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File: jesus1.jpg (146 KB, 768x1005)
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146 KB JPG
why do people say Jesus looked like that ? what are the basises for these assumptions ?
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Then you havent looked in to it properly. Its not a coincidence that almost all scholars are sure of his existence. Examine their claims and the historical data for yourself. Christ mythicism is a really fringe theory in the light of the evidence.
>What makes a statue of an ancient ruler "idealized"
romans and greeks scultptors obsessed with depicting human perfection. All of their statues were überchads and ultra stacies. You can't find a single roman or greek statue that deliberately made the depicted person ugly. 17th century european painting is another movement in which realism was more important.
File: 800px-Socrates_Louvre.jpg (196 KB, 800x1067)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
You were saying?
I mean there was definitely some guesswork involved but he very likely looked roughly like that. Notice in any pre-modern area travel was pretty difficult and most people in a specific area looked pretty similar to each other
It’s a facial reconstruction of an average man living in that area, “Jesus” is just something media dubbed it

File: 2000px-Ottoman_flag.svg.png (17 KB, 2000x1333)
17 KB
why are there so many ottoman apologists on /his/?
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Because it's an easy contrarian opinion to have.
Ottomans get too much unjustified hate from the right (/pol/ type), and Serbs are very hard to like.
With this its easy to be a contrarian in 4chan just by liking the Ottomans.
I personally have a weird facination with the habsbourg-Ottoman wars
They have no actual identity.
>Ottomans get too much unjustified hate from the right (/pol/ type),
Retard they are the right wing /pol/ type.
Now stop crying crocodile tears
>Ottoman Empire
>hub of scientific thought in its golden days

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better if true
pay reparaison
That’s pretty alpha

Who was in the wrong in this footage?
File: Autism.webm (2.12 MB, 500x375)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB WEBM

File: _20190216_182830.jpg (1.1 MB, 3531x2592)
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1.1 MB JPG
What are you reading /his/? Pic related.
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You should all read my first scripture. I am pretty much the closest thing to the Second Coming of Christ, Saoshyant, Maitreya, or whatever else. I can tell you how to read my first scripture.
what is the quintessential Napoleon book lads?
File: 13499654.jpg (44 KB, 327x499)
44 KB
File: mosaddeq_book_cover.jpg (45 KB, 310x475)
45 KB
Mohammed Mossadegh and the 1953 Coup in Iran

it's not that well written
William Doyle’s Oxford History was an easy and enjoyable enough read

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>why does an Indo-Aryan ethnic group off the coast of India speak an Indo-European language
Wow, Anon! I can’t figure it out either
That particular type of blue eyes comes from Waardensburg Syndrome or related genetic anomaly.
he is right tho
Slavic is probably most Aryan from European branch
take under consideration that pie waves were mixing and the most western one were already muddied by both bastard blood like children who speak their mothers languages
Or they were simply mixed out. Whoever wrote this is retarded. But then again there's the Indra poems.
Give it another hour and someone will spam Haplogroups to prove something about the Maledives

Is it dangerous to read the Qur'an?

I've heard if you read it there's a very high likelihood that you'll convert to Islam afterwards.
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The majority of protestants are part of denominations that believe in the Trinity.
I've heard that if you post bait on /his/, there's a very high ijelihood you'll get (you)s.
It's in the Qur'an and it's about Zaynab bint Jahsh. Her husband's name is spelled Zeid or Zayd. This translation of Saint John of Damascus' Greek commentary uses Zeid. Saint John of Damascus read the Qur'an not the hadith.




File: 1549738643697-2.jpg (2.05 MB, 2000x1464)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
Half of it is repetitions of how transgressors and unbelievers will be punished with hellfire in the afterlife.
Ah, thanks.

File: egypt.jpg (118 KB, 1200x685)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Egypt has continuously been ruled by foreign conqueror invaders for 2,300 years with not a single native Egyptian ruling themselves for that time. From 343 BC since the Achaemenid Persians invaded and conquered Egypt to Alexander the Great, Macedonian Ptolemys, Romans, Zenobia, Eastern Romans, Turkic Tulunids, Berbers Armenian Sudanese in the Fatimids, Kurdish Ayyubids, Turkic Kipchak Bahri Mamluks, Circassian Burji Mamluks, Ottoman Turks, Abkhaz Mamluk Ali Bey al -Kabir, Napoleon, Albanian Muhammad Ali dynasty and the British until the Albanians were overthrown and Egypt was established as a republic in 1953 CE. Every single one of those people were foreign invaders who violently conquered Egypt.
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Egypt never had the massive population of China. China outnumbered everyone but still got raped and enslaved.
Egypt had a massive population compared to almost all of it's invaders. It's neighbors populations are and were over ten times or a hundred times smaller. Egyptians outnumbered Macedonians, Ayyubids, Tulunid, Kipchak and Circassian Mamluks, Napoleon, and the Albanians by a 10000:1 ratio or even more. It's population was significantly higher than everyone else it bordered and neighbored because of the Nile river. Egypt was invaded, enslaved, and raped by a ruling caste of exclusively foreign male military elites for over a continuous two millenia with no Egyptian input or control over military or civilian state matters. There were no Macedonian, Persian, Albanian commoner or civilian women, only the royalty brought their wives, and very few Mamluk Turkic and Circassian women and they were restricted to marrying other Turks and Circassians. There was a continuous input of almost exclusively invading foreign paternal male genetics into Egypt. The common Ptolemy Macedonian Greek, Galtian Celt mercenary, and Mamluk Kipchak Turkic and Circassian troops all had Egyptian wives and concubines.
What I find amazing is that a small group of "uncivilized barbarians" like the Manchus conquered the most populous country in the world and literally imposed their will upon the entire Chinese population for centuries. The fact that they were able to force the LARGEST population in the world to shave their heads for centuries is nothing short of amazing.
Every single Egyptian man has had their foreskin on their penis cut off for over a millenia because of invaders imposing their religion and larp as their rapists. And they continue to cut their foreskins off every day in accordance with the religion the rapist invaders forced on them. Some even have their clitorises cut off for their conquerors' religion
You are really dumb. The Egyptians were the first to ever practice circumcision in history.

And to think that all those years ago I thought that the silly shaved heads in Kung Fu movies were a Chinese culture. Imagine my surprise to learn that it was imposed upon the Chinese population by foreign conquerors as a symbol of servitude.

File: 1550140313930.jpg (104 KB, 270x400)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
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Whenever you read about nefarious things dealing with international affairs, you can be sure a jew is behind it.
Not killed, ascended.
This this x1000 this

I used to think /pol/ was retarded until a friend started pointing out last names of politicians and journalists to me.
Without reading my first scripture, you will not understand what I am all about.
>the spanish were jews
>even after the spanish empire expelled jews and forced convertion on them, and they were still mistrusted and forced to leave anyway
peruvian intellectuals

I don't understand big words and fancy talk, so could someone sum up Soren Kierkegaard's philosophy in a greentext format or something like that?

Recently, there's been some people talking about the relationship between polygamy and war, and a often used example is ISIS, which is basically a bunch of incels who either slave women as a prize for winning the war, or get virgins in heaven as a prize for dying in the war.

Now my question: considering wars and polygamy were always prevalent in most societies, and also that many servants were made into eunuchs, and many soldiers were lifelong mercenaries who had no family (a prevalent theme in Romance of the Three Kingdoms), how much of the population throughout history were incels?
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It depends on the era. In hunter gatherer times most men were incels. But you had tribes which practiced a more monogamous culture.

In settled agriculture even the worst subhuman incels could get married, wives were easily provided by the rural community. Women were expected to get married and form families.

Nowadays the subhumans and even average people are incels because of technology and post modern urban culture which promotes hyper sexual lifestyles without procreating
If you want a more recent example, look at uniparental markers in Latin America (hint: the last 500 years or so were not a good time to be an Amerindian male).
Taken from somewhere on the Interwebz: "Roy F. Baumeister reported to the APA a few years ago that, while 80% of the women who have ever lived reproduced, only 40% of human males who have have ever tread the earth managed to reproduce. So, it is fair to assume that large numbers of non-alpha males died never having had sex with a woman."
File: IMG_8804.jpg (92 KB, 861x325)
92 KB
That doesn't necessarily mean large numbers of sexually mature men died without sex. They could have daughter descendants and their sons were killed in prehistoric genocides before reaching sexual maturity. The data you posted is used by incels to justify their shitty attitudes.

File: 51WEoxoK2PL._SX425_.jpg (20 KB, 425x425)
20 KB
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this desu
It ain't tho
File: 1513327391705.png (265 KB, 785x757)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
Because you're a bitch, bitch
It's not but western historiography covered it horribly for whichever reason and archeology seems to largely ignore it too

File: Clodius.jpg (117 KB, 602x478)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Who are some underrated Romans?
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*tink tink tink*
may i have your attention please? i have an important announcement
FUCK Narses FUCK Theodora and FUCK John the Armenian!
File: 1538501940248.jpg (31 KB, 601x508)
31 KB
Literally vilified by butthurt senators after his death.
Just like Caligula

File: George Washington.jpg (287 KB, 1200x1460)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
My friend said he could name 5 American generals from WW2 alone that are better than Washington; is that true?
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Yes. Washington was a brainlet, he could only win against sleeping germans.
I'd agree. His W/L record isn't golden and the consensus is that his greatest contribution was morale and inspiration.

Yeah, Washington isn't really known as a great strategic general (though he certainly wasn't bad). He functioned more as a sheer force of personality keeping the continental army together.
Considering military strategy evolved in those 200 years, yes he's right
Eisenhower, Marshall... Clark? Bradley? Patton? MacArthur?

I think given the circumstances of the Revolution the first two would be just as if not more competent in organizing, fighting, and inspiring. The rest I am not sure about.

The actor who portrayed Adolf Hitler in Der Untergang, an incredibly historically accurate drama film about the last week in the Fuhrerbunker during the Battle of Berlin. Press F to pay respects.
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Not even /pol/tards dispute that Hitler had gone mad by the final year of his life.
How can it be historically accurate if Hitler died in Argentina?
He's a lich

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