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File: stoic.jpg (370 KB, 1200x1800)
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Is this any historical figure the users of /his/ universally respect?
Pic maybe related?
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Have sex
Of the people who know of him (since he's not european or east asian and as such most of /his/ doesn't know them because most of /his/ are fucking posers) I think everybody agrees Nezahualcoyotl is pretty based

>Was a key player in the formation of the Aztec empire, rallying allies and support along the Eastern side of the Valley of Mexico for the war against Azcapotzalco
>Was a patron of the arts
>Was a poet and philosopher himself
>Designed a variety of dike and aquaduct systems around various Aztec cities, such as Tenochtitlan's dual piped aquaduct that could switch which pipe was used so the other could be cleaned, and the watering system for his palace and imperial garden in Texcoco, that collected water from a mountain range tens of miles away, brought it to a series of channels and pools at a hill to regulate the flow speed, where the water then crossed in an aquaduct over a huge gorge to the a second hill, and the aquaduct formed a circuit around it and dropped water off as waterfalls at key points, which then watered the plants in the imperial gardens below.

Should also be noted that there's an entire book about Nezahualcoyotl and his life/accomplishments called "The Allure of Nezahualcoyotl: Pre-hispanic History, Religion, and Nahua Poetics" which is all about re-examining a lot of the sources talking about that stuff and trying to strip away the Christinization and over-glorification of those accounts, which were often Nezahualcoyotl's descedents.

It doesn't totally reject/dimisss the idea that he was a renowened poet/intellectual or that he didn't design the dike and aquaduct sytems he was said to have, but it does do away with such claims that he totally rejected human sacrirficed, worshipped a singular god, etc

It's a fantastic book both to learn about him in particular, Aztec intellecalism in general, and to see bias can influence our historical records.

The Flower and the Scorpion: Sexuality and Ritual in Early Nahua Culture
File: aztec poetry.png (777 KB, 612x2286)
777 KB
777 KB PNG
also pic related shows some of his poetry
Sex is the evil tool women use to control men.

I made a thread about the evolutionary significance of hymens on /sci/ a few days ago.
It's was decided that it's function was to protect infants and little girls from infection. In terms of it being a cultural symbol of virginity for women in many cultures, is it true that most ancient cultures didn't care much? Was it only Judeo-Christians that started the who started the whole "virgins are desirable" meme?
Is it true ancient Romans preferred to marry women who gave birth earlier and thus weren't virgins as proof that the women was fertile.
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But men do it too.
I think everyone who has sex admits to doing that at one point.
Why would you only focus on women?
Your willy won't fit in the urethra anon, even if you have a literal baby's penis. No worries.
File: 1552298277410.gif (2.75 MB, 320x240)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB GIF
>tfw vagine
not that funny
>women are evolutionarily inclined to be whores
but so are men though

Who has the more historicly ligitimate claim to this land?
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Egypt, obviously. They ruled the Levant up as far as Tripoli long before the Jewish kingdoms arose. If we're going to apply pre-existing claims going back several thousand years, then Egypt clearly has precedence.
The pope
Syria, and the people who lived there since before zionism. (Which can include Jews.)
Israel should be a sub-area of a Greater Syrian state.
holy shit kys historylet

File: 96911db.jpg (119 KB, 1024x768)
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119 KB JPG
History meme/humour thread? I'm new here, are these a thing here? If not they should be
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>Forget to add the word "kill"
I hate myself
1.We don't use the term "meme" here cause its fucking overrated and cringe
2.Don't tell anyone on this board that you are new here (except slow friendly board like /s4s/ /i/ etc) cause everyone here hate newfags
Now lurk moar and make a decent thread next time
Fucking newfags


File: duelpic.png (876 KB, 720x405)
876 KB
876 KB PNG
Why don't we have duels anymore? It seems like the issue of physical confrontation among two men is impossible to avoid no matter what you do. Men have been defending their honor for centuries and what its trickled down to (in my experience) is kids having the most banal pathetic fights in a parking lot of somekind with the video being spread everywhere so no-one is satisfied and usually the two involved in the confrontation get in trouble. I'm in uni now, sophomore year and I still,which i thought was a thing that I would never really see again, find people fighting or having scenarios where a fight will really only bring the issue to a complete close(even in 3am 7-11 parking lots drunkards fighting). Yes I know fighting is a "degenerate" thing but its a unavoidable human event that will continue to happen forever, and "fighting" seems to be always lopsided to the experienced fighter or the bigger man, why don't we bring out a revolver for the two men and let them settle it once and for all? Loser gets six feet
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>kill someone in a fair duel
>family takes revenge
>your family takes revenge on them
>your extended family and friends takes revenge on them
>their extended family and friends takes revenge on them
No they don't, people that enjoy fighting just look past them
Yeah, because they were constantly emasculated and made fun of growing up. Based broad shouldered huge thighed and super jawed Chad's don't need to assert themselves
This but unironically.
I think duels exist but the mechanisms have changed a little bit. I think they are termed paragliding accidents for active reasoning. When they concur to same behaviorism and usually starts by one party besides themselves. Let’s say you Are told to pick up money for a man with agency. So you go to pick up money at a party the person is hosting a party. However you tell them it’s needed now. And he says sorry he is busy. Come back another time. But the person diligently shows more harassment time and time again. And brings out their weapon. So you tell somebody to bring you your weapon. As they are two equal forces. There are children around. So they begin to paraglide the transactions in lead once one side sees the weapon. Duels occur but there are many philosophical debates as to who is to be blamed. Remember Christian law says there is God when there is more than one. Means the sole person who bought out his weapon under sociology is responsible because there were children around. The one who carried the weapon is a proxy for the other agent. Or philosophically an agent serving as proxy. Depends on who wants to vindicate what. Texas became famous for duel laws. And solely entered the US Union on the basis of having a duel law agency.

File: IVC.png (1.03 MB, 657x967)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Tell me about the Indus Valley Civilization.
Were they Dravidian or Iran_N?
Did they have any relation with BMAC and Elam?
What caused their downfall?
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They were Dravidians and I’m not Pojeet you retarded ass autistic zoomer obsessed with race blogs
Ok, let's say they were. Got any source to back that up?
You seem really butthurt with all your projections, friendo.
Came here to call you a fag.
They must have been Iran_N men who bred native south Asian women.
There were many kinds of skulls in the IVC remains. The two of the most prominent ones were Mediterraneanid + Capellid. There were some small and round Australoid skulls as well, but they were also present before the Mediterranean + Capellid incursions.

Would a victorious Nazi Germany have lasted longer than the Soviet Union?
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File: 1552922326248.jpg (157 KB, 589x939)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Not all of /his/ are Amerimutts.
>UK, Italy, Germs, Japs Vs USSR & US

I know who my money is on.
Although we are missing the point. The point is whether the political structure Hitler had built could stand the test of time. We definitely dont need another muh hitler could win thread.
this. also, a "victorious" nazi germany would mean that there's no more threats for them left
>implying they arent actually trying to subvert our board

File: Cicero and Antony.jpg (77 KB, 751x504)
77 KB
Who was in the wrong here?
Antony refers to Crassus as Cicero’s friend in this scene.
But I thought Cicero hated Crassus?
Are you thinking of Pompey? I don't recall much of a relationship between Cicero and Crassues

I’ve just read the Ancient City by Fustel de Coulanges. And it’s one of the most interesting book I have ever read. But it was written 150 years ago. So I wondered if Fustel has been proven wrong and what opinion of him modern scholars have.
his hair is both ridiculous and fantastic, something only artists can pull off
He kinda looks like one of the Monty Python guys.

File: dabsburg.png (36 KB, 524x399)
36 KB
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The same could be said of the average jew and the average white
File: 1536652749049.png (1.05 MB, 1199x454)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
An incompetent king is still preferable to an incompetent mob.
File: 1514558379660.png (84 KB, 239x230)
84 KB

File: mosley.jpg (14 KB, 306x423)
14 KB
So what's the difference between George orwell and Oswald mosley?
You tell me anon.
Ever seen a photo of both of them together?
No I first though they were same people then I realize that they aren't
one went to spain to fight fascists, the other supported said fascists from his warm home

one wrote novels, the other unsucessfuly tried his luck in politics

one had a moustache, the other did not
just wait until you learn that ernst thälmann and adolf hitler were different persons

Why did his own subjects and soldiers abandon and betray him?
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He was just the unluckiest monarch on earth
most of the shit that happened to him he brought on himself
Later during his reign yeah, like how he dealt with unrest or refused reforms. But other monarchs at the time basically got away with similar shit. Also things were pretty bad for him from the start.
>became ruler way too young because his father died
>during the celebration of his coronation thousands died due to a big accident which led to a stampede
>in fact married a wife who disliked him and only agreed to marry due to social obligations
Wasn't it literally the Jews?

>>became ruler way too young because his father died

He was in his late 20s.

File: Ayub_Khan_1972.jpg (685 KB, 1592x2104)
685 KB
685 KB JPG

File: 1555226967138.png (127 KB, 782x758)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
>haha atheists are so stupid. they believe the universe came from nothing.
Religious argument threads are pointless. Thanks for making another one

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