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File: spiderman-ps1-boxart.jpg (369 KB, 1476x1453)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
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Cringe you're not being ironic and that game sucks balls and you like it lol
The difference being that they made very high quality models of a literall bog looking tranny and a underaverage looking redhead
Why is Mary Jane a journalist? Is that what she is in the funny books now?
what a wholesome nigger right there
They're better in the Dreamcast version.

You did remember to hook your retro consoles up to your hifi setup, right?
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Yup, Nothing better than listening to Thunder Force IV blasting through my Missions. Actually, when I think about it, other than my Mega Drive, I seldom hook anything else up to my sound system. I think it's because it reminds me of all the time I spent in amusement arcades; ya know, because of the similarities between the MD sound chip and a shit load of coin-ops.
Looks like something a porn movie director would have. So, ludicrously expensive, but kind of tacky looking. That's also a demo room and not your set-up. My old man dragged me to enough of those that I now can spot them when I see them.
Yeah, I don't really like the game at all, but I remember playing it a ton over my friend's house as a kid and loving the music, so I basically bought a used copy a few years back just for that.

>it reminds me of all the time I spent in amusement arcades
Exarctly. Sega's FM synth sounds great when it's being blasted over powerful speakers because it's essentially the same soundfonts they made to be blasted in arcades back in their heyday. The louder they are, the better they sound. Thunder Force IV is one of those games I always keep at the ready just because of how good it sounds (plus it's just plain great). The rumble from the subwoofer when your own ship gets destroyed is fucking savage.
>My old man dragged me to enough
What's the best set up you've heard at these shows?
Musical Fidelity/B&W Nautilus combo. I thought the old man's Cyrus monoblock gear was the shit, but it sounded like something from Woolworths compared to the demo set up I heard.

File: PanzerDragoonSagaBox.jpg (23 KB, 220x313)
23 KB
Just started this.
What am I in for?
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An experience worth over 700 US dollars
Okay, burn a Rom and disc swap trick it.
>swap trick
Enjoy wearing out and breaking your drive motor.
Just modchip a Saturn, easy and cheap.

File: ssf.png (14 KB, 595x641)
14 KB
is mednafen obsolete now?
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File: sssf.png (4 KB, 604x58)
4 KB
that's not what the wiki says
SSF still has higher compatibility then Mednafen's Saturn core because it's been around for a much longer amount of time but the dev is constantly working on it with each version. It's still the most accurate Saturn emulator.
Doesn't matter because all Saturn emulators have an ungodly amount of input lag. Best to just buy the real hardware and burn some games.
No. It's still the better choice than RetroArch for PC-FX, Lynx, WonderSwan, Virtual Boy, and Neo Geo Pocket.
>Emulating Saturn Games
I got the real thing, no need to mess with a flawed emulator.

File: file.png (208 KB, 280x357)
208 KB
208 KB PNG

Retro SW Games thread
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Does it have quicksave?
Unpopular opinion: except on the PC, SW console games mainly sucked asses till the 2000s. Yes, even ports.
File: help.png (11 KB, 640x481)
11 KB
Different Anon, but this thread got me to fire up Jedi Knight. Almost anyway, this is all I get?
Download dgvoodoo
turn off 3D Acceleration the the video settings in-game

File: Nightssegasatern.jpg (80 KB, 468x471)
80 KB
How do I get a decent score in this?
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Sega =/= Konami
File: 1554758210779.gif (49 KB, 128x128)
49 KB
thanks for these!
God, I want this to be real. Just don’t let it be pachinkoshit
File: s-l300.jpg (29 KB, 300x300)
29 KB
I hate this game
I'm also well aware I'm not adding anything to the conversation
but Nights is shit

File: saturn.jpg (96 KB, 1024x768)
96 KB
Are there more worth playing beyond:
>Virtua Fighter
>Sega Rally
>Sonic R (trash controls)
Even if they are Japan exclusives. I'm trying to get into the Saturn but all I see is people worshipping 2D platformers and SHMUPS, which are not my thing. I know there's shit like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil but there are better ports on other systems.
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sarcasm, my dude.
stop copying my sarcasm.
How literally retarded do you have to be to sit here sucking nights cock and not know you can walk in it?
>wahh i'm a little faggot
New Lupin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ4xhSBY-UY&feature=emb_title
Still present on PS1. Doesn't look as saturated but seems to blend more evenly.
>muh sarcasm

File: etak.png (157 KB, 638x602)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
> Stealth game
> looking for puzzle pieces to escape
> attempting to evade agent
> dark scifi planes and fields

This game was essentially Silent Hill mixed with Amnesia, why the fuck couldn't they wait to release it on PS1 or Saturn?
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>DnD videogame until 1988
82. TSR didn't want to make a RPG that would take attention away from the PnP game until they realized they were going to get left behind.
>games about crime sprees are based on a comedy from 77 about two people trying to get married
> Starwars Episode IV came out in 1997, but we didn't get the first StarWars videogame until 1983
No, that's 1977 and 1978.
I get what you mean about pushign the kids movie, but did they think a game that rely'd on players actually reading the book to understand what the hell was going on was going to work for the demographic? They could have re-skinned Robot Tank to make it so you are searching for parts and avoiding the agent like Amnesia and had something at ;east similar.

Or considering it was a time when kids actually played DnD regularly and read books they could have just made a text adventure for the 2600 like Zork.
>Or considering it was a time when kids actually played DnD regularly and read books they could have just made a text adventure for the 2600 like Zork.
Those were an even more nerdy and niche market than video games. Everyone knew what Atari was, and arcade style games, which ET at least resembled at first glance. A text adventure is a totally different thing. And DnD was nerdy as fuck and beginning to fall prey to the Satanic Panic.
Believe it or not, ET for Atari was originally planned as a super, super ambitious game for the system with a lot of interesting mechanics for an Atari game. It very likely would have been remembered as one of the best games on the console if they hadn't pushed it out the door.
It's not as baffling when you realize it is almost a spiritual sequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark, which is a highly acclaimed classic. That's not to say that ET is even close to as good, but some of the ideas behind it had worked in the past, in a game by the same developer, based on a movie by the same director.

I do like this game and all, but every time I get to the 4th or 5th match in arcade mode, I lose, even on easy. You only get three continues, and the game is considered a button masher. I wanna keep playing it, but I'm probably gonna have to use some strategy.
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IIRC it doesn't really require strategy. From what I remember you can fairly easily steamroll this game with heavy punches building up to Rumble mode and then laying waste to everybody, and the same strat will work for like every fight, even on harder difficulties. It's been a few years since I played it but I remember the muscly blonde guy being really good for just cheesing the shit out of this game. It's something I had just figured out on my own after a while. I remember thinking it was kind of a tough game though until I realized you can just cheese through it. After that it got really boring. I want to like it for its fun art style and sense of humor but it just isn't very good.
Yeah, but every time you punch, it drains the blue stamina meter and then refills quickly. The AI also blocks a lot.
Yeah I don't even remember a stamina meter, like I said it's been a good while. I was also playing the PS1 version, which is probably the worst one considering the other consoles this was on. But I know for sure you can just cheese your way through it with fairly minimal effort, to the point that the game becomes unchallenging and not fun. On higher difficulties I definitely remember matches feeling more like races to see who could reach Rumble mode first.
You know what, now that my memory is getting jogged, I was definitely playing through the career mode or title mode or whatever the equivalent is. The mode with training in between matches, so disregard everything I'm saying as applying to arcade mode, because it for sure doesn't.
I used to fap to Selene Strike. Everything else has been forgotten.
Pick Boris. Use Up + Square, Triangle (left hook into spinning right backhand). Stay at enough range to whiff the first hit, but hit with the second. If they block, they take huge chip damage and you're free to back up and repeat. If you hit, they stagger and you can loop the same attack into a guaranteed KO. Don't bother with rumble mode. Works on PS and 64 versions, so it probably works on the DC version too.

File: sega.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
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I mean it happened regardless. They would've been in far better shape as a company to go halfsies on the PSX and sell their games on a console that sold over 100 million units rather than a console that sold less than 10 million units. Yeah, Sony might've ditched them down the road, but Sega would've been much more of an established brand, considering Sonic likely would've been the official mascot of the console.
I prefer our timeline where Sega experimented with hardware and went out in a blaze of glory, making all kinds of weird games because they just didn't give a fuck anymore.
Yeah, I'm not saying it would've been a better timeline. I liked the original Xbox and Halo. It's just interesting to think about.
You don't pronounce service as sayr-vice, sehr-vice or seer-vice so al three common pronunciations are wrong.
I feel like without Sony and Microsoft in a technological arms race, nobody would be crazy enough to market a 600 dollar game system to the mainstream.

File: aow.jpg (98 KB, 485x649)
98 KB
Age Of Wonders? Thoughts on this. Does it compare to Heroes of Might and Magic?

I heard it's like that but with a more lord of the rings setting with the races in the game.
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Y'know, looking at my previous message, I've realized that Halfling heroes are, ironically, perfect for mana battery secondary heroes. Since most of the recruitable ones have shitty stats and lack in-built special abilities, they don't cost much to carry over, so you can pump Spellcasting and still have them at reasonable amount of campaign points.
>like Disciples series?
The sequel is incredibly cinematic. Story, music, art style create an uneasy atmosphere of foreboding. The actual strategy part is somewhat lacking due to imbalanced magic and potions - all tactics get pretty meaningless when you can nuke opponent into oblivion and sweep in fully buffed in one turn.

The first game, though, feels more challenging due to a more aggressive AI. Although, the point about buffs still stands.
>do yall like Disciples series
Too grim-derp for me, especially 2 & 3
Base stats for leaders in vanilla:
Elf 3/3/3/10/36 Forestry
Dwarf 3/3/4/4/10/32 Cave Crawling, Mountaineering
Halfing 3/3/3/4/10/32
Dark Elf 3/2/3/5/10/36 Night Vision
Orc 3/3/4/3/10/36 Night Vision
Goblin 3/3/3/2/10/32 Cave Crawling, Night Vision
Lizardman 3/3/3/2/10/32 Swimming
Azrac 4/2/3/3/10/36 Fire Protection

Non campaign leaders:
Human 3/3/3/3/10/36
Highman 3/3/3/4/10/36 Holy Protection, True Seeing
Undead 2/3/3/3/10/36 Cold Protection, Death Immunity, Fire Protection, Lightning Protection, Poison Immunity
File: AoW_Leaders.png (18 KB, 983x261)
18 KB

What went wrong?
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With some games, like lightgun games, changing the input device fundamentally changes the nature of the game.
He's kinda right. Even emulation is still off, both sound wise and graphics wise. The Nebula Model 2 emulator is still missing alot of textures, and clipping is still a bit of an issue.



It's not really that they outsourced it. The studio the outsourced it too was perfectly capable of making decent Saturn ports.

The problem was it was a late port and got rushed out the door in a ~60% complete state. The developers have stated that a lot of the issues they intended to fix but Sega pulled the plug and said ship it. So most of the textures, janky models, etc. you're seeing are place holders. And the performance issues are things that most likely would have been touched up had it been released in a finished state.

I'm pretty sure Sega Touring Car Championship was in a similar boat.
Here's where they were at a month before release:
You can judge how much was improved between then and the released version. The Japanese taikenban is earlier, but even with the timer disabled there's apparently only one level.

I seem to recall someone who worked on the Saturn port commenting on a YouTube video of the Saturn version, but I don't remember which video.
Rushed port on a dying console. Sega needed quick cash, and didn't utilize things like quality control or optimization.

What is a mandatory JRPG that is so important, you won't even listen to someone's opinion on JRPGs if they haven't played it? For me it's pic related.
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Well the music in 3rd birthday is good at least
That’s good at least. I loved the art direction in 2 and some of the enemy designs were really neat.
Dang. Guess I’ll see how bad it is when I get there, but 2/3 isn’t bad. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to playing 3rd Birthday the most, but that was mostly due to the marketing making it look so neat for a psp game back in the day.
File: Millenom girl.gif (328 KB, 1085x1160)
328 KB
328 KB GIF
I love etrian odyssey!
They're wrong, both halves are shit. Great concept, awful execution.
And don't forget, assets that belonged to about 2-3 different games.

File: 48356_front.jpg (120 KB, 640x886)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Viewpoint is the best shooter game ever created, change my mind.
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File: perfect.gif (530 KB, 479x498)
530 KB
530 KB GIF
The music in the Neo Geo version is top notch:

The Playstation remake did a lot of sins but changing the original music to random tracks that don't fit in anywhere was the biggest one.
The sequel is cool too.

oh and btw if you are wondering where this is.. its in the hands of a dipshit "collector" so im sure we will never see a dump. the game is basically finished too. one more reason to hate collectors.
I'm sure if we keep insulting them they will dump for us
Damn, good idea

File: bessel.jpg (68 KB, 580x429)
68 KB
Post your favorite /vr/ music from platforms which used FM Synthesis

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