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File: 1518263305347.png (553 KB, 597x799)
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553 KB PNG
>plunges the continent into chaos
>causes the collapse of three empires
>loses half of male population in the process

Are they the absolute madmen?
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File: 1osjdc.jpg (52 KB, 517x406)
52 KB
Their cause was an independent pan-Serbian (South Slavic) state with no membership in any foreign empire. Austria-Hungary was a foreign empire, the Serbs didn't care about increased autonomy under a sympathetic Austrian emperor like Franz Ferdinand, they wanted total independence and the unity of a singular South Slavic state without stipulations or any other loyalties. That was the idea at least and they got it.
>sympathetic to their cause
"their cause" was panslavism, and Franz Ferdinand was definitely not sympathetic to that
But none of the other slavs wanted anything to do with Serbia's shit.

File: R14kkDj.png (13 KB, 657x527)
13 KB
Are terrorist attacks against Americans justified? I am wondering because the United States is a democracy, has been a destabilizing force in countries in the middle east for decades now and as a country they engage in frequent bombings which inevitability have civilian casualties. Americans vote for politicians which continually impact and destabilize the lives of others meaning that they are in some degree responsible for the actions of their government.
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Well hey, by your logic shouldn’t terrorism against the UK and France also be justified, and since France is part of the EU and citizens bear collective responsibility for the actions of governance, it stands to reason that any and all civilian targets in the EU are also justifiable targets?
>responsibility for the consequences of your actions being a leftist trait
THe EU doesn't have a collective military, so the actions of france are not be the responsibility of poland. If your actions invite harm upon others its reasonable to expect harm to come upon you in return.
>Are terrorist attacks against Americans justified?
No. Mostly cause its counter-productive.
It's a tactic against stronger opponent.
Algeria won their independence from France that way.

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If Russia won the Crimean war then it wouldn't have had the necessary reforms
Whats the difference between these administrative labels?
apparently "republics" are majority non-ethnic Russian
Huh, St Peter's basilica actually looks tiny
>When France and England team up to defend literal t*rks against righteous christians trying to retake christian lands
"Istanbul" would be constantinople today if not for the perfidious anglo.

ITT: we discuss cats in history
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File: 1468858768844.jpg (158 KB, 600x801)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Remember all those ship's cats.
File: animal-therapy.jpg (71 KB, 493x335)
71 KB
>"Pangur Bán" is an Old Irish poem, written about the 9th century at or around Reichenau Abbey. It was written by an Irish monk, and is about his cat.
>"Pangur, white Pangur, How happy we are
Alone together, scholar and cat
Each has his own work to do daily;
For you it is hunting, for me study.
Your shining eye watches the wall;
My feeble eye is fixed on a book.
You rejoice, when your claws entrap a mouse;
I rejoice when my mind fathoms a problem.
Pleased with his own art, neither hinders the other;
Thus we live ever without tedium and envy.

The Yorubas of west africa believe that when the god Obatala descended to the primordial waters to create the earth he brought a black cat with him, to keep from feeling lonely.

Later a black cat led the sons of Oduduwa to safety during their wars for control of Ile-Ife with the Ibo tribes.
>As described by Diodorus Siculus, killing a cat was regarded a serious crime [in egypt]. In the years between 60 and 56 BC, outraged people lynched a Roman for killing a cat


File: Lindybeige.png (2.96 MB, 1920x1080)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
The answer may seem weird at first, but there is an scientific reason for it.


After throughout investigation historian Lindybeige finds that the answer for the question is the British.
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Compared to such exceptional Anglo performance right?
And why the fuck does it show Japan on the same side as the UK while the picture shows a Jap surrendering to a Brit?
That Japanese surrendered to the British at the end of the Second World War, but were then used by the British and French to fight the Viet-Mihn.
>Why the fuck does it says Viet Minh victory if the result was the restoration of French rule?
Yeah, this is why you don't cite Wikipedia, whoever made this page fucked that up, it should say Viet-Mihn defeat.
>bro Japan totally wouldn't have tried to take X colony if you just bent over to them
>bro Germany totally wouldn't have tried to annex X country if you just bent over to them
Yes, he also got cerebral malaria and slit his own fucking throat after not getting any credit for the offensive into Ethiopia and survived

Artistic and creative endeavors are morally indefensible, and people who create art are cultural criminals.

Let's look at the facts:
>An artistic or creative type personality is heavily correlated with unmedicated mental illness. Mental illness is correlated with crime.
>Artists, writers, poets, and other "creatives" do to the human mind what hackers do to computer systems. They corrode it with viruses (false ideas) in an attempt to scare people an undermine society.
>Artists and creatives use violent, subversive, and sexual imagery that is meant to undermine social order and rule of law, giving impressionable people negative inspiration that can result in them doing bad things
>"Creatives" often have a "fuck society" attitude that is not just a criticism of their own institutions, their own government or religion, but of those institutions in general. They are basically telling people through their art and creative work not to follow laws or believe in God, leading them down an immoral and illegal path that can harm others

Since artists, writers, poets, musicians and other "creative" types incite these types of harmful thoughts and this type of violence, why isn't their corrosive effect recognized? "Creative types" are very bad people.
wtf I hate artists now

File: RELIGIONTIERLIST.jpg (387 KB, 1000x3312)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
Decades of research have led to now, for I have created the perfect objective ranking of all religions I deem important.
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>Best Tier
Christianity, Islam, Jewish
>Acceptable Tier
Agnostic, Deism, Apathy
>Sorta Crappy Tier
Everything not listed, including Atheism
>Garbage Tier
New-Age bullshit, Wicca, Scientology, Modern Paganism, Satanism, Nihilism (when viewed as a substitute for religion)
>Suicide tier
I should add, Hindu goes on the very lower end of sorta crappy Tier, I almost put that one in Garbage Tier
Why should you have faith in anything? Faith is just an exercise in self-denial.
Because the only fundamental difference between Sunni and Shia is inheritance of Muhammad's legacy. Everything else was made up later for the purpose of each group distancing themselves from the other, as opposed to the fundamental differences in doctrine between Orthodox/Catholic/Protestant.
meant to reply to >>5817267

File: 1544923715550.png (1.69 MB, 2300x1335)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
Post historic foods
>m*slim propaganda

How did the Cuban military fair in their interventions around the world during the Cold War?
>Cuban military

Give an example of cuban interventions. All I know is Che, and he wasn't Cuban, and not part of the army.
Off the top of my head the Ethiopian Somalian war comes to mind. Can't think of any others right now but I know there's a ton.
OP pic is them in Angola in the 80s. They were all over Africa and were involved in Grenada during their coup too

Is the intellectual dark web the greatest school of philosophy of our times?
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She probably hid it from her. Typical nice guy behaviour.
Ooo boy! Is this gonna be one of those threads where post the cringe people from the both sides.
Yeah, that’s totally what happened. That’s not a retarded virgins idea of what relationships are like at all
>he hides being an outspoken political activist from his own wife
I prefer "the intellectual dark void".

Why didn’t he stand and fight or at least get some French troops to help him?
Is that Wellington with a wig?

File: download (2).jpg (11 KB, 374x135)
11 KB
Which do you tend to agree with the most?
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The Complete Reality school of Taoism, which encompasses the good parts of Buddhism and Confucianism.
why do most people pretend to not understand Taoism
Most people don't need to pretend, they genuinely don't understand it.
>Unironically trying to “understand” Taoism as if that’s the point

>unironically thinks there's a point to taoism
>uses lol on 4chan

Languages of the Internet, 2017
File: logo_funredes.gif (5 KB, 184x125)
5 KB
File: entrada.gif (16 KB, 600x145)
16 KB

File: zivek.jpg (34 KB, 379x360)
34 KB
I'm looking for some spicy zizek memes
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Imagine being this insecure about how intellectual you are, to purposely dress like a disgusting dweeb, only to persuade people into thinking you are some sort of an outcast genius, lmao.

He has fucked more models and snorted more cocaine than you ever will.
His wife has a child, but it's not biologically his.

File: antisemitims.png (37 KB, 903x289)
37 KB
Is he right, /his/?
File: WHAT THE SHIT COMRADE.png (95 KB, 394x260)
95 KB
what do you mean Stalin supported Israel? he created his own spin-off Hebrew state in the far east, what did he mean to accomplish with this?
Beria was of bedofile
Stalin did support Israel in the begining
but Israel then used jewish doctors to try and kill Stalin
That's the thing that got your attention? Beria wasn't even Jewish, he was Georgian. Stalin speaking Yiddish? When?
Even when he made up shit he had to switch from "being jewish" to "speaking jiddish" because he seemingly has been called out on ascribing Stalin's death toll to jews before.
What a neat way to show you don't let perky facts ruin your antisemitic narrative.

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