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File: Nessweethome-title.png (6 KB, 256x240)
6 KB
What's the better translation for this game?
Learn Japanese.
Hold on, how many translations does this have?
The newest addendum.
One from 2000 and one from 2017
we gonna get an answer?

File: 1543645129833.jpg (423 KB, 800x800)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
Keep rockin' baby
Esto es lo verdadero amor que estamos haciendo
Todo tiempo
File: 1561344961432.gif (898 KB, 540x400)
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898 KB GIF

File: aaaaa.jpg (28 KB, 240x240)
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it's time for weird gbc shit
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When I was in high school back in the mid-00s, cell phones were still a novelty that only rich kids had. Apparently, they were pretty widespread among Japanese high school kids as early as the late 90s.
File: images(3).jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
Sure, none of it really works anymore, but the good thing about Nintendo is that there's always a dedicated group of people restoring services. Pretty sure there are plenty of Satellaview ROMs and restoration groups for the mobile adapter.
>thinking I'm being serious using circa 2011 reddit-tier atheist arguments

What is the difference between stuff like this and a repro?
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i would call them repros

back when nintendo made nes, snes, gb, 64 carts they had strict standards for the materials and methods you could use to make a cart, and they had a famous gold seal of approval.

these arent licensed by nintendo. so whether its a retro throwback or some guy deciding to make carts of hard-to-find abandonware, its a reproduction.
Hipsters who call bootlegs repros aren't people
File: 656.jpg (8 KB, 184x184)
8 KB
>No Rogue Squadron N64 cart rerelease
I dont know.
>no SNES trilogy
>no Rogue Squadron
>not releasing the Wii RS compilation
No buys

Should I pick up MM or OOT3D?this'll be my second zelda game
OOT first, MM is a sequel.
OoT3D has objective improvements over the original but leave the gameplay almost intact, plus adds a really nice twist to the Master Quest; MM3D has the (arguable) bad side of the remakes -see 800 earlier /vr/ threads about it- but also a lot of misguided gameplay tweaks that kind of ruin the experience of the original version.

File: smugmaru.gif (8 KB, 250x250)
8 KB
Which Samurai Shodown game do you like the most, /vr/?
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5 SP and I'm very tired of people pretending that it's not good.
Dunno, most people tend to prefer 2 or 5SP.
5SP, no doubt. I must be missing something about 2, it was ugly and controlled like shit. Whenever I think about SS2 I think Gen-An's dumbass bumper car move. Even tournament level SS2 looks retarded.
would you take 1 for an answer
fuck yeah yuu yuu hakusho

File: Sonic_Adventure_2.png (2.87 MB, 1346x1350)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB PNG
This game sucks
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Arcade players!=larpers
The chaos emeralds appear in random locations every time you play it.
File: asshole.jpg (132 KB, 500x658)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
I played the game quite a bit back in the day, I liked it but it has quite some isses.
The game has a steep learning curve not only in memorizing level layout and enemy placement, but also countering some of its shitty programing.

There are so many strange bugs and glitches that make you spurt through fences into the abyss, make you miss loops, homing attack suddenly going in circles, wonky grinding, enemy shot going through objects, etc... To know where these hotspots are is almost the most important part and you will only learn it by autistically replaying the stage. But that is how the game was meant to be played anyway if you want to collect items for the chao garden.

Honestly if you just see the chao garden as the main game and the stages as the mini games it somehow all gets more bearable, it turns into a ranch simulator with short bursts of action.

Getting a 's rank' in a stage with good music is a nice feeling though, gets ya pumped. The music is what makes the game for the most part, it's pretty corny at times but still fun to listen to.
and you have to memorize the hint computers to know where to look

Whoever designed aquatic mine can die
Nope. The game becomes good once you start score attacking it and become good. Unfortunately you don't really get to do that during the story mode.

File: 1547320327959.jpg (80 KB, 505x604)
80 KB
>I'm gonna put the smack dab on your ass

Name a character more gay
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you didn't like time to kill and zero hour?
>put the smack dab on your ass
what did he mean by this
he's gonna put the smack dab on your ass
Not retro
File: tension.jpg (7 KB, 222x225)
7 KB
>"I'm going to jerk off your dick and cum down your neck."
how the fuck did 3DRealms get away with this?

I collect video games. I despise how expensive some games are. I have decided to get fit. Plan has been planned. Most game collecters are fatass motherfuckers. I am not. I will outlive these fucks and take their games from their dead corpses!
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I will get more fit than you and then just bully you till you give me all your newly obtained games. How does it feel to be outclassed in 4d mental chess OP?
You will never get fit
>was clinically obese for a big portion of my life, since I was like 15 or something - pure fat obesity, not obesity mitigated by some degree of muscle tone
>decide to lose weight around halfway through age 29
>now almost 31, lost a ton of weight, exercising 5-6 times a week, fitter than I've ever been
>still feel like shit, still tired all the time, nothing like the massive weight loss people who go on about how great and energetic they feel and whatnot
I think I was just obese for so long that my body is permanently fucked up. Thanks for reading my blog.
Maybe try not exercising all the fucking time.
I was 100kg from 16-20, now 70kg at 21 and I don't even feel better. Hell, I can barely tell that I LOOK better. Weight loss in and of itself isn't all it's cracked up to be...

File: lordgayben.jpg (635 KB, 1905x1036)
635 KB
635 KB JPG
What retro games are ya gonna buyfag, /vr/?
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Oh god.
I got "Madspace: to hell and beyond"
Its Russian.
Thinking about those Turok games nightdive re-released. How do they rank among other 90s shooters?
I dont know, Steam Summer Sale used to grab my attention like crazy, say, years ago, but now I'm mostly just curious but not really intending on buying anything. It's just a feeling of been there done that that permeates my experience.

File: 1544750375290.jpg (1.27 MB, 3033x1440)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
Previous Thread: >>5678828

>Try to keep things /vr/ related: Focus should be on 5th Gen (+Dreamcast) games on back. Slight off topic is fine so long as it's related to CRTs, such as later 16:9 models, HD models, etc. Systems with backwards compatibility are also safe territory, as are re-releases on newer hardware. PC CRTs are also welcome and appreciated.
>Produce OC! Bust out your camera and take photos of your CRTs displaying all sorts of games, featuring all sorts of tubes, using all sorts of signals. Getting good shots can be hard, but if you take enough, at least a few will turn out alright. Tips'n'Tricks™ coming soon.
>Try and give as much information as possible when asking for info on a specific set, or troubleshooting an issue to expedite and help you may receive. As always, Google is your friend and we are your friends with benefits. Older archived threads aren't a bad place to look either; Seriously, there's literally 6 years of backlog at this point.
>Share appreciation for other's choice of technology and personal philosophy of gaming. Always remember to show courtesy in your discussion and moderate yourselves first.

Limited discussion of video processing and scaling devices is alright, but remember to keep the focus on CRTs and CRT accessories.

CRT Pastebin (tfw no update) : http://pastebin.com/1Ri5TS3x
Guide to CRT Hunting : http://pastebin.com/H9H9L2LQ
Guide to Video Monitors : http://pastebin.com/pQX4N6gZ
General Purpose CRT Adjustment Guide : http://www.arcaderepairtips.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/guide_setup_adjust_arcade_monitors_v1.2.0.pdf
S-Video Pasta : http://pastebin.com/rH2h6C7W
BKM-10R Protocol Info : http://pastebin.com/aTUWf33J

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: IMG_21251.jpg (3.63 MB, 3024x2268)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB JPG
File: _DSC0001.jpg (3.33 MB, 4608x3072)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB JPG
File: panastatic.jpg (143 KB, 810x926)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
When was the last time you guys saw snow?
When I tried tuning into the famicom RF not too long ago, I guess.
I see snow whenever I hit a channel button on my tv remote instead of volume, since my tv has an analog tuner. So sometime in the past few weeks probably.

File: 2015-08-09-15.05.33.jpg (2.63 MB, 3264x2448)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB JPG
How does you? The closest one in my area is a 30 minute drive and they're selection isn't very good. I've checked the local Goodwills and similar places but they never have anything decent (if they even have any vidya at all). Is it just a matter of luck/geography or is there some other way of finding good retro games outside of the internet?
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Of course it depends on geography, if you live in the middle of Arkansas people there didnt grow up playing ideogames, all they did for fun when they were 10 was having sex with their first cousins and milking cows.

You need to be near a big city for having access to electronics in general, back then there was no Amazon to deliver your iPad Pro in a swamp.
>If someone wqanted to rent like a Chrono Trigger

Nobody that has an interest in playing retro games will rent a game for $10 when they can get a repro for the same amount, if they are interested in spending $100 on CT, they will either watch a video, or get a repro and get an actuall game they will own, and then if they actually like it maybe they will get an original one.

Theres ZERO chance at a rental business like this to succeed, what could be worth the try ho is what you said earlier, renting the full package of console, with controllers and shit, but even then, it would be smarter to offer a modded OG Xbox fully loaded with games and emulators, thats what some people d where i live (not in the US) and ive seen that grow to a decent business just like people rent Karaoke machines.

That will save you a lot of money and headaches dealing with actual legit games that cost $30-100 a piece and systems, and maintenance, and such.
my local savers puts 100% exact ebay prices on games it's kinda funny actually
Its illegal to do that in North America.
Lots of places have a room with old games/consoles that you can rent for parties, that makes more sense than renting out individual games and hoping they get returned.

File: 81akg8OR6VL._SX425_.jpg (34 KB, 425x480)
34 KB
Mine is Joust on my moms old Atari, which we weren't allowed to touch.
Naturally when she went to work, the first thing we did was touch it.
File: 1474775530913.png (4 KB, 1121x936)
4 KB
It was a wonderful first step.

Though nowadays I hate everything Nintendo does.
Wolfenstein on a Mac

File: D9uYuVrWwAAjTJt.jpg (269 KB, 2048x1536)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
The N64 got released in June 23th of 1996 in Japan.
The system is now 23 years old, let's celebrate by talking about the console and sharing memories:
>fav game
>fav mp game
>underrated game
>guilty pleasure
>game you keep coming back to
>Would you be interested in a N64 Mini?
32 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Duke Nukem Zero Hour is so bad it's good.
That game is amazing, did you ever play the multiplayer? I thought it was pretty damn good.
File: Perfect_dark_cover_art.jpg (64 KB, 1024x768)
64 KB
Bought the transparent smoke version and it looked awesome with that red expansion pack. We played THPS and Goldeneye so much it was crazy. Electricity was shut off so we hauled it and the TV to the park down the road to play under the pavilion.
There were so many great games for it. The Zeldas were absolutely captivating. As far as multiplayer, Perfect Dark had to be the best. 4 way split screen and managed bots. Not to mention the absolute variety of weapons. Favorite play of mine was to find a room with two entrances I could watch, set proxy mines at both and then throw the laptop gun turret on the wall behind me. I still havent seen anything like the adrenaline shot or the n-bomb in gaming. It was way ahead of it's time. Alien tech indeed.
any news on that n64 clone by hyperkin?
it's shit

What went wrong?
21 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nintendo kind of did that between R&D 1 and 4 ( Gunpei Yokoi team and Miyamoto team). But they never really did any backstabbing they just had their own way of doing things and so Nintendo just split them up to do whatever they want. Miyamoto was more into polish while Yokoi and his team wanted to just do weird stuff. 2 and 3 was more interested in hardware and they just built off each other.
Only because the retards at Microsoft bailed them out
I see someone else watches girl Larry
Why retards? They were forced to do that, they were public enemy numero uno for monopoly at the time.
This. Apple had a plenty of liquid assets remaining at the time MS donated their $150M for non-voting shares and they weren't anywhere near going bankrupt. That money was a drop in the bucket for both companies at the time. The public vote of confidence with guaranteed future Office support was the real bail out, and MS got to show public support of a major competitor. But the smartest part for both companies was the patent cross-licensing agreement. Everyone focuses on the money but it was the least important or needed part of the 3-part deal.

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