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Anyone else fuck with Neo Geo stuff? I've been seeing a lot of consolized MVS boards online and I've been thinking about picking one up but I don't want something that is of dubious build quality.
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File: neo geo ad.jpg (1.27 MB, 2382x3245)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
if you never have played neo geo i'd start with a 171 in 1 cart, do the capacitor audio mod on it, and install a unibios in your mvs. if you have the budget a neosd would be better. Mvs carts are expensive enough that you should just buy your favorites and not buy them to play the games you want to try out
I'm American, is their any other option like this that doesn't use SCART?
Did some more research and this has composite and s-video, and some models have SCART for significantly less than supergun I posted https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Vogatek-arcade-supergun-MK-V/392218354448?hash=item5b52092310:g:eQ4AAOSwtcRb-brw:rk:1:pf:0
Done a lot. Own several of most systems. Unless you literally can't connect a few wires on your own I wouldn't bother overpaying for a consolized MVS.
Thank you!

File: skies-of-arcadia-2.jpg (34 KB, 420x350)
34 KB
Games that were well regarded at the time but really don't hold up today.

I think Skies of Arcadia fits this. At the time the graphics were stunning and the story was "charming". But these days it just seems derivative and a mess. The story is cliche and far too cheesy. The battles are dull. The town and dungeon lay outs are poorly designed confusing messes. I know this game still had it's fans, but I personally don't think it still deserves to be highly regarded.
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Back when it came out, it was just people who literally only owned a DC that thought it was amazing. Every idort alive was like "meh, it's OK..."
Fucking idorts. Riding our public transportation. Oughta be a law!
Very traditional rags-to-riches plots (small fry dreams of adventure and fame and glory and his dreams come true). Similar color palettes and art direction. They all have a SEGA vibe
Nothing wrong with a simple and comfy experience.

File: download.jpg (5 KB, 288x175)
5 KB
So is this basically my best option for portable retro emulation?
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because most psx games run flawlessly with pcsx rearmed and it's more convenient to use, also it's perfectly scaled unless the blurred adrenaline.
how is the battery life with the switch and is it easy to hack newer models?
It’s not weird at all. It’s half of 1080p, and games get a perfect 2x scale compared to a 4x scale on 1080p displays.
Not with retroarch, thats for fucking sure. Snes9x is basically perfecto.
File: your_a_CUCK.png (321 KB, 800x450)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
GPD XD Plus is better

File: COS_GBC.jpg (71 KB, 498x500)
71 KB
An underated masterpiece
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Not even a joke either, I played Sorcerer's stone and it was okay, Chamber of Secrets improves on everything Sorcerer's stone did
Underated Yes
masterpiece no
The first one have a better castle but the second have party member and improve things.
The third one fuck up everything, and tried to make it similar to the films.
Always loved this since it came out

These fucking trees use to give me nightmares when I was a kid I was fucking scared of these mother fuckers
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>"I swear anon I saw someone do a fatality where the trees eat the character"
I heard that rumor!

Also, I was that kid in gradeschool who did a red Shadow Kick, but no one saw me do it and thought I was making it up :(
few you almost had me there, good work!
The PS1 boot up sound, then the logo slowly turning into a BWAAAAM with fire in the background and then the murky, grungy story synopsis always creeped me out.
Such a good atmosphere.
his name is supposed to be "Exodus" and they just translated it retarded right?

File: 71Eb0sWYZZL._SX355_.jpg (8 KB, 355x266)
8 KB
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File: bmoney.png (107 KB, 309x281)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
quick reminder that noir > vewlix
report back because im going to order the converter if it works.
File: horidenusa.jpg (367 KB, 1511x2015)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
Hot damn it worked fine with the Brook->Tototek->SNES which I have currently set up. I can check other systems if you'd like but if it works with that it should work with all of them. I don't know if it didn't work initially and they patched it in with an update or I just fucked up my initial test and never retested it properly.
can you test for og xbox? i was thinking about getting this.
Sorry anon that's one of the only big systems I don't currently own.

File: Mmxsigma.jpg (369 KB, 669x903)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
This is the main antagonist of the X series, Sigma.
Say something nice about him.
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File: Mmxcmcolonelredips.jpg (312 KB, 614x883)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
Redips was pretty interesting imo
is it weird that the reason i ended up liking x8 was because of that curveball? I thought it was mediocre overall (not bad, but hard to feel bad following x7) but that twist made it interesting enough that my final verdict was 'This was pretty okay"

As for command mission... Game should NOT have worked, but it did. Then again i like Final Fantasy so my view is probably a little biased.
File: WolfSigmaMMX.jpg (318 KB, 837x820)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
What's your favorite Sigma forms and/or battles?
File: DzNTkXOU0AAMNI6.jpg (109 KB, 608x800)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
File: mmx6.jpg (29 KB, 480x360)
29 KB
That was fucking cool, as was the final boss.

File: sega32.jpg (287 KB, 1698x668)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Did anyone of you actually own this?
How was it?
What games did you have?
I got one while it was still new. I had Kolibri, MetalHead, After Burner, Star Wars Arcade, T-Mek and Knuckles' Chaotix.
I also had the 32XCD version of Supreme Warrior.
I liked it. I got a lot of use from it back then
I bought one for less than $40.00 after the console tanked and retailers were trying to liquidate their inventories as fast as possible. I had Virtua Racing, Star Wars, Knuckles Chaotix, Virtua Fighter, and Zaxxon Motherbase 2000.

Virtua Racing is pretty cool for what it was. Virtua Fighter is also a good port. That Star Wars game looked good for the hardware, but the game put me to sleep. Knuckles Chaotix was always weird to me. The stop and go style gameplay has a weird flow to it. Neat game, but not one of my favorites. Zaxxon Motherbase is OK. But none of the games were what I would call classics.

I also have a Sega CD with a sizable collection of games. Out of the 32x and Sega CD, I do prefer the Sega CD as the console does have more in the way of original titles, and interesting ports. The 32x has always been less interesting to me.
I didn't own one, but our neighbors did. I only remember they had the Star Wars game and we all thought it was cool. But they were the only people I met back then that had one.
>Did anyone of you actually own this?
>How was it?
It's fine. Not a must-have (definitely not worth the price when it was new) but a few games are fun.
>What games did you have?
Like... all of them. I bought way too many games back before e-celebs fucked the fun out of collecting. At least they helped me make a profit.
Virtua Racing is my favorite game on the console. It's the best console port. Second best game is probably Star Wars, but prepare for lots of cheap deaths. The best-selling titles are by far the best games on the system, which is nice. The rare ones all suck.
Knuckles Chaotix is very pretty but it's the weakest 2D Sonic game. Hugely overhyped.

File: 1550257451229.jpg (39 KB, 490x560)
39 KB
Spiral Mountain... Home.
File: 1550257962699.jpg (21 KB, 587x200)
21 KB
>1998: Banjo-Kazooie
>2000: Banjo-Tooie
>2008: B-K: Nuts and Bolts
>2019: Gobi the camel has probably died of old age by now in canon

2 year gap, 8 year gap, 11 YEAR gap, (and for those less inclined to build vehicles,) NINETEEN YEAR GAP
San Andreas memes are NOT RETRO.
call me crazy but there's something comfy to me about games like conker's bfd, that make you figure out very specific things to do in the environment and stop you from making any progress until you do that specific thing. It sure sucked back then if you didn't own a guide, but now you can just try to figure it out until you get stuck or bored, then look up the solution online.
It's strange to me now that once upon a time, game series that weren't blockbuster titles tended to be pumped out on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.
They cost significantly less to make. The studios were also relatively small so they had a much clearer idea of what to make.

I'm not talking traditional FPS or RPGs here unless they lean heavily enough into traditional adventure elements. Think more "System Shock" and "Pathways into Darkness". Let's give some due to the lesser-discussed games out there, this board has enough "Ultima Underworld" threads.

The pic is "Midwinter"
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mercenary series
everything made in the freescape engine
cholo (bbc version)
I had this for Mega Drive, but it never clicked with me. I always went back to Zero Tolerance for my first person fix, although that's more a standard FPS doom clone
Those sharks man...
File: elite-original.gif (297 KB, 356x270)
297 KB
297 KB GIF
File: azrael2b.png (83 KB, 640x480)
83 KB
Azrael's Tear

Back when 3D gaming was considered the final frontier these pioneers let gamers have a taste at the potential of the 3rd dimension.

Hard Mode: No Wing Commander, No Star Wars

Pic is "Echelon", explore an alien world, find artifacts, and piece together a map to a space pirate base.
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So awesome.
Played the shit out of Damocles when I was young. Had no idea what I was doing, mostly pretended to live in one of the houses.

Kids today will never understand.
File: nomad.gif (21 KB, 640x400)
21 KB
Project Nomad was a pretty good trading / exploration game from 1993 that approximately nobody ever heard of. I found an abortive attempt at a let's play with a buncha screenshots here:
File: Mean Streets_4.png (7 KB, 320x200)
7 KB
How about /ourguy/'s first adventure?
File: starblade-10.png (6 KB, 320x200)
6 KB
Silmarils' Starblade
though it has very limited "3D flight" sections and the game itself is cryptic as fuck

File: wtf_weegee.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
>bitching about how much a character degraded during their evolution when it's only just a small amount of changes that are pretty much unnoticeable among the majority.

Quit exaggerating how good your character were over some minor changes, shitheads.
shut the fuck up, bitch
>bitching about bitching

File: D92.jpg (730 KB, 1989x2000)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
rank em
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98UM imo
That's what the dream match games are for. They shoulda put Rock in 02.
Quick, post favorite track. Arranged or OST.
Nakoruru should have been in 98.

File: SagaFrontierPSX.jpg (59 KB, 640x638)
59 KB
>Items with skills
whoa, nigga.
Should be a one use item that's insanely rare or some shit
Ugh, try to fix Monsters before fucking with everything else.

Any news on Scarlet Grace?
>Any news on Scarlet Grace?
Nope, I think it'll either be Fall or Summer if we're lucky. Demand just isn't there for some reason. Fucking alliance alive.

File: serveimage (1).jpg (310 KB, 1000x1000)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
system shock looked like shit even in 1994
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And now compare it to its contemporaries.

Make sure to detail how open their worlds were.

And be sure to include how cohesive they were.
File: ds.jpg (931 KB, 3840x2160)
931 KB
931 KB JPG
this was the only other game with a comparable engine
You are wrong, cocksucka.

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