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Post history memes. Bonus points if you poached them from here.
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File: 88gf1escx2711.jpg (88 KB, 924x841)
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"Das right, we wuz kingz n shiieet nigguh"
File: hvhvvh.jpg (100 KB, 1274x713)
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100 KB JPG
Why are /his/ memes r*ddit tier? I could literally go to the history memes subreddit and find the same content that’ll be posted below me.
>Laocoon's head
Fuck I hate R****t

File: Genghis-Khan.jpg (38 KB, 650x400)
38 KB
Çengiz Han was Türk
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"Han" Chinese is a race of mongrels though. The southern Han Chinese look completely different from the northern Han Chinese as if they're a different race.
Anatolian Turks look completely different from real Siberian Yakut Turks. Moroccan """Arabs""" look completely different from Saudis. Even Yemeni Arabs look completely different from Saudi Arabs and Kuwaiti Arabs.
You have it wrong. The history of Turk people and Mongols are mixed, but its not that Genghis Khan was a Turk. Turks do not go back to Altai, but to Mongolia. Back when Xiongnu had an empire that stretched to Altai from modern day Mongolia. From within the Xiongnu, you have a group of tribe that fled the west towards the Altai and this group later moved to the west to invade/control the local germanic tribes. This group was called the Huns, which is most likely a transliteration of the word Xiongnu. This group later fizzled out and the lineage was thinned out. Back near Mongolia, the a tribe within the Xiongnu was called Gokturk(blue turk), led by the Ashina clan. They were the "Turkic khanate" that the modern Turkey got its name/identity from. Genetically, modern Turkey/Turkish are far too distant in genetics. The Ashina of the old were more like the hapas/mongolians today than the Turkish people today. The Gokturk had an empire similar to what Genghis had during his lifetime. Mongol Empire rose after the Gokturk splintered into smaller tribes. So how are they all related? Xiongnu adopted the language from Sogdia which was based off of old Indo-Iranian language. Why? Because before Xiongnu, the Great Yeuzhi(indo-iranian) empire had control over the region. Xiongnu fought and pushed out the Yeuzhi to Sogdia. And the language was adopted due to it being a "lingua franca" of the area. This lingua franca was passed down to the Gokturks and then to the Mongols and to the Manchu.

Its not Turkish but Turkic. Turkish is what the people of Turkey speak. Turkic is a wider family of languages that include the modern Turkish.
Also the language was never static, due to proximity to China the language evolved along with them.
Geinghlas Khain was a red-haired, green-eyed Celtic warlord who subjugated all of Asia under the last expression of the CELTIC BVLL WAR MACHINE. Just ask this man.

File: 511d58bUffL._SX355_.jpg (17 KB, 355x213)
17 KB
ITT: Your primary ethnic makeup and favorite areas of history.

German / Irish, HRE and Kaiserreich history.
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>2/3rds Portuguese
>5% Swiss

My favorite areas of history
>Ancient Rome
>Medieval Europe
>American history
>Brazilian history
>Swiss history
>Exploration age
But my most favorite history /aesthetic/ is without a doubt the Victorian era. Peak of civilization.

I was never that interested in WW2 nor WW1.
Did you study at the Swiss school in São Paulo by any chance
polish / german / italian
victorian era
>Brazilian history
Literally why?

File: 129958-004-C9B8B89D.jpg (9 KB, 229x300)
9 KB
How far left were the Nazis?
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>also National Socialists weren't real Nationalists
Thanks, PragerU.
>Nazism and fascism are also not economic ideologies.
No, but they almost always incorporate corporatist doctrine.

>right wing economics and left wing economics.
Stop slapping "left wing" on any intervention in economic sector.

>Hitler officially considered his party syncretic
They literally sat at the far right.

>socialists aspire to a world without nations

>We can't be too sure what the nazi economy during peacetime looked like.
I doubt they had any concept of peacetime at all.
The only people who say that the NSDAP were not left wing are those with a vested interest in doing so, i.e the left wing, globalists, antifa terrorists and such likes.
The only people who say that the NSDAP were not right wing are those with a vested interest in doing so, i.e the right wing, libertarians, nazis and such likes.
File: dinesh-dsouza.jpg (136 KB, 660x440)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>The only people who say that the NSDAP were not left wing are those with a vested interest in doing so, i.e the left wing, globalists, antifa terrorists and such likes.

File: Family_Coat_of_Arms.svg.png (902 KB, 2000x2012)
902 KB
902 KB PNG
Do you lose the right to your coat of arms by a change of your family name? (like when your surname is translated to another language)
Like when your surname used to be boulanger and turned into bäcker because your family moved to Germany and your family had a coat of arms from the time when they were called boulanger

File: download (1).jpg (72 KB, 390x513)
72 KB
> authoritarian power-hungry piece of shit
> destroys the republic
> sets Rome to the course towards destruction
Nothing personal, kid
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wtf i love caesar now
honestly Sully was just yet another symptom of the republic's decay
the republic died with the Gracci brothers, it's where it chose between adapt and die
Fuck off Cato


Sulla won the civil war and implemented everything he thought would stablize the republic. However once he died it all fell apart and allowed another Populare to come again.

This is because the people he worked with only went along with it becaused they liked or feared Sulla and only Sulla. The otherwise hated and saw each other as rivals and reverted back to their old short sighted ways.
It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to this calling. I love democracy. I love the Republic. Once this crisis has abated, I will lay down the powers you have given me!

Why did it fail?
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>fuck over the proles to chase a more "diverse" section of the oligarchy
>win a couple elections with oligarch cash
>lose once proles realize you don't give a shit about them and stay home

You can get away with a lot of lying in bourgeois "democracy", which is why immediate recall ala Athens and the Paris Commune is so important. But eventually it catches up to you.
Blair quit.
>bourgeois "democracy"
I don't understand why the quotation marks when the historic alternative to that was worse in every fucking way.
You can get away with a lot in bourgeois democracy?
How about fucking USSR where Stalin got away with causing famine, or when he got away with catastrophic defeat in 1941, mainly caused by his own actions?

I'm not a Leninist.

It's possible to have a real democracy instead of disguised rule by the bourgeoisie (but you get to vote every few years, hope the politicians told you the truth!) or a one-party state that pretends it's serving the proletariat.
Okay then. I guess you're a democratic socialist.
It's just that usually people who use phrasing like that are ironically Lenin/Stalin apologists.

File: 1548229119371.png (49 KB, 550x260)
49 KB
Did the holocaust have a positive effect on the gene pool?

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achtung rolling
File: 240px-Tibbets-wave.jpg (17 KB, 240x296)
17 KB
Colonel Paul W. Tibbets Jr.

After thousands of years Greeks are still the most red pilled Europeans.
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Nice post, it's a shame though that everything you said is bullshit
No but we might let you repoen Halki Seminary if you allow Turks to elect their own Muftis.
As far as I'm aware, the news doesn't change the flag of the USA to make it look like it was someone else who done it, nor do they say that the motives of the USA are unclear.
They actually ignore it or claim the US has motivations like “bringing freedom” there.
Well a lot of northern Africa was french anyway soo they'd have a head start in assimilating

File: gamer pagliacci.png (229 KB, 640x439)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
File: Anne - Copy.png (501 KB, 1000x1026)
501 KB
501 KB PNG

thread theme
File: Pierrot.jpg (282 KB, 1704x2272)
282 KB
282 KB JPG

File: PlatosCave.gif (54 KB, 600x330)
54 KB
Who controls society?
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The strongest
Pussy money weed
All a nigga need
The People
File: bogs.jpg (51 KB, 700x505)
51 KB

The most pivotal moment out of all history is here. I have written the greatest of all religious texts. I have truly pointed to the path towards true peace and contentment in all of West Eurasia. All it takes is for people to abandon their Abrahamic nonsense and nihilism for the glory and splendor of my religion. I am truly the closest thing to the Second Coming of Christ, Saoshyant, Mahidi, or whatever else. If anyone wants, they can join my religious order and read the first scripture. This religion should displace all Abrahamic filth. You have been blessed by this post, for I my mission is the greatest thing out of all history. This post is not off-topic.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Will you please join my religious group and read the first scripture? Do you want to become my disciple?
I believe.
Pay me.
No he's the self-hating Iranian fag. A complete nutcase.
I wanna read the first scripture. I’ll be your first disciple if I deem it worthy enough.

File: anne-frank.png (238 KB, 415x380)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Should I read Anne Frank's diary?
I'm interested in the testimony but I'm also scared I'll fall in love with an inaccessible person again :(
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You are the one claiming it is genuine. Prove it.
Fuck off Jeff Mangum.

You rolled in here claiming it is fiction. What's your evidence? Must be pretty weak or you would have shown it by now.
Stop replying to /pol/ bait, anon.
>You rolled in here
lmao is this your thread, anon?
it's a book that people claim is real
surely there would be proof?

At what point did mountainniggers stop being a threat to civilization?
62 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why are Turks this insecure? There are atleast 10 Turk cope threads up right now, all filled with pathetic jabs like this.
Don Quixote is a great book. Why does English just get shitty Shakespeare while Spanish gets Don Quixote?
When were mountainniggers ever a threat to civilization?

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