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What did he mean by this?

Post top tier /his/fus
File: Janina Ramirez.jpg (511 KB, 1536x2048)
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Why are female historians so concentrated in Britain? It seems to go beyond a quota system.
High concentration of English roses

File: iOM0qpC.jpg (99 KB, 1000x624)
99 KB
Why do tribal women in tropical places walk around showing their boobs?
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>don't the negroes also view tits and asses as sexually attractive?

Yes. When you see a woman bend over at work do you not sneak a peak even though she's wearing clothes over her bum?

>Not making the basic leap that people cover themselves in a desert for extremely necessary reasons

That's totally wrong though.
-Women have a larger breast ratio compared to primates to imitate the roundness of the derriere which in turn signals reproductive capability. This is thought to have begun as a consequence of mating face to face.
-Long legs indicate good health.
-Foot fetishes are thought to be an evolutionary quirk to deter STIs.
>tits and ass aren't a fetish. They're sexual.

The only case that can be made for is ass, in that wider hips usually mean less problems during birth.
Bigger tits don't mean more nutritious or something. They do mean more calories, which is a sign of health of course.
Perhaps I was wrong in saying that "they are not sexual." You have a point there.
But it is certain that they are actually considered fetish.

Basically, any body part not involved in procreation is considered fetish.
What you're arguing here seems like against the taboo around the word fetish. But that's unfortunately just how people who study sex describe the word "fetish."
If they had a different word for their definition, it would sound a lot better, because "fetish" usually has a lot of different descriptions and connotations for most people. Like "legs aren't fetish, but feet definitely are because ew"
>Why do tribal
Low IQ.
Lack of resources and technology.
No bras available.


You're an idiot.

>Tits get sweaty.
A good bra can help regulate temperature by increasing surface area exposed to air. The woman on the right in OP image has pancake tits and the underside of the boob isn't getting any air. A good bra can fix that.

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I want to watch them have a lesbian threesome
niggers dumb lmao

File: George-B-McClellan.jpg (311 KB, 1160x1600)
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311 KB JPG
What the fuck was his actual problem?
He did nothing wrong.
Take out the word wrong from that statement and it becomes true.

File: 569.png (286 KB, 363x509)
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286 KB PNG
>source: rationalwiki
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would be more than glad to continue this later mate but ive got a job to go to now unlike communists
Flipping burgers?
File: 1559495298543.jpg (63 KB, 680x940)
63 KB
>have sex
>source: 4chan screencap
this thread looks like it belongs on /int/

File: shartinmart.jpg (78 KB, 600x375)
78 KB
Is there a historical reason for Americans sharting in marts?
File: 6257.jpg (147 KB, 600x816)
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147 KB JPG

Aside from Hitler and Charles XII what are some other historical examples of incels that probably had aspergers or something similar being put in charge of a nation?
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I don't think Charles XII was an incel desu, he had some pretty wild parties with his brother-in-law before the war and probably lost his virginity then.
Peter III?
Thomas Beckett didn’t lead a country but he was the de facto head of the church in England and had textbook autism. He sperged out so hard that despite being sainted in his time he’s now considered the 2nd most evil Briton after Jack the Ripper from a popular poll. Never had interest in women, famous for obstinacy to ludicrous extremes. Definitely a sperg.

Charles still comes across as someone with Aspergers, they can still have confidence and even come across as charismatic. I found out my University and High School had a few aspy lecturers/teachers and at the time they just came across as eccentric.
File: 1566048693842.jpg (54 KB, 381x470)
54 KB
His father, Karl XI. He was a textbook shy autist who later did what any autist does when confronted with an issue: autismrage and genocide.
>muh genocide
the scanian bandits had it coming

Did the social status of women decline in tact with the abandonment of goddess-worship?

It declined because people realized “holy shit, women are wild animals without social controls”

Catholics worship the fuck out of Mary

What are some of the biggest falls from grace in history?
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No, he was based from day 1 until the end
He was pretty good as Tom Hagen
He shipped Jews to Germany even if he didn't have to
The Chicago Black Sox Scandal
he said wrong

File: luttach.jpg (323 KB, 1200x636)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
"South Tyrol" (Alto Adige) was always Italian. Germoids stole it.
File: 403_1302.jpg (19 KB, 288x300)
19 KB
you said something you little pasta nigger?
Italien ist Deustches
Alles Evropa ist Deutsches
Remember when Savoy ,Croatia and Corsica were Italian. Me neither.
you're American, the typos in your broken attempt at German give it away, fahr zur Hölle

File: Austria-Hungary.jpg (870 KB, 1600x1107)
870 KB
870 KB JPG

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y my pp hard?
Right > left
File: HŽ vremeplov.jpg (52 KB, 552x533)
52 KB
I miss it so much bros...
Austrains were probably more swarthy than hungarians though.
File: image.php.jpg (179 KB, 800x503)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
I want to go back home

File: ww1 doomer.png (280 KB, 680x680)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
>15 to 19 million dead
>23 million wounded military personnel
>do it again 20 years later
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jesus this is bad bait
apply yourself
>Artillery sounded like that when it was hundreds of shells coming constantly
I'm pretty sure he's complaining about the whistle being heard even when it's directly on top of you. You generally won't hear the shells coming straight for you, because they're either supersonic or close to it. Might get a rumble in the latter case, often quoted as sounding like a train, but not that whistle.
Artificial wombs literally when
File: artifical wombs.jpg (1.16 MB, 1957x1296)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG

File: FB_IMG_1568515189073.jpg (41 KB, 700x344)
41 KB
How come Achilles is either black or white? His greatest weakness is finding an actually accurate portrayal.
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But for all you may want to say about it, the 2004 film with Brad Pitt and Eric Bana didn't have the duel as a climax and it made sure to include the tent scene and Hector's funeral
Well je was blond so the Brad Pitt portrayal is not too bad, he simply isn’t tan enough. He should look like a Mediterranean skipper or surfer, with leathery tanned skin and his blond hair bleached further by salt and sun.
He was unironically Korean (Finnish)
this shouldnt be taken literally. he was such a great person he was favored by the gods not to be harmed anywhere but that point. that's the idea behind the autism
It most certainly did. And besides which, it completely skips over the funeral games and Achilles's refusal to take part in the javelin toss, which is crazy important, way more so than Achilles giving the body back to Priam.

You do realize that's not in the Iliad, right? That he even gets wounded on the elbow?

the whole "Achilles is invulnerable except in the heel where his mother held him when dipping him into the Styx" comes from a much, much later Roman work. It wasn't part of the classical Greek body of literature, although I suppose it's wormed its way in. The older stuff had Ajax as the one who was mostly invulnerable, except under the left arm.

File: Becker 1ab.jpg (672 KB, 1600x1071)
672 KB
672 KB JPG
I can't find any historical paralel to it, it would be a world's first.
>former empire whose core lands have survived relatively intact
>20 years later, it has returned some of its strength and it is bound to get even bigger
>unique window of 10-15 years where her rival who brought her down is seemingly going through its very same phase of dissolution
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The US isn't going anywhere any time soon.
it's got a couple decades tops. it's fall is going to be to neoliberalism what the dissolution of the USSR was to socialism

Why exactly do you predict the fall of a society with a relatively monolithic culture, the only economy in the world that seems to be doing something, and total military hegemony?
Because he is a delusional horsefucker, why do you even bother replying?
>relatively monolithic culture
lmao. the only thing that unites americans from regional, racial, religious, and political differences are pedowood and corporate brands. there's no organic blood and soil connection except for injuns and the >25% of the country actually descended from the founding stock.
half the country wants mass deportations and border walls and the other wants open borders and transgender abortions.
the military has the most advanced tech on the entire planet but still can't beat any dedicated insurgency.

one severe depression away from full societal breakdown. you think fat old boomers in retirement homes and retarded zoomers are going to tough it out like the rugged individuals in the 30's? back then 'american' was an actual national identity instead of just a plot of soil

Anybody else read this?
What was your favorite battle to read about?
Mine was a tie between Hessisch-Oldendorf and the triple siege of Turin

P.S. I like how the Jewish conspiracy surrounding the Kipper Wipper hyperinflation was tackled. Essentially it was blown apart because, if I remember correctly, there were only 1 or 2 Jews on Ferdinand's mint consortium and Protestants were among the worst culprits in debasement.
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If you're referring to his quashing the Huguenots, that conflict between that population and the state existed long before Richelieu's ascension.
Second and Thirt Huguenot Rebellion, The Fronde and even the French Revolution was the result of his own actions.
Ugh, I can't remember, didn't he stress freedom of conscience in his later years though? And how did he cause those rebellions?
not him but the cover art is a painting by Feodor Dietz titled Duke of Friesland at the Charge of Wallenstein, I'd say it's an appropriate selection
I personally wouldn't consider the english civil war to be a war directly stemming from the counter reformation since there was no explicitly catholic faction (despite what the roundheads claimed). that being said confessional tension played a pivotal role in causing the war to break out, to the point that it was one of the core contributing factors of the conflict. The reality on the ground was much less cut and dry (as these things always tend to be) but basically the ECW could be summed up as royalists/anglicans vs roundheads/calvinists. I wouldn't be surprised if it was considered part of the european wars of religion but I don't know if that's the case

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