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File: result.jpg (380 KB, 767x706)
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380 KB JPG
I'm too good.
File: gena.jpg (19 KB, 210x240)
19 KB
Do you do the thing when you drift boost to get stuck into the wall and rack up like 50k per passenger? I don't even remember my record I might still have a picture I took of my tv somewhere. Used to love CT.
Video evidence of the moment you turned on your games console, to the moment you attained your high score, or it didn't happen. Cheat discs aren't difficult to get hold of, pal.
save your attention whoring for social media
I barely broke $20k once...

Will we ever get a new castle map romhack?

Literally all I want in life. Super Metroid has a bunch.
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Some dude is working on a complete overhaul of the game. Who knows when it'll come out though
Im tired of people changong just the dialog or graphics, I want some new shit
Play any one of the 2D Castlevania games from Rondo of Blood and on, especially the Nintendo DS trilogy. Also Bloodstained just came out and it's good.
Never, because he's too busy being self-masturbatory about new animations and other shit that wasn't even in the game.
We need to do a ABP of people just making the entire fucking castle in some sort of open development platform

In the time between when he first announced this project:

>Koji Igarashi left Konami
>Igarashi founded Artplaly
>Iga made a kickstarter for Bloodstained
>Iga fired Inti-Creates
>Iga released Curse of the Moon
>Iga released Ritual of the Night

I guarantee you Iga will release like 3 more games before this is ever "done".

Also, with the amount of effort done, you might as well just make a new game.

File: UEP_Systems.png (20 KB, 365x273)
20 KB
Well you got me OP, I went looking because I didn't know. Now I know about them, Dearsoft, and Studio Zan. Before this I didn't know Rising Zan was from a company that had only ever made snowboarding games (of all things).


File: 1561447418354.jpg (154 KB, 731x1024)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
I think PDS has wonderful art direction, a surprisingly compelling story for a fifth gen game, a wonderful soundtrack, and an engaging battle system.

That said I found the random battles to be largely annoying, especially in the regions where every 2 seconds you're in another battle with the same enemies. I also think there's too much empty space, exemplified by the tunnels under Uru and ESPECIALLY the Tower. Mostly cookie cutter corridors for miles and miles. I also found the abundance of useless items to be annoying.

Still I vehemently hate JRPGs but I found this one to be overall enjoyable. I've heard it described as "an RPG for people who don't like RPGs" and I would agree with that assessment.
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I can't into jarpigs where you don't have a team of characters. It's also way too short and ugly.

Skies of Arcadia and PS1/2/4 shit all over this overrated turd.
I AM mental, but you're just a loser with bad taste
The frequent battles are to level you up. Note the game never requires you to grind.
The environments you fly through are spartan but there's something I like about the animation quality.

File: maxresdefault (64).jpg (49 KB, 1280x720)
49 KB
What are your thoughts on Syphon Filter on PS1? I remember loving it and being amazed by it's (at the time) amazing graphics, gameplay, and storyline. However, kid me also sucked at video games and I remember getting me parents to help me out with every other level.
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I don't remember disliking it, but it must have been forgettable because all I remember is that the first boss had a flame thrower and his weak point wad the tank on his back and ay some point there was stealth level that annoyed me enough that I stopped playing there (although I was retarded as a kid so it probably wasn't that bad).
I lost my mind over Syphon Filter 1 back in the day, when it was a new/new-ish game

but by the mid-00's my interest had waned and my attempt at playing the game again then lasted a stage or two tops.
I will always think of it as the meme game with the taser weapon. It was fun, though.
Great trilogy, some of the best games in the PSX library.
>the enemies lighting on fire if you tase them for too long
That was the greatest thing ever when i was a kid. And the yell they did AAAAAOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHH

File: 200px-Virtual-Boy-Set.jpg (12 KB, 200x254)
12 KB
Has there ever in history been a documented case of the Virtual Boy damaging someone's eyes? I don't mean just making them hurt a little while using it, but permanently harming them. Every time, literally, every single time the Virtual Boy is brought up someone talks about how it'll make you blind or cause some sort of eye damage, but I have never in my life actually heard of it happening.
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Where did you get the first quote from?
It gives you a headache if you sit at a table and use it on the stupid stand. If you lay down on a bed or sofa with it balanced on your head, then its fine
yes me ive seen nothing but shades of red for two decades straight because of playing this stupid game as a small child. thanks kevin costner
Why would looking at red make you unable to see other colors
The first faggot to post ITT

File: IMG_6056.jpg (178 KB, 1500x1178)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
I'm looking for an easy to use retro emulator that I can play on the go.
I want one that plays NES, SNES, Game Boy, Sega and old arcade games.
It should be able to use save states too.
What is your experience with the various emulators you can buy?
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No buttons and for me, a phone become something that can make calls, send txt, watch and listen stuff, browse the net, read manga and if needed, hang out on social media. Adding gaming to that makes it too loaded for me so I use a portable for portable gaming solution. You don't need to worry about phone battery while gaming too.
Lack of physical input is a huge no for me. I hate touch controls and if you use a bluetooth controller and a mount for your phone you may as well play on your PC imo.
literally a fucking smartphone (especially a pretty recently released one) with a decent phone controller adapter around it.

or maybe one of these new Nvidia shields.
even without emulation the native arcade compilations available for PSP, and the PSX library make the Vita worth hacking
New 3DS XL with one of those generic plastic grips that are all over Aliexpress is actually really comfy. I take it everywhere.

File: Png.png (144 KB, 420x420)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Let's settle this
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CD-I reporting for duty
No love for the SMS, but I'll admit I went with TG16.
>being somebody who doesn't pick PS1

File: squall.jpg (53 KB, 640x480)
53 KB
>pacing is shit in FF7 and it feels like a slog
>people love it
>pacing is incredible in FF8 and nothing in the game outside of the story is actually bad
>people loathe it
My theory is that FF8 requires a second run to give a proper impression because so many people didn't know you could skip magic drawing by playing the card game, that and they all got their opinions from a retard e-celeb
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Reminder most Final Fantasy games don't have summons, just glorified spells.
This always bugged me

You're right, I think in FF VIII you could just press X to skip almost all the animation.
play the card game, and get refine abilities from the GFs, and turn items into magic to equip to your stats really early in the game so you can have like 6000 hp when shit only hits for 50 damage and you can get like 200 strength so you hit for thousands of damage, and this game doesn't work on the old mechanics of the FF series where level + your stat is taken into account for its damage formula, literally just get 200 strength at level 15 or w/e and start one shotting.

File: famicom cartridges.jpg (2.73 MB, 4032x2409)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB JPG
I love the aesthetics of the Famicom!

File: FF-PS.jpg (877 KB, 768x1200)
877 KB
877 KB JPG
>Final Fantasy release date: 18 Dec 1987
>Phantasy Star release date: 20 Dec 1987
Its hard to believe they were of the same generation.
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File: 1554577620881.png (236 KB, 500x336)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
I actually finished Phantasy Star 1 for the first time the other day. It was pretty fun and I think I like it better than FF1.
My biggest issue with the game is the INSANE amount of backtracking. You back back and forth the starter planer and sand planet so many fucking times.
FF1 doesn't have full retard dungeons, the movement speed in them isn't shit, the game doesn't overstay its welcome, and I actually get to pick my party and select which spells they get if they get any. I was sick of PS1 by the time I got to the ice planet because I had already seen everything it had to offer but it just kept fucking going. PS2 was even worse.
File: ph2.jpg (71 KB, 719x379)
71 KB
One of the most surprising moments in retro gaming for me was this. An animated background during a boss fight. And this game is from 1989.

We meme it to hell here on /vr/, but PS really did a lot of groundbreaking stuff back on its day. Sadly PSO has almost nothing to do with it.
I see what you mean but they clearly went for as big of a game as they could with open exploration. If you play without guides it offers an unreal amount of exploration and different routes you can take.
In PSO's defense it is a series that had tonnes of fans and gave them what they wanted. Shame they never had a big PS game on modern systems. The only big RPG that delivers now is Persona. Tri-Ace can also make balling games but either no budget, or fuk it up with the characters like SO4
It’s almost like people don’t share your opinion or something

What are some games with that new age aesthetic?
File: ALANTIA PC98.png (68 KB, 642x427)
68 KB
File: kazenonotam.jpg (176 KB, 700x655)
176 KB
176 KB JPG

File: 489575-692777.jpg (53 KB, 281x384)
53 KB
Makyouden PC-98 English Translation


From the same Translator that did Dead of The Brain


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Sorry if its rude to ask, but as I am archiving translations of all kinds of VNs (Windows, MSX, Towns, PC88, PC98, Macintosh, etc)
can I ask you if you could pack it so I can compare to what I have as I also do keep track of any revisions(and didnt know The Screamer and Macross Skull Leader had a patch!)

Would love if you can, in any way.
Thank you and have a good day!
PS: If anyone is interested or has scans, I do also archive PC98 and PC88 scans, too.
Don't die on me
How do I play this on my phone?

File: roland-mt-32-315900.jpg (1.49 MB, 3623x1842)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
Where is the best place I can find midi files of old vgm? Specifically old PC games like DOS or PC88.
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HTML is less bloat. It's sad that web browsers need gigs of ram in order to operate.
>not employing a green haired non binary gender 33yo fresh grad with a degree in ethic contemporary dance studies to upgrade your site with buggy bloated exploitable shitware so it looks better on an iphone
What were they thinking?

My laptop was running a bit slow so I checked the task manager and firefox was using 4G of RAM. I remember Netscape using a few hundred K on machines with 1GB HDDs.
I love that site and the fact that after all these years, it still uses the same layout.
It's so useful for coverting the midis into sheets so I can study them on piano.
You can download it per game. I don't see an issue.
Anyone remotely intelligent would just scrape the site if they needed a lot of the files anyway.

File: Mega SD.jpg (100 KB, 801x801)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
it's happening - Sega CD games flashcart. Play Sega/Mega CD games on your Genesis direct from flashcart, no Sega CD required
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keep looking for those fabled 99min cdrs boomer
>Probably I must

I guess this is ESL for "I suppose I have to".
Crap i just got an X7. Hope msu1 can be a firmware update.
if this ends up being cheaper than mega cd then I might upgrade my chink clone of the old genesis everdrive
>99min cdrs
Don't know what you're smoking but I want none of it!

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