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File: turok2.jpg (130 KB, 616x353)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
We had a thread about Turok 2 the other day so let's try another.

I just beat level 4 'Lair of the Blind Ones' meaning I've beaten the first 5 levels (I also did Hive on the Mantids before) but I only have one life remaining. Something tells me that isn't going to be enough for the last level, let alone the final boss.

Do you think if I revisit levels I might be able to collect tokens I missed and get more lives?

Feel free to talk about the game and Turok in general.
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Has anyone played Rage Wars or Turok 3? How are they?
Rage Wars is a full-on multiplayer game in the vain of Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament. It's pretty great in that regard. Over 30 maps, a ton of cool guns, and large roster of characters to play as, including a raptor and a pack of mantid mites.

Turok 3 is divisive. It's the most linear of the N64 games and is much more story focused; it's got a very Half-Life feel to its structure. You can play as either Danielle Fireseed or Joseph Fireseed, each have differing arsenals (for example, Danielle has an explosive shotgun and Joseph has the 'Shredder', an electrified shotgun that stuns enemies). The graphics and animations are a downgrade from 2 but the performance, as a result of that, is generally better. Even the gore is toned down. The multiplayer is okay with a lot of boring characters to play as and more and more interesting game modes than Rage Wars but much worse guns and maps. If you want MP than stick with Rage Wars.
There should be an inventory screen in the pause menu.
Doesn't 3 have an unlockable 3rd campaign too
You get to play as Joshua who has the full arsenal. That's the only difference.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
91 KB
How do I get gud with mouse and keyboard shooters? I've always used a controller. I am planning on playing Doom -> Doom 2 -> Duke Nukem -> Blood -> Shadow Warrior -> Ion Fury in that order to learn how to use a mouse and keyboard because Blood, shadow warrior, and ion fury all seem weird as fuck to play.
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Just play, but you should know that the games aren't all the same. The older games let you creep around and carefully exterminate at your own pace. Newer games will try to force you to play constant whack-a-mole as a way to pretend its some hyperactive multi-player experience.
>I am planning on playing Doom -> Doom 2 -> Duke Nukem -> Blood -> Shadow Warrior -> Ion Fury
Alright retard I happen to have played all those this year. You can easily beat that entire set within about a week even if it's your first playthrough. So do that and then make a thread not the other way around. It's really not hard.
>Blood seems weird as fuck to play
Nope it controls extremely nicely. Just fucking grind your way through it already before making a thread please.
Oh no someone made a thread on an image board made for making threads
>Ion ''''Fury'''' zoomers who have never played m+kb in their life are shitting up /vr/ now
back you go
I played goldeneye with a keyboard and mouse once and it felt like cheating

File: maxresdefault.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Are there any good fun over realism racing games like Ignition?
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>only 43 posts
imagine being this lazy
So who is the King of Kings of PC racing games?

>2 choices
is this nigga serious?
Based, 2 choices is all we PCtards have.
That game was called Ballance.

File: bigpig.png (524 KB, 997x712)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
Got any... kings?
So... you like playing for trinkets, eh?
That smug motherfucker.

Oh my god, modern FPS games have ruined me. The move and look functions of this game are completely broken.
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You can set different options but no way to put look on the C-buttons (WHICH IS THEIR FUCKING PURPOSE) and move/strafe on the stick.
Moving with the stick is the stupidest fucking thing you could do. Why on Earth would you want to aim with the C-buttons?
Because it's reflective of modern FPS design, that assign looking to the right stick.

But moreover, the C-buttons were always intended to be camera buttons on the N64 pad, which is the equivalent function of looking in an FPS game.

Also to >>5820664, it's because I found it at a pawn shop and bought it for a few bucks. I'm not emulating it.
Modern FPS design is garbage in many, many ways and moving with the stick is worse than the c-buttons. You don't move in an FPS with the mouse, why would you with a stick on a controller?
I liked moving with a stick, anon
Suddenly I feel sad I'll never play outtrigger and the grid again, at least not in an actual cabinet.

File: s-l400.jpg (30 KB, 287x400)
30 KB
I've really heard that the Master System version of Ultima 4 is excellent. Hoping to get good suggestions for stuff to throw on my emulator box. Even stuff like Dragon Warriors 3 and the first Final Fantasy. And any Dragon Quest clone from Japan with character creation and a translation hack. Just looking for good conversation and suggestions
The console ports of Might & Magic are great candidates if you're willing to overlook some questionable stuff. The NES port of M&M1 did a lot to scratch that itch for me but I kind of have a hard time defending it otherwise since a lot of stuff about it is straight up broken. Give it a try and see if it's for you.
Only touched the XU4 version of Ultima 4 but I'm guessing if it's on a console they just made things more menu base. Just wonder how some of the talking work since there are "secret" conversations you can have with certain characters you only will know to ask if you took notes.
Thanks for the suggestion
Deathlord is like that, but it's one of the most daunting RPGs ever so be cautious

Here's a little survey for you, /vr/.
What does the jpg have to do with the poll? Best game experiences have been in my 30s, but not with present day shit.
should use Sonic in 8bit instead of Snake and Mega Man X in 16 bit so there’s no gaps
File: P1ZDyVK.png (253 KB, 629x583)
253 KB
253 KB PNG

File: 1565580030380.jpg (333 KB, 1673x1217)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
post em and rate others
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File: Retro Favorites.jpg (609 KB, 1673x1217)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
>I really did not expect someone to claim the weird UFO controller as his favorite

It looks awful, but it is actually extremely comfortable.
File: vr_favourites.jpg (555 KB, 1673x1217)
555 KB
555 KB JPG
>that indicates latent homosexuality
What do you mean "latent"?

File: lataus (1).jpg (4 KB, 95x144)
4 KB
Imma quickly put my Question here:

Graphics or Gameplay?

Because my friends think doom is an absolutely shit game due to it having bad graphics meanwhile im there sitting enjoying the experience Goddamn loving it

Also whats your favorite mod anons?

Mine is Brutal Doom
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i agree. they have aged better than early full 3d FPSs at least. turok looks awful compared to exhumed.
>bad graphics
this is such a non-statement
Game visuals are more than just technical proficiency - It is also visual design, that makes the game look good or bad, and the visual design of Doom is solid.
Your friends, just like many, many others simply have no taste of their own and when judging something rely on subjects quantifiable characteristics
I'm pretty damn sure they dismiss pixel art outright, just because pixels=outdated=bad, despite there being gorgeous stuff like Legend of Mana or Metal slug.
Your friends are 12 year olds. Make new friends.
Doom is a shit game because it has garbage weapons and level design.

File: Capture.png (592 KB, 814x652)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
Collectors on suicide watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qys9sdzJKI
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File: 1563860602761.png (207 KB, 460x215)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
>skipping frames
Hahahhaa nice. Really, why even play the games at all if you're just going to hack them to make it easier?
joke's on you, i was already on suicide watch for unrelated issues
To have played the games at all in the ways you prefer.
Caught sayef?

File: ultima_speech.png (3 KB, 320x200)
3 KB
Are there any older mechanics that modern games still haven't utilised yet?
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No, i mean in the sense that you can point at a object, and get your characters viewpoint.
In short terms.

In something like NWN1 and 2 you can view a "description" for almost any interactable object. Which is to say entire pages ripped from the monster manual condensed into a separate information window.


But to elaborate on your stance?
A text log in itself can be fine, i have played games that have done it. But there is a problem: For such a thing to be useful you need to quickly be able to move page to page to page of log, and what is logged needs to be filtered with great granularity. You might even need to highlight important words or passages for such a thing to even become useful.

If the granularity for the text log is too strict(as a journal, that is), information descriptions won't arrive. Think most games that have some form of quest tracker and GPS arrows. The journal itself is in 90% useless because there is no description in it.
If the granularity is too permissive, you can suddenly have entire conversations logged into a gigantic notebook, with no filter. Its painful to plod trough, but its doable.
lol that you grew up playing shit like this
If it was from the 90’s then why is it still using a NES-style controller?
Honestly shocked how long it took to get away from it with most consoles. Even Genesis just added an extra button. Hell you can say it had the same number since unlike an NES the original controller didn't have a select button.
If you have a platformer? Thats left and right, and 2 input buttons. Up and down could modify your actions. Some nes games even mapped wacky shit to Up + Select and Down + Select.

To image uses for several button is simply not something that is easy to do.

File: AI.jpg (157 KB, 900x900)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
To all emulator fags, do you think it is wrong to play all my games on either a xbox 360 controller or a keybord? do you prefer using controllers similar to the original console's? pic unrelated
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have xbox 360 controller and keyboard. I think for games that use an analog stick it's good to use the controller. Otherwise the keyboard is better. Like if it's a PS1 game I think the keyboard is better but for PS2 you should use the controller. It just depends.
god fucking dammit this is some terrible bait
>xbox 360 controller
Bad D-Pad. Almost anything else will do for retro, but not the Xbox 360 controller.
Here's your controller bro
It's wrong to play on a 360 pad because they're fucking terrible.

File: X3PCBox.jpg (138 KB, 640x841)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
ITT: obscure ports of retro games only you played.
Pic related is a Windows 9x port of the PSX/Saturn version of Mega Man X3. Said versions weren't released in North America, but this PC version was.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's just the manual of SF II though, it doesn't even mention the Mega Man games (even though those are known to be included and that's documented online). Basically, I have no proof of SF 2010 DOS existing, it's only in my memory.
I actually got that off a warez disc (ergo I guess it was a repack of sorts) and it lacked the cg wireframe bosses, otherwise it was adequate.
This was originally a SNES/Megadrive game
File: téléchargement (1).jpg (33 KB, 302x416)
33 KB
Forgot pic

What is the best emulator for this thing? Want to check out some of the games. Also game suggestions- Thanks in advance
XM6 TypeG if you can find it.
XM6 Pro68k is easier to find.
px68k-libretro if you're that kind of stuff.

Just keep in mind that setting games up isn't as easy as an "open ROM" like in other emulators. FD games are in floppy disks, so you need to swap them while playing the game (the main menu in XM6 has two floppy drives). Now if games are in HD format, they're a hard disk. On XM6, you have to enter Settings and find "SASI options" or something like it.

About games... to tell you the truth, there's not a lot of exclusive stuff. Most stuff is just plain better in consoles. Anyway, there's Castlevania. The rest of the good stuff is mainly shoot 'em ups.
Even Castlevania had a PS1 port that contains the full original game. Which is hard as tits despite having a fully maneuverable jump.
Some of these look interesting to me

File: pd.webm (3 MB, 800x450)
3 MB
What are your thoughts on the Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2 remakes?
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Faggot, do you even have a CRT?
It looks like a Gameloft clone of itself.
They ran it through the Gameloft A.I.-powered graphical filter. Remastered.
Why Switch only though? Does Sega want it to fail?
It should look more like Moebius/anime. Right now it's just generic.

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