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File: Mega Man 3 manual.jpg (248 KB, 1567x614)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Do you guys download instruction manuals?
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For a little while now I have been contemplating the idea of downloading all of the major instruction manuals for a system and then arranging them all together in a PDF file which I will then have printed as a large full-color hardcover book.

Bookbaby charges $39 for a 840 page book of this type. That would be more than enough for all the major NES releases.
Make a thread and post .pdf if you do, that sounds awesome
It's not the the story is bad, it's that it's poorly worded to the point it's hard to get what's even going on, especially coupled with the minimal text in the game itself. The manual goes on about energy crystals, while the game doesn't mention them at all. The manual talks about how Dr. Wily "found his sanity", but all that's said in the game is that he stole something called "Gamma", who's not mentioned in the manual at all (and the game never actually explains who or what Gamma is either, for that matter). Unless you have the full story from elsewhere and know how these various details fit together, the manual story and the game story seem to have absolutely no connection with each other.
Only if it's Japanese. Overseas manuals are awful.
File: 1530759882407.png (11 KB, 666x444)
11 KB

File: pc.jpg (186 KB, 1200x800)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
What could have been....
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A world where high quality full motion video reigns supreme and real time 3d graphics don't exist.
Owned one for a brief period of time. The system itself is looks really high end and the controller feels pretty great, but there's next to nothing worth playing on it.
They thought that 3D graphics weren't good enough yet and wanted to create the perfect 2D machine in the meantime, thinking that people would prefer near-Laserdisc quality anime to shambling origami monstrosities.

It was not a smart move.
I have four games for it

Chip Chan Kick
Power Dolls

All bought in 2001 and I haven't looked for other PCFX games since then

good FMV stuff, but very lackluster otherwise. I refocused and completed my japanese PCE/CD stuff afterwards
They couldn't match the 98 in resolution so that was pointless.
It didn't offer much over the Saturn for 2D.
If it had come earlier and turned out more successful they could have released 3D cards as expansions. It's weird that the PC-FXGA was one of the first 3D accelerators for PCs.

File: 250px-FMTOWNS_2F.jpg (10 KB, 250x288)
10 KB
any FM Towns fans here? What's worth playing besides Splatterhouse, PuLiRuLa, and some of the western games? Anyone own one of these rare setups? Especially a marty?

Also, does Fatal Fury Special exist on FM Towns? There's box-art but no files that I can find
FM Towns Marty>PCFX
Not really.
Rainbow Islands Extra
Turbo Outrun
Wing Commander
Also, does Fatal Fury Special exist on FM Towns? There's box-art but no files that I can find
There's a lot of unripped games.
Apparently it was the last commercial game released for the system.

File: Metal_Max.jpg (200 KB, 747x1082)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
The original Metal Max for NES/Famicom is now translated.

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Noah was right.
>Returns exists and they do this instead of the many games that are different games

Okay, I guess...so now I have a reference point to see how shit the original version is, like with Resident Evil or Perfect Dark.
File: Metal Max Xeno.webm (1.85 MB, 640x360)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB WEBM
>this is the most recent game in the Metal Max series
This series deserved better then fucking this. It's a shame this series could never catch on. Goofy open world Mad Max is all people wanted and even that was too "unsafe" for them to do.
File: Metal Max Xeno 2.webm (2.34 MB, 640x360)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB WEBM
did he try copy and paste or maybe drag and drop?

File: 1543183117441.webm (1.32 MB, 640x480)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB WEBM

last thread here: >>5040140
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It's tank controls. It doesn't matter how fair it is. It plays like ass and I'm not going to play something unenjoyable so that you feel better jerking it off. There's a reason there's not a single game out in the last 10 years that involves tank controls without a tank be involved and there's also a reason Gothic games are only liked by a small minority. The exploration may be great but everything else is ass.
Is this about the IRA?
File: Blood.webm (2.86 MB, 640x480)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
No idea.

File: downloadfile-15.png (63 KB, 300x400)
63 KB
Thoughts on this game?
Chinese exclusive sequel with stole slightly edited art assets and bosses from Dodonpachi. Its main feature is an extra bomb setting that gives you a rechargeable bomb you can replenish by grazing bullets.
Not a bad game despite the stolen reused art. It's easier than DDP so it might be a good starting point for beginners.
I didn't know it was a thing, seems interesting even if it's not as good as DDP.

File: cover vs in-game.jpg (246 KB, 1336x959)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Did Amerimutts not realize that it was a bad idea to severely alter the game's cover in a game that had highly detailed character portraits? The people responsible for this shit should've been sued for false advertisement.
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>implying California crayon queers are westerners
these asshole eaters are third world uncivilized dik likers who step over shit in the street because muh tolerance.
>like turning female characters into gay men or good female characters into slutty bimbos

Source? Because that sounds weird.
It's clearly a lie because americans can't write good female characters.
They wanted that D&D money. Who cares if it's nothing like the actual game?
Points acknowledged, but grinding was the flip side of using those maps. I won't argue that the encounter rate was atrocious, but it did help keep you at an appropriate level if you were wandering around lost like you were supposed to. Going straight from point to point didn't help as much as one would think, particularly if you used the other hint and skipped a fuckton of battles. Then you got to Dark Force, and he could easily make you his bitch, and HOW far back was your last save?

How did this game make you feel?
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But reality will be worse than anything you can imagine.
Just imagine it never happened.
I'll let you know in a few years when i get to it. I'm playing through Squares library chronologically atm. Up to Bahamut Lagoon. Live a Live was terrible!
From the few mins i played of Threads it looks and sounds fantastic and i'm excited to play it.
bought this on the PS3 store and nearly broke my controller with the jumping puzzles. then, I remembered that Playstation got analog sticks, later in the system's life. I only remember playing with the OG controller. I went into the game's system menu and, sure enough, there was an option to turn on the analog controls.


anyway, I had a good time, after that. I need to go back to that game. I love those shitty old low-poly PS graphics
keee-rrist, you have a long way to go. they released nothing but 40 hour RPGs, in the SNES era

File: MystCover.png (109 KB, 256x307)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
redpill me on myst. is this an actual playable interactable game or is it one of those bs sega cd video cd games
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You're late to the party, anon.
Keep digging in your heels and crying because you got put on blast.

We all are anon.

Did you have a stroke?
Not gonna lie, I really didn't enjoy Myst as a kid. I had already played The Journeyman Project Turbo on my 486, so the idea of pre-rendered graphics on PC didn't really wow me. It didn't help that Myst was a bit on the crashy side, or Win95 for that matter. I thought it looked and sounded nice, but really didn't care.

Getting realMyst years later, I really enjoyed it. Some of the puzzles were clearer in 3D than they were with pre-rendered images, and you really got the feeling of exploring a bizarre dream-like world. Channelwood alone is far less of a hassle in 3D. And the linking book room in Stoneship is easily one of the coolest places to hang out in a 3D videogame.
I didn't have Myst, but I had the vaguely similar Dragon Lore, and yeah, the graphics just weren't that impressive. They were soulless and flat. The emptiness of them did have a sort of atmosphere, sure, but I certainly preferred more traditional games.
>let me get one last underage shipost in

File: 544.jpg (19 KB, 474x392)
19 KB
>Playstation 2 could play PSX games
>Why couldn't DC play Saturn games?
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Doesn't W10 drop support for older D3Ds and instead emulates them? Games like the Sims run terribly on modern OEM PCs because of that, while some games have weird texture artifacting like Vice City.
Nobody ever said the Saturn had games except for a few autists here on /vr/ who try to meme the N64 into being trash because their childhood was spent playing gay purple jester trash and arcade ports instead of cool shit like Zelda.
Because you touch yourself at night
>GS doesn't support PS1 opcodes out of the blue, they need to be translated and virtualized first
Nobody knows that for sure either. The GS is built up from the PS1 GPU in the same way that the Mega Drive VDP is built up from the Master System VDP, and I'm fairly sure the Mega Drive doesn't do any opcode translation.
When we started pretending a place called Japan existed. Wew lad

Is there anything with a combat system like Final Fantasy I that isn't tied down by making the party actual characters? The later entries are too focused on the party, and the planning of targets / ability to whiff when an enemy dies isn't something I've found in other big JRPGs from the time.
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I would disagree with calling it pure guesswork. There is some guesswork which comes from dealing with the unknown when encountering an enemy for the first time, but after battling them you should be able to make fair estimates of their HP compared to your own attacks in future battles.
If there isn't a display for the player then it's something the game expects the player to track on their own.
It's not guesswork, it's learning. Have you played FFI? If you felt like you were guessing at what to hit, you were making it harder on yourself.
But whiffing by hitting death enemies is the best mechanic of the game. It makes you actually care at what you are doing instead of autofire most fights.
Classic Wizardry lets you create and delete party members at will.
There's no plot or characterization, only balls to the walls dungeon crawling. Most of the game mechanics from FF1 are found in there.
You start learning the general HP numbers of most enemies pretty quick and can compare it to the damage levels of your party. 1 Fighter swing = BM+RM or BM+WM or TF and you could make some pretty efficient battle strats to get through large mobs quickly. Once you get Magic-Use items it sort of falls apart but at that point everyone has an item that can free-cast AoE spells to shred trash mobs

>Step into store
>"bing! bing! bing!" sound effect goes off
>Store keeper shuffles to the counter

Hello, welcome to the /vr/ video game store, anything I can help you with? Also are you signed up with our newsletter to receive the latest news on all your favorite retro consoles?
127 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
>i'm a redditor that doens't know how to spell r9k
Off you go
File: 1456294707572.png (148 KB, 2500x1645)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
It's kind of obvious, what you're trying to do there.
I can only give you $2 each.
Looks like my collection, only smaller
what is keeping those n64 carts from falling onto the floor?

5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just press A when the platform is at its lowest point.
Now hit ALL the levels in order, from bottom to top without missing one, to get the 30-Up.
No way...
pics or it didn't happen

File: Scene.png (1.01 MB, 2450x922)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Oh shit it's another >Which should I use for portable retro emulation Thread

I arrived late for the last one so please redpillme on both to see which should I get
33 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
No ram carts
I'm having good luck with most gba games on my vita with adrenalin and mgba. Played through fire red and got like 15hrs into circle of the moon without issues
I play GBA on my Vita using TempGBA and Adrenaline. This is the best GBA emulator for PSP and I have yet to find a game that runs bad on it. Just make a bubble shortcut to the emulator.
>Worse battery life in most situations
Nigger the fuck are you smoking.
The Vita Slim has a 6 to 10 hour battery life. The New 3DS has 3.5 to 6.5.
I still use my Vita for media stuff purely because it has an absolutely legendary battery life.
Vita can't even emulate the GBA right, I can't imagine you'll get any decent PS1/N64 emulation outside of the PS1 titles ported to PSP. It's a shame because it's a perfect emulation device, but no one bought them so the scene never took off.

File: file.png (797 KB, 723x800)
797 KB
797 KB PNG
trying to figure this out - was trip world in europe only released in Germany?
Wikipedia just says Europe released so it's useless information.
On Ebay I cannot find a single listing which does not have "herausragende seite" on the side (german). All manuals in listings have "spielanleitung" on it (and german text). These are listings from France, Italy and UK as well, not just germany. Not that the region matters since the game has english text across all regions but it's just out of curiousity. I can't find any evidence of another EU region release aside from Germany.

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