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Metroid II and Super paint her as a loner, but do you think she ever went to bars or brothels in her off hours?
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File: Crocomire_Artwork.jpg (634 KB, 1038x845)
634 KB
634 KB JPG

Which ones?
Now I'm hearing that sucking noise the little Metroids make in Prime in my head, thanks for that.
I didn't know the Chozo invented breast implants, too.
>But Samus was all that long before any SJW movement and those kind of female characters were extremely rare.

Some anon posted a thread a while back about discussing this trope with his professor who had written published papers about gaming and game design but had never heard of Metroid.

The other day on /v/ I saw someone trying to claim that Half-Life and Counter-Strike were hated at the time by "hardcore" fans of games like Doom and Quake. Does this assertion really hold any factual reality? Everywhere I look on the old internet, people loved HL and CS, and fans/developers saw it as a huge groundbreaking phenomenon. Many of the biggest contributors specifically come from Quake and Doom, in fact. Why do some people hate these games (Half-Life and its derivatives) so much, that they retroactively try and change history, which they weren't part of?

This is almost as bad as people claiming that Half-Life "pioneered" cinematic games, when actually one of the biggest praises it received at the time was the fact that it doesn't have many interruptions, and all the gameplay is introduced in real-time, like pretty much every 80's game, during the era where this was becoming less popular.
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>more depth.
Meaning what exactly?
Can you fucks do anything but call each other young? The zoomer meme really made this board twice as bad, though it was always kinda here.
Stop pretending that fps gamers hated half life and cs then.
That's not me, anon.
Meaning that you need to understand and train many different skills and analyze precisely everything going on or you'll be brutalized. Not just use your brain a lot during a duel but go over your games with a fine comb. And the guy you get brutalized will be brutalized by someone else and not know how he lost, and repeat for another dozen guys. It takes years to get good at an arena shooter. Twitch shooters meanwhile tend to be very aim-centric and map-centric, it's more about reaction speed and aim. Those are fickle skills, and that's why the best twitch shooter players tend to be a lot younger as well as they have better reflexes. It's like playing chess vs frogger. Settlers vs flappy bird. Sure there's some skill and thinking in the latter, but they lack depth.

File: 10373_front.jpg (84 KB, 640x609)
84 KB
One of the best JRPGs Ive played in a long time
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What's the strong point of Persona games?
Hey good for you OP
For the first game it was it's use of megaten style gameplay and atmosphere in a more straghtforward and light hearted game. For the second games, it is a duology, it had a darker tone and people generally appreciate the writing as the casts are more mature, in the second game your entire party but one of the characters is an adult for example. For the third to fifth games people like the VN style interactions and the dating aspects.
File: 1501088929174.jpg (232 KB, 944x944)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
What do you prefer about Eternal Punishment over Innocent Sin? The only thing I could understand is the more mature cast, but everything else from the game play to the overall plot doesn't seem like it's better in Innocent Sin
I can never remember which one is which of the two Persona 2 games. I played the one where you crash a blimp, I think that was as far as I got. It was very good though, can't remember why I stopped playing.

Welcome to /tcg/: gitting gud edition. a general for games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Simcity 2000, and Transport Tycoon. Enjoy your stay!

Previous Thread: >>5222897
Discord: https://discord.gg/AzHd2XP

>Open RCT2
>Open Locomotion
>Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe
>CorsixTH (Open Theme Hospital)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Redpill me on long breaks at the end of coasters. Isn't just one medium break enough? It will show down at the station anyway and it will save some time.
File: c.png (349 KB, 635x665)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
I mean brake of course.
It's mostly about muh realism. I'm not entirely sure but I think a single brake is enough to decrease the breakdown rate.

I always just assumed that sudden stops fromi 60 to 25 would increase the intensity. I have it so that each break section actually decreases the speed by about 5mph for each section, that way the train has a much smoother transition from fast to slow.
Do you even use block brakes, anon? Block brakes make rollercoasters with multiple trains safer.

File: bm3-12ef.jpg (21 KB, 540x268)
21 KB
What was his best game?
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File: 165.jpg (340 KB, 1737x1152)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
a programmer from the recent Netflix special Bandersnaatch, who is basically a parody of John Carmack the famous programmer of the original Doom games, Quake, and now current head tech guy for Oculus VR
That is a tenuous link to Carmac at best

I seriously doubt there’s anything of Carmack in his character. Going by his surname, I thought it was a nod to Jon Ritman if Head Over Heels fame.
Is that Austin Evans?

Sorry, but I just don't get how you can go back to playing Mario after this. The speed, responsiveness and momentum is just so much better. The design is just so much smarter and more appealing. The environments and music are just so much more. I know it is sacrilegious to say this, but Mario feels way too heavy and clumsy now. This is the better game series.
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Donkey Kong Country is truly perfect, if you do not get this amazing new generation of Donkey Kong madness you are STUPID.
Both are good games. Calling DKC more responsive than mario world is a bunch of crap though. It's true that DKC's level design rewards running through everything, which can make it feel faster sometimes, but the jumping physics in mario world give you way more control, mostly with the height of your jump.

On top of that, there are so many mario world hacks available to play adding extra replayability. DKC doesn't really have a hacking scene at all.
Sonic beats both
File: 1230-600x314.jpg (57 KB, 600x314)
57 KB
I love DKC and DKC2, DKC2 is better than any Mario game I've played. So I tend to agree, however something feels odd about the thread almost like it could be a troll, especially after this >>5309659 . Cause there's a dipshit meme going around saying DKC graphics aged badly when as all people who aren't blind can see they have always looked vastly better than Mario SNES games.
Play it loud in stereo, DOOD

File: arcade-17-1.png (9 KB, 320x224)
9 KB
>no continues
>over 200,000 points at the end
>still no masked satan
I don't get it. He's supposed to show up if you have at least 180,000 points and no continues.
Maybe there's another condition?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNi2vjUH9xQ (someone doing it)

Anyway, Puyo Puyo thread. What's your favorite retro Puyo game? Are the Madou Monogatari games good?
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File: perler-draco-l.jpg (114 KB, 503x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
I love the character expressions.
I like Mean Bean Machine. Original theme is too weeb for me.
Never got close to beating it as a kid with no continues. Beat it plenty of times with continues, of course.
I'm thinking of giving it another go, learning proper combo patterns, 1cc'ing it.
Mean Bean Machine/Puyo Puyo is hard to 1cc since you can't block the garbage blocks with your own chains like in 2. If your opponent gets a big chain off, you're basically dead.
File: DRMBM_Screenshot.png (14 KB, 320x224)
14 KB
On the other hand, the same applies to you getting a big chain off, so if you're good at making big chains quickly it would probably be easy. I played through it last night and didn't need continues until the last 4 or 5 opponents, then messed up more when things got really fast.
File: Draco3.png (59 KB, 400x400)
59 KB
The GG Madou (and as far as I know, the only one that has a translation) is alright-- pretty nice dungeon crawler, but the Genesis one much more superior. Makes you wonder why nobody translated that one.

File: 6627_front.jpg (82 KB, 640x903)
82 KB
REmake HD for Steam is objectively the best way to play Resident Evil 1. It is also objectively the best version of Resident Evil 1. In this thread we express our love for the predecessor of REmake HD, or more simply, REmake for GC. REmake is the perfect remake and it triggers my autism when people refer to the remake of Resident Evil 2 as a "REmake 2".

REmake for GC was truly revolutionary and potentially the best survival horror game ever made. The devs created the perfect haunted mansion/murder mystery atmosphere. Literally a 10/10 game.
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Nice try
He is right, I dropped the Remaster versions as soon as I saw a shitty upscaled filter on pre rendered backgrounds, some areas are even worst, where young meet the sharks, even waifu2x does a better job.
Even if that was true, it would still be better to output from PC to a CRT.
Bad bait
So, you mean you played once and paid attention, like a normal functional human?
>it would still be better to output from PC to a CRT
>Bad bait
How is that bait? Nobody is saying not to play the HD version but stop trying to deny they screwed some shit up. They did a better job with 0.

File: motherstrap1.jpg (32 KB, 500x375)
32 KB
Itoi had an event recently where he invited the vocalist of Maximum The Hormone, and some canadian pro wrestler to discuss Mother
Bro thats mfing kenny omega
I have 0 idea about wrestling, not my thang.
Hes also huge in the fighting game community

File: link-zelda.jpg (39 KB, 640x480)
39 KB
What are some secrets in Ocarina of Time that are easy to overlook, not so much things you can unlock but things with unusual reactions. For example:
>play Zelda's Lullaby to fix signs you've broken
>play Epona's Song to get a cow to get a free bottle of milk
>play Sun's Song between the 2 pillars at Lake Hylia and a large fairy will appear after seeing a spiraling sparkly like a chest is appearing
>hold a deku stick near a butterfly and a butterfly will land on it and turn into a fairy
>dying soldier in alley after acquiring last spiritual stone but before getting the master sword
>loach/sinking lure
>stealing fisherman's hat
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Even Skyward Sword is more fun to play than Wind Waker.
The Earth and Wind Temples don't look so great, but I like the Cavern, Forest, and Tower.

I think Ocarina's low-poly graphics are really good for spookiness and atmosphere.
Tower of the gods was the only dungeon aesthetic in ww I liked. Of course, it draws heavily from real world ancient Mediterranean cultures.
Drago roost cavern and and forbidden woods were too standard fiery cave and forest to be interesting.
I liked the woods mostly for the occasional ruins of kokiri forest you’d find. Also cause of the whole thing basically being a massive pitcher plant, a lot of the moving parts felt like both parts of a massive plant’s body and like parts of a natural ecosystem and I dug that balance.

Agree tower of the gods was probably the coolest dungeon though. Also agree with the other anon that WW’s dungeons mostly don’t make you wonder about the world. Though I guess earth temple was meant to be a massive crypt, I don’t know what if anything wind temple was meant to be.

The only problem I have with windwaker is that its far too easy. The game never really challenges you. I hear the remaster has a hard mode so maybe they fixed that.

I also really wish they could have made their original idea of having the characters age over time work. That would have been great and would have fit the story better.

File: D-Pad_Hero_2[1].png (3 KB, 256x224)
3 KB
Let's talk about ideas that might have been successful in the past if video game companies had just known the right way to implement them, or simply thought them up at all.

First thing: Rhythm games.

Watch this video of D-pad hero, a homebrew for NES.
As well as this video of Dance Aerobics, which shows that the concept was sort of there, but not fully developed.

The potential was there for Rhythm games to take off in the 80s if developers had just understood the mass appeal of the genre. Nothing really stopped development of a game very similar to DDR or Beatmania being developed for 8 or 16 bit hardware. I think it is possible Laserdisc games could have utilized the concept and played a video with the the song and steps, while light up LEDs or extra screens would have provided scoring information.
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Have you? Not sure what you're implicating but bars often have arcade machines of a chill nature like Golden Tee cabs.
You could have it like that, but there's no technological reason why you'd have to. Everything was there for a proper DDR clone in 1983.
How does the PC version hold up, anyway?
Literally hundreds. I'm implicating you're an underage who's never been to a bar. You're implicating that's true.
That's a hell of a lot of expensive bullshit to set up for what you can literally replicate in the comfort of your own home by just grabbing a chess board and a phone. Which people did indeed do back then.

File: OoT_TR.png (1.43 MB, 1000x820)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Okay so who's the king of 3d Puzzle Action Adventure?

My heart wants to say Tomb Raider but I have to say that as far as variety and uniqueness Ocarina of Time comes out on top. As much as I enjoy Tomb Raider I totally get that "push the block and find the lever" every single time can get stale.

Feel free to discuss action adventure puzzles in general, what makes a good puzzle, etc.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>borderline unplayable
Fuck off back to /v/, zoomer
I just played TR today. The game is far from unplayable. The game has sharp controls and the movement is designed to be very deliberate.
No. Tomb Raider's controls are very blatantly modeled after Prince of Persia's.
File: stonetower.png (8 KB, 480x432)
8 KB
Can we talk about what makes an interesting puzzle? Maybe some notable examples of action adventure puzzles done right and why?
Zelda is better as far as puzzle quality but Tomb Raider isnt really focused on puzzle solving, just exploring the environment with platforming challenges.

Reminder that the sky in SMB. is supposed to be purple because it’s easier on the eyes. If you’re playing with a blue/cyan sky, you’re not respecting the developers. Or your eyesight.
12 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: smb box real colors.png (793 KB, 739x1039)
793 KB
793 KB PNG
Wrong, faggot.
It's blue
File: IMG_5792.jpg (145 KB, 894x600)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>purple sky
>blue gradient sky
I can't figure out which is worse
i'm glad someone screenshotted this. op will never, ever recover from that.
Eyes. Staring through your soul.

Post your setup
285 replies and 96 images omitted. Click here to view.

Points for the Founders glass.
> post your setup
> starts off posting an old photo of someone else's setup
nice try, IRS.
Michigan represent
>even has a psvr
File: IMG_1417.jpg (984 KB, 3264x2448)
984 KB
984 KB JPG
I've added the Retrotink 2x, and better cables, and had to rearrange it a bit, but it's still about the same.
HDCRTs are great.

File: duke3d2.jpg (69 KB, 640x480)
69 KB
Anyone knows a template to make a Duke 3D type game on unity? Im willing to buy it.

Otherwise, an engine that will allow me to create an sprite-based fps and sell it as stand alone, with decent multiplayer (unfortunately not GZDoom).

I have experience on everything except coding an engine from scratch and coding in general. I can learn scripting for the engine tho (I know ACS for ZDoom). I have many great ideas I just need the skeleton of the game to start creating but I can't find something sprite-FPS based.
I WOULD suggest you look into Build since I'm pretty sure you can license it from Ken Silverman himself for peanuts if you're willing to make a commercial product, and for the scripting part you could take some pages from what the EDuke32 team has achieved with LUA (not that the original CON scripts weren't powerful to begin with, but their use wasn't situational).

Keyword being WOULD, since it's going to be a nightmare trying to debug it for any newcomer (not to mention anybody looking at Ken's code without a very solid grasp on maths), especially since the latest game using Build (Ion Maiden) has tons of performance issues due to all the rendering hacks added by the EDuke32 guys over the years. So you'll have to be more accurate with what you want from your game. All the interactivity present in Build games like Duke3D is pretty much the main enemy for a fast and reliable multiplayer not stuck in P2P hell.

Were you trying to go with idtech1 before deciding on Unity?
File: duke3d.jpg (204 KB, 1280x800)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Oh I love build and since I was a kid it was my first editor and made awesome duke maps, never got into any con scripting tho.

The big problem with build as you said is the lack of proper multiplayer. I want my game to have decent coop and I would create some deathmatch maps and so on. I don't know how Ion Maiden is going to deal with lack of MP by Duke. eDuke32 has no multiplayer except that old ass hack version and in general Duke never had decent MP unfortunately.

I don't want my game to be a gimmickfest however I really love the scripting on ZDoom (playing sound effects from linedefs, triggering prety much anything you want actually). I was making a map in GZDoom format and I was getting really creative however there could be licensing issues and once again the MP sucks on GZDoom and in ZDoom format I would be missing some interesting features that GZDoom format has like resizing textures in Doom Builder 3d view, similarly to how you can easily resize textures in build 3d view, and many other stuff useful for creative ideas.

So yeah im out of options other than unity, however it looks like a pain in the ass to get it set up. Not to mention I wouldn't have a proper map editor..
File: doom 2 screen02.png (55 KB, 641x400)
55 KB
>with decent multiplayer (unfortunately not GZDoom).
There are other Doom ports you can use, multiplayer focused ones that should work a lot better than GZDoom.
Yeah but like I said, they miss al ot of the good stuff that GZDoom can do. ZDoom is ancient at this point, Zandronum is ZDoom based.

Also licensing issues. Im sure you can't just package the whole thing and sell it on Steam, it would be a pain in the ass.

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