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Post comfy /vr/ images
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File: 1571135610164.jpg (21 KB, 357x357)
21 KB
>tfw you realize Phobos neither has mountains nor an atmosphere
File: SMW_Yoshi's_House.png (3 KB, 256x224)
3 KB
File: TombRaider_29.jpg (277 KB, 800x574)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
>that n64 controller hanging by it's cord

what a chad
what version was missing stages? I remember this being in the version played

File: mario paint.jpg (228 KB, 1200x675)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Let your creativity fly /vr/ and share your creations!
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That is a really cute Sonic.
just whipped this bad boy up
Is this the guide with the Baseball team emblems? Thanks for posting
Thank you, i don't know much about drawing but i try my best
that's awesome dude, Parappa looks cool
Yes. It's the same one.

What games have that EXTREME attitude from the 90s and early 2000s?

Primal examples of what I'm searching for:
>Heavy Metal Geomatrix
>Mortal Kombat
>Twisted Metal
>Eternal Champions
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Hou je gore kanker bek over mijn cultuur
I wish we could go back to when extreme was celebrated and being a pussy was looked down upon.
What's wrong with the poster? It's orange and blue like any other movie, so it has to work!
As far as I know, there's no censored content in Loaded. Actually, the game is pretty vanilla compared to other violent games from the same gen.
Loaded isn't even that edgy. It absolutely does not take itself seriously in any way.

File: 200px-Super_Pac-Man.png (22 KB, 200x257)
22 KB
Played any good score attack games recently?
I've been playing Super Pac Man
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Is the ColecoVision actually worth owning? What are the recommended games for it (if any)?
Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress
Antarctic Adventure
BC Quest for Tires
Boulder Dash
Bump N Jump
Cosmic Avenger

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File: DSC_4597.jpg (169 KB, 801x1000)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
I'm going to party like it's 2019 in ROBOT TANK >>6052103
>Not playing Battlezone
maybe in 2020

Alright /vr/ginas, all of the Saturn threads as of late finally pressured me into acquiring one of these glorious pieces of shit after 15 years of fence-sitting. It’s a modchipped JP Model II with a region-free BIOS, so I think that I can essentially play the 99.9% of the library I’ve “backed up” for myself. I’m going to need a quick rundown on the essentials, your favorite obscurities, and any homebrew that’s worth it (Sonic Z-treme looks neat). Multi-plats and ports are also a-okay, so long as they aren’t totally gimped. The genres of which I’m most fond include:
>quirky Sega arcade shit
I don’t play many fighters or shoot-em-ups, but I’m open to good ones. Point-and-click, RPGs and sports games are really the only genres I actively avoid.
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>i was projecting and larping back when i made this shitpost
Seethe harder little faggot. Cry me some more of those delicious tears.
Phantassy Star Collection would be good if theres an English translation anywhere, or you can by chance read Japanese
>Last dc game is karous

Pretty sure it got titles after that, there's some news article every odd year about another DC release.
It's not good, you were right to cut bait when you did and not waste any more time with it

File: etsunobu.jpg (22 KB, 476x417)
22 KB
Who's the comfiest MNSG streamer, and why is it Nyeron?
Anyone got all the fortune dolls? Is there a way to fuck up and not get them all (other than going to space at the end)?
I was trying to enter the gourmet submarine again, but I went back to the iced japan sea area, and the sub wasn't there anymore. Not sure if I grabbed all the fortune dolls there.

File: C7FBKuU.jpg (186 KB, 1200x900)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
I've been a Nintendo guy for nearly my entire life, but the Dreamcast always struck me as a really fascinating and unique console. I've never seen one in real life but its just looks like such a fascinating library with unique features. You could even say dreamlike.

Dreamcast anons, is it worth trying to get into the dreamcast? What are some of your thoughts and experiences with the console?
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>Are you being sarcastic?
No, it really is comfy to focus on one system like that. A CRT monitor is the best possible output and then the official arcade stick and minimalist setup...very cool and japanese
>Good god, that is the saddest setup I have ever seen.
Totally agree. Where are the Funkopop dolls? Where are the anime girl figurines? Where are the half-naked anime girl figurines? Where are the 12 year-old half-naked anime girl figurines? And I'm not seeing a PVM or even a consumer Trinitron anywhere in this photo.
I had Evolution Worlds on the Gamecube so I might come back and play Evolution 1&2 on Dreamcast.

Alex Kidd
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File: 352146380.1.jpg (255 KB, 1200x1073)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Do you think Alex Kidd would've have fared better than Sonic today if he were Sega's head mascot instead?
Loved the music in Miracle World but never made it far as a kid. Much harder than Mario
Bowser looking metal as fuck here
Easier said than done on the MS controller. So easy to accidentally hit diagonal causing instant death.
Fucking love Alex Kidd, but i also wanna shoutout another classic SMS that stays close to my heart

File: tyrant-2.jpg (249 KB, 1040x1024)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Was Resident Evil: Nemesis the best in the original Resident Evil series, or the funniest?
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2 will always hold the top spot for me
i spent the entire summer saving up for it and a ps1.
coming from a sega i didnt realize how important memory cards were and i learned how to beat the entire game without dying
first complete run was claire A with a playtime of 7 hours and 43 minutes

3 just never got me like 2 and ive played 3 a few dozen times
I don't really care if it's emulated or not, got sourcenext re3 and restoration mod downloaded already so I'll just go with that.
production-history of those two titles
it was the shittiest back then. people didn't like nemesis at all, it only sold in the u.s., not in japan or europe. no more resident evil after that.
the shit of today is not resident evil btw.
>no more resident evil after that
So Code: Veronica, Outbreak and Outbreak 2 didn't happen then, no?

File: image.jpg (140 KB, 499x425)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
What's your favourite arcade system, /vr/?

Hard mode: no NeoGeo.
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Enjoy your suicide battery cuck.

Damn how did I forget about this

The Model 2 is honestly like.. yeah, idk how it's not the best arcade hardware ever made

Definitely nothing you can /possibly/ do to address that concern, nope
Yeah you can phoenix a dead board sure, but then you get some fucking retard collectors getting pissy.

It's like they'd rather the board stayed dead forever.

Atari System 1. (Includes Gauntlet)

God, it's so fucking painful and tedious to play
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all goldbox games sucked because the writers sucked
then unlimited adventures came out and non-retards got to make modules. suddenly it went from awful to best rpg engine ever. if half as much community work went into neverwinter nights than that would be worth playing
What gave it the retro feel?
This, absolutely. OP give Unlimited Adventures a shot. I thought the official gold box games dragged ass a bit, but I used to play Ray Dyer's pnp-FRUA conversions on and on, and there were plenty of other good ones out there.
The problem with FRUA modules is that the engine is "generic". Original PoR had a bunch of custom game-specific code. For example, batlles are auto-tuned to party base stats. If you go with 18-everything party - there would be much more goblins on an island. Such nuances are lost with FRUA. I enjoed some modules from Harri Polsa though, but played them like VNs without paying much attention to battles and equip.
I wish Baldur's Gate did this. I have no motivation to not go all 18s for primary stats.

File: 1549866414399.jpg (336 KB, 1920x1080)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
Anyone else notice this? The opening cutscene portrays a very stereotypical grungy, cyberpunk city that is fairly populated. The in-game Midgar is nothing like this. In fact, it is more memorable and odd, but that is not due to them trying apparently.

The in-game Midgar is sparsely populated, and much more personal. It feels less "grungy cyberpunk" and more "desolate post-apocalyptic." Everything is made from scraps or ancient, bombed out ruins of an older city. Oddly, there is NOTHING futuristic about it at all. Most bizarrely, the industrial component that dominates the first reactor and the FMV is nowhere to be found.

It's just odd if you think about it.
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y op such fag?
I know it's been stated, but Midgar was divided into the eight sectors that you know, but also had a plate built on top of a lower section which formed its base. The lower section was aptly called the slums because it's where you went when you had no money or prospects to make it on the plate above, and these people primarily subsisted and built from the refuse cast off from the citizens on the plate.

The only time you actually go on to plate is just after the first reactor bombing up until you jump on the train to escape the guards, and again when you invade Shinra HQ for the second time, both lasting only a few screens before you never see them again. A good glimpse of life on the plate otherwise is during the sector 7 plate collapse, where a decent shot of a few people holding on to things while the plate falls can be seen.

That's why it was so noteworthy as an act of terrorism -- dropping the plate did crush the people in the slums in sector 7, but those were nobodies. It also killed quite a few civilians/wageslaves/what have you living on the plate itself, akin to wiping a small city off the map IRL. It was killing two birds with one stone, crushing AVALANCHE's base of operations and simultaneously framing them for the crime so they would have nowhere to go if any survived.

That said, I do hope the remake allows players to roam some in the other sectors and on the cities on the plate, I always wanted to see them up close and personal.
>That said, I do hope the remake allows players to roam some in the other sectors and on the cities on the plate, I always wanted to see them up close and personal.
This, it feels like a missed opportunity, and a weird one at that. So much of Midgar is left unexplored. The highway is one place where you see some of it too btw.
Yeah, that's the thing, Midgar's a lot bigger than the parts we see, but like a movie, the focus was on pushing players through the plot, not worldbuilding. You see what you need to see to get the feel for the area and nothing more.

Midgar itself could've been the site of an entire game alone in a spin off or something unrelated to Cloud and co. and it would be quite impressive.
The remakes going to be fucking corridor runs with bosses at the end and about 10 NPCs in the whole game

File: DLR.jpg (127 KB, 640x480)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
The Warlords series got a release on Gog last month

But if you still have your CD for Warlords 3 DLR, here's how to get it working:

- copy all CD content to harddrive
- exchange the file '/SETUP/IS_SETUP.EXE' by a downloaded version of 'InstallSheild Engine 3.0' from http://toastytech.com/
- run the new 'IS_SETUP.EXE' and install the game
- patch it to version 1.02 https://www.patches-scrolls.de/patch/4758/7/35811
- create a desktop icon to darklord.exe and add the -wincursor command
- run the game and enjoy (do not use any compatibility modes to run it)

Tested and working with Windows 10 on multiple machines.
File: campaigns.png (193 KB, 650x650)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
just installed this, can anyone tell me if the campaigns are in canon order?

File: tempest-1.jpg (546 KB, 2448x3264)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
Time-lapse photos of the arcade game Tempest
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That's retarded and doesn't make any sense.
Kinda looks like a vaporwave butthole
If you look carefully at each image op posted each image actually spells out "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself"

Very clever OP
nigga you actually made me check fuck you lol
I'd like to see Tac Scan.

It gets unfairly treated.
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worst classic RE
starts alright, goes to shit
File: claire.png (139 KB, 310x308)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
File: 1446955325521.jpg (40 KB, 1280x720)
40 KB
Even if its low detail comparatively, RE2 fmv Claire is my favorite. She's so cute. But officially once Alyson Court stopped voicing her, it was over.
That sounds broader than how I expect it to be used, what with all the DoA videos involving female characters getting punched being labeled as such.
agreed, both could great

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