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File: atlant280.jpg (63 KB, 382x487)
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Despite the 'harmony' we claim to witness in Nature, it has no real inherent organization and no values which transcend human subjectivity. Mankind, God's chosen, are born with all kinds of defects, mental and physical. The allegorical meaning of the Garden of Eden makes no sense, because if God was as all-knowing and all-powerful as the Abrahamic myths would have us believe, he would not have created beings that could be so easily lured into sin.
Therefore, the Platonists and Gnostics have the right of it, and the world is but a shadow of the divine.
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>transcend human subjectivity
>no real inherent organization and no values which transcend human subjectivity.

Wrong their are plenty of things that simply make zero sense to us like blackholes or consciousness. The amount of known unknown is staggering. One can only assume the unknown unknown are twice as numerous as that
He's not all powerful. Nobody said he was all powerful until the fucking Calvanists. Imagine running an ant farm. You can change their environment to a precise degree, give them feast or famine, paradise or desert. You are the most powerful thing in their world. You are a god. But you can't direct the behavior of individual ants.
Greentexting it doesn't change the fact that theists STILL can't answer this, 3000 years on.
>If the world is flawed, the creator must be too

Why is that, are you saying that a perfect, ALL-POWERFUL, being "can't" make an imperfect creation on purpose?

How did people in the past learn to draw without internet guides and digital drawing software? Did only the richest people get to become artists because they could afford paper and pencils when most other people were struggling to find enough food to eat?
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back when humanity waS COOL
Just draw lol
I'm fucking astounded by some cave paintings
They're not that good
>learning to draw from internet tutorials

No wonder all our contemporary artists are shit.

I want to save her with some kind of time machine...
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One of those child sex victims kidnapped to Jeffrey Epsteins island by Trump
Redditors from r le donald are literally here because their maymays got banned back home
she's always very cute

File: god-vs-satan.jpg (247 KB, 1081x746)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
If God created Lucifer as a perfectly good being, yet Lucifer eventually turned to evil, then how do we know that God will not eventually turn to evil?
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Lucifer is a title applied to a Babylonian king to criticize him for thinking he is on the same level as God.
"turn to" implies God wasn't always evil, which is a dubious argument to begin with
'Lucifer' is Greek for 'that which gives light', obviously Jews don't speak or write Greek, so in Hebrew there is no 'Lucifer' not even the concept thereof.

It's what this bro says right here.


Were you not born innocent yourself, or have you always been evil?
Depends on interpretation
Lucifer is the second most powerfull being in the universe, his focus are on the material world (ie earth) and not inmaterial (heaven), so we take the luxury to take him as evil because he sets foot on our level, however we don't know why god created him and gave him such a task.

File: 1547227555354.png (3.72 MB, 1296x1153)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB PNG
A few days ago I saw a thread on /co/ about the film 'Secret of Kells' and someone posted pic related which was concept art for another of Cartoon Saloons films. I know its about history. It looks cool. Can someone tell me the story behind this painting?
That is the battle of Clontarf, the simple version is Irish vs Norse Vikings the actual version is

Rival Irish kings allied with rival Norse Kings battling one another for control of Ireland.

It was an epic battle though. 10,000 men dead within a few hours.

File: taleb orthodox.jpg (99 KB, 477x572)
99 KB
Are Orthodox people in Lebanon and Syria Greek leftovers?
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Maybe. But they spearheaded the arab nationalist movements so they are all arabs.
They arent greeks.

they are the remnants of the syriac aramaic speaking christians who accepted the council of chalcedon and third council of constantinople remained in union with the catholic church.

they eventually adopted the byzantine greek liturgy and became liguistically arabized. except for a few melkite villages that still spoke western aramaic in syria.

originally they used the antiochene liturgy like the western syriac of the malakaran church.
They've been arabized in the 19th century yes. But now that the patriarchate of Antioch can't control them anymore, many are seeking their true roots.

which explorer in the new world was better?

Don't you mean "gaints"?

File: What is Islam.jpg (98 KB, 1275x579)
98 KB
as far as I can gather it's basically socialism but for God instead of against him
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Isn't catholic redistributionism pretty much conservative social democracy but conservative?
Sweden used to have a very conservative social policy while being strongly social democratic, the connection between free markets and social conservatism through the world is probably just a relic from the cold war. Historically conservative ruling elements have gained legitimacy from taking care of the lower classes, which made reactionary movements attractive to the the people who saw their livelihoods as farmers taken away from them by the burgeoning industrialization.
>What Is Islam?
It's what Mohammed and Allah say it is.
I do believe there was a catholic proclamation that pretty much made the necessary taxation illegal by affirming a strong right to property.
What countries are Muslim majority democracies?I say iran is a fake one and Lebanon is a real one(despite Iran interference).

File: 1489239489855.jpg (884 KB, 1920x1080)
884 KB
884 KB JPG
You wake up in Teotihuacan in the ancient times
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Fun fact: you do not share the disease resistance of 16th century Europeons. We are as susceptible to disease today as the indigenous peoples of the Americas were in the 16th century. If some lice ridden, dirty Spaniard from that time was brought back in a time machine to modern society, we would have an epidemic. It wouldn't destroy our civilization, but it would be bad.
>We are as susceptible to disease today as the indigenous peoples of the Americas were in the 16th century
I don't think so. I've read somewhere in some ncbi arcticle that native americans had a different reaction to viral infections which worsened their conditions and all of that. Hence why there were reports of amazonian uncontacted tribes dying of disease some decades ago.
Haha I hope I don't get chosen for the sacrifices haha
*gets blood sacrificed*

File: 1387846646571.png (137 KB, 1236x506)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
so tell me if i get this right

sword is for dueling
axe/mace is for armor
spear is for cavalry
spears were for everyone because they were cheap

>Sword is your secondary weapon, not the specialized wepaon you use for any particular task except maybe carrying around for self defense, but often the second best weapon in a lot of different situations, to be used as a backup when the primary weapon isn't available or a good idea for whatever reason
>Spear/some other polearm is for large open battles, when you're getting kitted up in your best armor and heaviest weapons, and using it in formation with hundreds if not thousands of other dudes doing the same thing
>Axe/mace were specialized implements used relatively uncommonly. Often for cracking through very heavy armor in the cases of maces and at least in battle use, often overlapping with polearms where axes are concerned.
Swords were used when in battlefield too stop downplaying it you lindy cock suckers

File: iberia and albania.png (32 KB, 911x372)
32 KB
are iberia and albania doing here?
Albania is Latin for whiteland, idk about Iberia
They were lands inhabited by mostly troglodyte nomad shepherd described by Strabo and other Greek writers

>The Bronze Age and the Iron Age weren't that different after all
Why would you need that much sugar lol who is that guy is he baking a big cake
Yup, inviting all his friends
he is an actor playing a drugs baron who has lost it and cracked open the cocaine
Bullshit, he is playing Candy Land

File: img_21731.jpg (375 KB, 1024x983)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
the man who defeated tigers and lions the warrior who saved the Roman Empire from the Persians
how was he? Berbers? White? black? Arab?
He was part of the superior race. The Berber BVLL race.
What's your proof of him being a Berber apart from his family's links with the Severan dynasty ?
The man who defeated the Sassanids was called Galerius, and he was a THRACIAN
Race isn't real.
>The man who defeated the Sassanids was called Galerius, and he was a THRACIAN

correct but he was several years later in the crisis of the 3rd century Odaenathus was quin but Rome to fall before the Sasanian of Shapur I

File: 1567225960121.png (500 KB, 700x881)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
At what point did sexual mixing between races becomw taboo in Europe? It seems like to me that pre medieval everyone was just fucking and raping everyone else.
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>When did racism start
3.8 billion B.C
The one thing worse than an anime tard
>Unironically believing that "black features" were ever accurately represented on a flat cartoony surfice with little to no line signals for nose shape, cheeks, lips, or even cranial form like if the original artist somehow gave a shit
>cranial form

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