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File: 1520136481168.png (198 KB, 884x849)
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If Britain and France started WWII to guarantee an independent Poland, then how come there was no independent Poland when the war was over?
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based and warsawpactpilled
they were more independent than Poland is now in eu
You say that like their current subjugation would be a bad thing. It’s quite obvious that catholics should never be let handle politics and economics themselves, because they are borderline retarded.
>because they are borderline retarded.
compared to who?
British/English policy has always been to exacerbate/create divisions on the European mainland to ensure its not the isolated backwater of Europe.

Makes the EU and Brexit all the funnier, especially if the EU jumps the shark and tries to federalize ala the US.

Name 1 (one) more courageous, brilliant, visionary, forward thinking leader. Its ok, I'll wait.
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>supports almost exclusively Federalist policies, helping to legitimatize the nation's first political party
>"guys political party's are bad mmmk? You shouldn't form political parties"
File: Kim_Il_Sung_Portrait-2.jpg (106 KB, 600x758)
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File: 555.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
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Augustus, Marcus Aurelius, Charlemagne, Charles V (Carlos I)
Muhammed Ali Jinnah
Uh oh


What is the War of the Roses?
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Something good because only a*glos died
File: englishman.jpg (33 KB, 768x432)
33 KB
Plenty of French died too, anon.
an early 2000s YuGiOh video game

It's very suspicious to me that none of these pussies actually pulled the trigger.
Surely there would have been a time when there was a clear advantage of one side over the other and the button should therefore be pushed?
What caused this not to happen, and please give a serious answer, not "YOU CAN'T JUST KILL TENS OF MILLIONS OF CIVILIANS". Obviously all the major powers had no problem with doing that, and doing things that were bad in other ways.
What are the actual reasons no one pushed the button.
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just posting
If the political elites decided to PUSH THE BUTTON, what would be the personal benefit to them?

Nukes don't real, they were invented as a threat so the oppressed wouldn't rock the boat too much
Because real life isn't Risk. Political leaders tend first and foremost to securing their own safety and that of their country, and looking for advantage second. The amount that could be gained even if they had the "advantage" isn't enough to compensate for the damage that would be sustained even if they won a nuclear exchange. It's the same reason deterrence operates by, except with even higher stakes.

I thought the Byzantine empire and the Holy Roman Empire were the same civilization.
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I thought Germany could've won WW2 if...
I used to believe G*rmans were human, what a fool I was!
Paul Revere rode from Main to Florida and then on to California to alert the Patriots the British were coming
Cripplingly based

Were female butts ever a point of praise for pre-modern people when describing the positive traits of a woman? You always come across references to their breasts, waist, etc, but I can’t recall ever having seen a reference to their butt. Is there a specific reason for this?
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ass culture is for ugly people

the whores that show off their asses are always fucking ugly and the people who give them attention are fucking ugly

its like an unspoken deal
yeah we ugly but you get attention and i get ass
>Anales de Cuauhtitlan
They're virgins
Why are dudes obsessed withs tits always such virgins
File: 93b.gif (1.48 MB, 322x242)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB GIF

What protections do I have against private individuals violating my privacy when it comes to my health issues? I know there are stringent laws protecting me from the government or big corporations or things of that nature, but what about private individuals? Like if someone reached out to my family or friends or significant other or employer and told them I had a condition that I was otherwise keeping from them, assuming I posed no danger to anyone. Do I have any sort of legal protections against this? Pic unrelated.
a doctor and their staff are not allowed to release your medical records without your consent except to those also involved in your patient care, who are likewise bound by the same confidentiality.
I know that, that’s HIPAA or whatever, I think. But for example, a private individual not involved with my care (no one actually cares for me besides myself) that is privy to the condition that I have, whether through me informing or generally talking about it with them for whatever reason or them acquiring the information through their own surreptitiously, what could I do if they violated my privacy in this way? For example, thots that take nudes are protected by things like revenge porn laws. Are people protected in a similar way if a private individual uses this intimate knowledge they have specifically to defame them or to cause harm to their personal life?
Unless there is some sort of pre-existing obligation to keep confidences, say attorney client priveleged information, or medically priveleged information or something along those lines, there is no ab initio remedy to force someone to keep their mouth shut about your health issues.

However, there are a number of remedies once the information has been leaked. Defamation lawsuits can be used to strike back, regardless of how the information is obtained. And very likely to find out about whatever it is you're trying to keep secret involves trespass or some sort of property infringement, which opens up other angles for lawsuit.

However, if the information is true, and it was obtained without any sort of privacy invasion: Say, you have some sort of medical condition, and your co-worker passes by your workstation and notices a bottle of medicine you accidentally left out, goes and looks it up, and determines you must have disease x. Then he goes and blabs to anyone who will hear? Offhand, I can't think of any legal remedy for it, unless he was attempting to blackmail you with the information.

File: 1574018025101.jpg (450 KB, 1282x1272)
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450 KB JPG
What can /his/ tell me about the Canaanite civilization and their mythology? Are the truly the proto-Hebrews?
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File: jesus.jpg (197 KB, 1020x1280)
197 KB
197 KB JPG

Christianity is demonic
Exactly, that's why Jesus is not "like" God, Jesus IS God.
Only God is God.

Jewish scholars believe that the Hebrews were the descdants of the hysokos. Ive also heard people claim that hebrew is just a dialect of Aramaic. Make of that what you will
Yeah, I agree

File: 1573874444128.png (358 KB, 1820x1800)
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358 KB PNG
Was there ever a chance of the United States being dismantled?
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Yeah bro just make those people a German-American culture, like you do, and they'll take it as theirs, just like that
Well German-Americans were pretty damn swiftly wiped out with WW1 so guess the reverse could end up happening.
this is a good thing idiot
separation of powers keeps the country stable and prevents autocracy
As an identity, yeah, but they weren't rounded up and gassed in Holocosters and Masturbation Machines or whatever.

No, it defends the tyranny of private interests. This is Enlightenment 101.

If the South didn't lose the Civil War, by some miracle, they would have been leveraged to prevent further USFG expansion. The only reason Europe didn't get involved in the Civil War was because nobody thought the South anything but incompetent.
>Do you know what France is? It’s a legal advisory unit that’s all.


>Most historians agree the official version from the US government — that the bombs were dropped to force an early surrender and saved up to a million American lives from a bloody invasion — is far too simplistic.

>Mr Tanaka said it was a criminal act under international law.

>"Also, morally it was wrong. So they have to find some non-legal arguments to self-justify the conduct, that they annihilated 210,000 civilians," he said.

What does Japan Mean by this ? Didn't they commit mass killings ?
Were too much ?
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because japs would rather annihilate their entire population before they would surrender.
the allies were willing to oblige.
US only killed 42 civilians in both cities, everyone else fled. It was purely a strategic bombing and the japanese followed pamphlet instructions to save themselves
>leftists don't care about the bombings in Germany because leftists don't care about the bombings in Germany
Stunning analysis as usual from the intellectuals of leftypol.
Most non-retards don’t care about the bombings in germany because strategic bombing was something everyone did in WWII and wasn’t a warcrime.
File: Reddit.jpg (41 KB, 396x382)
41 KB


r/thedonald at it again.

>tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people subjected themselves to castration in order to work in the Inner Court

How the FUCK did so many people willingly go along with this?

I honestly think I would kill myself if I lost my dick and balls. And yet for literally THOUSAND of years the Chinese emperors had people lining up out the gate to get it done so they could work for the Court.

How? Why?
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It’s more that they kept them on them to keep them safe. They believed that if they kept them safe and intact until they died, they would have them restored when they entered the afterlife. If they didn’t, they would be eunuchs for all eternity
All you have to do is lie!
>I honestly think I would kill myself if I lost my dick and balls.
Your brain on atheism.
Well, assuming you’re not a gay man that enjoys receiving anal

File: C7cOV-sXkAApExT.jpg (128 KB, 673x1024)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>Fred, the last ship's cat in the Royal Navy, once received a disciplinary notice for "disgraceful behaviour" at a fishmarket.

Why wasn't he court-marshaled?
Knew all the right fat cats and big fish.
Because he would be incapable of properly defending himself at a hearing.
Why do cats love fish so much?

It's the smell...
no fun

File: (l)mao.png (563 KB, 600x794)
563 KB
563 KB PNG
Was he really that terrible a leader, or did history just give him a bad rap?
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From a pragmatic point of view, I think it's fair to say he has overall done more good than bad. He ended feudalism in China, he promoted industry, he provided basic ammenities and services to the citizens of China, he insured China's independence and he did all this with minimal if any foreign aid. There is a saying popular among the Chinese: "Mao was 70% good and 30% bad." He also made women and men equal (arguably a good thing). His Cultural Revolution's motive was also righteous in my opinion. Were it not for the aforementioned event, footbinding and other cruel practises would still probably be widespread in China.
Of course Mao was still a rather despicable human being, his anti-nature viewpoint and poor foresight caused millions of fatalities. But western media has unjustly demonized him and exaggerated his wrongdoings so much that it's just annoying.
Was he though? His greatest achievement was an enormous retreat, while impressive it had a fierce attrition.
Anyone can industrialize retard, China was busy having fucking wars. There easily could've been a group that didnt kill millions by being retarded, and China just installed Capitalist oligarchs to exploit the masses for all their pointless sacrifice anyway.
The entire point of the retreat was to survive to restrengthen forces in friendlier areas. Even if all but 50 people died, it wouldn't matter because once you got to the base you had free reign to recruit.
I'm just not particularly convinced that makes him an "Excellent" general. Maybe good.
I'm more convinced of Guevara but I'll be honest I'm not an expert on guerrilla wars.

What do you know about Benin?
But on a serious not I only know about early 8th and 14th century earth works builders who lived in the south of the country and Some stuff about Dahomey. mostly Organization of Urban societies, Palace structures and how they were kinda assholes.
Dahomey was meme state getting shat on by its neighbors till it got shat on by the French

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