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File: ebin.png (360 KB, 840x435)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
How have you fags been enjoying the anniversary missions?

You did play them, right?
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>I also read never to make a giant air brush and fill it with solid brushes, but to carve it out with air brushes
That's by no means a hard rule - just look at how The Sound of a Burrick in a Room is constructed once you play it. Both methods have benefits but the latter seems easier for beginners, especially once it comes time for room brushing.
File: 1523456649741.png (465 KB, 1024x768)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
Come to think of it, isn't an armiore mainly used by the rich elite?
an armoire is just a wardrobe
I'll rephrase the question. I want the player to spawn in a cheap apartment room. Some of the equipment is stored in a wardrobe. Are the textures used by the armiore too clean/too expensive for such a room?

Threads autosage after a week?

File: Hoshi no Buu.jpg (62 KB, 719x286)
62 KB
Post /vr/ memes :)
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>huhuhuh... i tink im smart for not saying cuck
His shitty music isn't comparable to the full on heavy metal FM synthesis on most genesis titles. The only comparable game to cuckbain's watered down pseudo punk is comix zone.
For (you)
File: 1541547083267.jpg (44 KB, 442x330)
44 KB
Okay, that's better.
Comix Zone was kinda harsh, was that written on GEMS? But I enjoyed the Sega Tunes versions more anyway.
>Comix Zone was kinda harsh
Funny enough as much as i hate Nirvana, i really do enjoy Comix Zones soundtrack.
>was that written on GEMS?
>the Sega Tunes versions more anyway.
I would've enjoyed the Sega Tunes release if it weren't Howard Drossin's fucking atrocious vocals.

It's Friday, /vr/! Whatcha playin' this weekend? Picking up something old? Starting something new? Doing some multiplayer with buds? Emulating? LCD? CRT? I wanna hear all about it!

I've been switching back and forth between Wild Arms and Harvest Moon: BtN on the PS1, first time playing both and liking them a lot so far. Also been reading a lot of Uncle Scrooge comics which always makes me wanna play DuckTales.
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Probably go through Earthbound again, maybe change it up after and play some Resident Evil or Tactics Ogre
Wild Arms is fucking great,beat it last year.I've been wanting to try Back To Nature since a long time.
Currently playing Secret of Mana,I'm not too far into it but I think this would be a really good game.
If I need to take a break I might play some R4 since I'm in a never ending quest to get every single car.
Back to Nature might just be the best Harvest Moon, but 64 had some of the coolest little secrets
File: hqdefault.jpg (25 KB, 480x360)
25 KB
I mean, they already went above and beyond by giving us 4 fully-realized gameplay concepts in a single platformer. Most developers can't be arsed to flesh out a single gameplay style as much as Yacht Club did.

>Secret of Mana
totes on my playlist. Nobody I knew had a copy when I was a kid, might see if my friend wants to do co-op, I hear it makes it a lot better.
I keep meaning to get that game ever since I found a PS1 steering wheel and pedal set in the basement of the house I just moved into. It's one of those games that I feel like should only cost 5 bucks in person, but I only ever see it on ebay for just slightly more than I'm willing to pay.

Those two always seem to be the contenders. HM64 was my fucking jam when played it as a kid. I thought it was such a novel idea for a game. Playing BtN for the first time now, it seems a LOT more polished in terms of actual gameplay mechanics, but HM64 definitely has better dialogue and character interactions. Hell, I just popped my HM64 cart in the other night for shits after not having touched it in about 17 years, and I immediately ran into a character event I had never seen before.
I am a prayin Shmup Nipgook Machinkchank Sugoi! Part 3 (Board 1.3 release). You pathetic a white a piggu non-otaku would not understand how supreme this specific game selection is, amsa Mitsubishi.

File: genesis-vs-snes.jpg (32 KB, 500x215)
32 KB
Can we have this thread without fanboy shit?
Even though snes have way better specs, i will say that what makes a console great, is the games it has.
With that in mind, how could anyone favor the genesis when snes have:
>super metroid
>super mario rpg
>super mario world
>super mario kart
>chrono trigger
>secret of mana
>final fantasy
>donkey kong trilogy
>megaman x trilogy
>final fight
>turtles in time
>demons crest

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>genesis is adult cnsole
>>okay okay it does have kiddie games too
>my point is, sega widows are pathetic shitspawn scumbags

I wasn't the one making any claims that the Genesis was for adults.
Genesis has better graphics (higher resolution, and no ugly hardware effects that only tempt artists into making bad decisions), and better sound (clean FM synth with frequencies all the way to the limits of human hearing, instead of muffled sounding samples squashed into a laughably small 64k). Load times are usually better too, because the faster CPU decompresses cartridge data faster.
bait post
genesis can barely make better graphics than master system, it could never compete with the snes.
Crusader of Centy and Landstalker
File: capitalism.png (5 KB, 583x426)
5 KB
>implying the actual monetary value of something determines its literal functional worth

Who gives a shit who it was popular with or what it cost, all that matters are the games. It's the most laughably classist shit when people act like the Genesis is trash just because "the token single black kid in my 6th grade social studies class had one and that matters to me for some reason"

inb4 "something something irony of using a snes game screenshot for this post" etc.

hey I need some help here, so I just bought a Genesis model 1 high definition graphics version, but it hasn’t arrived yet. It was console only. So I already ordered the proper power adapter but what I want to know is:

Does the model 1 use the same video cable as the model 2? Because I already have a model 2 (the one from my childhood) and I’m running it through RGB SCART. Will I need new video cable for my model 1?

pic not related, just some pic from google.
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The collector Jew fears the emulator samurai.
Oh shit, I don’t know, the listing just said power supply for model 1. Now I need to go check, fug.
okay so it looks like I got lucky because the Genesis hdg I got is a 9v and the power supply I ordered is also the 9v one. Also I double got lucky because apparently I’m just finding out there are 2 different av pin connections, the “v” pin and “c” pin, the one I got is a “v” pin and by luck the rgb cable I ordered is also a “v” pin. Lucky me I guess.
This thread I suppose is now officially /thread’d

thanks to the 2 posters who actually helped me and fuck the rest of you butthurt emulator fags and zoomers, stay mad and poor, good bye.


File: hqdefault.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
Did you "Get Into It" ?
In the spanish version it was "Vívelo!" (in english it'd be like "Live on it" or "live it" I guess)
Kinda sad the only commercials I see for vg are mobile games anymore.

Also I skipped the gbc for the gba but thankfully the zelda games were cross compatible.

I couldn't enjoy the Chao-raising and so I threw myself into the main game instead and ended up liking that more.

Am I bad person with bad taste?
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All you need to know

Thanks, Anon. I'd heard about the downgrade but I'd never actually seen it with my own two eyes.

It's a little ironic that a game that was praised as such a graphical delight at the time it was originally released got such a heavy visual downgrade when ported.
Christ, The DC had better graphics then DX
SA1 and 2 were basically the only games in the world I cared for when I was a kid, played the shit out of both, I don't dislike the chao garden but I never could be bothered with it.

I understand why people like it and I support the idea that it should come back, but to me it's not super important.
The Chao raising was my favorite part, but only because I enjoyed the abuse mechanics.

File: Suck my gems.png (477 KB, 605x437)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
Did someone has complete this game,
Or am i the only one who played this?
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it's obviously better, x-men 2 is shit.
i finished it many times. it was one of my only games growing up. I watched a longplay recently and found out you could activate the gems and do super specials.
Came from the arcade game to this, boy was it a disappointment. Still pretty fun 6/10 mediocre game.
From a technical standpoint, yes. I still think Mutant Apocalypse is the tightest feeling game.

File: overrated.jpg (106 KB, 1280x720)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
What are your thoughts on Metal Gear Solid?
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File: meryl.jpg (437 KB, 487x750)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
Good posts
never heard of it
>5367431 (Bait)
It was more enjoyable, but MGS1 was already perfect to begin with so the remake couldn't improve much aside from the obvious (fp mode).
>Why would there be more hype for the original Tomb Raider than Metal Gear Solid?

That you have to ask says it all lol

File: 311535.jpg (98 KB, 640x480)
98 KB
What was the best game made by Sakaguchi Hironobu?
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He only said that because it was the newest. He's a businessman.
File: meaningoflife.jpg (64 KB, 1360x768)
64 KB
Yeah, but nonetheless, discarding VI because he didn't direct it, IX is the most "final fantasy"-like of the final fantasies. Like the other anon said, it has all, everything. It simply is a complete game, with a great and relevant human theme.
>he’s a businessman
He designed the first five Final Fantasies. That’s like saying Miyamoto or Suda51 are only businessmen because they also graduated to producer role as is normal in the Japanese dev scene. And inb4 “he is a movie maker not a game dev” the last FF game he directed was FF5 one of the most gameplay-oriented of the series.

The difference between him and someone like Inafune is that Inafune was always not on the dev side and was more concept art and then for the majority of his career a producer. Sakaguchi on the other hand even as producer was heavily involved in developing/writing VI, VII, and IX (similar to how George Lucas was producer/writer on Star Wars V and VI), and then mainly focused on directing a movie while greenlighting pet projects like Takahashi’s Xenogears and Matsuno’s Vagrant Story.

I think it’s dumb to say someone isn’t a dev purely because they were promoted into a managerial role.
Literal: who?

What is the best retro Castlevania and why is it Master of Darkness?
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It does look like that DOS weebshit castlevania ripoff, Rusty.
File: youngindy-1.png (6 KB, 256x224)
6 KB
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
I was expecting this thread to be shit but this actually looks sick, not sure how it flew under my radar all this time
It was okay but really forgettable.

File: Brutal.jpg (24 KB, 320x265)
24 KB
There needed to be more females.
Foxy Roxy is adorable but this game sucks. I get stuck at some of the fucking move tutorials.
Moves have ridiculous random inputs like 180º motion + L + Y button. That's hard to remember, why not just standardize that shit
Shame that it played like ASS, because the presentation was pretty good.

File: Ecco-the-Dolphin-3.jpg (181 KB, 674x420)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Y'all like Ecco here?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I love the concept, the visuals, the music (both Mega drive and CD versions), all the artistic aspects are great.
The game design is all over the place. For the most part I can get the idea behind needing air to survive and having to manage that, but the controls have some problems, hitboxes and collision detection seem to be all over the place, the nosedive move isn't very helpful in closed areas (most of the game), and Ecco's direction controls are very slow and unresponsive. Also, the levels with the crystal puzzles felt like they dragged forever.
I liked the new straightforward levels added to the CD version, they were short and kind of brainless, but it felt good to be able to just swim and jump over the water like a dolphin instead of doing underwater puzzles in cave mazes.
Fuck the last level being an auto-scroller and fuck the last boss.
I forgot, unless you get the powerup sonar move (that I think another dolphin NPC teaches you in level 1 or 2), you're mostly fucked for the rest of the game, and it's easy to miss.
Ecco games seem to really captivate the attention of those in the higher end of the spectrum
Jr. is the best.

Very much so, though I could never get into the Dreamcast game.
I should kidnap Ed Anunziata and force him to code Ecco 3 in my basement.

File: tactics ogre.jpg (119 KB, 583x1000)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Does anyone know if there are any save editors for this? Alternately, are there any mods that make it so newly acquired classes start at the level of your highest level class?

I kinda wanna jump back into it, I finished a run and wanna run law (I ran neutral first) for the special characters. But leveling their unique classes from 1 to 20+ is a hell I don't even wanna contemplate.
The level 1 thing is easily the worst part about this version of the game IMO and if there was a way around it, that would be amazing.

Use a gameshark or par to set your xp to 100? I figure this is something you could do with an emulator if the psp donr do eremulator.
I'm talking about the PSP version, not the ps1 version.

File: witwics-jpg.jpg (102 KB, 650x360)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Were these games actually any good? I remember playing a couple of the edutainment ones on old macs at my school, but they never gave us enough time to finish the games.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>getting the Africa map

Oy vey.
Why don't you simplu check yourself? It's not like anyone is going to tell you today that your time is over and you should hand-over the computer.
They are fine
If I recall, later versions permanently end your game after you catch Carmen, and so you have to start a new game.
I tried playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego a few months ago, and I got bored of it after like three or four missions. The game is completely trivialized by the existence of Wikipedia, and you'd need to clock several hours in the game before you even get a shot at catching Carmen. It was fun as a kid, but this series is probably better off left in the past.

Have you been watching the new Netflix series though? It's actually really good. Where On Earth is Carmen Sandiego (the 90's cartoon) was good too...
>The game is completely trivialized by the existence of Wikipedia, and you'd need to clock several hours in the game before you even get a shot at catching Carmen.
>I can cheat by looking up the answers, and it's really long!
Gee, it's almost like you aren't supposed to cheat and use the save feature.

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