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Just how great were the 1920's?
Pretty great for everyone but Europeans

Why do you think music, poetry adn philosophy flourished in germany? Of course they prospered in other countries as well, but it seems like germany had not only had a headstart but was also home to most of the greats. Keep in mind that back in the day Austria and Germany were one nation until the 1860's and even now you could argue that culturally Austria is basically germany.

Here are 2 theories:

>Theory 1: Protestant Revolution
After the prostentant revolution spirituality was thought to be of the individual rather than the previous belief
of a priest being the link to god and the answers one might have about life.

>Theory 2: Mr. Gutenberg and the printing press
Transformed communication, threatened the power of political and religious leaders, allowed for the middle class to emerge since literacy wasn't exclusively for the rich anymore, allowing a massive variety of people to get into culture.

Any other theories?
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England, France, Italy, and Russia
Assuming you're talking about Europe through history:
Poetry didn’t. Philosophy did, but to a much smaller extent than most people think.
Did it really have a headstart?
seemed like it came very late in the game during the late enlightenment, before it was France that was the art center and before that it was Italy.

German culture started flourishing pretty much by being the Rome to Austria's Athens. Austria's culture flourished because of their power and influence and Germany being close could easily get their people to go the Vienna and Prague to learn from the scholars and artists at the time.

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This so much.
File: pp.jpg (61 KB, 645x463)
61 KB
File: Mieczyslaw Moczar.jpg (39 KB, 644x589)
39 KB
Was he nazbol?

>The so-called ‘partisan’ wing of the ruling Polish United Workers Party in the 1960s was led by the Interior Minister,General Mieczyslaw Moczar. Moczar gathered around himself a significant group of war veterans (hence the group’s popular name), younger party cadres, military and security personnel and bureaucrats, as well as some writers and artists. They were unified by an eclectic
ideology that combined socialism with patriotic pathos, praised the heroic aspects of national history and expressed hostility to all forms of alleged ‘cosmopolitanism’. The ‘partisans’ venom was directed against ‘revisionists’ - a code word for leftist dissidents and members of the liberal wing of the party who were regarded as an obstacle towards building a more authoritarian nationalist regime. Jews, too, were an obvious target of the ‘partisans’ growing anger. The ‘partisans’ believed the party could regain public support by publicly purging itself of Jews and by employing nationalist rhetoric. The aim of the
‘partisans’ was to construct a system of national communism, with a mixture of communist, nationalist and populist ideology

File: stuffiread.png (117 KB, 1392x812)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
I've been researching the history of occultism in Nazi Germany recently. In addition to Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke's books, I've read everything in pic related. I'm intending to do a large writing project on this based on the literature available in English, but I'm having trouble finding good sources. Some of the books in pic related were entertaining, but hardly scholarly.

Can you suggest some good books on the subject to me that I haven't read?
spear of destiny
You will of course link your blogpost or essay whatever here when you finish yes?
Sounds interesting

File: sadWWIGermPow.jpg (46 KB, 450x670)
46 KB
How much credibility is there to the notion that Germany was winning the war before the American entry into the war? When you look at things objectively
1. they were desperately short on troops even before the American entry
2. They lacked motor vehicles and tanks which were becoming more and more important in the second half of the war
3. lacked oil
4. lacked rubber
5. was hungry from blockade
6. the assessment of the German "near-victory" typically relies on the collapse of the Russian front in 1917 and how that allowed German soldiers to move to the West; my take-away would be that the Germans were already losing the war prior to 1917 and only received a breathing room from the collapse of Russia, not sure why so many people choose to read things differently.
7. own allies are in a state of collapse
8. Britain and France have an endless supply of Indian and black BVlLLs to throw into the German meat grinder
9. Even China and Japan are involved in the conflict on the Allied side though on a limited manner
10. can't even get revolutionary Mexico to create a border war/crisis that will keep America distracted even when they offer to pay for the guns!

Without underrating the role the US played in bringing a speedy end to WWI, I just can't see the Germans winning this one. The whole meme about the perfidious Anglo/Wilson's banisters friends/the Zionist lobby in the US (yes, they existed back then) all conspiring to bring the US into the war and defeat Germany falls flat to me.
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The fact that the American devil dogs were using 1914 tactics is what stopped the Germans to begin with

They would suicidally rush machine gun nests overwhelmed Germans that hadn't seen such (frankly ludicrous ) tactics in years. The Americans pushed back the Germans at the cost of mass casualties. Also those French and British weapons only existed thanks to American supplies, resources, and credit.
>U boat attacks drop almost exactly at the time that the US entered the war
It also coincides with, as you said, the point where they were about a month away from starvation. Think that might have also kicked their asses into gear?
>The Americans had a big impact
Don't talk such rot.
The only reason Britain was so close to starving was because they didn't have the ships to prevent U boat attacks. They didn't have the ships because their merchant marine was spread all across the globe and they still had to maintain their enormous expensive empire and keep their sea trade alive. All Germany had to do was surround one island with u boats.

America didn't just impact the war they won it
File: 1449052732763.jpg (57 KB, 589x334)
57 KB

File: frizz.jpg (30 KB, 480x360)
30 KB
>Medical sciences
doctors and nurses

>first responders
police, firefighters, EMTs

teachers and universities

all crime

What else will always be an unchanging staple in life even into the far future?
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File: 1524664925780.jpg (16 KB, 214x317)
16 KB
Military Function of a society
True freedom is having the ability to improve yourself. Why do people think evil and bad decision making in general are explained by the existence of free will? Why would a free being desire something that only harms him in the end?
this post worst post
War. We'll always have some reason to kill those weirdos on the other side of the river.
>We must end democracy
Technocracy is the only path for success.

File: i-can-explain.jpg (127 KB, 1222x1144)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
/his/, why do you guys always come off as jaded and sarcastic? Especially when your sense of humour?

Is this what happens when you learn history?
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>i am new please fuck my shit up
say no more desu
File: 1522718362456.jpg (319 KB, 500x650)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
Why do you faggots refuse to lurk?
>Is this what happens when you learn history
Nothing is more depressing than having a deep knowledge in history. Not this board though, /his/ is 99% retards who have a high school tier understanding of history and believe that youtube videos are legitimate sources.
the board is literally just, 4chan discusses """history"""
It's great fun but remember that you should never take anything here seriously
>like various subreddits
Go back and stay there

I often see people reply to the "french surrender meme" with a statement about them kicking ass militarily for most of history and only losing out in WW2.
How accurate is this? I know they were pretty okay in Napoleonic Times, but other than that why do people say they were great?
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France is one of the oldest and largest countries in Europe, you don't achieve that by constantly losing wars
>You mean the period from the end of the 100 years war til 1815?
apart from those times the english BTFO the french, specifically the spanish succession, the seven years war essentially most of the 18th century. oh and the period before rocroi when the spanish had at least equal claim to hegemony
applying the logic of that image there are no americans...

by edward I the english kings were thoroughly english in cultural and language
You could at least have tried to cope without mentioning wars won by France
France were consistently the biggest military power in Europe from it's beginnings in the middle ages until really now, but in a sort of "boss-level" way.

They sort of suffer the Worf effect as you can tell who is the badass from every era by how the BTFO France

File: dermot-mcmurrough.jpg (250 KB, 345x375)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Here we are again for another Chapter of Irish History. We all know that England invaded Ireland, but why and when did they first do it? At what point did the trickery begin?
In this thread I will tell of the Norman Invasion of Ireland.

If you’re interested, I have made two other threads on Irish history:
>The Nine Years War (a 16th-17th Century Conflict which marked the death of Gaelic Ireland)
>Brian Boru (The Rise and Fall of the King who United Ireland, and the Decline of Vikings in Ireland)

All of my posts are pre-written, I will be dumping them all at once.
There will be 2 introductory posts to introduce characters and concepts, and then 13 “Chapters” to describe the events themselves.

Obviously it’s a bit of a long one, but I’m hoping I made it accessible enough for you all to read.
I hope you enjoy!
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>We don't think about you at all
>Was the one who originally came into a thread about Irish history to post about being English despite there being 0 (ZERO) discussion about England or its peoples

You've been thinking about us a lot since the EU has been cucking you over the border. Good luck with no deal, Muhammad, and mind what you say lest the police bang you up for mean comments.
OP again, I've decided the next thread will be on either

>Revolution (couple days ago was the centenary of the 1918 election
>Irish Confederate Wars

Any questions pertaining to the Normans that have gone unanswered, ask away!
Honestly I'd read these threads for the humour alone. Do you write stuff regularly, OP?

>that sneaky horrible histories reference
You're good people

Are there any philosophers who were born as poorfags? Not talking about mythological fantasies or people who gave up their money later in life.
>Inb4 Epictetus
Dude's master was rich.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
LARPing doesn't count ffs.
OP is asking for philosophers, not crazed commie cunts willing to commit genocide on their own populus, Can't see how you made the confusion.
Even Marx was middle class before being exiled from Prussia as revolutionary.
Nowadays we all are, materially speaking at least

File: image.jpg (27 KB, 433x392)
27 KB
What will architecture, culture, tech look like in 50 years?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wish
OP pic is what the average American will look like in 50 years
Culture will be entirely globalized thanks to the internet and increasing economic relations, that will make states very weak and they'll end up going away entirely in ~100 years.
I've read an interesting article recently, explaining how there needs to come new understanding of what a nation, country, state means. Cause while the borders between nations are blurring, some other are being creating. For example, how do we define the Islamic state? It is a state that is in a country, but it also spans multiple countries, thanks to technology that enable it like Whatsapp.
I think the most realistic outcome is the rise of regional power blocs amid the decline of the traditional nationstate. It won't mean that individual countries will disappear, but they will largely be politically, economically, and militarily subservient to their regional government. Rather than something too far-reaching like the EU, we'll see things like ASEAN, Visegrad Group, CIS, and Cono Sur take rise. Failed projects will probably include the EU and African Union.

File: woodrow wilson.jpg (436 KB, 620x1000)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
He kept us out of war
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
not an argument

He was too weak on both Germany and the Bolsheviks and implemented no effective measures to limit the growth of either side.

Wilson really had no idea what he was doing in Europe he was obsessed with England and that's all he ever really cared about.
>took a visit to his house during college
>showed pictures of two black servants
>their names was literally Issac and Maria

[spoiler] But seriously, what would history be like without Christianity? [/spoiler]
65 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
What people fail to realize is that any autist/NEET who didn't want to be a wagie back in the day just became a monk so he could be left alone to his greek cave-paintings. Same applies to women who didn't want to be a housewife. Today due to a lack of direct benefits of doing such a thing, only super hardcore people are nuns and monks and shit. If you were a peasant but weren't a normie and thought the church and stuff was alright, your only hope of happiness was joining religious orders if you didn't want to endure a lifetime of hard labor

Being a labourer on a monestary would have been alright. The work is hard but you keep the community going and you are guaranteed several pints of small beer per day.
dumbest post I've ever seen on this website
Ultimately, I think technology would be on a similar level to today. Philosophy in the West would be different, but still influenced heavily by Platonism and Neo-Platonism. Europe would likely have another centralized church more based on the Roman gods, perhaps with one becoming the important one and the rest being relegated to minor powers.
But it's ridiculous to claim Christianity has been overall "bad" for the world or for Europe.

Nutcracker edition.

"We are one more ‘Nutcracker’ nearer death," wrote critic Richard Buckle in 1972. And so we shall, too, dive into the ballet that started as a Russian flop and has become a multi-million dollar international sensation.
75 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well that sounds bizarre
What are the essential classic ballets?
probably, in no particular order:

Swan Lake
The Sleeping Beauty
Don Quixote
Romeo and Juliet
La Bayadere
La Sylphide
The Nutcracker
Is it true that ballet has always been from the 16-19th century, a way to legally fap while still considered high art?
How does one meet a ballerina gf

File: robertplant.jpg (33 KB, 633x760)
33 KB
What is the history of the bulge?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>What is the history of the bulge?
Amnesia regarding prostate cancer.
In Europe agriculture can be undertaken unusually far north, laborers were faced with the problem of reducing perspiration in freezing conditions while keeping extremities warm and quickly covering up once exertions had finished. Undergarments became complex affairs, woolen leggings were stretched tight while the sweaty groin had a separate looser covering. The thin undergarments could then be quickly covered by a cloak.

This was mirrored by the armor of the upper classes whose groin protection involved a large pronounced steel plate. Not wanting to be outdone this began an arms race with the gentry investing in their own shapely groin coverings. Similarly wide pantaloons accentuated the region which would become more popular, evolve into baggy pants, then more practical martial pants of the 30 years war and English civil war with the groin covered by a loose jerkin, and so ended the era of the bulge.
>Men wanting to show off their bulges are literally the reason why pants became such a thing after millenia of skirts/tunics
Is that why the advance of pants coincided precisely with the advance of horseback riding? Retard

>Not that I don't believe you
Battle between Americans and Germans
Henry VIII's codpiece wasn't to make his dick look bigger but rather the fact he had syphilis and it would be painful for his pants to rub on his crouch

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