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File: images(4).jpg (10 KB, 210x240)
10 KB
I got a Gameboy Everdrive recently, it works, but when I use it in any of my systems there's a very audible buzzing noise coming from the speaker that's not there normally. Also, when I use it in my Super Game Boy there's a buzzing noise coming through the TV speaker. Is this normal? Is my shit going to catch on fire?
Is it a real Everdrive or a chink knock off like your pic?
The Super Game Boy itself is fairly noisy, but I haven't noticed any added noise on my real Game Boys or GameCube Game Boy Player with my official EverDrive.
There are many tests you can do to diagnose this. Google for procedures and if you still can't solve the problem on your own post the results here.

File: sign_and.jpg (684 KB, 1280x960)
684 KB
684 KB JPG
Is this the missing link ?
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I agree ! Let's go fuck some flowers together !
Fucking flowers is not retro.
What would be a good strategy to try to find the title of this movie?
Ask >>>/wsr/.
That'll be a good start :) Thanks !

File: 1560568255097 (1).png (76 KB, 500x295)
76 KB
A third installment in Zniggy's development series.
We did a great job making Zniggy!™'s assets and I'd like to praise all anons who participated up until now. We have some amazing creative anons here who'll make this outroight classic speccy goime a top-downloaded project on World Of Spectrum.

Here are some important links for the project:

ZniggED: The powerful Zniggy!™ Windows level editor

ZniggED source code:

All the images/assets and .webms from previous threads:

Source, compiler and graphics from 06/04/19:

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Funny, I thought about taking screen 31 just to have some sort of gimmick like that, where you have to go to the side and into this screen to get past a wall or something
I can put in some jewels. How many tiles can Zniggy drop from before dying again?
This guy >>5689778
I don't think I'll have Zniggy die from falling too far since that wouldn't work with some existing designs such as room 62
Spy vs Spy is kinda weird. The original game's theme song was slower, while the NES sounds like it's running in a speed akin to a PAL game running at NTSC speed. Thing is, "Spy" was developed by Americans, and ported by the Japanese, both of whom are NTSC regions. I wonder why they sped the music up. Japanese developed ports of western computer games are weird, ranging from acceptable to mangled; I think "Spy" was probably the best of the bunch. I think NES Zniggy should look like it was ported by the Japanese, when we get that far.
That would make the game at least 30% less shitty

Anyone use arcade sticks? Specifically for shmups, bmups, and fighters. Considering getting one for either Saturn or MAME. (Most likely the latter to get more use out of it). Thoughts? Recommendations?
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File: maxresdefault.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
if you're into playing on actual hardware i would recommend just getting a shell and parts that you like and installing the Brook retro board. solderless, supports most relevant /vr/ consoles and you can buy or make cables that are easily swappable via RJ45 jack
Look at all the neogeo-style layouts you could configure on that thing
I built my own stick and I love it. Even gave it a custom button layout that allows me to play modern PC games with it as a keyboard replacement, and it works gloriously with things like PlayStation emulation. I also use the actual joystick with my right hand because I find it easier to keep it in the left hand button configuration and I find it easier to manipulate. I'm still not really sure why left hand stick was made the standard.
Weak? How? It's been used for nearly every arcade panel ever made and seems to work fine, but maybe you know something no one else does?

File: file.png (270 KB, 650x414)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Raspberry Pi 4 just released, so I'm planning to build an Arcade Cabinet myself.
Since I'm not a Carpenter I won't bother with building the cabinet myself, so I was hoping that there would be any decent shops in Europe that would provide a DIY Cabinet to attach pic related.

Not finding shit though, found a couple good ones oversea (Canada & USA), they don't do international shipping, unfortunately.

Wondering if anyone of you lads know a place I could get one.
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Yes, retards that spread missinfo usually trigger me, educate yourself first you son of a thousand downies.
>tfw would like one with that japanese white/green plastic metal look they’ve been going for for a while now
>only guy who custom-made good lookalike bartops dropped it and is now putting out 3d printed trash handhelds
Although looking further it seems that he made like three candycabs and then scammed a shitton out of people on kickstarter so guess I dodged a bullet there.
Looks like the term fanboi triggers you as well. I guess faggots like you prefer to be called a zanperson?
Poorfags are often triggered by people who won't accept their low standards as perfect/fine/99% accurate/whatever bullshit term they pull out of their ass
The funny thing is that I'm from Switzerland and financially a middle class lmao
You're projecting hard my dude, mad that your remarks about a piece of hardware is were completely wrong?

It's ok lad, life is suppose to be a learning experience with errors I'm between, if you want I can send you a dollar or two, by your projection it seems like you need that money for a hesdstart.

I'll start:
>be me
>never had any consoles as a kid
>had emulators for snes that ran like shit on my dad's computer
>always wished the big Nintendo titles got PC releases

>be me now
>have powerful computer
>want to pretend I'm playing a dedicated PC version of DKC
>hook it up to nice PC CRT
>emulate DKC at 640x480
>bilenear filtering to smooth things out
>run ahead to reduce lag
>looks amazing, plays amazing with mechanical keyboard
>get so into the idea of a PC version that I make this mockup box art, pic related
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>even the N64 one
That sounds like fun dude. We all hate Mario Party 3 but still play it. I only have 3 controllers though so we have to play with one computer and they always kick our ass. What's another good multiplayer game that everyone likes to play?
Zoom zoom
Trying to out autism me eh
>always create my own story for games I play
>imagine the motivations/personalities for every character in the game, even random bosses
>create OCs in my head that I imagine the characters talking to between levels
>sometimes look up every level/read a strategy guide as I'm playing just so I can form a cohesive narrative and know what everything is supposed to build up to

As a kid this helped me get through really hard video games; the longer it took me to beat Mega Man or Castlevania the longer I had to form a story in my head, so I would wind up getting really immersed instead of giving up. Sadly this doesn't work for modern games, since they usually provide enough of their own story there isn't much room for imagination.

Are there any good retro dragon ball games?
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Opinion discarded.
Seriously though, you nignogs need to get good and learn how to play Butoden 2 and 3, it's a blast.
Use the turbo mode.
No Dragon Ball NEO•GEO game. Could have looked like
there's an arcade DBZ fighting game from the 90s. 'salright, I prefer Hyper dimension and super butoden.
Legendary Super Warriors is my jam.
Attack of the sayians

File: Dd8pa8SU0AM4K6X.png (48 KB, 600x300)
48 KB
What is it about this console that seems to trigger this board so badly?
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Jrpg takes the most autism
Shut the fuck up
in terms of actual tism
"playing" (actually watching superplays and copymonkeying with save states) action games > playing rpgs > playing action games.
>people can't git gud at games without savestates
>people can't invent or discover strats on their own

we're reaching critical levels of cope here
>It's a very expensive console to collect for
>It still emulates like crap so you can't "try it out"
>most huge Saturn collectors I've known are autistic hoarders that have 5 copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga, or have to have every variant of every Working Design game. They're a pretty ridiculous lot.
triggered EOP is triggered. Stay mad faggot.

File: robuttnik.png (40 KB, 150x150)
40 KB
>Doom 64 is the best Doom entry
>Metal Gear Solid is better on the Gameboy Colour than Playstation X
>Sonic games are bad not because going fast punishes you, but because they're too easy
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File: 09872345-092.jpg (129 KB, 400x503)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
what is this opinion.
>>Doom 64 is the best Doom entry

Actually, Brutal Doom is vastly superior.
You still need a beefy computer to run that shit on dosbox, which is partly to blame for making the controls so shit, therefore making the game shit overall.
Besides, the bouncing effect when jumping is annoying. Pretty gibs though.
Donald Trump sucks
None of these are really unpopular opinions.

File: 1559908843032.png (36 KB, 648x409)
36 KB
This game is shit..

First of all the Genesis version is waaaay too easy.

The arcade version OTOH if you're going for a 1cc then the only thing that matters is memorization. This game is fucking stupid. I've 1cced the arcade version btw. And I still think this game is stupid.

This game is stupid, stupid, stupid. It's nothing but stupid memorization and being at the right spot at the right time.

What a dumb game. What a dumb, dumb game.

Really? A zombie enemy who plods toward you and doesn't even have an attack? It just gets close and explodes? Really?
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Did you ever play Altered Beast Arcade before?
dude, power up
Ahhhh, yes!!
No need. I can already 1CC it. I just think the game design is lame.
I'm not making any assumptions faggot. I've actually seen a retarded goldfish beat altered beast.

File: index.jpg (24 KB, 268x188)
24 KB
>people actually think this is better than the 1st game

Do people actually BELIEVE this?!
52 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>le none toxic reddit community where everyone is "polite"

that's gay and boring.
File: groundhog-day.png (1.03 MB, 1594x1006)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
1) who was talking about reddit
>rent free
2) Le toxic 4chin community where everyone only says zoomzoom
3)who forces you to be polite on those sites other than "uuuh my account name got bad karma oh noes"
4)a whole "vs board" where the only argumentation is "I like good - u like bad"

Get off you high horse, this ain't no special anuunimous club. If you actually believe that real discussion happens here nowadays and not just endless thread rehashes/ shitfling echo chambers you haven't been here long enough.

Having a board on cursing and repeat is just as gay and boring
fuck off Shigeru, nobody likes you
File: brainlet7.png (90 KB, 645x729)
90 KB
shut up faggot
File: BoomersBTFO.png (981 KB, 1920x1080)
981 KB
981 KB PNG
DKC1 is boring. Sorry.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (225 KB, 1280x720)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
>Langrisser is soulless moeshit now
89 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
That game cost quite a bit. I saw an unopened one go for $400 on an auction once.
That doesn't make any sense. They are both srpg.
It's a strange way of saying that the SNES version was made ridiculously easy compared to the original Genesis version. I think the AI actually got worse for some reason
>both srpg
So what? There's a lot of variation within the srpg subgenre and people like trpgs for different reasons, e.g. fire emblem for tactics, disgaea for grinding, utawarerumono for story. Depending on your prefence for tactics vs rpgs you can predict whether L2 or Der Langrisser is better for you: the original has better gameplay, level design and music but the snes version has a quiz at the start that affects your stats and starting class, four branching routes that depend on your choices in both gameplay and text decisions, more dialogue, better writing, etc. If you don't care about the alternative routes and just want to fight some battles you'll probably enjoy L2 more but just as many people find the battles to be bothersome and just want to experience the story of Der Langrisser. So I can't just recommend one or the other, it depends on the person who is playing.
>modern WRPGs have to simplify mechanics to stay relevant
>modern JRPGs have to rely on waifufaggotry to stay relevant
i wonder what did they mean by this?

File: pbx5s9lf52x01.png (1.72 MB, 1458x624)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
Was Gex a high tier or low tier scotformer series?
36 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>GexFlix, anon. GexFlix.

I'm down with that. Though it might have to be "flicks" just because "flix" might be too close to NetFlix for legal reasons.

>Also, why western developers are so obsessed with parodying movies and TV?
>Gex, Bubsy, Conker, Garfield Caught in The Act, Cool Spot Goes to Hollywood and I'm sure there's more.

Also Bug and Bug Too for the Sega Saturn. Both games used the movie set theme as well.

gex 2 and 3 are great collectathons
Gex was mid-tier like Banjo and slightly above Conker and Crash
>It's a shitty trope. Makes the game too dated, specially if it parodies a then recent movie.

I recently played Conker and I thought the outdated movie references gave it charm.
File: images(4).jpg (41 KB, 580x405)
41 KB
>just because "flix" might be too close to NetFlix for legal reasons.

Parody laws.

File: lozla-marin.jpg (109 KB, 850x1200)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
what the fuck is this sshhit
91 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't know, I like it.
even better
From what I recall it wasn't even that much. He remembered reading a book about trains to him when he was a baby, so that seemed like the solution to "what should the transportation gimmick be for the new Zelda" "problem" he was having.
He has head trauma from the boat crash, it's fine.
Marin is the purest TLoZ girl

Has anyone ever beaten the developer's best times on this game? (the ones that appear when you get the true ending).
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
idk, check here.
I haven't even beaten round one Wizpig yet.
Get all boosts, mash a button instead of hold and release gas before boosts for extra speed.
Its the hardest track in the whole game imo. But if you do all this you win.
Speedrunners probably.
I had trouble even getting T.T, dont know how much better the developer times are, though.
They're actually harder to beat than T.T's ghosts actually.
Wonder if you can beat those times without using the exploits (a-tapping, snaking, etc..) or even without using T.T (aka using Krunch).

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