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File: s54y7436y7s4m.jpg (284 KB, 1919x1439)
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284 KB JPG
why did Trajan the hack treat the conquest of Dacia as such a big deal when they were just some random bumfuck tribe on the border of the empire? was he desperate for a "great victory" to affirm his rule?
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Dacians had fully developed stone cities and minted their own coins and were united. They were far more superior to gauls or snowniggers.
t. Ionel Ionescu
he is right though
File: 1564994401818.jpg (3.58 MB, 2592x1944)
3.58 MB
3.58 MB JPG
t. Vasile Vasilescu
also fuck, seeing shit like pic related makes me want to genocide at least half my country
Doesn't make them not barbarians, they were clearly antagonic to Greeks and then Romans and got by with pillaging and raiding warfare. Fact that they developed as quickly as they did after Domitians' pay off is impressive but they never quite rose high enough. Could have, but they decided to fuck with Rome at it's full power.

File: RiderBoudicaStage1.png (281 KB, 350x495)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
Did the Roman's actually believe the Briton's gods were real, and feared druids when they invaded? It seems like some boomer historian revisionism
They both worshipped the Old Religion at the higher levels.

Rome destroyed the druid classes of the North to consolidate power and expand and couldn't have the Druids around to challenge them since they knew what the Babylonian priests of Rome knew.
based and schizotardpilled
Listen to this sheep if you want.

Think about it. Why did the Roman's make a fucking point to obliterate all traces of Druidic culture the same way they did with Gnostic Christianity?
I wish I could be Boudica's squire bf or whatever their equivalent was

What’s the long and the short of Californian history?

File: GDL.jpg (62 KB, 1280x720)
62 KB
Given the size and the longitvity of their kingdom, why they're not as much important as other kingdoms and empires at their time?
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>Lithuania was originally a Belarusian Principality
they were originally blatant baltic pagans!!!
>Lithuania was originally a Belarusian Principality
What do you mean by this? Lithuanians were balts. When they conquered the Kievan Rus, the nobles adopted Ruthenian customs, religion, and historical titles.
Lithuania was a Slavic Principality, as almost the entire territory was located on the territory of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. But power belonged mainly to the Lithuanians.
Lithuania existed as a unified state for about a century before they even ventured into Rus territory.
It's blatant Polish/Russian revisionism. No actual historian believes this and every record immediately destroys this idea but they will just keep yelling it anyway because on the internet, presence matters more than veracity.
I asked you what you meant by 'originally.'

File: Yiddish.jpg (255 KB, 546x1046)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Wait, are Ashkenazi Jews Indo-Europeans?
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Middle eastern men have deep voices, most jews sound like sissies confirming they are more white than middle eastern.
Nggggg... middle eastern men are such studs compared to white sissies...
stop objectifying non-whites you tranny
Fuck me daddy... give me that hot Turkish cock from across the dunes...
File: 1530206477120.jpg (57 KB, 414x600)
57 KB
I'll give you my hot knife all right.

File: karelia ehg affinity.png (171 KB, 1200x700)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Is it possible for you to make one for the Sidelkino HG affinity?
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And where can I find examples of NWC substrate in IE?
: There have been numerous attempts to find relatives of Proto-Indo-European, not the least of which is the Indo-Uralic Hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Uralic are alleged to descend from a common ancestor. However, attempts to prove this hypothesis have run into numerous difficulties. One difficulty concerns the inability to reconstruct the ancestral morphological system in detail, and another concerns the rather small shared vocabulary. This latter problem is further complicated by the fact that many scholars think in terms of borrowing rather than inheritance. Moreover, the lack of agreement in vocabulary affects the ability to establish viable sound correspondences and rules of combinability. This paper will attempt to show that these and other difficulties are caused, at least in large part, by the question of the origins of the Indo-European parent language. Evidence will be presented to demonstrate that Proto-Indo-European is the result of the imposition of a Eurasiatic language — to use Greenberg’s term — on a population speaking one or more primordial Northwest Caucasian languages.

Here is a paper.
ty, I'll give it a read
Bump to see if I can get that Sidelkino map.
File: 1566240262445.png (170 KB, 1200x700)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
I'm not that anon but the closest sample to Rus_Sidelkino_HG is Baltic_LVA_MN (dist 2.6) so it should be similar to this map, I think.

In hindsight, how would you have fixed this mess? How many more or less Coalitions would we have gotten from 1806-1821 if you did?
Mount a naval blockade of Portugal, invading by land and backstabbing your allied neighbour (who also neighbours your target and has a decent navy to assist you in the blockade) was greedy and a terrible decision. This would have also prevented the Portuguese royal family from escaping to Brazil and forced them to sue for peace in a poor bargaining position.
Nuke England
Wouldn't you still have the conditions (ie. smuggling trade into Britain) that led to the Spanish Ulcer and Russian invasion?

File: 1519351168610.png (917 KB, 526x628)
917 KB
917 KB PNG
Is it true that in the West they unironically think it's the Battle of Tours that stopped the Arabs?

File: races.jpg (189 KB, 1280x752)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
It took me 3 hours to make this
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Then where do negritos live ?
>1000 BCE
>North Indids existing that long ago
Try 400 AD instead.
Why would large places like Australia and China only have so few phenotypes?
Have you ever seen a chinese in your life ? They all look the same

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 236x153)
9 KB
Is there any truth to the Philadelphia Experiments? There isn't a whole lot of evidence but absence of evidence doesn't necessarily mean evidence of absence, especially when dealing with the government and its ability to cover things up.

File: franco-poster.jpg (30 KB, 324x428)
30 KB
>Btfos leftists in a civil war
>survives ww2
>The spanish miracle
>Joins nato as a anti communist stronghold
>Keeps BTFO'ING leftists
>Reinstates the monarchy
>Continues to btfo leftists beyond the grave
And he got away with it
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File: 362530[1].jpg (56 KB, 1600x901)
56 KB
>implying it is a real monarchy
LMAOing @ ur life, he wanted an ABSOLUTE monarchy, he got a C U C K E D monarchy instead, and democracy, he is shaking from butthurt overload in his grave, as his statues get taken away from public streets, his street names are reitred and he is taught in school as being a warmongering manlet, sooo much winning
>yeah right
ok, logically explain why a jewish baby fresh out the womb is part of the judeomasonic conspiracy
>not the juedomasonic strong arm itself
>he didn't participate in hitler's autism
>his only flaw was not expecting degeneracy to reach such huge levels
You can't eat the cake and still have it, buddy.

File: TS.png (35 KB, 598x376)
35 KB
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wassup my niggas, look how close that isrvel is to africa that mean jesus be black just like the egeeptpians, carthagians, morocoons, phonecians, romans, greeksn, and persians.
go away iconoclast
This isn’t a Christian thing. Blacks have no history so they just steal it
Black Americans are psychotic
Levantines + their white slaves = this

File: p11950128_v_v8_ab.jpg (150 KB, 960x1440)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
I was just watching pic related, and I really enjoyed this movie (If you don’t know the movie all you need to know that it is about a child soldier fighting in a civil war).
As a western I don't know much about African culture and much of its post-colonial history, but this movie made me much more interested in these societies.
Especially how the ‘Modern/European’ way of life/culture mixes with the old ways of the Countries. Religion and God are very important for the people in this movie, but the ‘tribe’ is also very important. In the first act of this movie you see the master Chief wearing traditional clothing and talking to his people. Next to him is a man holing a traditional staff and in the background you see a painting of Jesus.
Later in the movie you see people with ‘war paint’ on their faces and singing like they are fighting in pre-colonial times.
I will post pictures of these weird mixes of Modern and Pre-colonial situations.

I am asking you;
>What do you guys know about the mix of Tribal- and Christian/modern culture in Africa? What way are these communities governed for example.

Also I am wondering how much of this movie is fiction, do chiefs really wear these clothing? Are there still soldiers painted like this? Are they still carrying staffs? Etc.
Lastely information about African culture in the late 21ste century in general is very welcome.
25 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

This movie changed my way of looking at the continent desu. Some rural places here where quite comparable. I like how they still use these oké tactics and honour, in some way, their grand fathers, in the wat they are expressing their fate now.
Way to admit to having shit taste. Brave.
What the fuck are you on about? Modern history started in the XIX century, the type of conflict featured in the movie has existed for 25+ years in Africa as a result of the power vaccums after decolonization. What board do you feel is better suited for the question of how modern European influences mesh with traditional African culture?
The shit is something diferent than Shit
Yes. General buttnaked is a good example to look at. A lot to these rural militia groups are kinda like the boxer rebellion where they'll use folk tale shamanist magic along with guns.

One weird thing you'll see is militiamen wearing dresses (like full on wedding dresses) because of this type of battle magic where essentially they believe bullets are weapons that are made to kill and target men but not women and children. so some will wear women's clothing to fool the bullets so they don't get hit.

For any of this "magic" or power to work, they must have no fear or doubt in their hearts which why people still die because their fear negates the magic.

>753 BC - 1806 AD
Did any other state experience such longevity?
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Qing_Dynasty_1820.png (398 KB, 910x675)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
>2070 BC - 1912 AD
>2070 BC
Why do chinks make up fairy tales about their history?
It's as real as 753 BC for founding of Rome is
There's actual archaeological evidence that Rome was founded around that time.
Even if you took the Xia out of the picture, China would still start well before 753 BC, with in the Shang Dynasty in 1600 BC, for which there is actual archeological evidence for.
>The Shang dynasty is the earliest dynasty of traditional Chinese history firmly supported by archaeological evidence. Excavation at the Ruins of Yin (near modern-day Anyang), which has been identified as the last Shang capital, uncovered eleven major royal tombs and the foundations of palaces and ritual sites, containing weapons of war and remains from both animal and human sacrifices. Tens of thousands of bronze, jade, stone, bone, and ceramic artifacts have been found.
>The Anyang site has yielded the earliest known body of Chinese writing, mostly divinations inscribed on oracle bones – turtle shells, ox scapulae, or other bones. More than 20,000 were discovered in the initial scientific excavations during the 1920s and 1930s, and over four times as many have been found since.
>The best preserved of the Shang dynasty royal tombs unearthed at Yinxu is the Tomb of Fu Hao. The extraordinary Lady Hao was a military leader and the wife of Shang King Wu Ding. The tomb was discovered in 1976 by Zheng Zhenxiang and has been dated to 1250 BCE.

File: Japan_1000.jpg (248 KB, 880x880)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
They had everything going for them. Why did they invade China? What the fuck went wrong?
Wouldn't you? I would.
They thought they could defeat China in a month, so they (somehow) forgot China is super fucking big and the Chinese could just retreat into the wilderness.
they were turbo delusional and thought they couldn't win through sheer yamato damashii despite having neither the manpower nor the resources to back it up
They could have eventually won in a vacuum, unfortunately for Japan, they weren't fighting in a vacuum.
China and Korea were to Japan what Africa and Asia were to Europe, primitive niggers that needed some sweet loving

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