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File: che-guevara02.jpg (52 KB, 640x620)
52 KB
Has this man ever done anything wrong?
I don't think so.
r/thedonald about to seethe. B-but he killed people! Muh property ;_;
File: khruschev.jpg (105 KB, 660x980)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Has this man ever done anything wrong?
I don't think so.
Reminder that the real Motorcycle Diaries died before meeting Fidel. The Che Guevara who met Fidel was in fact a CIA agent who went rogue, and later was hired by the NSA to find out who really killed President Kennedy. He is still alive, fake Che, lives in NewEngland

Oh, and Bobby kennedy called the hit on his brother. And his wife has ties to the KKK leadership
big if true

File: 1557165691669.png (837 KB, 1840x1178)
837 KB
837 KB PNG
>Standing army
>Biggest army
>Biggest population
>The most technologically advanced
>The most elaborate bureaucracy
>The strongest economy
How did they manage to fuck it up?
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The Roman Empire ceased to exist when Rome fell to barbarians. What was left was a glorified rump state with incredibly tenuous ties to the original at best. You might as well concede that the Ottomans usurped the Roman Empire and held the title at that rate.
File: images (52).jpg (25 KB, 452x678)
25 KB
You absolute retard you just explained that they were greek LARPers

They never LARPed as Greeks they just LARPed the good part of them

>not gay
That's not LARPing, that's cultural assimilation if anything. When Romans incorporated various Celtic weaponry and armour ideas into their own military, were they then LARPing as Celts?
File: pg467.jpg (230 KB, 1136x549)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
The Romans had their limits when it came to faggotry. The passage contained within the attached image, written by Cassius Dio, is in reference to the Emperor Elagabalus who provoked practically every faction within the empire before his assassination. The full source can be seen on the following site: http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Roman/Texts/Cassius_Dio/80*.html#79-15
File: pg469-71.jpg (223 KB, 1145x572)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
If didn't go without saying, I also must recommend reading the preceding and following passages, as well, to get a better understanding of the responses to the depravity engaged in by the emperor and his collaborators.

File: Seaxe.jpg (142 KB, 741x986)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Top 20 most common surnames in Scotland:

1 Smith
2 Brown
3 Wilson
4 Stewart
5 Robertson
6 Campbell
7 Thomson
8 Anderson
9 Macdonald
10 Murray
11 Scott
12 Taylor
13 Reid

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You understand English is a West Germanic language, right? What the fuck are they if not Germanic surnames?

You know Miller is Germanic as well, right? And Hutton. You'd be amazed how many names, both surname and given, are of Germanic origin.

Robert being an example, meaning 'fame bright'.
catholicism is shit and your taste is shit

File: hpim0650-jpg.jpg (30 KB, 768x432)
30 KB
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I'm sorry dad.
Was he the ye olde Kyoani faggot?
Herodotus is right 99% of the time. The anti-Herodotus crowd gets BTFO on an annual basis.
People always like to prove themselves by pushing others down, because proving yourself through merit is an act both harder and often less glorious than taking down the old leaders and figures and calling that their triumph. But at the end of the day they always turn out wrong
Shut up retard, you're making us look stupid.

Redpill me on Mormonism, is it the one true religion or a cruddy pseudo-cult started by a con artist?
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It's like Islam. A sect created by a polygamous subhuman
They're just a new religion. One based on a cult, sure. But then again aren't most religions? They are nice people but they are very self exclusionary
>dude beliefs that span thousands of years of oral, written and cultural tradition are the same as some random faggot saying he found a magic book lmao
File: 1560960484175.jpg (95 KB, 708x800)
95 KB
From the pro one true religion side consider the short book:
"Of Faith and Reason 80 Evidences Supporting the Prophet Joseph Smith."

From a more scholarly side you could peruse: "Mormon's Codex: An Ancient American Book (2013)" or "Restoring the Ancient Church Joseph Smith and Early Christianity"

For a decently balanced historical approach consider the book "Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling"

File: image-2019-04-18_0.jpg (98 KB, 791x688)
98 KB
Why isn't the Korean war talked about more?
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Except as the attacker, NK failed to unite Korea. That was their entire wargoal. All China did was save them from completely collapsing in their own territory.
The defender doesn't need to end the war with more territory to win, but the attacker does. Especially when you still failed to do this even after the PLA saved your ass
The VCP consciously considered the example of North Korea when deciding whether to economically liberalize.
North Korean losses: 385,537 (294,151 dead and 91,206 missing)
South Korean losses: 162,394 (137,899 dead and 24,495 missing)
American losses: 44,500 (36,574 dead and 7,926 missing)
Chinese losses: 208,729 (183,108 dead and 25,621 missing)
Other U.N. losses: 3,867

If you assume that the Sorks and Norks broke even with each other in losses, then the combined Chinese and Nork losses taken against the Americans and the token few others are 431,872, to 48,367 Americans and others. Or about 9 to 1.

And this is ignoring POWs which were overwhelmingly KPA after the U.N. landed because their entire army collapsed after Inchon; the Americans held 135,000 KPA POWs by the end of September alone.
PRC wargoal was the ejection of US forces from the Korean peninsula.
The DPRK buffer state was a consolation prize.
Vietnam significantly liberalized to an extent that DRPK never did, and while it's much richer than the DRPK now, it's still nowhere close to China-tier much less ROK tier.

File: Tablet1380.jpg (252 KB, 1380x776)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Where can I find transliterations or high-res photos of Assyrian cuneiform? Is there any way to get this stuff without buying the $500+ academic books?
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My vulva, the horn,
The Boat of Heaven,
Is full of eagerness like the young moon.
My untilled land lies fallow.
As for me, Inanna,
Who will plow my vulva?
Who will plow my high field?
Who will plow my wet ground?
As for me, the young woman,
Who will plow my vulva?
Who will station the ox there?
Who will plow my vulva?
Make your milk sweet and thick, my bridegroom.
My shepherd, I will drink your fresh milk.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It's the exact same thing all people have - the inability to grasp the whole.
File: oleg-kuzmin-1.jpg (872 KB, 1920x2582)
872 KB
872 KB JPG
Gilgamesh wasn't feeling it
I'm interested in Mesoamerican rather then Mesopotamian history, but holy shit I know your pain so much

It's fucking infuriating that museums and research libraries and universities have physical access to mesoamerican codices and manuscripts, have produced high resolution scans, yet doesn't offer full resolution downloads. Like fuck off, the things are 500 years old.

The fact that ancient documents/items are single items in the possession of institutions which can deny access to them is a huge loophole in copyright law, even if the document itself is public domain, they can just say "no photos allowed" or keep scans and researcch data held hostage. Some of thgem even liscense out scans of woodcuts and other documents to stock photo companies.

It's fucking disgusting.

Thankfully in the US at least there's some case law establishing direct scans of PD 2d art and documents also being PD, so theortically if you live in the US and the scans were made in the US it's legally PD and you can rip and share the shit off of websites, and I know wikipedia as a polciy where they consider direct scans of PD works as PD as well, but I don't know if that only applies to documents and art scann3ed inside the US. If it turns out it's not then I'm gonna go on a spree ripping scans from a bunch of museum catalogs and uploading them to wikimedia one day. I also bought a bunch of books of artistic recreations and museum catalogs I plan on scanning.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: alpha as fuck.jpg (195 KB, 425x897)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
I have a whole shelf of Mesoamerican legend books, is there a particular focus you have with it?

That's a good question, re: what obligation academics have to share found stuff. I dunno what the answer to that is, but money is usually the easiest place to start: there probably isn't much of a demand for that stuff. If a lot of people were willing to spend money on it, then they'd probably put out a high-end coffee table type book for the manuscripts like Yale did with the Voynich MS.

I'll check out that program, thanks.

>Why would a university just straight up be willing to send PDFs?
Some profs care more about their work itself than all the shit that comes with it. Look for the real lovers of truth, beauty and wisdom.

Go fuck yourself.

Hahaha, I'm pretty sure he linked some good stuff though after, we fought and we are now chums, like Gil and Enkidu. c.f. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DefeatMeansFriendship

File: 1519529218365.jpg (9 KB, 235x305)
9 KB
Can you have a true Democratic or Republican form of government without a capitalist economy? Was it ever tried to some degree of success?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why would you not want a capitalist economy?
I've looked for an alternative to it for a while, I don't think it's going to be viable in this century after enough technological advancements.
It could, but it'd not look like anything we currently have. Representative democracy through parties is political capitalism, after all.
Some people live in the exploited countries.
This may be the case eventually, but any alternative system has the problems of

Allocation of scare resources (Markets), Distribution of Wealth (Work [also a market])

Capitalism can still account for allocation of scare resources, the problem becomes the distribution of wealth (assuming you are referring to the automation of work)

The cost of Anarchy (e.g. Capitalism) gets us pretty close to an optimal solution currently. What should take the place of work?
What exactly do you mean by exploitation?Exploitation can refer to different things by different people.

Secondly (depending on what you mean above) Is the exploitation a result of the economic system, or the political system?

Does this exploitation not exist in other systems?

File: 1566245522006.png (1.04 MB, 1081x925)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Serfie toils in the fields.
Monk is given half his yields.
His baron takes all of the rest.
"B-but I worked so hard and tried my best!"
He goes home to his haggard wife,
every day regrets his life.
The plague comes through and his family all die,
He still goes out the next day to harvest the rye.
He works all day and through the night,
but he still succumbs to the blight.
He lays there dying, pale and scabby,
While monk is safe inside the abbey.
Surife surfie, til the turfie.
Monk gets beef and gets real girthy.
Surfie surfie, pay your tax.
So Monk can stay inside and lax.
Being a regular monk in a shanty monastery would be no better than a serf - you would still be forced to do hard labor, except with even less agency.

File: 1561305762469.png (1.57 MB, 2830x1247)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
Back in 2015, zoomers born in 98-99 were universally hated on 4chan for being "fake 90s kids", the Bieber-loving generation who didn't even remember 9/11, and were firmly slotted into the "First of the new school"

But now in 2019, zoomers born in 98-99 are universally beloved for being "based Black Ops 2 zoombers" and are the majority of 4chan, and try to cram themselves into the "last of the old school"
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What about boomers born in 98-99? I think they're underrepresented.
I distinctly remember adults talking about the 90s being a shitty time back then, nowadays kids from the 90s have grown up and talk about how great the 90s were and how shitty today is. It's always like this.
People who despair about 18-22 year olds infesting this site already forgot that college-aged dudes were always the dominant age group here? In 2007 it was still 19-22 year old nerds shitposting, they just age and get replaced by new ones.
I'm getting too old for this website.
Boomers were born between 1946-1964 you meme loving fuck

Was Market Garden winnable by the Allies? What should have been done differently? How would this have affected history?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.

They literally gave the most crucial objective to the least qualified unit
the plan had no redundancy, and monty couldn't deal with ambiguity like that (despite being a decorated commander, he was also an autist).
The redpill is understanding Market Garden was planned to fail to make sure the Soviets took Berlin (and East Germany) first.
Yeah it was totally winnable if they fucking tanks had advanced faster
so say it succeeds, how fucked was germany then? was it truly gonna be home by christmas? or would the war have dragged on through say, February-March '45?

Why do whites think they descend from Romans? Are they ashamed to acknowledge their backwards, Germanic barbarian ways?
134 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1556043405078.png (606 KB, 1416x1600)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
Swarthy is a germanic cope word. Roman descended people don't have such a word. As I said, germanics aren't white but pink and orange and basically the abbos of "Europe" a continent where they belong only geographically.
File: 3EWfEuMcEgPl.jpg (63 KB, 594x334)
63 KB
>Pic related was the son of Italian immigrants from Naples
>Has pink skin

So I guess he's not a real Roman descendant then huh.
Literally nobody except for american mutts care about "muh racial heritage"; The same goes with the term "white".
I don't wanna descend from fucking Romans, they created civilization and civilization is shit.

File: file.png (1.12 MB, 1051x604)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
24 replies omitted. Click here to view.
a faggot
Whew nordicists really are an intolerable bunch, aren’t they?
>also despises nordicism and seems to support race-mixing
Based on both counts
He's the Viking Cowboy Linguist Historian we all need in our lives.
File: 1566151579472.gif (112 KB, 403x360)
112 KB
112 KB GIF
>nord chad
56% detected

File: Canute.png (477 KB, 439x529)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
>Leif Erikson
>Harald Hardrada
>Cnut the Great
>Sweyn Forkbeard
>Sigurd the Crusader
>Snorri Sturluson
95 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
Because most Christian Norsemen are better documented and of a later and more historical era.
Also, the Christian monks who wrote the histories paid more heed to the Christian rulers and did character assassinations of the pagan rulers.

For example, Eric Bloodaxe and Haakon Jarl (the Mighty), are described harshly, probably more harshly than they deserved. Did really Haakon Jarl die in a pig sty? Was he the medieval Colonel Gaddafi?

File: Emma-Cnut-cropped.jpg (1.01 MB, 1050x691)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Here's what Knut looked like
This looks pretty accurate >>7111953
More based religion

File: second cain.jpg (429 KB, 1200x915)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
He clearly stood to benefit from his death and although it is said he died of natural causes, I'm quite sceptical of dying of "natural causes" at the age of 20 ( even though it were the dark ages people lived longer than that )
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
he plays ck2
This roasties ruin everything
>I'm quite sceptical of dying of "natural causes" at the age of 20
Its possible to die at any age you know
Extremely likely. I don't have any evidence but I always go with the most outrageous answer.
There's no direct evidence, but it seems super suspicious that his otherwise healthy brother that he hated died at 20.

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