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File: Zerg.png (13 KB, 314x400)
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Leave it to Russian zergs to lose to fuckin' Italians they outnumber.
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Italian incompetence is exaggerated (particularly on the subjects of Greece and North Africa), but it's not a meme. Their planning was generally execrable and they were rotten to the core, with institutional issues such as the chronic lack of NCOs, the top-heaviness of the officer corps, and the woefully insufficient logistics never actually being addressed. The best Italian performance in the war by far was that of the partisans (mostly ex-army) fighting the Germans in 1944-1945, where these issues were much less visible than they were in conventional warfare.
File: snowniggersbtfo11.jpg (302 KB, 1766x741)
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fucking dumbass cocksuckers
It’s crazy. Italian casualties against Western allies are comparable to those suffered by the Soviets fighting the Germans.
Leave it to the Japs to lose and suffer heavier casualties to the Russians, the fucking masters of human wave tactics.

File: BONmdbj.jpg (111 KB, 964x822)
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111 KB JPG
How will bongs react to King Charles and Queen Camilla?
I have a better question, who the fuck cares.

File: cronos.jpg (21 KB, 220x404)
21 KB
Just got done playing God of war 3 and I've gotten an interest in greek mythology and ancient religion. And these spikes of interest only last about 3 weeks I gotta be quick, so what is the best book on the subject? Telling the entire mythology story and whatever else. Wikipedia articles don't cut out for me. Also a book on the history of ancient greece would be really nice too, like the city greek states and all that

Ottoman Empire should have been kept in its 1914 shape. We could still buy oil and develop petroleum there as we do in Saudi Arabia.
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>heroic deeds
It was heroic, are you being sarcastic? Very few people could pull it off.

Tell that to the French who funded the Armenians, the Greeks, the Assyrians, the Arabs, and who invaded turkey in there points with half a million plus troops.
File: Greeks0.jpg (494 KB, 950x676)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
Ottomans kept ME in peace for a thousand year and if it survived till today it can keep the peace for another thousand year
>It was only a shit hole
it was a shithole since it's inception.
>It was on the way back to being decent
it became decent under ataturk.
Good dog!

File: john major.jpg (16 KB, 200x281)
16 KB
Was he unironically the best contemporary British prime minister?

File: 1558486708805.png (261 KB, 540x360)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
> [The Corinthians] hated the Kerkyraians for their contempt of the mother country. Instead of meeting with the usual honours accorded to the parent city by every other colony at public assemblies, such as precedence at sacrifices, Corinth found herself treated with contempt...
>Thucydides 1.25.3-4

Woah, so is Corinth literally Bongland?
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Canada was founded by the Scottish. The French were just the shitty underclass that the British conquered.

The Scots had ceased to exist by this point, becoming British in 1707.
So English people don't exist either?

Yes, correct. Since 1707 there have been no English people.
if only

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Apex Protestants
So like Augustine of Hippo, but without the ecclesiastical part
I have a Calvinist mate. His theology is very hardline and I dig that but fuck he's a little bitch
When will manlets ever learn?

File: distressted soyboy.png (198 KB, 644x800)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
File: 1515454789360.png (26 KB, 632x756)
26 KB
Soi wojak must have argued every single position possible at this point.

File: makes you think.jpg (106 KB, 1280x819)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>Nixon Gold shock happens in 1971
>By March 1973 the fixed exchange rate system has become a floating exchange rate system
Paper money was a mistake
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already posted. read the thread or better off, kys

at least they acknowledged inflation back in the 70s/80s and adjusted interest rates to cover inflation. You had 19% savings rate in the bank, back then.

However, for the past two decades, we had inflation at around 10%-20%, yet interest rate at 0%-5%. They no longer acknowledge inflation and our money is totally devalued with interest rates lower than inflation rate.

Since 2000, food prices surged in US, Europe, and throughout the world, thanks to globalization. Basic products such as milk, eggs, bread, flour all surged in price. The Arab Spring was a violent uprising against years of inflated prices that started in 2000.

>Inflation Actually Near 10% Using Older Measure

There's been enormous inflation. Greenspan/Bernanke/Yellen walks around saying there's no inflation, but that is based on the Consumer Price Index. They've taken all the assets out -- housing has gone through the roof, my steak has gone through the roof, oil has gone through the roof. In 1997, the price of oil was $10 per barrel -- now it's $57. If that's not inflation, I don't know what is.

Oil prices have more than quadrupled since 2000, a rise similar in scale to the price jumps of 1973-74, 1978-80 and 1989-90, all of which were followed by worldwide recession.

The main reason that high oil prices have so far not plunged the world economy into recession this time is that cheap money has supported housing bubbles and spending sprees in many countries, offsetting the impact of pricier oil. For example, in 2005 the United States will have paid around $120 billion more for oil than in the previous year, yet that is tiny compared with the $2.5 trillion increase in the value of residential housing. However, when house prices flatten or fall, consumers will feel the full force of dearer oil. Indeed, a further jump in oil prices could be what pops the housing bubble, by undermining consumer confidence.
Except that you are this poor today. No, really, you are. The West can masturbate with its GDP numbers and big paychecks, but you can't base an economy on having more relevant patents than the other side. The USA and the EU are not competitive to Asian output of consumer goods, and no matter how much you play with the numbers, the bottom line is that Americans don't have landbarges anymore because the American economy cannot afford it. This is much more than inflation, the value of your labor has been devalued in many more ways than just with that which gets covered by the term "inflation".
The Fed is a joke and so are most of these so called fucking experts. They try to keep price inflation at bay by trying to create cost inflation......really? They want to keep inflation in check by raising the cost of doing business which is passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices.....correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that inflationary? It’s all bullshit. Rising prices create competition in a truly free market. Who made these fucking wizards of smart smarter than millions of people making millions of transactions daily? Nobody. Their real problem is trying to keep their bubble from deflating and they could give a fuck less about peoples lives. We have a few folks deciding for the entire population. Disband these assholes and let the market set prices.

we are no longer in a Ricardian world of comparative advantage. Instead, we are in the sort of world described by the Cambridge economist Joan Robinson as long ago as 1933. Robinson showed that the emergence of labor monopsonies would lead to an unsatisfactory equilibrium, where most of the value-added went to capital, and only the crumbs to labor.

a monopsonistic labor market, the sole employer has an incentive to cut costs by paying lower wages. The reduced pay pushes some workers out of the labor force, meaning the company earns less revenue. But fatter margins achieved by cutting costs more than compensate for its reduced revenue, pushing up profits, even though overall economic growth is slower

This is the Robinsonian world we are in today. In almost every sector, the biggest three or four companies occupy a position of overwhelming dominance—much as in the time of Theodore Roosevelt, when he went after the US “trusts”.

But bringing US supply chains back onshore will leave the rest of the world with huge productive overcapacity. Returns on invested capital outside the US will collapse, while ROIC in the US will go up. Since financial markets are in the business of measuring ROICs around the world in real-time, we should expect the stock market in the US to outperform stock markets in the rest of the world.

File: 899846.jpg (87 KB, 1300x779)
87 KB
>Portugal backstab Spain
>Lose all their Empire to the dutch in Asia
>Get fucked by their great ally Britain in Africa
They had it coming.
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File: enaxL0e.png (926 KB, 2000x1970)
926 KB
926 KB PNG
>Our only mistake was not taking Galicia with us
>tfw the region is richer than your godforsaken joke of a country, and would probably subdue you in two years
How can towel niggers even compete
Looks like the roads when I was in the countryside of Castille, excpt nicer because there's more vegetation.
Galicia and Valencia are the most nationalistic regions on this country. I don't know why portuguese and scat independentists are so obsessed that they love them.
fuck off spaniard

File: bl3.jpg (104 KB, 1013x600)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Thousands of years of warfare and this is the best mankind could come up with? "Durr march in lines and shoot at each other" Seriously?

Please kill yourself.
i know you don't understand anything about military theory or musket design, but plus tell me your better idea
be a little less obvious next time
File: BEEEEEEEEEEEEER.jpg (8 KB, 274x362)
8 KB
Since this thread sucks ass, any other good films like Barry Lyndon that take place in that era?

File: Untitled-design-1.png (736 KB, 1275x850)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
Yugoslavia 's Josip Tito (1.7M) with India's Jawaharlal Nehru (1.78M) and Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser (1.83M).

What social climate turns all girls into feeders historically?

File: soy wojak.png (15 KB, 644x800)
15 KB
>Jesus spoke Aramaic
>The Gospels were all written decades after the life of Jesus by people who never met him
>Jesus had kids with Mary Magdalene
>The Shroud of Turin is a hoax
>Peter was never in Rome
>After John died Christianity stopped existing until Martin Luther restored it
>Sola scriptura
>Sola fide
>Constantine created the Catholic Church
>There was no such thing as apostolic succession in the early church (ignores Matthias)
>Mary and Joseph had other children besides Jesus
16 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Whats the story behind this?

Jesus told us to not judge if we have a beam in our eye. He never said it was impossible to remove that beam.
>Pontius Pilate finds Jesus not guilty of any wrongdoings
>Jesus canonically curses a Fig tree which breaks Roman agricultural law
Why was Roman law so shit?
Yeah, I know. That was a typo.
In an apocryphal text jesus cures a man from homoeroticism.

File: life-cycle-picture.jpg (30 KB, 640x360)
30 KB
What are the list of philosophies that deals with the question of "how should I live my life"?
Pretty sure that that's all of them
That's called "philosophy" Anon
Wrong, it's ethics.
>life cycle

lol.. your depression is caused by your attachment to reactionary tracings. You need metaphysics, not ethics as someone in the thread said.
Though it's true OP's formulation includes a "should", I do not believe it can be included entirely within "ethics". For instance, existentialism also tries to answer that question. Moreover, many forms of metaphysics try to answer that question too. You could say that all of them suggest some form of "ethics", but I rather think it's the wrong reference, and that it cannot be attributed to ethics alone, at least not within the actual world of philosophy

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