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I'll start
>Athens was a good democracy
>Rome fell because of Christianity
>Middle Ages bad
>"Enlightment" good
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care to explain why?
Society needs to evolve? Why? What makes this an inherent good?

What constitutes evolution of a society, transition into communism? Fascism? In practice these ideas were destructive and made societies worse.

Besides, by what metric has society not evolved? A little boy of any creed with epilepsy born to people in poverty will have access to world-leading brain surgeons if he needs them, free at point of use. He will never starve. Ever. He will probably never actually be hungry.
He will be educated, if he wants, and potentially to the point of being about to change the world if he has the capability. How different is his lot to a child in the 50s, the 20s?
How the fuck is the society he is born into substantially the same as the one his great great grandfather was born into?

Lmao no
That's a shit looking party desu
Yes you contrarian chucklefuck, freedom and wealth are amazing.

The only reason you can even consider alternatives is you have no comprehension of them at all.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/10686905/ tooth decay a leading cause of death 200 years ago

Actual oppression:

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_rights_in_China <- Top down autocracy, competently done and working as intended

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_rights_in_North_Korea <- Incompetently done

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_rights_in_Chad <-rape as a tool of oppression. Not meme """rape """, 'strip or die' rape.

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File: map_orkneycaithness.jpg (72 KB, 562x360)
72 KB
Anybody have any interesting history about this region of Scotland and the Clans that hail from this region. Both my parents' ancestors came from here before they emigrated to North America in the 1600's and 1800's respectively.

I've been reading the history of the Clan that gave me my name, and I'd really like some more context for this stuff since I've been mostly occupied with the more traceable parts of my family's history in America.

Assume I know nothing about the history of Scotland and the Islands besides the most basic shit. What do I need to know?

I've been reading a book on Clan We Wuz Badass Vikang Sword Guys and it becomes hard to follow because I'm not sure what was going on outside of this group of Highland Norsemen just family feuding with literally everyone and a lot of important sounding historical people and events are namedropped all the time.

Fill me in on whatever you got.

File: mc2.png (35 KB, 1265x733)
35 KB
itt we draw a historical event, others have to guess what it is
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USS BIG BALLS Johnston vs Admiral Kurita's center force
the mongolian baron
Russians retreating at Austerlitz across a frozen lake and being pounded by French artillery.
ARVN soldiers trying to jump on that plane during the fall of da nang?
Indian Airlines Flight 814

File: 1552735271035.jpg (152 KB, 640x480)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
>Philosophy professor believes in a specific, personal god
Yeah, themselves.
>academic philosophy
>taking a philosophy class
>taking a philosophy class

File: american-west.jpg (262 KB, 1548x990)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
Post the comfiest eras/places
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File: Iron Age Village UK.jpg (268 KB, 1300x953)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
File: roman beaches.jpg (830 KB, 2500x1201)
830 KB
830 KB JPG
Tamriel under Uriel Septim.
poor as fuck but not crime-ridden like modern day USA, Mexico or Africa
and degenerates were hanged

File: 0e8.png (16 KB, 923x713)
16 KB
>potato famine was caused by protectionist policies
>Wikipedia article claims it was due to laissez-faire policies
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The Corn Laws were repealed in 1846 before there was any significant excess mortality.
I haven't made an argument that fishing could have solved the famine, I think people that say that are retarded.
Why didnt they fish
They were abolished in 1849. The process was an incremental reduction in duties from 1846 to 1849.

There were many attempts to reinstate these laws/overturning the repeal by the powerful landlords and landowners who were profiting the most from the food shortages. The guys in parliament that criticized the Whig's anti-protectionism accused the press Whigs of exaggerating the crisis.
As ashamed as I am to say it, I might have started all this
>why didn't they just fish
In older threads about the famine fucking forever ago, I used to samefag posting "why didn't they just fish??" so I could reply to myself with a carlos saying "because anglos keep taking the bait"

sorry lads

File: jewish_barbarism.jpg (858 KB, 1024x870)
858 KB
858 KB JPG
Why did the USSR destroy the Aral sea?
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Isn't that cognitive dissonance though? How could they claim jews were both behind communism and big businesses and banks

Your mistake was thinking artists are rational people.
1) Paranoia isn't rational.
2) They didn't see a contradiction because, for them, both international labour and international capital were conspiring against the nation-state. They didn't like foreign workers, they didn't like foreign companies, they didn't like like foreign banks, etc.
3) Big businesses and banks from the west did cooperate with the Bolsheviks. It just wasn't a jewish thing, it was a mutual benefit thing: businesses got paid, banks got interest, the bolsheviks got technology and expertise - race wasn't a factor.
Wasn't it because of a botched project of sorts which was abandoned when the Soviet Union collapsed?
It became two botched projects of sorts by two countries that can't coordinate for shit.

File: 1553030918057.jpg (47 KB, 640x480)
47 KB
Why didn't they just land on another beach?
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Subhuman hordes of American human waves at Omaha overwhelmed the German Ubermensch

>Hell, Hitler was convinced that the Normandy landings were just a diversion for the real landing at Calais even hours after getting the news.

That is a postwar lie

it was ROMMEL who thought the landing would be in calais and he had a big fight with general von schweppenburg about it. schweppenburg wanted an armoured reserve more inland to defend from paratroopers. Hitler intervened and put the armoured reserves into normandy because HE hilariously was expecting them not attacking calais

rommel was still believing calais was the target on the 8th of june and wasnt even there on invasion day because was celebrating the birthday of his wife. he didnt even answer the phone

tldr. german generals stupid, hilter was right in hindsight

sauce, some german books about dday and this excellent but old investigative SPIEGEL articles


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: poo head wojak.png (129 KB, 900x729)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>Because paratroopers honestly suck ass.
Staff talk on the 8th June

Rommel gab zurück: "Darf ich darauf hinweisen, daß Feind bis jetzt nur eine Heeresgruppe eingesetzt hat und deshalb vermieden werden soll, aus dem Bereich der 15. Armee, insbesondere von Calais, Kräfte abzuziehen?"

Ruhig wiederholte Jodl: "Mit einer zweiten Landung ist nicht zu rechnen."


Rommel said: Am i allowed to say that the enemy has only put one Army Group into action and it should be avoided to draw troops from the 15. Army, especially from Calais ?

Jodl answers calmy: There are no signs of a second landing

Roamed the skies above the normandy theatre, stalking them at chokepoints that the strategic air campaign had created.

As the mass of men and material washed ashore the german defenders where cut-off from their comrades and resupply. Airpower made it possible to logistically isolate the beachhead from the rest of the continent and allowed the Allies to build on their victory after the first foothold was secured. See picrelated for the airplan for Overlord.

The tactical "airfront" of mobile fighters and fighter-bombers that moved with the highly mobile advancing forces meant that assuming tolerable weather, allied commanders could at any point call in massive amounts of firepower from the air anywhere in the battlespace. German commanders had no such luxury.

Summing up, it was victory in the air that secured the seas for the invading fleet, it was victory in the air that crippled the German ability to counter-attack the beachhead and it was victory in the air that paved the road to Paris and finally to the Reich itself.

So, if you're looking for a critical element that made invasion and the liberation of France a success, don't look the the coast or the sea, look up.

File: 1544073093242.jpg (146 KB, 800x1185)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
If man was made to be ruled, then who was made to do the ruling?
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cute girls
Who's the artist? I fucking love cute girls god damn

Wild West > Medieval Europe
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Fuck zoomer niggers
11th century anatolia>everything else
australia was wild west on cocaine boyz

I bet you have read 0 history books about the wild west and made this thread after playing a videogame.

Who is better at history podcasts? Mike Duncan or Dan Carlin?
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File: Dan22.jpg (623 KB, 2025x1728)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
For me, it's Bolelliman
Carlinnis really good at bringing ancient history to life, medieval too, but his modern histoory is meh.
File: jl5zlnw5f4hz.png (312 KB, 500x430)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
John Green vs Mike Duncan in a fist fight, who would win?
File: grug.png (206 KB, 1202x1200)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
File: indy.jpg (62 KB, 1136x640)
62 KB

File: History.jpg (485 KB, 1440x600)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
We are already seeing today in the academy lots of people trying to impose and push their revisionism, blatantly rewritten history in favor of their political beliefs, and they will sucede with that of course with public support, that lead me to the question, is the entire history of mankind a complete lie? is it all a product of earlier rewrittings over rewrittings
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File: Ptbw9yH.jpg (48 KB, 800x522)
48 KB
I am a doctor, I just like reading history when I ain't ripping people apart
Ofcourse it is. Whenever you find archeological or whatever evidence you can interpret it in a certain way. The fact that most if not all scientific reports are locked behind a pay wall makes people shy away from checking the methods of the guy who did the research. So basically he can say whatever he wants and most people will just assume that he is telling the truth because of their blind belief in science and the people representing it.
>is it all a product of earlier rewrittings over rewrittings

Roger Bacon once heard a commotion outside his window. Looking down, he saw a brawl in the street.

Curious, he went down and began asking onlookers what had happened, why. After 20 minutes or so he came back inside, and threw all his history books on the fire.
Interesting tale

File: dakuten_l.png (8 KB, 700x252)
8 KB
Seems like it would reduce the ambiguity in transliterating certain foreign words. If some Japanese people can't pronounce them, they can just ignore the dakuten and nothing is lost.
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Japan has too many homophones and due to their language they grow up without words with a la li lu le lo in them. Thus they can't pronounced such sounds naturally and have to either force themselves to pronounce those sounds or have learnt a language with those sounds while young. Americans in WW2 would even shout Lalapalooza to determine if there were Japs around as they would only be able to say Raraparooza in response

If homophones were such an issue Japanese should have problems understanding each other in speech then.
Homophones in Japanese tends to occur when the word is made from a combination of the Kanji selected by its meaning.
When Japanese speaks each other we tend to use Japanese origin words frequently just like English speaker use English origin words.
As you say,we must use a lot of homophone words and sometimes confuses us.
To avoid this,we change kun-yomi to on-yomi,vice versa, of a homophone words.
for example,

This one is used when we speak about schools.
Those are usually written in kana regardless.

File: 8do1rnj7eeq11.jpg (1.63 MB, 4032x3024)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
Tell me about Eastern Catholicism.
>tell me about shit
it smells bad, looks bad, and probably tastes bad yet there are still people who are into it
First of all, it's a blanket term. What Eastern Catholic groups have in common is simply that they're not Western Catholic. The main elements are Syro-Catholics from Asia and Greco/Slavico-Catholics from Eastern Europe, among others. The oldest significant group is the Maronites of Lebanon, who joined the Roman Catholic Church shortly after it was formed. They're Syro-Catholics. Eastern Catholic Churches gained fixed rights and regulations around the 18th century. Missionaries who helped these groups grow were assisted by the power of Catholic monarchies like France. Furthermore, the Western Catholicism itself has grown next to these communities in some cases. For instance, the East Asians, whose indigenous manner of worship disappeared around the 15th century, do not seem to be part of Eastern Catholic Churches but Latin Catholic ones, or rather 'the' Latin Catholic one.
The Asian caths are lit

I've tried to track down the origin of red haired people with no luck, all I see at the end of the tunnel is a sign with two populations, Irish and Udmurts. What does that mean? Are they related, who was first?

Apparently red hair is associated with the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R).

>For a child's red hair is not explained by the foods, vitamins or lifestyle of a pregnant mother, but by a good old return to biological reductionism. Genes are at work, and we need to understand their Mendelian inheritance or, perhaps more likely, in Sam Shuster's memorable words, their "role in the genetic haystack of life".

>Redheads today are commonly associated with the Celtic nations.

>In Ireland, the percentage of population with red hair is estimated to be at around 10%, making it the world's highest concentrated population of red heads.

>Scotland as whole has a higher percentage than Ireland, 36.5 per cent as against 34.7 according to a survey taken by BritainsDNA.

> Victorian era ethnographers considered the Udmurt people of the Volga Region in Russia to be "the most red-headed men in the world",[18] a claim which has a solid basis even today, as the Volga region has more redheads per population than anywhere else in the world with the exception of Ireland.

>The Berber populations of Morocco[20] and northern Algeria have occasional redheads.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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y dna haplogroups are not going to be relevant.

it was usually dark haired men impregnated red haired women.

the same happened with the spread of blonde hair in europe. dark haired men were competing for blonde women. it was rare for it to happen the other way
Red hair and blue eye alleles are ancient, oldest found around the Middle East, so far.
Which sample are you referring to?
My grandmother have a red hair weirdly
Wrong, the Caucasus is not the middle east.

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