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File: LVYkHAuO.jpg (31 KB, 320x320)
31 KB
Paul came into conflict with Peter and James over the status of the Law, which was supposedly resolved at the Council of Jerusalem.

But Marcion, in his effort to completely cut Judaism off from Christianity rejected all the apostles except Paul. Could this indicate that the conflict between Paul and the apostles was never resolved?

File: Andronovo_culture.png (168 KB, 450x350)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
>Corded Ware is derived from Yamnaya immigrants/colonists(most charts I've seen show around 90% genetic affiliation between CWC and Yamnaya)
>Sintashta and Andronovo are derived from Corded Ware(which seems odd considering geography)
>Yamnaya is heavily insisted upon to be dark featured, did not refer to themselves as "Aryans", etc.
>Andronovo is heavily light haired and light eyed and is generally agreed to have used the endonym "Aryan"

So how exactly is this supposed to work? How did a population's characteristics flip entirely without changing its genetics significantly? It really seems to me like this is political and meant to trigger the natzees.
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The original J people didn't even originate in Europe nor live there. There were EHG with J and that was it. J then came en-masse with the Iran_N invasion in the Late Bronze Age and replaced local R1 haplogroups.
>J is significant because it's fucking 2% of European haplogroups.
2% of ethnically Nordic haplogroups, it's 10% as a whole, and extremely common in Southern Europe.
J could came with already with ANE. This "CHG" admixture could be something from the East of the Caspian area.
Steppe Maykop with tons of EHG also had some "CHG".

Geoksiur_Eneolithic 0.100±0.032
Piedmont_Eneolithic 0.433±0.053
West_Siberia_N 0.467±0.028
chisq 19.155
tail prob 0.159096
Full output

Piedmont_Eneolithic 0.429±0.051
Sarazm_Eneolithic 0.119±0.033

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Look, buddy, J is about as prevalent in Europe as C and Q. it's white noise in the greater scheme of haplogroups
The difference between them, is that J, along with E1b1a and E1b1b, is exponentially increasing as a European haplogroup in it's frequency; meanwhile C, Q, R1, are all substantially decreasing in frequency every day.
CHG meme is already dead and I wish people wouldn't post it anymore.
Piedmont_Eneolithic has more CHG than Yamnaya, so already more than 4000 BC steppe hunter gatherers (not yet pastoralists) were heavily CHG). At the same time Neolithic Caucasus had plenty of Anatolian ancestry. Too much to produce later steppe groups. So this mixing occurred very likely before neolithization of the Caucasus.

What were the Union's soldiers teached in the matter of killing their american brethren? What were the reasons they were given?
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It took Lincoln almost two years to actually emancipate slaves. They don't teach that in public schools though.
Dumbasses also do this with “hang all le rebels” Sherman when he was actually very friendly with former Confederates after the war such as Joseph Johnston, who attended his funeral.

He would take glee in purifying the world of Unionist vermin if he had known what vile plans the North had in store for the world.
"if you disagree with me you look like this" is as timeless as it is pathetic

File: 3810.jpg (59 KB, 720x480)
59 KB
So many people complains about the loss of traditional value. But at least, Europeans were free to chose how to carry their modernization, to develop their own models and ideals. Modern Western society is still rooted in Western tradition in some ways. Same thing with Asians who did undergo a Westernization but still kept their roots with things like the Meiji

Meanwhile, we didn't have this chance. We had to submit to modern European models and values, and to completely abandon who we truly were

We were told by the White man that Western democracy is the best system, but in our societies, presidential elections looks more like ethnic censuses than a way to give power to the "people", whatever the "people" are because our nation states aren't real nations, they are borders that an arrogang pig drew at a conference in Berlin. Most of our intellectuals are Western educated and do not have much roots, and they do nothing but discuss about what next foreign model could possibly work in our countries. One day we should copy the Americans, another day we should copy the Singaporians, another day we should copy the Chinese, another day we should copy the Swedish. But never are our own traditional models discussed. Never is it discussed how we can re-think critically our traditional models and take what is good from it and how it would lead us to prosperity. Even when it comes to language! Most official govermnent documents on this continent are written in French or English or possibly Arabic.

And don't get me started with our diaspora. Those people you enslaved in the Americas and Carribeans, what do you think happened to their traditions and identity? This is what happened :

So, dear White nationalists and conservatives, go fuck yourself with "muh traditions" and "muh identity". You have no idea how many peoples' identity you destroyed, you are the last one who should bitch about the loss of identity and traditional valued.
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>China is the Rome that never fell.
Yeah, except all those times it fell? Your modern state of China is hardly half a century old.
Just the major stuff.

Also, Tiananmen Square Massacre 六四事件 八九民运
Yup, it’s still the fault of Marxists.
The state/existence of China exists the same as it did millenium ago.
>Your modern state of China is hardly half a century old.
It's a successor state.
File: 1563475828996.png (299 KB, 728x544)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>Ping absolutely BTFO

>The state/existence of China exists the same as it did millenium ago.
Lmao no, not at all, in any way.
>It's a successor state.
Lmfao, no. By that logic Italy is a successor state of the Roman Empire and thus Rome never fell. Iran is a successor state of the Persian empire and thus the Sassanids never fell. Turkey is a successor state of Byzantium and thus Byzantium never fell.
Absolutely not, my dude. Cope all you want but no. Doesn't work that way.
To be fair it is a queer as fuck tumblr word.

American Civil War historian Kevin Levin tweeted this out. Explain yourselves.
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Neutral Milk Hotel.

How many?
File: Charge at Chatanooga.jpg (693 KB, 1703x1143)
693 KB
693 KB JPG

I made that pic to make fun of Rick and Morty, seeing as Confederate pregnant Anne Frank makes about as much sense as Abradolf Lincler.

File: Irish nerds lol.jpg (268 KB, 1368x1026)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
Why is an organization that failed twice and had to be given watered down terms so glorified by Americans with 2% Irish ancestry?
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Plastic paddies are sold by the tons
File: IRA lesbian rape.jpg (1.12 MB, 3196x2280)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
>Failed twice
>Republic of Ireland exists
>Catholics are no longer getting mowed down in the streets of Belfast
Seems to me like they achieved their objectives in both conflicts, faggot.
And justifiably so, after the invasion of the Miami Showband
Imagine a group of a couple hundred guys that creates so much butthurt that British people still get triggered about it decades later.
Americans love a freedom fighter, as long as they're white.
That island belongs to the Irish and only the Irish.

So when can we stop blaming world war 1 for everything?
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File: caesar.jpg (49 KB, 640x638)
49 KB
we all know who's really to blame
Yeah but the Austrian Succession thing was it's own start, there's no real precursor war to it.
I would love to see a movie about the French Revolution that's styled in the "Death of Stalin" comedic way. There's just too many characters and gems for it to go to waste.

Plus any chance to make fun of the French is always a positive.
It was another episode of the ages-old Franco-Austrian feud for dominance of Central Europe which had been going on since the 1490s.
France wasn't involved in the Austrian Succession war, it was just Prussia stealing away Silesia since there was a woman on the throne.

File: thad the chad.png (82 KB, 278x391)
82 KB
>the adoption of the measures I advocated at the outset of the war, the arming of the negroes, the slaves of the rebels, is the only way left on earth in which these rebels can be exterminated. They will find that they must treat those States now outside of the Union as conquered provinces and settle them with new men, and drive the present rebels as exiles from this country....They have such determination, energy, and endurance, that nothing but actual extermination or exile or starvation will ever induce them to surrender to this Government.
>—Thaddeus Stevens, U.S. House of Representatives, January 8, 1863

Should the Union have enacted Thad's plan?
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why did he fucking create the barrel of toxic waste in the first place
because it's a shitty analogy that doesn't even merit a response.
dude you are glowing hard with that shit, all I'm saying is that "neo-confederates" should consider all politically centrifugal movements as potential allies because your common enemy is that ascendant class of American, the Yank
>concerning yourself with any horseshit the Lying Press spouts and not with blowing up the Lying Press


Fair enough
>>concerning yourself with any horseshit the Lying Press spouts and not with blowing up the Lying Press
Why don't you go shoot up a church full of little old grannies, you pathetic LARPing faggot?

File: Bosna_regija_update.jpg (102 KB, 326x351)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
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By the way, when SR Bosnia was constituted, Serbs had the plurality.

Now making compromises to make union work might've made some sense, and Serbs gave MOST, but bending over for Croats and Muslims yet another time while they're trying to destroy Yugoslavia and fuck over Serbs made zero sense.

Keep spreading your retarded propaganda though. History didn't start in 1991 or in 1995 as Muslims (now '"Bosniaks'') conveniently imagine.
>Partisans were in reality anti-Serb movement
Not even Abos are as retarded as Serbs.
they stopped croatia from steamrolling bosnia and serbia in the mid 90s and forced through a deal unreasonably beneficial to serbia which was pretty much broken and in no position to gain anything
if not for that bullshit we would probably be living in a new NDH except bigger
also lets not forget how they embargoed the conflict while serbs had all teh weapons and tanks and shit while all we had are ww2 leftover rifles
us generals tried to stop tudjman, tudjman actually went without their knowledge into oluja
serbs lost the unloseable war literally vientam-usa tier as a world power against a bunch of barely armed farmers and then world community still gave them the winning deal and let them keep half of bosnia instead of letting us finish the job
I included Vojvodina in that figure. I'm also aware of the Montenegrin identity, and the feeling they're seperate from Serbs isn't held by everyone in the country since 28.7% identify as Serbs as of 2016.

File: wealth.jpg (73 KB, 679x451)
73 KB
If you make money, you're taking from someone else. That's why it's not possible for wealth to not be zero sum
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Ants/bees/multicellular cells are the best example of a working communist society, since they have dominated the entire world and have done so for over 100 million years. Ant society, although superficially monarchist, is actually communist. The queen is not a ruler, and rather is a worker for the greater good, producing babies. This is the sole reason why ants protect the queen. Not because of any hierarchy, but because the queen helps the workers, so they help her back. Ants have free education, free shelter, and free healthcare. Ants distribute all food to those who need it (for free), have co-operative broodcare, communicate the positions of food to other ants and are extremely altruistic. Not only this, but they are extremely intelligent for their size, being as intelligent as some primates. Ants can build cities, navigate in ways that humans cannot, use the sun as a compass, organize social events, distribute sap that is used as medicine, use larvae as tools, domesticate other animals and farm crops. It is arguable that ants could even be the true dominant civilization on this planet, as they have been around for far longer than humans, are on every continent apart from Antarctica, and they have survived every extinction event for the past 100 million years and came back stronger.
Interesting. What is your best recommended literature on this whole concept of semites vs. Greeks differing in opinion on profit. And how would you reply to someone saying perhaps that is the view of philosophers but not all of Greek society. And that if you went to Persian or Arab philosophers they would say the same (while their respective society continues to seek profit and wealth)?
The Greek path leads to hoarding wisdom, and shares technological progress/wealth with the community, achieving a futurist society that the primitive, yet wealthy, gypsy invades to extract wealth from.

The gypsy path leads to hoarding gold, but is technologically poor, achieving nothing above the primitive state.

The crapitalist is a gypsaic pathogen in the Greek/Wisdom society.

see >>6967067

prof zsolnai writes alot about this subject and the history of semitic profit-seeking vs the attainment of beauty/gnosis

eastern society was merchant-orients (phoenicians), while Greeks focused on gnosis (philosopy)

the ancient Greeks praised communism as the Golden Age. socialists called it "Original affluent society", communists called it "Primitive communism"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
China and India did just fine 500-1000 years ago.
>itt communists prove they don't understand even the most basic economics

Redpill me on these guys.
Are they really just a more insane version of Scientology from China?
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>be monarchist
>wonder why government oppresses you
Marxism is a materialist ideology.
Dr. Strange larping gone too far.
This really actives my almonds.

For example, some poles have blonde hair and blue eyes. Then a bunch have tan skin and sometimes even black hair. Where does that come from and how did that odd genetic difference come in?
305 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
no J is not native nor is J a super majority.
it was brought to BMAC by Indo-Europeans.
It brought recently too you fucking idiot like under 3 thousand years ago.
>40% EEF
nope nope nope it was much less. Ironically, if they were 40% EEF and 60% steppe they would be Swedes exactly.
>plausible for swedes not for any slav
>19th century shit
>Yamnaya don't have any pure descendants
CWC was a pure descendant. The Neolithic admixture was minimal.
seethe harder
File: 1474226009211.png (129 KB, 354x504)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>no J is not native nor is J a super majority.
J was listed as the main haplogroup in the study, retard. How is it not native? There was no R1a in the BMAC too, just some Sintashta and Andronovo women who got taken by BMAC men.
>plausible for swedes not for any slav
Complain to the experts about this fact, physical anthropology has been vindicated by this research anyway.
>J was listed as the main haplogroup in the study, retard. How is it not native?
>physical anthropology has been vindicated by this research
>apparently swarthy iranians are closer to ancient nordic iranics than ancient nordic people are
wow I didnt know these separate races were teh same lol.
You're just using anthropological nonsense from a pre-scientific era to justify your inferior Iranian genes
Just how retarded are you? J existed outside the Caucasus.
>wow I didnt know these separate races were teh same lol.
They are actually considered the same Irano-Afghan is morphologically the same as Corded type. They share the same features and are closer to each other than either are to slav(e)s in terms of features and morphology.

File: 1364955673561.jpg (156 KB, 1024x756)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Why is the McDonald's worker paid not based on the number of burgers they have flipped, fries they have made, and toilets they have cleaned, but rather based on how many hours they have spent doing work?
Because there are many positions in a burger joint and not all of them can flip burgers and wash toilets at the same time. And you dont make the whole burger meny yourself, what about the guy doing the fries? is he entitled to 0.25$ per dollar you make on a sold burger menu?
What about cleaning? Do you measure how many square feet you've cleaned and calculate your wage from that? There is alot of tasks that cant be quantified easily and efficently into money. Sales men like car salesmen are easier. You have a limited amount of products for sale that can be alot easier quantified into a percentage of the profit.

Easier just to set a specific hourly wage for these certain tasks.

File: fl20130716fea-870x604.jpg (113 KB, 870x604)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>innocent emishi
>innocent ainus
>innocent koreans
>innocent nanais
what the fuck was their problem?

File: 004.jpg (6 KB, 378x250)
6 KB
*causes WW2*
41 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>6966647 War between the British and Germans was inevitable since the Germans were beginning to question Britain's naval dominance and their relations to one another weren't the smoothest to begin with. Plus it's foolish to believe that another World War wouldn't have happen, before the creation of Nuclear Weapons there was always going to be another major war no matter who's in charge
Hence it wasn't really about Belgium
>3 front War
Poland wasn’t going to attack Czechoslovakia if it was going to be an all out war.
And if Hungary decided to march north then Romania and Yugoslavia would declare war on them due to a fear of be restoration of the old Kingdom of Hungary.
They are pathedic retards but I wouldn't go this far

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