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File: PJM_1268_01.jpg (343 KB, 1200x782)
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>"If the Nazis won you would all be speaking German"

Would we really though? Would Germany really be so powerful and influential to make that happen?
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Their agenda
We would all still be speaking our native languages but German might become the international language.

There would be no Jewish hollywood and record companies spreading degeneracy and nig shit around the world.
In nordic countries your first foreign language used to be German until WWII ended.

Are European men the greatest visual artists in history?
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This is a mess
File: 1.jpg (165 KB, 769x1024)
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165 KB JPG
India comes in second, Europeans still take the cake, from statuary
File: 2.jpg (1.46 MB, 1920x2362)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
to architecture
File: 3.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
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109 KB JPG
to visual arts
based and weebpilled

Historically speaking, the modern state of China is just a larger version of what they’ve always been, a paper tiger. They become a massive powerhouse and often completely fuck up and collapse back to nothing in order to become a massive powerhouse once more the cycle of paper tigerhood. It’s worked for the last couple thousand years frankly. But it does make me wonder, what would need to happen to make that not work anymore? What would need to happen to such a paper tiger society like China that would be impossible to bounce back from?

>inb4 /pol/
Yes I’m well aware, but I’m going into this not the way they do, but as an anthropologist who is expecting the paper tiger to fall yet again at some point because it always has. China has always been in that cycle. And I’m curious what would need to happen, based on what we’ve seen in history, to make it permanent or even to completely break free of that cycle. Why does it even have that cycle in the first place?
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That's not really what a paper tiger is.

As for the core of your question, nuclear weapons. Just imagine the Chinese warlord that got his hands on nukes. The only thing that would save China would be multiple warlords with nukes with sane advisors in three kingdoms style.
>what would need to happen to make that not work anymore? What would need to happen to such a paper tiger society like China that would be impossible to bounce back from?

permanent balkanization. but China always seems to reunite in the same general area
thats kind of what happened starting the 19th century as the Manchus lost control of peripheral areas and Europeans came in, and the subsequent Warlord Era. divided they fail
maoist china criticized stalin and kruschchev for not using nukes offensively in war against capitalism. they’re insects with zero regard for human life, as liveleak amply demonstrates
thots n prayers 4 u
Before globalization, you could contain them on their own sphere and they just kill themselves off repeatedly in a civil war
After globalization? Probably too hard
The best bet will be to support separatist movements, but since its chinks we're talking about, they probably have no problem atom bombing it

File: Force Z.jpg (159 KB, 1600x1017)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Set sail for Fortress Singapore lads
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>I'm here to boot out Japs and fuck kids
>and I killed all the Japs
File: 1554042057367.jpg (141 KB, 950x662)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>don't mind us lads just heading out into the Atlantic to sink some unarmed merchantmen
War is propaganda
File: Bismarck.jpg (172 KB, 744x1012)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
> Haha! Ve vill starve the ze British into submission!
> Oh scheiße…
>See those waves? We rule them. From our impenetrable Singapore base we strike terror into the hearts of all.

Were women as cruel to slaves as men were in the antebellum south?
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I believe you shot first. I just wanted an answer to my question, but I guess I stumbled upon the wrong board. That will teach me to interrupt a bait thread.
>reddit spacing
Do I even have to say anything else? Take a hike.
Have you ever dealt with a MODERN woman in a service role? Imagine that if she was allowed to kill you
File: lick my pussy Tyrone.jpg (630 KB, 1365x2048)
630 KB
630 KB JPG
> If you were a male slave and you had a female master who demanded sex from you, what were you supposed to do?

Obey her, unless you wanted to get whipped or at least demoted to back-breaking farm work.

But while White masters fucking Black slave girls was common in the South, a White mistress fucking a Black male slave ran the risk of getting pregnant and that would have been just short of death sentence for her (and might have even resulted in her husband killing her and being let off off the hook by the courts).

Of course she could have the Black male slave go down on her and/or fuck her in the ass but even then, she ran the risk of discovery but I wouldn’t be surprised that older post-menopause White mistresses (especially if widowed) kept a young buck around to pleasure them.
>reddit spacing
Also expected. And I've already dilated this afternoon, thank you
I want to lick bobs of woman in OP poster and then watch her open lasagna.

What actually happened in communist Mongolia during it's existence between 1921 and 1992?
I feel like it's a remarkably ignored communist state, and pretty special considering it being the first soviet puppet state already since days of Lenin, an Asian country with an originally mostly nomadic Buddhist population and hundreds kilometers away from any non communist country since the founding of the PRC.
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The Sovietization of the country.

So much so that Mongol Culture can be found in China nowadays where the Mongs were spared the excesses of the Cultural Revolution due to their status as a Minority.
Monks were immediately shot
Barely anyone was actually sent to gulag.
They just couldn't be bothered
they had their own version of the Great Purge


a degree of industrialization/urbanization during the communist period, hence the commieblocks throughout the country
based and nobunagapilled
>spared the excesses of the Cultural Revolution due to their status as a Minority

File: Vaqueros.jpg (340 KB, 1334x976)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
What was the life of a cowboy like? They always seem to romanticize everything nowadays and I would like to get a real thorough, rough view into what their life usually consisted of

I get sick and tired of wageslaving that I just dream about how life must've been if I was doing shit outside in the wild west as a cowboy instead of a fucking office drone doing lame paperwork for some boomer retard

How reliable are Roman historians? I've been told that their accounts on history tends to be biased at best and propagandist at worst. Is it true?
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Of course it's true. How young are you?
Suetonius is considered quite accurate for Augustus and Tiberius, despite writing 100 years later. Obviously there are some exaggerations
He absolutely despised Caligula.

He didn't just pick the shit out of thin air he went to sources. He visited the House of Augustus to notice how he lived in moderate living standards preferring a simple bed and blanket etc
They are true most of the time. People used to think Celts/Germanics sacrificing people was just propaganda until they actually found plenty of archeological evidence of that.
>"The legacy of Rome, then, to the world, so far as her own early history is concerned, is a mass of fable, fact and fancy, inextricably interwoven, and commended to us by all the charm of Livian rhetoric."
Samuel Platner

>"The opposition between the Classical and the modern outlook [of history] is sufficiently illustrated by saying that Roman history as known in Caesar's time was substantially a forgery, and that the little that we know has been established by ourselves and was entirely unknown to the later Romans."
Oswald Spengler
History was written by the aristocratic class, so they had their interests in mind when writing. Its why they were more likely to use gossip and slander when writing about Caligula or Nero for example. Some like the 12 Caesars are basically propaganda but useful nonetheless.

Why is Su Nuraxi and Nuragic civilization in general rarely talked about?
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Because the infinitely more impactful Roman civilization has understandably overshadowed them.
That being said, I do like their towers a lot.
is this just a euphemism for sea people
Because sheep secretely control Sardinia and they sunk every ship that tried to sail there until the 18th century, then dressed up as humans (which is why Sardinians do not cluster with anybody to this day) and installed a puppet king in Piedmont.
>no abundance of natural resources

well thats bullshit, they clearly had STONE. and no way any community is able to dedicate that much time/effort to building something big without the resources to support them (such as easy access to food)
No particular abundance =/= absolute scarcity
Learn to read

File: yuba-county-five3.png (65 KB, 618x238)
65 KB
Post some pretty chilling accounts/written moments in history.
The Disappearance of the County Five boys os pretty u0 there for me.
Can anyone post the the account of a Romans coming across a cult sacrifice on their way to battle(somewhere in Germany I believe)? That one actually gives me chills
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Literally horror movie tier

Jesus fuck this gave me nightmares when I first saw it
Look up "Criminally Listed" on YouTube
There is a game that follows something vaguely similar to this. But it's a very long stretch. American troop gets stuck in the trenches and has to fight zombies
Nah, its gotta be crazy naked soldiers who cannibalize in the trenches

File: Hannibal.jpg (24 KB, 400x503)
24 KB
Why did hannibal loose the war again?
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>totally won in Sardinia
But anon, no one was able to even get to Sardinia before the Renaissance
Because, besides of him, every punic commander was complete and utter shit at his job.
The Carthaginians invested all of their brainpower into a single human being, thus depriving themselves of any other competent political and military leaders.

Well at least you can say his brothers were loyal, the rest of the politicans were literally trying to sabotage him at home.
1. The Romans allies did not shift sides
2. He didn't get support from Spain and Romans got success there
3. He didn't get support from Carthage

File: 1573615748482.jpg (228 KB, 1024x696)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
How long until we see hitler the same social stigma as napoleon?
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No just figuratively.
Uh, no wonder Spain is such a shithole.
Never because of the 666 gazillion.
50 to 100 years in the first world, in the third world it's already like that

What are some good books on Central Asia? I want to learn more about the region.
The Cambridge history of Inner Asia is fucking amazing

The UNESCO history of civilizations of Central Asia is a great one too you can actually read for free
File: AncEmpCentAs.jpg (36 KB, 500x375)
36 KB
File: 1234.jpg (40 KB, 353x500)
40 KB
God imagine being a slavic boy kidnapped and forced to breed by central asian qt's haha, how terrible would that be.

shhh thats my fantasy

>The title of the journal, Der Eigene (The Unique), refers to the classic anarchist work Der Einzige und sein Eigentum (1844) by Max Stirner. Early issues reflected the philosophy of Stirner, as well as other views on the politics of anarchism. Der Eigene was the first gay journal in the world, published from 1896 to 1932 by Adolf Brand in Berlin.

Is egoism gay?
File: gar.jpg (34 KB, 500x684)
34 KB
Depends on how ill the ego of a person is m8.
Some egoists are ill aka gay, others are not.

File: cherkess.png (46 KB, 1693x523)
46 KB
I'm not sure if this is the right board, but I'd like to ask if there is a possibility of English phonology being misanalyzed,with English actually having many consonants and only few vowels, like Cherkess, for example?

It has an odd vowel system with great many glides and di/triphthongs, something common in languages for the surface vowels in consonant heavy langauges, but uncommon otherwise.

The vowels are highly unstable, with vastly different pronunciations in different dialects, which are not only easily mutually comprehensible, but the difference is perceived merely as an" accent", suggesting the vowels are indeed more prosodic than actually phonemic.

Even native speakers cannot syllabify words easily, unlike most langauges where native speakers perceive the syllables as obvious and unambiguous, while in English it seems as if the consonants were the nuclei (nucleuses?), instead fo the vowels.

It seems that I sound more native and natural when I concentrate on the consonants and mostly ignore the vowels.

What do you think about this?

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