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File: IRA and gadaffi.jpg (47 KB, 552x616)
47 KB
What are some historical unlikely alliances?
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>chickens don't matter, eggs are what matters
File: IRA.png (569 KB, 552x716)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
He means Ireland is 81% irish
>Bomb Schools and Churches
At least get some of the targets right.
Self-styled anti-imperialists endorsing third-world leftist tin-pot dictators is nothing out of the ordinary. But what's astonishing is that Gaddafi had the stones to arm and finance an insurgency in the core territory what had been until recently a global hegemon and superpower.

File: Untitled.jpg (307 KB, 652x1002)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Is Roger Crowly a good historian? I am thinking about buying pic related from him since the subjects seem interesting and underrated. Anyone read this guy and his works? What do you think?

Any other interesting and often ignored subjects I should get into? Any other authors I should know?
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t. nordicist
I don't think it's a good summary of the actual events. Unless you call 1204 THE CLASH of CATHOLICISM and THE WEST.
Fuck off
>City of How Venice Ruled the Seas Fortune
What did he mean by this, /his/?
It's "City of New York Times Best Seller, How Venice Ruled the Seas Empires: Fortune of the Sea"

File: file.png (365 KB, 1440x933)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
Is this historically accurate?
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>Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent

Wtf I love jews now
File: 1485833334788.jpg (162 KB, 1000x830)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
You and every right-winger that dreams of an ethno-state of their own.
I heard something about how the egyptian captivity might be total crap but the Hebrews were hired as mercenaries, which would make sense given this was around the bronze age collapse and all the major powers were getting their shit pushed in

File: myancestors.jpg (1.45 MB, 2958x993)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
What was the greatest army in history?
Do my ancestors make it to the n1 spot?
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File: legionary.gif (24 KB, 255x428)
24 KB
File: 151672.jpg (774 KB, 1441x908)
774 KB
774 KB JPG
Unironically this
given the geostrategic advantage of the US the US army is nothing special
this is the only right answer
File: Gembloux.jpg (131 KB, 324x875)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Not better than Tercios at their peak.
That’s a JUST battle if I’ve ever seen one.

File: FJE2-JgL_400x400.jpg (21 KB, 400x400)
21 KB
So we are in agreement? Religion is fundamentally intolerable to the dignity of Man.

File: download (19).jpg (7 KB, 194x260)
7 KB
Why does everything be, instead of not be?
File: 1435374524854.jpg (209 KB, 1439x1080)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
nothingness is impossible without something
because not to be cannot exist without being

>proving a negative
Why do you think that non-being was at all a viable alternative to being?

File: aEB9YEO_460s.jpg (49 KB, 460x581)
49 KB
Why do people in this board demonize Hitler while viewing Napoleon in a favorable light? Things that are commonly-attributed to Napoleon:
>napoleonic code
Wasn't even invented by him, not even under his order.
>nationalist military (esprit de corps)
Invented by the French reformist generals (later revolutionaries), again claimed by him (like what Hitler did).
>restoring the order in France
Got booted out by the assembly, only managed to gain power through sheer demagoguery (again, like Hitler).
>liberating Europe from the old tyranny
Lmao yeah, like what Hitler did to Europe. Some local bully who didn't care about the territories he conquered (Spain, Naples), the enemies he subdued (Prussia, Austria, Russia) or even France itself.
>protecting the ideas of Enlightenment
By being a new tyrant, persecuting everyone he didn't like for no reason at all. Installed his relatives and other incompetent people into power through nepotism. Hitler tier obsession for absolute power.
>inventing new military tactics
Which only worked for some time against old generals until everyone picked up his easily-learned cheap tricks, while he remained stubborn and prideful to the end, never learning from his mistakes. A lot of his battles were won through sheer luck (similar to the Battle of France, 1940). Lost in Waterloo, a battle he should have easily won. I don't need to remind you about the disastrous Russian campaign.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Napoleonic propaganda.
Hitler wanted to genocide millions of people while Napoleon only wanted to occupy and assimilate territory
Sorry Hitler, Europe still doesn't wanna go to prom with you.
> Hitler liberated Europe from tyranny
>Hitler wanted to genocide millions of people
The Final Solution was just that, a final solution. It was his last-ditch effort to justify his ideology.
>Napoleon only wanted to occupy and assimilate territory
Well, he didn't do it really well then, as shown in Spain, Naples or everywhere else really, and other people were fed up with him. In this sense, he's similar to Hitler, in that he promised to 'liberate' Europe from the old order (old monarchy for him, Jewish international order for Hitler), only to end up giving them the harshest terms he could squeeze out of them, because he failed at any kind of diplomacy that didn't involve crushing the other party or dominating them (which isn't diplomacy at all, to be frank). That was a delusion born out of pride. A hubris.

Also, he hated women and blacks/mulattoes like Dumas.

>what is sarcasm

File: Property_Castle_7.jpg (540 KB, 1920x1080)
540 KB
540 KB JPG
How was life quality in castles during medieval times? What heating system did they use? Were they cold during the winter?
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t. dark ages believer

This sounds entirely plausible. From what we know of pre-modern buildings, they were terrible when it came to heating and energy efficiency.
File: 1471892065911.jpg (11 KB, 122x169)
11 KB
You don't even need to make it a dark age for all of what >>5817965 said to be true. Roman forts probably sucked just as much as medieval castles. There was almost no capability for vermin control other than having a cat around to cut down on the mice or lucking upon some insect repellent herb (which you wouldn't be able to distinguish from the snake oil herbs that weren't actually insect repellent), no modern insulation (so it's always too hot in the summer and always too cold in the winter), and no modern standards of hygiene. The fact is that the quality of life in medieval castles fucking sucked, mostly because they existed as power projection and were not luxury mansions. But nobody cared at the time because the overall standard of living was shit, and had always been shit. Nobody complains about bad insulation or nonexistent plumbing until you experience what modern standards have to offer. That's also the reason why generation after generation complains about new technology making the youth weak, because it always does.

Ask yourself this: when the military need for them had ended, did rich people keep building castles just to live in them?

They were heat sinks that were impossible to keep warm unless you had a fucking bonfire at one end of the room 24/7. You know why tapestries were a thing in the middle ages? Because the rooms were so fucking cold they had to hang them with insulation.

Also, castles were so big it was almost impossible to keep on top of repairs fully, so there would always be rooms with a leaking roof or a warped window frame or whatever to make it that extra bit miserable to live in.

And on top of everything else, castles were made first and foremost with defence in mind, so they were /designed/ to be difficult to get around. Narrow passages and small doors. I don't know if you've ever see a staircase in a castle, but I've seen plenty and I can tell you that going up and down every damn day would get old real fast (also, they always spiralled clockwise to give the advantage to a right handed person fighting people coming from below. Not really part of my point, just a neat fact).
No wonder why did every noble who could build a comfortable house either within the castle or in the town/village he controlled.

File: napoleon.jpg (52 KB, 500x473)
52 KB
What does this gesture means? I've seen other important historical figures do it and i dont quite remember what it means.
Wasn't something relegated to masonry?
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Hands in pockets was a working class thing. Gentry shouldn't be seen doing it.
Stalin actually had pox ridden hand.
File: Motsv.jpg (46 KB, 550x822)
46 KB
Some Mason shit.
This is exactly where the gossip came from, but I can't be assed to look it up.
Also, it wasn't a big deal among artillerists.
File: William_Howard_Taft.jpg (216 KB, 830x1080)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Ay yo FUCK you, man.

Just how great were the 1920's?
Pretty great for everyone but Europeans

Why do you think music, poetry adn philosophy flourished in germany? Of course they prospered in other countries as well, but it seems like germany had not only had a headstart but was also home to most of the greats. Keep in mind that back in the day Austria and Germany were one nation until the 1860's and even now you could argue that culturally Austria is basically germany.

Here are 2 theories:

>Theory 1: Protestant Revolution
After the prostentant revolution spirituality was thought to be of the individual rather than the previous belief
of a priest being the link to god and the answers one might have about life.

>Theory 2: Mr. Gutenberg and the printing press
Transformed communication, threatened the power of political and religious leaders, allowed for the middle class to emerge since literacy wasn't exclusively for the rich anymore, allowing a massive variety of people to get into culture.

Any other theories?
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England, France, Italy, and Russia
Assuming you're talking about Europe through history:
Poetry didn’t. Philosophy did, but to a much smaller extent than most people think.
Did it really have a headstart?
seemed like it came very late in the game during the late enlightenment, before it was France that was the art center and before that it was Italy.

German culture started flourishing pretty much by being the Rome to Austria's Athens. Austria's culture flourished because of their power and influence and Germany being close could easily get their people to go the Vienna and Prague to learn from the scholars and artists at the time.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
This so much.
File: pp.jpg (61 KB, 645x463)
61 KB
File: Mieczyslaw Moczar.jpg (39 KB, 644x589)
39 KB
Was he nazbol?

>The so-called ‘partisan’ wing of the ruling Polish United Workers Party in the 1960s was led by the Interior Minister,General Mieczyslaw Moczar. Moczar gathered around himself a significant group of war veterans (hence the group’s popular name), younger party cadres, military and security personnel and bureaucrats, as well as some writers and artists. They were unified by an eclectic
ideology that combined socialism with patriotic pathos, praised the heroic aspects of national history and expressed hostility to all forms of alleged ‘cosmopolitanism’. The ‘partisans’ venom was directed against ‘revisionists’ - a code word for leftist dissidents and members of the liberal wing of the party who were regarded as an obstacle towards building a more authoritarian nationalist regime. Jews, too, were an obvious target of the ‘partisans’ growing anger. The ‘partisans’ believed the party could regain public support by publicly purging itself of Jews and by employing nationalist rhetoric. The aim of the
‘partisans’ was to construct a system of national communism, with a mixture of communist, nationalist and populist ideology

File: stuffiread.png (117 KB, 1392x812)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
I've been researching the history of occultism in Nazi Germany recently. In addition to Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke's books, I've read everything in pic related. I'm intending to do a large writing project on this based on the literature available in English, but I'm having trouble finding good sources. Some of the books in pic related were entertaining, but hardly scholarly.

Can you suggest some good books on the subject to me that I haven't read?
spear of destiny
You will of course link your blogpost or essay whatever here when you finish yes?
Sounds interesting

File: sadWWIGermPow.jpg (46 KB, 450x670)
46 KB
How much credibility is there to the notion that Germany was winning the war before the American entry into the war? When you look at things objectively
1. they were desperately short on troops even before the American entry
2. They lacked motor vehicles and tanks which were becoming more and more important in the second half of the war
3. lacked oil
4. lacked rubber
5. was hungry from blockade
6. the assessment of the German "near-victory" typically relies on the collapse of the Russian front in 1917 and how that allowed German soldiers to move to the West; my take-away would be that the Germans were already losing the war prior to 1917 and only received a breathing room from the collapse of Russia, not sure why so many people choose to read things differently.
7. own allies are in a state of collapse
8. Britain and France have an endless supply of Indian and black BVlLLs to throw into the German meat grinder
9. Even China and Japan are involved in the conflict on the Allied side though on a limited manner
10. can't even get revolutionary Mexico to create a border war/crisis that will keep America distracted even when they offer to pay for the guns!

Without underrating the role the US played in bringing a speedy end to WWI, I just can't see the Germans winning this one. The whole meme about the perfidious Anglo/Wilson's banisters friends/the Zionist lobby in the US (yes, they existed back then) all conspiring to bring the US into the war and defeat Germany falls flat to me.
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The fact that the American devil dogs were using 1914 tactics is what stopped the Germans to begin with

They would suicidally rush machine gun nests overwhelmed Germans that hadn't seen such (frankly ludicrous ) tactics in years. The Americans pushed back the Germans at the cost of mass casualties. Also those French and British weapons only existed thanks to American supplies, resources, and credit.
>U boat attacks drop almost exactly at the time that the US entered the war
It also coincides with, as you said, the point where they were about a month away from starvation. Think that might have also kicked their asses into gear?
>The Americans had a big impact
Don't talk such rot.
The only reason Britain was so close to starving was because they didn't have the ships to prevent U boat attacks. They didn't have the ships because their merchant marine was spread all across the globe and they still had to maintain their enormous expensive empire and keep their sea trade alive. All Germany had to do was surround one island with u boats.

America didn't just impact the war they won it
File: 1449052732763.jpg (57 KB, 589x334)
57 KB

File: frizz.jpg (30 KB, 480x360)
30 KB
>Medical sciences
doctors and nurses

>first responders
police, firefighters, EMTs

teachers and universities

all crime

What else will always be an unchanging staple in life even into the far future?
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File: 1524664925780.jpg (16 KB, 214x317)
16 KB
Military Function of a society
True freedom is having the ability to improve yourself. Why do people think evil and bad decision making in general are explained by the existence of free will? Why would a free being desire something that only harms him in the end?
this post worst post
War. We'll always have some reason to kill those weirdos on the other side of the river.
>We must end democracy
Technocracy is the only path for success.

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