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File: descarga (3).jpg (7 KB, 243x208)
7 KB
hey smart guys i have a question why this guys called homo sapiens and no gay sapiens
we're all gay, for we all ascend from homo-sapiens and homo means gay
File: aWD25lJ.jpg (15 KB, 422x336)
15 KB
I think the better question is why did that give me a boner?

>You will never be 13th/14th century Anglo-Norman nobleman
God dammit why even fucking live?
even his name and title sound villainous as fuck, who in their sane mind would want to be that?
*ngloid propaganda has gotten to you

File: napoleon.jpg (216 KB, 800x1334)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Did he live the most kino life in history? Literary every part of his life seems like it was ripped from a movie or book.
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No, Alexander and Genghis Khan had better lives than him.
I can relate, to an extent. He prevented everything from getting much worse, and was objectively the best outcome for France in that whole shitshow.

Caesar's life is basically a nonstop chase sequence all the way until the very end.
File: 1530160776425.jpg (12 KB, 283x381)
12 KB
>Dude is a walking anime character
as opposed to an anime character that doesn't walk?

File: Thicc Neanderthal QT.jpg (3.05 MB, 2597x2563)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB JPG
Did the Homo Sapiens Cro-Magnons who first entered Europe even know that Neanderthals were a different species when they met and interbred with them?
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Thanks bro. What I'm really getting from all this is that The science doesn't really know what they are doing yet.. I remember arguing with my teacher in school, that I couldn't buy that Neanderthal and human never mixed it up.. science was against me. They came around thirty years later. I'm a bit old but a lot of times, common sense eventually makes real sense.
You wouldn't've made it.
>height estimates using different methods yielded averages in the range of 164–168 cm (65–66 in) for males and 152–156 cm (60–61 in) for females

just stop
>164 cm
is 5'3

not like i was far off
>168 cm

Pajeet tier subhuman manlets.

Currently listening to the LibraVox audiotapes of the Arabian nights, there is literally nothing more /comfy/.

I really like these stories not just cause they are interesting but because I want to understand Islamic culture more. Tell me /his/, how important is the Arabian nights to Arabic culture?

I always assumed that it was the Arabic equivalent of Grimm’s Fairey Tales but Wikipedia says they aren’t that important and really only well known in the academic community.
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The correct name is "thousand and one nights," an Iranian tale. Reading the stories told on each night, some of the topics discussed are taboo in the Arab Muslim world. Changing its name to Arabian nights is part of a campaign to reduce Iran's image as being significant in history. Same exact reason why so many people, especially Arabs, have been calling the Persian Gulf the arabian gulf.
Why are iranians so obsessed with claiming they did everything in the muslim world
They’re basically cucked

>Yes, we proudly follow the religion of the people who destroyed our empire!
>B-But we hate them anyway!
maybe not everything but they made a fuckload of contributions that get attributed to arabs hence butthurt
Its true though, does names like Scheherezade, Sindbad, Morgiana, rtc sound Arabic to you?
Arabic names are mostly Islamic sounding names with al, bin, abu

Favourite last stand?
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File: 1i9s.jpg (87 KB, 539x717)
87 KB
starvation only takes weeks to kill
File: milagro-de-empel.jpg (173 KB, 1200x630)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Battle of Empel
Because whites aren't homogonous bugmen, Chang

File: tenor.gif (1.01 MB, 220x330)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB GIF
>warfare nowadays are semi-PR work where you have to do some civil/political stuff even if you're just some low-ranking officer
Is that true
Why do you need to read a book/report/etc about society, language, geo-pol or whatever nowadays
Can't you just shoot people in the face
You’re free to visit Somalia or Pakistan

Is the Nanjing incident the most exaggerated event in history?
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>Japs make a big deal over the Nukings
They don't.
is that why they have a memorial to it and constantly bitch about how it was a war crime
What's wrong with having a memorial? Besides the only ones who complain about it are NEET's or the sort of people that drive the propaganda vans around
>constantly bitch about how it was a war crime
Again, they don't. Most of the complaints about it being the biggest tragedy ever comes from American liberals. The general national consensus in Japan is that it was a horrible event set among a series of horrible events throughout the entire war. They've never tried to milk it either in the political sphere or in their anti-proliferation activism, they just set it as an example of something that shouldn't be allowed to happen again.
ok, and?

>Should you encounter the enemy, he will be defeated! No quarter will be given! Prisoners will not be taken! Whoever falls into your hands is forfeited. Just as a thousand years ago the Huns under their King Attila made a name for themselves, one that even today makes them seem mighty in history and legend, may the name German be affirmed by you in such a way in China that no Chinese will ever again dare to look cross-eyed at a German.
Was this autism?
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File: Europe1914.gif (91 KB, 560x529)
91 KB
He should have never gone to war against Russia. Germany should have allied with the Russia imo and btfo Austria and France.
Reading that makes me want to rewatch fall of eagles
>doctored by the (((British))) press
File: 21-19280583-kinder.jpg (30 KB, 400x300)
30 KB
Live by the sword die by the sword motherfucker. Act like niggers, forfeit your right to bitch when you're rightfully btfo. DO IT AGAIN BOMBER HARRISON AND BASED ASIATIC HORDES!!
File: 1525450896544.jpg (372 KB, 939x619)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
Tremendous amount of slavshit cope.

Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but /his/ is pretty good at /art/
Where is this location? I've never seen asian sculptures this beautiful and I want to find more high quality photos of this gate/sculpture area

File: symbol.png (10 KB, 330x330)
10 KB
how do you guys feel about satanism/pagan wiccan practices?

what do you know about this topic?
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They are Heideggerian-Jungian-Nietzschean-Classicists with their concept of the acausal being rooted more in pre-Socratic thought than heterodox Islam/Abrahamic religions.
Bad or issues
Most of them have sadist tendencies and torture animals because too pussy to kill a human.
Edgelords do stupid shit on graveyards for attention.
Shitty non-religion that only edgy teenagers actually believe in. Everyone else is just in it to try and fuck or make money off of said edgy teens.
Edgy try hard nonsense.
You could say that the Nazis were kinda over the top for German nationalists, but that doesn't stop Nazism from being a wholly German nationalistic movement. Let's also not forget that ISIS, the Nazis, etc. all arose in certain conditions, and it's important we look at the conditions that led to their actions in the first place.

File: ralph-simpsons-wiggum.jpg (56 KB, 650x401)
56 KB
I have a $25 gift card for Amazon. Recommend me the greatest books about history & humanities.
That's $35 mi familia. I do not think the late commissar would approve of such price gouging.

File: y6f885vtpu321.jpg (471 KB, 2000x3042)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
What did he do during the Great war /his/?
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MI9 agent
One is never truly alone when one is with the Fuhrer
Masturbate in my room while mommy goes to the factory
Fuck the wives the soldiers left behind.
I can't wait till we get a good ol' war again where I can stay in my bed, eating tendies and shitposting on 4chan about the deaths of silly little soldiers.

The apes...
Your ancestors lol
these fuckers are the reason of all this bullshit

File: 1538379355163.png (48 KB, 672x442)
48 KB
It's so fucking big...
14 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>most of those places
They competed in America, which was lost, and in India, where most of the fighting was done by Indians.
Hardly impressive.
File: 1544329621470.jpg (46 KB, 600x396)
46 KB
Alexander would have literally conquered the world if he survived, the only thing that could stop the greeks at that point in time was themselves.
Yeah but that's still not Alexander's Empire, it just happens to resemble his borders in a number of similar ways.
Alexander was literally larping as Cyrus. Only one in history truly deserves the title great, and it's the Zulgharnein Cyrus the Great.
>At its zenith, the Persian empire held dominion over 45% of the world population.
I can only get so hard

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