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File: TheMalteseFalcon1941.jpg (8 KB, 233x312)
8 KB
why did we stop wearing fedoras?
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such a pity thou
because of the proliferation of shampoo

hiding your hair is less of a necessity so wearing hats is primarily for utility like blocking the sun or style
SEETH more Cuck. 4more years
Thought it was 6 more years
Younger generations stopped wearing suits and the hats came with the suits.

What was West Germany politics like?
Dominated by Christian Democrats aside from late 60s.
sucking circumcised cock
In what sense exactly?
In the 50s-early 60s it was dominated by rebuilding the country and the Wirtschaftswunder under Adenauer/Erhard, also conveniently ignoring former Nazis, because someone had to run the state and anyone competent had a past. Also rearmament.
66-69 Kiesinger (former NSDAP) came along and the students began to get uppity due to the lack of questioning of their parents involvment and also Vietnam, lots of student protests and also the beginning of the end of the steel and coal industry.
69-78 SPD gets a turn, welfare state is expanded, detente with east and recognition of the Oder-Neiße border line. Rise of RAF, Pershing missiles and oil crisis, FRG starts making debts.
78-90 CDU is back in power, mass protests for peace, corruption in CDU, then the fall of the wall.

File: 1519434631279.png (3 KB, 1280x853)
3 KB
While pretty much all their neighbours did en masse?
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>gets bankrupted due to hospital bills
A glorious country indeed.
They have always had plenty if food.
France was underpopulated for most of the 19th century
you mean
>why are french immigrants such a small part of the american narrative
because they emigrated in significant numbers to the americas... just no the USA. They first set up in French Canada.

The others went to south america. in the mid-1800s frenchmen were about half the population of Uruguay (the number of immigrants is around 25,000) while more significantly moving to Argentina and Brazil.
That would be Dutch thinkers and remaining dutch of new netherlands

File: 1526641971115.jpg (25 KB, 275x343)
25 KB
we're up next boys.

File: tfwiwantpeacewiththeusa.jpg (83 KB, 1240x652)
83 KB
>Steiner's assault
mein fuhrer...
mein fuhrer, we had this thread yesterday.
What do you mean "Steiner is not known where is it."

File: CaracallaVCommodus.png (776 KB, 1025x768)
776 KB
776 KB PNG
Who would win in a fight?
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>The people of Alexandria were some of the worst antiquity had to offer.
how so?
File: 1550041156513.jpg (13 KB, 229x343)
13 KB
>Claudius would have a rage meter that lets him use retard strength when it's filled.
Commodus was actually a pretty decent fighter, just a giant sperg. Caracallua had to call in cronies to murder his own brother.

Commodus definitely wins.
All of these emperors would get fucked up HARD by the sun emperor Aurelian. Dude literally fought his way up to Emperor through sheer soldiering skills alone.
Commodus was a loon but he did train obsessively, even with his rigged fights I think he would beat Caracalla one one.

File: hizb al baath.jpg (20 KB, 297x336)
20 KB
Why do first world Marxists and other socialists who would lean left-wing but not revolutionary in the traditional sense, write about how Karl Marx was correct and how Marxism is misunderstood, etc. but at the same time doesn't care about third-world socialist movements like Arab Socialism, Ba'athism, the writings about Gaddafi's States of the Masses, etc.?

They will invite neo-Marxist, and supporters of all kinds of socialism that are essentially memes in the West or the millennial types who think, "socialism is when the government does things" but I have yet to see anything on our campus that espouses Arab Socialism, Ba'athism or Nasserite/third-way socialism that doesn't believe in the first-world baggage of "millennial socialism"
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Not really. I think that maintaining an egalitarian society is a hard but important problem for any given political system. Part of the solution (but not all of the solution) is maintaining a commitment to egalitarianism. I also think that some kind of commitment to leftism is good and necessary.
>cuz every state fails
Meme argument from a retard, disregarded.
>gives qualifiers right afterwards
Did you ever learn to read past the 1st sentence?
Giving "Every state fails" as an explanation disqualifies the entire post automatically. Retarded, garbage, mental gymnastics.
that’s not the explanation given. learn to read past the 1st sentence. I know its hard for you, but there’s only one other sentence. I trust you can do it little jimmy, as much as your brain may struggle. I believe in you.

File: 657678.gif (676 KB, 2066x1832)
676 KB
676 KB GIF
have their even been any Instances of Muslims and Christians working together to fight pagans
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>have their even been any Instances of Muslims and Christians working together to fight pagans

Several times actually.
Did that change Kitbuqa's religion? No. It wasn't Christians helping Muslims against pagans.
Im pretty sure Hularu was a mongol pagan
Except that Christians genocided these people but Muslims tolerated them. That’s why pagans survive only in Muslim lands but paganism was eradicated in Christian Europe.
Don't forget Burmese Buddhists and Myedu Muslims in the Myanmar army fought against Indian Muslims and British soldiers in the British Indian Army. There has never been a case of one side in a war being all Christian and Muslim and the enemy side being all pagan. There were either Muslims or Christians on the pagan side.

File: Acropolis.jpg (943 KB, 1000x666)
943 KB
943 KB JPG
Hey /his/, I want to learn everything about ancient and classical greece. Where should I start?
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File: 1463177829737.jpg (2.46 MB, 4800x3834)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
File: update.jpg (1.78 MB, 3000x3868)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
File: 1463433979055.jpg (2.82 MB, 6100x3721)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB JPG
Fuck I started with Hamilton mythology already
Finish it, anon! It's always good to get a solid grasp of the mythology; and perhaps it's better to get into the mind and soul of the people before reading the histories!

File: Pyrrhus.jpg (15 KB, 250x333)
15 KB
Does Pyrrhus get a bad rep? His death numbers aren't even really all that high. The only reason his battles were "Pyrrhic" was because the city of Rome itself had ten times the population of Epirus, and just one death would have been Pyrrhic because he needed every soldier he had. I don't see how someone like Hannibal or Alexander would have done better
He has a bad rep among armchair historians. In his own time he was exalted. Some people may have hated him but no one could deny his skill

>literally surrenders rule of his country voluntarily to his wife's bull
Name a bigger cuck.
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OP's mother's husband.
OP (and his """dad""") btfo once again
He did it because the generals had turned on him and advised him to abdicate. Most generals hoped they could put his Uncle in as Czar. What's the point of claiming the empire when even the military has abandoned you? There were riots in the cities and just about no one believed the Czar was competent anymore which was true he fucked up the entire war when he was involved.

The failures of the czarina and Rasputin were only a footnote to the Czars military and industrial fuck ups.
>He did it
I think the post is more about him allowing his wife and his wife's friend Rasputin so much control.

As for the abdication, it wasn't a choice. He was isolated, dismissed by the entirety of Russian society, and the abdication was demanded by the Army high command, with an unspoken threat that they will not tolerate his refusal.

File: haplotype.jpg (66 KB, 487x429)
66 KB
David Reich, in his book, made an important point that I noticed but did not emphasize. The plus variants for educational attainment are getting rarer at a rapid pace in Iceland and the US ( and probably all other developed countries), corresponding to a drop in IQ of about a point a generation – which is about what you would expect from heritability and known demographic patterns, something which has been known from before I was born.

Reich points out that it’s pretty hard to believe that selection A. couldn’t or B. just wouldn’t change IQ in different populations [ given tens of thousands of years], if it is changing things right in front of our eyes. If selection had different effects on IQ in different eras, it almost certainly had different effects in different places.

Along this same line of thought, we may expect to see differences in IQ in past European populations, extrapolated from ancient DNA.


Who’s the rudest person in history?
>hahaah let me post a shity quality anime image from my iPhone™ on the history board
What a bitch
points for Urara
points lost for iToddler
I want to rub Chiya-chan's tummy.

Where did the Austrian language go?
aboriginals still speak it

File: Frederick III.jpg (32 KB, 220x335)
32 KB
In honor of black history month, let's discuss the brave blacks who fought against the evil white popes.

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