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File: mother.jpg (308 KB, 959x959)
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308 KB JPG
Having children is a selfish thing, reproduction is born out ego, fear and arrogance. The fear of death and the arrogance that you can cheat death by creating a part of yourself(ego) that lives on after you.
The thing is he is not part of yourself, he is his own independent self, all people and individuals and no ego can truly disassociate with the self.
You are creating something that did not exist, something that did not ask to exist nor was asked to, and the only certainty that you can give to it is suffering and death.
Life is a self serving tyrant, who must continuisly create new slaves and decries this has it's own ultimate meaning.
Now the question is, we as living, mortal animals, have the inate desire to reproduce.
Having kids is natural, but is it evil or not?(please refrain from ecofascist or anti-natalist rethoric)
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>dying alone on your death bed
My cousin had 3 lovely children and a wife. A lot of people gathered around while he was sick and unconscious at the hospital. He died in a hospital bed alone, and I still miss him, bros.
If the world were smaller and less populated having kids would be more understandable but the problem is nightmarish. Billions of people are on earth and there is no seeming unend to this predicament we are in. At the current state of humanity I say yes having kids is evil and life itself is a problem.
You're contradicting yourself.

I’m gonna make Anne Frank pregnant just so I can pound her wet pregnant vag and there’s nothing you can do about it boy!
If you want to have sex with men so bad just say so, OP.

File: 1560648660620-lit.png (217 KB, 680x778)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
In my country (Finland), the traditional school of philosophy is analytic and lots of professors seem to have a real hard-on for Wittgenstein. I'd like to study philosophy at uni, but I'm more interested in the continental branch. Stuff like existentialism, phenomenology, critical theory, structuralism... Will I get anything out of studying what seems to be mainly the analytic tradition, or will I find it to be boring detached autism?
from what ive seen, any given philosophy degree contains a mix of both analytic and continental

that being said, analytic is not that boring, and i suggest reading philosphers like godel to appreciate analytic philosophy if you are coming from the continental camp
File: 1562338528442-lit.png (250 KB, 500x371)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
What do you mean?
File: v3v334v3.jpg (30 KB, 360x517)
30 KB
Karl Marx was black.

Modern humans have been around for 200,000 years but all we know is that which has been recorded for the past 5,000. Isn't that strange?
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It's more likely that paper and even stone are harder to preserve than it is to invent letters, if you catch my drift.
>this idiot thinks there is such thing as originality in the year 2019 or our lord
Well, when you have some type of foundation to build upon it's much easier. If you cannot understand this, it's because you are a product of such a time where originality is dead.
reverting make it sound like a bad thing, also hieroglyphs are an alphabet.
File: gen-2.jpg (315 KB, 500x749)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
>200,000 years
We know Australian Aborigines lived in uninterrupted savagery for 50,000 without ever inventing writing. Why is 200,000 years ridiculous?

Why are all the statues from Classical Greece A cups? Were there no rude titties in that part of the world at that point in time?
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File: gfffgfggf.jpg (218 KB, 686x800)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
so the greeks were based? aryan boipussy is superior in every way
I thought the Greeks were white.
You can post statues, can’t you? If not, this website is much more American than I’ve thought.
I'm not getting sent to the deluxe john ashcroft penalty closet for 2000 year old bappers.
Overly large breasts being the ideal is for the most part a fairly modern phenomenon.

File: 1563561518993.jpg (62 KB, 920x960)
62 KB
"Both ancient and modern Christianism and all that has its
root therein is the negation of everything grand, noble, generous,
heroic, and the glorification of everything feeble, atrocious,
dishonorable, dastardly. The cross is now, and ever has been, an escutcheon of shame. It represents a gallows, and a Semite slave
swinging thereon. For two thousand years it has absolutely
overturned human reason, overthrown common sense, infected the
world with madness submissiveness, degeneracy."

Was he right?
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>egypt's legacy is now reduced to nothing more than tourist traps and african-americans
egyptfags BTFO
iberianchads win again
File: 1407645844693.jpg (34 KB, 500x412)
34 KB
That's long after the Barbarian invasions.
Dude's from Lazio, far from Lombardy and the north. The Germanic invasions had a negligible affect on the Italian gene pool.
>coward who literally went behind his leader's back to negotiate a surrender to save his own skin

Why do these ubermensch fantasists always reveal themselves to be cowards in the end?

File: cromwell-cs-tank[1].jpg (81 KB, 650x389)
81 KB
Is it true that British troops were much more competent than American troops in the European Western Front 1944-1945 ?
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Because they played a secondary role in the air war
File: anglo_girls.png (1.23 MB, 4096x2900)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
This thread will consist of nothing but nationalist shit flinging. Fuck /int/ and fuck children who fall for this bait.
>Free French troops were very good
are we speaking of the north african colonials who raped, looted and mutilated their way from Monte Cassino to Stuttgart?
The Americans won the largest tank battle of the Western Front at Arracourt. Cope.
lolwut? arracourt wasn't even remotely close to being the largest

File: 270.jpg (204 KB, 704x820)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Why has native Hindu rule been a disaster in India?
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>The Indian economy was large and prosperous under the Mughal Empire.[62] During the Mughal era, the gross domestic product (GDP) of India in 1600 was estimated at about 22% of the world economy, the second largest in the world, behind only Ming China but larger than Europe. By 1700, the GDP of Mughal India had risen to 24% of the world economy, the largest in the world, larger than both Qing China and Western Europe.[63] Mughal India was the world leader in manufacturing,[64] producing about 25% of the world's industrial output up until the 18th century.[65] India's GDP growth increased under the Mughal Empire, with India's GDP having a faster growth rate during the Mughal era than in the 1,500 years prior to the Mughal era.[63] Mughal India's economy has been described as a form of proto-industrialization, like that of 18th-century Western Europe prior to the Industrial Revolution.[66]
since most people are dodging the question or memeing, the reason india became shit is because ghandi fucked it over ten fold. he put mulsims up against hindus and wrecked the economy
it really is fascinating how most of the redeemable aspects of Indian culture are actually foreign and non-Indian in origin
Fuck off

File: spanish arrival.jpg (91 KB, 800x444)
91 KB
>Wipes out 90% of the population and makes the vast majority of Ancient Mesoamerican history lost forever

haha oopsies
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File: aztec warriors.jpg (94 KB, 540x664)
94 KB

they ate human meat in a strictly ritual context, to say cannibalism was widespread is a flasehood and only really used to justify the conquest.
the did have the wheel and were aware of it but didn't apply it to anything other than toys for reasons unknown to them. but to imply that they were primitive because of this in spite of their social, technological and architectural achievements make you look like the primitive one ya turkey
God willed it.
god aint willed fuck, you spastic
They killed and conquered people gee wizz that's such a new thing that only "muh evul spanish" ever did
Yet my country is still being flooded by those savages he spared. Didn't do enough if you ask me.

What if the French won the Battle of Aboukir Bay? How much would this shift the timeline? Would Napoleon have annexed Egypt and ruled there as a Viceroy and invade the Middle East and disrupt the British Indian trade? Or would Napoleon still have ended up being ruler of France?
alt-history is gay

File: maxresdefault.jpg (124 KB, 1280x720)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
This isn't about anybody in particular. But I've noticed that some historians (or pop historians?) act like everybody in history was gay.

>Eleanor Roosevelt
>James I
>Queen Elizabeth
>Lord Byron
>Emily Dickinson
>Sir Francis Bacon
>Abraham Lincoln
>James Buchanan
>Leonardo da Vinci
>Richard the Lionheart

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Some of those I've heard and there's evidence for it. Others are clearly not.
File: b30.png (238 KB, 1254x1787)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
that eleanor roosevelt thing i actually have a story about
>be me 8th grade
>teacher says we have to do a report on any amerimutt historical figure but no obvious ones (lincoln, fdr, washington)
>choose john d rockefeller bc i already had a report written on him and 13 y/o me was an AnCap cuck for corporations
>SJW gril in front of me is doing a report on eleanor roosevelt and starts looking up gay flags
>ask her why considering she was married to a man
>says something about how in her letters she referred to someone as "girlfriend"
>explain to her that back then it literally just meant friend
>apparently that doesn't count and shes still gay
i used to think that was just her crazy conspiracy theory localized within her brain alone but apparently not
pic unrelated
Malcolm X was a repressed bisexual. He fucked a transvestite and had sex with men for money.
>da Vinci arrested for Sodomy
That's disputed.

>Please study a little of Ancient Greece's history.
Have done so. The fact that Greeks were more tolerant of pederasty than modern society, does not specifically imply that a particular Greek was a pederast.
>Malcolm X
That's disputed.

File: file.png (830 KB, 600x681)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
Although generations of Spanish rulers have tried to expunge this era from the historical record, recent archeaology and scholarship now shed fresh light on the Moors who flourished in Al-Andalus for more than 700 years — from 711 A.D. until 1492. The Moorish advances in mathematics, astronomy, art, and agriculture helped propel Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance.

Alright guys, tell me why this is bullshit. Article is longer and more thorough.

309 replies and 137 images omitted. Click here to view.
Never did I brought up that E belonged to Subsaharan Africa. You just brought that up. And you also said that E is a white haplogroup, which is bullshit.
Iran_N is ancestral to Dravidians, they were obviously Australoid.
File: Capture.png (3 KB, 512x52)
3 KB
When you are in a corner you always resort to play with the definition of black.

What is a black for you? Is that an origin? A phenotype? Is that merely having a skin somewhat darker than the skin of a northern european?
Are not Dravidians caucasoids?

>Latvian would have ruled the USSR if the August Coup succeeded
Fuck we would have been kings.
He was a sovok so his nationality didn't matter
Nah he would expand the territory of the Latvian SSR and funnel more money into it as Khruschev and Brezhnev did with their home cunt Ukraine.
Latvians miss the USSR

File: Polish pancerni.jpg (624 KB, 1906x1280)
624 KB
624 KB JPG
There was a story on here a while ago about some Polish noble who was in a town while a bunch of (I think French) actors were in town. In it, some other Polish guy takes out his bow and kills one of the actors with it and then everyone in the crowd laughed because it was some sort of practical joke.
Afterwards, the noble left town and was staying at a house a few miles away when an investigator from the town stopped by and asked him if he was there or not. He said no and then they both laughed about how funny it was.

Does anybody know what I'm referring to? I've looked it up several times and have yet to find anything about it since I don't have any names and may be misremembering parts of it.
I need to know

She didn't deserved it

Fuck this gay Earth.
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>just like the doctor, the head footman, the head cook and the lady-in-waiting
At the wrong place in the wrong time.
Then they should’ve all been killed.
Right, it was a feasible option for the few constitutional monarchs of Europe who managed to keep their thrones to start an expeditionary war against Soviet Russia based on the dynastic claims of their wives, I can see their subjects and parliaments being totally cool with it. Would make a cool animu though, "4 against Moscow". Also, it's not like there were escaped Romanov pretenders all over Europe by the time the commies have executed the Imperial Family.
Fair enough, the husband of the lady-in-waiting could have also gained a claim on becoming the butler of Lenin and you just can't allow that.
How did she do it tho? I mean she was barely even at home and yet he adored her until his own death

File: geneticsofth[1].jpg (55 KB, 714x461)
55 KB
Redpill me on the Incas. Were they better than Aztecs and Mayas, or worse?
42 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
More like mulatto-indio mutt
It was a mistake you moron, I meant to say Peru and Bolivia.

Note how I already said Guatamala in the previous sentence
Based retard
High quality posts mesoposter, thank you
Mesoposters*, although one only posted about the incas which aren't meso

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