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File: 27433_front.jpg (60 KB, 500x574)
60 KB
It bothers me the GB/C games never made it to the west and that the translation projects are so stuck in any of them.
This series is undeservingly obscure.
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I had one game where it was actually fighting and mixing up the medabots i loved that game and medabots
I would not call it obscure.
My dream was that the collection released for 3ds could also come out in the West.
This series is rot.
Was it the GBA one?
Yes, obscure isn't the proper term but what else could be said?
Medabots DS was also a good chance to bring the franchise to the west because it was a soft reboot but if they didn't bring that the collection has even less chances.
It hurts
I played the entire franchise more or less. The GBC games are painfully under-rated because they were never released in the west. Damn shame too.

Medarot 5 suffered from budget and being cut prematurely. You can tell because the game hits you with a sudden credits screen when you aren't even expecting it. Still a fantastic game.

Is it really that bad?
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Sareena's actress is cute.
What makes this game bad are the platforming segments. MK controls don't lend themselves to be frame-specific or precise for jumping on platforms.

>button to turn around
one of the better examples of this is the final boss: it's very simple to defeat him - but because it's such a chore to do all the specific actions needed for it in order, you'll probably die a few times before you manage to do it. For anyone who never saw it: you have to:
- freeze Shinnok
- turn around
- run through the portal
- turn around
- run through the other portal

All in less than 3 seconds, and this is the only time you're ever supposed to do this. Not practice run beforehand.

Or you can just Polar Blast Shinnok to hell so you can see Sareena and Quan Chi's bloopers.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I think it's the first time where I noticed they were just phoning it in even though the game added new gameplay elements. I wonder where the series would be now if they'd kept the tone and atmosphere of MK2.
The control scheme is what ruins it, honestly. If it controlled like any other 2d sidescroller, instead of retarded trash, it could have been an easy 7/10. As it is? 4/10.
Holy shit, that was wonderful

Has there ever been a game that was released on so many platforms at once?
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They just lazily recycled the engine from Batman: The Movie
primal rage
Double Dragon had like 30 ports
No matter what the quality of the games were, Sega CD releases had the best fucking music

The Addams Family movie game was ported to every 8 and 16 bit system that was even remotely being supported.

File: 1540955192665.jpg (50 KB, 1280x720)
50 KB
Got a pretty decent Windows 98 machine ready for games. Right now it has installed an ATI Rage Fury Pro, but also have a spare Voodoo 3 3500 lying around.
Can´t find any decent comparative between these two, so I would love if you could give any advice.

Rage Fury Pro was nothing special. DirectX 6. Open GL 1.2. No Glide. For the Glide alone, the Voodoo is better.

Is it kino?
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I love the hopping into other mechs in MW and the upgrading/variety in FM:GH, Cybernator/Valken's strength is it's just a strong arcadey blastfest with some fun as fuck level gimmicks. The asteroid field and rollerdash battle are memorable stages, as are the antigravity areas and fucking boss battles while reentering Earth's atmosphere. Dat soundtrack helps too, always pumped as heck and that final stage's epic build up as you storm the enemy capital is great stuff.

Hard to rank but Metal Warriors has a bit of jank to it and lacks a bit of the weight these mechs should have. GH is fine if you want Valken the RPG but you might just want a fun, well put together hour's blowing shit up instead of Square's 'blockbuster' presentation and story.

Still so weird Cybernator has that one complete beta with dialog portraits and a sound test. Must've thought we couldn't handle seeing the chars that were talking or knowing that 'Crea' (love that bad translation) was a cute anime chick.
>and lacks a bit of the weight these mechs should have.

I did notice the realism is lower in MW, and it's a bit flashier. Laser swords, Nitro can just straight up fly, plastic shields, etc. Plus, mech designs that are more fantastical and less grounded.
>and the upgrading/variety in FM:GH,

typically poorly balanced, and is a bit of a mess. The shotgun just straight up seems to be a better weapon than the others. And the game focuses a lot on stats and experience, and less on finese level design and skill.

For instance, I just blasted through a bunch of levels quickly in the game but suddenly was confronted by enemies hitting way too hard. So, typical to my thought process, I tried playing better. No deal. So what I did is upgraded by chasis on my mech, bought an HP plus upgrade, and then did some grinding to upgrade the level on my mech's HP. I redid the level and I was totally untouchable. Upgrades, stats, levels, have more of an impact than your skill level in the game.

That being said, the customizability is really great. I really wish that the mechs weren't just better versions of each other, since i like some of the designs more than others. The original is a kind of cool simple design.
congrats on being the first person to ever do this

File: planescape.jpg (172 KB, 800x1142)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
are there any retro games worth playing for the writing / story?
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Imagine being so deflective and insecure you don't even bother arguing your bullshit point
As you say, "I'm afraid it's not working like that."
Marathon trilogy.
My point is simple:
Torment's writing isn't even half as good as the credit it gets. It's your standard fare purple prose with pretense to be "deep", but in reality it's just flat. And saying "well, it's at least good for fantasy" isn't making it better. It just further reinforce it as mediocre.
That's all.

Answer me this:
Why should I argue with you? What for?
I get it, Anglos and especially burgers are obsessed with confrontation and setting up conflict in anything, but why should I bother?
>hurr this story is shallow
>4-5 posts in and still completely unable to explain why or how
>y should I bother defending my claim hurr
Answer me this, why do you bother making them in the first place if you're literally unable and unwilling to justify them?
Why do you go on a tangent about confrontation when you have proven yourself to be nothing but a little confrontational cunt who starts shit for the sake of starting shit since you're literally unable to expand on your retarded comments
how is it possible to have so little self awareness lmao
File: korah-complex.gif (85 KB, 485x213)
85 KB
Star Control 2

File: 11795009.jpg (17 KB, 500x500)
17 KB
Ok, not sure this is the best place to ask, but fuck it.

anyone here play their retro games emulated on vr headsets?
Personally my favorite games are light gun, and I would fucking love to play time crisis or other light gun arcade games emulated, however the sticking point is wiimote or current 'light guns'
sure, they are good if you can get them to work (can't get a wiimote to work for me) but even at best, they feel laggy, there is a project to make a good light gun got pc that uses a camera and figures out where center is and uses that, so its better then current methods, but it's still not released.

However, I got some funds, and it seems like vr may be the best way to do this.

Now with out of the way, another thought came to me, aren't most consoles comprised of layers? at least the 16+bit ones. are there any emulators that take advantage of this? I think it would be cool to instead of have the fog of let's say chrono trigger be just flat, having it pop out at you would be pretty cool.

so I have to ask, anyone here have experience with this or am I going to go into it blind?
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What I'd really like to see with VR is a simulated bedroom with a CRT TV that is displaying the game you're emulating. That would be maximum comfy, especially if you could customize the room with posters and decorations and adjust the lighting and such.
>I can't imagine you don't have the reaction time of a sloth
That's a shame because you have a very wild imagination

Yet another thing that's been done and didn't turn out nearly as good as in your head
oh god the virtual rooms... yea, could be fun with a friend and simulating the situation you were in when you were a kid, but realistically you would always simulate a theater like set up, weather this is a simulated room with a theater or an endless void with a theater doesn't matter.

for the most part, light gun games either use a mouse to simulate it, or though emulation take a light gun signal, so long as you can use the vr controller as a mouse, it should work without a hassle.
>virtual screenpeeker detected
Nigger I have that in real life

File: Capture.png (403 KB, 901x453)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
Why was this the only part of the game with enemies bunched together like this? It's one of the most fun little sections of the game, especially when I was a kid and didn't know you could grab and throw shells. I would just blindly jump in and hope for the best
Because it's there at the beginning of the game to teach you that you can score a 1up if you make consecutive hits.
There's many places in the game where there's similar stuff, like a bunch of paratroopas lined together vertically.
I fucking love how it sounds when you do it, it's like a piano.
true, but I still feel like they could have done much more with the mechanic, and included it in more levels in the same way they did here
>they should just hand me freebies that I can get without even trying more
fpbp was correct, it's to teach you the mechanic, there are numerous places where you can executive it creatively, you have to actually, you know, PLAY THE GAME.

File: Metroid Upgrade 1.gif (32 KB, 400x200)
32 KB
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File: Samus Boogie.gif (4 KB, 128x148)
4 KB
Came to post this

I'm not saying the NES can't do sprites like that, I'm just saying sprites like that have a large memory footprint.

I see OPs image and think to myself, "this person respects 'retro aesthetic', but not the 'retro art' ", which in my opinion is making the most out of a very limited system. A sprite animation like OPs shows very little understanding of the underlying hardware, and just brute forces what the artists thinks would be an improvement. It's a matter of understanding the nuances of the art vs imitating the art.

As I said in >>5212470, the original sprite isn't great by any measure of quality, and the "upgrade" is done well. I just think that I'd be more impressed with a better 4 frame walk cycle (for instance, the stock mega man is great).

Also, I tend to find over-animated games either have lousy play control, or awkward transitions between various poses.
File: 72b.jpg (122 KB, 800x759)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>linking images on an imageboard

Actually retarded.


Do you have any re-release/repro/bootleg retro games in your collection or just first editions?
123 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks for doing this.

>Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Ultimate Japan Version (Blu-ray)
>Bonus DVD with Edgar Wright and Shinya Arino Visual Commentary

What in the hell is this?
>Biohazard subs literally never
oh shit king of dragons is my jam
>anything past season 15 subs literally never

File: thinnen.jpg (21 KB, 480x360)
21 KB
Is pic related op?
>be me
>have friend come over
>emulate games we didn't know
>PI was one of them
>boot it up
>choose pic related
>friend chooses the ninja dude
>I use pic related's b,f,b + p move
>said move does a lot of damage and chip
>unintentionally use the move the first few times
>friend gets mad
anybody else have any other stories (or op characters)?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Anons, check out Sailor Moon S. Its absolutely 100% the most broken fighting game ever made. It almost seems deliberate, but it wasn't. It was just made by people who didn't know how to program a fighter.

Uranus rapes everyone in this game. They must have some kind of undisclosed rule to prevent people from always picking her.
File: file.png (18 KB, 296x234)
18 KB
>It was just made by people who didn't know how to program a fighter.

I'm not sure if this is funny or not.
>good programming riiiiiiight?
le ironic speedrunner humor

I didn't know it was by Arc, kek. Well, they didn't improve very much since then, either.

Explain the appeal of these games please
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
This, pretty much.

King's Field (JPN) was a really fun game for the first two levels. I swear it was the most addicting game I had played since quite a while. The second two levels weren't as good.
did kings field 1 and 2 have that?
Joke's on you I'm actually retarded and you are actually butthurt.
File: Shadow_tower_box.jpg (16 KB, 317x314)
16 KB
Stick with it, the beginning is rough but From software games really start to shine more and more once you get past the initial hurdle.

Haven't played Ancient City, but I know that KF 1-3 have in-game maps you can find and use to get around without getting too lost.

File: Mega Man 3 manual.jpg (248 KB, 1567x614)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Do you guys download instruction manuals?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
For a little while now I have been contemplating the idea of downloading all of the major instruction manuals for a system and then arranging them all together in a PDF file which I will then have printed as a large full-color hardcover book.

Bookbaby charges $39 for a 840 page book of this type. That would be more than enough for all the major NES releases.
Make a thread and post .pdf if you do, that sounds awesome
It's not the the story is bad, it's that it's poorly worded to the point it's hard to get what's even going on, especially coupled with the minimal text in the game itself. The manual goes on about energy crystals, while the game doesn't mention them at all. The manual talks about how Dr. Wily "found his sanity", but all that's said in the game is that he stole something called "Gamma", who's not mentioned in the manual at all (and the game never actually explains who or what Gamma is either, for that matter). Unless you have the full story from elsewhere and know how these various details fit together, the manual story and the game story seem to have absolutely no connection with each other.
Only if it's Japanese. Overseas manuals are awful.
File: 1530759882407.png (11 KB, 666x444)
11 KB

File: pc.jpg (186 KB, 1200x800)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
What could have been....
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
A world where high quality full motion video reigns supreme and real time 3d graphics don't exist.
Owned one for a brief period of time. The system itself is looks really high end and the controller feels pretty great, but there's next to nothing worth playing on it.
They thought that 3D graphics weren't good enough yet and wanted to create the perfect 2D machine in the meantime, thinking that people would prefer near-Laserdisc quality anime to shambling origami monstrosities.

It was not a smart move.
I have four games for it

Chip Chan Kick
Power Dolls

All bought in 2001 and I haven't looked for other PCFX games since then

good FMV stuff, but very lackluster otherwise. I refocused and completed my japanese PCE/CD stuff afterwards
They couldn't match the 98 in resolution so that was pointless.
It didn't offer much over the Saturn for 2D.
If it had come earlier and turned out more successful they could have released 3D cards as expansions. It's weird that the PC-FXGA was one of the first 3D accelerators for PCs.

File: 250px-FMTOWNS_2F.jpg (10 KB, 250x288)
10 KB
any FM Towns fans here? What's worth playing besides Splatterhouse, PuLiRuLa, and some of the western games? Anyone own one of these rare setups? Especially a marty?

Also, does Fatal Fury Special exist on FM Towns? There's box-art but no files that I can find
FM Towns Marty>PCFX
Not really.
Rainbow Islands Extra
Turbo Outrun
Wing Commander
Also, does Fatal Fury Special exist on FM Towns? There's box-art but no files that I can find
There's a lot of unripped games.
Apparently it was the last commercial game released for the system.

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