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File: cv64.jpg (69 KB, 640x440)
69 KB
Friendly reminder that this is actually the best 5th gen Castlevania game.

SotNiggers will never understand.
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I felt the same way as a kid and for a long time after that as well, but I honestly think Castlevania 64 has held up surprisingly well. Playing it for the first time since childhood not too long ago I was surprised that everything about it still felt pretty good, much better than I remember it feeling as a kid that kept falling in the fucking water.
Cv64 > Lod > Sotn saturn > Sotn ps1
I like your style
Video game journalists have always been drooling subhumans. Just in the 90s they didn't actually hate the medium of video games and the people who play them.
it's not surprising that games journalism is on it's way out with their garbage tier websites. When you attack the customer base the end isn't too long off

File: NGEGoSDVD.jpg (38 KB, 300x255)
38 KB
Reminder to all newfriends who are just getting into Evangelion for the first time through Netflix to play Mana's game.
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>no naked gendo
"best" my ass
because mana a best girl
Why does Mana get a free pass when she's almost the same as Mari?
File: Mayumi_Yamagishi.png (685 KB, 640x890)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
>almost the same as Mari
Mana isn't an Eva pilot, and we know who she is. We're 3 movies into Rebuild, it's been 12 years, and we still don't know who the fuck Mari is.
Have you played Girlfriend of Steel? Mana's really not similar to Mari at all. If anything, Mayumi from Evangelion 2nd Impression would be more of a parallel since at least she also had glasses.

Mana rode Shinji though.

File: xenogears.jpg (84 KB, 800x680)
84 KB
Why is this game so....well, you know.
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I fapped so much to her way back when
How dare you, sir

how dare you
This is not phantasy star iv tho.
I'm replaying PSIV right now (haven't played it since the 90s) and it's underwhelming me. While I like the character art and monster art the map arts are bleh and the music isn't good either. The towns are full of lots of empty and repetitive space. I can see why Final Fantasy won the RPG wars.

Ah, here is someone who wipes their face after they shit.

It's actually preposterous to think that people actually beat this series on hardware back in the day. I know it was made for hardcore jrpg fans, but Jesus. I tried, but sucuumbed to save states scumming at the very end.
>meeting God at the center of the universe
>insane nanotech story
Anybody else played the Cyber Knight games?
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File: DSC_4208.jpg (322 KB, 1000x793)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
the whales are happy now, so we can record their happy song
File: DSC_4209.jpg (363 KB, 1000x782)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
I mean we destroyed the core, not that their own weapon did; that's on a different planet
File: DSC_4212.jpg (290 KB, 1000x802)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Went back to the jigglypuff who wanted to hear the whale song
File: DSC_4215.jpg (320 KB, 1000x802)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
And she tells us the Mentana creator-god alien guys who can grant wishes can be contacted via a machine, the secret of which is written on 4 monuments on 4 different planets.
I remember seeing 2 monuments, gotta go back and find those. I think one was destroyed tho.
No leads on black hole parts for thawing frogs yet but still lots of star systems I haven't explored.
I think I may need to start keeping notes on what's where like in Star Control 2

File: dizzy.png (197 KB, 640x421)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
This looks kind of interesting:

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What defines PC? If you're talking about IBM PC compatibles, I doubt ancient games like Alley Cat will work on Windows 10 outside of emulation via dosbox.
What difference does it make what the OS is? How is that in any way relevant to what I said? A personal computer is a personal computer. You're asking a completely pointless question. Piss off, autist.
Isn't it a little relevant? The ZX Spectrum is a PC
Nope. No one is ever going to call an Amiga, ST, C64, MSX, CPC, or ZX Spectrum a PC. They are home micros.
What about the Apple computers? Is Marathon a PC game?

File: Image Fight.jpg (155 KB, 1280x720)
155 KB
155 KB JPG

Thoughts on the Image Fight episode?
I think Arino is much better at shooting games than he used to be.
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JD I'm coming to get you sucka
Ah, so he did.
Not cool, man.

>and leaves the project, killing VRGCCX
Did VRGCCX ever actually get any episodes done? I've never seen their group name on a release(but to be fair, I don't look at English releases of the show very much since I watch raws)
>Did VRGCCX ever actually get any episodes done?
I kow they released a sub of the Ikki DVD special, at least.
File: 38yo.jpg (53 KB, 1091x617)
53 KB
I downloaded all the raws despite not knowning a lick of japanese

Send help i just want to watch new gccx stuff man
They did the 10th anniversary press conference, then two old DVD revenge challenges, then Ikki, then Karnov.

The first couple things they did were a little rough around the edges. Ikki and Karnov were a bit more polished.

File: moonstone.png (190 KB, 280x356)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
holy fuck
did you survive?
Yeah shit is hard. Get good at it then challenge your friends. The patterns aren't that complex it's just real unforgiving. It's slow as a multilayer game but in the right context it's awesome.
That would imply that he didn't have fun.

File: IMG_6067.jpg (36 KB, 350x261)
36 KB
Is you favorite Flog an' Jog a Castlevania game?
An Indiana Jones game?
That part in Double Dragon where you get the whip?
Some other whip game?
I preferred Castlevania 3 myself.
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My favorite whip n' skip is Castlevania 3.
is Circle of the Moon a Beltscrolling Flog an' Jogvania?
Metroidvania is a legit term and it won't go away, autist. Keep inventing shit that won't get any traction. It'll get to the point where another person as stupid as you will just group every single game ever made into the platformer category.
Chase-A-Slave 2: The Cotton Don't Pick itself, Boy.

Sorry... Too much time on /pol/...
Fuck Metroidvanias and fuck you

File: Saturn_US_PrintAdvert_3.jpg (204 KB, 1024x695)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
This thread is for discussing the dreamy, surreal 5th gen console known as the Sega Saturn.
I turned it on yesterday, only to find out the battery has already ran its course (it showed me the date/hour screen), I changed it 3 years ago so I think it lasted more than average (have read many people say theirs only lasted 1 year). Anyway here's the weird thing: the saves are still working. I guess before it's completely dead, it deletes the internal clock first, then the saves? I already have all my saves backed up on the memory cartridge anyway so no loss for me, but was surprised.
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Isn't it a bit redundant to mention Virtua 2 and Fighters Megamix, or is the VF gameplay that different from each other?
Bernie did nothing wrong. He handled the piece of shit that was handed to him as good as anybody else could have.
"Our primary product for the next 2 years that we want you to buy is not the product we're concerned or even focusing on."

Explain how in any way, that is competent.
He knew the Saturn had nothing marketable to a western audience and wanted people to get hyped for their superior Dreamcast instead.

Pretty smart move if you ask me.
>getting effectively baited
Why are you so stupid, man?

File: LTqwpLq.jpg (95 KB, 862x960)
95 KB
Is there a place where I can ultimately feed my autistic obsession of retro gaming? Like a retro museum or something? I just want to interactively associate with people who also enjoy playing retro games religiously but in person. I'm retarded.
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I hate crushing dreams but there is no such place. It’s like wishing for a fishbowl where Siamese fighting fishes won’t kill each other.
this pretty much.

almost all gamer communities are just fucking awful and retro gamers are no exception. do you really expect actually wholesome people with that interest to show up and not autistic, self-absorbed faggots or worse proverbial fedoras?
*shoots a nailgun into your eyesockets*
Shut the fuck up faggot
Anon, Funspot... it kind of downsized in the last couple of years, to put it mildly.
If your obsession extends to arcade games, then there are plenty of places for you since the only people who run retro arcades nowadays are people who care a lot about them.

File: 500.jpg (11 KB, 300x180)
11 KB
Which console had the better 'scot?
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90's classic Sonic > Mario > modern Sonic
>giant multi-platform publisher
They don't do anything else than sonic games, poor mans shenmue aka yakuzhit and football manager games
3D was a mistake
File: winn_orig.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
Nintendo and Sega aren't consoles, they are companies.

The thing with Sega is Sonic didn't come into things until the 16-bit era, and he went away in the 32-bit era and didn't re-appear until the Dreamcast.

Nintendo had Mario since Donkey Kong, so 1981, and they've kept him prominent from Super Mario Bros in 1985 onwards.

In the Master System era, Sega's main mascot was Alex Kidd. With the Saturn, their mascot was probably pic related, if anything.
File: Bonk.png (65 KB, 221x228)
65 KB

starting with lo pan edition
sell me on mods. i only played vanilla and 1.5

Romancing SaGa 3 announced for global release this year at E3
Famitsu interview with Kawazu and Ichikawa about the remaster, additional Dungeon and various new content confirmed
Get in here SaGabros, and mods, stop autosaging threads for no fucking reason, you killed two perfectly fine threads already.
411 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
Romancing SaGa 2 is at a 25% discount on Steam right now
Your mom is at a 25% discount at the street corner right now
Don't you ever get tired of shitting threads with your lame posts
Just ignore him
how is re:universe?

File: 20190624_010047~2.jpg (1.62 MB, 2764x2119)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
So I'm picking up FF3 again after a lengthy hiatus. I know, it's the pleby DS version but I was still enjoying it. I am at the final dungeon but feel like mixing up my party and going to explore the world again to grind the new jobs a little.

I'd like a balanced team with no overlaps but a challenge too if possible.
39 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
New games ported to old systems are totally within the rules though...
Really the general rule of thumb is shit like:

is it on an old console?
is it a remake of something on an old console?
is it from before 2000 on PC or arcade?

If yes to any of these, you're good to go.
>L and R
How? There's no L or R buttons on a Famicom controller
I've only played the NES version, but I never liked how Ninja and Sage are the ultimate jobs that outpreform everything else except for late game onion knight. I like to mix and match my party for synergy more than just having a physical damage dealer and a magic support.

I guess it didn't really change anything though, I ran with four monks/karetkas throughout the game mostly anyway since their HP growths were high enough to tank bosses and kill them with their high damage, so three ninjas and a sage was probably a logical progression. Does the DS version change anything regarding the jobs? I'd consider a replay if it has something at least half as detailed as FFT.
>Does the DS version change anything regarding the jobs?
Every job is end-game viable in the DS version (or, at the least, is suppose to be, but some jobs still suck pretty hard). i.e. Warrior at endgame is more of a glass cannon, thieves have insane damage due to number of hits, etc.Only a few are straight-up upgrades to an older class, and even those are usually arguable since most of them you don't get until the last crystal meaning you'll have to grind them if you want them as good as the classes you're already using.

File: UFO_Enemy_Unknown.png (126 KB, 220x253)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
How come no strategy game has surpassed this one?
69 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
XCOM 2 isn't a bad game.>>5689945
Ethereals are scarier than Chryssalids.
XCOM2 is dumb as hell and i thought Terror from the Deep would never be topped

It`s not the fun cool dumb stuff from old days, its ~this shit is literally anime~ dumb
L2 for Genesis. If you can into nihonese, then the PSX version,L1 & 2 collection , which supposedly had similar graphics & mechanics of L2 plus the multiple endings of Der.

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