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File: Dkc_snes_boxart.jpg (28 KB, 378x264)
28 KB
I remember this being a lot easier when I was a kid. What the fuck happened?
>struggle with one level
>lose all lives
>sent back to save point
>finally beat level
>struggle with the next level
>get sent back to save point
It never ends. Fuck Stop & Go Station. I'm gonna go play Mario Odyssey, a fair platformer.
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Jesus Christ, anon, roll off the edge and then jump.
You can do that?
You're supposed to roll into them and then jump out of the roll.
Either that or there's an invisible cannon under the item that it's cluing you in on.
You're blowin my mind ! >>5826925
I only "beat it" by using save states, didn't bother to try the sequels.

Also thoughts on Wario's woods?
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File: Baku-Baku_nu.jpg (54 KB, 320x240)
54 KB
I wish I had discovered Wario's Woods when I was dating a puzzle-loving girl.
We played a lot of Baku Baku on Saturn though.
The game gear port on this is stellar. Also Magical Puzzle Popils although it's not a multiplayer game.
Give Money Puzzle Exchanger some weebo love. Great game anyway.
Stack attack
Only game I was extremely good like tournament tier.

File: header.jpg (40 KB, 460x215)
40 KB
what's the best bullet hell schmup and why is it ikaruga?
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File: gradius5title.png (274 KB, 698x289)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
Silvergun sucks too.

Here is Treasure's only good shump.
>It's another /shmupg/ faggot brigade thread
Ikaruga does not have a change in amount of bullets between the difficulty modes easy, normal and hard. The only difference is this:

Easy: Ships you destroy do not release bullets.
Normal: Ships you destroy only release bullets if they're the same polarity you shot them with. (White bullets destroying a white ship will release white bullets, but if you destroy a black ship with white bullets they don't release anything and vice versa.
Hard: Ships release bullets of their color when destroyed no matter what. So if you destroy a white ship with black bullets it sprays white bullets which can instantly kill you if you don't get out of the way or instantly switch polarity, making the game much harder.
In the darkest depths of the NES Library, there exists a game to rival all shumps


is pretty fun, go check it out

File: re1.jpg (31 KB, 320x240)
31 KB
STOP it. Don't OPEN that DOOR!
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I'll go and check.

Rather fight indoors than in the forest with tons of dogs chasing you from everywhere
>Opens the door
>Walks in
S-s-stop it
Wesker, you're pitiful.

File: download.jpg (145 KB, 620x1133)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
This is the sexiest game protag ever. Fight me.
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Aya fucks
File: velvet.jpg (236 KB, 850x1205)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
>a challenger appears!
File: 111001.jpg (107 KB, 490x1000)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I ain't gonna fight you. I don't even normally like blonds.
File: 1554728107226.png (191 KB, 267x402)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
Nomura's such a good artist. It's a shame he's Gackt-pilled and needs to go nuts with belts and zippers and over-the-top bullshit.

File: doomtard.jpg (35 KB, 500x711)
35 KB
What's his appeal?
Ask Halo
Big, badass, manly man. He also kills demons so that's a plus.
RIP AND ____

File: Capture.png (133 KB, 650x931)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
What am I in for, /vr/?

was it a good console TurboGrafx-16
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Same problem as the Saturn, bad US library.
Can someone please explain to me why this thing has an NES style 2 button controller? I thought it was supposed to be a fourth generation console
It was released before the Genesis and SNES.
Bonks adventure and splaterhouse was it's two big games.

The Genesis having splatterhouse two killed the tg16 in the u.s.

Having access to splaterhouse 2 is one of those things Sega did riight.
The TG-16 isn't really a good console, sadly. The Turbo Express was the best handheld bar none for quite a while though, even in the US.

In Asia where the PC Engine came to them way early and stayed with them for like ten years, it was a good ride I'm sure.

So yeah, in this case there's an especially pronounced difference between the US and Japanese libraries

Is Heroes of Might and Magic good enough to make me enjoy video games again?
It seems up my alley.
I assume the best one is HoMM 3 with hd mods.
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Though you can install it and still run the vanilla game, it runs on an independant .exe and won't overwrite your game files.
The only reason you'd install HotA first is if you wanted to jump headfirst into online multiplayer (hint: you would be crushed), because it supports an online lobby functionality and is generally endorsed by hardcore MP players. Otherwise listen to >>5823727 , his take on it is great.
Most of the community agrees HOTA is a pretty good expansion, gave a breath of much needed fresh air to a game that was decades old. Even though I personally dislike it, I would still suggest any seasoned homm player to try it
It's more of an expansion than a gameplay-mod like Wake of Gods
HoMM 2 has better singleplayer campaigns

File: 1566344034938.jpg (42 KB, 616x353)
42 KB
Without question, the most overrated "classic" PC game I've ever played, more so because of how an affront it is to the first game
>out of place techno music
>constantly respawning enemies with only a flimsy excuse (body of many) as to why
>Corridors of Many being badly designed in general
>badly balanced, shoehorned in RPG mechanics (lol PSI) that were only superficially meant to make the game feel like Ultima Underworld
>main character is supposed to be a trained military operative yet has worse agility and hand-eye coordination that the unmodified hacker from the beginning of SS1.
>tries to be "realistic" by having unrealistic guns that break constantly
>ground zero for Ken Levine's meta-narrative bullshit that would get worse in Bioshit
>complete fucking farce of an ending with Shodan suddenly acting like a cartoon villian and NAH
The reason to choose SS2 over 1 was because 2 was, for a time, easier to get running with a modern control setup. Now, you can just pirate the enhanced edition of SS1 without rebinding keys with an additional program or some shit, and how it's still a better designed game, with or without tank sim controls.
That's not Half Life.
/v/ tier thread
yer both incorrect
>good game is actually SHIT
mmm oh hell yea

File: zelda.png (18 KB, 960x544)
18 KB
I don't get it. How did anybody know what the fuck to do when this came out?
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File: 1557694305948.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
This thread topic is like a virus infecting /vr/, it got Alzheimer and has to repeat the same question over and over again.
>copy-pasta calarts trash
I always get a chuckle from dullards who act like this is the first time in history that cartoons have a formulaic artstyle. Every cartoon on TV looked like Dexter's Lab not too long ago. And all of those mattel tie-in cartoons that 80's kids love to wax nostalgic about were aping Hannah Barbera stuff from the late 60's like 10 to 20 years after the fact, and I can guarantee you that none of that shit had an ounce of "soul". If I were 10 i'd want to watch Adventure Time over Captain Planet any time of the day
three hearts, no ring, no bottle, no continuing, no saving after dying, and some other minor restrictions.
stuck on ganon. trivial on normal runs, but as-is he takes 15 hits and has a ohko touch (and 3hko fireballs).
>Captain Planet
- Was a 90s cartoon, not 80s.
- Was always shit. Anyone at the time with half a brain recognized the show was retarded environmentalist propaganda.

Kids in the 90s watching cartoons watched stuff like Batman: The Aniamted Series.

File: generationy52.jpg (28 KB, 400x400)
28 KB
Which was most powerful?
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PS1 as far as how easy it was to develop for and, as a result, what you could pull out of it. Saturn and N64 undoubtedly had certain advantages over it, but they also had some critical shortcomings seeing as how they were both frankensteined systems (albeit in different ways) that made development a pain.
Surprised you're still namefagging despite the retarded horseshit you're known for posting. Have you considered not being a namefag?
>Which was most powerful?
The Playstation because it had the power to sell more units
Why no company thinks to just leave the console race for an entire generation or two before going back into the ring is beyond me.
Ps1 was more consumer friendly
Then the Saturn
The N64 was more consumer friendly then the saturn.

Ps1's library of games made it unstoppable.
Well then it's just a testament to the different states of emulation I guess

I used to but then I quit not

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Possibly the ultimate hidden gem in the entire history of gaming.

is it beatable one player or does the comp jump in?
File: Links 386 Pro.jpg (110 KB, 800x938)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Yes, really. This is one of the best games ever made. Links was once a highly popular and technologically bleeding-edge series (pic related even beat games like Ultima VII and Wolfenstein 3-D for Computer Gaming World's 1992 GOTY award) but has been buried by time.

i played the fucking shit out of this when i was a kid.
I still play it often today (the CD-ROM version and all four 5 Course Library volumes are on archiveorg) in DOSBox. Its interface still ended up being the best in the series, despite having a ton of sequels.

File: FC-PVM.png (1.13 MB, 1100x1466)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Sony PVM/Famicom combo.

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>boomers of the 30 year old variety
If le graded WATA games are anything to go by, I'm guessing it is more Gen Xers ruining games at the moment. 30 year old boomers contribute, sure, but I think the heavy duty investor types are a bit older.
That's some excellent work. Too bad about the wireless controls. Everything else is so well done.
good luck seeing shit with that small a screen
Accurate, made me laugh. Just dealt with one of these fuckers on craigslist today.
>I'll just play this with my FC10

Is this series better than Mortal Kombat? What is the best two player versus game, and is it one of the Street Fighters?
99 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>fighting game
Best street fighter is EX PLUS ALPHA! I miss that combo system so much ! The new fighting layers is basically that without the street fighter characters ! (Made by Arika )
File: file.png (94 KB, 256x240)
94 KB
The NES is perfectly capable of doing SF2, only reason Capcom didn't bother is because the NES was old news and Nintendo really wanted SF2 for the SNES. If the chinks could do this, I imagine Capcom would've used a style similar to Mighty Final Fight to help compensate for the small sprites.
Of course they could downgrade the graphics enough to make it work, hell they had a SF port on Game Boy, but how are you supposed to adequately make a 6 button layout work on a 2 button NES controller? I guess the same as Game Boy, and that answer is "not good". Not surprised Capcom would rather wait until SNES rather than rush it out early on NES and make a bad first impression for their new game.

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