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File: scumbag-n64_o_1273079.jpg (171 KB, 1380x1152)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Why does the N64 attract so many buttblasted PS1/Saturn fanboys?
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His mom got drunk in a room full of horny tards?
totally delusional
Meant for this*.
I agree n64 was the party machine.
N64 had Elmo and exclusive Rugrats shovelware. Both systems had baby-tier shitty games. Irrelevant because nobody is playing that trash. Look at the games people go back and play/were playing at the time and I think the PS1s most popular titles are geared more toward an older audience than the N64s most popular titles.

Games like Parasite Eve, GTA, Xenogears, Silent Hill, MGS, Tenchu, Medal of Honor, Twisted Metal, RE 1&3, etc
Zoomer deluxe...

No one in history has ever needed to blow on an N64 cartridge to make it work.

File: Trmnt004.jpg (614 KB, 1920x1080)
614 KB
614 KB JPG
First time playing Planescape Torment, is that a bug or does the game really just throws you an infinite amount of money in this random crate? Should I pick that up
Also general torment thread and infinty engine games and shit I guess
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Also answer my question you daft cunt.
File: C36kSvyVMAA206U.png (569 KB, 948x797)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
Bug or not, you don't actually even need money in the game; the only things you really need are healing items for 2 late-game areas, and that's about it.
>and that's about it.
how about the set of stat buffs for the final area, specially for cha wis and int.
Annah can solo the entire game with the daggers she just finds laying around in drawers
maybe, but that's not enough for the better ending

File: SHGO.png (35 KB, 999x888)
35 KB
Pre-orders open now for Jaguar sd. Pic related but I just bought one, wish my dumb ass luck.
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This is great news. I bought a Jaguar a few years ago but haven't bought a lot of games because of how unreasonably expensive they can be. The Jaguar is an ideal console for a flash cart.
Did they ever get the cd emulation working? It was still a problem last time I remember reading about it
can the discs even be dumped?
>put CD in PC
>dump CD
I'd imagine so.
Isn't just a Cart for AvP go for around Fifty Dollars?

never played this but I want to. Should I use the 1.13 patch from the get go? I hear it's the only way to get modern resolutions but also changes a lot of stuff.
I used it from the get go and ended up disliking how autisticly over-complicated the game was, so I tried to go back to vanilla but I'd have to re-install the whole game I think. So I just said "fuck it" and stopped playing.
vanilla gameplay and modernized inner workings

1.12 because of the clone glitch
If you want 1.13:
Unstable modpack (not any less stable than the "stable" releases.)
Set things up with the ini editor.
Is the catalog feature really that hard to use?
Are you stupid, lazy, or both?

post 'em
File: dover boys snes.jpg (100 KB, 920x572)
100 KB
100 KB JPG

File: n64 lq.jpg (25 KB, 1064x681)
25 KB
Fighting games were shit on the N64
>b-b-but Smash Brothers
Would be a 6/10 on a console with Tekken 3, and that god awful N64 controller was just not fit for fighters.

JRPGs were shit and nearly nonexistent on the N64
>b-b-but Paper Mario
Would be a 7/10 on a console with the FF trilogy, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, Breath of Fire 3 and 4, etc. Seriously, the amount of them is massive on PS1

SHMUPS were nonexistent on the N64
>B-b-but... uhm...

If there's one place the N64 actually crushes it, it's FPSes. PS1 is abysmal when it comes to them. The fact that one of the best FPSes is a bad version of the N64 version of TWINE, then you know you got problems. Hell, FPSes on N64 make Dreamcast FPSes kinda embarrassed, they're that good.
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>That's sodomy.

I'm sure that's okay in your part of the world
What's better about it?
Reminder that there is, and has always been, an agenda against the N64 for no reason.
(copy and paste this when necessary)
Paper Mario would be a 6/10
All it has is "charm", otherwise its an extremely simple baby's first RPG that is nearly impossible to die in.
Choice and consequence or at the very least RPG elements for jarpigs

Hey /vr/, what's a good price to pay for a bundle that includes a Genesis, Sega CD and 32X all together? I'm looking at several different listings for such a bundle, some of them missing the cables, another one the Genesis and 32X work but the CD is unable to be tested, and another they don't know if the 32X works.... I just wanna know what a good price should be for these three so I can know if I find a good deal or not.
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Get a Model 1 Genesis and CD combo instead and emulate the one 32x game on kega fusion.
Bout a hundred dollars
Kega Fusion download
You’re welcome
There are literally no good games on 32X that aren't ports. Even Knuckles' Chaotix is only good for the first 1 or 2 hours worth of gameplay, after which it becomes ever more apparent how much the vertically focused level design ruins Sonic's fast horizontally-scrolling gameplay.
I kinda wanted to get a 32X just for the novelty of it, but I really just can't justify it. Especially when it's a pain in the ass to track down all the necessary cables. And it doesn't match the Model 1 Genesis I own, and I'd need to get a new Genesis RGB SCART cable because the 32X uses the Model 2 output config.

One day as a side project to tinker on, I'd like to pick up a Model 2 and a 32X just to try out doing an all-in-one mod.

File: PC-FX-Console-Set.png (246 KB, 608x599)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Is it only me who find this console to be really comfy?
Any good games for that piece of wasted potential?
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>I am pretty sure it can max output at 640*480 at 30FPS.

the resolution outputs at 256x240p, 341x240p, 256x480i and 341x480i. Not 640x480. One of the main selling points is that the machine can display clean looking video at 30fps. To be honest the video quality for the machine is better than what the PS1 or Sega Saturn could do. The 3DO has good video output too. But, the PCFX was meant to be an anime-gaming machine.

here is a good "blind play" from retro tech Archive:
Is there any e-celeb that can actually read Japanese?
Is their appeal making fools out of themselves?
>Is there any e-celeb that can actually read Japanese?

I don't think those guys are e-celebs. They work at some sort of preservation museum for old computer and videogame tech in the UK. These guys make like 5 videos a year.
4chan retards think that everybody who makes a youtube video is an eceleb
I didn’t know I could be attracted to machinery.

File: clock-tower-snes.png (11 KB, 512x448)
11 KB
Clock Tower is one of my favorite gems.
The grim ambient, the feeling of hopelessness and art style worked well together and turned it into a classic.

It's pretty sad that they abandoned the pixel art style for that half assed 3d in the PSX sequel. It just wasn't the same.
Why haven't we seen any proper spiritual successor? I would have loved to see more of the same.
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File: echo night 2.png (124 KB, 250x250)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
If you enjoy Echo Night, and perhaps even if you don't, please check out Echo Night 2, aslo for PSX and now with an English translation patch that is 100% complete.
I spent a couple summers ago with Echo Night 2, and it is hands down the best game I have played in years.
After I cleared all of the endings in EN2, I played Echo Night. EN2 is vastly superior. I have not played 3, but I don't expect it or any other game to ever top 2.
I did find a few parts of EN2 genuinely scary, and that in itself is a feat. But the atmosphere and story are what really makes it shine.
File: Hellnight_cover_art.jpg (51 KB, 473x470)
51 KB
Surprised no one has brought up Hell Night yet.
I might be thinking of a different game, but that's the first person game where you're being chased by monsters in subway tunnels, while you have to escort some schoolgirl around, right?

I remember really enjoying it
The sunglasses are canon I say.
>She's too cool to run

File: n64.jpg (17 KB, 450x450)
17 KB
Literally no games
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My mental illness is cooler than your butthurt nature.
Reminder that there is, and has always been, an agenda against the N64 for no reason.
(copy and paste this when necessary)
I wasn't speaking for everyone, incel. Also turok 2 runs like shit most of the time.
Got ‘em
no power cord or video cable, either

File: serveimage.png (136 KB, 640x480)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
Are there more games like Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space? I just love the level of detail and immersion as well as the style. Probably one of the best simulations I have ever played.
F-14 fleet defender is very detailed.
I cant think of much retro. Theres a few space sims that are newer and you can sit in or control most everything that's been launched, and even a lot of specific historical missions.

Hi /vr/ I never played in my life Civilization.

I heard the III is the best followed by the IV, can you confirm this?

Also, do you prefer a version of the game in particular, some mods to recommend?

Thanks guys!
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Yes I can confirm this, III is the best followed by II, somehow IV got overrated to the moon I think for a lot of people it was babby's first civ
File: german_revolution.jpg (239 KB, 1744x926)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
>You are, again, evading each of the issues and carefully omitting others
In every post, I've answered as much as I can within 4chan's 2000 character limit.

>the tyranny of Nazi Germany was aimed at the disenfranchised
>violent suppressions of dissidents in German-occupied territories
You're kinda evading the issue of whether Germany was a police state here, because neither I nor anyone else I know claims that the German government extended the same rights to foreigners and people in occupied territories as to the people the government actually claimed to be its subjects. That's anything but unique, it's not like everyone living in the British East Indies was given all the rights of the Magna Carta.
The Jews were indeed singled out as a threat to the German population after the horror of the Jewish-led Bavarian Soviet Republic (now there's a tyrannical police state for you!). The goal of denying them civil rights was to get them to leave the country, and they were allowed to take all their stuff with them (whereas an ethnic German emigrant would have to forfeit upwards of 90% of his possessions upon leaving). Look up the Haavara Agreement.

>who were actively disarmed
... after a Jewish terrorist shot a German diplomat, yes. Funny how YOU accuse others of "speaking the truth partly."

>Cited multiple times in mainstream academia
You're merely appealing to authority here, and not providing a valid primary source.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>French-Canadian white supremacist
also, it's interesting that you dismiss the entire point of the video based on the host's political opinions, rather than looking into the historical facts and evidence mentioned by his guests.
I don't think I'll be able to change your mind on anything, given that you don't seem to care too much about facts and merely look for someone you perceive to be in a position of authority to tell you what to think.
>I don't think I'll be able to change your mind on anything, given that you don't seem to care too much about facts and merely look for someone you perceive to be in a position of authority to tell you what to think.
>historical facts and evidence
>this B A S E D author of books based on flimsy evidence, not supported by any sort of peer review, and only pushed through by a publication house that hosts almost exclusively books for Nazi fetishists is a better source than anyone else
Oh yeah, technically she "is" a Polish-American historian, but it's obvious by her lack of notoriety anywhere except for a sketchy publishing house that relishes in a very specific type of publication, or acknowledgment in anyone worth listening to, that her books are the furthest possible claim from a "credible source". And that's absolutely rich considering that you're accusing ME of appeal to authority! Why else would you bother listing all of those obscure no-names by their lot in life?

Oh, and don't pretend that the act of banning guns in 1938 was somehow completely divorced by systemic denial of civil rights to the Jews since 1935, and that the assassination wasn't a convenient pretext to move on with continuing that process.

You are asking me for excellent sourcing at every step and then pulling out the most appeal-to-authority garbage that you possibly could have. Don't bother responding; this time I certainly won't.
File: greeks.gif (868 KB, 1280x768)
868 KB
868 KB GIF
I've played 1 through IV. IV is the best of these but I also think 1 is indispensable.

Sure there is left wing shit in the civilopedia and some of the game mechanics. (Like in 4, global warming will turn the world completely into desert for now reason at all unless you take very odd measures to suppress the mechanic). It's not too much to deal with unless you're a sensitive person, and I think it's offset by the basic fact that the human's best strategy for overcoming the hardest difficulty is to be a brutal, opportunistic, slave-driving military imperialist tech broker at pretty much any stage.

Every single time i emulate any N64 game he's just smiling, but it got worse, every single time i played Mario kart 64 i could just hear him say his lines, even when i didnt select him, which i never did he's shit, but i learned later that he WAS really saying his lines when not selected, this has scared me. So last week i decided to check out into buying a original 1987 Nintendo 64, not used and still in box, great deal right? Wrong. that mother fucker. i went and first played Paper mario, but the VERY FIRST TOAD i talked to, its lines were so different, it just kept saying "I'm here and always will be." over and over again, for like 20 lines.... maybe i was going crazy? yeah sure, until mario kart, oh i remember this fateful sunday WAAYYY to well, he just kept saying it, since the start..... i dont know if anyone will be reading this but Please, if you know someway, ANYWAY out of this i will be glad...... Please, he always sees me, and i cant not hear him, my hands are bloody and im missing a finger....
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
good job you made me read all that shit
This is by far the worst aspect of 4chan culture. Cringey fucking youtube /x/ slop. There has never been a single creepypasta worth reading that didn't become an embarrassing mess at some point. To think there's an entire culture of fucking airheads that get off to tryhard c tier fictional movie scripts just because its passed off as real life. In short, go fuck yourself and I hope you had a fun as time reading me bitch and moan about your worthless taste in hobbies as I did absorbing your diahrreah post into my brain you low life fagfuck.
Cringe but true
to be fair that 'ben drowned' shit actually terrified me when i was like 13

File: 330px-Death_Crimson.jpg (32 KB, 330x332)
32 KB
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Not retro
That's one Japanese only Dreamcast ass looking game.
Public transport is to Japan what construction work is to Germoney.
We aint no goddamn slants, talk american for godssake
kusoge is a universal term, deal with it fag

File: Hiecl.jpg (479 KB, 1300x1603)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
Where can I find an archive with magazines about the pc engine? Manuals, previews, etc.
Also PC Engine general. Post your favorite games of the best system of the 90s
Perfect Dark (if you know Japanese)
Fucking Riot Zone?

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