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File: kKDXgQOI_400x400.jpg (13 KB, 240x240)
13 KB
What the FUCK was their problem?
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File: fris.jpg (18 KB, 248x388)
18 KB
They are the true Whites of Europe and everybody is on envy about that.
Everything north of Waal is frisian.
Dutch are frankoid mongrels and should go back.
Brrrrr zo fris
They were based
She looks Asiatic.

File: joseph-stalin.jpg (58 KB, 780x585)
58 KB
Why do people think this guy was so smart? He massacred his generals and officers, devastating the soviet military, supported pseudo-scientific theories like Lysenkoism, was convinced the allies were plotting against him and Hitler wasn't going to invade (ignoring virtually every intelligence report), constantly murdered everybody around him out of misguided paranoia, caused famines due to just gross incompetence. I mean the guy sounded like a paranoid schizophrenia with an IQ of 98.
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The Allies invaded the RSFSR in Stalin’s lifetime during a war that he fought in. It wasn’t exactly crazy to think it could happen again desu
>the glorious great leader showed great abilities from an early age
Hindsight is 20/20 bro.
He was pretty retarded, but he inadvertently made the Soviet military better by being so dead-set on industrializing it. I still don't really comprehend the purpose behind the purges of his generals, though (thank God they were able to pick Deep Battle Doctrine back up, though).
To be fair mu b of the responsibility for purging generals can be collectively distributed to executives in the NKVD who reported to SOVNARKOM, not Stalin. The people responsible for the worst excesses were dismissed, jailed, or executed after Stalin’s influence grew

What is a reason for Balkans to end up as such a mess of nationalities and religions? Is there any hope left for unified Balkan nation?
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There's the Craiova Group but it's still not very powerful. It's also still young.
Benelux started in 1947, Visegrad Group in 1991, Craoiva Group in 2015. This alone shows just how much these countries have to catch up to.
>such a mess of nationalities and religions

The region isn't actually anymore "messy" than Germany of France. People are just used to these countries existing and their respective nations as being self-evident facts while the "Balkans" have the reputation of being extremely divided. I would say that "Balkan" nations are actually far less different from each other than different parts of Germany and France.

The real difference is there never was a successful political force to (violently) absorb these nations. A Balkan federation was proposed but realistically it was unlikely to have been established. Socialist Yugoslavia under Tito was the nucleus of this but Stalin opposed it. If Yugoslavia somehow survived the 80s maybe it could have revived the project in the power vacuum left by the Soviet Union and formed an alliance with Bulgaria and Romania. But the breakup and wars ruined the region. It also meant that other Balkan countries had to seek Western protection and now the Balkans deeply divided with both Western and Russian interference in the area. Neither would want a powerful Balkan alliance.
so, you're saying W*stoids and R*ssians fear the Balkan BVLL?
In short, being historically divided
All English have lived in England and all French have lived in France for centuries. Having a unified sense of nation is easy.
Germany and Italy knew once they unified, they had to make a conscientious effort to create a sense of nationhood among their people
Yugoslavia didn't even last 100 years, and communist states tend to be anti-nationalist to begin with. They never put in the time or the effort to erase the centuries of division and create an idea of a unified Yugoslav people.

Everything's mostly depressing and nonsensical but I'm happy and content with that.
I'm starting to get used to the idea of going full nihilism and being mostly a spectator for the rest of my life.

Not sure if this belongs here but nihilism thread I guess.

File: Diocletian.jpg (41 KB, 469x600)
41 KB
>Within 18 months of Diocletian's retirement there are no less than 6 emperors running around
>3 of them were Augusti: Galerius, Severus and Maximian
>2 of them were Caesers: Contantine and Daia
>And 1 of them was a Princips: Maxentius
>The situation was a mess
>While Maxentius and Maximian made their move in Italy, Galerius and Severus moved to suppress the usurpers
>Contantine bides his time in the north and offered no assistance whatsoever to his own Augustus, Severus
>As Severus approached Rome, his army defected to Maxentius and Maximian - apparently attracted by bribes and a lingering loyalty to Maximian
>Severus then had to withdraw to the town of Revenna where he surrendered on the promise of being spared but was then later forced to commit suicide or murdered
>Galerius now came to Italy to what Severus had failed to do, but just outside the walls of Rome (this was Galerius' first visit to the city ever) he saw the loyalty of his own army waver and he had to beg them to stay loyal to him - shaken, he promptly withdrew back East
>Constantine meanwhile pinned his colors to Maximian's mast who granted him the title of Augustus and married him to his daughter
>The overall situation remained unstable, made even more so by Maxentius declaring himself an Augustus on 307
>This act was possible sparked by Constantine's recent elevation to that status and caused a falling out between Maxentius and his father Maximian who in the year 308 fled north to Constantine
>Events were on the verge of spiraling out of control
so an extraordinary step was taken

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Cabbage is delicious, he surely had plenty of olive oil to sauté it.
He stopped caring after nearly dying of sickness and became the pawn of Gallerius. Also like all overrated rulers he set up a system that only he could run.
How the hell was Diocletian overrated? He singlehandedly stabilized the Empire and made the Crisis of the Third Century history.

Granted the Tetrachy could only be held together with his huge balls and authority.
He was old and tired and wanted nothing further to do with the trappings of power.

And the tetrarchy was not without prescedent: they were trying to do two things: ape the rather successful relationship that Marcus Aurelius had with Lucius Verus, and put an end to the endless succession wars plaguing the empire by instituting a merit-based succession system. Unfortunately powe-sharing arrangements only work between good faith actors, so by codifying succession rules all they did was turn it into a power bracket.

File: Ohwhathefuck.jpg (69 KB, 306x331)
69 KB
>Get to live to 2060s at least and 2100 at most and see the technological jump and drastic social-changes
>mom will die ~2030s or 2040s
It hurts,/his/bros,if you have a loved one,use your time to get to them while they are here alive
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Hope that your whore die sooner
brown persons are almost all goblinos, anon
>grandmother dies
>mother crying
>ask her if she at least left her recipes
>mother doesn't know any of them
>cries harder
Kek. Grandma was an okay cook though.
People who lived through the 19th century probably lived through the most abrupt and rapid changes desu.
>technological jump
Fusion power, first space mining, transhumanism
>social changes
Memetic theory, life extension, cladification of mankind

what i was told in college
>croatia and bosnia just wanted to gain independence
>serbia said no
>serbs in bosnia felt threatened that bosnia wants to leave yugoslavia
>serbia gets mad and kills innocent mudslimes
>most serbs thought all of yugoslavia was rightfully theirs

is this accurate?
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>even pan-Slavism was started by Croatians, fact little people know

I don't really think you can say it like that, panslavism sprung up everywhere through slavic world with the general rise of nationalism either as a way to achieve independence from foreign rule (Bohemia, Bulgaria,...) or as a convenient vessel of Russian imperialsm. Unless you can pinpoint the author and exact way how he influenced other people, saying someone or some nationality invented pan-slavism is meaningless
Not really. By 1943 when partisan movement stopped being a meme iirc there were same numbers of croats and serbs
resistance leader was also croat

another note: serbs from serbia literally didnt have a resistance from 1942 - 1944 when soviets liberated them, every other republic liberated their own selves besides serbia
Juraj Krizanić
File: bs6pe4gohz111.jpg (485 KB, 826x704)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
>serbs from serbia literally didnt have a resistance from 1942 - 1944
But that's literally fucking wrong
You kinda proved his point with this pic
But im doubting how factual this map is desu

How big was the rivalry between Francis I and Charles V?
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Because that way he can't get captured and humiliated when he loses
Henrys thighs were still bigger
Charles V tried to conquer all Europe but failed because of his opponent was as ambitious as him.... And his most deadliest enemy was not Luther, not the Sultan, But the greatest leader of that era, Francis the first, Roi chevalier
He never tried to conquer France. In fact when Henry suggested to partition France to him, Charles rejected. Also Charles was not planning a world conquest, he was trying to keep his empire from falling apart and defended his borders. His only campaigns where he was really involved was in north Africa to crush the pirates attacking his ships.
Francis wasn't much to him as he had defeated him in nearly every single battle the 2 had.
What do you guys think, what would the geopolitical landscape have looked like if Mohács was a Pyrrhic victory for the Ottomans? So no partition of Hungary, the entire crown flips to the Habsburgs, Turks are set back a few years (I don't know how much time they needed to reorganise) and the myth of Ottoman invincibility is shaken.

File: Vandal_Kingdom.jpg (45 KB, 373x330)
45 KB
>germans actually conquered some of north africa
how did a bunch of barbarians from scandinavia reach and conquered arid africa? what possible genetic or cultural impact did this germanic group make on the region?
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They were kicked out of Iberia by the Visigoths. Majoranus would have steamrolled them, if not for treachery.
>One of the cultural impacts was Arianism in North Africa, although that would be wiped away with the Islamic invasions.
North Africans created Arianism.
Like most of migrational Germanic history, very little. The impact they normally made was cultural, though in the case of North Africa I'm not exactly sure how much (and to be honest I don't care). What's more interesting to me is how Germanic peoples could've made it to so many places and yet almost always get absorbed into the local cultures, rather than supplanting them with their own. Even the Goths in Crimea were happy to just sit there whilst the rest of the area around them was totally Slavic.
Vandals are slavic people
german =/= germanic

>Pope Clement, I'm VIII
I-is that an erection?
He's a big guy
Was getting big part of your plan?
Of course!

File: Evolution_Space_FLASH.jpg (21 KB, 420x240)
21 KB

which regions are the biggest clustefuckery? i think pic related takes the prize
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>communist and fascist parties routinely ally in local elections against the moderates

File: dotdotdot.jpg (12 KB, 180x204)
12 KB
Russia really operates on an entirely different level than the rest of the word. Godspeed, you glorious vodkaniggers.
Based deep levels of research
Are you some sort of specialist working for the state department, or a curious amateur, or a Caucasian?
Are black Abkhazians even a thing a anymore?
From what I remember they have totally melted into the general abkhaz population quite a while ago.
>>communist and fascist parties routinely ally in local elections against the moderates
What fascist parties?

>Man, Scythians were based, nomadic lifestyle is so natural. I wish we were like them, we have so much to learn from their culture.
>We wuz them btw, I mean we share the same language group so we totally wuz them
>Slavs wuzn't Scythians tho, they wuz subhuman slaves and discount IE
>Turkics? They never invented anything, they are nomadic vermin that lived in huts for centuries, raiding and destroying civilisations. I hate them.
>Hungarians? Basques? Finns? I mean, they wuz IE at some point!
>Kurds, Iranians, Pakis and other Indian filth has stop invading our European homelands though!
Is there a more lackluster ideology than Indo-European pride?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
cornish language is dead though
I didn't mention the validity of IE theory at all, you utter imbecile
I don't even know how one can, with a straight-face, have pride for a period from this many millennia ago. I barely even know what Scythians are and I honestly don't care. I DO find shit about it interesting, the whole Tocharian thing, but I really don't care much about learning where we migrated from, let alone have pride for it or understand who else was knocking about at the time.
>>Slavs wuzn't Scythians tho, they wuz subhuman slaves and discount IE
fuck of subhuman germ
Scythians were Ulicze just one of many slavic branches you faggot

>read about Battle of Nicopolis
>even though they got fucked up due to being retarded, French knights managed to run through a significant chunk of Ottoman army behind field fortifications up on a hill

What made them so OP?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Euro armies were more professional than people think, rather than relying on an uplifted slave warrior class they relied on large part people who took up soldiering as a profession to earn their keep, IE Merc bands
They weren't all greedy disloyal shits either, when you hear about serving men at arms in different armies, this is usually a mercenary company serving under the dominion of that crown it hails from
I think communication being so dire between combined Euro armies has always been a big thing
Inter competitiveness always seemed to fuck them over, including the crusades where they would turn on one another
Or even down to poorly translated orders, and feelings of superiority over others
Not that any coalition didn't have this, but euros just seem to inflame it
>Battle of Nicopolis
french knights were idiots they made the same stupid error for two consecutive centuries
File: 39485769.png (104 KB, 798x221)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
>The Ottomans still had a very organized and professional corp of infantry (the Janissaries) and local auxiliary cavalry (the Serbs) which held their army together between more anarchic rabble such as the Turcomans and Crimean Tatars, plus unreliable aristocratic units such as the Sipahis,

I wonder who could be behind this post
File: image.png (420 KB, 701x897)
420 KB
420 KB PNG

File: full-english.jpg (45 KB, 550x309)
45 KB
What is a historical reason for such outstanding quality of French and Italian cuisine over British and German attempts to make passable food?
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File: asdasd.png (360 KB, 600x580)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
>The pizza that is famous worldwide is the american pizza, not the abomination that sh*Talians
American style pizza was literally created by Italians
Which is why your opinion is irrelevant as well, pleb. That includes your worthless bragging about Michelin, pleb.
>americans only count as european when we want to steal their inventions!
The absolute state...
Keep your greasy, hairy, hands away from our pizza, Luigi.
I value Michelin's opinion more than mine when it comes to rating food, correct. Which is why I cite a guide which is world renowned and whose ratings have genuine impact on the revenue of a business instead of saying "food a poo poo cause I tink so!!!" and treating it as flawless fact.
>I value Michelin's opinion more than mine
Irrelevant opinion disregarded.

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