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Ugandan forces are searching for more than 200 naked prisoners who escaped jail, broke into an armoury, then stripped and fled into a remote wilderness area in the country’s north-east.

Dick niggergnition next.
Africa, lol.
you usually escape jail to become free, poke your second half of a chromosome anon

Trump says CDC director was "confused" and "made a mistake" on vaccine distribution timeline


Medical quackery
Trump is lying, again.
Like how he said the fires on the west cost can't be explained.
Still voting Trump.
Do still believe a word CNN tells you?

t-Rump genius MD

enjoy cocacola
enjoy clorox too
t-Rump insane & its byuteefool

WHO warns of 'very serious situation' in Europe, with 'alarming rates' of virus transmission
By Laura Smith-Spark and Vasco Cotovio, CNN

Updated 11:05 AM ET, Thu September 17, 2020

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You can't cure viruses
>>also it cures cancer and turns lead into gold!
>>it turns out the vaccine was the philosopher's sniggity didggity!!
Wow! You left out the other possible side effects: fatality, hemorrhaging of blood from the ears, blindness, deafness, growth of horns from the head, tail growth from glutes, and a sudden attraction for the same gender.

ohh my imagine there are 5 working vaccines in the world right now. and capitalism got none of them. ohh mayyy...
Oh my goodness. Why are you still breathing? I don't understand this world at times.

File: burninggayflag.jpg (10 KB, 225x180)
10 KB
cops in Minneapolis claim that it is not a politically motivated murder.


File: basedQ.jpg (354 KB, 1919x1279)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
>A flood of disinformation and deceptive claims is damaging Joe Biden in the nation’s biggest swing state.

MIAMI — George Soros directs a “deep state” global conspiracy network. A Joe Biden win would put America in control of “Jews and Blacks.” The Democratic nominee has a pedophilia problem.

Wild disinformation like this is inundating Spanish-speaking residents of South Florida ahead of Election Day, clogging their WhatsApp chats, Facebook feeds and even radio airwaves at a saturation level that threatens to shape the outcome in the nation’s biggest and most closely contested swing state.

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Sounds like fucking gusanos to me
Absolutely worthless "people"
Latinos in miami support trump because they are hard working people and benefitted tremendously from the booming economy In Recent years. It ain't rocket science nor conspiracies.
>Soros "deep state" activity
>biden in charge of blacks
>litteral pandering to blacks by having the last official interview be conducted by fucking Cardi B.
>b-but cardi is an i-icon! the voters n-needed to know if biden liked wet ass pussy!!?
>litterally 60% of the jewish community votes blue every election cycle
>literally the party of 'lmao no borders' in order to try and pull an immigrant vote
>left leaning news outlets are silent about the aneurisms, surguries, and the sexual assault charges levied by staffers
>litteral silence about the son's insider trading and unsanctioned policy making overseas
>litterally silent about the kid sniffing

but its the conservative deepstate? really?
"Consipracy theory" now just means "facts the liberal MSM doesn't like".
biden is a pedophile, why would you vote for him? because youre a pedophile?

Perfume brand Jo Malone has apologised to the actor John Boyega for cutting him out of an advert he conceived, directed and starred in when it was launched in China.

Boyega was replaced by Liu Haoran after the commercial was recast and reshot for the Chinese market. The original advert, London Gent, which was released last year, featured Boyega walking around Peckham, south London, riding a horse, dancing with friends and hanging out with his family. The original cast was multicultural, while the Chinese remake featured no black cast members.

Tianwei Zhang, of Women’s Wear Daily, believes the recasting of Boyega was not racially motivated but purely a marketing decision.

“I don’t think it’s fair to criticise brands wanting to engage deeper with the local audience and show respect to the market, which may appear odd to the mainstream Eurocentric views,” he said. “[Jo Malone] appointed Liu [for] the same reason they worked with Boyega: to acquire new customers, whether Chinese or Black.”

It is not the first time Boyega has been erased from Chinese marketing materials. In 2015, Chinese posters for Star Wars: The Force Awakens sparked controversy after fans spotted that Boyega’s character Finn had been significantly reduced in size from the original poster.

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The Irish are White you subhuman.
What is it with progressives and sucking chinas dick? Imagine unironically supporting this.
Your historical ignorance is palpable read a book will ya, hell just watch a movie
not my descendents, heh
ooo found the paddy. luck of the irish wont get you into heaven you prick

File: 1599566868706.png (496 KB, 707x1000)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
MENLO PARK (CBS SF): Facebook fired a senior engineer this week who collected evidence showing the social media company giving preferential treatment to right wing accounts, according to a report from Buzzfeed News.

The engineer, who Buzzfeed did not name, recently posted internal information on Workplace showing that “Facebook was giving preferential treatment to prominent conservative accounts to help them remove fact-checks from their content.” Facebook later deleted the post and on Wednesday, the company fired the poster.

The firing comes after Facebook employees confronted CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg over preferential treatment for right wing sites during an all-hands meeting last Friday. The employees pushed Zuckerberg on how “Breitbart News could remain a Facebook News partner after sharing a video that promoted unproven treatments and said masks were unnecessary to combat the novel coronavirus,” according to Buzzfeed.

Facebook deleted the video six hours after Breitbart posted it to its page, but it had already racked up 14 million views and other sites continued to share it.

“This was certainly one strike against them for misinformation, but they don’t have others in the last 90 days,” Zuckerberg reportedly said. “So by the policies that we have, which by the way I think are generally pretty reasonable on this, it doesn’t make sense to remove them.”

Facebook’s fact-checking rules stipulate that the site can limit the reach of pages that repeatedly share misinformation. But NBC News obtained evidence that Facebook relaxed its rules for Right Wing accounts such as “Breitbart, former Fox News personalities Diamond and Silk, the nonprofit media outlet PragerU and the pundit Charlie Kirk.”

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Except this is a CBS article, calm down with your damage control, shill.
>sad af homeless fox girl pic
this made my day sad now goddammit.
>Except this is a small time local San Fransisco CBS outlet article


black can catch your ass even in russia
nvm, jews more danger

File: 1599848102831.jpg (117 KB, 652x699)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
The health department’s politically appointed communications aides have demanded the right to review and seek changes to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s weekly scientific reports charting the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, in what officials characterized as an attempt to intimidate the reports’ authors and water down their communications to health professionals.

In some cases, emails from communications aides to CDC Director Robert Redfield and other senior officials openly complained that the agency’s reports would undermine President Donald Trump's optimistic messages about the outbreak, according to emails reviewed by POLITICO and three people familiar with the situation.

CDC officials have fought back against the most sweeping changes, but have increasingly agreed to allow the political officials to review the reports and, in a few cases, compromised on the wording, according to three people familiar with the exchanges. The communications aides’ efforts to change the language in the CDC’s reports have been constant across the summer and continued as recently as Friday afternoon.

The CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports are authored by career scientists and serve as the main vehicle for the agency to inform doctors, researchers and the general public about how Covid-19 is spreading and who is at risk. Such reports have historically been published with little fanfare and no political interference, said several longtime health department officials, and have been viewed as a cornerstone of the nation's public health work for decades.

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Best part: There kinds of HPV that are known to cause cancer are consider STDs. You can only get them through sex.
Cancer is airborne and highly infectious?
Now this is cope by the fascist right.
The same people who endorse pedophillia say trump is bad for downplaying a fake pademic.
death cult.

File: c68.jpg (108 KB, 1600x800)
108 KB
108 KB JPG

An officer-involved shooting in Lancaster City, PA took the life of 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz on Sunday. The action prompted widespread Black Lives Matter riots across the Pennsylvanian city to demand justice for the man, whom they claim was murdered by a trigger-happy police officer.

The police were called to the area for a report of an in-progress domestic disturbance when Munoz lunged at the responding officer while brandishing a knife over his head. Bodycam footage shows Munoz charging out the door of a home, knife in hand, in pursuit of a police officer who is forced to draw his firearm and fire at the suspect.
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Why not? Indianapolis had a riot over a thug who got shot trying to shoot police with the same pistol he used the night before on facebook recording himself doing a drive-by shooting at night. Two Antifa fags aimed pistols at drivers trying to slowly get through the street. People (if you can call them that) on /news/ here still defend those cunts just like BLM still say that waste of life didn't deserve to get shot by police. Why should this time be any different?
mugshot legit looks like a clown without makeup
Fuck off Andy
Fucking kek, this is 100% accurate.

>criminals look like clowns without makeup
Checks out.


Carolina Beach, N.C. — A three-time cancer survivor who reached out to U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis for help with her health insurance dilemma said that she got an insensitive response from a staffer instead.

"I’ve seen just about everything health care has to throw at a person," said Bev Veals of Carolina Beach.

Over the past 20 years, Veals beat cancer three times, and her fight included struggles to get care and medical bankruptcy.

When her husband was furloughed in March because of the coronavirus pandemic, Veals worried about losing her health insurance, so she reached out to lawmakers for help.

"I wanted answers because the thought of having no health care and possibly getting sick with COVID is extremely frightening," she said recently.

During Veals' calls, she came across a Washington, D.C., staffer for Tillis. Frustrated by his lack of empathy, she started recording her calls.

"You’re saying that, if you can’t afford it, you don’t get to have it, and that includes health care?" she asked.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>tax the rich more
>travis scott burger becomes 16 dollars
>mom & pop stores sell burgers for 4 dollars still
>mcdonalds goes out of business
i see no problem
Staffers speak for the senator.
Huh... Apparently mods deleted my last post (funny how mine did but yours didn't when you're the first to say the N word... on 4chan... whatever). Let me try again.

It's my fault you were too stupid to not get insurance? Don't want to get insurance then don't complain when you have to pay for medical treatment. Don't like the cost? Then tell the government to fuck off with it's oversight, licensing, fees, required insurance, liability, no right to refuse treatment, etc. So long as hospitals are required to treat homeless people for stupid shit they do like drinking gasoline or getting into fights with each other, admins are going to keep raising the costs for everyone else to make up the difference.
>one time I had a bad hospital visit and a bill and then I cried all day
Would you have preferred a $6k bill instead? Shut up nerd.
t. a man from Africa


The Postal Police Officers Association filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Postal Service and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on Monday alleging “the U.S. mail and postal personnel are receiving less protection” and are “in increased danger” as a result of new orders, marking the latest in a string of changes implemented by DeJoy that have caused controversy.

On August 25, Postal Police workers were informed of a new directive by Deputy Chief Inspector David Bowers that said officers “no longer had any law-enforcement authority, whatsoever, except when they are physically stationed on real estate owned or leased by the Postal Service,” reversing officers’ previous ability to protect U.S. mail and postal workers off of USPS premises.

Postal Police officers previously would go off-site “to protect letter carriers and the mail in dangerous areas, to stop mail theft from carriers and from collection boxes, and to insure the safety of the mail at airports,” the lawsuit explains, noting officers responded to an increase in attacks on mail carriers and crimes like “mail fishing” to steal mail from USPS collection boxes.

While Postal Inspectors have similar law-enforcement duties to Postal Police officers, they typically work only during business hours, the lawsuit notes, making Postal Police officers, who work “around the clock,” the only ones capable of handling issues that happen outside of regular business hours.

The directive allegedly violated a collective bargaining agreement between the postal police union and the USPS, in which the USPS is required to give the union at least 60 days advance notice of proposed changes and unilateral actions that affect “postal police officers’ wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment” are prohibited.
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That Dump puppet will be impeached.
Shut up fag, President Donald "the wanna be dictator" Trump is a fag.
He already was impeached and you still couldn't beat him.
Isn't that because the Republicans are so corrupt and criminal, they side with Trump against America?

File: 1598922876413.gif (202 KB, 1920x1080)
202 KB
202 KB GIF

A top Democratic data and analytics firm told "Axios on HBO" it's highly likely that President Trump will appear to have won — potentially in a landslide — on election night, even if he ultimately loses when all the votes are counted.

Why this matters: Way more Democrats will vote by mail than Republicans, due to fears of the coronavirus, and it will take days if not weeks to tally these. This means Trump, thanks to Republicans doing almost all of their voting in person, could hold big electoral college and popular vote leads on election night.

Imagine America, with its polarization and misinformation, if the vote tally swings wildly toward Joe Biden and Trump loses days later as the mail ballots are counted.
That is what this group, Hawkfish, which is funded by Michael Bloomberg and also does work for the Democratic National Committee and pro-Biden Super PACs, is warning is a very real, if not foreordained, outcome.

What they're saying: Hawkfish CEO Josh Mendelsohn calls the scenario a "red mirage."

"We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump," he said.
"When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be some day after Election Day, it will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that, a mirage," Mendelsohn said. "It looked like Donald Trump was in the lead and he fundamentally was not when every ballot gets counted."
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Don't think the niggers are on anyone's side but their own.

It's only that the Democrats, despite being majority white, are willing to throw them a bone, rather than double down on the perceived brutality until it becomes a reality, rather than a hyped up media delusion, on top of bringing in the feds and the military against various city's wishes.

Think the media needs reform more than the police, but there's just enough truth in those lies by omission to where reforming is a better solution than just beating them harder, and creating an increasingly authoritarian state in the process. (Esp given that's a key thing GOP electorate claims to be fighting against.)

It is... But they accuse you of the same thing, refusing to regulate votes, and deregulating wherever you can, makes it easy to accuse you of inflating the numbers by having illegals vote and the like, whether it's true or not. VoterID and authentication are entirely nobel goals - even if they are being pushed for entirely the wrong reasons.

On top of that, it is the survival issue for them that Trump frames it is. The Republicans have always gone for quality over quantity in their electorate. More strategically placed voters (ie. in rural areas), more fiercely loyal, more apt to vote, while the Democrats cast as wide as net as possible, almost to the degree where they ignore the EC and all the gerrymandering.

But when either of you obtain power, you not only pretend the few opposing issues each of you have don't exist, you do everything in your power to make them worse, instead of providing alternate solutions - be it climate change or immigration. This guarantees a huge backlash, and a more extremist government, with each cycle, until you're down to choosing between Stalin and Hitler.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Voter ID only works for in person voting and not the ways you claim would. So that argument is moot
Also democrats haven't cast a wide net since Clinton took power, they've been shifting further and further to the right. In fact Biden proved how conservatives still have a stranglehold over the democratic party where they would rather fish in the Republican pond for votes over the wide net you claim.
If anything Democrats need to go big because assuming Republicans don't destroy America with Trump, they will obstruct everything.
>Voter ID only works for in person voting and not the ways you claim would.
I made no claims... But it's a reasonable ask for that added illusion of security. Denying it, just makes folks think they need it. Similarly, various minor inconvenience gun regulations are a reasonable ask, but muh slippery slope. The Paris Climate Accords, given that they don't do anything signatories don't volunteer to do to themselves, same shit. Denying illegals social services, seems perfectly reasonable as well (and, for the Democrats, was, until just two years ago). Neither party will even look upon the other party's feelings or issues as valid, let alone throw them any sort of bone, as each does everything in its power to make the other side angrier, even when it's entirely self-defeating.

Generally, when a group conspires to pit half the nation against the other, we call that sedition, particularly when it's to the point where they are starting to hedge bets on a civil war.

>democrats haven't cast a wide net since Clinton took power, they've been shifting further and further to the right.
That's part of their effort to cast a wider net, as this nation is always far to the right of the rest of the developed world. Aside from those key issues that they keep making each other angrier and angrier over, both parties are slaves, first and foremost, to the bottom line. Thus both parties advocate neoliberal economics and are increasingly authoritarian. The business of the nation thus goes on as usual, insomuch as possible, regardless of which party is in power, but the rhetoric is more than fiery enough to have the citizenry at each other's throats so that either party can get away with anything, regardless of how illegal or immoral, as the citizens give up more and more of their own power to defeat the reds or blues, not realizing it goes straight into the hands of the economic engine that dictates policy that actually matters.
>all the shit I want is a minor inconvenience for you
Not even what I want, necessarily, so much as what half the electorate wants.

Mom and dad are battling for loyalty of the kids through bribery, and each parent doing whatever they can to piss the other kid off, setting them against one another. This does not for a happy household make.

Democracy does not work, when you constantly antagonize the losing half of the electorate. Ideally, if parties must exist, they should offer alternative solutions to the same problems, not pretend one another's problems don't exist, let alone make them worse for the sake of salt.

File: 1599733727015.png (637 KB, 760x893)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
>Since 2016, Republicans have netted nearly seven times as many registered voters in Pennsylvania than Democrats.
22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
All americans are deranged cultists at this point
I dont mind the fact they are retarded, just like in 2016. they will just continue to eat whatever retarded narrative their media feeds them.
The true issues are:
1. Democrats are gearing to cheat like crazy. This is an issue and I think Trump as barely done anything to stop their shit. He should aggressively end the democrat fuckery.
2. The lefties are preparing to get truly violent when they lose. Be ready for that happen, shit can go down.
Ao you disagree that Biden receives more votes as anti-trump than pro-biden?
Everyone w/a brain knows as D dog stated in 16 "it's fixed" & he got into office. He just said it again thus....
The number seems impossible high but coming from politico I suspect it's written by never Trumpers If you said 2/1 that sounds almost believe able I'm betting Trump will win by a narrow margin of 8 percent.

In its latest announcement, the Academy said it was introducing eligibility requirements for the best picture award "to encourage equitable representation on and off screen in order to better reflect the diversity of the movie-going audience".

For the 96th Oscars, in 2025, only films that have met at least two of the standards will qualify for the award.

It lays out the following areas where such groups need to be involved:

-On-screen acting and storylines, "including at least one of the lead actors or significant supporting actors is from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group"
-Creative leadership positions, departmental heads and crew composition
-Paid apprenticeships, internships and training
-Audience development, from publicity and marketing to distribution

66 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>But back to the Oscar business, even taken at face value "all men are created equal," what does that have to do with artificially increasing one group's success
The end result of an over application egalitarianism - if things are not equal, they must be made so. It was kind of inevitable that Marxism grew out of that same Enlightenment period.

Which, can indeed be healthy, to a degree, but when you start dividing the effort along racial lines, you just antagonize the inherit racial tensions. It's true that blacks are, on average, at a disadvantage vs. whites, not having had access to education or opportunities until less than handful of generations ago and thus lacking foundation to build on, but in terms of representation in media, it's just the opposite. While nearly all white cast films, in a majority white country, is to be expected, there are dozens of all black-cast movies every year, in a nation where they make up some 13% of the population, many of which seem to be focused on solidifying the cultural divide between the races, by focusing on a counter-culture. Meanwhile, you can generally count majority Asian cast movies generated by Hollywood on one hand, over a decade, and, at least among the Asian ones (save martial arts fantasies) generally it's more about trying to fit in the existing culture, rather than creating a separation from it.

...and of course, while a racially blind hand up avoids that antagonism, pulling all the rough to the top means weighing the top down, to the point where the structure is no longer sustainable.

As with all things, it's a matter of a balance of philosophies. Separate but equal is no longer viable in a world of such easy mass communication and transport, but forcing integration by correcting a disparity that, in this case, doesn't exist, just pushes people apart as they each fight for their own cultural identity, instead of focusing on the one they all share.
>The end result of an over application egalitarianism - if things are not equal, they must be made so
I wouldn't call that an over application, but more of a misinterpretation. The whole point of egalitarianism is that everyone starts with the same parameters, not that everyone ends on the same conclusion or even that everyone starts from the same position. The son of a rich man will be raised rich, the son of a poor man will be raised poor, but the rules for both and what they're allowed to do to navigate through society are the same. If someone's born with 2 dollars and I'm born with 1, I'm born with the disadvantage of having to figure out how to get another dollar and catch up, but once I do, there's nothing (in theory) that I can't do compared to someone who started already with 2 dollars because we're fundamentally equal in our rights and opportunities, resources permitting.

What they're doing with the Oscars goes completely against that, dividing people into different categories and saying that they aren't created equal because their conclusions don't match up. Rather than respecting, as the Constitution put, the rights endowed by their Creator, they're taking the role of the Creator and, in a specific, calculated way, penalizing one group and giving other groups special class status with extra rights and considerations above others. This was what the founding fathers were trying to get away from, and was true of white people over black people in America for a long time because, again, they founded America for Europeans and they never had non-white citizens in mind for the future
wut? I'm a French-Anglo Amerimutt buddy, pink nips, pinkish creamy skin, about as white as it gets.
Maybe we should give 50% of the Oscars to 13% of the actors too
I always look at the box if it's got awards or Oscar,I put that shit back on the shelf it probably no good.

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