony and a fraud because some of you don't. The truth being I just made that up.
It is Trump's fault given he refuses to do anything major and still is doing nothing while trying to see a threat to the entire country doesn't require a federal response.
You are so tiresome.

File: putin.jpg (233 KB, 1200x800)
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233 KB JPG
New analysis by Russian outlet Mediazona found that healthcare workers in the country make up 7% of COVID-19 fatalities, equal to one in every 15 deaths from the virus.
In Iran, one of the countries hardest hit by the virus, the percentage of healthcare workers dying from COVID-19 is about 1.59%.

The study gave two possible reasons for medical workers' high death rate: Either mortality statistics are being underestimated or the risk is unusually high because of insufficient personal protective equipment.

The report was posted on May 19 by Mediazona, an online news outlet that covers human rights, legal news, and prison affairs in Russia.

It found the medical profession's share of total deaths from COVID-19 was nearly 7%, or about one in every 15 fatalities. This was 16 times worse than a half-dozen countries with comparable numbers of COVID-19 cases, according to Mediazona.

Two-thirds of the deaths were in Moscow and the surrounding areas, St. Petersburg, and Dagestan. "About half of the dead are junior and paramedical personnel. Most often in Russia, COVID-19 nurses die," Mediazona reported.

The country has been suspected of underreporting its COVID-19 cases by the international community.
According to Jamaludin Hajiyibragimov, the health minister of Dagestan, coronavirus deaths there are more than 20 times the official count.(60,000 deaths)

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Obvious follow up. What was the fatality rate BEFORE the virus.?
Aren't the Russians always super proud to be the greatest sufferers in the world?
There's also the risk of falling out of the third storey window too, seems a lot higher in Russia than the rest of the west.
have you seen what russian kids do for fun?
Russia does have some of the highest rates of suicide and abortion in the world. People don't want to go on living there or bring a new life into the world there.

File: pilot pk8303.png (246 KB, 582x366)
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246 KB PNG

File: tranmurder.jpg (15 KB, 408x254)
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I'll see your "muh niggers" and raise you an antivaxxer and a flat-Earther. Hell. let's throw in a birther too.

This is "whataboutism". Sure, sure, YOU started with a deep-seated hatred of people with darker skin then you, then created an assessment (cart before the horse style) to serve your prejudices based on cherrypicking, "no true scottsman" and other fallacies, but that doesn't make _my_ assessment an opinion or invalid.
Try addressing my point on its own.
It's not "just my opinion" that he violates the emoluments clause on a daily basis.
It's not "just my opinion" that he obstructed justice in relation to not just the Muller probe, but also the impeachment hearings.
It's not "just my opinion" that he routinely fires inspector generals to avoid having them turn over stones he doesn't want disturbed.
It's not "just my opinion" that he's threatening blue states for promoting mail in voting, but not red states who do the same.
It's not "just my opinion" that he instructed Michael Cohento pay off Stormy Daniels in violation of campaign finance laws.
>Try addressing my point on its own.
>"just my opinion"
It is your opinion.
>"just my opinion"
It is your opinion.
>"just my opinion"
It is your opinion.
>"just my opinion"
It is your opinion.
None of those are opinions.
Still no seeing you address any actual points I've made.
If this is how your brain really works, it's little surprise you're a Trump supporter.
The facts don't matter to him either.
>None of those are opinions.
All of those are your opinions. You are in no place to offer anything besides your opinion.
Does it ever get boring towing the party line?

File: 1581171365479.png (2.57 MB, 1368x912)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB PNG
Some Democratic lawmakers in Michigan have pointed to armed demonstrators at a series of high-profile protests at the state Capitol in Lansing in recent weeks as evidence that most of those who opposed her measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus were politically motivated right-wing activists.

But despite Whitmer’s move this week to loosen rules in the state’s northern regions, criticism now is mounting from senior law enforcement officials and establishment business figures that the restrictions are unenforceable. Others complain her latest moves were overdue in reviving a shattered economy.

Rich Studley, CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, told Reuters that while the governor’s original stay-at-home order was timely and necessary, people were reaching a breaking point with its vague and shifting requirements.

“You can’t golf. You can golf. You can golf if you walk, but not with a cart. Now it’s okay with a cart,” said Studley, whose chamber represents about 5,000 companies with more than 1 million employees in all of Michigan’s 83 counties.

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>are unlawful orders
[citation needed]

>Voter fraud happens all over the world, why would you think America is any different?
Because nobody's ever produced any evidence of widespread voter fraud in modern American history.
Hitchen's Razor, Russell's Teapot
OK, to be fair you've got an example.
But it _did_ just come out this week, as did this one >>598593 so I'm just a little behind.

Now I'm gonna get a little nit-picky, but both of these are primaries, and don't carry the same penalties as fudging an actual general election.

Fuck corporations
>>are unlawful orders
>[citation needed]
Constitution of Michigan of 1850, Article IV, Section 1.

File: 1585007147616.jpg (158 KB, 1000x493)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
LOS ANGELES (CN) — A federal judge has tossed a bid by beachfront property owners to block enforcement of a California law mandating public access to the coastline, finding they had no standing to sue.

The 14,000-acre Hollister Ranch in western Santa Barbara County, California, is home to a wealthy enclave of gated communities, a cattle operation and 8 miles of Pacific Ocean shoreline.

In the 1970s, the historic ranch — which dates back hundreds of years — subdivided a portion of its property into 134 parcels of at least 100 acres each.

Ranch owners have sued and lobbied against conservation and public interest groups seeking access to the property’s coastline.

The 1976 Coastal Act granted the California Coastal Commission authority to oversee public access to the state’s coasts.

In 2019, California lawmakers amended and replaced the Act with Assembly Bill 1680, which requires Hollister Ranch owners to maintain a public access program for their coastline.

The Hollister Ranch Owners Association sued California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in January claiming the law violates their due process rights under the U.S. Constitutional and their rights against unlawful search.

The ranch owners asked for a preliminary injunction, arguing they would be harmed if the state used AB 1680 to fine them for impeding public access to the coast or if state agents relied on the law to try to access the ranch.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I say keep the beach open and just let natural selection do its thing
> (Sure is a very "communist" state with all those uberwealthy private property owners overreaching!)

Speaking of McCarthyism. I know someone from the former Czechoslovakia, and she really does hate it when people call California “commiefornia” or accuse Obama of being a communist. Oh, and she supports people like Bernie.
Forgot to add that this just shows how bad boomer propaganda is in America, where everything to the left of Reagan is considering full-blown communism. Heading from people like her really puts things into perspective when it comes to what’s actually tyrannical communism vs made-up American propaganda

Not heading. Fuck.
Czechoslovakia was socialist, not communist. Stupid brainwashed American. There hasn't been a single communist country in the history of mankind. Just a few small communes that didn't make it very far because people got sick of each other's shit quickly.

14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
nobody cares if people were being handcuffed too roughly or whatever pansy shit Hong Kong is crying about when people are being shot to death in the US every week.
By this logic we should all stop discussing everything except the biggest problem in the world, you brick.

HK police literally did everything right.. in USA the Nationa Guard would wash the blood trough that mafia infested shithole and pretend it was heroic act.
Something to keep in mind.

One of the 50 Cent tactics is to bring up Trump as 'whataboutism' to derail threads and discussion.
I wonder if it's one chinkposter who sets it up and then lets idiots bite, or if its a series of chinkposters staging an argument to obfuscate the discussion.

Though usually, low to medium middle-class social standing. A small portion might be of higher wealth but not the breadmaker. The leech; child, spouse, family bum, next in line for a heritage, whoreman (retired poolboy.)

The reason I'm pointing this out to new viewers is that you'll witness a lot of "trigger" threads on here. These are created by white kids known on here as retards and skitsos. They'll usually comment on their own thread as well, posing as another user, while using a secondary IP address: a cellphone, PC, tablet, etc. Sometimes, many IP devices. Thus, creating a trending thread (multiple bumps from numerous IPs.)

Whenever you hear a retard tell you, "kys," that means he's trying to trigger you for an emotional response. KYS means to kill yourself.

Based and (anything)pilled means, "would you like to have homosexual sex with me, please?" Be cautious when seeing one use that response. They can become very hostile if you ignore their request.

Additionally, when you see a thread on here with a picture of a nigger chimp man and white girl kissing, suggesting an abomination relationship along with, "Is this hurting you white people?" That's a white kid. However, when you see anything Nazi or relating to white supremacy, that's a nigger chimp boomer trying to trigger other chimps.

A white man who's proud to be white understand niggers are monkeys and no good in our society wouldn't give any nigger chimp the day or time to debate anything.

>>"Would you discuss physics with a monkey in a cage?"

5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Would you discuss news with a bunch of /news/ trannies? The answer is no, you sling mud at them, they sling mud back and then you become bored and visit /asp/ because at least the drama is interesting
Big Jim is on fire yet again.
damn. whur jennifer at wit tis here.
Jennifer Lawrence? She's in Hollywood...duh.

File: im-187494.jpg (202 KB, 1260x840)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
WASHINGTON—Both the Justice Department and a group of state attorneys general are likely to file antitrust lawsuits against Alphabet Inc.’s Google—and are well into planning for litigation, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Justice Department is moving toward bringing a case as soon as this summer, some of the people said. At least some state attorneys general—led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican—are likely to file a case, probably in the fall, people familiar with the matter said.

Much of the states’ investigation has focused on Google’s online advertising business. The company owns the dominant tool at every link in the complex chain between online publishers and advertisers. The Justice Department likewise is making Google’s ad technology one of its points of emphasis. But it is also focusing more broadly on concerns that Google uses its dominant search business to stifle competition, people familiar with the matter said.

Details about the Justice Department’s legal theories for a case against Google couldn’t be learned.

Though the coronavirus pandemic has complicated work for the Justice Department, Attorney General William Barrhas devoted considerable resources to the Google probe and continues to treat it as a top priority. Mr. Barr told The Wall Street Journal in March that he wanted the Justice Department to make a final call this summer. “I’m hoping that we bring it to fruition early summer,” Mr. Barr said at the time. “And by fruition I mean, decision time.”

Mr. Paxton of Texas said the pandemic was not slowing the states’ efforts. “We’ve issued [civil subpoenas] to Google and impacted third parties. We hope to have the investigation wrapped up by fall,” Mr. Paxton said in a statement. “If we determine that filing is merited we will go to court soon after that.”

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Wall Street Journal publisher News Corp is a longtime Google critic and is among a group of the publishers that have been contacted by antitrust investigators.

The lawsuits—if they are filed—could pose a direct threat to Google’s businesses and rank among the most significant antitrust cases in U.S. history, alongside the government’s antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. in the late 1990s. The search giant’s critics have called for a range of sanctions against Google, from changes to its business practices to a breakup of the company.

As Google has grown into a powerful tech giant, it has long been on the federal government’s radar, though it has largely avoided enforcement actions. The Federal Trade Commission, which shares antitrust authority with the Justice Department, previously conducted a broad investigation of Google but closed it in 2013, announcing that the evidence, on balance, didn’t warrant it. The company made some voluntary changes to certain business practices.

The FTC’s then-chairman, Jon Leibowitz, said that while some evidence suggested Google was unfairly biasing its search results to harm competition, the company’s primary motivations were to highlight its products and improve the online experience for users.

The Wall Street Journal first reported last June that the Justice Department was launching a broad antitrust investigation of Google.

Nearly two months later, the department announced expanded investigative plans, with a focus on several leading tech giants. Both the DOJ and the FTC have been examining competition concerns related to companies including Facebook Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and Apple Inc. as well as Google.

The states announced their probe on the steps of the Supreme Court last September, on the same day they sent Google a civil subpoena seeking details about its online ad practices.
Wonder if they hit the publisher vs platform topic.
>Google’s search function
I hope that's a start
But I thought all corporations were benevolent dictators doing what's best for us? Did the Republicans lie to me?
The people who taught you history lied to you. The most recent large antitrust lawsuit which broke up a significant monopoly was the breakup of AT&T, which was started off by William Saxbe and concluded by Ed Meese, both Republicans. The antitrust laws were created by Republicans to begin with, The Sherman Act under which AT&T was sued and with which Google is being threatened is named after a Republican and it was signed into law by a Republican president.
Too bad the GOP is selective and gives out favors with their antitrust laws.

(By the way, it was left-wing Republicans 100 years ago who came up with those laws. Be honest here.)

File: 1568877403876.jpg (184 KB, 1200x628)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday demanded that China reveal "immediately" the whereabouts of the Panchen Lama chosen by the Dalai Lama, 25 years after the six-year-old was seized.

The Dalai Lama, who lives in exile in India and enjoys a wide global following, on May 14, 1995, identified Gedhun Choekyi Nyima as the reincarnation of the Panchen Lama, the second most senior figure in Tibetan Buddhism's largest school.

The boy was taken into custody three days later and has not been seen since, with human rights groups calling him the world's youngest political prisoner.

China must provide verifiable information on the wellbeing and whereabouts of the 11th Panchen Lama.

The Tibetan parliament-in-exile

"Tibetan Buddhists, like members of all faith communities, must be able to select, educate and venerate their religious leaders according to their traditions and without government interference," Pompeo said in a statement.

"We call on the PRC government to immediately make public the Panchen Lama's whereabouts and to uphold its own constitution and international commitments to promote religious freedom for all persons."

China appointed its own Panchen Lama, who has made a number of tightly scripted public appearances, even though many Tibetans do not recognise him.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The younger the better the organs are fresher and less diseased that way.
that little nigger was probably sold to the US and has most likely been eaten by Hillary.
you're going to be very surprised when you look up statistics on murders of children under the age of 10
The president ordered you to attack China, anon. What is wrong with you? Do you have a death wish? Wanna see your family die in a failed drug raid? This is not the time to be brave.
>even though many Tibetans do not recognise him
Most Tibetans are atheist and don't give a shit about the asinine drivel of the ultra-religious far right.

File: Tesla-Roadster-2020-ig.jpg (330 KB, 2160x1200)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
May 12, 2020

Elon Musk's Tesla to Texas? Calif. business exodus may shift into high gear because of this

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk threatened to move his company headquarters and manufacturing plant, California’s sole remaining auto factory, out of state — to Texas and Nevada.

Neither Texas nor Nevada has an individual income tax and their corporate taxes are lower, as well.

With California’s higher taxes, greater red tape compliance costs, higher labor and land costs, and more litigious environment, business analysts estimate that companies can save 32 percent of their operating costs by moving out of California to states such as Texas.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, gave the clearance for manufacturers in California to reopen on Friday, but Alameda County has extended its local shutdown orderindefinitely.

The county lockdown order brought Musk’s frustration into the open, as it prevents his flagship Fremont assembly line from reopening.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
47 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Ever heard him talk on socioeconomics? Musk never grew out of his Ayn Rand chuuni phase. Pure cringe.
Nope. Just our rights and guns.
Remember that.
Great! Now tell me where in California a place exists with good infrastructure.
He can get away with that shit in Murica, but Germany is going to turn him into the joke of the decade. His anti-government, anti-worker, anti-union ideology may convince a few backbenchers in the freak party AfD to accept his bribes, but that's about it. They're not going to improve his position a iota. Only make him more of an outcast than he's already is. Less than five years before he gives up and runs back to Papa Donald crying.
>Calif. business exodus may shift into high gear because of this
Nonsense. The last time automobile manufacturing oligarchs had any say in the state was decades ago. California belongs to oligarchs from IT, media and agriculture. All three sectors can do without smokestack industries and half-automatic assembly line workers.

File: Sweden_Coronavirus.jpg (45 KB, 600x390)
45 KB
Entire article at:
May 12, 2020

Sweden’s Coronavirus Strategy Will Soon Be the World’s
Herd Immunity Is the Only Realistic Option—the Question Is How to Get There Safely

Rather than declare a lockdown or a state of emergency, Sweden asked its citizens to practice social distancing on a mostly voluntary basis. Swedish authorities imposed some restrictions designed to flatten the curve: no public gatherings of more than 50 people, no bar service, distance learning in high schools and universities, and so on. But they eschewed harsh controls, fines, and policing. Swedes have changed their behavior, but not as profoundly as the citizens of other Western democracies. Many restaurants remain open, although they are lightly trafficked; young children are still in school. And in contrast to neighboring Norway (and some Asian countries), Sweden has not introduced location-tracing technologies or apps, thus avoiding threats to privacy and personal autonomy.

Swedish authorities have not officially declared a goal of reaching herd immunity, which most scientists believe is achieved when more than 60 percent of the population has had the virus. But augmenting immunity is no doubt part of the government’s broader strategy—or at least a likely consequence of keeping schools, restaurants, and most businesses open. Anders Tegnell, the chief epidemiologist at Sweden’s Public Health Agency, has projected that the city of Stockholm could reach herd immunity as early as this month. Based on updated behavioral assumptions (social-distancing norms are changing how Swedes behave), the Stockholm University mathematician Tom Britton has calculated that 40 percent immunity in the capital could be enough to stop the virus’s spread there and that this could happen by mid-June.

169 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, not sure why people think comparing two fucked countries that did stupid shit, the USA and Sweden, makes any sense.
Compare them with Say Germany or South Korea that didn’t do stupid shit and in fact did smart shit.
Let’s look at two countries who had the first confirmed case on the exact same day:
The USA closed flights to one country (apparently confused about how international travel works) and did nothing else for six weeks until counties and states closed themselves after individuals decided to stay the fuck at home.
South Korea implemented airport traveler controls, immediately stood up a national robust testing regime, and got tracing right. Never even had to shut down.
Sweden isn’t the model to look to.
>Yes, let's compare a sparsely populated scandinavian country with a state that has the most densely populated city in the western hemisphere

The northern 2/3rds of Sweden is a virtually uninhabited wilderness, most of the people live in the south part and most Swedes are urbanized.

So only 6th worse out of like 155?
Compared to the population density of NYC, it's pretty much Siberia (not to diss Sweden, almost every place is). Same in terms of the number of travelers passing through its airports, of which NYC has the highest traffic on Earth.

Meanwhile, you have Sweden's neighbors, Finland and Norway, practical clones in almost every respect (economy, social services, medical establishment, government, climate, and density), right next door to compare, each with less than 1/10th of the deaths and the same economic impact or better, both already reopening, while Sweden is considering at a belated, and thus prolonged, lockdown.
Obama recognised the seriousness of Ebola and built treatment centres, mass graves, and distributed PPE at the source in West Africa. flights into the US from high risk areas underwent scrupulous contact tracing, it worked, only 2 ppl in the US died from Ebola compared to thousands in Africa. These countries where he set up the infrastructure are now better prepared to fight corona


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo disregarded the advice of high-level officials at the State Department, Pentagon and within the intelligence community in invoking an emergency waiver last year to circumvent congressional review of billions of dollars in arms sales to the U.S. allies in the Persian Gulf region, according to two former administration officials and three congressional sources.

That decision was under investigation by a government watchdog who was fired last week at Pompeo’s urging, and it has fueled renewed accusations from lawmakers that the Trump administration bucked the will of Congress and even violated the law when it fast-tracked the weapons sales. The secretary of state is facing intense scrutiny over the inspector general’s ouster, which has unleashed a flurry of negative stories and a torrent of criticism on Capitol Hill.

In justifying the move to Congress, Pompeo wrote that "Iranian aggression” and “increasing regional volatility” necessitated an urgent delivery of certain weapons to U.S. partners in the Middle East.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Some congressional committees were later briefed on the State Department’s internal deliberations at the time, according to aides, who said it was decided among the group that an emergency declaration was the easiest way to avoid a congressional vote. But through the official channels, lawmakers were in the dark about how exactly the Trump administration came to its decision to invoke emergency powers, including whether a legal analysis had been completed, the aides added.

That led a group of senators to introduce 22 joint resolutions last June to overturn the emergency authorities, led by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.). The cohort included Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a Trump ally who has soured on the Saudis in recent years. At the time, the senators argued that the administration was deliberately ignoring longstanding precedents on consulting with Congress. All 22 measures ultimately passed both the House and Senate, but Trump vetoed them.

“Now is not the time to do business as usual with Saudi Arabia,” Graham said last year. “I am also very concerned about the precedent these arms sales would set by having the administration go around legitimate concerns of the Congress.”

One former administration official said the decision to declare an emergency in order to sell weapons to the three Middle Eastern states was made at the most senior levels of the administration. And by the time some relevant officials were read in, it was a foregone conclusion.

Rather than hold multiple meetings at the State Department with numerous officials — as is more typical of the process to greenlight arms sales — Pompeo would summon individual subject-matter experts up to his office on the seventh floor for small conversations, per the official. And for months after making the declaration, he received detailed weekly briefings on the status of the weapons systems and the timeline for their delivery.

Trump and Pompeo have maintained their support for Saudi Arabia despite these events. Trump’s first overseas trip as president was to Riyadh, where he met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with whom he has cultivated a close relationship.

Trump stood by his Saudi counterpart and resisted congressional efforts to impose human-rights sanctions even after U.S. intelligence officials briefed lawmakers on their conclusion that the crown prince directed the murder of Khashoggi.

State Department officials were recently briefed about Linick’s conclusions in the probe. Pompeo refused to sit for an in-person interview with the inspector general’s office, POLITICO first reported, though he did submit written answers.
Huh, I guess the wheels put in motion to keep escalating with Iran never really stopped then.
Now that Netanyahu is back in power in Israel and the virus is dying down I bet we will see some saber rattling soon to get back on track toward the planned war.
Trump wants a war and he's a puppet of Netanyahu. Of course he's going to start one with Iran.

File: sadface.jpg (50 KB, 648x363)
50 KB
Not gonna lie, that's an impressive repetriore the bloke accrued. Most people's degeneracy tend to be much blander.
>SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) - A judge sentenced admitted pedophile and former Utah CEO Douglas Saltsman to 210 days in jail and 48 months probation on Thursday for possessing more than 13,000 files of graphic child pornography, some of which involved rape and bestiality.

>Saltsman was facing one to 15 years in prison, and a $10,000 fine for each of the three second-degree felonies, of which he pleaded guilty.

>Saltsman, 40, was originally facing 11 charges related to the seizure of more than 13,000 files of graphic child pornography in August 2019.

>Newly revealed in court Thursday was the fact that some of the child pornography files Saltsman admitted to viewing and sexually gratifying himself to featured bestiality.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
its much much easier to prove that a) it was a child in the video and b) that the person watching knew it was a child in the video. with things like rape, a competent defense attorney just has to argue that the defendant didn't know it was rape. whereas if its a child, everyone knows what a child looks like and knows you shouldn't be fucking kids. even with murder, one could argue it was staged. but there's no defense for child porn. even if you say "well if its fake its not illegal" its still going to disgust any jury.

plus, its for extra protection for minors via supply and demand. by making child porn illegal, it hopefully creates less demand and therefore fewer children will be exploited.
He probably started naming names of the people producing the CP, the Rurouni Kenshin author got busted for the same thing and got off with a 10 thousand dollar fine because he told authorities who made all his shit
>then why aren't pictures of murdered people, or rape videos?
They are if you produce and publish them. Distributing them, on the other hand, is when you get into grey areas.
Hopefully not. Giving the Mormons a chance to finally build Deseret and worship their dear leader Brigham Young will spell doom for neighboring states. HOWEVER, hopefully they'll own the libs out of the west.
But I read on 4chan that Salt Lake City and Utah were based and non-degenerate white volkisch paradises

File: im-187388.jpg (211 KB, 1260x840)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
WASHINGTON—The Trump administration said it would impose export restrictions designed to cut off Chinese telecom-equipment maker Huawei Technologies Co. from overseas suppliers, threatening to ignite a new round of U.S.-China economic tensions.

The restrictions stop foreign semiconductor manufacturers whose operations use U.S. software and technology from shipping products to Huawei without first getting a license from U.S. officials, essentially giving the U.S. Commerce Department a veto over the kinds of technology that Huawei can use.

The restriction further tightens the U.S. export-control system’s existing rules related to Huawei. Washington alleges that Huawei gear could be used by Beijing to spy globally, which Huawei has repeatedly denied.

On Friday, a senior administration official said there were “legal, human rights, and strategic rationales” for the actions against Huawei. Those included Huawei’s alleged theft of intellectual property and aid in developing surveillance technology and new weapon systems, the official said.

Under the new rules, the department can block the sale of semiconductors manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., TSM -4.41% for Huawei’s HiSilicon unit, which designs chips for the company, as well as chips and other software produced by manufacturing facilities in China and South Korea, which use American chip-making technology. The Commerce Department already had the ability to license software shipments from U.S.-based facilities.

Huawei had no immediate comment. China’s foreign ministry, in a statement, urged the U.S. to immediately halt “its unreasonable suppression against Huawei.”

“The U.S.’s practices not only harm the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, but also do not accord with the interests of U.S. enterprises, and cause damage to the global industrial chain, supply chain and value chain,” it said.
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U.S. makers of semiconductors worry that the rules will slash their sales not only to Huawei but other Chinese companies, which might worry that the Commerce Department will next target them. Those firms may now look for non-American suppliers of technology, U.S. companies fear.

Still, the Semiconductor Industry Association, a body that represents chip-makers, suggested the rule may not have as devastating an impact as initially feared.

“We are concerned this rule may create uncertainty and disruption for the global semiconductor supply chain, but it seems to be less damaging to the U.S. semiconductor industry than the very broad approaches previously considered,” said John Neuffer, the group’s president and CEO.

Laurie Kelly, a spokeswoman for GlobalFoundries, a major U.S.-based chip-maker, said the Commerce move and TSMC’s plans to build a plant in the U.S. raised serious questions for the industry, and that her company was fully behind the goal of U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing.

“The U.S. government can best achieve that with smart regulation and the right level of incentives, especially for companies like GlobalFoundries,” she said, citing its $13 billion of investment in the past 10 years and more than 7,000 employees.

The new regulation is considered an “interim final rule”—bureaucratic lingo for a rule that goes into effect without needing public comment. But industry will have some time to lobby. The Commerce Department said that products on which work had begun already wouldn’t need a license if they were shipped to Huawei within 120 days.

Congress also could weigh in. On May 6, six senators wrote to President Trump urging the administration to “proceed cautiously, solicit feedback from industry, and ensure that well-intentioned proposals do not have unforeseen, damaging effects on the U.S. economy.”
Over the past two months, Mr. Trump and others in his administration have deepened their criticism of China, particularly for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, alleging that Beijing had covered up the outbreak and gobbled up protective gear that left the U.S. ill-equipped to handle the outbreak here. The administration’s critics charge that Mr. Trump was focusing on China as a way to deflect from criticism that he has acted ineffectively to contain the virus.

The move against Huawei is bound to give the president an additional political talking point that he has been tougher on China than his presumptive Democratic opponent, former vice president Joe Biden. But the action carries political risks also if the anti-China offensive tanks an already fragile stock market. Over the past two years, Mr. Trump has sometimes backed off his attacks on China when the market has swooned.

“We must amend our rules exploited by Huawei and HiSilicon and prevent U.S. technologies from enabling malign activities contrary to U.S. national-security and foreign-policy interests,” said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in his announcement of the new rule.

Hu Xijin, editor of the nationalist Global Times newspaper, in a tweet on Friday warned that Qualcomm Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Apple Inc. and Boeing Inc. all could be targets of retaliation. Mr. Hu is typically seen as channeling the views of more hawkish members of China’s Communist Party leadership.

A Boeing spokesman said the company was confident the U.S. and China would continue discussions to resolve trade and other issues. The sides “have both been clear how vital the aviation sector is to both countries,” he said. Qualcomm, Cisco and Apple didn’t respond to requests for comment.

The senior administration official played down the impact of the rule on Huawei. ‘This is a licensing requirement,” the official said. “It doesn’t necessarily mean things are denied.”
A year ago, Commerce Department officials put Huawei on an export blacklist of companies considered to be national-security threats. That move was designed to cut Huawei off from some U.S. semiconductor makers. Over the last year, however, Huawei’s suppliers have largely managed to get around the blacklisting through a technicality. American companies—such as Qualcomm Inc. and Intel Corp. —could still supply Huawei with some chips that are manufactured overseas.

At a news conference discussing the company’s annual results in March, Eric Xu, Huawei’s deputy chairman, warned that Beijing would retaliate against American companies operating in China if the Trump administration moved ahead with the new rule.

The rule change is expected to hurt American makers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, led by Applied Materials Inc., Lam Research Corp. and KLA Corp. The equipment industry has lobbied against the move, arguing in recent letters to the Commerce Department and Mr. Trump they should at least be allowed to comment before the change took effect. Applied Materials, Lam Research and KLA didn’t respond to requests for comment.

U.S. semiconductor equipment makers dominate the market, with a share of about 45% of global sales, which are projected at around $58 billion this year by SEMI, an industry group. American companies are expected to export about $21 billion of manufacturing equipment to foreign semiconductor factories this year.

Restrictions placed on manufacturing equipment used to make chips for Huawei means non-U.S. factories may favor equipment made outside the U.S. because it comes with fewer strings attached, to the detriment of the U.S. industry.

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Honestly, good on Taiwan. Outsourced to the US, but I do wonder how the patriots would see such a thing.

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