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How much did Catholicism change when adapted by the natives of what is now Mexico?

Is Santa Muerte a holdover of Aztec blood sacrifice?

Was he just acting pretentious or is there some truth to this?
smoke weed every day

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How common was rape in the middle ages? Weren't people supposed to be more chivalrous back then?
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have sex
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We already know that you lust for dick, discord trannie.
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File: islamic socialism.gif (60 KB, 300x311)
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Nearly every islamic country you see in modern history was Uber capitalist and prostituted to western imperialism with huge differences between rich and poor with leaders that passed on the right to rule to their kids.
Islam teaches equality and wealth redistribution along with markets. So basically it's market socialism. Muslims turned their backs on this type of economic and social system and instead decided to follow capitalism where a poor class was created so the rich could give them charity.
Was this the reason islamic countries became shit? Seems like the issue to me. Muslims don't follow real Islam. Even the nords have a more economically islamic society than muslim countries
What are you saying? Social mobility based on economic prosperity has always been a thing in the muslim world, even before than in the west. Also since the religion exists, social differences are encouraged to exist since the rich cannot perform charity if there's no poor people and charity (not equality or redistribution) is a pillar of islam.
The society of Medina was based on being so socialist that there were many people willing to give charity but nobody to give it to.
Creating a poorer class for the sake of being able to give charity is evil and not what God intended

redpill me on Hakka Chinese

>The Hakka People are perhaps China's most mysterious minority. Some commentators place them above the rest of the population as some sort of "leadership caste," based on the fact that Sun Yat-sen, Deng Xiao Ping and Lee Teng Hui had Hakka heritage. Others claim that the Hakka are the "original Han," the last remnant of the first people descended from the Yellow Emperor.
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Based Hong, Love Live Hong!
Fucking heretic scum
I had known a Hakka family once, they were/still are nice people.
thanks for posting this hun
File: 45353453535.png (362 KB, 589x371)
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362 KB PNG

How do I know I should become a pastor/ would be a good pastor?
By talking to a priest and not autistic larpers on a shitty "history" forum
If you want to be a "pastor" and not a priest, you probably shouldn't go into this line of work.
if the kids try to touch your penis often you're good to go

File: 1545690973909.jpg (45 KB, 429x504)
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How did the Spaniards and the Indians communicate with each other during the Spanish Conquest of South America?

Appearently they were able to communicate well enough to divide and conquer the native tribes, and persuade hundreds of thousands of natives to aid them. Surely this requires some high level of mutual understanding.

How did they learn to understand each other so well in so little time? ??
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File: 1_free_search.jpg (24 KB, 461x319)
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File: db23.jpg (21 KB, 275x205)
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>and has to have a bag on her at all times
How does that even work? Imagine the smell.
>ey bb u smell good today, what have you eaten?
*shits on bag*

Was Vietnam doomed from from the start?
File: nam5.jpg (343 KB, 1920x1080)
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343 KB JPG
I assume you mean the war? If so:
The South Vietnamese government could never get enough support from its people who historically had no problem revolting to get what they wanted. South Vietnam literally could not exist without a foreign spine (e.g. the US) and, even then, was less than stable (think about the multiple coups that happened during the war). Vietnam was also not important enough to keep foreign fighting forces there forever. Without an invasion of North Vietnam (which there never was), South Vietnam could not have won. Even with a full conquest of North Vietnam, I'd be shocked if the country could've held itself together for more than 10 years, see reasons above and Chinese influence.
As per usual, Americans got thousands of themselves and more of the locals killed to achieve an objective that would have been literally impossible to achieve.
If you mean Vietnam as in the country, it's a shit country full of commie Asians that deserves all the napalm and toasty villages it got. It probably isn't doomed but definitely should be.

File: Sumer-Facts-Featured.jpg (121 KB, 1200x450)
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>tfw we will never know what life in the earliest civilizations was like
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Go read Assyrian tablets and tell me shit isn’t damn near the same. We also know more about the day to day life of Babylonians than Romans because they did their writing in clay not papyrus.
>“What do you take me for, that you treat somebody like me with such contempt?”
I’m boycotting Ea-Nasir until he delivers high quality ingots to Nanni that he promised
based and redpilled
At least as long as civilization. We have more in common with a Roman pleb than a savage in the jungle today.
>pointing out Newton was the first person to codify the theory of gravity is now white supremacist
>king solomon codified the theory of gravity because i said so with no historical proof or evidence whatsoever beyond a passing phrase in a book written centuries after his death
the absolute state of /his/

Can we have a thread about the land in which the most ancient advanced civilization called the Indus Valley civilization was created?
And the descendents of the creators of the civilization, the mythical Jatt people, superior to all other humans on earth for creating the first advanced civilization?
The same shill from the other thread. Jatts are a recent phenomenon who have emerged out of a mixture of Steppe + IVC + native south Asian people (in a very different proportion to most other south Asians). Now piss off.
Jatts are nothing recent
Yes they are recent, and any Jatt with even a semblance of awareness of their own history will tell you this. At least I can say that much based on my experience with my own community.
Of course there's admixture from people around the edges of the punjab. But Jatts have the highest IVC admixture right?
Nope, that would be the Balochis, who themselves are quickly followed probably by the Sindhis (I think) in this regard.

How did a Church get diplomatic status as a states in the fist place anyways?
Do you mean how the Vatican can recognition as a nation? It's because it was a nation. See: Papal States. And pedophilia/child abuse is rampant in all structures of powers, Catholics are not a special case they just are examined the closest.
>Do you mean how the Vatican can recognition as a nation?
>And pedophilia/child abuse is rampant in all structures of powers, Catholics are not a special case they just are examined the closest.

But evening among criminals child molesters are considered spam.In the Catholic Church they are protected to the point that blackmailing the kids is the routinely response.

File: ixSdAMb.gif (11 KB, 501x504)
11 KB

Were people like Confucius who said this

>Based and redpilled?
>Cringe and bluepilled?
What was the Mohist policy on merchants?

Why would the Spanish Crown discriminate criollos and favour peninsulares instead in the New World colonies? Both groups were full blooded Spaniards. Perhaps some criollos might have had some native american blood but not all of them. Was this a case of ''better safe than sorry'' in terms racial purity or was there any other reason?
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File: descarga (1).jpg (10 KB, 196x257)
10 KB
>Wouldn't a criollo be loyal to the Crown anyway?
You tell me.
More money and political power for the metropolis
Same reason americans didn't have representation in the brittish government.
It was a geographic thing, you had to be from Spain to be important. It didn't matter how much aristocratic blood or how much land you owned in Latin America or if you were white, if you weren't from Spain you were nothing.
Let's be fair

Until old Bonny deposed the king of Spain the Criollos never actually revolted. And even then most of them were claiming to be loyal to the true king that Napoleon kicked off the throne. Without that catalyst independence wasn't going to happen.

File: christianityjudaism.jpg (931 KB, 1600x1000)
931 KB
931 KB JPG
Looking for some info I found on an old /pol/ Christianity thread that told of how what are known as Jews & Christians in the OT were actually descended from different tribes in reality. According to it,Jews & Christians were actually not related; it wasn't that some Jews adopted Christianity & that they all have the same background, but that Jews & Christians actually came from different tribes & ethnic backgrounds (I think it said that the Jews were actually descended from a Canaanite tribe while Christians were the 'true' Israelites). I could be remembering it wrong, but does this ring a bell to anyone? Any info is appreciated; thanks.
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The earliest Christians were Jews, but then St Paul comes along and says Gentiles are just as saved as Jews in the blood of Christ. boom you've now gone from an ethnic religion to a universal one
>This is amerifat evangelical proddy autism
it's actually closer to catholic theology, minus the racial bit. catholics consider the Church to be the true heirs of Israel while jews don't just cling to the old covenant but have corrupted it to deny that Jesus was foretold in the OT
No, that's not true.

>Germany could have won ww2.
Why does such a simple and honest sentence trigger so many on here?
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>dude germany can conquer europe before america dude lmao
>he still believes in free will
china was in fucking shambles. albeit enough shambles to fuck over the Japanese, but still nothing useful to a conventional war effort.
Germany unironically could have won WWII if Hitler decided to enter on the side of the Allies instead of the Axis

>based Arische Deutsches übervolk BTFOing It*Lian and J*p subhumans
my dick is so hard rn
>ywn live in a world where the Germans were just more ordinary nationalists instead of being autistic and chimping out like the nazis
>ywn live in a world that had USA, UK, German allies against USSR, Italy, Japan axis
Why live?
I know I’m oversimplifying given how much the frogs and krauts hated each other

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