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File: 450px-AIQ-MP21-EN-C-1E.png (586 KB, 450x663)
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586 KB PNG
A mysterious new OpenAI model known as Q* has got the tech world talking.
The model is said to have sparked concern at the startup that led to the resulting chaos.
AI experts say the model could be a big step forward but is unlikely to end the world anytime soon.


>alright, get this
>lets make an artificial intelligence
>but make it artificially retarded instead
Its like that machine that just converts food into shit
nothing inside a gaming computer will ever be conscious. AI generated math systems would be cool though

Pro Putin Republicans show their loyalty to Moscow by blocking Ukraine aid
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10 NAFO tranny bucks have been deposited to your account.
Anyone that argues in favor of giving tax dollars to foreign countries instead of using it locally is some terminal kind of retarded.
look at all the russia shills itt. hello shills
This is true and we will have militarized radicals that hate what we have done just like the mujahideen. But maybe thats the long term goal, so in 30 years the US can invade Ukrainian because of said radicals
>ukraine takes americans money
>russia gives americans money
wtf I love russia now

File: 407.jpg (38 KB, 505x490)
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>When you ignore your blog source and look at objective sources
>the multistate homeless organization is a blog source
>here are some numbers I pulled out of my ass
Why are you on this board?
Name 5 examples
the concept of your appendix rupturing horrifies me. I had it happen to a friend when I was younger. I always wondered though shouldn't it fucking hurt a lot leading up to that as like a tell tale sign something is wrong?
It does hurt.
vaxxed kek

File: download (9).jpg (6 KB, 204x247)
6 KB
A pence bombshell revelation seels grassleys fate over him helping trumps failed Jan 6 attempted coup
Pence bombshell resurfaces old questions about Chuck Grassley and January 6
An ABC News bombshell report revealing then-Vice President Mike Pence had, at one point, decided to not preside over the January 6 joint congressional session to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election is once again bringing up questions about remarks U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) had made one day before the event.

The comments were interpreted by some as him announcing that he, and not the Vice President, would be presiding over the proceedings. Grassley later denied the claim.

The ABC News report includes conversations special counsel Jack Smith’s team had in closed-door sessions with Pence, and includes the former vice president’s notes obtained from the National Archives.

“According to sources, one of Pence’s notes obtained by Smith’s team shows that, days before Pence was set to preside over Congress certifying the election results on Jan. 6, 2021, he momentarily decided that he would skip the proceedings altogether, writing in the note that there were ‘too many questions’ and it would otherwise be ‘too hurtful to my friend.’ But he ultimately concluded he had a duty to show up,” ABC News reported.

The report added that, “Sources said, with the pressure on Pence mounting, he concluded on Christmas Eve — just for a moment — that he would follow Trump’s suggestion and let someone else preside over the proceedings on Jan. 6.”

READ MORE: Johnson Suggests Santos May Resign – Will Indicted Congressman Try to Burn the House Down First?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Libtards think anyone still cares about the nothing burger from 3 years ago. Sad
Coming soon, from a retarded MAGAT near you:
>Trump losing again means there is definitely fraud! No one cared about Jan 6th!
>nooooo why don't people care about our fake outrage over a 3 year old nothing burger!!!!!!!!111
do you have fun playing ostrich

What's it gonna take to make a dream survive?
Who's got the touch to calm the storm inside?
Don't say goodbye
Don't say goodbye
In the final seconds who's gonna save you?
Oh, alive and kicking
Stay until your love is, love is, alive and kicking


If there is one statistic that best captures the transformation of the American economy over the past half century, it may be this: Of Americans born in 1940, 92 percent went on to earn more than their parents; among those born in 1980, just 50 percent did. Over the course of a few decades, the chances of achieving the American dream went from a near-guarantee to a coin flip. What happened?

One answer is that American voters abandoned the system that worked for their grandparents. From the 1940s through the ’70s, sometimes called the New Deal era, U.S. law and policy were engineered to ensure strong unions, high taxes on the rich, huge public investments, and an expanding social safety net. Inequality shrank as the economy boomed. But by the end of that period, the economy was faltering, and voters turned against the postwar consensus. Ronald Reagan took office promising to restore growth by paring back government, slashing taxes on the rich and corporations, and gutting business regulations and antitrust enforcement. The idea, famously, was that a rising tide would lift all boats. Instead, inequality soared while living standards stagnated and life expectancy fell behind that of peer countries. No other advanced economy pivoted quite as sharply to free-market economics as the United States, and none experienced as sharp a reversal in income, mobility, and public-health trends as America did. Today, a child born in Norway or the United Kingdom has a far better chance of outearning their parents than one born in the U.S.

16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
which corporation would that be? google? pfizer? moderna? the new york times? washington post? meta? disney? comcast? nike? apple? every one of these corporations benefit from new deal policy. or as noam would call them, "public-private partnerships".

chomsky, the consummate liar who's never lived in the real world, has also never been a countercultural figure in his life.
>every one of these corporations benefit from new deal policy.

You have no idea what new deal means, as you are politically and economically illiterate.

Just watch the video, you cud chewing bovinious boor

Retarded post. Take a lap.
“These changing economic circumstances, coming on the heels of the divisions over race and Vietnam, broke apart the New Deal order,” Gerstle writes. (Leonhardt also discusses the economic shocks of the ’70s, but they play a less central role in his analysis.)
Free-market ideas had been circulating among a small cadre of academics and business leaders for decades—most notably the University of Chicago economist Milton Friedman. The ’70s crisis provided a perfect opening to translate them into public policy, and Reagan was the perfect messenger. “Government is not the solution to our problem,” he declared in his 1981 inaugural address. “Government is the problem.” Part of Reagan’s genius was that the message meant different things to different constituencies. For southern whites, government was forcing school desegregation. For the religious right, government was licensing abortion and preventing prayer in schools. And for working-class voters who bought Reagan’s pitch, a bloated federal government was behind their plummeting economic fortunes. At the same time, Reagan’s message tapped into genuine shortcomings with the economic status quo. The Johnson administration’s heavy spending had helped ignite inflation, and Nixon’s attempt at price controls had failed to quell it. The generous contracts won by auto unions made it hard for American manufacturers to compete with nonunionized Japanese ones. After a decade of pain, most Americans now favored cutting taxes. The public was ready for something different.
They got it. The top marginal income-tax rate was 70 percent when Reagan took office and 28 percent when he left. Union membership shriveled. Deregulation led to an explosion of the financial sector, and Reagan’s Supreme Court appointments set the stage for decades of consequential pro-business rulings. None of this, Gerstle argues, was preordained.
This is the correct take. I'm assuming the writer is some leftist but Christopher Caldwell talks about this too.

3% of population control 70% of the wealth
In Vermont, three Palestinians get randomly shot by an unknown "white" assailant and it's business as usual.
In LA, Palestinians protest in front of a wealthy Jewish man's home and it gets investigated as a hate crime
LAPD investigates protest at Brentwood home of AIPAC president as hate crime
Los Angeles police have launched an investigation into a protest Thursday at the Brentwood home of the president of a pro-Israeli lobbying group, with footage on social media showing protesters igniting smoke devices in the street and spattering fake blood on the property.

The incident, which police are investigating as a hate crime, is the latest in Los Angeles after Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, prompting Israel to bombard and invade Gaza, the Palestinian enclave that Hamas controls.

The crisis has roiled Los Angeles, home to large populations of Jews and Palestinians. On Nov. 1, Canter’s Deli, an iconic Jewish restaurant in the Fairfax District, was defaced with antisemitic messages spray-painted below a mural depicting the history of Jews in Los Angeles.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Are you European?
Guess it wasn't 'business as usual' after all.
In America, yes.
In most of Europe, also yes.
Why do Democrats fight so fkn hard to protect the 3% that control 70% of the nations wealth while arguing that the 40% who control 25% of the wealth are the problem

Democrats just suck corporate dick and take it up the ass by the current thing, which incidentally, the current thing is decided mostly by this 3% due to their great wealtg
DemoKKKrats are useful idiots.


Whoever Susan Sarandon is, she was dropped from her talent agency for her views on Gaza. Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega were dropped from Scream VII.
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's like quitting right before your boss fires you.
No, its like quitting when the boss unfairly fires your coworker.
These little kids making posts on 4chan where they openly tell us they are completely unaware of history or culture or social understanding, but they have watched a lot of Jordan Peterson videos on YouTube so they are fully informed of their hateful ignorant bigot opinion. I don’t think the kids are alright.
>freely state your opinion as is your right
>others freely exercise their right to not associate with you for your opinion
...and how rightards' opinions are eternally wrong in three ways:
1- Everything they say
2- Everything they do
3- Everything they think
4- ?????
5- If their opinions were always right, the world would be exactly as they would wish it to be. So why isn't it...?

Trumps cronies making death threats against judge
Engoron stands strong in the face of evil
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Trump didn't tweet any death threats, and I imagine this judge is in a better position to protect himself than the peasants he rules over.
When I call the police with a problem, they tell me to go get an order from a judge if I want them to do their job. He doesn't have the same issue, and doesn't need any of my feigned sympathy.
Why do Asian women prefer white men’s large penis over the tiny Asian penis?
Why do Asian men develop like a small boy compared to literally any other race?
America doesn't have peasants mikhail
Well spoken, peasant.
>biden has like 40 executive orders in like a week
>hurr durr trump is fascist


LONDON (AP) — Thousands of people including former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gathered in London on Sunday for a march against antisemitism, a day after large crowds turned out for a pro-Palestinian rally.

Johnson was joined by the U.K.'s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and other senior government officials at the march to express solidarity with the Jewish community. Organizers billed it as the largest gathering against antisemitism in London for decades.

Marchers waved Israeli and the U.K.'s Union flags and held placards reading “Never Again Is Now” and “Zero Tolerance for Antisemites."

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the former leader of the far-right English Defence League, was detained by police at the march. Yaxley-Lennon, more widely known by his alias Tommy Robinson, was among crowds of counter-protesters who clashed with police during an Armistice Day march in London earlier this month.

Police said he refused to leave after he was warned about concerns that his presence would cause “harassment, alarm and distress to others."


Early estimates from police say around 100,000 people were packed into the tight streets of central London
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
So, you're calling jews bigots?
Probably true since they're trying to dispose of semetic Palestinians.
>typical white rightist tactics
So, you're calling white rightists bigots. Thanks for admitting that
It's a fact that their opinions are being disposed of like those of National Action: imprisoned including their leader.. Yaxley-Lennon will wind up in prison too, thus disposed of
Unfortunately the right wing stands with Israel.
If you think otherwise you need to touch grass, or at least get your greasy ass of the 4chans for 5 minutes.
Every time you learn something new in community college you spam the board with it for ages.
Can you quit?
>what's happening to anti-Jews. Good
Unfortunately reality proves your opinions wrong
You need to touch grass and quit

Real News 1, SupplyChainDive: Southern Glazer’s Spirits deploys Symbiotic warehouse automation
Alejandra Salgado
Nov. 27, 2023


* Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits will deploy Symbotic’s AI technology and robotics warehouse automation in select distribution centers, according to a Nov. 15 press release.
* The distribution centers will be equipped with the Symbotic System, an end-to-end automation system with robotic case-picking capabilities.
The technology is expected to improve fill rates, order accuracy and increase capacity of its existing facilities.
* Both companies have agreed to implement the first of these systems by 2025, per the release.
The alcohol distributor has warehouses located across 44 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and Canada.

* The Southern Glazer’s agreement marks the robotics company’s debut in the beverage space, Mike Dunn, Symbotic’s SVP of sales, marketing and product strategy, told Supply Chain Dive.
“Through the system, Symbotic will build mixed-case pallets for efficient-route stop delivery and more efficiently and accurately handle both high velocity and slow-moving inventory,” Dunn added.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
warehouse bros, it's over
after Robo Rob drops his 10th bottle, it's over(I only dropped 7)

File: arff.jpg (47 KB, 750x375)
47 KB
Anita cannot speak or comprehend complex information. At 28, she communicates mostly with facial expressions and baby-like sounds. When excited, she washes her hands. When her periods cause cramping and pain, she moans and agitates, unable to understand.

To eliminate this monthly discomfort and ease the burden of caring for her, caregivers at an assisted-living home in Reykjavik, Iceland, recommended that Anita undergo a hysterectomy, a major surgical procedure to remove her uterus and end her periods.

Eirikur Smith, an official in Iceland’s disabilities office, discovered this plan last year during a routine visit to the home.

“Does she even know if she wants children later?” he asked.

The manager, just laughed in my face.

“‘Of course not,’ she replied. “‘Why would she ever want children?’, would a 3 yr old want children?

Eirikur was stunned at the inhumanity of the answer
When Eirikur asked Anita if She would like a little real doll to play with, Anita gave a big smile and said, "arfff!"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
44 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Hippocratic oath forbids surgery
You are retarded. The Hippocratic oath prevents any medical treatment that isn't necessary and of obvious benefit to the patient. It doesn't matter if the patient has difficulty communicating or even comprehending. If the patient can't give informed consent, you don't perform medical treatment without it. Fucking retard.
>mental 3 year olds with congenital retardation should be able to create and care for their very own tard kids!
Explain to me how this is in any way a good idea that doesn't involve
Yes, the hippocratic oath forbade surgery.
>I will not use the knife, not even, verily, on sufferers from stone, but I will give place to such as are craftsmen therein.
It took first do no harm to a stupid extreme. There is a fucking reason modern doctors don't recite that shit. When the fuck do you think Hippocrates lived?
>If she doesn't have medical autonomy, what the fuck makes you so special?
I don't have the mental capacity of a rat terrier. Do you believe that parrots should have medical autonomy over their bodies? Because that's exactly what she is: a giant, hairy parrot.
>inb4 b-but she hooooman!
So are children, but they don't experience full human rights. I don't see how she's any different.
>literally anyone who has a 4chan account needs to be sterilized. only the normies deserve fulfillment, everyone else is redundant

NATO has recognized that our tanks (as well as everything else) are complete crap and overhyped shit designed to make money, not for war.

12 replies omitted. Click here to view.

I'll remind you that the actual ground combat during Desert Storm lasted all of 100 hours.

The Russian probably didn't fire on the PT-91 because they're modified T-72s and the Russian thought they were their own tanks.
Tanks in general are increasingly obsolete technology. They can be destroyed easily from afar and are sitting ducks in urban environments. The days of armies meeting on a battlefield for a big fight are pretty much over.
This has to be bait.
the tank was invented during a time when they couldn't really be defeated. those days are over, but they are still produced because having a slightly better tank than the opposition can still be an advantage... at a huge cost of course.

drone warfare might be the final nail in the coffin for tanks.

GOP is eating their own over trump
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
There is no point when this thread is going to get deleted by mods for being an opinion piece
>GOP ridding itself of neocons
sounds good to me
Post the fucking article.
Oh, wait, it's a video based on an opinion piece that the faggot tranny jannies should have clipped.
how do you paste a video?
meanwhile the demcucks are defending a principle that didnt know a fire alarm isnt a doorknob...according to your rules thats the worst thing to happen since jan 6


How is this not immediately flagged down and toted as ridiculous?
Can people not see that this is literal segregation and a huge step back?
What’s going on w left?
30 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Average psycho republicunt post
>Can people not see that this is literal segregation and a huge step back?
Why do you want niggers in your classroom?
Bro. Just let them do it. Just let them go.
Let them do it to themselves.
>private schools
Go look at what happened to 'school choice' in Texas. They will NOT let you leave the public school system. They will allow every consideration in the world for them, and their little pet shitskins. You, on the other hand, will suffer and you will do it in silence.
Probably 2%. Libtards like him cannot see that the reason why these immigrant groups look so good when they come here is because we filtered out all but the best. Unless they sneak across the border, althoughbeit.

File: FrkeVQcWwAAAd27.jpg (32 KB, 465x346)
32 KB
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I am sure Ucraneians are loving it just as much
Ucraneians here!
I had a good supper last night.
I found some firewood, and a frozen Russian loin of leg(at least that what I told my fam) and we had a great meal.
I added sprig of thyme, a wild onion, some sawdust to thicken the broth, and it was good soup
>you tell em, namefag, you tell the world

as long as i tell you,
and then there was 2
please post complete recipe
as long as I tell thee
and then there was three
>all this whining by Putinbots
...meanwhile, Russians are dying. Good. And all your retarded whiny opinions here will do less than fuck all to change that. Even better.
He already pasted it. You're retarded

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