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Who are some underrated Romanians?
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Nicolae Ceausescu
File: legiunea.png (16 KB, 417x141)
16 KB
all members of the Legion
File: 3ata32d.png (158 KB, 284x632)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
But... He did?
him, dracula and my linear algebra teacher are literally the only romanians anyone knows

File: thucydides_0.jpg (217 KB, 1587x1920)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Is a history degree worth it?
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Youtube is actually an amazing resource, and the idea you could learn almost as much as a degree on there is definitely. But for the love of god don't watch those youtubers.
You are joking right?
99% of what you'll learn from there will be european and maybe asian history and that's it
I'm actually curious about this: is there any YouTubers that teach stuff like interrogating sources, etc, i.e., the work of history, rather than history itself?
If you want to teach history for a living, yes. If not then no

File: file2.jpg (2.33 MB, 4032x3024)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
Any history/anthropology/archaeology majors in college here? How are you liking it so far?

What are you specializing in? What kind of jobs are you aiming for
>>6155578 is the thread you want friend, happy to answer any questions you may have

File: 1528390826576.jpg (569 KB, 1080x1493)
569 KB
569 KB JPG
I am starting to think that the way the europeans colonized, doesn't really suit them. Europeans can't be that nefarious and smart.
We know about 40% of slave owners in america were jewish.
Could it be jews were heading the conquistadors and east india company?
Does it mean all those empires were in reality jewish and european?
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not on me and I don't care enough to find it.

if I remember correctly something like half of southern Jews were slaveholders. This wasn't hard to accomplish, cause there weren't that many southern Jews and they were generally wealthier.

I could be inaccurate regarding the exact figure, but I know for sure that southern Jews were significantly more likely to hold slaves than regular whites and hence their involvement can be said to have been disproportionate to their representation in the general population.
According to?
File: js.jpg (112 KB, 706x591)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>We know about 40% of slave owners in america were jewish.
you're fucking this statistic up, if you got it from anywhere it probably meant that 40% of American Jews owned slaves.

Why some countries in latin America like to pretend their culture have nothing to do with Europe and Spain? I understand it's related with indeginismo but how Mexicans are able to portray themselves as true descendants of the Aztecs while practicing catholicism and speaking spanish?
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Most of them are Mesruzos/pardos are very butthurt about being oppressed and at the bottom of a racial hierarchy for centuries not to mention being angry that the native culture was destroyed and the survivors mixed with European conquerors. To make themselves feel better they pretend that never happened.
I've seen Mexicans claim to be "native" despite how unlikely that is. The real natives still live in isolated villages and don't speak Spanish.
File: 1548981583713 (1).jpg (192 KB, 630x700)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Cubans larp as yoruba Catholics
>How Mexicans are able to portray themselves as true descendants of the Aztecs while practicing catholicism?
How can euros and anglos say they're white while practicing christianism?
>How can euros and anglos say they're white while practicing christianism?
Because christianity is basically neoplatonism with stoic ethics.

Is he right? Are Europeans Neanderthals? He says genetic studies are Jewish propaganda and that Europeans are actually evolved Neanderthals.
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Some views once dismissed as the LARPing of 19th century nationalists has been vindicated though. For instance, we know now thanks to molecular biology that there were indeed large population turnovers during the Bronze Age driven by migrations of peoples, and that they involved strongly sex biased admixture.
He only thinks scientific findings are jewish when he doesn't like the results, the second there's something that he likes the sound of he changes his tune.

He's an arrogant wewuzzing fool
Here’s a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t trust trust somebody who shits in a bucket and runs around recording himself playing counter strike with sticks in the middle of nowhere
File: 1491957369371.png (146 KB, 671x519)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
And how does he know where Europeans evolved from if genetics science is jewish? Did he found an ancient viking scroll with the history of humanity or something?
Varg does not believe that though. He thinks Europeans are pure Neanderthals who evolved through the ages and that Indo-Europeans had no major impact on the people.

File: hans.jpg (376 KB, 1600x1063)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
>Fighting house to house/room to room with k98
>Only certain teams are outfitted with sub machine guns
>Panzers useless in the streets
>Stukas unironically bomb their own side

Uhh, Hans?
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Literally his most famous book is all about how what you're saying is a myth and the Red Army became extremely competent from about Case Blue onwards.

Of all the lies you could have told you went for claiming that the greatest and most credible proponent of the soviets being highly competent believing the exact opposite of that.

In fact, what Glantz says explicitly is that he believes that with NO lend lease and NO western front, the soviets would still have captured Berlin and beaten Germany by around Spring of 1946.
>it's a Wermachtboo episode
File: hqdefault.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
>Mein Fuhrer... Steiner...
File: 143725172359.jpg (44 KB, 576x960)
44 KB
>German memoris
File: Autism.webm (2.12 MB, 500x375)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB WEBM
>Steiner's assault

File: main_1200.jpg (93 KB, 1200x796)
93 KB
Why did western society start falling apart in the 1970's?w

>massive pollution
>high crime rates and corruption
>massive urban decay
>high drug use
>widespread left-wing terrorism
>collapsing economy, stagflation
>energy crisis
>terrible aesthetics(fashion, hairstyles, color palette, vehicles, architecture, interior design)
>massive social unrest and rioting

Literally the only good thing about the 1970's was the music, thankfully everything started recovering by the mid 1980's.
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But not only. Sandniggers too.
I'm not >>6156078 but what does Shadilay have to do with anything?
It's just some burrhurt retard with /pol/ living rent free in xir head
Shadilay is an italo-disco song that has been appropriated by /pol/ during the 2016 American elections. Unless that guy can name 5 songs other than Shadilay, he doesn't actually like italo-disco, he's just a memeing /pol/tard
College became expected and jammed it's way between 'adolescence' and 'kids' in the trademarked western life cycle.

File: 19-0095M.jpg (698 KB, 2102x2913)
698 KB
698 KB JPG
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>no arguments
Thought so
File: 1385656882736.jpg (34 KB, 285x242)
34 KB
>arguing with jews
>i-i wasn't trying to argue, ha g-gotcha
Truly subhuman
Well think about it this way, how did boomers get so selfish and spoiled? Because their parents let them be that way.

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (77 KB, 1280x720)
77 KB
In honor of black history month. Has the nile been the most influential river in human history?
45 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
We were talking about North Africans, not Bantus.
Anyway, it's just an inherent racism present in that community due to them historically enslaving Bantu Africans from countries like Mozambique and Tanzania. In Somalia they've always been 2nd class essentially, to the point where there are racial slurs for them. The same applies to Ethiopians except for them it's targeted more towards the Nilotic and Omotic groups in the country.
They don't really give a shit about being hated by everybody.
>everyone hates them
Not really.
Also in Africa and outside of Somalia, Somalis are pretty damn successful and are viewed as an entrepreneurial people. In places like South Africa you get some of the animals over there burning and looting Somali-owned kiosks, shops and businesses. A big part of it is being a very visible minority within Africa. They stand out like sore thumbs compared to everybody else.
>only have something against Bantu peoples for some weird reason.

Bantus were slaves in pre-colonial era Somalia. It's racism left over from that period of our history.

They always post this wtf is this?>>6155172
Just reverse search the image on Google

File: Karl_XII_1706.jpg (16 KB, 220x319)
16 KB
the only thing that ever embraced him was a Norwegian musket ball.

>Carolus the failure gets jerked off over
>Adolphus, the actually successful gets ignored
File: se.jpg (255 KB, 1700x691)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
The garrison of Fort Frederiksten was Norwegian?

File: Trưng sisters.jpg (148 KB, 1280x720)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
The Vietnamese account of the war between the Vietnamese Trưng sisters and China's Han dynasty.

When China was ruling Vietnam in the Han dynasty the Vietnamese Trưng sisters started a rebellion raising a Vietnamese female army of 80,000 soldiers and thirty six female Vietnamese generals. The Vietnamese Trưng sisters and their thirty six female generals defeated the Chinese first liberating their own village. They then captured 65 cities and citadels across Vietnam after defeating the Chinese armies. The Trưng sisters became queens of an independent Vietnam for three years after driving the Chinese out.

Vietnamese female general Phùng Thị Chính fought her battles with her baby in one hand and a sword in the other killing Chinese soldiers with it. Another Vietnamese female general Phật Nguyệt was said to have caused the most terror to Chinese soldiers. All of the Chinese soldiers were male.

The Han dynasty sent Ma Yuan to reconquer Vietnam. Vietnamese traditions say the all Chinese male army commanded by General Ma Yuan stripped completely naked to fight the Vietnamese female army of the Trưng sisters. Ma Yuan allegedly told his soldiers that whoever could capture the Trưng sisters alive could take them as their wives.

The Chinese men were ordered to strip naked to surprise and shock the Vietnamese women. At first the Trung sisters were shocked and faltered back as naked Chinese men charged towards them but they and their female generals regrouped and made a stand. The Trưng Sisters and their female Vietnamese generals and army fought fiercely cutting down and killing thousands of naked Chinese men as they charged. They cut the heads off thousands of Chinese so the heads and naked corpses piled up. The Chinese army was larger and endless waves of Chinese soldiers kept coming to attack them so the Trưng sisters decided to fight their way out of the battle cutting a path through the Chinese army and committed suicide by jumping in a river.
57 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

>tfw on phone couldn't post this
>kind anon saves the day
The Vietnamese stories said that because Vietnamese women are modest and virtuous the Chinese believed they would be shocked by seeing naked men in battle. They said the tactic worked at first causing surprise and shock so that the Vietnamese faltered leading soldiers to break away critically weakening the Vietnamese army when they saw their Queen hesitate. But the Trưng sisters regained their composure and several of their female generals including Phùng Thị Chính stood their ground continuing to fight the naked Chinese men. According to the Vietnamese story the Chinese surrounded Phùng Thị Chính on all sides and they wanted to capture her to force her to become a wife to the Chinese general.

The remaining Vietnamese women were outnumbered since their soldiers left the battle and the Chinese army was larger so they saw no chance of winning the war. The Vietnamese stories say the Vietnamese women escaped by hacking their way out the battle killing many naked Chinese men and the Trưng sisters went to the River Đáy. They committed suicide by drowning after reaching the river so they wouldn't be captured by the Chinese and forced to become their wives. Phùng Thị Chính who hacked her way out and continued to resist later went to the river and drowned herself there for the same reason. Other female generals drowned themselves or escaped into the civilian population to avoid capture and forced marriage. The Chinese claim they captured and beheaded the Trưng sisters after defeating them in a battle.

The naked Chinese soldiers in the story is a reason to explain why large numbers of the Trưng sisters's army abandoned her. This combined with the large size of the Chinese army made them outnumbered by the Chinese leaving only the Trưng sisters and some of their female generals including Phùng Thị Chính to remain fighting.
Trần Văn Tùng collected traditional Vietnamese oral folklore and added them together in a story about the Trưng sisters.

>A tale of Tonkin: Trung Trác and Trung Nhi. Trans. by Daphne Cannon. A-95 42 (1946), pp. 286-90.
>The Asiatic Review; or Asian Review (London)
>Taken in this circle of fire, this flaming inferno, the army of the two queens was going to be burnt, reduced to ashes.

>Invoked and entreated, they sent heavy rain down on the flames : the ring of fire was broken, and the troops of the two queens, like herds of bulls, threw themselves on the enemy. Once more the Chinese took to flight, abandoning the conquered territory behind them. The anger of Ma-Vien roared like the China Sea. Shame bit at his throat like a viper : " I, Ma-Vien, the greatest general in China, the genius of war, I will never let myself be beaten by two feeble women ! Death ! I prefer death a thousand times!" For three days he did not eat. For three nights he lay awake and thought. On the third night, inspired by the Ma-Qui, he decided to fight with cunning. Knowing the great modesty of the women of Nam-Viet, he did not fail to take advantage of it. To the sound of tomtoms, toscins and gongs, the battle waxed furious throughout the land of Son-Tây The warrior mandarins of the two queens, seated on the back of their elephants, threw themselves like furies at the pursuit of the conquered foe. Sure of victory, and trusting in the fighting power of their troops, Trung-Trac and Trung- Nhi, on their white horses, directed the battle themselves from the vanguard. After a wide turning movement, Ma-Vien reassembled his forces on a steep mountain slope. He ordered all his soldiers to strip : "I will give those two lovely women in marriage to any man among you who can captured them alive," said Ma-vien to them, loosing them like hounds before the two queens.
>Wounded in their modesty, overcome by this horrible sight, Trung-Trac and Trung-Nhi hid their faces behind their banners and fled. Drawn by the beauty and irresistible charm of the two queens, the Chinese soldiers, like packs of wolves, threw themselves into the pursuit. With their swords and lances the two queens opened a way for themselves through this horde of hairy men. Hundreds of heads flew off on every side. Waves of naked men, countless as locusts, rolled towards them. Crimson with shame, worn out by anger and fatigue, Trung-Trac and Trung- Nhi took to flight. Emboldened by the success of his diabolical scheme, Ma-Vien, in his turn, undressed.

>Advancing before his soldiers, he threw himself on the back of his black horse to join the pursuit of the two queens. Not daring to turn back, Trung-Trac and Trung-Nhi continued their headlong flight, while behind them, long and fierce, rose the yells of the exasperated men. The most terrible confusion reigned in the army. Believing the battle lost, the Annamite soldiers, discouraged and desperate, retreated. In a last effort Trung-Trac and Trung-Nhi tried to rally them and counter-attack. Alas ! it was too late !

>Encircled, attacked on every side, the two queens defended themselves like two lionesses. Wielded by the hands of masters, their swords cut the heads off thousands of Chinese. Wounded in both arms and legs, they continued their desperate struggle, cut a passage, and once more took to flight.

>Reaching the river Day, abandoned by their generals and their troops, the two queens, like two dragons, threw themselves and their horses into the foaming waters.

>"A glorious death rather than shame!" cried Trung-Trac.

>"A glorious death rather than dishonour!" returned Trung-Nhi.
>And the waters carried them away in their winding course. When Ma-Vien and his men reached the river Day they found the bank deserted and the trees mourning. The Chinese general let loose his hunting-dogs in the bushes. The dogs sniffed, barked and scratched the ground; the beautiful queens of Annam were not hiding in the undergrowth.

>At the command of Ma-Vien, hundreds of rafts, boats and sampans were launched on the river. The most skillful divers, the boldest fishermen, like others, threw themselves into the water and plunged below the surface. After a long day's search they succeeded in recovering the bodies of the two queens. To soothe his rage Ma-Vien ordered his soldiers to open the bodies of the two queens and to bring him their hearts. To the sound of drums and gongs these hearts were presented before the golden throne of Ma-Vien on plates inlaid with mother-of-pearl. He placed them in lovely porcelain vases filled with gentian wine, and had them carried as presents to the Chinese emperor. Then he ordered his men to cut the bodies of the two queens into pieces and throw them to the crows.

>On the green banks of the Song-Day there now stands, in honour of the two queens, Trung-Trac and Trung-Nhi, one of the most beautiful and ornate temples in Annam. The Emperor of Annam, grateful to the two great national heroines, gave them the title of " Saints of Nam- Viet," and the name " Thanth-Thi," or City of Perfect Women," to their temple.

>During the time of Napoleon Bonaparte’s and the French conquest of Egypt, Muslim women were taking off their Hijabs in a sexual manner to seduce the French. Then the streets of Egypt were filled with Muslim women with their French boyfriends.

>Muslim men were already mad that Napoleon was taxing them to death to fund his own empire. But seeing their Daughters and wives proudly parading around with the French soldiers set them off. Then the Muslim men started a revolt, but it ended in failure because Napoleon brutally suppressed it by bombing Mosques and executed every Muslim who was involved in the revolt

27:05 explains it all


Why was Napoleon so wild?
40 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1510616448798.jpg (1.07 MB, 5000x5000)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Why do women regardless of nationality or race do things like that? They have no self-respect wtf
>his empire
That didn't exist back then?

Why did you think they called him Boney
brb ordering some plane tickets

Why is Nobunaga always seen as some sort of standard villain in Japanese culture?
68 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
this is true:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seikanron
I thought she had a gigantic bottom lip at first.
>Duty to perform two services on the day of the ancestor memorial service. Failure to provide adequate entertainment for the priest meant being branded as a Christian.[2]
What the fuck
There are literally hundreds of 70s/80s Japanese Sengoku telefilms with wildly varying levels of historical accuracy. You can easily find like a dozen of them with English subs on any major public torrent listing.
File: a chink in the armor.png (449 KB, 599x800)
449 KB
449 KB PNG

File: 1546876056051.jpg (289 KB, 750x727)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
How did the USSR economy work? E.g. if the Government needed to buy 2000 extra tanks, what's the process they undergo to make the acquisition? How is money raised, who get paid, etc.

I've always heard that the USSR couldn't keep up with American military spending, but also that its GDP cannot be measured due to the economy being structured entirely differently. So what gives? How did any of it work? What would limit ybe government from "buying" thousands of anything?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
there's no such thing as real money
>b-but muh gold coins
shiny monopoly money
Yes that helps considerably. Thanks for making the burden of my retardation easier.
cont. they'd dig into the foreign currency reserves like US dolars and gold bullions, which they acquired by selling goods like oil internationally.

The states of the COMECON formed an international trading bloc, but states had the monopoly on trade. Regular people couldn't buy anything their state wouldn't sell them. It was states that bought from other states (or from private companies from outside the COMECON).

As for why they couldn't just produce infinite things, >>6156045 has it: you only have so many workers working so many hours, you only had so many machines working in parallel, and you only have so many materials on hand, at any given time.

To explain why they "overspent", Reagan-fanboys like to think he outsmarted them by forcing them to waste resources on their military, but the oil glut had a lot more to do with it. The price of oil dropped and the USSR's own oil needs increased so it made less money from exporting to outside the COMECON. Without foreign hard currency reserves, the USSR couldn't make up for it's deficits (all countries have them, desu) by buing that which it lacked from other countries. Living conditions deterioriated and things like nationalism and anti-communism grew, absorbing more and more of the dissatisfied population (though elements of the local nomenklatura and the chekists rode these movements to their own, new positions of power where they still are today).
The government would just order things. Naturally resources weren't infinite so if they made orders that were too big there would be a shortage and a bureacrats nightmare trying to fix it. Most of the resources went to military equipment for decades which is why consumer goods were ignored.
File: Wampum_ej_perry.jpg (58 KB, 347x190)
58 KB
There is money. Money is a standard means of exchange. It must have a number of qualities: being fungible, being durable, being recognizable, and being portable, and there being somewhat stable supplies of it. It also helps that it is accepted in those economies that have things worth trading for, as opposed to small, undiversified economies.

All sorts of things have been used as money: cattle, squirrel skins, deer skins (hence why they are called "bucks" in the US), cowry, wampums (see pic), etc.

Having a number of these things in your possession, essentially served as proof of past exchange of valuables, specially when these goods didn't really have survival functions, as is the case of sea shells. Other moneys had practical uses, like cattle, but unlike precious metals, these usually have high demurrage (that is, they are less durable and/or are harder to store, saving for later).

Cash economies evolve naturally from barter or gift economies when one commodity is so much more reliably traded than other commodities that it becomes the standard means of exchange.

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