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On August 22nd last year, roughly three hundred far-right activists showed up to a protest in downtown Portland. Their ranks included Proud Boys, as well as members of Patriot Coalition and Patriot Prayer. The event was billed as a “Back the Blue” rally in front of the city’s Justice Center, which had been a focal point for months of anti-police brutality demonstrations.

Some among the hundreds of right-wing attendees open-carried firearms, brought shields adorned with QAnon slogans and wielded hand-held weapons. These included batons, baseball bats and bear mace, a particularly volatile form of pepper spray originally designed to protect campers from grizzly bear attacks. Violent clashes with left-wing counter-protesters ensued (one of the authors of this article had his hand broken after being assaulted by a Proud Boy while reporting on the protest).

Alan Swinney, a towering 50-year-old man popular in the crowd of far-right activists was filmed and photographed in the thick of the action that day. Swinney has “Proud Boy” tattooed on his right arm, although the Proud Boys deny he is affiliated with their organization. Video footage shows Swinney barking orders at the crowd while a reporter from Oregon Public Broadcasting tweeted a video he said showed Swinney shooting into the crowd with a paintball gun.

Swinney was later photographed drawing his side arm and pointing it at protesters with his finger visible on the trigger. While police stayed several blocks away, there were multiple injuries in a brawl that went on for more than an hour. Eventually, left-wing counter-protesters assembled and advanced on the far-right crowd, forcing them out of downtown Portland. At the end of it all, one activist found a bodycam on the ground and picked it up.

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Yes, you're doing exactly what he's saying. You're basically a concerned troll.
So this is proof that the attacks in CHOP were false flags.
>You are not infallible and neither is the article.
Explain the part where the article has failed ..?

Sort of. It was pre-planned conspiracy to provoke reactions that could then be used as figleaves to pretend they were "defending" themselves. Not the classic false flag operation that people usually mean by the term, but a more indirect action that accomplishes the same goals: pour gasoline into a situation, agitate, then look for the slightest excuse to pretend "someone else" lite the match and smear everyone on "the other side" as having "started it."
>a possibility the videos COULD be from 2017
No. That "possibility" does not exist. What is happening here is that you lack the basic cognitive ability to read English for comprehension. The article very clearly lays out when these protests were taking place, which was on specific dates during 2020. The transcription of what these goons are saying in their own words on video uses terms and phrases that didn't exist before 2020. It's clear the camera had the wrong date set on it when it was first put into use, and that later it was realized the date was wrong and reset to the correct date.

tl;dr -- You're pretty fucking retarded. Get your high school English teacher to go over the article with you and help you comprehend what;s in it.
Reread the article. The journalist does a great job citing which video is being referenced for each given point. The first 5 videos are the only ones labeled 2017 and these are the least cited with definite details of time/place. The only explicit details given for these being mislabeled in the article is the discussion of masks and that he was having conversations about upcoming protests in Portland. Given that these protests were happening in 2017, this is hardly conclusive proof of a mislabeled date. The mask part is more compelling, but after listening to the cited point in the first video it is just them complaining that they have a hard time reading emotions when talking to someone wearing a mask. While interesting, it isn't definitive proof and given the proliferation of masks in everyday life following Covid it could be a biased interpretation that any mention of masks must be after the start of the pandemic.

>their own words on video uses terms and phrases that didn't exist before 2020
Such as? Please cite the exact video and time within the first 5 videos (the ones labeled 2017) where they do this. The other videos are clearly from 2020.

File: congressnig.jpg (329 KB, 1395x898)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
>Democratic congresswoman refuses to return contribution from accused child molester Jeffrey Epstein

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just look at the "BLM" mission statement, very little to do with black people, lots to do with lgbtpedo+
Why do rightists directly contribute to pedophiles'
>inb4 I never donated to Trump
>inb4 Trump is in those pictures w Epstein to... ugh... fight the deep state ?!?!?!
Over 15, some intentionally with out ss.
I hate to say it, but BLM may be a fagop, using police thuggery as a vehicle to promote faggottry to black people.
Having a (D) next to your name can even get you laid incel.

I wasn't proud of it, and neither were my coworkers. But that's life in today's China.

This is the story of Li An, a pseudonymous former employee at ByteDance, as told to Protocol's Shen Lu.

It was the night Dr. Li Wenliang struggled for his last breath in the emergency room of Wuhan Central Hospital. I, like many Chinese web users, had stayed awake to refresh my Weibo feed constantly for updates on his condition. Dr. Li was an ophthalmologist who sounded the alarm early in the COVID-19 outbreak. He soon faced government intimidation and then contracted the virus. When he passed away in the early hours of Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, I was among many Chinese netizens who expressed grief and outrage at the events on Weibo, only to have my account deleted.

I felt guilt more than anger. At the time, I was a tech worker at ByteDance, where I helped develop tools and platforms for content moderation. In other words, I had helped build the system that censored accounts like mine. I was helping to bury myself in China's ever-expanding cyber grave.

I hadn't received explicit directives about Li Wenliang, but Weibo was certainly not the only Chinese tech company relentlessly deleting posts and accounts that night. I knew ByteDance's army of content moderators were using the tools and algorithms that I helped develop to delete content, change the narrative and alter memories of the suffering and trauma inflicted on Chinese people during the COVID-19 outbreak. I couldn't help but feel every day like I was a tiny cog in a vast, evil machine.

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This is a very interesting article.
Sadly it will be slid by the changposters
You can't slide on /news/
>You can't slide on /news

No, but you can refuse to bump "pseudonymous" (aka. unprovable) assertions that demonise China as part of an ongoing campaign.
Now now Chang, let's not get all worked up.

I think we both know the things you'd like to see happen to the people who don't "hide behind pseudonyms". But you'll be a good boy and refuse to acknowledge that, lest you be sent out camping by the CCP.
so basically china is privately selling their platform moderation methods to western political powers. sounds futuristic.

File: 1612785724985.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
Press S to spit on grave


Rep. Ron Wright, a Texas Republican, died Sunday after testing positive for the coronavirus, his campaign announced in a statement on Monday. He is the first sitting member of Congress to die after being diagnosed with the virus.

Wright, 67, said last month he began a quarantine on Jan. 15 after coming into contact with an individual who had the virus a week earlier. He said he tested positive for the virus the following week on Jan. 21.

A statement issued through Wright's campaign office said his wife, Susan Wright, was by his side at the time of his death and that he passed away peacefully.

"Ron and Susan Wright shared a deep and abiding relationship with their Lord and Savior. For that reason, Ron remained stoic in the face of his health challenges and incredibly upbeat about the future of the state and the nation he loved so much," the statement said.

Wright, who was serving his second term in the House, marks the first member of Congress to die of the illness. Wright had been treated for cancer for several years, according to his office.

"Over the past few years, Congressman Wright had kept a rigorous work schedule on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and at home in Texas' Congressional District 6 while being treated for cancer. For the previous two weeks, Ron and Susan had been admitted to Baylor Hospital in Dallas after contracting COVID-19," the statement from his office said.

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>Who was trying to argue that a zygote was equal to a 42 year old?
Anon 1, since he says they’re both equally human/persons as far as I know.

>is a newborn equal to a 42 year old man? A 5 year old?
For humanity, yes. Personhood, maybe, depending on who you ask. But to extend this analogy, there is a bigger gap between a zygote and a newborn, versus a newborn and a 42 year old man. And there are qualities that newborns or hell, even semi developed fetuses at particular stages of development possess, that a newly made zygote does not. Zygotes don’t even think, or are sentient, which gives infants and fetuses (at generally later stages of growth) a higher spot in the totem pole of personhood.

> Regardless of "state or status" all people deserve equal protection under the law, so this is just a bad way all around to try and make your case.
100% agree. The main question is, if a zygote is a person at all. Some people even say newborns aren’t people (in a strict sense), least until they reach a certain stage of maturity. Though there are other qualifiers, like sentience or the like, that still protect them the same as full fledged people.

> but for the most part our main concern is limitations in access to tissue necessary to study early human development. The most frustrating thing for me is that research funds often limit the use of aborted tissue, which just seems wasteful.
That is true, but the ethical reasons are beyond me. I think it’s an attempt to limit exploitation? Otherwise I agree fully with you, it’s just
Iike donating your body to science. Noble.

> the genetic/conception angle

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>The Zygote has life, and lives, but not to the same level of life as a walking, talking, human...
Neither does a baby, or a cripple, or someone with major birth defects. It's wrong to try and establish a "totem pole of personhood," and you'd think all the injustices wrought against people in the name of just such thinking would be proof enough of why that's a bad idea.
>Anon 1 said they are both equal
Only if you take the disingenous strawman of prolife beliefs at face value. Given the rest of the post, it it clear this was not meant to be a legitimate argument and we shouldn't treat it as such.

>personhood arguments
This is subjective and depending on how you define a person, when a being becomes a person, etc. In your definitions, you are consistent in your argument, but consider that someone else may choose to apply different definitions for personhood and be equally consistent. The inability to have a concrete definition is where the problems arise. Unfortunately everyone tends to get bullheaded and refuse to consider other definitions as potentially valid which is why the discussions of abortion get so heated. Ultimately we are asking for legislation on when a being becomes a person and there is just no way to do that without pissing somebody off. No argument is wholly consistent all the way through, with exceptions needing to be made to provide legal protection to those that for some reason fail to qualify for reason or another. As for the sentience argument, one I can think of is if this applies to people in deep comas or who are in some other way deeply cognitively impaired. This has led people to take the most broad approach of defining post fertilization as a person, but then that causes all sorts of legal issues with regards to the mothers autonomy. Outside of the obvious abortion issue, what about if a mother drinks or smokes in the first trimester before being made aware of pregnancy? What about her poor diet? Nitpicky details for sure, but that is what law is built upon.

>What does genetic distinction do to convey personhood
About as much as "sentience." I know that answer won't make you happy, but it is true. They are just arbitrary definitions we use to draw lines. Some choose one for religious reasons, others for practical. I'm not trying to convince you of one or the other, so not much more to say.
I will address the donation to science part here since it seperate from the rest of the discussion but still super interesting.

The ethics behind it are a bit strange since in this case it boils down to whether you accept abortion as something which should be allowed or not. If the answer is yes, then allowing a mother to consent for he aborted fetus to be used for research would be just as simple as releasing other tissue procured for such purposes, be they a body or skin biopsy. With the advent of induced pluripotent stem cell techniques, we are not able to take a skin biopsy from a patient, convert it to a stem cell and then use it for research for years if not decades. This is incredibly powerful for disease modeling since we are able to use tissue from a person with a disorder and potentially identify the underlying causes by modeling development in vitro. There are different levels of consent which give greater autonomy to the researcher, but ultimately it is a fairly standard process. So really the only ethical debate, outside of the hardest of hardcore fundies, is solely focused on the abortion angle.

>limit exploitation
See now this is the part that bothers me. We don't exploit people. As researchers who use public funds (the vast majority) we are legally bound by the consents we receive. I am almost certain that private research is the same since this is legal doctrine, but they get a but more wiggle room. That said, there are very strict rules with regards to paying patients for donated tissue and a good rule of thumb is to NEVER compensate. This means the vast majority of tissue is freely donated. We do pay the processing facility which stores and transports to various labs, but that is to cover their costs, not to pay the patient for the donation. This is to limit exploitation of low income individuals from being coerced into donating.

So the only real issue people have is with abortion itself and they attack the science in its place
>Bye bye bailouts.
You're literally arguing for unconstitutional, coercive, irresistible pressure though. Not, "we'll neglect to allocate a small percentage of budgetary funding", but "we'll completely slash federal funds unless you comply". It's EXACTLY the fucking thing that case deems illegal.
>The governor(s) do. Don’t see any biting the hand of Uncle Sam yet.
The entire reason you started with your autism on this subject is because some governors HAVEN'T complied with instituting a uniform national lockdown and ordered their own mandates. The entire reason you insist the executive should try to extort them is that they aren't doing it.
>I’m sure the lawmakers who turned your nation into an Orwellian failed state had a few empty phrases to justify their actions too.
Yes, namely the EXACT SAFETY ABOVE FREEDOM IDEOLOGY YOUR RETARDED ASS IS PUSHING. That is PRECISELY the goddamn thinking that leads to corrupt oligarchs seizing power, exploiting the population in the name of a supposedly oh-so-just cause, and ruining nations. When you trade freedom for safety, you ALWAYS GET NEITHER.
The fact you refuse to name your own trash heap of a country just shows how disingenuous you are.
>variants develop
Nigger lockdowns don't stop the development of variants, some have already come from countries that have lockdowns. And to remind your stupid ass again, vaccines AREN'T big pharma's moneymaker, they make countless billions of dollars more from prescribed and over the counter drugs.
>Again, choose the option that saves lives immediately.
>just buy into our propaganda so you hastily trade everything away and let us oppress you in the name of "saving lives" prole
Literally the same trick every single dictatorial, oligarchical regime has used for like 4000 years and yet like the paint-huffing retard that you are you continue to lap it up every single fucking time.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that President Biden's administration will not push to deport illegal immigrants who are convicted of driving under the influence or drug-related crimes.

“The priority for the enforcement of immigration laws on those who are posing a national security threat … a public safety threat, and on recent arrivals,” Psaki said during Monday’s press briefing. “Nobody is saying that DUIs or assault are acceptable behavior, and those arrested for such activities should be tried and sentenced as appropriate by local law enforcement. But we’re talking about the prioritization of who is going to be deported from the country.”

Instead, the plan will focus on immigrants who pose an immediate national security threat.

“Generally, these convictions would not include drug-based crimes (less serious offenses), simple assault, DUI, money laundering, property crimes, fraud, tax crimes, solicitation, or charges without convictions,” acting ICE Director Tae Johnson said in an email to senior officials.

Asked if this was the kind of “change” in immigration enforcement Biden was referring to during the presidential debates, Psaki said it was only part of a broader plan for the administration.

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Remember when Trump offered Northern European whites a fast track immigration to the US? That elicited a roaring belly laugh from them as they laughed out, "Thx, but no fucking way. Why would we want to immigrate to a 3rd world fascist banana republic?"
anyone who is not a native american should be deported from the us
>and the state should not have to utilize taxpayer money to retain said offenders.
fucking retard
sure, start by sending blacks to africa :^)
>slams them
journo speak detected

File: 1613578730093.gif (392 KB, 245x301)
392 KB
392 KB GIF
Press S to spit on grave


Conservative talk show radio host and Republican party icon Rush Limbaugh has died. He was 70 years old.

His wife Kathryn announced his passing on his radio show Wednesday, saying Limbaugh died earlier this morning.

“Rush will forever be the greatest of all time,” she said.

Limbaugh had been battling advanced lung cancer since February.

Back in October, Limbaugh provided this somber update on his show: “You know, I wake up every day and thank God that I did. I go to bed every night praying I’m gonna wake up. I don’t know how many of you do that, those of you who are not sick, those of you who are not facing something like I and countless other millions are.”

Former President Donald Trump awarded Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom during his most recent State of the Union address

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
116 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Freedom of speech!
>echo echo echo
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Friday ordered flags to be lowered at half-staff in honor of notoriously racist radio host Rush Limbaugh, who died from lung cancer at age 70 this week.

Praising Limbaugh as an “absolute legend,” DeSantis announced during a press briefing that he would be issuing the order once the date of the deceased commentator’s interment is announced.

“He was a friend of mine and just a great person,” the Florida governor said, per local news outlet WFLA.

Limbaugh’s legacy as a famous shock jockey largely consisted of racist drivel, like playing “Barack, the Magic Negro” in reference to President Barack Obama, proposing that the NBA change its name to “the Thug Basketball Association,” arguing that white people “not have guilt about slavery,” and calling the Black Lives Matter organization a “terrorist group.”

He also hosted an entire segment dedicated to mocking LGBTQ people who died from AIDS and smeared a young law student who was advocating for birth control to be included in health care coverage as a “slut” and a “prostitute.”
sucking big tobacco dick isn't an achievement worth celebrating bro
Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado has faced online backlash from critics after urging President Joe Biden to lower flags to half-staff to honor the life of Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh, an unflinchingly conservative radio host and icon, died Wednesday at the age of 70 after a battle with lung cancer. "I'm calling on Joe Biden to order flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of Rush Limbaugh," Boebert tweeted on Friday.

But her call was met with opposition.

News of Limbaugh's death dealt a heavy blow to conservatives who viewed him as a fearless truth-teller who wasn't afraid to fall on the wrong side of political correctness in his pursuit of standing against the tyranny of the elite, the idiocies of big government and the out-of-touch left-wing academics and journalists.

On the other hand, Democrats and critics have continued to oppose Limbaugh's rhetoric after his passing, with some attributing the country's political polarization to his alleged use of bigoted lies and "alternate" facts.

Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego of Arizona tweeted, "You didn't call on President Trump to ask him to lower the flag for the officer killed during the January 6th insurrection... but you do for a divisive figure?"


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: covidhateLOL - Copy.jpg (41 KB, 759x500)
41 KB
>How long you think MSM is going to try and pin obvious racist hate crimes like these on covid?


Man arrested for assaulting 3 elderly victims in Oakland’s Chinatown

by: Liz Jassin, Maureen Kelly
Posted: Feb 8, 2021 / 01:33 PM PST / Updated: Feb 8, 2021 / 07:57 PM PST

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Today at a news conference that was originally intended to publicize a $30,000 award being offered in the case, Oakland’s brand new police chief was able to tell the media and Chinatown residents that the case is closed. Police arrested the suspect tied to a string of Chinatown assaults, including one showing a 91-year-old man pushed to the ground in a now-viral video. Chief Armstrong also says he is beefing up resources in the city ahead of the Lunar New Year next weekend. “Today we’re sending a message to those who commit crimes in the city that we will pursue you, and we will arrest you. It is not acceptable for things like this to happen in our community.” On Monday, police identified Yahya Muslim as the suspect of the three attacks and arrested him. He is currently in custody at the Santa Rita Jail.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Scientific experiment to see if any Asians actually know kung fu
Jews are black though.
what else to expect from an ape?
hilarious when there's all these cucked asian american activist trying to pretend that the asian community have """black allies"""

what a fucking joke. fuck niggers.
Uhm Comrades....He ain't white

File: hobo dem master..jpg (10 KB, 240x170)
10 KB
People who dont live or pay any taxes in the town created own organization to defend themselves against town toughs and their gay children. THE NOMAD ASSOCIATION MADE NOW ITS MOVE!! FEAR THE NOMAD! NOMAD IS LOVE!! NOMAD IS SAFETY!!! NOMAD IS FUTURE!!

Advocates for homeless people have raised concerns about the move to deploy more than 600 New York City uniformed police officers to patrol the subway system in the wake of deadly stabbings.

Two people were killed and four were injured in a rash of stabbing attacks over the weekend. All of the victims appeared to be homeless.

Transit Chief Kathleen O'Reilly said 644 officers will patrol platforms, inspect trains, secure entryways and ride in subway cars for the “foreseeable future.”

But homeless advocates argued the heavy police presence won't protect those in need of shelter.

“Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo need to respond not with more stigmatization and callousness toward people without homes, or heavy-handed police removals, but with real and immediate access to housing for unsheltered New Yorkers,” Giselle Routhier, policy director at the Coalition for the Homeless in New York, told ABC News.

15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Stop and frisk is fascist you retard and violates the Constitution "search and seizure" clause requiring probable cause.
i agree with this.
murdering all the homeless doesnt sound like too bad of an idea.
Stop paying them assistance, if they have mental problems use their portion of money for medical care and housing.

any money left over will provide jobs for those who are willing to work

those who are not should be sent to Australia.
Lol, homeless union. Can anyone think of any group that would have less leverage over anyone?
Would rather depend on how many charity groups , which no doubt started and organized the thing to begin with, donate into to their pot. Could actually turn into quite a force for legislation change.
Their first move will be the FUCK SUPER JUST BLOW ME
campaign in CA.
Yes, it would be fascist to stop and frisk white or asian people, but most crimes are done by black men and if you exclusively stop and frisk blacks you will significantly reduce crime. Being black is probable cause.

“Most of the drug traffickers, they invest in shopping malls, dairy farms, real estate, jewelry but El Mencho is very astute and invests more equipment for his men and to get more men into the ranks of Jalisco New Generation.”

Vigil believes the incredibly paranoid drug lord is not going to be captured any time soon as he hunkers down behind with this private army.

He points to a 2015 attempt to capture El Mencho as a sign of just how vicious the kingpin can be.


The Mexican air force brought in helicopters flew them over a convoy carrying the cartel boss but in a terrifying display of firepower, his bodyguards shot one of them down with a rocket launcher.


8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
When Nations are involved in the drug trade for their dark monies, why would they capture the supplier's?
50,000 counterfeit pills seized in Las Vegas according to DEA.

Biden's got it handled.
The drug mules may come and go freely
According to a 2016 United Nations report, England and Wales are the countries with the highest rate of cocaine usage (2.4% of adults in the previous year).[108] Other countries where the usage rate meets or exceeds 1.5% are Spain and Scotland (2.2%), the United States (2.1%), Australia (2.1%), Uruguay (1.8%), Brazil (1.75%), Chile (1.73%), the Netherlands (1.5%) and Ireland (1.5%).
>England and Wales are the countries with the highest rate of cocaine usage
Finally, Brexit explained. I thought that mere stupidity didn't cover all the bases. But, drug-fueled stupidity puts it over the top. Also explains BoJo the Clown's behavior. Classic coke head.

Weird there are no threads about how biden supports the genocide in china. I'm sure that isn't because of all the communist shills on here or anything
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
We aren't trolling, Biden is pro genocide.
Biden is a massive piece of shit with literally no redeemable characteristics
>imfuckingplying that all you /pol/tards who make these threads haven't been cheering on China for years for "dealing with Muslims properly"
Yeah, the people being persecuted by China aren't anywhere near dark enough to warrant persecution under AMERICAN VALUES.
Yeah everyone with darker skin is totally a braindead victim because the Democrats told me so. Get the fuck out and take some responsibility in your life crybaby.
>Yeah everyone with darker skin is totally a braindead victim because the Democrats told me so.
Are you being sarcastic? I honestly can't tell


Who's ready for a normal summer?

Also here's an article from the Atlantic, Facui thinks it'll be around May/Early June
31 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Tucker told you it was lies, cause he tells you the truth...baaaaa

>Clinical Microbiology and Infection, evaluated 103 people over the age of 18

The study is not large enough, but lies?
>swine flu vaccine
The rushed vaccine for the swine flu was the pandemic of 2009 that never happened


Guillain-Barré Syndrome and the link to flu vaccine
In 1976, there was a small increased risk of GBS after swine flu vaccination
Yes, it was 2009, not 2011 that I received the vaccine, and in july, not the usual fall vaccination

Free Flights For African Migrants

African migrants get free flights on United Airlines and Delta Airlines flights.

Refugees on Planes, Delta Airlines and United Airlines is paying for flights for African Migrants to arrive on planes in the United States.

So far refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo Africa has been the number 1 country of origin of refugees seeking admittance to the united states.

United Airlines is giving free flights to African migrants.

Miles 4 Migrants

free flights for migrants to united states

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>ate to break it to you but /pol/ doesnt know /news/ exists. Most of the chan doesnt know this board exists.
This /news/ isnt relevant at all. most of this board is made up of redditors/normies who dont want get in trouble at work because someone posted porn on a blue board.
This. /pol/ couldn't raid /news/ without outright steamrolling the board and driving the anime tranny to suicide. Any belief /news/ could withstand a /pol/ raid is classic redditor arrogance.
>dont want get in trouble at work because someone posted porn on a blue board
( . )( . )
) . (
( v )
most of /pol/ is bots, retards, or unironic shills.
/news/ has real people.
>/news/ has real people.
Unfortunately the vast majority are retards too.

I never understood this. Wouldn't you get in trouble at work for browsing 4chan in the first place instead of doing work? Is this a thing in the US where you can get paid to sit around and do nothing as long as you're not offending purityrannical sensitivities?

343 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>every other state has to deal with green energy bullshit
>many of those states get way more snow than Texas that takes weeks to melt
>"don't mess with Texas" and "we do shit out way Texas" is the only one to get fucked up this hard with a few inches of snow that already melted
>abloo bloo bloo it's green energy's fault
Into the trash it goes!

Look up el paso
Doesn't their grid only have like 7% wind energy? If I recall right, the real problem was shit like failing to winterize their shit properly since such a storm coming in and crippling their infrastructure was very improbable on any given day even though it's a certainty over the long term.
I don't know the specifics. I'm just suspicious of every right wing blog, tabloid, and /pol/ parrot trying to blame this on alternative energy. No other state is suffering this bad and some of them are more friendly to green energy than Texas.
Retards will be retards, and there's plenty of them on both sides believe me.
Blaming this on alternative energy is just as dumb as people claiming the blm looters where white supremacists

Sometimes on here I have a really hard time distinguishing dumb things that people say from dumb people from straight up propaganda made to give the appearance of idiots who believe 'x' in order to discredit group 'y'

File: Capture.jpg (62 KB, 1251x367)
62 KB
HHS Acting Secretary Norris Cochran Declares Public Health Emergency for State of Texas Due to Winter Storms

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Acting Secretary Norris Cochran declared a public health emergency for the state of Texas on Feb. 17, 2021, due to the recent winter storms. This declaration follows President Biden’s emergency declaration for the state of Texas last week. The recent HHS action allows the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to give healthcare providers and suppliers greater flexibility in meeting emergency health needs in disasters.

"As communities across Texas are facing the aftermath of severe winter weather that is unusual for the area, we are ready to provide critical support,” said HHS Acting Secretary Cochran. “The public health emergency declaration and Social Security Act waiver will help ensure our department’s continued ability to protect access to healthcare – particularly for those with Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. HHS stands ready to assist the state of Texas to get aid to those individuals and families most impacted by these storms.”

In declaring the public health emergency and authorizing flexibilities for CMS programs, Acting Secretary Cochran performed within his authority under the Public Health Service Act and Social Security Act. These actions and flexibilities are retroactive to February 11, 2021.


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>Yes, if every minimum wage worker disappeared tomorrow our economy would collapse
This argument is completely your own creation, I have never made it. Thats why I have been bemused at your constant citing of it and ridiculing you when you do so.

Upskilling workers and cutting the supply of cheap labor dosent mean there is no one to do low skill work, it simply means they get paid more as the pool of labor for those jobs contracts and employers have to compete for labour and thus there is no need for me to subsidize them.
No need to get upset anon.

>A real progressive would and does scare the shit outta you.
Nah, spent 8 months of my life in Helmand. Taliban are scary, mortars are scary... the strippers who inhabit the Fort Bragg area are scary too... but a skinny college kid kvetching about how I should pay for the cheap latin labor he relies on to keep the prices of his avocados down? Not so much.
>Secondly, the threat of automation will have a negligible effect on service industry jobs.

I knew this, but I was just being annoying.
Drones delivering stuff.
Mcdonalds roboburgerflippers.
Plumbers may still have a job.
Xray techs?
Grocery store clerks...beep beep, scanned.

Old people stuff like Physical therapists for boomers is needed now, and diaper changers in LTC facilities in 10-20 yrs.
I don't want some flip woman taking my chance of doing this fulfilling "profession", helping humanity.
Nice interacting with you, but gotta go.
Hope the taliban don't interrupt your sweet dreams too often.

Activists dumpster dives to salvage food that was thrown out by popular grocery store to feed the hungry people of Oregon without power because the government won't - gets police called on them.

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When I worked at a grocery store they used to do this, on occasion they'd save old stuff for the homeless. The issue is most of it is not good for eating or expired or growing mold. Without preservatives food does go bad rather quickly and then you're just making people sick

I think the main issue is stores don't want to make homeless people dependent on the old food because it's not as good for them, plus it's not the stores fault they're homeless, it's the governments job to get them work. Either way it can be a sad cycle for many and most people generally don't care about poor people here
Imagine if those activist bought the homeless fresh food or let them in their own housing with them how happy they would be
I mean, the point seems to be that the food WAS basically fresh, yet the store decided to throw it all out instead of donating it.
Is this the same Corporate world that now votes Democrat?
That's a compliment, cause it would mean we're not starving, have power, advanced infrastructure and people aren't dying of COVID anymore.

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