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File: Bartolome de las Casas.jpg (717 KB, 1500x1885)
717 KB
717 KB JPG
>Artan is a fictional continent set in the Atlantic. Players can either join as indigenous peoples (who are created by said players) or as colonizing powers (who are real countries, e.g. England, France, Spain, etc.)

>The game is turn-based and text-based. Gameplay becomes increasingly complex as the years go by and players are confronted with developing societies. Politics, economics, culture, religion, and pretty much every facet of society are increasingly simulated in some way.

>There are 66 players right now.

Link: http://eregime.org/index.php?showtopic=16743
Does it really belong there though? It isn't a /qst/ game on 4chan.

File: gdddd.jpg (7 KB, 241x209)
7 KB
Why the fuck Nazi germany forced Romania to join to their fuking forces?
They needed the Ploesti oil.
This. Also, given the (to put it mildly) opportunistic behavior of Romanian diplomacy during the Great War he wouldn't have felt at ease with a "neutral" Romania in his back.
Didn't stop them from betraying Hitler lmao

File: johnny.jpg (332 KB, 750x1000)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
>N-no Johnny, that's treason! J-Johnny don't fart on him, or else I'll ban you! J-Johnny don't spread your buttcheeks like that! No-
>Th-That's treason Johnny!
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File: 1559612455922.png (420 KB, 600x724)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
what battle was this?
File: yankey torpedo.png (722 KB, 500x638)
722 KB
722 KB PNG
The Battle of Imazinu-des-smellu
wtf is up with men and farting?
Girl here, we love to fart too, just not around boys (unless they're super into it)

File: Scotti_Gael.jpg (51 KB, 450x604)
51 KB
How were the Scotti tribe of Ireland able to take over Pictland?
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*crack sip*
"not being a dumb nigger, no thanks" - you

>The Southern Picts, for whom Ninian is held to be the apostle, are the Picts south of the mountains known as the Mounth, which cross Scotland north of the Firths of Clyde and Forth.

Dumfries/Galloway was English af at the time, btw, not Pictish at all, and had been a part of Bernicia for over 100 years, it even has beautiful English stone crosses.
>tfw Pictish writings recorded the Scot conquering Pictland but were destroyed during the Scottish civil wars
If they were always Gaelic why did irish Christian missionaries need translaters to speak to them?

To be fair it could just have been a very distinct dialect. I mean most Irish speakers cannot understand Scottish Gaelic speakers in spoken form, at least, they can understand the writing more easily but the spoken languages are harder to follow.

Especially in these times too, given the distances involved, not hard to imagine eastern Gaelic dialects would be fucking drastically different from the Gaelic dialects of wherever Columba and such were from in Ireland.

Also some have speculated that might refer to their preaching to the Picts in Latin, the use of translators.

Why the hell weren't they properly protected and evacuated before the Reds got to them?
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>How many millions died and starved
Relatively few. You see, the worst Russian imperial famines were under a system of collectivism called "obshchina". You'd think communists would pay attention to that considering how bad it was, but they gloss over this point because it proved that collectivism was bad. Now take Nicholas II, he instituted an end to collectivism, and despite a shortage in 1911, the overall situation had improved dramatically by allowing Stolypin/Wittes reforms to build up a strong middle and upper class with very skilled lower class farmers and rewarding the most powerful producers in society. Of course, communists did away with these innovations and reverted back to essentially a pre-emancipation version of collectivism that came with the added negative of taking away personal rights, tying people to their respective collectives, and reducing private incentive altogether. It was essentially neo-feudalism being implemented in a totalitarian way.
>they more or less did the world a favor
Less. Definitely less.
>Imagine Nicky trying to come back during WW2
Nicholas II didn't lose World War One. Russia surrendered after he stepped down and after communists started a civil war that killed 7-12 million people outright. The Soviets actually made Russia surrender on humiliating terms. This was after Nicholas stepped down peacefully yet had his children and wife slaughtered.
Also I should add, in addition to the communists in a position to know better than they should have, all three of Russia's worst famines were in the Soviet era despite having tractors.
Lenin, Stalin, and Mao did nothing wrong!

Smash the four olds - old customs, old culture, old habits and old ideas!
There's nothing new about what the communists brought to society. Pride, greed, envy, they embodied these ancient sins in full.

File: NURMAGOMEDOV_KHABIB.png (168 KB, 520x325)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
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File: Poltovka.jpg (68 KB, 538x800)
68 KB
That kind of robust CHG type was mainly seen in Yamnaya and Scythians, not the rest.

File: MyersBriggsTypes[1].png (103 KB, 1920x1080)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
Is MBTI a pseudoscience, and what's the point of it anyway?
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>Is MBTI a pseudoscience?
It's about a scientific as astrology and homeopathy
probably, but if I can use it to impress NPCs when I tell them that I'm INTJ then it's okay
to make shitty threads
If you value those as good traits then that's on you.

File: bubw.jpg (41 KB, 600x729)
41 KB
Why should I stick to a principle?
You just answered yourself
Because then people can trust you and you can be more virtuous and just.
>t. ENFP
Well I do it because I want to, if you don’t other people won’t like you.
You're going to end up adhering to principles whether you like it or not, since your principles can be derived from your actions. You might as well choose good and coherent principles to guide YOURSELF most of all.

You should not keep what is false but stick to what is true, a lie keeps a man a fool and doing what is right is an accident.

Modern humans have been around for 200,000 years but all we know is that which has been recorded for the past 5,000. Isn't that strange?
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I think it's interesting that we're reverting back to hieroglyphs (emojis).
It's more likely that paper and even stone are harder to preserve than it is to invent letters, if you catch my drift.
>this idiot thinks there is such thing as originality in the year 2019 or our lord
Well, when you have some type of foundation to build upon it's much easier. If you cannot understand this, it's because you are a product of such a time where originality is dead.
reverting make it sound like a bad thing, also hieroglyphs are an alphabet.
File: gen-2.jpg (315 KB, 500x749)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
>200,000 years

File: Darnand evolution.jpg (114 KB, 264x731)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
How so much European countries decided to embrace the facist wave?
Why Italy, Germany (who'll turn half of Europe into Facist Puppet Regimes during their domination of Europe), Spain, (Portugal?), Romania, and almost UK and France turned into Facist Regimes?
People still understood the need for hierarchy, but they forgot why meritocracy was such a bad idea.
Socialism was in vogue starting in the 1890's.
People were taking to communism much easier than previously thought, and that shit sprouts up like weeds.
Because WW1 fucked up everything for pretty much everyone in Europe. You had millions of people dead, a sense that the war could have been avoided, an economy in freefall, and a lot of the old political systems discredited if they weren't outright overthrown. People were looking for something to fix things, fast, and that's what radicals like fascists promised.

I don't think it's an accident that fascism was most successful in countries that either outright lost the war (Germany, former areas of Austria-Hungary), won the war but got none of their promised territory for it (Italy), or sat out the war entirely (Spain), but the countries that did win and achieved their strategic aims, albeit at huge cost, (Britain, France) stayed away from fascism.
Nostalgia for monarchy.

Any pictures of the B-52? If you can find any please post!
File: high and mighty one.jpg (189 KB, 1800x1178)
189 KB
189 KB JPG

Two very-special B-52s were used as drop-ships for the X-15 program: "The High and Mighty One", and "Balls 8". Pic related is the first one - notice the X-15A-2 locked in under its wing.

The two aforementioned "NB-52" (N meaning Non-standard) B-52 planes were permanently modified to serve as drop ship craft for the X-15 program, an early spaceplane program jointly operated by NASA and the Air Force. Together with the three X-15 planes, the two NB-52 carriers comprised the complete principal fleet used during the program (though many chase planes and other support craft were also used). On every single flight, one of the two NB-52 planes carried one of the three X-15 planes into flight.
File: Balls 8.jpg (1.19 MB, 2764x2257)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Here, Balls 8 (hehe) is in flight with one of those support planes I just mentioned. The plane's humorous nickname derives from its tail number.

One one occasion, Chuck Yeager assisted as co-pilot for one of the NB-52s for a flight - one of many which ended in an abort (where the X-15's flight attempt is cancelled due to weather or technical problems, and the two planes don't uncouple). However it's unclear in the literature which of the two planes he helped to fly.

As for the X-15 itself, its pilots included none other than Neil Armstrong. The opening scene in the recent biopic "First Man" dramatizes Armstrong's first free flight in the X-15-1, after being released from Balls 8 (hehe). A bit later, Armstrong was the first person to pilot the X-15-3, the fleet's third plane and the one which made most of its "over 50 miles" spaceflights, using the American convention of the day. On that sortie, the three-plane uncoupled from The High and Mighty One. Armstrong himself made none of these spaceflights in the X-15-3, however; the X-15-3 itself was destroyed in a catastrophe toward the program's end, killing pilot Mike Adams.

Whats up bros was directed here what the hell is this character and meaning??? Possibly chinese and is 100% brass?!
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it's an ash tray
File: image.jpg (1.8 MB, 4032x3024)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
shiiiiiiiiii my b
ur rarted
i know whats the character meaning?????
answered your question to best of my knowledge here


File: BattleWW2_Title.png (160 KB, 689x480)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
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>muh peace speech

Maybe Germany shouldn’t have broken virtually every treaty it had ever signed if it had wanted peace

>Bloody Sunday
>Germans attack Poland
>local krauts egged on by the Nazis chimp out
>Poles put the boot down on them
Even assuming Germany was properly punished at Versailles, there are simply too many superpowers around with no MAD for another world war not to happen, it would either be the Americans vs the British empire, The British vs the Soviets...etc.
on December 18th, 1933, A.H. come with a new proposal for the improvement of international relations. That proposal included the following six points:
1. Germany receives full equality of rights.
2. The fully armed States undertake amongst themselves not to increase their armaments beyond their present level.
3. Germany adheres to this agreement, freely undertaking to make only so much actual moderate use of the equality of rights granted to her as will not represent a threat to the security of any other European power.
4. All States recognize certain obligations in regard to conducting war on humane principles, or to the elimination of certain weapons for use against the civilian population.
5. A;; States accept a uniform general control which will watch over and ensure the observance of these obligations.
6. The European nations guarantee one another the unconditional maintenance of peace by the conclusion of non-aggression pacts, to be renewed after ten years,

On March 16th, 1935, A.H. reintroduced conscription in response to the French and British growth in their armies.
May 21st, 1935:
The German Government is ready to take an active part in all efforts which may lead to a practical limitation of armaments. It regards a return to the former Idea of the Geneva Red Cross Convention as the only possible way to achieve this. It believes that at first there will be only the possibility of a gradual abolition and outlawry of weapons and methods of warfare which are essentially contrary to the Geneva Red Cross Convention which is still valid. Just as the use of dumdum bullets was once forbidden and, on the whole thereby prevented in practice, so the use of other definite arms should be forbidden and prevented. - It goes on from there.

In response to your comment, the Germans had reprisals to these killings, but it goes further

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Maybe britain should have declared war on russia if they didnt want to be forever known as warmongers that caused ww2.
The western powers had no interest of working with A.H. to prevent war from breaking out, the Czechs hated the Germans, infact, then told about the loss of Port Arthur, they cried in the corner, while the rest of the Germans in the class room cheered, Germany also gave the Czechs autonomy of their territory, and didn't trust them enough to not turn against them.

You shouldn't put any people on a pedestal as they most likely committed atrocities in one way or another. The Allies are warmongers, the Axis tested weapons on Russian POW's, the Japanese tested their blades on Indonesian people, The United States interned Japanese people. The Soviets killed millions of Ukrainians in the Holodomor, and had gulags, and didn't prevent the soldiers from raping the civilian populace.

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