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File: ruby G3.jpg (86 KB, 1280x960)
86 KB
Recently picked up another G3. What are some underrated games for OS 9 and early OSX?

Currently playing through Eastern Mind.
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When did you pick up the previous one and do you really think there was anything "underrated" release since then?
Spectre. It’s best with a trackball
i just wanted an excuse to make a mac thread. i picked up my first iMac G3 graphite a while ago and its sexy design got me into this shit
Asterax and Maelstrom
nice one gus

File: shmupman.png (244 KB, 389x464)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
how to get good at shmups/shoot em ups?
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Thank god I have good genes, worked out and don't look like a child molester or complete dork in my late 30s.
From the size of his back and fat on his face. I would call tubs of lard like that one AVGN friend American fat. At that point I'm guessing they would be too fat to even have the energy or "athleticism" needed to play intense videogames, especially if they had to move to sit at different cabinets.
File: padz.jpg (109 KB, 636x712)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
The b̶e̶s̶t̶ bestest D-pad ever
>Thank god I have good genes, worked out and don't look like a child molester or complete dork in my late 30s.
So true.

File: Magic&mayhem.jpg (90 KB, 800x600)
90 KB
Has anybody else played this? I've never advanced too far back when I had my (pirated) CD copy. I also remember it having a sequel (though it wasn't made by Mythos Games).

Is there anywhere I can get a legit copy? Neither GOG nor Steam have it (or the sequel).
I used to play this game a ton! Those manticores were the fucking bomb. I never really played much of the singleplayer campaign- I'd just play MP against my brothers.
I never really got that far. I think at most I got the ingredient to make... crocodiles and/or ogres?
I used to play LAN multiplayer a lot, back in the day.

As far as the single player went, it never really grabbed me. It seemed like the game was at its best when it was being what Gollop intended it to be, which is a real-time version of Chaos: The Battle of Wizards
The manticores are the red crittersin your screenshots.

The furthest I got in the SP campaign was this greek, athens-style place, if my ancient memories are still accurate.

File: 616CB6P0K6L._SX342_.jpg (41 KB, 342x339)
41 KB
Has anyone been able to get the English translation/patch to work? It seems like there are multiple attempts from different fan groups over the years. Last time I tried in 2012 or so, it broke towards the endgame.

Also, Brigandine thread. (Iria is best girl).
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Too bad the guy who translated Grand Edition decided to randomly rebalance units and change a bunch of names.
which one, there are two translations, innit?
Never had a problem with Ublock Origin + Extra, but here is the link http://dl3.cdromance.com/download.php?file=Brigandine%20-%20Grand%20Edition%20(Eng.%20Patched)%20PSX2PSP%20eboot.zip&id=29398&platform=psx2psp&key=831655770146472853504
Yeah, that's an interesting tidbit. Where did you find that out?
OP here, bumping just the once in case there's anyone who wants to talk about this game. Happy Saturday, everyone.

File: medic.jpg (78 KB, 808x825)
78 KB
>*poisons you to death*
>*throws a grenade that 1 hits your sentry nest*
anyone remember tfc?
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I wish fortress forever got more attention. The tf2 train was chugging too hard though, it never got far off the ground.
As a sniper main, nothing annoyed me more than being infected by these niggers.
I always appreciated that a lot of Fortress Forever maps had a actual good bit of effort put into their atmosphere and such. Varying soundscapes, distinct visual styles.
It's pretty solid work for a free multiplayer mod.
Really a shame that FF was released right when official TF2 was. It was the closest thing to a "TFC Source" we ever got, and actually did a few things before TF2 did. psuedo-corporations for the teams,etc. I still think it could use a re-launch (change the fucking title to something with less hubris for starters) and a visual change up.

Weebs eat this up.
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I like Langrisser
it's fun
File: warsong.jpg (739 KB, 1100x1193)
739 KB
739 KB JPG
Like Warsong/Langrisser. Not a weeb. Not bothering with Langrisser II. Nice anime chick ass on the cover though.
Stop being intentionally obtuse. Your opinion is just that, an opinion. The remake changed the genre. If you prefer that fine, but don't act like it was an improvement.
Just put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger already.

File: Grandia_coverart.jpg (106 KB, 314x316)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
worth playing?
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I loved it (played the PS1 version).
It's wanky as shit, the voice acting is terrible and the fights are unbalanced. But somehow I loved every second of it.

I just love it when a JRPG actually makes the world feel big, lived in and well actually proper use of the word epic. It's not like in a FF or something were all the towns feel the same outside some superfluous aesthetic differences. Only skies of arcadia really manages to come close. I remember at the time joking with my brother that SOA felt more like a Grandia sequel than Grandia 2 did. At least from the story perspective.
Skip 1, skip 2, play 3.
He was the only one that was actually a voice actor, all the others were just random people Vuc hired. Luna was the wife of his friend and he liked that she souded mousey or something. Even at that it was nowhere near as annoying as the ones in Grandia. But like I say I thought the whole game was pretty shitty. A game about exploration with boring areas and tiny linear dungeons kinda defeated the whole idea.
honestly i love grandia 1 and 2 and only got about 2 hours into parallel trippers before quitting. it didn't seem like a bad game, but it didn't have the magic the first two grandia games have.

So I just ordered one of these. I don't have an SD port, so can I just put the SD card into the cart and then plug the cart into the PC via USB and install the firmware and ROMS that way? I'm new to this so bare with me here.
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>hating a piece of open-source software
>asking for proof, getting it, and getting mad
Fuck off you cunt cuck mcfucking doublenigger
>I don't have an SD port

so why didn't you get a card reader while you were at it?
Because I thought that since the cart has a mirco usb port on it that you could insert the SD card into the cart then connect the cart to the PC via USB and load the firmware and roms to the SD that way. But considering it doesn't. now I have purchased a SD card dongle yesterday.


File: IMG_7093.jpg (164 KB, 600x419)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Is building a PC with period appropriate hardware a meme? I've had an itch for it and it sounds like a fun project.
What would be the best build to cover as many bases as possible on one system?
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Fucking hell I meant mice, not keyboards. The board has all the traces and through holes for a dual PS/2 socket but the AT connector occupies the same spot. Since the case is AT and has only the AT keyboard hole in that position I wired up the mouse pins to a connector, which hooks up to a slot plate with a PS/2 socket bolted to it.
All this so I can use an optical intellimouse in DOS and Win3.1.
File: 2.5in dock.jpg (134 KB, 2048x1275)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>nothing stopping you from doing that from a more modern OS, whether you can boot a live cd/usb or pop the whole drive into another machine for a moment
Pic related is a godsend.
I work in a recycling center and we get loads of old computers from schools and stuff. One of them was a Pentium 4 machine with a non-working installation of Windows 2000 or something and a busted graphics card on it, so I formatted it, installed Windows 98 and replaced the GPU with a 3dfx Voodoo 3 so I could run Carmageddon 1 in Glide mode with native hardware and it runs a shitload better than it ever did on fucking DOSbox, which was the #1 reason I even wanted a retro PC with a real 3dfx card in the first place.

Pretty much the only thing wrong with the whole setup is the DVD-RW drive not matching the colour of the case and the Windows 98 using a third party service pack in the wrong language so the OS is this weird hybrid where it's sometimes in English and sometimes in Finnish.
Fuck off LGR
File: DRcIAXgXUAAy0Uy.jpg (253 KB, 900x1200)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
seething emu-pleb

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>jpg artifacts

Please die
Remakes of retro games are allowed in /vr/.
So why was a janitor deleting my re2 remake threads yesterday?
Maybe there wasn't enough of a retro context in your threads. Discussions of remakes in /vr/ typically consist of comparing the remake to the original. I could see if you were just straight discussing REmake 2 with no attention paid to the original that might be seen as unacceptable.

File: PSIncel.png (1015 KB, 768x1024)
1015 KB
1015 KB PNG
What's some of your favorite videogame music?

One of my all time favorites will be the Mother series.
>comic sans
too many . valkyrie profile comes to mind
File: 5298611.png (565 KB, 532x600)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
F-Zero, the entire series has a suburb soundtrack
*obligatory F-Zero NX comment

Itt kino storytelling
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Bumb good game
wednesday august 3rd crows bridge
because they are retards that like foreign words without understanding the meaning, kinda like weebs but japanophilia replaced with something else.
dwarf an hero
I believe you might be mythtaken

File: fucks like a tiger.jpg (17 KB, 240x223)
17 KB
Lets have a fun talk about the games that we never would have been able to enjoy without fan translation. Have a favorite one? One that's just weird and interesting? Maybe one that already had a localization but was done poorly and needed someone to improve it.
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Tell me more about the M3 and EB patch. What in the hell is so bad in those games that people need to "clean" it?
People say mean transphobic words like "he" and "she" in them.
cause the alternative is ultra autistic shit like skyrender
Hell if I know about romhacking’s retarded forum moderation, just clarifying he’s done no translations and his work is on the technical side.
Christ why is /vr/ filled with such temperamental autists looking for any excuse to whine nowadays.
● At about 19:14 on 2019/2/16, the face of Ebenki Monkey of Shamballa was covered by me! Because of Ni Hao & Oshamana,
Ed Gawa Copic & Basket Akira Copy (Empire) & Buddhist Mantra & Cabala
& I did it at Palermo Copic of my Sherida (Kabbalah; rejection 3i)! This is Montauk! 2019/2 / 16 at 19: 26 ●

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Something spicy!
Mr. Hawkins.
It reminds me of that one ytp where Gwonam shows link two birds mating and he says "the birds are fucking! Isn't it beautiful?" I swear, the juxtaposition between the live action video and Gwonam's subtle crying fucking floored me.

File: dokodemoissyo.jpg (12 KB, 254x254)
12 KB
ITT: Games that will never, not in a million years, get fan translations.
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File: toh_famicom.jpg (95 KB, 640x442)
95 KB
And it should stay that way.

There was a translation patch for choro q 3 though.

And what do you think wanting it is going to accomplish?
This game is cool as shit but fuck me I wish there was a gaijin version so I knew what the fuck I was doing rather than driving to random spots. I still haven't gotten past the first night and I'm too stupid to learn moonrunes

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