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File: cfdr.jpg (95 KB, 812x649)
95 KB
How did the British react when they were losing their power to America?

Did they go through the five stages of grief? Is US following the same path?
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Yeah we went through the five stages of grief, except now, most people here seem to see America as "us". As in they see us and America as the same thing, or really close and similar.
Most people more identify with being white, than British. Most have loads of opinions on America and Trump, barely any have opinions on British politics besides Brexit.

I guess we dealt with it by just pretending we are America.
4channel.org has only been around for a few months. There definitely haven't been that many posts.
>Geography is history, as they say
Oh shit you guys I'm pretty sure we have Jared Diamond posting in this thread. When you gonna finally acknowledge that cultural factors CAN, in fact, decide history at certain points???
Well yeah, cultural factors can cause the US to fragment, as mentioned. But to repeat, absent that fragmentation, geography is history, and the US will remain wealthy and powerful accordingly.
>How did the British react when they were losing their power to America?
They didn't wake up one day and realize it, it was a slow decline that was dealt a death blow with the Suez canal crisis.
>Did they go through the five stages of grief?
Not well adept to answer that. They did accept the US' position and follow it.
>Is US following the same path?
No, the US doesn't have any challengers and it reached heights Britain never reached.
China is a paper dragon. Its economy relies heavily on the US. And its military is a joke compared to the US.
Russia is even worse off than China.
The EU could have been competition, but its bureaucracy is killing any chances it has.
Japan doesn't have time manpower or resources to compete with the US.
The US still enjoys scientific, militaristic, economic advantages over everyone else.

What is the dumbest historical method of telling the future?
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>capitalism will eventually die to be replaced by socialism then communism
>still here 100 years later despite many socialist revolutions and socialist states
its literally on par with "jesus' second coming" prediction. Also, making the "eventually x will happen" prediction isnt a very good prediction unless you can mathematically prove the occurence and estimate the time.
Holy mother of-- BASED!
I'd say it's closer to "the singularity"..
File: 1509047586935.png (163 KB, 474x433)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
This post? Yeah, I'm thinking it's based.

File: 1507403071520.jpg (67 KB, 696x923)
67 KB

Thoughts? Pic unrelated
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Some neanderthal fags would get triggered
>only homosapian males and Neanderthal woman
objectively false, see >>5999228

you stupid motherfuckers never learn do you?
All these species of hominid existed (and were interbreeding) at the same time;


And possibly some more.
File: 1534762439579.png (86 KB, 756x574)
86 KB
>Interbred so as to produce viable hybrids
No. Neanderthal and Denisovan and anything else is sapiens
What do you think of brown bears and polar bears, or coyotes and wolves/dogs, or chickens and guineafowl?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (148 KB, 1280x720)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Did the Greeks or Romans contribute more to civilization?
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Greeks, they invented bankruptcy
*Danube, they had a writing script that has yet to be understood:
What about Romans who are also Greeks?
not classical

File: khw444.jpg (89 KB, 579x510)
89 KB
Whats up with fucking Iran in the middle ages. So many random dynasty empires. Domestic and foreign? I'd like to know more about Iran but this seems just hard af, china tier stuff with names and all
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Patricia Crone has written about Arab Iranian relations extensively in her works, including her final book The Nativist Prophets of Early Islamic Iran, which you can find in pdf form online. Excellent read.

I think the Umayyads, like most Arabs of the time, disliked the Iranians as a nation but admired them as a culture and an empire. There are a myriad of ways in which the Arabs, in their transition from a tribal to a complex settled society, borrowed from the Iranian model, so much so that this fusion resulted in the core of what we know as Islamic culture today.

Owing to the huge amount of prisoners taken during the conquest, plus dynastic marriages and garrisoning Arab soldiers in Iranian lands, there was widespread intermarriage between Arab men and Iranian women throughout the first century of Islam. In Khurasan in Central Asia the Arabs were so assimilated that they were described as speaking Persian amongst themselves, celebrating nowruz, and having fair skin and light hair. Their religion, however, kept them from becoming wholly absorbed into the wider mass of Iranian people, and an even larger number of Iranians assimilated to Arab culture and nominally joined Arab tribes as freedmen/clients.

t. writing a research paper that may become a book on this subject
>whereas the Germans failed to surpass Rome.
Kek. Every European royal family is descended from Germanic tribes from the age of the Barbarian kings and West European countries went on to be the rulers of the majority of the globe for about a century.
I think he's talking about cultural legacy.
>There are a myriad of ways in which the Arabs, in their transition from a tribal to a complex settled society, borrowed from the Iranian model, so much so that this fusion resulted in the core of what we know as Islamic culture today.
That could just be the result of adopting from other Arabs who used to be allied to Persians. Ummayads ruled in Syria proper, so it's more likely the case that they borrowed from Byzantines and previous Semitic presence and not from the Persians.
This is nonetheless very interesting and should be discussed more. I heard before that there was no intermarriage between Arab men and Iranian women but this now seems to be nonsense.
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 316x160)
8 KB
What do you all know about Mount Khailash? It seems to be a mna-made pyramid, the biggest we have ever found, and various civilizations living in the area (especially hindus, which have it as the home of Shiva) treate this site as sacred.

I can dump photos showing clearly that this was a HUGE complex, most likely built long before the Vedic era in India. Chaage my mind.
File: olive oil pepe.png (53 KB, 420x420)
53 KB
>be greek
>assimilate every conqueror to buttfucking alcoholic degeneracy in less than a century

File: IrakDesertStorm1991.jpg (3.7 MB, 2860x1910)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB JPG
What went right
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File: 1537039001680.gif (120 KB, 554x400)
120 KB
120 KB GIF
Iraq stopped looting Kuwait
Knowing things in hindsight makes you zillion times more competent in judgement that all the best minds of the past joined together

wow it took 34 of you to kill me

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Ibn wahhab learns more extreme syrian islamic lot from 14th century. Comes back and marries into the house of saud.
Salafism began in Hindustan
>CIA managed to create ideologies before it even existed
How can one organization be this based?
why are brown people all ugly incels lol

>During the time of when Napoleon Bonaparte and the French conquered Egypt, all the Muslim women were taking of their hijabs in a sexual manner to seduce the French soldiers. During the entire time of French occupation of Egypt, the streets were filled with Muslim women and their French boyfriends

>Then the Muslim men got so angry after seeing their daughters and wives parading around Egypt with the French, they started a revolt to try and overthrow Napoleon. But Napoleon brutally suppressed the revolt and bombed mosques

>27:10 explains it all

Why was Napoleon so crazy?
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"An account by Valerius Maximus emphasizes not only the bravery, but also the chastity of the Teuton women. When captured, they requested of the victor Marius to consecrate them to the service of Vesta's sacred virgins, promising to keep themselves as pure and immaculate as the goddess and her servants. Upon the refusal of their request they strangled themselves the following night. Thus ended the battle of Aquas Sextise in B. C. 102, with the annihilation of the Teutones root and branch"

Teutonic women could be pretty based.
Nah, the Aussies didn't care as much as the Americans did
>Despite official policy ostensibly barring the enlistment of indigenous Australians, in practice, a more flexible approach was adopted that saw many indigenous Australians enlist. Segregation was not practiced in the main and Indigenous Australians received equal pay, were promoted on merit and were generally accepted and treated as equals.
>Troops of the U.S. 208th Coast Artillery rioted for 10 nights in March 1942, fighting against African-Americans from the 394th Quartermaster Battalion. This was attributed to white American resentment towards African-American access to dance halls and for associating with "white girls on the streets of Brisbane". As a result, U.S. military authorities segregated African-Americans, restricting them to the south side of the Brisbane River. However, trouble continued with a major race riot at Wacol, knife fights in South Brisbane and American military police assaulting or killing black troops simply for crossing the Brisbane River. This further incited the Australians, whose culture towards military police was notably different.
>severely punished.
>get your hair cut down

How horrible!
The Mughals were Mongols not T*rks
The Muslim wen were just mad that the women were stealing all the French men

Did the Japanese and Portuguese get along when both civilisations first met?
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lmfao is the entire history of race relations in america black men trying to find a replacement for black women?
Yeah m8 it's set deep in their biological psychology to be dysfunctional. The negro man has always been angry at his women since the days when Massa was bringing Mary Anne in to he the house negro and making poor ol Willy raise his mulatto bastards.

portuguese are POWERFUL
File: hehe... hahahaha.gif (815 KB, 252x188)
815 KB
815 KB GIF

>the amount of frogs there surprises you

topkek! thanks for the comfy greentext
sauce on these?

File: 1547550570358.jpg (89 KB, 940x627)
89 KB
How come America could so easily beat countries like Iraq while they struggled with Asian countries like China and Vietnam who were badly equipped?
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>international suppoert (gained via propaganda)
>implying it took any propaganda or effort to snap the whip at euroslimes to get them to bomb a foreign country
>implying they weren't frothing at the mouth for the chance to impose more imperialism whether or not their amerikkkan slave masters wanted them to or not

honestly europeans are just as evil and braindead as amerifats are, you are still bombing our us and occupying our countries as "police actions" yet always try to pin the attention to others
Modern medicine is not a plus at all. On the contrary.
You're literally comparing a flat desert to mountains and jungle
Political opposition at home. We were destroying the Vietcong, and would have had clear victory if internal politics did not force a ceasefire agreement.
Is everyone on \int mentally handicapped? Mongols literally conquered half the world while barely numbering half a Million people

File: LyCxvll.jpg (162 KB, 1280x960)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
How long did it take Japan to find out about black people?
And no, not the southeast asian kind
190 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Who made this shit image. Where does it imply we are? Reddit?
Nobunaga was legit one of the coolest dudes who ever existed. It's a tragedy he was betrayed.
This whole board has gone to shit, filled to /int/pol/ race and country faggotry.
They could always smell them but didn’t know the source of the smell until the 19th century.
>that one part of Shogun where the villagers gather 'round marveled at how big gaijin cock is
I literally had to turn off my audiobook because of how cringey that was

Why is this guy hated so much?
56 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Now they are being flooded by mongrels from everywhere. ::)
>first man to realize that Chimpanzees build tools

need to know more about this
Google "Brazil"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Holy shit. . .

did they leave any nonviolent legacy?
110 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
The Europeans had no cannon, rockets, movable type printing, canal locks, or paper money while the Chinese and Indians did before the Mongols. The Chinese had Yang Hui's triangle before the Mongols and European developed Pascal's triangle centuries later.
Europe was a poor, irrelevant shithole stuck in a hellish Feudal society. Literally burning people who said anything contradicting the Church.
People just hate arabs, anon. They're shitty people.
*r*bs BTFO

File: 3op95umaxhsy[1].jpg (113 KB, 1024x640)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Why were the Crusades such a shocking failure and embarrassment? Crusading armies were routinely shattered and accomplished nothing militarily while Muslim armies turned around and conquered half of Europe.
73 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.

Yea man the Crusades were totally a failure. That's why Muslims lost control of a significant portion of the holy land for over a hundred years to a bunch of highly unorganized low supply bands of peasants following minor nobles.

Frankly it's a miracle the Crusades for Jerusalem even conquered any territory at all. Muslims still are butthurt about the Crusades to this day because of how pathetic it was to get defeated by armies of peasants from thousands of miles away that had to raid villages on the way just to survive because nobody was smart enough to recognize the need for supply lines and regularly fought each other for cities they already captured.
by the will of Allah. the same as the battle of Badr
It's worth considering that Jerusalem wasn't exactly Festung Islamisch. It was sort of a backwater. The garrison wasn't all that huge and the amirs weren't too concerned with the Crusaders. The idea of Jerusalem as the third holy city of Islam is partly an Umayyad construction but it's also partly something that Salah ad-Din had to create during his reconquest of the city.
So while the Crusades are humiliating to contemporary Muslims, their impact in their own time wasn't quite the same.
Also. "Frankly." I get it.

File: 1056062685.jpg (87 KB, 1000x541)
87 KB
Normie: Britain and France were right to ally against Germany
Brainlet: Germany and Britain should have allied against France
Intellectual: France and Germany should have allied against Britain
Ascended: France and Germany should have allied against Britain and America

Britain has NEVER fought its own wars and always relied on German, Russian and French men sacrificing themselves. The British Expeditionary Force in WW2 only amounted to 13 divisions, while France had to conscript aged men to match Germany's population advantage. Why did Germany and France have to fight each other? Both countries at least had the merit of fighting their own wars, and while France would be the junior partner in a Franco-German alliance, would this really be any worse than being branded as cowards in this Anglo-American world after losing entire generations of men for Britain's "glory"?
40 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>world doesn't speak English because of their navy
>it speaks it because of America
>a country founded and secured off the back of the British navy

Ah yes, another well informed /his/ post. Whatever helps you avoid acknowledging England, buddy.
We're talking about who directly caused it, faggot.
You reasoning is like:

>Caesar's mom getting cummed inside caused Caesar to exist
>Caesar conquered Gaul
>Therefore Gaul was conquered by Caesar's father cumming inside Caesar's mom

None cares about your indirect contribution, fag.
Grab a book, mongrel.
>The reason why America has done so well is because Britain invested in education, industry, etc for the Thirteen Colonies. That allowed for a stable democracy in America post-independence, which then led to the creation of the American Empire.
So much wrong with this post.
because nocturnal euros wake up

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