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File: ac3.jpg (469 KB, 1208x1225)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
Look up the Japanese version or the translation patch. It is criminally underrated and no one remembers it because of how shit the Western cut was. Story telling on par with MGS but much better visuals and gameplay.
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>we're near AC3 on the timeline
Not really, it's still 20 years out. AC7 is nearly as far removed from AC2 as it is from 3.
>Could someone explain what the deal is with the western/jap versions?
baka gaijins can't handle plot, only pew pew, rarara.
>Story telling on par with MGS but much better visuals and gameplay
That is a very bold claim there, and having played it I would say an incorrect one.

Fuck me you need to chill, 90% of the stuff on /vr/ I read is from kiddos discovering shit I knew about years ago.

1. Translation to English and all the other European languages would have cost too much.
2. Game publishers were even more Japan-centric than they are today and so when an executive said something like "story focused games don't do well here" they didn't question it.
Ehh, the first one was on arcades, same deal?
>not playing the original disc version
It’s only like ¥200

File: 1555095999605.png (1.04 MB, 1280x720)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Are there programs that put a filter over your screen to make it look like a monitor from early 2000s and 90s, or CRT TV?
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I use an old CRT monitor once in a while and nothing really looks too different other than the smaller resolution, but it feels like looking into a microwave almost. Don't think any filter will give you that feeling.
There’s some NTSC filters you can apply in Nvidia settings for that. But old PC monitors were just as sharp as new ones anon. What makes old TVs good for gaming is the blurriness and color bleed. You don’t want sharpness for that.
Do you jam this into your eyes?

lies. it's not blurriness. RF filters and many of the CRT go crazy with blurring. it's all wrong. PVM and high end trintons have pretty much no blur.

File: Screenshot248.jpg (466 KB, 800x600)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
Discuss all things Diablo and Diablo 2 here

> Best D2 wiki out there
> Guide to rune hunting in LK current to 1.13+
> Unified Guides and builds on jsp
> D2 drop calculatorS
Cool D2 promo, concept artworks, monster renderers and more

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Interesting meme, I like it. I think a barb or a zealot... any melee really would fit the style - high turn over of gear.
As for that circlet, I thought it was pretty good. It was the best one I've had so far. I'm back to +1 skill, 32 life, 9 fire/poison/cold res, 40 light res.
>high turn over of gear
yeah that's the idea.
there used to be fallout 3/NV play through rules where you had to pick up the next weapon you found and use it until it breaks, then repeat
Zealot Paladin in Hardcore. Died at diablo, felt awful, 10/10 I recommend
If you're playing HC without insane lag spikes, you're just kidding yourself.

Shockadin so you're not as dependent on finding those elusive high %ed eth weapons, 'cause that shit's gonna break in two minutes on Hell.
You can do a naked summoner all the way through hell without too much trouble, so it stands to reason that an eth one wouldn't be any harder.

Okay I'm finally playing through this 20 years later after lusting after it as a FFT obsessed teen with no access to foreign markets or money for rare discs. And honestly this game is a work of art.

Without even going into gameplay and systems, the world just feels so coherent, real, and deep. The politics and plot feel real. The Yugoslavia inspired ethnic strife is a pretty unique angle in videogames imo. All of this in an era where most JRPGs were still stuck on 'go get the crystal' or 'defeat the darklord' tropes in incoherent mashed up tolkien x steampunk worlds.

I can't help but think with the richness of the world and the massive branching of the storyline that the designer must have had books worth of sketches and notes, and it would take hundreds to thousands of hours to get at it all playing thru the game over and over. I kinda wish he wrote novelizations of the story/world desu. It feels as rich and coherent as GoT, Dune, Warhammer, LotR etc. I see there were numerous guide and art books released. Do any of them expound on the world and lore much?

Obv. The game mechanics and breadth of classes and characters also have a lot of depth and extend the replayability to near infinite. So please feel free to discuss those as well.
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If you pick law route you can hug a child molester who rapes your sister earlier in the story

there are a lot of people who don't realize that he did any of that, as I assume Law-Denim doesn't realize either
Should a newcomer to the series play the SFC or PSP version first?
File: branta's execution.jpg (54 KB, 640x480)
54 KB
There isn't much to say about this other than what seems to be LUCT SNES (with english patch) is what Matsuno wanted and FFT is what Square Final Fantasized on Matsuno so he could have another chance. Both are Matsuno's baby and both are good, but the key is that Denim and Vice are perfectly their own; whereas Ramza and Delita are both of LUCTs protagonists combined while given opposite starting and ending roles. (Ramza is now a Noble and ends up trying to help the people while Delita is for The People at first as a peasant, but ultimately becomes a ruthless remorseless King more than anyone.) This subject was done to death by two spergs on gamefags awhile ago and you can still look it up, but jist of it is that both games are great small unit tactics oriented jarpigs.
He was a student of foreign policy. He studied real historical shit and adopted them into his games.
Honestly Matsuno is a meme and Sakimoto had more to do with the games being good than he did

File: s.png (437 KB, 740x367)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
knowing what a pile of action zoomer shooter shit RE2 remake is, i can already tell pic related
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>noooooo you can't like remakes because they're jewing you
Fuck off, retard. Your point is shit.
They should invest the time and money in new games and not quick cashgrab remakes like the last 5 years
old good new bad
This. Just look at it mechanically. What's harder, autotargeting enemies you can down in four shots with a peashooter you have a hundred rounds for, or free aiming a shot to the head or leg just for a stagger, having only 20-odd rounds to do it, and not being able to cheat the combine feature to avoid reload times? You have ammo for days in the original and never have to worry about missing a shot. Not so in the remake. The only people who think the remake is "casualized" are zoomers posturing as oldheads using whatever they gleaned from watching Youtube and Twitch playthroughs.
okay boomer whatever you say.

i personally don't feel any sympathy for REfags when they get shat on because they have a history of cutting off their nose to spite their face.

>RE5, ORC, RE6. (even though 5 had a horror focused DLC & leon's scenario in 6 was meant to be horror focused)

>Rev 1, Rev2, RE7 & RE2 remake.

File: mml2-promo-illust3.jpg (201 KB, 750x900)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Comfy game art thread?
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It's lttp
File: D_rNfSzU0AA2z3m.jpeg.jpg (75 KB, 680x510)
75 KB
I know this is a model but still
I always loved this picture.
this one always impresses me
>my pokemon are too strong for you, trainer

File: violeta-kochoska.jpg (38 KB, 500x500)
38 KB
Which retro console was the most technologically advanced for it's time?
Neogeo fans despite that piece of trashing not having hardware dedicated to background parallax and being outperformed by the CPS1 only years prior.
Wtf dude
Sega Saturn
3DO for being ahead of pc 3D
Atari Lynx for having scaling that no other home hardware could do

3rd Gen: Atari Lynx
4th Gen: NeoGeo
5th Gen: Nintendo 64
Special Consideration: Sega Dreamcast

File: Hbkq9ZE.jpg (167 KB, 977x608)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
You fucks lied to me. This isn't the best Dragon Quest game by a longshot. It's just as tediously grindy as the first two, except there game is even longer, thus making the grind longer too.
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Final Fantasy was good until 6, when it started becoming more about the story and cinematics than the gameplay.
its only the best if you get enjoyment out of making your own party, and then making them really cool by changing their classes at the Shrine of Dhama
File: DQIII_manual_4_5.jpg (347 KB, 1400x917)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Turning my goof girl into a Sage and imagining the priestess was jealous of her was fun, but for me the best thing about DQIII was the whole traveling around the world and figuring out what to do on my own without any guide whatsoever. Once you get Ramia to fly around the world freely it feels amazing.
Once you get Ramia there's only two things left to do on the map anyway.
FF8 is both. People hate it because it's different, but a lot of work has been put in its gameplay.

File: ddsomh.jpg (96 KB, 384x224)
96 KB
Has there ever been a more mechanically-deep beat em up?
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File: 1575350579724s.jpg (5 KB, 218x250)
5 KB
Just happened again, lmao.
What is IGS?
Hong Kong based company that developed game for the PGM board.
>not retro
Those criteria of ours are ridiculous.
Complex is more apopriete.

File: 1574703692220.gif (2.96 MB, 3234x5562)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF
Can we have a /vr/ chart thread? I'll put what I got
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File: maxresdefault.jpg (59 KB, 1280x720)
59 KB
fucking based

N64 is retro idiot
That’s the shittiest list I ever saw
Oh god no, I'm gonna do it. I can't, no, these... shitty... zoomer charts, arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

what is best /vr golf game? dead serious, i love golf games.
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The mario golf arcade cabinet with the track ball but uh.....yeah.
do you actually fight other golfers in this game?
>I put it in my 3x3 without hesitation.
Then you're a basic person with no taste.
Why are you contrarian for the sake of being contrarian?
NTM is a great game anon
vs golf

Time for another
>I know what I have
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If you can get past the shitty controller and find a working one, it's all right. I kind of prefer its graphics to colecovision for certain games.
what are they doing to batman?
That's the part that really confuses me. Like a grand is a bit much but I understand why Snatcher is expensive. Game nobody bought originally, but has become a classic, and is one of the earlier projects of one of the most famous men in the industry today. I understand that costing a premium.
But why the fuck do people think they're going to be able to retire on the profits on consoles and games that sold in the tens of millions?
There's a reason why people say 'normies ruin everytjong.' It's because it's fucking true. Thank God emulation exists. Can you imagine if it didn't? Fuck youtubers too.

My hands are fat

File: sf3 1999.jpg (294 KB, 850x1094)
294 KB
294 KB JPG

The FGC has lied to you.

Street Fighter 2 sold 20 million copies. Street Fighter 3 sold EIGHTY THOUSAND
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>getting riled up over reaction images
It's time to go back
3S isn't perfect by any means.

>fireballs were nerfed to oblivion
fireballs were certainly weak in 3S. No argument here. but it was definitely an upgrade not being locked down in a corner or getting stuck in long fireball wars. grapplers were more viable.

>parry was op
it's a strong mechanic, but it wasn't the ultimate trump card. and it was universal. the beauty of the system was there was always a potential way out of any given situation. and the layer of mind games with parries or baiting out parries added depth to the game

i totally get why folks don't like 3S, but i personally like it better than ST or A3
1. I'm guessing OP went to his local meet-up and got P'd on by a guy parrying everything he did. So now he's bitching about it on the internet.

2. Like >>6054117 says SF2 was ported onto everything and was relaunched again and again.

3. SF3 (and by that I think OP means just 3rd strike and not SF3/SF3:2nd Impact) was mostly an arcade game (with only a few home console ports at the time) and came out during that long dead period in the fighting game genre when the arcades were closing.

4. Sales do not equal a better game.

5. 3rd Strike is very punishing to new players with parrying and asymmetrical characters.

6. Using a click-bait youtube vid to prove your point is something we expect in /v/ not /vr/.

Nah dude, it's got a very dedicated tournament community that considers it the "man's 2D fighter."
With the VS series you usually had Ryu, Chun Li, Ken and others versus a bunch of characters from other games and universes, SF3 felt like that, it's not a SF game roster wise.
>Using a click-bait youtube vid to prove your point is something we expect in /v/ not /vr/.


File: ra.png (389 KB, 1352x752)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
>retroarch has a bad user int-
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Zoomers are used to pretty limited things like smartphones, think that many of them haven’t used an actual computer
i tend to fiddle with the settings a lot when im trying to run a game and spamming the d-pad until i got carpal tunnel got old real fast.
>it didn't recognize half my saturn games. very uncomfy
"recognize" how, like trying to scan games into a playlist or downloading thumbnails? Retroarch's built in thumbnail downloader is completely useless and nobody seems interested in making another one for it, all the custom scrapers are for Emulationstation
it's not hard to use, but the way it works makes it feel like it's wasting your time, even with mouse control enabled. it's just a lot slower to use than almost every other standalone emulator interface. and it doesn't feel like it offers me anything that makes it worth it compared to the standalone emulators i already used.

What are some lesser known cases of retro games that either contain uncompiled code in the game itself or had the code leaked by other means? One I can think of off of the top of my head is the pieces of code present in only the Dreamcast release of Hydro Thunder. The June 1999 prototype also has some more fragments that ended up slipping in for some reason.
>KARATEDO.LZH contains a karate fighting game for the Sharp X68000. It also includes the source code for the game (written in assembly) and game editing software (written in C).
Interestingly the entire game was made by 1 (one) guy except for the music. And he later made a Hajime no Ippo game on PS2 before fading into obscurity.

Pretty impressive considering the hardware.

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