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Was there such a thing as a "happy worker" in Communist and Socialist countries?

Or is that impossible...
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File: 1-2.jpg (84 KB, 696x392)
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>They did not "join the war with Germany."
\>and took control over provinces stolen by Poland during the Civil War.
Durring Civil War Soviets attacked Poland. After Revolution Bolsheviks refused to accept Russian Empire heredity which means they lost all claims for ex-Imperial territories
>If it weren't for the Five Year Plans the Soviets would have nothing to fight the Germans with.
And there would be no 30 millions of dead soviets.
Not to mention there would be no reasons for war if Russia wasn't controlled by agresive leftists regime.
>Because under socialism there was no welfare state
Well mem'd
Now go into your helicopter
What sort of drug-riddled grifter do you have to be to think like this?
File: hxozeyv9unp21.jpg (107 KB, 1080x639)
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107 KB JPG
>t. wagecuck
>helicopter memes in 2019

File: giv khazar milkers.gif (3.54 MB, 600x400)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB GIF
Is there any truth to the Khazar meme?
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Can I fuck your sisters?
Can I fuck you?
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck dude.
give us your sister pr0nz
>I don't want to fuck my sister
holy shit are you gay or is she really that ugly?
File: 1486938803070.png (47 KB, 210x239)
47 KB
A lot of jewish women survived the holocaust by using their big bazoingas to seduce camp guards and earn special privileges. The extra fat reseves also meant it took longer for them to starve to death
When the camps were liberated only the most well endowed jews were left standing.

So we’re all in agreement that Stalingrad was mainly a battle between Left Hegelianism and Right Hegelianism, right?

File: Deluge.jpg (32 KB, 260x339)
32 KB
What do you make of the many ancient flood myths across the world? All localized events or most referring to a single incident?
Each civilization's flood myth was probably based on a localized event but borrowed elements from the flood myths of nearby/earlier civs.
Every coastal region on Earth was inundated at the end of the last ice age.
here's a really interesting video discussing that topic
Fuck off Graham
A recollection of being immersed in the fluid of the womb

File: alamo.jpg (337 KB, 1600x1200)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
I'm going to post this today because the usual fellow seems to have forgotten. It's already been "today" for 1 hour and 18 minutes. "He's" always slacking anyway, allowing one post to last many days.
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File: philcollins.jpg (151 KB, 1200x800)
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151 KB JPG
Having refused to fuck your mother despite her pleading and significant cash offers does not make me gay. And *that* is some straight up /his/. You can still call me "Daddy" though.
>Having refused to fuck your mother despite her pleading and significant cash offers does not make me gay.
Idk, my mom is pretty hot. You've have to pretty gay to turn that down.
Yeah, but never stick your dick in crazy, son.
She's okay when she's on her meds.

Reasons to believe based on reason:
>argument from contingency
>argument from desire (since humans naturally have some desire to seek God, then, as hunger suggests the existence of food, then perhaps our desire for God suggests his existence as well)
>Gödel’s ontological argument (if God can exist, he does exist)
>argument from absurdity (if God does not exist, then existence is absurd. Like a mathematical proof, this suggests that what is absurd is not true, and that therefore God exists)

Now these arguments appeal to our rational faculties, but it must be said that they can’t actually prove God’s existence. We could just as easily think of some reasons against God’s existence, though they might not be as convincing. Humans are infinitely ignorant, so our reason cannot lead us anywhere. It all comes down to faith in the end. So why should we have faith in God?
>gives your life meaning
>makes the world seem a little less complex and infinitely confusing
>gives you hope, makes you grateful, keeps you in check of sinning (noFap is a great example. You now have a spiritual reason not to masturbate)
>gives you rest in this life and the next
>is no less reasonable than having faith in any other thing (such as God’s non-existence)
>the existence of religion makes it appear that God is concerned with us and our well-being in this life and the next. So we should worship Him.
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has he produced a Scripture like the Christian Bible? Didn't think so.
So you think it’s possible that a good Christian can be punished by an extinct god?
Do you think that the mark of the divine is writing a fucking book?
He is concerned about our well being, but less on the physical side since it's temporary, and more on whether we'll spend eternity in hell or heaven. Whatever suffering we have on earth is nothing compared to hell, and whatever happiness we experience on earth is nothing compared to heaven.

What are some historical examples of politically motivated “corruption” probes / scandals?
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Go back to Israel shill
>latin american leftists are nationalist
>latin american rightists are yankee/zionist puppets


They're sell-outs of the communist movement. The PCC and the PSUV turned their respective countries into ruin in their bid for absolute power over society. Not long ago the FARC leadership received the visit of a NYSE representative. The Workers' Party in Brazil stole 40 billion to finance communist parties in Latam and Africa, bringing Brazil to its worst economic crisis since independence. They're scoundrel.

The so-called "secret messages" are a big-nothing burger. Even Lula's chief lawyer admited they have no relevance.
Lulu did nothing wrong
You mean a WITCH HUNT in which there was NO COLLUSION?

File: Zerg.png (13 KB, 314x400)
13 KB
Leave it to Russian zergs to lose to fuckin' Italians they outnumber.
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Italian incompetence is exaggerated (particularly on the subjects of Greece and North Africa), but it's not a meme. Their planning was generally execrable and they were rotten to the core, with institutional issues such as the chronic lack of NCOs, the top-heaviness of the officer corps, and the woefully insufficient logistics never actually being addressed. The best Italian performance in the war by far was that of the partisans (mostly ex-army) fighting the Germans in 1944-1945, where these issues were much less visible than they were in conventional warfare.
File: snowniggersbtfo11.jpg (302 KB, 1766x741)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
fucking dumbass cocksuckers
It’s crazy. Italian casualties against Western allies are comparable to those suffered by the Soviets fighting the Germans.
Leave it to the Japs to lose and suffer heavier casualties to the Russians, the fucking masters of human wave tactics.

File: BONmdbj.jpg (111 KB, 964x822)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
How will bongs react to King Charles and Queen Camilla?
I have a better question, who the fuck cares.

Name deadlier combo
Cant believe this shithole used to be usa of south America
Delusions of grandeur and military incompetence

File: cronos.jpg (21 KB, 220x404)
21 KB
Just got done playing God of war 3 and I've gotten an interest in greek mythology and ancient religion. And these spikes of interest only last about 3 weeks I gotta be quick, so what is the best book on the subject? Telling the entire mythology story and whatever else. Wikipedia articles don't cut out for me. Also a book on the history of ancient greece would be really nice too, like the city greek states and all that

Ottoman Empire should have been kept in its 1914 shape. We could still buy oil and develop petroleum there as we do in Saudi Arabia.
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>heroic deeds
It was heroic, are you being sarcastic? Very few people could pull it off.

Tell that to the French who funded the Armenians, the Greeks, the Assyrians, the Arabs, and who invaded turkey in there points with half a million plus troops.
File: Greeks0.jpg (494 KB, 950x676)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
Ottomans kept ME in peace for a thousand year and if it survived till today it can keep the peace for another thousand year
>It was only a shit hole
it was a shithole since it's inception.
>It was on the way back to being decent
it became decent under ataturk.
Good dog!

File: john major.jpg (16 KB, 200x281)
16 KB
Was he unironically the best contemporary British prime minister?

File: 1558486708805.png (261 KB, 540x360)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
> [The Corinthians] hated the Kerkyraians for their contempt of the mother country. Instead of meeting with the usual honours accorded to the parent city by every other colony at public assemblies, such as precedence at sacrifices, Corinth found herself treated with contempt...
>Thucydides 1.25.3-4

Woah, so is Corinth literally Bongland?
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Canada was founded by the Scottish. The French were just the shitty underclass that the British conquered.

The Scots had ceased to exist by this point, becoming British in 1707.
So English people don't exist either?

Yes, correct. Since 1707 there have been no English people.
if only

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Apex Protestants
So like Augustine of Hippo, but without the ecclesiastical part
I have a Calvinist mate. His theology is very hardline and I dig that but fuck he's a little bitch
When will manlets ever learn?

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