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File: Pokemon TCG05.png (4 KB, 160x144)
4 KB
What the fuck was his problem?
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Never saw him. I never used any cards besides dewgong and a deck full of water energy

He was a joke character
He was a creepy motherfucker was what he was.
he was a real-life musician too
>tfw he gets lucky with coin tosses and you actually lose to him

Is there anything worse?

File: bomberman-featured-pic.jpg (333 KB, 840x473)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
What are the best Bomberman spin-offs?
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File: IMG_5193.jpg (57 KB, 525x288)
57 KB
Bomberman shoots marbles out of his belly and goes bowling
can i get redpilled on this one pls
Its a weird and unique racing game. Its hard to control where you're going its really hard to throw bombs accurately, and the game is very very short. But once I got the hang of it when I was a kid, I found it really satisfying and I still enjoy playing it to this day.
I've had this figure for years and knew it was B-daman but never knew it was a game pack-in, it's offically licensed but I never had the game so fuck knows how I got it
Came here to post this. Good game for the SNES.

File: mother3-n64-34-06.jpg (108 KB, 962x594)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Do you guys think we can find anymore footage? There have been a few new discoveries and I think we could be on the verge of something real soo. What do you guys think?
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No you don't, bad bait
You'd be surprised at how active the recreation scene is for EB64. It's just a little secretive and not too out there but it's happening
well, it's trying to happen
It had Paper Mario which is better than any jarpig on PSX
Baby steps. We're working on it
Which pales in comparison to the masterpiece that is Quest 64
Does brownie brown still exist? As far as I know they haven't released a game since magical starsign

File: EQ.jpg (672 KB, 1920x1080)
672 KB
672 KB JPG
Does anyone still play Everquest?
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>it's almost like they weren't modeled with animation in mind and the skeletons were just added on after the fact. Most animations deform the living fuck out of the characters, polygons just straight up turning inside out and shit. Was probably one of the main reasons they replaced the character models with the abomination Luclin models.
That seems unlikely to me. I think it's more likely that they had custom animation routines for the original game that don't align with whatever the industry standard is now, because original models all have good animations when you play the actual game. That includes idle animations, spell casting, combat animations, gestures, and so on. One of the most noticeable downgrades with the Luclin models is that the idle animations were entirely removed. The Luclin models just stand there like cardboard cutouts while the original models appear to be breathing, looking around, and just generally in a natural state of rest.
>aoe groups
literally always been a problem due to enchanter/wizard bullshit in certain zones
I think snake city was on par with the planes, it was definitely a toppest tier dungeon.
I am fond of some of the other zones too but I can agree some of the outside zones were really dull/lacking, they also have this weird effect where they seem to glow/radiate and its fucking aids on par with swaying trees.
File: 1552259389860.jpg (1.74 MB, 3500x2333)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
I always wanted to play everquest but heard they ruined it with raid shit.
is there anyway to play it in its glory days?
If you're serious.
You can play live TLP servers, they're modernized servers going through the expacs in succession. The newest one is currently in classic( the very original game content).

If you want the DIEHARD real experience you can play project 1999. It comes with the original grind, difficulty and absurdities like corpse recovery. It also has contested raids since it has no instancing of any kind (unlike current live servers)
Both options have a decent playerbase. p99 is free, tlp requires a monthly sub.
If you go for p99 you really really ought to read a guide for new players. EQ isn't very hard but its vague and nonsensical sometimes compared to modern mmos. Expect to take months to get max level on p99 as a new player.
>literally always been a problem due to enchanter/wizard bullshit in certain zones
AoE groups themselves aren't the problem. In most zones it's a reasonably balanced risk/reward scenario requiring a specialized group that knows what they're doing. At Luclin release, you had an outdoor zone densely packed with mobs and the entire zone could be easily obliterated by an enchanter and a couple of wizards. So they had to add some magic-resistant mobs to the mix to make things more interesting.

Before Luclin and The Grey, there was never a situation where AE tactics were so trivially done. Outdoor zones had wide varieties of mob types and were usually spread out such that it would take awhile to gather a large train of suitable mobs. In zones like Chardok and Sebilis, you needed a good bard puller and even then your kill rate over an hour or two wasn't going to be much better than a good chain-pulling group, even if you don't wipe (which is a bigger risk in an AE group than a normal group). And when you do wipe, you're doing a corpse run deep in a dungeon not just dragging your corpse to the zone boundary.

The Grey (at release) was carelessly and lazily populated compared to zones in previous expansions.

File: 2219462-ssf2tnc.jpg (250 KB, 672x960)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Other than Cammy the new characters are extremely not memorable. Cammy is sexy as hell tho. Is there any reason to play special championship edition rather than this one?
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Complete bullshit. SSFII and SSFIIX are like apples and oranges. If you would be a real man you would play all five.
File: sakura.jpg (86 KB, 600x900)
86 KB
B-but my waifu.
Fei Long added a new playstyle in being a rekka character but yes, the new additions were generally not as memorable but that becomes forgotten since Cammy alone made their existencise feel justified.
Capcom seemed to be a bif fan of the film. In Japan there was a ps1 exclusive game about the anime film even. Capcom in general seemed open to accepting aspects of other media into the games. Karin started out as a original creation in a manga and they loved her so much she became a real character in Alpha 3.
You're full of shit, both the Alpha and SFIII series added great additions like Dan, Adon, Gen, Dudley, Hugo, Makoto, and all the Final Fight characters. The only SF game with truly bad additions was SFIV, people just forget how bad it'snewcomers were due to how insanely popular Juri became.

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Your waifu has dum clothes
Feathered dinos would be a good way to show off PS5's capabilities. I absolutely refuse to play anything with bald theropods.
Hopefully never. It was a poor running simulator.
File: shitty old media.jpg (62 KB, 500x481)
62 KB
I used to make cummies with a powerful vibrator after looking at this issue
Is it going to be exclusive for any platform? I've read that it's an X1 exclusive AND a PS4 exclusive.

File: DSC_5127.jpg (2.1 MB, 4160x3120)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG
So I was playing Point Blank with a friend the other night, and when I was putting the guns away in the morning I discovered my dumb ass managed to lose the composite video pin in the plug. How the fuck do I get this thing out?
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Is there a video of the... extraction?
Please say there's a video.
bitch it aint goan suck itself
File: 1551401367627.png (464 KB, 465x465)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
Does your boyfriend appreciate this mindset OP?
yeah, this glorious thread needs to live until autosage.
Can anyone make a proper screencap? Too lazy to do it myself.

File: x_17d4ca50.jpg (115 KB, 604x453)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
What is the best level in the series and why is it not Thames Wharf?
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Nice reading comprehension.
Just wanted to say, AoD's main theme is a masterpiece.
I really have to give AoD a fair shot at some point. I keep ignoring this game, mostly due to it's dodgy reputation, but honestly, at least on paper this game doesn't look as bad as some claim.
But I am one of the three people in the world that didn't hate Dragon Age 2, so what do I know.
t. dragonage2ftw

Build engine thread. Topic: which episode or expansion is your favorite of each game?
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civvie's great; yall dipshits are just being triggered little bitches cause he had mean things to say about ol' babyhands.

>Unfortunately I've heard it would be too difficult to implement software-style voxels in the hardware renderer.

now see, this i just outright do not believe. no way is drawing a simple rectangle on the screen MORE computationally expensive than rendering even a flat unshaded cube. somebody's just being lazy and making excuses.
>civvie's great
sorry civvie but i stopped reading right there.
>no way is drawing a simple rectangle on the screen MORE computationally expensive than rendering even a flat unshaded cube. somebody's just being lazy and making excuses.

t. Build Engine expert
>no way is drawing a simple rectangle on the screen MORE computationally expensive

That's not the problem, I assume has to do with orientation and a lot of engine rewrites. Although they could cheese it by applying a software pass over the hardware render, but then it would still need to rearrange to rectangles based on perspective and that would take extra work.
That's gotta huuurt.

What order should I play the shining force games?
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File: battle11.gif (77 KB, 1144x464)
77 KB
I'm playing SF2 for the first time. Overall, I think the game has too many battles with not many strategic elements. In SF1 you were usually forced to move wisely and take some condition into consideration. But in 2 it is just battle after battle of the same circumstances.
Play the last game first and then the first and the pick randomly which one you wanna play.
play it on Ouch! mode and the enemies stop waiting for you so it becomes more tactical
Unrelated but I never saw Star Wars until 2 years ago at the behest of a friend.

When we start to watch them, he shows me it in the "Machete order" which makes us watch the films 4 -> 5 -> 2 -> 3 -> 6 because he said that you can skip 1 because Anakin is a kid and it's irrelevant to the overall plot and watching a film that ends at 6 and then restarting it up at 2 and 3 is stupid because you've already seen the finale, so the finale should be last.

The fucking order was terrible, it basically told me the entire backstory of Darth Vader and then when it came to all the things he did in 6, it made total sense and didn't feel like a surprise at all. What a fucking meme order. I still don't know why we didn't just watch it in the order it came out, it would've been much easier.
The more important thing is choosing the order in which to masturbate to the female characters.

The correct order is this:

1. Mae

Do you wear retro gaming clothing?
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This is the weirdest fucking logic I've seen all day, holy hell.
I meant I wouldn't wear them anywhere else but to the gym or home. It's a personal preference I wouldn't wear them to a bar or a date just looks weird to me.
no cuz im not a fucking tool
How old? Join the service, work out and disregard wenches for 4 yrs. If NEET, try to learn marketable skills, likely not a branch where you might watch your buddies die. Do not, DO NOT get married while serving. GI bill & VA home loan are great benies. No ragrets.
Then why would you go out of your way to buy graphic shirts to only buy at home? Buying said shirts just to wear to the gym is a little more understandable, but why not just buy cheap white shirts instead? I still don't understand this.

Why does Virtua Fighter suck so god damn bad?
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Can you explain what makes it "more tactical" to the uninitiated? I could never really figure out VF, in part because I'm bad at fighting games in general.
Because you can't control it with the power glove.
File: 42342424.jpg (56 KB, 600x450)
56 KB
I still remember when VF3 dropped. It was late summer, early autumn 96. I walk into my local arcade, and there is a HUGE crowd of people surrounding this new white machine near the entrance. Even arcade personnel is standing around staring ignoring work. I have never seen anything like that before, or after.

VF3 spearheaded numerous 3D techniques that became a staple in video games afterwards. In comparison Tekken 3, one of the immortal pillars of pleb gaming debuted more than half a year later, and it looked laughably outdated and outclassed.
I don't understand how Virtua Fighter got it's reputation as 'the hard one' when it only uses three buttons, has an enormous input buffer, is big on universal rules, has a much more forgiving ground game (to the point where rising kicks have i-frames), shorter combos, and doesn't require you to learn advanced movement techniques.
It relies entirely on fundamentals; that makes it both a great game and easy for combo junkies to crap on.

Lets talk about how awesome and diverse these games were in a GOOD way unlike Final Fantasy, lets also talk about how this series died and never took off unlike Final Fantasy, we may also talk about how this isnt considered THE sega RPG and got BTFO'd by PSO
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File: 42-sitd00-201.png (15 KB, 640x480)
15 KB
> Ywn visit Old Vic's tavern

That makes sense. I think i read somewhere that before release SEGA opted to cut down the mega drives ram by half, since the cpu was already costing them an arm and a leg.
File: ShiningStalker.jpg (613 KB, 1123x1516)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
The only good "shining" game is pic related
I always thought Sonic Team made Shining Force 3 because the official Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) said it was made by Sonic Team.
The first one, you can play US version but the Japanese translation one is more faithful to the Japanese story without localization strangeness. Either is fine though. Also scenario 2, 3 and premium disc are all translated.

File: SNES.png (21 KB, 256x224)
21 KB
I'm going to start playing Xak: The Art of Visual Stage, how it is?
Just play it.
SNES version is bad.

what is the best version of this game?
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File: lk end.webm (2.09 MB, 500x313)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB WEBM
I think PC version would otherwise be the best version due to its graphics and audio, but it's not as polished in some parts. There are some graphics/gameplay bugs, with the most important being that Timon's bonus stages don't have any purpose.
I beat it when I was 8 years old. Maybe I had faster reflexes, was probably that I didn't have many other games to play.
The original developer has a video where he is playing the Genesis version, but he says the SNES version has better effects (such as the stampede level)
But less colors onscreen and inferior midi tunez.
Way easier on Genesis since you can grab onto one of the hippos that you can't on SNES, and it effectively skips an annoying platforming section across water.

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