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File: images.png (9 KB, 678x452)
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>Let's step on the shoes of the West by bombing china and their property in it.
>WTF west why you boycott me reeeeeeee!

Why were they such retards? It was obvious it would happen, why did they ignore the warnings? If they had stayed in Manchuria exclusively, in one or two decades they would have had their own oil.
Because they were more or less backed into a corner and felt that their only way to uphold their status as a great power and make themselves equal to Britain or America was to do the same things both of them did, namely conquering out massive, resource rich empires from foreign territory. If they conquered China it would have basically become Japan's India, complete with resources to feed Japan's economy and millions of people in a captive market. Manchuria was nice but it wasn't enough.

Was he a meme?
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The Greatest Thinker of All Time. That's who.
This guy spent 4 years on the front lines in WW1 and suffered no ill effects. He even claimed to have enjoyed it. Meanwhile, Arthur Saxon, the strongest man in the world, was completely broken by his experiences in the trenches. Goes to show that true strength is mental, not physical.
File: 1557191537130.png (1.11 MB, 1594x675)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
What do you think?
Obsolete because of what?
>win the hearts and minds of the Analytical Thinkers
>completely refutes entire body of work thus driving the Analytical Thinkers to become the ultimate JUST

>do you believe in god?
>what do you think about NewAtheism (aka the guys over at r/atheism)
>what do you think happens after we die?
>do you think youll go to heaven?
>what does heaven look like?
>what does hell look like?
>do you regularly go to church/mosque/synagogue
>whats your denomination?
>do you know who pic related is?
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>do you believe in god?
Yes, I think so.
>what do you think about NewAtheism (aka the guys over at r/atheism)
They need something to make themselves feel better than others.
>what do you think happens after we die?
Tiered afterlife. Birds of a feather flock together. God does not punish nor reward.
>do you think youll go to heaven?
I think I've been good. I doubt I'd be at the very top, but I certainly won't be living with the serial killers.
>what does heaven look like?
See above.
>what does hell look like?
Doesn't exist.
>do you regularly go to church/mosque/synagogue

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>do you believe in god?
>what do you think about NewAtheism (aka the guys over at r/atheism)
Atheists today are whinier and less sophisticated than atheists prier to the 20th century. As plebbits, they're reddit just being reddit and r/Christianity is almost just as bad.
>what do you think happens after we die?
Return to the dust first, then if anything/anyone isn't found in the book of life, they'll dumped into the fiery land fill.
>do you think you'll go to heaven?
If God's mercy allows it and the Holy Spirit indwells within me, yes.
>what does heaven look like?
Christ told us that it's beyond our imagination. Ultimately though, heaven is where God's presentence is concentrated and that should be enough for any believer.
>what does hell look like?
A fiery land fill.
>do you regularly go to church/mosque/synagogue
Not as often as I ought to, but I try to go at least each other week.
>whats your sect?

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nailed it
How do you reconcile atheism with spiritualism? I never really understood the idea of some atheists I've knew that nothing supernatural or methaphysical like gods can exist yet there are spirits and astral realms or something.
>>do you believe in god?
>>what do you think about NewAtheism (aka the guys over at r/atheism)
Old news, support group for mentally ill/weak people just like the new wave of christian religiousness
>>what do you think happens after we die?
90% Chance Eternal rest/bliss
10% Chance i see my gramps again and become one with god/LOST ending (person whom im most attached too)
I dont have [Source]
>>do you think youll go to heaven?
See above, i don't think there is heaven, the morals/rules/who's in the right is just too conflicted, impossible to know without some kind of revelation.
>>what does heaven look like?
Our sense become different than the ones we have on this mortal body, im guessing it's nothing and all at the same time, the alpha and omega yada yada.
>>what does hell look like?
Eternal Unrest

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: waterloo.jpg (147 KB, 1024x519)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
So I'm just starting to write up a podcast on Waterloo and I was wondering if /his/ had anything that could help me with it. Any quotes, interesting stories, controversies that you can think of regarding the Battle, as well as before and after?
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yeah, don't worry, I'll mention this

Thanks, that’s more than I have read on the battle itself, I have been looking at the FR broadly - let me see if I can find an anecdote or two.
Lead off with the inevitable defeat debate. Did Waterloo matter or would the other converging armies have beaten him through sheer numbers?
Maybe you could talk about the marshals. Why was one left in Paris. Where did he have Ney, etc. on the battlefield?
Also talk about perspective. What could Napoleon see on the battlefield? What span of control do he have?

I like Wellington‘s quote about cavalry (I was a cavalry officer so I am biased):
>It is occasioned entirely by a trick our officers of cavalry have acquired of galloping at everything, and then galloping back as fast as they gallop on the enemy. They never… Think of maneuvering before an enemy – so little that one would think they cannot manuever, excepting on Wimbledon Common; and when they use their arm as it aught to be, viz. offensively, they never keep… A reserve.

Hope that helped.
Roberts is a hack


File: image 1.jpg (34 KB, 787x515)
34 KB
Is a life conceived out of rape worthless?

Should any baby conceived from the act of rape be put to death?

This is an well spoken, intelligent man that was given up for adoption after being conceived out of the act of a rape. He is now an adult man, a well spoken and intelligent man that is married and that has 4 children.

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So let me get this straight, if I became a president and decided that it was legal to kill, I don't know, black people and I did that legally (75% of votes in parliament or whatever is the requirement in some country). When my term ended and people changed the law, I would be completely free? Like, will north korean leaders be free if they are overthrown? I mean they just followed their laws right?
Oh, I must have missed that part when von Manstein used poison gas. What battle was that? Also, don't do that, you know there were people who "just followed orders" which they had to by their law.
There was more to the Geneva Conventions than poison gas that was just an example for how it wasn't applied retroactively to Great War generals.

The problem with the Nazis was that the orders they were following were illegal via an international treaty which supersedes local jurisdiction another staple concept of modern legal codes.
I'd keep the baby if the rapist was a top 5 percent chad with an amazing jawline and bank account and not just some incel freak who types codes like a nerd.
Be ause the fact that she felt being pregnant was socially unacceptable outside of marriage she became depressed. And committed suicide to escape the depression.

>the direct family line of Confucius stretches from 551 BC to today, a total of 78 generations
>the formal royal house of Georgia, the Bagrationis, go back to 200 AD through the Bagratunis
>oldest proven descent in the west is from Arnulf of Metz to Queen Elizabeth II, which started in 642 AD and isn’t event direct

Why doesn’t the west have one family line that lasted as long as Confucius’ did? Or even one from antiquity like the Bagratonis? It always surprises me that not one Roman family made it to the “Dark Ages” intact. Do any other societies have lineages similar in length to Confucius?
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absolute Chad
Because the "Black Nobility" of Italy keep their lineage on the down low.
sounds like that good anxient alien shit, tell me about it
>Despite him patently being a mythological character
Arthur existed. He's heavily mythologized, but there was a man at the base of the legend.
Also interested, although this sounds like conspiracy bullshit

Greek Philosophy + Roman Law + Catholic Morality = THE WEST
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It has simplicity. A sword is simple but I’d rather have one nuke than a million swords.

Christianity got lucky with Constantine.

Yes, it's simple and straight forward enough for the everyone to understand it, but it's also homogenizing and fixed, so that everyone has to obey one unchanging moral standard.

Going back to paganism just ensures ethics and virtue will be limited to a rather smaller group of people who are unusually principled.
There’s truth to this but I think the rule of law and universal policing has more of an effect on behaviour in the last 200 years than monotheism.
File: 1560629008900.png (45 KB, 240x240)
45 KB
>What? Ever heard of something called "science"?
File: 1552855333400.png (112 KB, 300x300)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
>assuming the human form

File: AHH SHOGUN SAVE ME.jpg (73 KB, 585x436)
73 KB
Why was the Japanese emperor such a little bitch for most of Japanese history?
Because the Tenno was mostly a high-priest and not a King of Kings.
he just wanted to be left alone and play with his mechas.


Basically what the video says is that it's because they thought that in order for Jesus to come back muslims had to die and jews had to dominate the middle east?
Is that why Israel has been created?
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I think most Christians who dislike the Muslim world dislike it for reasons having to do with the Byzantine-Arab and European-Turk wars. Besides that, they are both religions that make mutually exclusive universal claims so it is natural that they will exist in conflict as long as they both exist.

tl;dr: it is a forever war if you take either religion seriously
That's a core feature of Abrahamism.
File: Hearth.png (1.06 MB, 984x478)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
File: If you only knew.jpg (559 KB, 1920x1080)
559 KB
559 KB JPG
Only 57% do.

File: Korea_20160625.jpg (64 KB, 638x479)
64 KB
This was achieve through communism.
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Okay. But even that is totally sparse. I don't think it matters enough.
Can't tell you much about US investment in South Korea. But seeing how the SK got away with a lot of despicable acts while under daddy America's guidance, I believe it
A seed not a leg up. It gave a core that hard work could build up rather than typical neo colonialist welfare.
> It gave a core that hard work could build up rather than typical neo colonialist welfare.

They received training and had core industries built to spread out from rather than having their hand held the whole way. It was a deliberate policy of both China and the USSR to take western knowledge and cultivate their own industry.

the German 6th Army's fall at Stalingrad
more like 'winter blau'. brrrr

So is the Kalergi plan real?
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It was for awhile but Stalin brought the church back, but on a leash
>people with PTSD are likely to go vore democrat
Does that mean a lot of soldiers vote democrat
>the narcissistic personality that appears only in Republicans and "other"
So as it was
A conspiracy that ran around in the religious folk of the USSR was that Americans were trying to make them atheists?
I can't think of a single reason for them to do that, huh. It's almost like that usually doesn't happen??? what??? Muh power tripping donut eating crypto dads aren't killing random people???
>Does that mean a lot of soldiers vote democrat
No they are more likely to sexually eat democrats

File: c2Lfgry.png (44 KB, 609x270)
44 KB
What did Harry mean by this?
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File: disheveled.jpg (929 KB, 1920x1080)
929 KB
929 KB JPG
Is that Bernie's grandfather?
The Soviets and Nazis were both just awful, Truman was only being realistic in not really wanting either side to win.

FDR was far more naive and trusting of the Soviets and Chicoms to the point you could call him a sympathizer and apologist.
File: his vs pol.jpg (458 KB, 1200x869)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
Jesus will sort them out.
/his/ is the lesser of two evils but it's still not that great of a board.

How much did Catholicism change when adapted by the natives of what is now Mexico?

Is Santa Muerte a holdover of Aztec blood sacrifice?

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