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Hello. I work for the Naval Space Command as an intelligence officer. Our team has been studying Fast Radio Burst (FRB) 180916.J0158+65 for approximately 2 years now.

It's a very old signal, originating from a very far away galaxy. What sets this FRB aside from the rest is the fact that we receive these FRB's in predictable intervals. Most FRB's are singular and are never heard from again, or will repeat at unpredictable intervals. .

180916.J0158+65 has maintained regular, observable intervals.

FRB's aren't something our teams typically pay attention to, but the peculiar nature of this FRB has put it under the microscope of the naval intelligence community.

What we've found is that there is a type of binary message embedded in each burst. This proves an intelligence behind it. Each message we've been able to extract is nearly identical to the last, with slight variations at the beginning and the end. We have no way of deciphering what the messages are supposed to say, because we have no measurable point of reference other than being able to find the message using mathematical theorems.

They don't appear to be for our ears, since the time these bursts were sent, was during a period when life on this planet was in its infancy.

We've concluded these messages were meant for someone or something else on or close to our world to pick up.

There have been attempts to whitewash and hide the significance of this discovery, but I feel people deserve to know, and this medium provides ample anonymity.

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Its Jews, we already know. Aliens aren't going to change our mind. Sorry.
As a representative of the Jewish community, I can say with absolute certainty that this has nothing to do with our Zionist crusade.
bullshit. we migrated to that galaxy half a billion years ago and sent word for the rest to come join us
It was me
the message says: "you are correct about negroes - they are bad news" over and over.

File: 2634408.jpg (125 KB, 610x406)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
fun fact: Putins conference had all journalists from all medias. Putin faced solid bullshit from western secret agents with journalists Ids and walked away with pride and honor answered all questions.

When Sleepy Joe simple banned all russian and chinese journalists and else welcomed only hand counted and friendly journalists from CIA and 5eyes controlled or paid medias.



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Some of american groups made colossal efforts to prevent this meeting from taking place. Biden was driven into a public scandal with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, from which there would be no return. He would slide into a confrontation in which some millionaires would become multimillionaires. Biden was given such a schedule that he arrived in Geneva already driven. He held out on pressure, but with the last bit of strength, " said politics scientist on the air of the Russia-1 TV channel.

The most discussed topic of the Putin-Biden summit was the aggressive behavior of the American press towards its leader. All journalists formulated questions in such a way as to push the president to criticize his Russian colleague. And they were extremely unhappy with Joe Biden's peace-loving rhetoric.

As he was about to leave, some journalist shouted after him: "Are you sure he will change his behavior?"
“I didn’t say that he will change his behavior. Where do you get this from? I said: if something affects one or another of his actions, then this is the attitude in the world to what is happening. I'm not making up anything, I'm talking about facts, ”Biden paused to answer.

so, with the Biden heading into a meeting with Biden, does that make it Russian collusion.
Bidens heading into a meeting with Biden to discuss Biden voting for Biden to stop anyone from looking into Bidens last election
>How Biden’s meeting with Putin differed from Trump’s

No money exchanged hands
Trump sure as hell never gave Vlad a blowie or was left waiting for a reach around. What a cuck.

File: 1477199942766.gif (2.61 MB, 480x320)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB GIF
A Polish resident has uncovered what may be a previously undiscovered mass grave near the grounds of the notorious Auschwitz Nazi death camp.

Police and prosecutors in the country are now probing the find after the unidentified resident spotted some 12 human skulls and a number of other human bones along a bank of the Sola river, ABC News reported.

The gruesome discovery was made near the southern Polish town of Oswiecim when water levels of the river had run low, according to the report.

Police are probing if the remains are linked to the death camp, but a spokesperson for the Auschwitz Museum told ABC Friday that they were discovered outside of its perimeter.
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t. Rudolf Höss
>it's just germans held there post war
better luck next time
6.000.012 jews, now we really know that the nazis were indeed evil
>yeah i know the germans are efficient and shit, but that many deaths per day to deal with would be a clusterfuck. dont get me started on doing the math using the actual time the camp operated..

The capacity of the crematoriums at the camp -- the main limiting factor being body disposal -- was over 4,000 a day.
what about the killer rollercoaster, will they ever find it?

File: index.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
Conservatives applauded Jon Stewart’s for embracing the coronavirus lab leak theory on The Late Show’s first post-pandemic episode.

The former Daily Show host was Stephen Colbert’s guest on Monday night for the show’s first full-audience production at the Ed Sullivan Theater since the pandemic began. Stewart and Colbert butted heads after Stewart voiced support for the theory that Covid came from a Chinese laboratory.

“And how long have you worked for Senator Ron Johnson?” Colbert asked during the exchange. This was clearly a jab at the Wisconsin senator — a longtime believer in the lab leak theory. But Stewart stood by his argument that “this is not a conspiracy.”


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Very insightful commentary really shedding light on the systemic issue with much of our leftist media
Not that many libs are triggered over this.

t. Liberal
Between this and how he tirelessly went to bat to secure funding from Congress for every single first responder on 9/11, actively using his clout to push for monetary compensation for everyone that had been injured or died, Jon is and always will be /ourjew/
Thought I recognized the stench of that particular flavor of cringe.
Have any of you clowns even watched the show? He was clearly doing satire. The joke being that the only connection is the name.

Jesus guys, watch something before spouting off nonsense

File: 14.png (637 KB, 1000x525)
637 KB
637 KB PNG

President Biden on Wednesday snapped at a CNN reporter who pressed him on what makes him confident Russian President Vladimir Putin will change his behavior following the high-stakes summit between the two world leaders.

"Why are you so confident he'll change his behavior Mr. President?" CNN's Kaitlan Collins shouted at Biden as he left a briefing with reporters in Geneva following the bilateral meeting.

"I'm not confident," Biden turned around and shouted back. "What the hell, what do you do all the time?"

Biden walked back toward the press pool, raising his finger in the air and asking Collins: "When did I say I was confident? What I said was ... what will change their behavior is if the rest of the world reacts to them and it diminishes their standing in the world."

Biden added he's "not confident of anything, I'm just stating a fact."

Collins pressed the president again, saying Putin has not changed his behavior in the past. She mentioned that the Russian president both denied any culpability related to recent cyberattacks believed to be carried out by cyber criminals in Russia and downplayed human rights abuses.

"How does that amount to a constructive meeting as president?" Collins asked Biden.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Biden is only halfway to dementia
You said it not me.
And you're 70% of the way there, what's your point?
Do you think "Biden is 50% of the way to dementia" is a good defense? I'm starting to think you haven't thought this through.
Sorry Anon, but that wasn't me. I think both of you are absolute fucking retards making dumbshit arguments that don't mean dick
Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the King's horses
And all the King's men
Couldn't put Trumpty together again!

Webuild and its U.S. subsidiary Lane Construction have signed the final agreement worth $16 billion with Texas Central LCC to build the first true high-speed railway in the United States between Dallas and Houston. The agreement is the final step ahead of the financial closure - foreseen in the coming months - and the start of construction of the mega project, which will provide fast, safe and environmentally friendly travel, create thousands of jobs and give a major boost to the economy.

The project promises to be a pivotal moment for sustainable mobility in the United States by having it join the ranks of countries that offer high-speed rail service, such as Japan, China, France and Italy.

The contract brings the value of construction orders in Webuild's backlog from the United States to 35%, confirming the country as the single biggest market for the Group.
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It's natural that every little hick town on the course of the track wants a stop. It's not natural to sell each of them a stop only to realize afterwards that it kills the HSR. That approach takes special levels of incompetence and corruption.
Yes, it'll be very interesting. The company is betting on the state seizing the land for them. Not going very well for them at the moment.

It'll have only 1 mid-stop.

No, it has nothing to do with BlackRock. Just lots of farmers and ranch owners who are understandably concerned.
This is supposedly being funded by private entities. So has nothing to do with public issues.
No this has been going on for like 8 years. As >>869455 & >>871004 alluded to the issue. The private rail company basically started buying up private land along the route. It sold the project as pylon elevated rail which people were okay with in the rural areas. It would allow farm animals, wild life, and people to move under the track without impediment. Then a couple years later they turned around and switched it to raised berm. The big problem with it now is you've created an impassible barrier across the country side with only select underpasses. So someone who might have sold only part of their land suddenly is completely cut off from land on the other side. People stopped selling and some took them to court to get their land back. They then went to the state to obtain eminent domain authority. That failed because they weren't an actual active train service. So they've now gone and bought a small rail line in Texas so they can declare themselves an active rail company to get ED powers. It's a total cluster fuck.
yeah its the our price to pay to not be commiefornia.
They can afford it. They're just retarded and decided to deregulate their energy system, so they never forced the companies that run it to weatherize it.
Texas and california are nearly the same state in how useless they both are, they just both LARP at being liberals or conservatives.

File: 1.png (615 KB, 900x600)
615 KB
615 KB PNG

Danny Fenster makes an appearance on an ‘incitement’ charge, but the US consular authorities have not been able to see him.

Danny Fenster, an American journalist arrested last month by Myanmar authorities, has made an appearance in a special court in the prison where he is being held, his employer said.

However, US consular officials are still being denied access to Fenster, State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Thursday.

A statement from Frontier Myanmar, the current affairs magazine where Fenster is managing editor, said he faces a charge of incitement, which carries a potential three-year prison term.

The charge, used frequently against dissidents and journalists, criminalises “any attempt to cause fear, spread false news, or agitate directly or indirectly a criminal offense against a government employee”.

The magazine said it did not know the reason for the charge.

“We know that Danny has done nothing to warrant this charge,” Frontier Myanmar said in a statement. “We condemn his detention and demand his immediate and unconditional release.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Another US journalist, Nathan Maung – who was also arrested in Myanmar, has been returned to the US after his release earlier this month, Price said on a Thursday briefing call with reporters.

“We are doing everything we can to see to it that Danny Fenster is reunited with his family,” Price said. “We are, of course, very gratified by the release and the safe return of Nathan Maung, who recently arrived back in the United States and has had an opportunity to meet and to speak with senior Department of State officials.”

Myanmar has been in crisis since the February coup and the generals have struggled to impose order amid mass protests against their rule and a civil disobedience movement that has paralysed parts of the economy.

Clashes have also intensified in Myanmar’s restive border areas where decades-long conflicts with ethnic armed groups have reignited. Some protesters have also sought training with the armed groups, while the National Unity Government (NUG) – a parallel administration made up of the elected politicians who were overthrown by the generals – said in May it would set up a national level People’s Defence Force.

The military regime has blamed the violence on “terrorists” and arrested more than 6,000 people since the coup, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, a human rights group. Some 865 people have been killed, although the military says the figure is lower.

The United Nations in Myanmar said on Thursday it was alarmed by recent acts of violence that illustrated a “sharp deterioration of the human rights environment”.

It highlighted the discovery of mass graves, and the burning of Kin Ma village this week that witnesses said was carried out by security forces.

Although the bulk of international criticism has been directed at the regime, there are also concerns about the conduct of rebel forces and recently formed guerrilla movements.
Although the bulk of international criticism has been directed at the regime, there are also concerns about the conduct of rebel forces and recently formed guerrilla movements.

An ethnic political group fighting the army in the east has said it will investigate accusations in state-run media that its forces abducted a group of 47 people last month, and killed 25 of them.

The state-run Global New Light of Myanmar newspaper and army controlled Myawaddy Television this week showed pictures of what appeared to be 25 bodies in a forest clearing and accused fighters from the Karen National Defence Organisation (KNDO) of carrying out the atrocity.

The Karen National Union, the KNDO’s political wing, said in a letter dated June 16 that its investigation aimed to establish the truth.

“The Karen National Union follows the Geneva Convention which doesn’t accept killing civilians during armed fighting,” it said.

The UN General Assembly is set on Friday to call for a stop to the flow of arms to Myanmar, as well as to urge the military to respect the results of November’s election and release political detainees, diplomats said.
>The charge, used frequently against dissidents and journalists, criminalises “any attempt to cause fear, spread false news, or agitate directly or indirectly a criminal offense against a government employee”.
Then I dont see how it applies as the government no longer has any power in the country

File: fox biden.jpg (276 KB, 1024x1365)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
MOSCOW, June 17 (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin lavished praise on his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden on Thursday, a day after the two leaders held a summit, saying Biden was incorrectly portrayed in the Russian and U.S. media as being unfocused and vague.

"I want to say that the image of President Biden that our press and even the American press paints has nothing in common with reality," Putin told the graduates.

"He was on a long trip, had flown across the Ocean, and had to contend with jet lag and the time difference. When I fly it takes its toll. But he looked cheerful, we spoke face-to-face for two or maybe more hours. He's completely across his brief," said Putin.

"Biden is a professional, and you have to be very careful in working with him to make sure you don't miss anything. He doesn't miss anything, I can assure you."

7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The problem with the narrative is that on Trump's watch, the Russians kept their distance, respectfully, like they understood implicitly that there was alone which mustn't be crossed. With Biden, the Russian fox is well and truly in the hen house, and all the senile fart can do is walk back reality and say 'sure, them foxes go to eat too'...the narrative just doesn't hold water, or are you saying that holding American corporations to ransomware is okay because them Russian hackers gotta eat too?
What exactly did Biden achieve?
tRump is weasel
Briben is a fox
both will eat your chickens, tRump is just more blood thirsty and dumb about it
Is that what they tell you on CNN?
The difference is that Trump wasn't so stupid to threaten and insult Russia. The psychotic warhawks of the left hated him for his pacifist approach, called him a Russian puppet.
CNN lives in your head rent free.


JAKARTA (Reuters) - More than 350 Indonesian doctors have contracted COVID-19 despite being vaccinated with Sinovac and dozens have been hospitalised, officials said, as concerns rise about the efficacy of some vaccines against more virulent virus strains.

Most of the doctors were asymptomatic and self-isolating at home, said Badai Ismoyo, head of the Kudus district health office in Central Java, but dozens were in hospital with high fevers and declining oxygen saturation levels.

Kudus is battling an outbreak believed to be driven by the more transmissible Delta variant which has pushed bed occupancy rates above 90% in the district.

Designated as a priority group, Indonesian healthcare workers were among the first to be vaccinated when the inoculation drive started in January.

Almost all have received the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Chinese biopharmaceutical company Sinovac, according to the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI).
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Well that sucks. Hope those doctors recover.
>In the Indonesian capital Jakarta, radiologist Dr Prijo Sidipratomo told Reuters he knew of at least half a dozen doctors in the city who had been hospitalised with COVID-19 in the past month despite being vaccinated, with one currently being treated in ICU.
>Across Indonesia, at least five doctors and one nurse have died from COVID-19 despite being vaccinated, according to the data initiative group, although one had only received their first shot.
>I haven't read the whole article
Then don't post. Most of your post is wrong because (You) didn't bother to read the facts provided.

There is a place for ignorant motherfuckers as stupid as (You), though. A magical place, a containment board where (You) can be with your kind in an endless circle-jerk of profound retardation: >>>/pol/catalog
Thank you for your service and your willingness to be a living test subject. Your corpse will be a great help for the rest of us who are willing to take a safe vaccine.

Yale historian Timothy Snyder, an expert on the Holocaust and authoritarian regimes, has issued a dire warning on the state of American democracy at this moment, and it's disturbing.

Snyder, who has written around nine books books on the subject and era, compares the January 6 insurrection with 9/11.

He writes, "it is so obvious where all of this is heading. President Trump tells a big lie that elections are rigged. This authorizes him and others to seek power in extra-democratic ways. The lie is institutionalized by state legislation that suppresses voting, and that gives state legislatures themselves the right to decide how to allocate the electoral vote in presidential elections."

>The scenario then goes like this. The Republicans win back the House and Senate in 2022, in part thanks to voter suppression. The Republican candidate in 2024 loses the popular vote by several million and the electoral vote by the margin of a few states. State legislatures, claiming fraud, alter the electoral count vote. The House and Senate accept that altered count. The losing candidate becomes the president. We no longer have "democratically elected government." And people are angry.

Snyder, who has written book with titles including, On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, and Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning, adds that "No one is seeking to hide that this is the plan."

While he doesn't name it, Snyder seems to suggest that HR1/S1, the "For the People Act" is the only way to stop this takeover of America by Republicans.

288 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>it was like a tourist group who were just a little rowdy
Yeah I'ma stop right here. I never got an answer from the last thread:
Show me the posts. Who said it was just a tourist group? I'm not even dealing with the rest of your post until you answer this question. I'm sick of this shit.
Zip ties could be used to strangle someone, I suppose.
>Show me the posts.
Not him but I'll show you something better than random 4chan posts: a statement from a sitting US Representative.
>GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde said calling the January 6 insurrection an insurrection is a "bald-faced lie" and likened the rioters to tourists during a House Oversight Committee hearing on the riots.
>"Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol and walked through Statuary Hall showed people in an orderly fashion staying between the...ropes taking videos and pictures. You know, if you didn't know the TV footage was a video from January the 6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit," he said.
Okay I'll give you this one, you at least gave me something, but I just want to say I had no idea who this motherfucker is until I just now googled him and he's too far to the right for even me. I was expecting him to be from Florida.

Alright, whatever. You at least gave me one guy to fuck everything up.
Comically enough I don't know him either outside of this statement, and I'm the guy who linked him. The House is just filled with random irrelevant dudes who make dumb statements, which makes sense since they only have 2 years to make their case for reelection and there's 435 of them trying to share the spotlight. Just appearing in the news is good enough for a lot of them, hence characters like Cortez and Green making inflammatory statements all the time.
Sadly enough you could probably find a Rep making each argument listed in >>871105's post, this guy was just the only one I immediately knew was a real statement from a politician and not some irrelevant talking head or internet post.

File: curry.jpg (153 KB, 1280x960)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Vile Pajeet treats Delta COVID as image rather than health problem - Hindutva is shitting in your hospitals!


>New Delhi: The Uttarakhand government has ordered the Haridwar district administration to file an FIR (first information report) against private labs accused of conducting fake COVID tests during Kumbh Mela, held in the state between April 1 and 30.

>A preliminary investigation carried out by the chief controlling officer (CCO) of Covid cases Abhishek Tripathi last week had revealed that as many as 1 lakh fake tests had been performed by 22 private labs roped in by the state government mainly from Delhi and Haryana.

>Citing ANI report, NDTV quoted state government’s spokesperson Subodh Uniyal as saying, “Uttarakhand government has ordered the Haridwar district administration to register FIR in Covid testing scam during Mahakumbh. An order issued to file a case against labs from Delhi and Haryana, which conducted testing at five places in Haridwar during Kumbh Mela.”

>Apparently, this was done by private labs by issuing fake Covid test reports in the name of random people on the basis of their identity cards and phone numbers. The issue of fake Covid tests came to light when a devotee who attended Mahakumbh had received an SMS on his mobile number stating that his samples had been collected, and soon he was sent a COVID negative report. However, neither were his samples collected nor was his test done. Then, he lodged a complaint with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

>“The complainant had claimed before the ICMR that when he went to attend the Mahakumbh, he had received an SMS that his samples have been collected for the test along with a proper valid ID number. However, he gave no samples. The ICMR, citing the complaint, asked the health department to verify it after which COVID-19 CCO conducted the inquiry,” Hindustan Times had quoted a senior Uttarakhand health official as saying.

>Reportedly, the labs did so to meet the daily testing target of 50,000 tests set by the Uttarakhand high court. According to PTI, about 2,600 devotees had tested positive out of the nearly two lakh tests conducted by medical personnel during the religious gathering.

>The true extent of the ‘scam’ is yet to be known. According to one account, as many as 400,000 tests conducted during Kumbh are turned out to be fake.

>Soon after the issue came to light, payment to all labs which had been assigned the responsibility of conducting tests – RT-PCR and rapid antigen – during the Kumbh has been withheld for the time being due to the ongoing investigation, Haridwar district magistrate C. Ravishankar had said at the time.

>Nearly 70 lakh devotees are believed to have participated in the mass religious gathering even as COVID-19 cases were surging in the country due to a deadly second wave. Despite criticism from several quarters against mass gathering, Kumbh Mela had been given a go-ahead both by the Uttarakhand government and Centre, only to be bracktracked later.

Baseless conspiracies and bullshit aside, why would they be faking all of these tests? Objectively speaking.
Extreme ideologies by nature do not have a grasp on physical reality and furthermore any challenge to their particular interpretation of physical reality is a challenge on the ideology themselves. To that end, faking tests in completely rational.

Hindutva is notoriously anti-material in its perception of the world. Vedic spaceships, ayurvedic medicine, belief in the positive power of the Ganges. The point of these is not a cogent examination of reality, but rather to push pride in a people.

So of course modern Indians are going to lie and push bullshit for their national image. It's just part and parcel of Hindutva.
>>871031 >>871032
What language is this supposed to be? This is completely incoherent gibberish.
The Indian pidgin of English.

Apparently the swabs cause cancer twice over.
The crystal structure of the swab causes cancer in an asbestos like manner.
Also the ethylene oxide used to sterilize them may also add to the cancer risk.
i realize the story is technically too old but given it hasn't been mentioned here, the significant health threat the swabs pose, and all the cheap at home test popping up OTC I'm hoping the mods will let that slide on this one.
>porcupine swab
>crystal structure of the swab


File: Bidening.jpg (126 KB, 634x847)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
What's is WRONG with America's left leaning mainstream media, that they can't just report the news without pushing a narrative? The outcome of the meeting with Putin is pretty much going to end with Biden handing over the keys to the Whitehouse to the Russians after he gets run over, so why is the media pretending there's going to be anything like a fight?

148 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Dude, it's 2021 and Dems are in control so you can come out of your homophobic closet now and accept yourself for what you are w/o repercussions. You don't have to keep lashing out at others because you've been taught to hate the homosexual aspect of yourself.
I wouldn't be nearly so worried if Biden kept it to himself, but the dude is busy burying it deep in the US of A. Then again, the hypocritical arse holes on the political left are use to bending and spreading for the rest of the planet, so you'd hardly feel the shafting anymore. Yeah, it's 2021, and the free world is going to take it like whimpering on bended knees...and unlike you, I'm not ashamed to say, I DON'T LIKE IT!
CNN and MSM are now what Fox News used to be a few decades ago.
Don't trust anyone.
They just take turns lying to you.
America needs to be destroyed, simple as
And everyone on it die from a nuclear holocaust
You're on the wrong board.

File: http-10.2.x.x.png (137 KB, 827x876)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Dude, again? Just "do" something with it, you fucking faggot.
>Ugh, you can tell by the way she types they're a boomer and a redditor
Do You mean her vocabulary?

By your "typing", i can deduct that you are a child/ignoramous/EAASL/pol/ thingee.
as a reader of this post i want you to do something funny with it
Hm interesting. It's a mobile isp he's doing this one.
I've hacked together a mobile 4g modem that I've hooked up to my PC and done something similar. Also did it for a smaller iot mobile carrier named truphone.
Using TMobile it's pretty locked down, you can't access internal infra like this.. I could actually reach very limited resources, just name resolvers residing on a 10/8, but they were intentionally exposed
Although since its a Malaysian isp I'm not really that surprised.
Regardless, I blame trump for this and im sure his RAID is probably misconfigured causing the exposure of an entire class A subnet and falsifying zenmap screenshots and login portals
cool I have found same network


Oregon House Republicans broke their silence Monday on allegations against Rep. Mike Nearman, calling on the controversial lawmaker to resign days after new evidence that Nearman plotted with supporters before allowing an incursion of the state Capitol in December.

“Today we strongly recommend that you resign from the Oregon State House of Representatives, House District 23 position,” reads a letter signed by all 22 Republican House members besides Nearman. “Given the newest evidence that has come to light regarding the events of December 21, 2020, it is our belief as friends and colleagues that it is in the best interests of your caucus, your family, yourself, and the state of Oregon for you to step down from office.”

The letter comes the same day House Speaker Tina Kotek introduced a resolution to expel state Rep. Nearman -- and appears to eliminate any doubt that the resolution would pass if put before the full House.

“All House Republicans have called on Representative Nearman to resign,” House Minority Leader Christine Drazan, R-Canby, said in a statement. “We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard in elected life and his actions do not meet that standard.”

Nearman did not immediately answer an inquiry about whether he plans to resign. But on Monday, the lawmaker acknowledged to conservative radio host Lars Larson that he’d planned to allow people into the Capitol on Dec. 21, and said that he’d likely be expelled if it comes to a vote.

“On Friday morning, they’ll vote to expel me, and I believe they have the votes,” Nearman told Larson.

Nearman noted that no House member has been expelled in state history, and seemed to indicate he’d allow an expulsion vote to occur. “Someday you’re gonna be watching “Jeopardy” and somebody’s gonna say, ‘Who is Mike Nearman?’ And that’s gonna be the right answer,” Nearman said.
68 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I agree
let's throw some republicans under the bus.
Terrorists attacked the Oregon state capitol..? It must not have been a big deal.. I never saw it on the news...
*yawn* citing doctored video, come back with real proof.
>no one believes you.
>Trying to gaslight this hard.
How the fuck do you explain Trump then given he committed little treason and staged a coup and Republicans still defended him.

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