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File: 8_GcWO.jpg (485 KB, 960x720)
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What do we think of it lads?

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The sound processor is also complete bullshit.
No, but I would like to hear the story.
File: file.png (293 KB, 609x362)
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293 KB PNG
As expected from the genius of "Krazy" Ken Kutaragi!
very nice graphics, gameplay seems alright, two main complaints though

scenery doesn't change, so you don't really have the visual landmarks that tell you how far along in the level you are

the fastest ship speed is also still pretty damn sluggish
File: cover_large.jpg (105 KB, 600x828)
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105 KB JPG
Pier Solar

File: 713O5npuQYL._SX522_.jpg (15 KB, 522x237)
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Why didn't this console have any good JRPGs?
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big studios like square and enix were sick of nintendo's bullshit at the time. smaller studios joined them in moving to playstation because cd-roms were cheaper and it was easier for them to make money off their games.
File: 37c.jpg (165 KB, 1600x1050)
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165 KB JPG
This. Was that so hard?
The N64 had big problems doing 2D. It's the biggest reason why not even one actual standard RPG made it to the N64.
Yeah, that sure stopped all those SNES RPGs.

Sounds like nonsense.

File: 20190719_220339.jpg (2.51 MB, 7656x1494)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
Rate my Dreamcast collection
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They are. Just like you.
And mine
Pretty much all of those are better on PC
Well I got console
Le shit? No Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm?

File: na-ds1-all-large[1].jpg (148 KB, 1802x1522)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Open topic for discussion. How would you go about it?
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>Based retardanon who recommends Pi but memes about Linux in the same thread
Just lol WOPs.
Pick a CPU and GPU combo that each have low power draws thus reducing the amount of waste heat produced by your PC. Then use a huge passive heat sink on both of them for a no moving parts PC. Even with low-wattage hardware it should be possible to get the most demanding emulators and shaders to run perfectly if you select wisely.
This, and I'd probably choose a laptop just because the power supply fans are quieter
A good PSU will be unnoticeable.
Notebook fans on the other hand are noisy since they don't have the size and volume.

Lads, what’s your party of choice in Final Fantasy I? For me, it’s a fighter, thief, black mage and white mage party. Red mages are fedora tipping tier and no one likes monks.
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Back to >>>/pol/ retard
Nigga got worked
2 fighters, 1 WM, 1 RM

2-3 DD, 2 healers/buffers, RM uses elemental nukes

FF is all about the elemental nukes and RM are good enough to fill that role. You can always use a spare healer in case one gets turned to stone or KO'd and the RM gets better gear and allows WM to take 4th slot. Plenty of great gear for two fighters, not too hard to buff.

Fuck off gbafag
Thieves are fucking useless in this game.

So what is your opinion on TR3?

Its my personal favorite
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literally me
I think I beat it? I remember all those locations but not enjoying it.
I'm inclined to agree with you my man. 1 is like you're just dropped in the middle of fucking nowhere and everything is trying to kill you and you have no idea what the fuck is happening. The locations are all deep, unexplored wilderness and not cities like 2 onwards. I love that when you see a bear or gorilla it feels like how you would feel in real life even if you had guns. you just wanna run away from that shit and not fuck with it.
was going to do a full series play through and burned out on the 3rd level after playing 1 & 2. I have since beat the non-retro ones and want to come back and finish the middle part of the series (even angel of darkness et. al.). I remember it being pretty good but the levels just seems so much bigger and the atmosphere was not as good as 1 or even 2. I think that's when the series really got away from the lmao no tombs syndrome. If someone had to pick one game to play from the earlier series I would say 1. Atmosphere is top notch, the story is wild and it's clunky. That's just tomb raider to me.
I’m disappointed there wasn’t a boss battle in the Nevada area.
Depends on your ammo count, facing the final wave of soldiers might count as boss battle anyway.
I always liked the scrounger dilema with Area 51 ending - fight those guys, potentially using ammo on that and maybe even a medpack to gather ammo they drop OR just rush for the ending, ignoring the hail of bullets

Why do people like this piece of shit game?
>muh crucified mechs and chuchu
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The way dysentery is from the taco shits?
I said mushy, not tushy.
What about Billy being a gay prostitute?
Impressive art and mecha design, on top of the great soundtrack, story, world building, etc.
Anyone know where I can find a better translation script for the game?

File: obsessed.png (1 KB, 345x49)
1 KB
reminder that these games weren't popular globally until the last couple of years of the legal period of this board
File: 1553017627976.png (214 KB, 344x971)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
>rpgs BAD
>bing bing wahoo GOOD
who said anything about Mario or Nintensoy

ITT we decide once and for all what the best retro JRPG was
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Autism is stopping you from quitting
>ITT: we post shit nobody is going to agree with and label it the best to start a shit flinging war
No thanks, that's all these threads are ever fishing for and that's why they belong where you came from >>>/v/
FFVIII is literally a good game if you ignore the romance
I'd say DQ III and IV on the nes are really up there but the stupid censorship and names ruined them. I wonder why no romhackers have fixed this anyway, Lack of popularity in the west?
Material is by far one of the best system ever made in any FF. Will you tell me that your prefer to steal your magic to enemies like in FF8?
Also ATB in FF7 is made well, attack animations are fast so it makes battle more dynamic and the enemies aren’t waiting when you are in the menus.

File: PJmB3[1].png (13 KB, 300x287)
13 KB
Who are these shoes made for?
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Yes. They realized Koopa Troopas were too strong to be the most basic type of enemy, so Miyamoto had to quickly throw together something weaker. Since mushrooms were a powerup, he figured making an evil black mushroom made some amount of sense. Apparently, the rest of the staff thought it looked more like a walking chestnut than an evil mushroom and jokingly dubbed them "kuri" (chestnut).
That's Birdo my dude
I actually want a Mario game based on this premise: Who makes all the shoes in the Mushroom Kingdom? I mean Yoshi can walk on things that just kill Mario. I'm sure most of them have some kind of magic properties to them. Screw this hat-throwing business. We need a Mario game about shoes. All the shoe power-ups. Magnet shoes, Spring Shoes, Sticky shoes, Spike shoes, ice skates, roller blades, Rocket shoes. All the shoes.
File: 42_G_1459854402002.jpg (17 KB, 480x480)
17 KB
That's also the color of regular edible mushrooms.
File: hqd0z2nfr2dz.jpg (24 KB, 400x300)
24 KB

File: SonicTitleScreen[1].png (1.18 MB, 1000x591)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
So there were at least 6 games made on this engine but all modern re-releases are either emulation or coded from scratch (Christian Whitehead versions). Was the source code mysteriously lost or is Yuji Naka just a dick and didn't want to share?
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what about the Sonic Jam ports? Is there any in-depth analysis of those?
They're shit. Sonic 2 has added slowdowns that weren't present in the original and 3&K has the wrong sound effects for things. The only novelty was spindash in Sonic 1 but since romhacks exist now that add that to the Genesis version Sonic Jam is obsolete.
I have the disc, I know how they are. I wasn't asking about the performance, but about more details about how they were ported, if they used the original enginge, or if they rewrote the whole thing for Saturn, for example.
I like Sonic Jam despite the slowdown in Sonic 2, mainly because of the time attack modes. It's a good incentive to go back and play whatever stage I feel like playing and see if I can make a better time than before.
I never noticed the sound effect differences in Sonic 3, although I'm aware of the music re-starting when you get speedshoes or invincibility, because it's audio streaming from the CD and it has to load each track. Honestly I can oversee those things. The slowdown in 2 is bad, but not a complete deal breaker (and Sonic 2 original already has some slowdowns anyway)
Source code for Jap games was almost always discarded once the game was made. For the longest time, Japanese developers only targeted one platform, and saw little incentive to keep source code around. A lot of bugfixes for older Japanese games were glorified rom hacks since the source was lost, and needed something quick and dirty to ship.
The limiting factor would be the quality of the compiler, not the CPU itself.

Plus, even if games were written in C, that really only allows for the "non-media" parts of the games to be recompiled elsewhere. Anything dealing with tiling or audio generation will have to be almost entirely rewritten as the graphics code is designed for the TMS9918 tiling pipeline and audio for the Z80 driven subsystem. The only things you "may" get are physics engines and calculations, and even that is a bold assumption considering most engines for the system were written with its clockspeeds in mind. On the system itself this is achieved by relying on the vertical and horizontal interrupts of its 15 kHz video signal, this part in particular definitely doesn't translate well to another platform without rework.

File: file.png (97 KB, 220x144)
97 KB
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100 worthwhile games ain't too shabby. Most systems have around 30.
Are you sure about your statement?
only virgins own a dreamcast
Best multiplayer

Mario Party 3...SMB was too laggy
dreamcast was the chad system. lots of sports games, racing games, shooters and fighters.
t. zoomer who was too young to own a chadcast

File: Super Mario Bros..png (22 KB, 220x193)
22 KB
Super Mario Bros.
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Not just the sky colour. The whole thing's massively off.
the console is obviously on or else he wouldn't be playing it, dumbass

I'm happy you're contributing but this is a horrible post
>Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island 1: Super Mario World 2: Super Mario Bros 5: Mario Bros 6: Donkey Kong 9
>this is a horrible post
But is he wrong?
"Mario 2" always refers to Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA). This is non-negotiable.
Even if you wanted to go by their system, they left out the Game & Watch Mario Bros., which would be the actual Mario 1. The system is already flawed. Then, the arcade Mario Bros. would be Mario 2, but we've already established that Mario 2 refers to Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA). That post was written by a caveman who bonks big game over the head with a wooden club to feed his family. He is wrong, and he also makes paintings on cave walls and throws rocks at small animals.

File: swaq.png (112 KB, 220x218)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
I dunno man, I still kinda like it
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File: 1446858923982.jpg (27 KB, 508x524)
27 KB
>gamecube version
File: 1524024438619.jpg (38 KB, 353x373)
38 KB
It's overall quality is obviously and legitimately questionable but you literally cannot convince me that Sonic Adventure is not the most ambitious 3D platformer ever made to this very day
There's something about this cover that simply wouldn't work if it fell into another era. It's so oddly shitty but so cool in a 2000 way. The texture logo treatment looks like a step up from WordArt but I wouldn't remove it. I feel so conflicted.
I have a soft spot for SA even though I think its a bad game
Like its a buggy game with a lot of questionable design decisions, but goddamn you can tell the put a lot of passion into it and there are some really ambitious ideas in there.

File: 8487489489.jpg (63 KB, 640x572)
63 KB
Which ones are really good? First person perspective preferred, grid-based is okay but not mandatory.
might and magic iv
>nAmE soMe goOD gAmEs
Use the archives

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