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I've never played a single Saturn game in my life. This needs to be fixed. Recommend some of your favorites to get me started. Any genre is fine. JP-only games, too.
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astal, time crisis and nights into dreams are some of my favs. I've heard some great things about the panzer dragoon saturn games too but never played them.
There you go anon

Baku Baku
Black Fire
Enemy Zero
Mass Destruction
Firestorm Thunderhawk
The Horde
Resident Evil
Iron Storm
Dark Savior

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File: 1514959096460.jpg (96 KB, 602x618)
96 KB
Tomb Raider
Resident Evil
Sonic Jam
Sonic 3D
Torico/Lunacy (expensive but cool if you like adventure games)
Fighters Megamix
Alien Trilogy
for me the absolute best is Dragon Force.

But you will also have a great time with Deep Fear, Bulk Slash or Dark Savior (even if this one is hated by some Landstalker fans, I think it's good). If you're into adventure games, Torico is great too. And obviously all the arcade ports (vf2, last bronx, sega rally...). oh and some original 2d fighters like groove on fight

>still the best fighting game after 25 yrs
what went right?
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Your game is shit regardless of any spin or angle you attempt to justify it with
based and redpilled
File: 2219462-ssf2tnc.jpg (250 KB, 672x960)
250 KB
250 KB JPG

File: SagaFrontierPSX.jpg (59 KB, 640x638)
59 KB
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>wander around aimlessly until bumping into a fight you weren’t supposed to do yet because the game never tells you what to do
File: ultima7.png (2.4 MB, 3072x3072)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
retards like you are the reason for prima guides
Tried this 2 months ago, couldn't get into it and got hooked in BF4/3. I really didn't enjoy and understand the battles, can someone help me?
Just git gud and quick save before every fight loooool
RS2 was fucking sick and doing New Game+ at any time was a great addition to the remake
i hear RS3 was pretty good too, but kinda spoiled the ending for myself

File: 1555613612230.png (123 KB, 472x186)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
The ones we already know...
>Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
>Super Castlevania IV
>Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge

And the remaining four are...
>Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
>Castlevania: The Adventure
>Castlevania: Bloodlines
>Kid Dracula (Game Boy version)
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Seriously zoomers you have /v/ if you want to discuss SOTN.
this board is for real castlevania games.
it's still a rather good game.
Bumping with a correction: apparently, Konami has actually been assed to localize and release the NES version of Kid Dracula instead of just using the Game Boy version that was already done long ago.
You cant tell people to go to /v/ when you say zoomer unironically lmao
any goth gf here?

File: IMG_20190416_071052.jpg (65 KB, 954x778)
65 KB
Looks like Capcom is doing their own classic console thing.

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It's using FBA, apparently they got permission from exactly one guy that worked on it.
its shit
you attach that to capcom boards and SNES controllers are also compatible with this

So, did they pay him off? I am sure the rest of the team is pissed
lol like big biz gives two shits about some autistic screecher

Post your retro game collection, /vr/. I only started purchasing games recently.
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File: Digital_only.jpg (144 KB, 795x594)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
He didn't got the money. I don't know why are you complaining.
File: Turbo games (1).jpg (3.34 MB, 4320x3240)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB JPG
I'm in a Turbografx mood lately so I might as well post what I have for that. I don't see TG-16 shown alot in collection threads.
File: PC engine.jpg (3.28 MB, 4320x3240)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB JPG
And here's PC Engine. I probably have played these more than I have the TG16 games. I love Soldier Blade as much as the next guy but fuck dropping $500 on a North American copy.

File: Bzhuj7SCcAACJuQ.jpg (17 KB, 444x434)
17 KB
How do you go about recreating that magical feeling from your childhood?

Headphones? Long sessions only? Pillow forts and handhelds? A metric FUCKTON of weed and booze?

Talk about it. Have you achieved that feeling with any recent retro games? I have to say Wario Land 1 feels like SML2 but better. I wouldn't have the patience for it sober, but if I were a kid I know I would have loved it to death.
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Breath of the Wild was the last game to give me that feeling. Reminded me of how I felt exploring Zelda 2 as a kid.

Even though that kind of enjoyment is rarer for me now, I get more out of other types of games. Playing competitive games is more interesting now that I can appreciate the mechanics and metagames on a deeper level with my fully developed brain.
Hey /vr/others, I was diagnosed pancreatic cancer and I have decided to kill myself tonight. I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice memories!!
My childhood was a pile of flaming garbage and it's been nothing but an uphill climb for me since I was about 17 haha just kidding nothing's changed my life has been in a constant state of stagnation at best and a downward spiral at worse.
While playing the game, I usually start remembering what I was thinking about back then, like how I might have interpreted a sprite or felt about the music and through that I can temporarily get back into my childhood mindset.
This is /vr/, not /whine9k/.

File: Amiga3000TSys.gif (30 KB, 305x300)
30 KB
Why didn't the Amiga have very much success in Japan, ROK, and Taiwan? The OCS Amigas, and especially the ECS Amigas had both graphics and sound capabilities that at least rivaled, if not surpassed the Sharp X1, many of the Fujistu FM models(especially the models from the 1980s) and earlier versions of the NEC PC-98 series.
>EHB modes, and later the HAM modes.
>the 2000, 3000, 3000T and both 4000 models had slots that allowed for things such as another floppy drive, HDD, CD-ROM drive and on the inside, ISA PC cards.
>AGA and later RTG archiecture on models such as the 1200, 4000 and 4000T.
Why did the East take little notice?
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It was quite a success in Germany, UK and a handful of other European nations. It was also a moderate success in Canada.
It was however very popular with media creators, just as you mentioned, especially for music and video.
Not for games (probably), but I remember reading about that quite a lot of Video Toaster workstations in Japan being used at Unis, advertising agencies, game studios and broadcast cooperations.

That is correct. There even was a time when so-called-experts speculated it would replace all the IBM boxes at offices and businesses. Of course the resistance from the established giants was too much and the guys in suits at Commodore didn't understand what they had on their hand, so it never worked out.
Because Japan had Sony MSX, NEC PC88 & PC98, and Sharp X68000, and so on. As for the others, I dunno.
Commodore had zero marketing, zero. They assumed you could just sell the things at Sears via word of mouth like the C64, but you can't do that with a so much more sophisticated machine like the Amiga. It needed Apple's level of marketing and tech support, and Commodore weren't capable of it.

File: iwd.jpg (226 KB, 800x969)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
I wanna finally play through icewind dale after dropping it a few years ago.

Should i go with EE or original?
People mention the added kits in EE make the game easier, but apparently enemies received some difficulty adjustments to keep the game hard?
Are there any issues with EE? Any essential mods missing from EE?

Also Grog's IWD fixes or The IWD Fixpack?
I've been reading this to mod the game; what mods would you suggest?

Original rules or dnd 3.0 or 3.5 rules?
I remember liking the 3.5 sneak attack instead of having to backstab everything, makes thieves a little more useful in general
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Okay then
>smoother behavior of the engine
That's a lie. Most UI elements on EE need to get clicked on twice to work (it feels extremely wonky for some reason to me, having to click several times aside), the map screen got butchered and is unusable, pathfinding during combat is more underwhelming than in the original without enhanced pathfinding enabled, and how resolution/scaling are handled is absolutely retarded. Also,
>Macintosh players
I've literally never met anyone. There's not even versions of WeiDU being distributed for legacy Mac OS systems, and I have my doubts whether you'd be able to compile tools for it even. Anyone on Mac OS X running the originals is thought to be doing so under wine. And if you mean ToBEx causing crashes on Wine, disable Casting Fixes, that should make it work fine.

The modding community is indeed much more active, and I'm grateful for that, but there's still a lot of work to be done on the EEs for me to consider them anything but just a delay to people being interested in GemRB development.
>Ascension which has always used tobex
Ascension doesn't use ToBEx. It's a good six years than ToBEx even.
>As for your modders communities alledgedly preferring to work with EE shit, again, citation needed. I haven't heard of any mod thinking about dropping the originals and I don't understand why you spend three quarters of a post talking about BGT/Tutu/BG1 EE (which is basically tutu btw) to somehow support the opposite. Doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
There's a lot of EE-only interface and such mods that get posted on the beamdog forums, or just mods that decide to drop support of the older games in favour of the EEs (the latest versions of Spell Revisions make your game crash unless you remove the EE opcodes that got leftover in the .spl files). This doesn't mean other people won't keep support for vanilla nor that new mods only get developed for the EEs, but there are definitely more mods being developed for EE only today than one or two years ago.

Best gameboy/gameboy color homebrew apps/games?

I'll start

-Tobu Tobu Girl
Cute vertical scrolling jumping game


-TV be gone
Ir TV remote for gbc
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I just upgraded but will be keeping my old phone for its unique features.

That said, keeping tabs on this thread.
Gunman Clive. It's a demake of an indie game, both made by the same guy. It's only one level but it's pretty neat.

LSDJ is pretty neat.
I'm trying to get into LDSJ but the pdf that comes with it seems very dense.
What's the best way to learn?
idk, never touched it myself

File: 1mmmQY.png (8 KB, 630x500)
8 KB
would /vr/ be interested in remakes of retro games?

So far I've remade beany booper for Atari 2600 and Popeye from NES (pic related).
They're crappy but I've improved since then.

My goal are HD remakes at least in 720p using HD pixel art, or at least proper sprites rendered in blender and later uploaded to Godot.

My goal is to start chronologically, by remaking early 70's games and moving upwards up to NES.
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I think it lost some soul in the process
Oh shit, I completely forgot about this game. Looks very neat, fampai.
File: lol.png (5 KB, 132x127)
5 KB
File: questi.jpg (91 KB, 630x500)
91 KB
That looks fuckin neato. Crystal Caves was fun af.

File: efRuYKK.jpg (1.86 MB, 3264x1836)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
What have you bought recently, /vr/?
Came in the mail today. Yeah, it came with the map too. Panzer Dragoon Saga is in the mail, expected to arrive monday.
I got stuff earlier in the month

File: sonic feet.jpg (59 KB, 640x634)
59 KB
When I was a kid, I thought Sonic Spinball's feet on the menu screen were a smoking jacket he was wearing.
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none of this matters, my dude. this is just a shitty troll site where we insult each other not a secret cult
I never saw it that way but this is probably the most reasonable sprite misinterpretation ever.
I always saw his hands as dog jowls, and the brim of the hat as a nose.
Some of these are a little unbelievable.
I'm not autistic enough to see all these misinterpretations

File: Pokemon TCG05.png (4 KB, 160x144)
4 KB
What the fuck was his problem?
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Never saw him. I never used any cards besides dewgong and a deck full of water energy

He was a joke character
He was a creepy motherfucker was what he was.
he was a real-life musician too
>tfw he gets lucky with coin tosses and you actually lose to him

Is there anything worse?

File: bomberman-featured-pic.jpg (333 KB, 840x473)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
What are the best Bomberman spin-offs?
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File: IMG_5193.jpg (57 KB, 525x288)
57 KB
Bomberman shoots marbles out of his belly and goes bowling
can i get redpilled on this one pls
Its a weird and unique racing game. Its hard to control where you're going its really hard to throw bombs accurately, and the game is very very short. But once I got the hang of it when I was a kid, I found it really satisfying and I still enjoy playing it to this day.
I've had this figure for years and knew it was B-daman but never knew it was a game pack-in, it's offically licensed but I never had the game so fuck knows how I got it
Came here to post this. Good game for the SNES.

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