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How much value do you put on the idea of historical agency?
File: 1344290461115.jpg (6 KB, 233x217)
6 KB
Not as much as historical necessity.

What would Islamic America be like? Assume that some Mohammed sailed to it instead Columbus
Not sure about the North Murrica, but speaking of Middle and South America I'm sure it would be better. Most of the cities that have the highest rate of crime per capita, such as murder, are in South America.
Hope Mohammed brings smallpox with him because Amerindians ain't gonna put up with his shit. There were undo inability. That's why they had to be killed.
I'm sure they'd feel at home in Nevada

File: Doctored_Stalin-Lenin.jpg (2.1 MB, 2160x2348)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG
Name a more iconic duo
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File: 1536201294702.jpg (318 KB, 1024x745)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
>Virgin Austro-Hungarian art school reject and drunken lout
>CHAD Prussian understander of strategy and drinker of subhuman Slavic tears
Germany and Britain becoming enemies prior to WW1 was one of the greatest mistakes ever
Blame Wilhelm. Literal autist that ruined all of western civilization, simply because 'GERMANY NUMBER 1!!!!!' Not responsible for WW1 directly, but is responsible for putting his nation on a path to war with an empire led by his own fucking Uncle.
File: 1543772855281.jpg (10 KB, 194x260)
10 KB
I know
feels bad man
WW1 could've easily been avoided

File: Adolf the Islamist.png (743 KB, 1000x750)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
Was Hitler the most pro-Islam world leader of WW2?
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File: 1527223212377.jpg (80 KB, 539x960)
80 KB
It was actually Churchill
File: Aryan spirit.jpg (47 KB, 648x309)
47 KB
He was pro-ghosts
>N-Nazis loved brown people and Islam and Slavs, they wuz tolerant!1111
Hitler liked Islam because it reflected the warlord style values he wanted to make popular in Europe
Retarded drug head holds retarded views on religion and history, who could have seen that one coming.

>Finland loses all its allies, as they refused to join in
>Finland loses its mines, port and industrial city
>Finland loses all land that was demanded of it before the war, and more
>Finland loses more men as a percentage of total population than USSR, despite costly winter offensives
>Finland loses its entire defensive line that it invested heavily into, and its small fleet, and its economy is ruined
>in the year of the false prophet 2018, people STILL insist that Finland somehow won this
>on a history board

... ?
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You are replying to a discussion that started from the statement that Finland did indeed lose the war. No one is trying to argue that. It is however historically illiterate to say that "USSR got its pre-war demands, and extra." because in truth the USSR got very little of what it wanted (a Finnish satelite to curb an invasion of Russia through Finland).
>Starting a war
Im sorry?
It really tells about the quality of the discussion when someone unironically still thinks that thinks that the Finns shelled Mainila.
>hey, give us your stuff
>okay, now give us more of your stuff LMAO
when you make this type of demand it's just a pretext

If leftists had any sense they would choose a gun as their symbol on their flags instead of the stupid hammer and sickle.
Peasant revolutions before firearms weren't very successful because the knights had armour and stallions and military training and the peasants had to do with their lances.
When the gun came along it leveled the playing field.
The gun should have been the icon of the left because no leftist revolution would have succeeded without it.
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They why are you talking to me? You didn't even follow the thread of conversation, apparently
>throw away your humanity
humans are the only species on earth mentally capable of killing each other.
if you're a soldier drafted by the army to kill another nationality what are the consequences for doing so?
File: 884567897247869.png (112 KB, 860x316)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
>small arms
Oh for fucks sake Bruce, now mount that baseplate.

File: grug turk.png (20 KB, 485x443)
20 KB
>innocent Byzantine monuments and buildings

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Venice wanted the Asia to Europe trade. This means Byzantium's head.

And after centuries of struggling, they finally got it by doing business with the Ottomans, only for the trade to shift west with the discovery of the Americas.

>And after centuries of struggling, they finally got it by doing business with the Ottomans

the terms venice got from the ottomans were worse than those they got from the byzantines or the crusader states that replaced them in greece.
Venice had a monopoly with the Ottomans, nobody else would taint themselves to trade with the infidel.
>wipe out the native americans and demolish almost all of their culture, art, etc to the point where the only things left are a few ruins here and there
>lmao stupid savages they deserved it

>turks wipe out the byzantines and their culture, art, to the point where the only things left are a few ruins here and there

Why are white people so pathetic?
Anon,are you dumb or just terrible at fact-checking?Shit gets destroyed by time,turks in particular didn't destroy shit temselves.Hell,that part of the city in your pic is still there,including the monuments and buildings although the nature did a number in the area.
War also takes it's toll too though,doesn't matter who does it.
It also still has christ's mozaics in it,fling as much as shit as you want to.
It's not in the dome or anything,it's just a really small writing on the railings but yeah it's still there

What do masons belive in?

Why do they have to be such cunts and keep everything a secret?

What do they offer to new comer?

What does one have to do in return?

How does one become a mason? Do you have to be born a mason or can you join later on?
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t. mason

i know there's a good chance you are one because a non-trivial number of rural and small town boomers are masons and this board is highly likely to have more boomers than nearly any other. Mason.
a long proud history of revolution, pedophillia and assassination but that's your business friend.
Hey, that was in Europe. The American War of Independence wasn't a revolution. American Masons are fine.
>and assassination
And the orthodox, and the orientals, and mainstream protestants, and baptists, and muslims, ...well, pretty much everyone except scottish presbyt. and mormons.
Opus Dei > Free Masons

File: TEMPLARS.jpg (75 KB, 770x503)
75 KB
What're some non biased books that cover the history of the Crusades, and Templar's?
Chronicles of the first crusade by Fulcher of Chartres is pretty even handed, makes the Byzantines sound like such assholes too
>makes the Byzantines sound like such assholes too
They were so that's fine.

>Crusaders ask to pass
>go to war with them
>join with fucking muslims

What did they mean by this
/his/ mega

File: 9781853993589.jpg (12 KB, 160x224)
12 KB
Tell me about Tacitus

File: zoroastrianism.jpg (100 KB, 863x417)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Any resources for learning about Zoroastrianism? Anything ranging from films to books pertaining to the religions ancient/contemporary practices and history?
go to the archives and look for the mega links posted in /his/ book threads
Where's the /his/ archive?
Some of my buddies growing up were Zoroastrianism. It’s like the Persian version of Manguu religion. They honor an ancestor. It’s all about ethnic reproduction. It doesn’t see sex as immoral but a divine right. Man are able to have as many wives as long as they are able to provide for them and the children. The religion is about having babies babies and more babies.
File: Tiernen (9).jpg (198 KB, 1280x1707)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
The Don't Ever Tell Lies Religion...
Needless to say, it's been crushed nearly into oblivion over the years.
It's running out of newbies, and it will be gonzo by 2050 - 2100. Had itself a good run though.
All about fucking prime pussy too.
And tending to y'all's brood sows and piglets.

Which historical battles has mobility been a major factor for an army winning?
33 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.

Mongols are underrated. Everyone thinks of them as a fucking zerg rush army of morons that overwhelmed everyone
First to mobilize and send their load had better chances of winning.
Napoleonic wars
Napoleon beat coalitions that dwarfed his army by moving at insane speed and picking separate armies.
The Mongols
It was their bread and butter. Shoot arrows then run away from the pursuers and shoot arrows at them too.
Even in Alexander's campaigns, getting to a defended hill first gave his army a massive advantage.
>jew spotted
File: Ax01081.jpg (338 KB, 1500x1631)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
>Battle of Carrhae
>Rome couldn't attack the enemy army because they were all on horseback
>Camels to supply the archers with more arrows.
>Crassus' lookalike paraded through Parthia in womens' clothes.

You can't fucking train inherently fragile parts like the eyes all he'd need is like a dagger or something to blind the giant and then just drive the blade in his ear or cut an artery

File: world_religions.jpg (33 KB, 434x431)
33 KB
I want to believe. Please try to convince me.

This is both rooted in a desire for purpose and for community, both of which I lack. The difficulty is that I can't seem to find any religion convincing.

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File: Bhagavad-Gita.jpg (75 KB, 500x713)
75 KB
>Christian Transhumanism
So essentially just "vague millennial spiritualism?"
Really this. I'm not sure what it is about Christianity that drives its followers to lie so much.
Who knows, but to be fair, there is truth within their hysteric lies, whereas there is a lie within the apparent order of things.

File: FM handsigns.jpg (55 KB, 459x1067)
55 KB
Good morning /his/, it's been a while since I last lurked here, but I have a fun little game for you.
I'm writing a paper on Macron's 2017 UN speech and a section of it is about the non-verbal aspects of the speech.
So I'm compiling the usual nose-scratching and whatnot, but some mimics seem to come up often at key moments of the speech.
Since it's fair to say that Macron is most likely a freemason, I looked around for some masonic hand gestures info and sure enough, I found
>pick related
He used iii and viii a few times. And i and v once or twice.
Problem is I can't find what the sketches mean.
I'm still going through the vid so I'll be back with a complete time table of all these if this post gets some steam going.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muoTXSOzwtg&t=258s [Embed]
Let me know if you have anything /pol/ !

Just got a new PC and lost my old collection, so please share away
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File: big JB.jpg (24 KB, 600x623)
24 KB
File: 1544415425091.jpg (83 KB, 422x750)
83 KB
please post more angles
Does hair like this possible?
File: -.jpg (3.57 MB, 4032x3024)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB JPG

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