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There is something quite hard for me to do in this game. I've pulled it off a few times but it baffles me how hard it is to jump while holding into a vine or chain. You have to hold UP + LEFT or RIGHT while you tap A. It makes no difference whether or not you press or hold B. I'm playing with an NES classic edition controller. I notice the center of the D-pad depresses quite easily and this sends inputs which can be ambiguous and makes this particular trick hard to do. Can you guys do it?
No you don't. It's easy just hold B and jump.
I will try this
This guy explains it


File: chrono.jpg (292 KB, 1500x1290)
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292 KB JPG
What are your thoughts on Chrono Cross, not as its own game, BUT, as a sequel to Chrono Trigger? Lets discuss the story connections
>What are your thoughts on Chrono Cross,
An almost directionless mess.
>not as its own game, BUT, as a sequel to Chrono Trigger?
Other then the "Chrono" name and 2 NPCs that vaguely relate to Trigger, it has fuck all to do with Chrono Trigger. Might as well have just named it something else and have Lucca be an ester egg.
Cross has the same kind of love/hate reaction from people as FF VIII. Most people hate it, but there's a concentrated bunch of people who not only like it, but have it as their favorite game of all time.
Personally, I'm indifferent.
The anime ending of chrono Trigger on PS1 with shoving all of Cross' plot points in there super quick is insane to me. All the DS version additions are also a minus for me

post games with great soundtracks
File: C_TS1m_WsAAf9Pe.jpg (378 KB, 864x1200)
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378 KB JPG
This one.
File: c64sotb.jpg (28 KB, 266x320)
28 KB
C64 one is great, the Amiga & PC-FX versions are also great
File: Raf World.jpg (74 KB, 794x475)
74 KB
File: Arumana no Kiseki.jpg (327 KB, 1600x1200)
327 KB
327 KB JPG

File: 17wkpksky4abbjpg.jpg (99 KB, 1600x900)
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Playing the Origins version

Am I missing something? Everyone spergs about how this game is complete dogshit and unplayable, but so far it just seems like a standard JRPG with a weird level system. Does it get real stupid later on or something? I wanted to try it because so many FF fans talk about it as if it raped their mother

If you'd be forced to play and finish all the games on one system. What would it be and why?
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In terms of good:bad ratio, yeah VB is pretty good. Including having one of the best Wario platformers.
N64 also breaks Sturgeon's Law for the same reason.
Pretty fast and pretty good
Neo Geo but only if I can access soft dips to adjust the difficulty in those fighting games.
Not him but you probably could that game was pathetically short. Especially compared to the first two gameboy titles (only wario games I played both to 100% completion though)

File: chugs.png (192 KB, 373x343)
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192 KB PNG
alright, /vr/. looking to get more into retro games. played thru some marios, that's about it. where do i start? best way to emulate?
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>i'm failed
which are good?
You are huge fail
File: blank01.png (203 KB, 414x387)
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203 KB PNG

File: 272v5e.jpg (15 KB, 299x299)
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>FPS shooter
>can't jump
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At least we can look up and down
I only keep my head on the path forward
In doom fireballs and rockets have a y position, and the game takes this into account for collision, therefore it is 3d.

File: gfs_44196_2_1419_mid.jpg (61 KB, 540x487)
61 KB
It is by two years not retro (2001), but did end a retro console (GBC) and also prequelled a game made 9 years before so.
I would really appreciate its exception.
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not OP but lmao at the hostility from you autists, you pussies need to sit on a phallus for like a week but that wouldn't work with your zuckerberg-like social skills, keep going off on an anonymous forum for trivial issues and dying from a cortisol overdose at 45
No, it's a slippery slope. Make one exception, make multiple, eventually the rule doesn't matter.
Incidentally, /m/ is the only board that's better than /vr/
They couldn't put him back together again, shame..

File: k2iw3ci6fik01.jpg (174 KB, 960x562)
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174 KB JPG
What /vr/ game has been released on highest number of platforms? I'm talking about official releases so your calculator Doom ports don't count. If the NES came ever came to fruition, I'd say that original Sim City is the game that was released on almost every fucking thing. Theme Park and Prince Of Persia come close.
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It's probably Pac-man. That shit has had like 8 different arcade re-releases and appears on some systems like five times.
Street Fighter 2
For something touted as having an abundance of ports, Doom has very few official handheld ports.
>GBA, iOS crap which doesn't really count
File: descarga (1).jpg (19 KB, 188x268)
19 KB
It might have been a nip only release.
Well, tetris has evolved a bit, but the main mechanic is still the same to the point that you can pick up the original and it'd be still the exact same game.
If we are talking exact ports, pacman wins, but do consider tetris fits on shittier screens so a ton of bootleg and crappy "game machines" have tetris, so maybe that counts.
File: cat01.png (439 KB, 1000x1000)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
There was a Rayman 2 port for the original DS that was simply called Rayman DS, and as an extra fuck you it had his design from 3 on the box. My uncle bought it thinking it was a new game, and I boot it up and it's just fucking 2 again.

File: cg10271888.jpg (101 KB, 600x600)
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101 KB JPG
post masterpieces
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>DC version is better though.
Different enough to warrant trying both versions, 64 version actually controls better.
Too linear
You're too linear, be more open ended and flexible scrub.

File: herb.jpg (13 KB, 240x210)
13 KB
I really like first person dungeon crawlers like Shin Megami Tensei or Wizardry, but I havent played that many.
Which are the best ones out there?
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I don't know what it is about dungeon crawlers, but they HAVE to have grid based movement.

There's something about it, and I have no idea what it is.
>Sequels get made
>No more FPDC

Oh wait, did IV do first person dungeons later in the game?
Isn't that the taito game on famicom?
Buy the Sega ages version on switch, it has both soundtracks and also english/japanese text.

File: MiniGolf.jpg (665 KB, 1920x1080)
665 KB
665 KB JPG
Best retro Mini Golf? I'm sure there's few games dedicated to explicitly, so I'll also include mini-golf modes of larger games.
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File: 39076-1.jpg (1.04 MB, 1446x2010)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
I'm intrigued. Tell me more.
The free one you could play on the browser advertising candies.
Ah yes, the Nabiscoworld and candystand mini-golf games. They have those on project flashpoint.

I was just gonna vote for dream course and Mario golf, I don't know many other putting-specific games.

The only other one I've played is itchy and scratchy mini-golf madness, it's not bad but it's not a great time either. Really demonstrates that an obstacle golf game isn't as good an idea as you might think.

File: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png (5 KB, 310x360)
5 KB
What is up with this guy, what does Cukeman or Nomosu even mean? Is it a reference to something?
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Since when is orange and burnt sienna flesh-colored?
Why are cucumbers electric?
The same reason potatoes are.
It's not flesh-colored, it's pickle-colored
It should be in my ass whatever it is.

File: 197titlescreen.png (14 KB, 512x448)
14 KB
Man, I miss the old rom hack threads, can we have a new one?
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A lot of them are quite game specific

/vp/ have a really active pokemon hacking community for example
>Removal Notice: Hi, I’m Twinees one of the graphics artists mentioned in the credits. I’ve never met nor talked to Xjamxx before, I have no idea who this creator is. I did not give him permission to use any of my spritesheets. As such, I requested for them to be removed. Thanks.
What is this? A romhack for Smash 64?
That's fine, was aware. Just knowing what they are has my curiosity. I only really know of pokemon, smw, sm64, zelda 64, megaman, and super metroid being popular.
The All-New? Punch Out!! is hilarious in a good way. It plays like a real sequel that they could have done back in the day. Yes, the moves are all the same, but it's still fun.

File: 1564285294179.jpg (31 KB, 538x384)
31 KB
My friend is geting me a Wii with a bunch of emulaters how dose the Wii do as a emulation station
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Not64 and WiiSXR are your best bets.
Thank you kind anon. Not OP here. didn't know about not64
Wii is good for emulators up to 4th gen, and also decent-ish stuff for N64 due to some of the major games getting virtual console ports.

The main draw of wii being the "ultimate emulator station" is its native analogue output and being able to hook up to a CRT and outputting 240p. Something that, if you want to just use a computer or other modern device for emulation, requires more effort to get to work properly. But if you're just using an HDTV, it doesn't matter and you might as well just use your PC.
Obligatory warning: Don't use generic "classic controllers". For some reason they introduce a huge amount of input lag. Use the GameCube ports or an OEM classic controller.

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