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The Russian army in Ukraine apparently is shifting a third of its forces in eastern Ukraine to southern Ukraine in order to defend against Ukrainian attacks in the south.
But that’s exposing gaps in Russian defenses in the east. And now the Ukrainian army reportedly is exploiting those gaps, especially around Sloviansk and Izium. Hitting the Russians where they aren’t.

In pressing these attacks, however, the Ukrainians risk overextending their own forces.

“Ukrainian forces are likely taking advantage of the redeployment of Russian forces away from the Sloviansk axis and conducted localized counterattacks to regain ground southwest of Izium and northwest of Sloviansk on Aug. 4,” the Institute for the Study of War in Washington, D.C. reported.

The purported Ukrainian counteroffensive around Izium, reportedly involving the 93rd Brigade and other units, at best has liberated a few villages such as Dibrovne, Mazanivka and Dmytrivka.

But the eastern counteroffensive belies what ISW described as a more profound shift in Russia’s wider war in Ukraine, which began in late February.

“Ukraine’s preparations for the counteroffensive in Kherson and the initial operations in that counteroffensive, combined with the dramatic weakening of Russian forces generally, appear to be allowing Ukraine to begin actively shaping the course of the war for the first time.”

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Now that's an exquisite seethe. I even can hear some oinking.
>war was only supposed to last 1 month
>russian economy in shambles
>russian citizens, goods and services are now blacklisted by most countries
>only 1 month
Says who? Pentagon glowies?
>economy in shambles
It was in shambles in 90s, now it is doing rather well with all that profit from oil and gas.
>blacklisted by some european countries, Japan, USA and Canada.
Enjoy your cars with no airbags and abs
Cope harder vatnik


A Florida man paid for a plane to fly above Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate with a banner that read: "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha."

Thomas Kennedy, a self-professed critic of Trump and Democratic activist, told NBC Miami he a group of friends paid $1,800 for the plane and banner.

“It brought me a lot of joy to do so," Kennedy said. "I would do it again.”

He said the message was directed at Trump supporters that have been gathering near the property to protest the FBI executing a search warrant there.

Trump had earlier in the week asserted that agents had opened up a safe at his home and described their work as an “unannounced raid” that he likened to “prosecutorial misconduct.”

The search intensifies the months-long probe into how classified documents ended up in boxes of White House records located at Mar-a-Lago earlier this year. It occurs amid a separate grand jury investigation into efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and adds to the potential legal peril for Trump as he lays the groundwork for another run.

Supporters have come out in droves to express their outrage.

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Some things are more important than money.
yeah, obsessions usually are more important than money to the obsessed
>rich person mocks the protesting poor
Many such cases
What exactly is being obsessed over in this story to you?
>well off person mocks a corrupt billionaire and his fanboys
ITT: the seething poors

Its a hard ask, though


Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele defended the FBI’s search of former President Trump’s home in a Monday tweet, arguing it was not a random move.

“Trump failed to return classified docs requested by the National Archives,” Steele wrote in response to a tweet by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.).

“A federal judge issued a search warrant for probable cause of a crime. This is not some rando move by the FBI so you shitforbrains Republicans calling for ‘defunding the FBI’ for once try to be less stupid,” Steele wrote.

Republicans have generally reacted with fury to the news about the FBI raid.

“Defund the FBI!” Greene tweeted on Monday evening.

Trump announced himself on Monday evening that a “large group” of FBI agents were raiding Mar-a-Lago and broke into his safe, calling it not “appropriate” and saying it was unannounced.

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Ah, the brave fence sitter, willing to spread bullshit propaganda about both sides of the aisle. We honor you, sir.
Not him but..
I'd rather be someone who sits on a fence and sees the bullshit on both sides of the grass, than be someone happily wading knee deep in shit, acting like that shit only exists on the other side of the fence
>I'd rather be someone who sits on a fence and sees the bullshit on both sides of the grass
Then you'd rather be an ineffective whose only ability is to morally posture over anybody who has the spine to actually stake out a political position. If you want to take the 7 year old mentality that everything is shit and pointless you're more than welcome to but in an adult conversation about politics you're absolutely useless. Go bawww in a cave in the woods and let the grown ups discuss how to make things better.
We're at the fuck around and find out stage now.


The Warrant will be unsealed unless Trump/Lawyers take specific action to stop the DOJ from releasing it.

Can't wait to hear Trumps flubbery excuse
youre moving the goalpost.

negotiations were ongoing for trump to return classified documents that he was not allowed to take. negotiations being, when can you return them? gee i dunno, lets try next week/month/(insert date). he never returned them.

warrant is issued to get the docs and fbi executes it. Trump claims it was unnanounced yet trumps lawyer happened to be present during the entire raid...

the president is not allowed to "have" certain classified docs given to him while he was president. such docs might reveal sensitive information regarding US ops and protocol in certain events, foreign sources, data regarding issues and intelligence, etc. Past presidents do receive continued briefing reports but trump has not shown a capacity to not reveal secrets regarding national security. past presidents are not entitled to receive shit.

WHat exactly did Clinton take with him after his tenure in the white house? I assume youre referring to that furniture mishap? here, this might help to enlighten you:

I swear, the gullibility and mental gymnastics required to see Trump as some sort of hero champion and victim makes conservatives and republicans look entirely incapable of living life without some sort of guardian conservator.

Trump wont unseal the warrant because warrants are generally supported by plausible and factual basis to provide law enforcement with a reasonable belief (forgive me if i screwed up the terminology) that a crime(s) has been committed.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1659838430044944.jpg (659 KB, 3100x4000)
659 KB
659 KB JPG
It's funny how it always comes back to the Nazis for Trump.


Former President Donald Trump reportedly complained about his generals not being loyal enough to him, at one point lamenting they did not act enough like Adolf Hitler’s generals in World War II, according to a new book.

The authors of “The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021,” The New York Times’ Peter Baker and The New Yorker’s Susan B. Glasser, detailed an exchange Trump had with his then-Chief of Staff John Kelly years before the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection, in an except published by The New Yorker Monday.

“You fucking generals, why can’t you be like the German generals?” Trump reportedly asked Kelly, referring to German generals in World War II.

To which Kelly later responded: “You do know that they tried to kill Hitler three times and almost pulled it off?”

Still, Trump — in an attempt to rewrite history — insisted those generals “were totally loyal” to Hitler.

Baker and Glasser also revealed a draft resignation letter Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, wrote following him standing alongside Trump when the former president decided to stage a photo-op at Lafayette Square holding a bible after police had fired tear gas to disperse Black Lives Matter protesters. In the end, Milley decided to stay on and never sent the letter.

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do you think there can be a white immigrant?
or only PoC can be immigrants?
Are refugees the same as immigrants for you?
check the definition of immigrants, if a group of refugees decides to stay in the country that give them refugee what would that make them?
>in an attempt to rewrite history
they cry as they hit you

Presidential age limit ‘amendment’ needed to keep Biden, Trump from running for office: Washington Post column


Fearful that either former President Trump or President Biden could get the presidency for a second term, Washington Post columnist Charles Lane argued for a constitutional amendment that would put an age cap on anyone seeking presidential office.

Besides keeping the office available to those with full mental capacity and less tendency for injury, Lane argued such an amendment would also be easier to use to block Trump from office than the January 6 hearings, and may prove more efficient than trying to invoke the 25th Amendment for future presidents.

Lane began his Thursday piece recounting how a majority of voters "are not excited" to see Trump or Biden run again in 2024. He wrote, "A CNN poll in late July found that three-quarters of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters wish the party would nominate someone other than Biden, while 55 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners do not want Trump as their standard-bearer."

Lane lamented that a rematch between the two is still "possibly the likeliest" scenario, so he proposed his idea: "If only the Constitution had the following proviso: ‘No person who has attained the age of 75 years shall be eligible for election to the Office of President.’"
28 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That guy is going to live rent free if your tranny brains forever isn't he?
>make the minimum voting age 35
Aha, so the future of the nation no longer matters.
You can go to Vietnam and Afghanistan, but not vote.
The first anon also left it open for the minimum age to run for president to be lowered... that is basic fucking reading comprehension.
holy shit really puts things into perspective when you compare energy and health to senile walking corpse biden
boomers will never vote for younger candidates, maximum age for voting and running for any political position should be 50

Looking for a gay, Asian-American pencil-seller? Princeton has you covered.


Princeton University has created a "supplier diversity" tool that allows staff to search for vendors with "diverse attributes," part of a multiyear plan to inject diversity quotas into the school’s procurement process.

The tool, a screenshot of which was circulated on social media, lets users exclude suppliers outside a boutique cross-section of identities. A department buying office supplies, for example, could restrict its search to businesses owned by LGBT African Americans, Native American veterans, or "Asian Pacific American" women, among other combinations.
The tool is available to all Princeton faculty and staff, the university’s Office of Finance and Treasury said in a November newsletter. It came online after Princeton pledged in April 2021 to direct 10.5 percent of its expenditures to "certified diverse firms," according to a procurement plan posted on the school’s website.

Princeton University declined to comment for this story.

Supplier diversity has become something of a cause célèbre throughout higher education. Yale, for example, announced in October 2021 that it had launched a "Supplier Diversity Program" that would "identify and encourage" minority-owned businesses to bid for contracts. Harvard, Dartmouth, Swarthmore, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania have adopted similar programs.

The trend is part of a broader move toward race-conscious procurement schemes in the business world, where "supplier diversity" has become an ESG (environmental, social, and governance) buzzword—and a boon to consultancies. Several marquee consulting groups, including Deloitte and McKinsey, now offer resources to firms seeking to diversify their suppliers; Boston Consulting Group has an entire team that develops "inclusive strategies for advancing supplier diversity."

At Princeton, these trends have fueled the growth of an already massive bureaucracy, creating new jobs for diversity apparatchiks on the Ivy League campus. The school announced in May that it had hired Michelle Thomas—formerly a contract officer at the Federal Bureau of Prisons—to be its "associate director for supplier diversity." Thomas oversees the implementation of the procurement plan, which calls for Princeton to "engage a diversity advisory firm to assess program effectiveness." Success will be gauged, according to the plan, by the "proportion of total purchases that are made from certified diverse businesses," meaning businesses "at least 51 percent owned and operated by minorities, women, veterans, or members of the LGBTQ community.
The plan also creates incentives for firms that contract with Princeton to hire diversity consultants. Firms "that are not certified as diverse" can still demonstrate their "commitment to diversity"—and thus increase their odds of a contract—by adopting "diversity best practices," the plan suggests. Many diversity consultancies market themselves as the experts on such practices: Crossroads, for example, explicitly tells organizations that they are powerless to solve racism without the help of outside consultants.

Princeton’s supplier diversity efforts have had mixed results. Between 2015 and 2020, the university’s "expenditures to diverse suppliers" rose nearly 10-fold, putting it within striking distance of its 10.5 percent target.

But, the procurement plan concedes, "Black-owned businesses have been largely absent from those gains." Though 2.4 percent of U.S. businesses are black-owned, according to a LendingTree study from this year, black-owned businesses represent less than 1 percent of the university’s total expenditures.

"Equity for Black-owned businesses presents an opportunity for greater engagement," the plan says. But "even under optimal circumstances, firms that are not certified diverse will continue to comprise the majority of University suppliers.
Is there a filter for white Christian male owned businesses? Can I finally stop unknowingly giving money to jews and other undesirables?
Because this is what matters.
The sexual orientation and skin color of an office supply merchant.
Thanks, progressives, for always making everything about social constructs and focusing on them more than anyone else in the world.
Surely your discrimination, which you refer to as 'diversity', is welcomed by all
So will the black owned businesses make up 13% of their contracts or 50%?

File: awfvafgvf.jpg (4 KB, 305x165)
4 KB

>The Florida federal magistrate judge who signed off on a search warrant authorizing the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort left the local US Attorney’s office more than a decade ago to rep employees of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had received immunity in the long-running sex-trafficking investigation of the financier.

>Reinhart was elevated to magistrate judge in March 2018 after 10 years in private practice. That November, the Miami Herald reported that he had represented several of Epstein’s employees — including, by Reinhart’s own admission to the outlet, Epstein’s pilots; his scheduler, Sarah Kellen; and Nadia Marcinkova, who Epstein once reportedly described as his “Yugoslavian sex slave.”

>Kellen and Marcinkova were among Epstein’s lieutenants who were granted immunity as part of a controversial 2007 deal with federal prosecutors that allowed the pervert to plead guilty to state charges rather than federal crimes. Epstein wound up serving just 13 months in county jail and was granted work release.

>According to the outlet, Reinhart resigned from the South Florida US Attorney’s Office effective on New Year’s Day 2008 and went to work for Epstein’s cohorts the following day. Epstein, who was found dead in August 2019 of an apparent suicide in the Manhattan Correctional Center while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges, had hired a stable of high-powered lawyers, including former independent counsel Kenneth Starr.

>Reinhart was later named in a civil lawsuit that accused him of violating Justice Department policies by switching sides in the middle of the Epstein investigation, suggesting he had used inside information about the probe to build favor with the notorious defendant, the Herald reported in 2018.

Really activates the almonds
24 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Trump is connected to the Italian mob because I heard he once stood in the same line at a hot dog cart with Sonny Franzese
Epstein just happened to die in a prison Trump controlled and Barr met with him the day before he's murdered, also the guards weren't watching and there's no recordings.
It's clearly a murder
>Barr met with him the day before he's murdered
Google this and come back and tell me how your spewing lies
>Bill Barr had Epstein killed on Trump's order.
No way in fuck Trump would assassinate an Israeli intelligence agent.
He represented the epstein employees who were also abused. Cope

"Former President Donald J. Trump received a subpoena this spring in search of documents that federal investigators believed he had failed to turn over earlier in the year, when he returned boxes of material he had improperly taken with him upon moving out of the White House, three people familiar with the matter said.

The existence of the subpoena helps to flesh out the sequence of events that led to the search of Mr. Trump’s Florida home on Monday by F.B.I. agents seeking classified material they believed might still be there, even after efforts by the National Archives and the Justice Department to ensure that it had been returned.

The subpoena suggests that the Justice Department tried methods short of a search warrant to account for the material before taking the politically explosive step of sending F.B.I. agents unannounced to Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s home and members-only club."
"Two people briefed on the classified documents that investigators believe remained at Mar-a-Lago indicated that they were so sensitive in nature, and related to national security, that the Justice Department had to act.

The subpoena was first disclosed by John Solomon, a conservative journalist who has also been designated by Mr. Trump as one of his representatives to the National Archives.

The existence of the subpoena is being used by allies of Mr. Trump to make a case that the former president and his team were cooperating with the Justice Department in identifying and returning the documents in question and that the search was unjustified.

The Justice Department declined to comment. Christina Bobb, a lawyer working for Mr. Trump, did not respond to messages. It is not clear what precise materials the subpoena sought or what documents the former president might have provided in response."
"The subpoena factored into a visit that Jay Bratt, the Justice Department’s top counterintelligence official, made with a small group of other federal officials to Mar-a-Lago weeks later, in early June, one of the people said.

The officials met with Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Evan Corcoran. Mr. Trump, who likes to play host and has a long history of trying to charm officials inquiring about his practices, also made an appearance. During the visit, the officials examined a basement storage area where the former president had stowed material that had come with him from the White House.

A few days after the visit, Mr. Bratt emailed Mr. Corcoran and told him to further secure the remaining documents, which were kept in the storage area with a stronger padlock, one of the people said. The email was reported earlier by The Wall Street Journal.

Then, they subpoenaed surveillance footage from the club, which could have given officials a glimpse of who was coming in and out of the storage area, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. They received footage specifically from areas of the club where they believed the documents might have been stored, the person said."
"During the same period, investigators were in contact with a number of Mr. Trump’s aides who had some visibility into how he stored and moved documents around the White House and who still worked for him, three people familiar with the events said.

Among those whom investigators reached out to was Molly Michael, Mr. Trump’s assistant in the outer Oval Office who also went to work for him at Mar-a-Lago, three people familiar with the outreach said.

Investigators have also reached out to Derek Lyons, the former White House staff secretary, whose last day was Dec. 18, 2020, and no longer works for Mr. Trump, with questions about the process for handling documents, according to a person familiar with the outreach.

Federal officials came to believe that Mr. Trump had not relinquished all the material that left the White House with him at the end of his term, according to three people familiar with the investigation.

Less than two months later, about two dozen F.B.I. agents, intentionally not wearing the blue wind breakers emblazoned with the agency’s logo usually worn during searches, appeared at Mar-a-Lago with a warrant.

The club was closed; Mr. Trump was in the New York area; the F.B.I. startled a crew fixing a large fountain, a maid who was dusting and a handful of Secret Service agents who guard the complex.

The search warrant was broad, allowing the agents to investigate all areas of the club where classified materials might have been stored. They went through the basement, Mr. Trump’s office and at least part of his residence at the club.

After hours of searching, they left with several boxes that were not filled to the brim and in at least some cases simply contained sealed envelopes of material that the agents took and were otherwise empty, one person familiar with the search said."
"The person said that the F.B.I. left behind a two-page manifest of what was taken.

Mr. Trump’s team has declined to disclose the contents of the search warrant. A number of organizations, including The New York Times, are seeking in federal court to have it unsealed.

Some senior Republicans have been warned by allies of Mr. Trump not to continue to be aggressive in criticizing the Justice Department and the F.B.I. over the matter because it is possible that more damaging information related to the search will become public.

When Mr. Trump left the White House after refusing to concede that he had lost the 2020 election and seeking frantically to stay in power, a number of boxes of material made their way from the West Wing to Florida.

In the boxes was a mash of papers, along with items like a raincoat and golf balls, according to people briefed on the contents. The National Archives tried for months after Mr. Trump left office to retrieve the material, engaging in lengthy discussions with his representatives to acquire what should have been properly stored by the archives under the Presidential Records Act.

When archivists recovered 15 boxes this year, they discovered several pages of classified material and referred the matter to the Justice Department. But officials later came to believe that additional classified material remained at Mar-a-Lago.

Some of Mr. Trump’s advisers have maintained that they were trying all along to cooperate with federal officials and had kept an open line of communication.

But others familiar with federal officials’ efforts to recover the documents have said that Mr. Trump resisted returning property that belonged to the government, despite being told that he needed to.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

The vise is tightening around Donald Trump as 2024 decision looms


The FBI's search of Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate on Monday makes one thing crystal clear: The legal vise is tightening around the former President even as he weighs whether to run for president again in 2024.
"My beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents," Trump posted on Truth Social, his preferred social network, on Monday evening. He added that "they even broke into my safe." Agents appear to be focused on the area of the sprawling estate where Trump's living quarters and offices are located.
It was not immediately clear what the FBI was after -- or what, specifically, the agents were looking for. Boxes of items were taken during the search, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN.

We do know that federal investigators issued a subpoena to the National Archives and Records Administration in May for access to classified documents that were taken to Trump's home in Florida -- part of a grand jury investigation into whether Trump or anyone else close to him mishandled classified documents that he took with him after leaving the White House last January.

Earlier this year, 15 boxes of White House records that Trump had brought to Mar-a-Lago were retrieved and returned to the National Archives. Among the items in the returned boxes included letters from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and former President Barack Obama.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Donald Trump on the Fifth Amendment:
>“The mob takes the Fifth.”
>“If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment.”
>“Taking the Fifth, I think it’s disgraceful.”
>Donald Trump is currently pleading the Fifth.
>By his own logic, #TrumpIsGuilty
>Twitter · 2 hours ago

It's called integrity and living by the bar you set on everyone else. The politicians are worthless piles of shit but no one is surprised
he broke the law that he signed in 2018: https://www.businessinsider.com/law-trump-signed-2018-may-punish-him-classified-info-2022-8
he also murdered ivana to cover up for trump org tax fraud btw
>you really think this happened because of mean tweets?

>he broke the law that he signed in 2018
[citation needed]
there’s literally a link citing it in the post you replied to, retard
>>you really think this happened because of mean tweets?
twitter is worse than any violent videogame.


>muh global warming platform
Who needs AC?
1st world countries should just stop. Talking.

File: 16599588832310.jpg (235 KB, 537x699)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Britons Advised To Stop Showering To Conserve Energy

By Charles Kennedy - Aug 08, 2022, 11:30 AM CDT
Water utilities in the UK are advising customers to save water and energy by using damp towels or spray bottles instead of taking showers during a heatwave and drought this summer.

Customers say the pieces of advice water companies are giving are "laughable," including looking up a four-minute-long song to take a shower or collecting the cold water in the shower until the water heats up, the Mail on Sunday reports. Other advice includes using oak barrels to collect rainwater.

Water supplies in the UK are reduced due to the recent heatwaves and a lack of rain, and some utilities have already introduced hosepipe bans in some areas to save water resources.

Cat Hobbs, a campaigner at We Own It, which calls for water companies to be put into public ownership, told Mail on Sunday: "Are the firms competing to offer the daftest advice? Who has an oak barrel, even if there was any chance of rain to fill it? 'Water firms' hypocrisy is incredible."

Customers and campaigners accuse water utilities of paying millions of pounds to their bosses and shareholders while giving "daft" advice to people to save resources.

Meanwhile, UK customers are paying more and more on their energy bills, and those bills are set to rise further by the end of the year.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Half of Europe is 51st state.
Half of the USA is Africa! They don't wash there at all!
>Half of the USA is Africa!

if you watch US television or advertising, you'd certainly think so - in actuality, blacks are only like 13% of the total population - mainly amassed into major cities.
Before the coming of the vikings, every englishman washed only once in his life - at baptism. Now british will be able to repeat this tradition.
Add to these percentages the number of Arabs, Asians, blacks with French or English citizenship.

File: 1660143388016.jpg (289 KB, 570x713)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Former president DonaldTrumpon Wednesday he declined to answer questions and invoked his right against self-incrimination during a deposition with investigators working forNew YorkAttorney GeneralLetitia James’ office.

“Under the advice of my counsel and for all of the above reasons, I declined to answer the questions under the rights and privileges afforded to every citizen under the United States Constitution,” Mr Trump said at the end of a lengthy, rambling statement filled with attacks on Ms James, who has been overseeing a long-running probe into whether Mr Trump’s eponymous real estate company violated New York tax laws.

Shortly after posting on his own social media platform about having arrived at Ms James’ “very plush, beautiful, and expensive” offices, the ex-president sent out the statement through his government-funded post-presidential office.

Under an image of the Great Seal of the United States, Mr Trump accused the Empire State’s top prosecutor of “mak[ing] a career” of “attacking” him and his business and of being “a failed politician who has intentionally colluded with others” to “carry out this phony years-long crusade that has wasted countless taxpayer dollars”.

“What Letitia James has tried to do the last three years is a disgrace to the legal system, an affront to New York State taxpayers, and a violation of the solemn rights and protections afforded by the United States Constitution,” said Mr Trump, who added that he “did nothing wrong”.

35 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>You know the ones he's been desperate to hide for the past 7 years?
You mean during the time the IRS had his taxes for an audit?

>Does this mean Trump is finally going to jail?
No, cope
>I fucking hope that orange fat bastard rots for ruining the economy
Yeah. Lower inflation, surging consumer confidence and $2.50 a gallon gas was awful

>him pleading the fifth can be looked at as hiding guilt of something
I don't think you understand how the 5th amendment works.

Moreover: this investigation by NY has been going on for what, 3 years now? They've had two years to get proof and an entire year with a Democrat in the whitehouse where Trump didn't have executive protection to do something, and they've done nothing. At this point all they had was the hopes of fishing something out of Trump's testimony to use against him, and now they don't have that.
>The IRS
Who couldn't release it on their own.
I know following the rule of law is a foreign idea to you shills
Wouldn't it have been FOIL-able at that point?

But hey, you'd think if there was an issue Than the IRS would have said something. Weird.
Trump would argue it's still private since it's his personal taxes, the reason it's been taking so long is because he's just been dragging it through the courts like everything else.
If Democrats had a brain they'd just release it all publicly, Republicans are going to bitch anyway, might as well give them the finger.
Whether it gets leaked or not probably depends on if he's running or not.

File: FZBcMFtUcAAOfxI.jpg (439 KB, 2879x1460)
439 KB
439 KB JPG

Video of Russian Ammo cooking after the Ukrainian HIMARS attack

Ukraine continues to escalate its bombardment of Russian supply lines in southern Ukraine. But it might not matter that much in the end. Emphasis on might.

Before dawn on Sunday, Ukrainian forces—perhaps a battery of American-made High-Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems—reportedly struck a 40-car train carrying ammunition from supply dumps in occupied Crimea to Russian forces in Kherson Oblast.

The train exploded, killing as many as 80 Russians. Video reportedly depicting the blaze circulated online Wednesday.

The artillery raid in Brylivka, 20 miles southeast of Kherson, reportedly wrecked the train and the rails. It was the fourth time the Ukrainians have destroyed a Russian supply train.

“As a result of a Ukrainian strike against a Russian ammunition train in Kherson Oblast, southern Ukraine, it is highly unlikely the rail link connecting Kherson with Crimea remains operational,” the U.K. Defense Ministry stated.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Having expended most of its combat power—first trying and failing to capture Kyiv and then trying and succeeding in capturing the twin cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region—the Russian army is tired.

>It has buried at least 15,000 of its best troops. A frantic recruitment drive is raising a few new battalions, but the recruits are heading to the front with outdated weapons and just 30 days of training.
I thought it was more like 200000 Russians dead.
>I thought it was more like 200000 Russians dead.
Where are you getting your news from? RT?
Its 200000000 confirmed kills.
80k wounded or dead.

Out of the fight. But this article seems to be using deaths only? Either way doesn’t Russia still say they only lost 2k? What’s their official number now?
The numbers are probably much higher since the Russians leave their dead and wounded behind.
Yeah ok ivan
The most recent Ukrainian report stated over 6 million Russian military casualties

File: 1658910505891485.png (2 MB, 1200x1697)
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A Russian airbase deep behind the frontline in Crimea has been damaged by several large explosions, killing at least one person, although it was not immediately clear whether it had been targeted by a long-range Ukrainian missile strike.

Multiple social media videos showed explosions and clouds emerging from the Saky military base in Novofedorivka on the western coast of Crimea on Tuesday afternoon, prompting questions about how a location more than 100 miles (160km) from the frontline could have been attacked. Later a senior Ukrainian official appeared to claim responsibility, without giving details.

Russia’s defence ministry told the RIA Novosti news agency that the explosions took place at about 3.20pm local time, and that “several aviation munitions detonated” in a storage area. It said it was trying to discern the cause of the incident.

Russian tourists holidaying on beaches nearby could be seen leaving in fear. It is one of few occasions that the peninsula, occupied by Russia since 2014, has been directly affected by the latest fighting. Local people told one Russian news site that explosions went on for an hour.

Sergey Aksyonov, the Russian-appointed head of occupied Crimea, said one person had died. Earlier, he had filmed a video statement near the site, with smoke rising in the distance, saying that ambulance crews and medics were on the scene.

Ukrainian officials were slower to comment on the incident but in the early evening, one adviser to the president, Mikhail Podolyak, appeared to suggest the strike could herald a new phase of the conflict.

Podolyak said that Kyiv’s long-term goal was “demilitarisation of the Russian Federation”. He added: “The future of the Crimea is to be a pearl of the Black Sea, a national park with unique nature and a world resort. Not a military base for terrorists. It is just the beginning.”
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Considering how what feels like every other strike on Ukranian cities is a false flag according to them maybe they just wanted to even the odds a little :^)
Go to bed Ivan. Organic posters don't give a single shit about supporting Russia.
At least 4 Su-30SMs and 7 Su-24M(R)s were destroyed in the attack.
Up that number
You ugly shit go troll twitter

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Lefty defund the police is about distributing money to social programs that are shown to reduce crime or to give things like mental health checks to social workers and crisis counselors. In this case, it's entirely appropriate for the feds to raid a traitor's house because he kept a bunch of national security secrets.
Found the MVE
Why not have zionist or any mention of zionist being MVE speech?
>back fires and people read nat soc literature and become the next George Rockwells
>people look up jews and embrace the question with dancing Israelis, Mossad investigations, weather underground etc.
>they should add mentions of zionism to the list
>we never meant to abolish the police entirely
>yes we said it but what we meant was...
>yes we quoted Camden, NJ multiple times but-
So how's that neighborhood watch idea working out for Minneapolis?
The exact program I described is working pretty well in Denver, but I guess that doesn’t jive with your propaganda.

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Paul Manafort, the chairman of former president Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, has admitted sharing confidential campaign polling data with a suspected Russian intelligence officer at the same time Moscow was interfering in the 2016 election on Mr Trump’s behalf.

In an interview with Insider, Mr Manafort — who was later convicted of tax evasion but received a pardon from the ex-president — said he shared the data, which the Department of the Treasury described as “sensitive information on polling and campaign strategy”, with suspected Russian intelligence officer Konstantin Kilimnik in hopes of financial gain for himself, not to aid Russia’s efforts to help Mr Trump defeat Hillary Clinton.

"The data that I shared with him was a combination of public information and stuff for the spring that was — it was old,” said Mr Manafort, whose claim is at odds with what he told his former deputy, Rick Gates, in an email seized by federal investigators during the Justice Department’s probe into whether the Trump campaign had ties to Russia’s pro-Trump interference efforts.

The email, which was seized by investigators working for then-special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller, said Mr Manafort ordered Gates — who was also convicted of multiple federal crimes discovered during Mr Mueller’s probe — to provide Mr Kilimnik with internal data from just two weeks before a meeting with the alleged Russian agent.
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>no because i can't
>I can't because it's factual
You can just tell me I'm right anon, it's okay. It's only 4chan, the sting will subside
u mad?
Thank you magatards for putting a literal traitor in the office! You truly have America's best interest unlike those evil satanic devil worshipping libs!
Trump conspired with the Russians.
Don Jr. did.

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