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File: Mega SD.jpg (100 KB, 801x801)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
it's happening - Sega CD games flashcart. Play Sega/Mega CD games on your Genesis direct from flashcart, no Sega CD required
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keep looking for those fabled 99min cdrs boomer
>Probably I must

I guess this is ESL for "I suppose I have to".
Crap i just got an X7. Hope msu1 can be a firmware update.
if this ends up being cheaper than mega cd then I might upgrade my chink clone of the old genesis everdrive
>99min cdrs
Don't know what you're smoking but I want none of it!

File: ys.jpg (128 KB, 960x720)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
How did turn-based RPGs get that popular when Bump n' Grind games were so clearly superior?
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This game was fucking boring, I gave up after beating the first boss.
My time's telling me no,
But my XP,
My levels are telling me yes
I don't wanna hurt the story,
But there is something that I must confess (to you)
I don't see nothing wrong,
with a little bump 'n' grind
Who said anything about turn based, retard? Why would I play your retarded bumper car simulator when I could actually play an ARPG that bothered animating its weapon attacks?
Ys 3 and its remake has animated weapon attacks.

Surprise, it's also the best retro Ys game.
Bump combat and combat animations aren't mutually exclusive.

File: download (11).jpg (85 KB, 1199x681)
85 KB
we've had a couple of discussions about emulating retro games on a PSP, its pretty cheap and sturdy if you are a poorfag and cant afford a vita

but what are the best emulators you can use with this thing? I noticed retroarch is kinda trash but it does emulate PC Engine games better than the dedicated emulators I tried, also Shantae didnt have this weird menu glitch I noticed in masterboy
I assume most development went over to vita so Im not holding my breath for new updates on the homebrew front
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Get a Lenovo Thinkpad x230
retroarch analog works like it should, tried with ff8 it's real analog, not dpad remaped to analog stick
it's not contant 60 fps tho, the very first scene when you enter narsche village you go down to 57-58 with 2005 core and lolicon
It comes with built in memory.
The OLED version requires a vita card.
That being said, if you get a good deal on an OLED and it comes with a card as well then grab it.
It's what I did and so far I have no regrets.
No drops for me. Are you sure you're running in the 500mhz "Holy Shit" mode?

File: pilotwings64.jpg (42 KB, 348x480)
42 KB
What are the best comfy retro games to play when you're feeling down?
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It depends on how really bad you feel. I guess there's certain times that you don't really feel like doing anything.
But you never know, and different people handle things differently.
I remember one day a friend called me telling me his mom passed away. I hurried to his house, thinking about holding him while he was sobbing, but you know what happened when I knocked the door? I gave him a hug, then he gave me a controller and we started playing Street Fighter. It was his way of dealing with it at that moment I guess.
File: border_down_1_.jpg (29 KB, 430x434)
29 KB
File: serveimage.jpg (145 KB, 1067x600)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
I've found listening to vaporwave and mallsoft give me comfy feels. Dead mall series is cathartic somehow.

As for games, usually something I grew up with like SMB2 or teen years Shining Force. Cutesy Nintendo stuff like Kirby, Yoshi's Island. Also stupidly hard games like Ghosts n' Goblins or such are nice. The harder games like shmups make you intently focus on the game in order to not die, so they act as a good distraction from whatever has you down.

Tetris is also decent if you just need sort of mindless thing to concentrate on.
Sonic Shuffle

File: Ff7_eu.jpg (13 KB, 240x240)
13 KB
Why do people say the game drops in quality after Midgar, when you have moments like Kalm, Chocobo Farm, Junon, Costa del Sol, Rocket Town, Wutai, which are all kino?
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Not reality.

I recall the gut punch after leaving midget too. The open world and that little chocobo farm are a major tone shift. The 3d map looks like poop compared to the prerendered backgrounds too
>Where the fuck did this meme start?
When Advent Children babbys finally went back to play the game their favorite movie was based on and realized that it wasn't all gritty cyberpunk edginess and, in fact, is an RPG where you wander around a fantasy-inspired overworld and do inane/absurd things like ride a dolphin and throw frogs into giant pitcher plants.

Back in '97, pretty much all of my friends agreed the game didn't truly take off until you got out on the world map, but that's because we were all genuine boomers raised on actual gameplay and not "cinematic experiences".

>"looks like poop"
You have to be 18 to post here, kid.
Funny I always heard that midgar was the worst part for many people.

Never understood that actually
It must be some remake shill
>gritty cyberpunk edginess

That's what made it cool though. The rest of the game should have been like that. I played it as a kid before Advent Children was released and I always thought it felt like the developers stopped trying as hard after Midgar.

Midgar is true FF7 and the rest of the game is filler with FF7 elements mixed in.

File: QyfbAlG.gif (257 KB, 320x288)
257 KB
257 KB GIF
This fucking game is so good. Hearing the development history makes me love it even more.


Post games that are the best one on their respective system.
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That is not the Master Sword, son. That's the "Magical Sword". Check the instructions.
>he thinks anon was being ironic
It's got a far better library than the Switch, anyways. Switch has a handful of first party games and a good amount of indie games. 3DS has all 3DS games and all DS games.
It's a waste because a New 3DS XL is $200 (plus $12 more for charger) but for $88 you could just go full on and buy a Switch at $300. Handhelds should not be costing almost the same as a base model PS4 (also $300). Handhelds used to be the budget option. I got my PSP for $120 and even at the time I thought that was high for what it was. Now that Switch is out as the replacement handheld (/console hybrid) 3DSes should be going down in price. Won't even consider getting one until it hovers at least low 100's.
this is actually one of the worst/most overrated games on the system, try harder


last thread here: >>5632119
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I don't know why, but I strongly dislike this particular kind of c64 aesthetic.
Every fucking Commodore 64 game looks the fucking same.

File: DiscRot.jpg (7 KB, 226x223)
7 KB
Honestly I'm more concerned about laser failure than disc rot.

My first Sega Saturn game (and indeed first optical media-based console game) is Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition and I can still play it now. Meanwhile I'm worried the laser is going to give out before the disc ever becomes unreadable.
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Well if you mod it to play burnt games...
What back peddeling do you imagine I'm doing kiddo? All I see is a whole lot of kidplaining from you about how the numbers you asked for are irrelevant. I get it. You're young and dumb and everything old isn't interesting. Yet here you are, on a board dedicated to old toys, trying to convince a stranger that you're older than him. You might want to talk to someone about your issues.
File: matt-lucas-600x315.jpg (53 KB, 600x315)
53 KB
Cool Story bro, you convinced me. You win
Why did my thread turn into this?
Because there's one or two autists on /vr/ that are really nitpicky and hate everything

File: 1544111156810.jpg (24 KB, 265x375)
24 KB
Why is this game so good?
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top 10 as in your favorite or most played, not top 10 as in the "best"
I still don't really have a list. I grew up in Arcades playing Mortal Kombat 1-3 and sf2 as a kid but mortal kombat sucks ass. The games ive played the most are probably the ones I own. which includes AvP, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug X and Magical Drop 3. I'd say windjammers but I have a personal vendetta against the game basically after dotemu "ported" the game to ps4 and the few tournys I went to for windjammers stopped using neo geos and started using ps4s. It's because dotemu was throwing in prize money and made them use ps4. Shit was gay. The emulation is terrible and I swear ps4 windjammers drops inputs.
File: IMG_0872.jpg (147 KB, 816x612)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
also heres a pic of most of my games. fatal fury special and puzzle bobble are bootlegs though. every thing else is legit.
File: IMG_1554.jpg (152 KB, 612x816)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
chads 'n dinos is better

How accurate is Pinball Arcade?
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Having played all the different versions of BK: Sword of Rage I gotta admit I liked the Pro version the most. As iconic as the upper playfield is there isn't really much of anything to do with it and it tends to break up the flow of the game since you'll be back up there for every ramp shot which is kind of a frequent target on the table.
SoR feels like a dud of a game with or without the upper playfield; so many shots that don't do anything and so many ridiculously dangerous targets. I'd have at least been happier if they went with a four-flipper layout like the original Black Knight had; BK2000 was never a good game outside of the theme.
Depends on the table. Most are fine but some are incredible buggy.
I can't even count how often the game fucks up especially on the Black Knight Table on all platforms. Stuff like the table loosing count of the locked balls and thus require a reset now and then when the balls once again are stuck. Heck I even experienced quit often that the ball gained to much momentum on one of the ramps and was shooting straight out of the table and into the background. Hilarious! Black Knight must be the most bugged tables of the bunch.
Ditto that. I wasn't getting my bonus on my last ball.
Last I checked it had a fixed widescreen resolution and 60 fps lock. FX doesn't.

File: 1531858573507.jpg (92 KB, 739x501)
92 KB
Lost media thread.
237 replies and 49 images omitted. Click here to view.
So much you could do with with this. My first thought was the similarity between the alien teeth at the top in Alien Crush and a certain congresswoman from queens.
File: 1292123500755.png (124 KB, 520x466)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
Please dont reproduce
I will, unlike you, tranny.
you will probably hear some binaural beats while sniffin her asshole :^)
>putting one's face near the fecal matter dispenser

Was it a mistake?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, the graphics are dodgy and the gameplay is a joke, but the sound and music are good. I was majorly disappointed with it, especially seeing as how Rogue Squadron, Shadows of the Empire, and Ep I Racer were instant classics.
Childhood nostalgia.

The flight levels are great but the speeder levels are awful. It's still a big step down from rogue squadron though
>The flight levels are great
^this poster has never played the game.

File: neongenesis.png (17 KB, 952x720)
17 KB
Can't post link, search the internet for ROM
Because OP is being a bitch
Its just a homebrew thing
the fuck is this shit

File: IMG_0823.gif (1.78 MB, 400x279)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB GIF
What are some games that you consider really hard, but also fair? Basically no Ninja Gaiden shit.
13 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Contra Hard Corps is pretty much the most well designed Contra with absolutely no bullshit
This is very much untrue. For example, the jungle stage boss, the one that crawls through the tunnels, is a chore to fight. The game was designed to be played multiple times, but he is only entertaining the first time you deal with him. Then he's a solved puzzle that nonetheless keeps dragging on and on and on. CHC has a whole bunch of sequences and bosses that are fun the first time around but drag on on repeated playthroughs. Meanwhile, the game was purposefully designed to be played through multiple times for fun (there's an interview with the director where he says that).
As always, these problems with design are hard to notice or don't matter on lower difficulties, but as you ramp up the difficulty, they become glaring. Only the truly well-designed games can function at the top of the difficulty curve, and CHC fails at that due to its level design (in parts; some other parts are amazing).
CHC is cool stuff, but it's far from perfect. Both the original NES Contra and Super C have way tighter design.
>raughs in engrish
Famiclones also were my childhood.
I think there's a big difference between something you might not be prepared to react to which can trip you up the first time and something that literally can't be reacted to unless you know about it in advance (like an enemy spawning on top of you that can only be avoided if you know to manipulate the spawn or if you have to attack before the enemy is actually visible, for example).
License tests in Gran Turismo 2 are hard when you are aiming for Gold, but they are fair.

Pretty much any game where the developer wasn't going for "I want the player to die" but "I want the player to get better" constitutes hard but fair.
The examples of the latter are extremely rare in action games, almost non-existent in fact. Ninja Gaiden certainly doesn't qualify because you're given time to react enemies mid jump and kill them either with a normal sword swing or a spin slash, and the only times spawn manipulation is necessary is when you've already fucked up and lost your rhythm, instead of constantly running forward to keep everything consistent. It doesn't make sense to judge a game's "fairness" based on some weird hypothetical scenario where the player does everything perfectly, because that's not going to be reflective of how anyone plays games.

File: Earth_Bound-title.png (2 KB, 256x240)
2 KB
I prefer the original graphics but I hear that Mato's translation is really good but the only way to play that on NES is with the 25th anniversary hack which changes the graphics, Mato's translation is also on the GBA version but that has shit music
What do
Should I just play the vanilla original version
22 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oof, that bad?
File: motherstrap1.jpg (32 KB, 500x375)
32 KB
The GBA versions of 1 and 2 are serviceable for what they are (remember, phones couldn't run emulators in 2003), the only bad thing in them is the screen ratio/cropped resolution from the original and inferior sound, but that's to be expected from GBA. Other than that, nothing was ruined.
Mother 1 on GBA added a few nice things, like a fixed run button that doesn't make the NPCs fastforward, and dedicated check/talk button so you don't have to open the menu, and the full version of the ending from EB0 proto (it's kind of weird to think most Japanese fans only got to see the full ending in 2003 on this version).
Also, EVE leaves a chip item that you can use to teleport directly to Mt. Itoi (so you can go back and forth to Magicant for free heals suing the onyx hook, then go back to Mt. Itoi using the chip)
>the 25th anniversary hack which changes the graphics
honestly the new graphics are shit

just play the original
There is a patch that revert the original graphics and keep the mato's translation
>from the first

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