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File: d2crash.jpg (182 KB, 525x319)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
>play d2 as usual
>latest patch, no mods, no hacks
>3.8ghz quad, 8gb ram, 1tb drive
>suddenly pic related happens
So this is the power of Blizzard's best-selling game of early 2000s
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>tfw no win machine
I'll delete all the files and try again. It was downloaded right from Blizzard.
Does anyone play Battlenet anymore?
>Does anyone play Battlenet anymore?
I don't, I'm tired of bots and hacks
Clean your screen you filthy animal
Ahmed, stop sneezing at your monitor, that's absolutely haram.
Its hash infidel

File: image.png (363 KB, 3072x2048)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
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i can't
He was a virgin who spend most of his time trying to make fake skin while being obsessed about a frozen girl while his dad was able to make the skin easily.
The Virgin Elijah
The Chad Randam
File: end of grime.png (510 KB, 4320x2468)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
he was the funniest character kojima wrote

File: Fftpsp3.jpg (26 KB, 240x414)
26 KB
Is there a patch to edit the shakespearean english from this?
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Why the fuck did they keep the gameplay the same on this and fuck up TO so God damn hard with the class levels and crafting bullshit?
I hate the leveling system in the PSP version so much it made me drop the game entirely 2/3 of the way through. It felt like the game was deliberately wasting my time.
The evil characters are all windbags. The witch-king of angmar and other black numenoreans in particular speak in pompous archaic English. Compare them to the way the hobbits or dwarves.
But even Eowyn speaks in a "ye olde english" sort of way. Nobody today would talk like that.
If the complaint towards the tactics translation is that it's poorly written, that's agreeable, but the general wording seems to be the same. LoTR works because the writing is good.
Eowyn is also from a noble house, and the Rohirrim originally speak an archaic mannish tongue but adopted Westron, which is represented with modern English in the books. Most of Tolkien's writing is fairly straightforward modern English and gets poetic when it needs to.
Tactics is poorly written but also everyone is in the same voice.

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That's nuts
Puyo puyo 20th anniversary.

Panel de pon is good too
Puyo Puyo is my favorite as well and I really like this genre of game. Puzzle Fighter is a lot if fun as well but not quite as deep so I don't ultimately hold it in as high regard.

Panel de Pon/Tetris Attack etc is probably second to puyo in my mind, dealing with and building chains is similar.

Regular Tetris is a game I played virtually every night before bed for like 15 years and I love it. But ultimately strategy wise it's quite simple and only gets challenging when there's a ton of junk in your way or is moving super fast. For that reason I almost always played on game type B level 9 and 5 high. Both super fun and gives you the biggest rocketship.
File: 86161481112.jpg (58 KB, 640x448)
58 KB
File: file.png (21 KB, 768x540)
21 KB
this and talos principle

Good evening /vr/, please share with me your insight into decent FM Towns emulation. Any hints for a proper start are more then welcome as well as serious tips and tricks from your personal exp.
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>unz is the only emulator available.
>It's closed source, Windows only and hasn't been updated in years.
>It also doesn't allow you to directly load CD images so you have to mount them in the OS, it also doesn't work with WinCDemu.

Doesnt sounds to encouraging. Will give it a shot anyway. Thx.
Reminder that jp Geocities is closing very soon
MESS has pretty good FM Towns emulation
MESS has been absorbed into MAME for how many years now?
It's been archived, fortunately.

Has the expression “a jack of all trades but a master of none” ever been more applicable to something?
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is everyone on this board developmentally challenged or something
I fucking love MAME.
>Has the expression “a jack of all trades but a master of none” ever been more applicable to something?
Yes, this thread
it's just a super contrarian hipster board, just hide these retarded threads when you see them, make sure to sage if you have to reply (sage is no longer shown but it works just the same)

File: 1548128341076.jpg (25 KB, 554x554)
25 KB
>Play NES emulator
>Bad at gaems
>Get NES Mini
>Good at gaems again
The controller makes all the difference.
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>Bought a 150 in 1 cart for $10
Ain't gonna lie, I feel like a fucking boss genius over here
I have Nes, Snes, Genesis, N64, and Playstation 2 usb controllers for emulators. They work really well. Should I post?
I use retropower and that works really well.
If you don't own flashcarts you might as well be a nigger.
No because you're a fucking huehuehue... nobody wants to see that 3rd world country shit. Get flashcarts/modded consoles.

File: 1524275693205.webm (1.14 MB, 1204x864)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB WEBM
Unreal/Unreal Tournament General

Share some of your stories from Single-Player/Multiplayer, show off some new maps, mods, mutators, etc and just have fun!


Thread Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWWpEcvNBdA
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What's the big idea of letting threads die so early?

We should be allowed to revisit them in the future and not worry about deadlines

This is slowly becoming like /v/ and at this point even leddit is kinda better with its shitty 6-month limit
This board doesn't even move as fast as /v/. It's should be a slow board compared to others.
Tell me /unrealgen/
what's your favorite weapon? for me it's the ASMD Shock Rifle
File: 1535394014152.jpg (171 KB, 800x800)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
The one that was weeaboo-fied.
blame ghostbumpfaggot.

File: 81Z-VLCxlJL._SX425_.jpg (11 KB, 425x319)
11 KB
>160x144 resolution is so low that even Super fucking Mario Bros. is cropped and basically unplayable
>Graphics somehow worse than NES even though GBC is technically superior
>Sounds like shit

It blows my mind that this thing came out in 1998 and not 1993. I regret wasting the bandwidth on the romset and the wear and tear of writing it to my hard drive.
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Lol, is that sentence ripped from urban dictionary? Good one
Yeah I feel like these guys must be pretty new to the internet, if you havent seen the millions of clickbait articles repurposing the word in the last 4-5 years then you probably havent spent much time online, you dont even need to have used 4chan to get that.
Pokemon crystal
Warioland 2 and 3
Oracle of ages and seasons

This is all really need to justify the console, but theres loads more of other games that are fantastic on here, like the dozens of posts in this thread mention. The zelda games on the gbc are some the best, and the warioland games are as good as platformers can get until you hit the gba.

I'd put shantae up there but I really just completed the game for the fantastic visuals and music, the gameplay is pretty bad for a platformer and it gets way better once it upgrades to the ds and beyond.
File: Fish Files sample.png (539 KB, 700x630)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
Because it's quite literally shit in comparison to GBI.

File: DCx1SWC.jpg (282 KB, 1280x1024)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
I'm re-playing this again for the first time since I was a kid and forgot everything, what should I know beforehand?
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Don’t nuke your action meter into the negatives unless there’s a really good situational need, it’s not worth it 99% of the time. What you pretty much want to do is alternate between your 2 best members endlessly and use the 3rd as backup if neither of them have full actions.

Kid, Fargo, and Mel all steal. This is a game where stealing is absolutely worth it, so always take at least one of them if you can (esp. Fargo who is the more useful one in regular combat.

Figure out which characters make the best 3rds, preferably good casters who can also hit reasonably hard in a pinch, like Starky. Riddel is also decent. Consider taking whatever innate is opposite your lead character.
You already played it imbecile.
File: 1543324575551.jpg (125 KB, 593x593)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
>tfw she will never kick your arse so hard you kiss the moons
>Any other games that turn an entire genre on its ear?
Really the combat was the only thing that was really different. Suikoden and other JRPGs had large casts before CC. Can't really think of anything else that differentiate its from the genre. It kinda contrasts a lot more with what Square had done up until that point, especially Chrono Trigger, than the entire genre itself. By 1999 there had been a lot experimental JRPGs, with Parasite Eve being a good example from Square themselves.
Download a save to import so you can have all the characters later. Equip a forget-me-not pot.

File: Xevious.jpg (445 KB, 850x1206)
445 KB
445 KB JPG
What other shmups have no powerups? I prefer no powerups because they often lead to huge difficulty imbalances (too easy with a fully powered up ship, but too hard without any powerups). Without powerups, the game can be balanced much more intentionally.
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
afaik all versus shmups (like twinkle star sprites) don't have powerups, just a charge that you can build.
probably not what op is looking for with "balanced", though.
You earn a new weapon at the end of each Axelay stage, but you have to choose a loadout of three at the beginning of each stage. There are no powerups.
That is a good system.
It's so refreshing to see people on this board actually stop to think about what makes the games they love work so well
Another slightly less strict option, something of a compromise, is to have powerups that are very temporary. Like, lasting just maybe 10 seconds or so? Does anyone know of shmups that use this mechanic instead of powerups that last until you die? (I really think I've played games with this mechanic but nothing comes to mind)

Thanks man! I'm really glad to hear you say that.

File: GunPact_L.png (82 KB, 750x650)
82 KB
When you need more Goemon. We offer it.
7 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

I think they look cool

Let's go goemonchads
Is it true the cutscenes for Goemon slots were ripped from a canned PS3 game?

>tfw no huge open world goemon game in the style of the n64 game but with ps3 graphics

File: index.jpg (16 KB, 241x209)
16 KB
The perfect game. And the perfect game to showcase what retro can do what modern can not.
118 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
>he has not completed reverse boss order
>talking about modern games on /vr/ like Hollow Knight
It's almost as if the only way zoomers know how to discuss retro gaming is only in relation to shit that came out just a few years ago. There is going to be no line between /vr/ and /v/ soon. We already have the same Link's Awakening shit flinging threads on /vr/ now. Not too much longer until twitter posts.
I'd switch castle in darkness with rabi ribi, it's a good game but really short. Momodora would be even higher if it also wasn't so ridiculously short.
Is Bunny Must Die that good? I've been planning to try it
Sega games tended to be a lot more action-arcade oriented, which isn't Metroid's focus. I like the series but I can see where you're coming from.

Do you remember the pre-NES days?
What were you playing?
44 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah. Also had a C64 and Apple as well as veritable plethora arcades in my area so the NES was pretty much a non event for me.
>cute girls on the illustrations
>actual game is just a bug
Why is this allowed?
get good at the game and you get cute girls
you're still allowed to play them
what is this font and why does it look so familiar?

File: bloodlines1.jpg (347 KB, 1200x869)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Where were the good 16-bit Castlevania games?

Not on the Super Nintendo! That's for sure!
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the port myth again

Atlantis is great, stop being a faggot. Great music, nice reflections.
Super Fillervania IV must be the most overrated game of all-times, it's either it or *insert any post Wind Waker 3D Zelda here*
The good music and novelty graphical effect at the start of the level doesn't excuse all the other points about its design I made, fag.

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