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File: 1 S6RfbHdsLvjOzgl0dWhzgA.jpg (278 KB, 2000x1040)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
What's the ultimate architectural pleb filter and why is it Brutalism?
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There's plenty of great totalitarian architecture. Look no further than socialist realism. Look at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. True kino architecture. But brutalism is just evil, pure evil. You have to be literally soulless to like it. It's the architecture for the type of person that looks up videos of people or animals suffering and dying online. If you like it you are literally not human.
When my university built a new campus in the 60s and 70s it was all brutalist buildings. Now thankfully the newer buildings have things like windows and wide hallways.

The old buildings feel like fucking prisons. The hallways are too narrow and the classrooms have little to no natural light.

Brutalist buildings look like they're built to demoralize the people inside
I don't know, anon, there are some pretty aesthetic examples.
And it looks better when you add greenery.
Barbican (>>6479875) is especially comfy when you consider that it was built as pleb housing. I mean, houses for the masses have never looked /comfy/ in any period of history, and most brutalist boxes don't either. But Barbican actually tried, and you can't say that cities wouldn't look better if the ProleHoles of giant glass dildos were replaced with other such examples of Brutalism.

The big problem with it for me isn't that looks evil, it just looks... unfinished. Like the architect was showing off with the shapes they could turn into standing structures, and then ran out of money before they could add the final elements that'd make it look like a building.
Add in some Gothic touches, or Art Deco/Nouveau; put some hanging gardens in the plan to give it that babylon aesthetic.
And most importantly, don't spend all your budget trying to test the limits of a standing structure.
Brutalism is unassuming, functional, autistic, based and the ultimate style to rattle up both the bourgeois and the hippie. It rings so well with me
Brutalism looks good if there is significant vegetation present

File: 3w53wom.jpg (107 KB, 1252x1252)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>Literally every single human culture on Earth has myths about powerful creatures in the sky
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Now this is a stretch
>Literally every single human culture on Earth has myths about powerful creatures in the sky

This proves that these myths are universal and ancient.

There's something about the skies that makes people dream these fantasies -- have you ever went far away from modern light pollution and looked at the night sky?
There could be, which is very different from there must be.
In other words
>the universe contains infinite possible worlds containing within infinite states of affairs
>it is infinitely possible that there are aliens which have evolved
This only works if we accept both that there are genuine possibilities other than our own and that the possible worlds in question are actual and fully embodied, like our own, instead of just being conceptual or purely propositional. We can't verify this, so we can't assert this.
Go away Hegel

File: AN @ 1.jpg (891 KB, 1366x580)
891 KB
891 KB JPG
We always hear about the times steppeniggers cause trouble for China.

How often did China invade the steppes and we're they any good at it?
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The Oirats didn't record Chinese numbers. The Oirats also claimed they forced the captured Chinese Emperor to mate with a Mongol woman and had a son they could use in succession dispute.
>20,000 vs. 500,000
My goodness, I'd have to contract with Exxon to plumb the inky depths of your delusion.

I'm GIVING you that China mostly kicked steppe-people ass. Is your sense of pride so frail that you have to say ridiculous bullshit to preserve it? Maybe you only like China as long as you can believe that it's got a perfect record. That would make you a fool and a bad citizen
Overloading an army with infantry conscripts isn't how Chinese traditionally fought in the steppe. None of these generals brought more than a 100,000 troops on steppe campaigns.



And yet among the Tumu expedition there weren't even 100,000 men who could resist the Oirats. 500% of a typical force couldn't resist 20% of a typical force. If you do the math, that means that they were 10000% fucked up.
The more people you bring, the bigger they became a liabilty

At the Battle of Fei River all the Han forces needed to do was to confuse the front lines and then they panicked, retreated and stampeded the rest of their army to death in the chaos. It didn't matter how many elite troops Former Qin had, they got trampled to death by their own front lines.


Dou Xian and the commanders at Zhizhi brought 40,000 soldiers on their campaigns.

File: images.jpg (37 KB, 324x454)
37 KB
I found my one which is the Williams one, the moto at the top is Welsh for True to The Land or something related. I don't know much about my dad's side of the family though and haven't got very far in the genealogy, family tree online.
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>tfw Campbell
BASED was the foe that raped Glencoe

File: 333655.jpg (46 KB, 225x350)
46 KB
Has there ever been a case in history of a lesbian ruler keeping female concubines?
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There was only one emperor for the empresses and concubines and if the emperor was a child there wasn't one. And their daughters, the princesses had no husbands at all until they got married.

Manchu women before the Qing dynasty traditionally had pre marital sex with whoever they wanted and after marriage could continue to intermingle and talk openly with other men although not supposed to have sex with them of course.

This changed after the Qing when Manchu men absorbed Han Chinese Confucian sexual morality, which prized virginity before marriage, banned levirate marriage, strongly discouraged married women from talking to strange men and practiced honor killings for breaking these rules

Manchu women continued acting in their old ways but Manchu men adopted honor killing practices from Han people and started killing their wives and daughters if they even suspected pre marital or extra marital sex if their wife looked at abother man funny

In 1735 Manchu Plain Yellow Bannermen De-min suspected his wife Guan and concubine Xiang-er were having affairs with their servant Zhu Gui (from his naming pattern Zhu Gui was definitely a Han Chinese, but he was probably a banner baoyi bondservant who frequently lived with Manchus, not a non-Bannerman). This was just based on Guan defending Zhu Gui in an argument and Zhu Gui talking to Xiang-er in his own room. De-min murdered his wife and concubine

Manchu bannerman Chang-cun was married to Fu, and Fu's sister was married to Hu Jin (he was definitely a Han Chinese from his naming pattern again but most probably he was a Han Chinese bannermen, not a commoner, since Han Chinese bannermen of both sexes frequently intermarried with Manchus and lived next to Manchus) Chang-cun saw his wife Fu talking to Hu Jin and thought they had an affair. Chang-cun murdered his wife and was sentenced to death for his crime

>Proceedings of the First North American Conference on Manchu Studies: Studies in Manchu literature and history
In 1735 Manchu bannerman A-er-xi murdered his wife in Ningguta suspecting she had an affair with his nephew Cha-na-bu so he killed his wife and nephew with a knife.

In 1736 Han Chinese Bordered Blue bannerman Sun Hei-zi killed his wife Wan with a kitchen knife after suspecting she had an affair with his younger brother and because she insulted him and his parents and disliked him for being poor and ill.

In 1736 Han Chinese bannerman Zhang Yang-cheng saw his wife and younger brother making eyes at each other while sitting on a kang and suspected they had an affair. When he went to sleep he woke up to see his wife sittinfmg on a kang smoking and she said she went outside to urinate and he suspected she had sex with his brother so he killed both of them with a kitchen knife.

Manchu bannerman Rui-bao injured his widowed sister in law Zhai with a kitchen knife after he suspected she had an affair with a distant Manchu relative, An-zi who moved into their house. Zhai was previously married to Rui-bao's elder brother Kui-lin. Zhai and An-zi were chatting and laughing by the door and that was enough to make Rui-bao think they had an affair. Zhai's mother was called to court to testify and said it was normal for Zhai and An-zi to make small chat and they didn't have an affair.

In 1773 the Bordered Yellow Banner Manchu Chi-ba-er and his wife killed their 19 year old daughter by strangling her to death for having pre marital sex when she stayed away from the house overnight. The coroner confirmed she lost her virginity so Chi-ba-er and his wife were aquitted and not punished, being excused as committing a crime of passion by losing their temper in an honor killing.

Manchu women resented these Han Confucian influenced new controls on their sex lives and personal lives and wanted to continue their old Manchu ways.
based han anti-thot patrol
The slits were made in the abdomen and the testicles squeezed out there.

Manchu Empress Longyu (born 1868) was 8 years older than her Han Chinese eunuch lover Zhang Lande (born 1876). He became a eunuch at 15 and was quickly promoted to a harem eunuch. Longyu let him do anything he wanted after she became empress dowager. He pilfered state coffers for funds, insulted dukes of the imperial family, took 4 wives and a mansion and Empress Longyu always sided with him.

The Qing did not apply castration to Han bannermen or Han bondservant (baoyi) bannermen or Han banner slaves in the banners. Han Banner slave Chen De attempted to assassinate the Jiaqing Emperor in revenge for being fired from his job. His two teenage sons were hung to death instead of being castrated. Chen Luer, 15 and Chen Duier, 13. Disgruntled Han bannermen helped the Eight Trigrams White Lotus attack on the Forbidden City and their sons were not castrated.

However all non-banner commoner Han Chinese boys who were sons of rebels and mass murderers who were caught were instantly delivered to the Imperial Household Department for castration at their licensed clinics and palace service. Sometimes if the number was over 100 the Qing had the Han Chinese boys delivered to Beijing in batches of 16-40 at a time. The Qing warned the authorities sending them not to let a single boy escape because they wanted as many Han Chinese eunuch boys in the imperial palaces as possible.
Some eunuchs were already married and had children when they were castrated in their late teens and twenties but the mortality rate was higher for older people.

Han Chinese boys over 15 some of whom had wives and children were also castrated if they were sons of rebels and mass murderers, the law also applied to grandsons meaning their sons. The difference is that Han Chinese boys under 15 were sent to the Qing palaces but boys over 15 were banished into exile at Ningguta in Heilongjiang and Urumqi and Ili in Xinjiang where they were given as slaves to Evenki Solon families in the Eight Banners. The reason was that involuntary eunuchs older than 15 especially sons of rebels were difficult to control while sons of rebels under 15 who were castrated were easy to brainwash.

Voluntary Han Chinese eunuchs older than 15 were accepted into the palace in the later half of the Qing.

The introduction of the law on castrating sons and grandsons of rebels and mass murderers coincided with the finishing of the renovations on the Summer Palace, the Yuanmingyuan. The Qing wanted to furnish and decorate the renovated Summer Palace with Han Chinese boy eunuchs for aesthetic purposes and had a major rebellion with hundreds of boys captured and mass murder incidents recently so the law was passed. Hundreds of Han Chinese boys got castrated immediately.

File: 6579707_f520.jpg (116 KB, 520x455)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Much hate is (rightfuly) directed towards steppe cowards, but what about pikeniggers?
Why couldn't they just fight like MEN, in a knightly manner?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Like you can even till
shut the FUCK up, plate-boys, I have a spike mallet with YOUR names on it
File: Pike and shot.jpg (133 KB, 960x540)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Musket and pikemen were always allies against steppeniggers.
No money for horsies
Because both steppe niggers and pikeniggers are usefull in war. Other forces btfo

How would history be different if Prussia granted the Pope asylum during the unification wars like some considered?

I thought 4chan was banned in Iran...
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's mainly Arabs(((Greek))) tribe) and Arabs(Turkish tribe).
Most Americans manage to do so somehow.
Pretty sure it’s just an autism match between third worlders.
/his/ like all of 4chan loves being contrarian and mainstream studies of history spend very little time talking about Persia so of course /his/ has a giant boner for them
Plus their pre-Islamic success makes muzzies look bad, which the /pol/ crowd loves
File: Persian_v_04.jpg (3.34 MB, 8199x6167)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB JPG
>The persians were replaced by muhammadian arabs long ago.

File: 1533187974951.gif (8 KB, 220x184)
8 KB
>You won't live long enough to see a wet-sahara
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File: Heh.....gif (1.78 MB, 400x279)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB GIF
>will get to see technological jumps
>mom will probably die ~2030s or 2050s
you will never see the 2nd reich again.
>tfw won’t live long enough to see the post-nuclear apocalypse Mad Max/Fallout wasteland because my city is just barely relevant enough to make it onto a nuclear strike target list
But tell me
did you sail across the sun
Did you make it to the Milky Way
to see the lights all faded
And that heaven is overrated?
I am not a scientist but I understand that would very bad news.

File: Wittgenstein.jpg (149 KB, 902x902)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Why does philosophy even still exist.The man literally solved it.
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I mean it says a lot that he was basically the last guy in history that I'd call a legit philosopher and we haven't had one since.
most great scientists read a great deal of philosophy, what you are saying is literal "le brown science man" may-may
I don't really disagree that he solved the big issues. Right now I'm working on small questions like
>Are physics theories regarding entities outside of the cosmic light horizon metaphysical theories? What does the vanishing of galaxies due to expansion of the universe mean for people in the far future?
>Authenticity. Being a war veteran is to arrive their by a certain path. If you can't become a war veteran via surgery, clothing, and acting, then how can you become a woman?
And most importantly
>Deep dish pizza: pizza or casserole?

Good philosophy is usually just analysis of analysis. You could say that mathematicians, statisticians, regulatory panels, and appeals court judges do the bulk of philosophizing with no direct attachment to the philosophical literature.
I have a philosophy degree but would be happy to have far fewer philosophy departments (but more basic instruction in philosophy in high school and college basic curricula).
Derek Parfit, Bernard Williams, and Hilary Putnam were pretty 'real' philosophers.

File: Napoleon death.jpg (733 KB, 1034x776)
733 KB
733 KB JPG
He at least spent his final days in a really nice-looking, comfy house. Nothing fit for an emperor, but still.

was the original moon landing faked?
29 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
No, the 1937 Moon landing performed by the British Interplanetary Society's multi-stage solid rocket booster was definitely real and the most kino spaceflight has ever been.
>Was the original moon landing faked?

That's what some other people say.
Why is it always slavs, chinks, and gooks who always try to claim the US faked the moon landings?
Ascended brain tier: The moon landing was faked because the Russians warned the Americans not to land on the moon lest they experience the existential horrors that the Soviets found.
Supposedly you are a retard

File: nazarenos.jpg (66 KB, 498x406)
66 KB
Post /fa/ Christian aesthetic.
110 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
This pic is the epitome of capitalism
Is this atheist humour?
it’s not because she took that wealth to her grave instead of using it to create more wealth. it’s the opposite of capitalism.
blessed image

File: 220px-Mckinley.jpg (15 KB, 220x273)
15 KB
Why isn't this president remembered more fondly?
>He secured the Gold Standard Act
>He promoted the Dingley Tariff
>He led the nation in the Spanish-American war.
>Made Hawaii become America's territory.
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sheckleston Rosenberg and Moisha Israel were italians silly goy
>America entered WW2 because Pearl Harbor
they were already taking sides during the battle of the atlantic
lmfao I guess Russians had their own reasons to be ethnically cleansed, right? Hitler planned Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad all erazed brick by brick and their inhabitants slaughtered as a symbolic destruction of East Slavic civilization, you don't know what you're running your foul mouth about. tho you're partly right about what you're saying except the Holocaust thing
>He led the nation in the Spanish-American war.
>Made Hawaii become America's territory.
These were not good things. Imperialism is the first step on the path to globalization and endless foreign wars
>imperialism is always bad
Incorrect. Useless imperialism that grants us no useful territory or resources is bad. Imperialism that gives us direct benefits is good. If we weren't willing to expand across the American continent by killing off and replacing the Indians we would still be a backwater located on the Atlantic coast only

File: Literally seething.png (282 KB, 1688x1125)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
Why has Liberalism been historically one of the most combat effective ideologies dispite not having martial tennants like the other big two of Fascist Political Violence or Communist Revolution?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Producing strong economies.
If America as a landmass did not exist liberal states in Europe probably would have been destroyed by fascist or communist states. Also it is pretty naive to think that the professed ideology of the state (only a fringe minority of any society is motivated by political ideology) has an immense impact on physical combat: are there "fascist" "communist" and "liberal" soldiers? The young men in the trenches will always have more in common with each other than any of them do with their respective leaders
>most combat effective ideology
Is this the new "civilization potential"?
Yes, in the sense that autistic chimp outs are generally scarier than anything a civilized human can muster, but bullets aren’t that discriminating
If you define liberalism as "everything Western Europe and America has been in the last 300 years" maybe, if you define it as hippies and treehuggers probably not. But anyways, is the effectiveness because of liberalism or in spite of it? You could say that the thirst for profit, expansion, entrepreneurship, production in liberalism causes liberal states to be rich and aggressive and therefore combat effective.....BUT you could also say that liberalism has preserved itself with illiberal means i.e. the Great Manhood of people like Churchill and de Gaulle, CIA infiltration and subversion, nuclear bombings, etc. I honestly don't know

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