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File: jpcover.jpg (30 KB, 509x512)
30 KB
Any other games for this feel?

File: 380000101.jpg (93 KB, 640x906)
93 KB
TGM3 has a helios bust on the artwork. But I can't get it to work on windows 10, so fuck it.

File: topgear2.png (101 KB, 415x360)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
I think all retrogamers had played Top Gear
I actually didn't play this until recently, when I got my Mega Everdrive. My son is into racing games and I like retro stuff. It's pretty fun, but having to choose between music and sound kinda sucks
I was a guy who played Lotus 2 on the Genesis when I was young. I never had a Super Nintendo. God tier music in Lotus though.

File: 1542220952338.gif (1.43 MB, 268x185)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
>Nieces and nephews come to spend the weekend at my place
>All having a blast, watching movies, eating pizza, wrasslin' in the back yard
>Starts to get dark out, ask if they wanna play some vidja
>They all seem enthusiastic
>They don't have any consoles or a home computer. Just tablets and smartphones
>Put in some classic multiplayer games
>"What is this? Is this like Mario?"
>As the game starts, everyone seems to be having a good time
>Someone touches an enemy and loses a life
>"Uhm... I don't really wanna play this anymore."
>All the rest of them immediately lose interest and want to do something else

I don't understand kids anymore. I feel kind of bad for them, but I can't really put my finger on what happened or why. I'm not gonna try and push them in to something they don't wanna do, but it just feels like they didn't give this enough of a try.

Anyone have an similar experiences? Or advice for sharing my hobby with this kiddos?
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>When I was young, we didn't need to be "sold" a game, or lectured on how to play.
Sounds like you were poor and didn't have a lot of choices.
You can't get them into retro right off. I broke my little in-laws in through tangential stuff like Broforce.
This thread is pathetic.
Not everyone has the same expectations and experiences as you do. If you try to convince someone to enjoy the thing you like they're going to have greater expectations than if they found it themselves, and a greater disinterest when it doesn't match it.
Git gud
Dude really?

What does /vr/ think of Gloom?
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The weapons are shit and that's the biggest mistake you can make in an FPS
>no john you are the demons
File: boom.jpg (208 KB, 1280x720)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Well there's Gloom and Doom and things go Boom
File: 0.25 bytes.webm (132 KB, 1280x688)
132 KB
don't say in dexter's lab don't say in dexter's lab
Not as good as Loom but it’s at least way better than Bloom

File: 1449597110096.png (42 KB, 171x197)
42 KB
Let's have a thread about old video game websites that are still up or archived

I found this little gem of an article about how Decadent modern games are (in 1998)


The rest of the site is great as well, make sure to check out the authors biopage. Dude also really seems to hate the n64
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>still going
Jesus, I remember the days I'd go on some video game site and it would start autoplaying a MIDI.
I used this site so much back in the day.

File: PE.png (608 KB, 922x711)
608 KB
608 KB PNG
Parasite Eve remake incoming?
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About the hook up the ps2 for the annual PE run. Anyone else in the spirit for Christmas yet?
wait you mean all this time I could have trademarked this Parasite Eve?
Its called trademark squatting. If you did, Square Enix wouldn't have given you a cent, they would just not make the game or name it something different again.
Yeah same thing happened with the guy who owned playdiablo4.com
Please no

File deleted.
What should I play on my Samsung galaxy s9? I can emulate pretty much everything. Looking mainly for JRPGS such as Golden Sun, Chrono Trigger, FF 1 - 6, SMT type stuff
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for GBA and Legend of the Dragoon on PSX

File: Legacyofthewizard.jpg (29 KB, 220x317)
29 KB
>Be me
>Remember time as boy watching dad play this game
>Later he always mentions never beating it and saying it was a great game
>buy for dad a copy of Legacy of the Wizard for Christmas a few years ago that he never beat due to getting stuck on the Dragon from not being able to actually fight it.

>Been trying to get him to play it so I can see him have a sense of accomplishment as Im sure he can beat it now with some help from me.
>has fucking stockholm syndrome with his PCs games he's gotten so used to for the past decade.

Guess I have to take up the mantle myself.
Old PC games had fucktons of design issues back then, from shitty interfaces to outright unwinnable scenarios because you didn't do a minor thing.
File: Shino pointer.png (210 KB, 608x600)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
It's nice that you got your dad a game he likes that you enjoyed spending time with him over. That's a very good thoughtful heartfelt gift. But don't be that guy. He'll play it when he wants to it and he'll have more fun because it's when he decided to. Nobody likes that guy who gifts or recommends something and then keeps going "DID YOU PLAY IT? DID YA? DID YA!?" You're undoing your own thoughtfulness by making it about you.
This anon is wise.

File: A1_JP_Boxart.jpg (271 KB, 500x504)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Now that the Atelier Marie + Ellie fan translation is out, what did you think of the series?
I only played Marie (on Saturn) so can't say for Ellie but it felt a little like Princess Maker but with fewer endings
I liked it
>Now that the Atelier Marie + Ellie fan translation is out
welp, thanks for telling

File: sku_220578_1.jpg (24 KB, 600x600)
24 KB
has anyone successfully replaced their laser on their playstation or ps2? where did you buy the replacement and how well did it work?
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pretty much what the psio does.
>parroting ignorant bullshit makes me right
Top kek kid. Back to le reddit with ya

For trying out a buttload of games emulation is fine. It would be more work installing PSIO than burning all those games anyway.
The way PC image mounting software works is completely different from how a PS1 drive works. You won't get anywhere using that as a model. Not that you'd get anywhere anyway but for your exercise in mental masturbation it's a dead end. To do what you're talking about you'd have to emulate the signals from the CD mechanism. That's almost a dozen analog lines that need to be driven with an resolution of up to several hundred mhz. And you need something to read the data from storage and process it into that. All 100% doable. You just need some really powerful hardware and god knows how many man years of design.
Psxdev.ru is making good progress on reverse-engineering the CD RF and driver chips.

We may see interesting developments in a few years' time.
Godspeed. In the mean time I'm sticking with the $0.50 chip option.

File: 20181212_182156.jpg (1.25 MB, 1539x1080)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
My second megadrive just arrived today and these games came with it.

I plan to keep and play the top 4 and maybe sell the last 4 on eBay for cheap.

Is it a wise choice or should I play all of them?

Sega thread I guess.
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Keep the 4 on top
>Thinking those 4 are all good
Who ever says flashcarts are overpriced? Child trolls on 4chan?

I really think it's people literally dumb enough to think "I can buy a genesis cart for a few bucks and I can buy an SD card for a few bucks, therefore I should be able to buy a flashcart for a few bucks".

With chink shit and all the margins are very slim. I made the point before that's why the vast majority of the people involved in it are countries that are a lot poorer.
damn, you really are dumb
you're paying overpriced shit, there is not need for a custom FPGA for most of the systems and anyway they are not really so expensive to justify a >$100 price
they are usually chink or russkie shit because nintendo would shut down any western company doing these things
I should really get in the business of milking idiots like you
What about the cheap flashcarts I see floating on eBay for 20-30€?

Are those any good or would I just waste my money?
>I should really get in the business of milking idiots like you
yeah, please, you should, then you'd learn that your current opinion is completely and utterly wrong.

File: 2343432344.jpg (240 KB, 1287x815)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Post what you have or what you would like to have.
79 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I can't install anything on my work PC
How severe is this restriction? Could you install VirtualBox or some other VM?

Alternatively, dual boot to another OS.
>The software on the PC scans every .exe upon launch and hash-checks it

If that computer has a CD burner on it and burning software you can download a live linux CD, burn it, and try to boot it on the computer, if the BIOS isn't locked. That assuming you can't bring in a USB drive and try the same thing.
It's ok. I won't tell the rest of the kids you're a poor huefag emubaby pretending to have ever played on real hardware. It can be our little secret.
File: 14 KB.jpg (15 KB, 200x200)
15 KB
>it's another "you've never actually done anything you say" shitpost
Megaviews are not even expensive. I paid $125 and $35 for mine. I've seen people get them for free. They are too large for hipsters to care about, and when I bought them they didn't even know they existed.
>its another larplet that thinks no one can spot larplets a mile away
The more you deflect the more obvious your LARPing becomes

File: v-rally-99.jpg (63 KB, 640x467)
63 KB
I always had curiosity for the V-Rally games, which ones should I try?
I barely played one on the gba so I dunno about the series
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
yeah, also the original devs (eden studios) made a new racing game called gear club unlimited on the switch.
Haven't tried it yet
V-Rally on GBC is plenty fun for a line-scroll racer. Nice graphics, pleasant handling.
After playing V-Rally 1 on pc for a while, decided to try the N64 version, holy shit the physics are even worse and the draw distance is terrible (other racers on the console have much better draw distance).
>first one used the need for speed name
>second one used the test drive name
even better, ps-version used nfs, dc-version used test drive.

File: Arkanoid.jpg (76 KB, 960x720)
76 KB
Any 3rd party options out there for a NES Arkanoid dial controller? An original one costs the bloody earth.
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
OP here. If you can make 'em available for 25 bucks or less then I'll be one of your first customers.
Not bad at all, actually. Even if you have no experience with ic's you could just socket them. I would imagine one of those pots at the bottom controls movement and the other is for adjustment but my background is audio repair. If so, maybe a center detent linear for control and a basic trimpot for fine tuning. Actually interested in making one because I got a huge batch of random ic's in an ebay auction and probably have at least 1 or 2 of them.
It looks even simpler if you use a pic or tiny

VR2 is a trimmer. If you're looking for an exercise in playing with old logic it might be a good project. If you just want something that works use an MCU
>It looks even simpler if you use a pic or tiny
It is so easy because no MCU was involved in the first place and there is no searching for forgotten code involved in redoing it. I hope you see the irony here.
I absolutely do see the irony in someone who'll never make one telling someone who has about irony. It'd be about 50 lines of code little bro. To put that in context, if I made a "randomizer" for the attiny and it was used as much as SMBfags it would have been done many times.

File: super metroid.jpg (71 KB, 592x518)
71 KB
Why is the genre known as "metroidvania" when all the game mechanics are borrowed from Super Metroid? SotN also uses rpg mechanics but that's not a Castlevania trait either. SotN is just a Metroid-like game with rpg mechanics.
Shoudn't the genre be known as "metroid-like", "metroid-clone" or something like that?
147 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
You have to make your own map, Anon. It's half of the fun. But when people talk about Metroid being a legendary game they are talking about Super Metroid, so play that if you want to. Prepare to be amazed.
>You have to make your own map, Anon. It's half of the fun.
If the game's map was actually well designed you wouldn't need a map. You can easily navigate Super Metroid without looking at the map, even on your first time through the game, because the corridors and rooms look unique enough to always give you a sense of where you are and help you build up a mental map of the areas. Metroid 1 has way too many literally identical rooms, corridors, and shafts in every area that just get you turned around and confused all the time. And don't say it's because NES games can't handle it, because Zelda 1 does just fine making each screen look distinct enough to help you remember where things are. Metroid 1's map is just poorly designed.
Remove the broken as fuck items, abilities and the RPG mechanics and it's suddenly a better game. There's a good game in there buried under a chuuni power fantasy.
>Jeremy Parish or Scott Sharkey
The primordial e-celebs. Better off forgotten.
I came to that conclusion decades ago, but it's still fun when you first boot the game up. Less so as you get insane power ups.

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