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File: everdrive64v31.png (649 KB, 1134x766)
649 KB
649 KB PNG
Do I really need to pay this much to properly play 64 games?
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>Do I really need to pay this much to properly play 64 games?
It will allow you to properly play nearly 300 games, not just 64.
I'm not saying the CPU is not beefy. I'm saying it's not beefy enough.
Soon, either through new CPUs or software optimization, you will finally have decent N64 emulation. Something that was not even on the horizon before Parallel Angrylion existed.

Moore's law being dead does not mean you won't get faster CPUs.
I have been searching and trying for months but nindy scrubbing the net and me being retarded has made it not possible.
Download the GoodN64 set off Rutracker, it has tons of romhacks.
most of them can't be played on a n64 anyway

File: 1555210012764.jpg (3.85 MB, 2100x1145)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB JPG
Where do I start with the SaGa series ?
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File: 1456904462343.jpg (18 KB, 264x264)
18 KB
>You're in them all the time and I genuinely think your taste is terrible
Rest assured, the feeling is mutual.
>don't think your love of Unlimited makes you better.
You think I like Unlimited because I feel the need to affirm some presumed superiority on an anonymous imageboard?
That says more about your own precarious mental condition than me or my tastes, I like Unlimited because it's a great game and the quintessential SaGa game for a lot of things.

Rest assured it's definitely not for everyone, which you might argue is a reason why it's so good in the first place, but to say it's one of the worst games of all time only shows how shortsighted you are at best or how entry level you are at worst.
Did you even read his sentence right? Unlimited is with the other games that you shouldn't start with.
This man lies
SaGa has always been quite experimental and has evolved a lot while keeping its core intact. The hearts system was a primitive LP system and dying was not common, while in RS-onwards getting one-shotted was to be expected, and in RS2 you were given a colossal list of characters because of the lethality.

Good god no never do Asellus first. Her scenario is the boss rush scenario and can be quite bullshit in many places. You should do Red or Blue first. Red is more on-rails and straightforward and Blue's region map gives you a lot of freedom to explore the universe.
>enemies decide to focus your weakest or 2nd weakest character because fuck you
You run into enemies and break your formation don't you?

File: They_Hunger_church.jpg (356 KB, 1000x625)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
>half-life modding is dead

why do we hunger?
I played this on its release. It was fucking boring!

File: beetle_005.jpg (47 KB, 974x290)
47 KB
Which 2D Mario was best?
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No, legit ice levels with ice physics. Granted there's not many of them, but there's a few: Donut Secret Area, Awesome
>Ill admit that hammer suit, tanuki suit, frog suit, etc were more interesting than yoshi colors
>and the cape.
SMB3 with SMB1 and SMW really not far behind.
1 is the most challenging, it's such a tightly constructed platformer and I love that coins/extra lives actually matter.
SMW has cool secrets.

I'd consider SMB3 a masterpiece if it didn't have so many auto-scrollers, didn't give out so many extra lives, and maybe had better bosses.
All-Stars + World combo cart.

File: 1200px-Component-cables.jpg (113 KB, 1200x933)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
What's the most powerful device that outputs analog video? Something that emulates well and if need be, run cfw for emulation.
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File: 1511631503294.jpg (35 KB, 400x300)
35 KB
How would I do that with a PC, do I need an incoder. If so what do y'all recomend.
Hard to make a proper picture with my shitty phone, but basically it's limited to super resolutions (unlike using VGA or DVI-I directly on older GPUs), which is not perfect but very, very close. It looks exactly the same as plugging it in directly if using said resolutions.

I mean shit, I don't know how HDMI active adapters work. But for 10 bucks I wanted to try and turns out it works without problems. No longer do I need a different computer with an older GPU.

This works.
Also lemme make this clear: You can turn it into the most powerful thing, but it might not be convenient for you. One problem with CRT EmuDriver is that it does replace whatever other driver you use. So you're stuck with an older version of AMD graphics which might not work as well as the latest shit. So if you use that computer for more than this, you might feel it's a pain in the ass. I'm constantly switching drivers and it's not pleasant.
File: 71wbrd4mSRL._SL1500_.jpg (98 KB, 1500x1500)
98 KB
I bought one of these and the video output is terrible, even after trying to calibrate it manually.

File: screenshot0288.jpg (77 KB, 720x540)
77 KB
What's your favorite episode?

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>Like 2 months ago some guy uploaded resident evil 2
anyone still got link?
>Subbing stuff like this is already a legal grey area.

It's 100% illegal since they distribute the full show via hardsubs like idiots.
1000 times this.
I was fine with all those efforts.

How people who would never take time to sub themselves get off complaining at those who try is beyond me. If don't like it, don't watch.
But many of us would be happy with any new subbed content, since SA teams seems to have died.

stand by my point, I'd be happy to pay someone for new subs
>I'd just really like to see the SMRPG episodes subbed
They were honestly pretty boring.
>complaining at those who try
>If don't like it, don't watch.
If English isn't your first language, maybe you don't understand how bad subs can be. Terrible subs can often be worse than no subs, if the translator guesses a lot or makes things up or puts in a bunch of swearing as a joke or whatever. Even if it's lost on you, a lot of other people could find it intolerably bad.

I'm sure this has been explained before, and it may be a long wait to get a wanted episode subbed, but a terrible sub could move an episode to the bottom of the pile for other subbers, which would mean that a good sub of it might never happen.

Like >>5508892 said, the Tsubasa subs were very bad, while the Minecraft subs were very good. I think you both misunderstood that other guy's mess of a post. He just brought up a few subbers and said the Tsubasa subber was shit on, not the others.

File: zelda.png (6 KB, 768x528)
6 KB
It's a solid 6/10. No more. No less. Not a bad game, but not a masterpiece either. And certainly not the greatest game of all time like some of you delusional faggots like to claim.

What are some other average or slightly above average retro games that people hail as masterpieces?
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you can't seriously believe that.
Wouldn't that be cheating though?
I wouldn't say it's "superior in every way" since the two games focus on different things and have different strengths, but I can understand thinking that Magic of Scheherazade is better than Zelda overall. It's a really good game.
For me it's Sonic Adventure _
Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3

File: 1555524060185.png (4 KB, 160x144)
4 KB
I just beat DW2. Post more games full of cryptic bullshit for me to play.
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Phantasy Star 1
Is a rpg where you need to beat certain dungeons to win, but you don't know where those dungeons are or how can you open then.
I can only think of one 'cryptic' part, right at the start. But to be fair it's a fucker. Nobody'd just figure that one out, literal do the same thing and expect different results insanity.
It's pretty comfy. I finished it like a week ago.
Basically, its the game where you must become the avatar, so there is no big evil or big plot to defeat, only specific tasks for you to do. You must first collect information by talking to people, note them down (unless you have supergenius memory or something), then you must use these informations to find things, go to specific places, find secret items. There are things to explore in the ocean too, that aren't on the map given with the game.

File: wariobross.jpg (241 KB, 900x1180)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Let's talk about this beautiful bastard's games
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He's pretty macho I guess.
File: ashley.jpg (686 KB, 1280x1280)
686 KB
686 KB JPG
Meme isn't just an adjective to describe things you don't like you know. I like the pith hats, it was fitting for a character who was basically a greedy explorer/tomb robber.
Just like the British! Only Wario has good teeth.

File: 12578927312308123.jpg (125 KB, 599x601)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Which version of Shin Megami Tensei should I play? Are there any significant differences between the versions from the different consoles it's on?
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The first one is the best.
>MT is like weeb-wizardry, and so a graph-paper and grind affair,
The revisions have automap for both MT1 and 2.

My sides! I'm getting in hard.
Justlike we do now: with emulators and the original hardwares that still work. I mean, isn't there some emulator to play N-Gage games already?
File: polfags.jpg (66 KB, 640x480)
66 KB
File: crowley.png (50 KB, 320x320)
50 KB

File: kq copy protection.jpg (8 KB, 175x289)
8 KB
What were some of the more interesting or outlandish forms of copy protection/anti-tamper for cheating in retro games? I know of Earthbound's incredible lengths to fuck with players if it thought it was a bootleg, but are there any others that are particularly noteworthy, either in what they do or how they preform their checks?

Pic related is a King Quest insert that came with the manual, allowing you to bypass the copy protection when starting the game.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i dont think 1991 and spain are incompatible
Considering how backwards we were, I'm not sure. Alright, I fucked up but you know what I meant.
Keep on projecting kidlet
Spyro 3 fucked with the player a lot in the pirated version.
Best protection against piracy has always been to make an actually good game so people think the purchase is worth it.

File: Playstation Classic.jpg (385 KB, 2820x2778)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
As everyone knows Playstation Classic, the mini console released by Sony was a huge disaster for various reasons. Retailers are now selling it dirt cheap, $30 USD / $40 CAD. However the mod scene has taken over, this system was super easy to hack and comes with relatively decent hardware, all you need is a USB drive and you could run RetroArch with dozens of emulators. All the reported issues have been fixed, better emulation, ability to load any games or any emulator you want, etc.

Two solution to mod the classic exist, and both are easy to do.
BleemSync: https://modmyclassic.com/bleemsync/
AutoBleem: https://modmyclassic.com/bleemsync/

Comes with original 2 PSX style USB controllers, using an ARM Cortex-A35 & Power VR GE8300 graphics chip, with 1GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB eMMC storage, nice looking PS1 form factor, 20 built in games but some are not properly setup and there are PAL versions a NA release (can be fixed with modding).

Walmart in Canada currently sells it for $40 both on the website and in many stores. US stores have reported $30 during sales.

PlayStation Classic Games for North America:
* Battle Arena Toshinden [PAL]
* Cool Boarders 2 [PAL]
* Destruction Derby [PAL]
* Final Fantasy VII [PAL]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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still worthless, useless trash without dualshock.
nice try $ony firesale $hill
lack of street fighter is unforgiveable,after playing da psclassic i imidubtly wanna punch some people but now i can see why its not there
File: t2.png (2.06 MB, 3828x1876)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
They should have included Legend of Dragoon, one of the CORE-era Tomb Raider games, and more of the PS1-era platformers like Jersey Devil and MediEvil.
no thanks. id rather keep my 30$

File: nicolericheychocobo.jpg (17 KB, 192x362)
17 KB
So, are we in agreement?

1. VI
2. VII
5. V
6. IV
7. I
8. III
9. II
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The only one I've played so far is 13, and I very much enjoyed it. I intend to play 15 eventually, because it has cute husbandos.
Same except put 8 between 3 and 1 and 5 above 4
is this a typo or do you mean IX?
I meant IX. I was drunk when I did this last night.

i'd really like to know who thought level 4 was a good idea, so i could rip their dick off and shove it down their throat.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
it's pretty simply as I laid it out. The license got pulled from Sunsoft mid-development - I can't say why. The Terminator game which did finally come out in 1992 was developed by Radical Entertainment, and you can see just what dreck it was in the AVGN review.
I happen to have a cart of Anarchy Edition, the first and during more than a decade it was the only, romhack of this game. It doesn't change much, some palswaps, weapon available, and gives a stage select; but it's pretty cool nonethless. It was never realized as a rom either.

>I have beaten this game no death

I have done it as well, multiple times. It's really not that hard as everything can be learnt.

There are however a couple of spots in the game where not tacking dmg is almost impossible. This is where the game design fails a little.
>It was never realized as a rom either.
Then dump it you fagoo
>stressing the blocks in that one level
It's pure luck I'm convinced the game is bugged in that spot, if he dies, he dies.
>teaching you the ways
a big key to this game is noticing that you can control where the camera is tracking your sprite (i don't know if that's the right way to describe it) basically , you can be at the far left or middle, or far right of the screen and this makes all the difference for dealing with baddies. Also, I do the piano finger, as I find it easier to mash with my index.
>speedrun autism trick
the speedrunners only use the normal gun during levels and then switch to the better missile sort of gun for bosses.
Best of luck fren, either way it's an awesome game with an even awesomer soundtrack
I just got a famicopy of this the other day. thankfully I get to play as the cool robot instead of the faggot kid

File: images (17).jpg (43 KB, 739x415)
43 KB
Let's remember games in this same style.
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Tomb raider. The first 3d cinematic platformer
>it has pixels, so it must be the same!
lester the unlikely
I remember replaying the last level several time because I didn't notice the elevater at the end.
If someone had told me that Tomb Raider is basically Prince of Persia in 3D with pistols then I would have played it much sooner. Great game.

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