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File: 1574278410684.jpg (66 KB, 634x727)
66 KB
did the Nazis have any actual respect for the Japanese or was it just convenient?
They had respect for people who had history and culture, didn't they also considered the Sioux or Cherokee Aryans?
File: 1401466968488.jpg (18 KB, 500x291)
18 KB
>Imperial Race
>rich history
>high IQ
>love of Beauty

Why wouldn't they respect Japan?

File: naking6.jpg (30 KB, 480x360)
30 KB
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If Japan doesn't like it then can always vote to end the treaties. But they like the money we pay for maintaining those bases.
What about the Japanese newspapers who wrote about it to brag about how superior their military was? Yeah they exaggerated and in some cases made some shit up like the beheading contest, but this is state-owned media in Japan saying it.
>Japan stops being a colony
>US pulls out from the region
>China just sweeps over everything in a tide without anyone opposing them now
Yeah that'll work out great for Japan
I have no idea why people care so much about nanjing, I mean it was only a couple hundred thousand and it’s not like there was a shortage of chinks, and I don’t know why chinks get salty considering the fact that they killed like 2 million of their own people when they flooded the country to keep the nips at bay and let’s not ignore the Great Leap Forward with it’s ridiculous casualties.

This whole situation seems like a poor chink attempt at their own holobunga to cash in on some war crimes.
They bragged about their military victory over the nationalists. Not attacking civvies.

File: Colonization.jpg (153 KB, 429x801)
153 KB
153 KB JPG


>Estimated 100,000–240,000 Filipino civilians killed[1]:174[2]

>The Battle of Manila (Filipino: Labanan sa Maynila) (3 February – 3 March 1945) was a major battle of the Philippine campaign of 1944-45, during the Second World War. It was fought by American forces from both the U.S. mainland and the Philippines against Japanese troops in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. The month-long battle, which resulted in the death of over 100,000 civilians and the complete devastation of the city, was the scene of the worst urban fighting in the Pacific theater. Japanese forces committed mass murder against Filipino civilians during the battle. Along with massive loss of life, the battle also destroyed architectural and cultural heritage dating back to the city's foundation. The battle ended the almost three years of Japanese military occupation in the Philippines (1942–1945). The city's capture was marked as General Douglas MacArthur's key to victory in the campaign of reconquest. It is the last of the many battles fought within Manila's history.

>Subjected to incessant pounding and facing certain death or capture, the beleaguered Japanese troops took out their anger and frustration on the civilians caught in the crossfire, committing multiple acts of severe brutality, which later would be known as the Manila Massacre.[1]:96,107 Violent mutilations, rapes,[1]:114–120 and massacres of the populace accompanied the battle for control of the city. Massacres occurred in schools, hospitals and convents, including San Juan de Dios Hospital, Santa Rosa College, Santo Domingo Church, Manila Cathedral, Paco Church, St. Paul's Convent, and St. Vincent de Paul Church.[1]:113
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America supported the massacre and rape of Moro Muslims.


>The Manili massacre refers to the mass murder of 70[1]-79[2] Moro Muslims, including women and children, committed in a mosque in Manili, Carmen, North Cotabato, Philippines on June 19, 1971.[3] The Muslim residents of the town had gathered in their mosque to participate in a supposed peace talk with Christian groups when a group of armed men dressed in uniforms similar to those worn by members of the Philippine Constabulary opened fire on them.[3]

>It was suspected that the Ilaga militant group were the attack's perpetrators,[1] but there were also allegations that the Philippine Constabulary had collaborated with the Ilaga. No one was found culpable for the incident; Feliciano Lucas, also known as "Commander Toothpick", the Ilaga leader who was the prime suspect in the crime, was released after he "surrendered" to Ferdinand Marcos at the Malacañang Palace.[1] The incident resulted in increased hostilities between Moro Muslims and Christians.[4] In response to the incident, former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi provided military aid to the secessionist group Moro National Liberation Front.[4][5]
America trains the Philippine military, equips them with weapons, and had military bases in the Philippines at this time and used drones against Moro Muslims a few years ago.







Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
US supported Marcos, equipped and trained his military and had military bases in the Philippines during the massacres and rapes. And the US is still droning and fighting them today.

>deadly drone strike


>Deadly Drone Strike on Muslims in the Southern Philippines

>Early last month, Tausug villagers on the Southern Philippine island of Jolo heard a buzzing sound not heard before. It is a sound familiar to the people of Waziristan who live along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, where the United States fights the Taliban. It was the dreaded drone, which arrives from distant and unknown destinations to cause death and destruction. Within minutes, 15 people lay dead and a community plunged into despair, fear and mourning.
American supported Philippine state sponsored militias murdered an Italian priest and ate his brain.


>Tullio Favali (1946–1985) was an Italian priest who ministered in Zamboanga, North Cotabato and Metro Manila in the Philippines. He was the first foreign missionary to be murdered by paramilitary forces[1] during Martial Law, provoking public outcry from the Vatican and Italian government. His death caused international attention to human rights violations and abuses to paramilitary forces during the Marcos dictatorship.

>Many parts of North Cotabato were occupied by armed pseudo-religious cults that were hired by the Marcos dictatorship's anti-insurgency campaign. They were commissioned as paramilitary units who operated as Barrio Self-Defense Units, later called Integrated Civilian Home Defense Force or ICHDF. Notorious members of these units were Edilberto, Norberto Jr., and Elpidio Manero who were brothers, known for their killing sprees.

>Favali was called by townspeople for help after the Manero brothers shot the town's tailor.[3] When the Manero brothers saw him arrive and enter a house, Norberto Jr. dragged his motorcycle and set it on fire. When Favali hurried out after seeing the fire, Edilberto shot the priest pointblank in his head, trampled on his body and fired again. This caused the priest's skull to crack open, and Norberto Jr. picked the brains and displayed them to the horrified witnesses. The brothers, along with a few other gang members, stood by laughing and heckling.[4]


>MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines released on Friday a notorious killer who murdered an Italian priest 23 years ago and then claimed to have eaten parts of his brain.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Stop genocide of Lumads by the Philippines. Lumad are indigenous people on Mindanao.







Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Are there any good history books written by Western authors that just give a good overview of the 7th century rise of Islam? Especially accounts of the Fitnas or civil wars.

Muslim authors all seem to be extremely biased toward either the Sunni or Shia perspective. I’d really like to read either a decent pop history or something slightly more academic that gives a good overview of the major figures of the period, their motivations and actions and the general geopolitics of the near East during the 7th/early 8th century.
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In the Shadow of the Sword by Tom Holland
>Pop history
I actually just finished this a few weeks ago thinking it would be what I was describing in the OP. To some extent it was I guess but I found the book to be about 70% background of the religious history of Byzantium/Persia in the preceding centuries. And then the last chapter of the book was a quick gloss over the actual rise and wars of the Caliphate. I was hoping for more depth in that last chapter.

I don’t mind a pop history to get an overview of a period. Especially one that actually cites sources and “real” historians the way Tom Holland does.
Very high iq meme it I do say so myself habibi, mind if I save it?
File: 1556818808363.jpg (40 KB, 397x402)
40 KB
Yo who is the pic of Soul Sista Queen 4eva?
I apologise to Mohamadean /his/torians my bleach drives are reaching critical mass

File: 1574014162234.jpg (220 KB, 787x627)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
I've often heard the argument made that monarchism is the superior system because kings have a natural incentive to increase long-term prosperity of their kingdom, and thus will choose to have a laissez faire free-market economy to encourage economic growth. This brings up the question though, just how economically free were the monarchies of old, especially those of Europe, and why did the capitalists decide to back the republican revolutionaries if they were thriving under a free-market?

File: Russian-expansion-Asia.gif (237 KB, 1600x1045)
237 KB
237 KB GIF


>House of Vasa

>Old Prussians

>Holstein-Gottorp Romanovs

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
European nobility didn’t care who they married as long as it enhanced the power of their family

Bruhzilian here, and especulate how the fuck I have baltic heritage
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>/threading your own post
Kys yourself
You'd be surprised, I'm currently living in Argentina and apparently there was a not insignificant amount of Ukrainians that came and settled here in the XIXth century, enough to warrant a museum of their own
Damn, now I'm fucking surprised
Also. Is it possible that it's actually prussian heritage and therefore german? (Asking for a friend)
those were jews

File: 1548733539763.jpg (22 KB, 399x400)
22 KB
tell me about the spookiest unexplained mysteries in history
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t. Normie who doesn’t know THE TRUTH.
Kek not bad
>Neron ghost
More about number 1 please?
I like the Mary Celeste, even though there have been pretty convincing theories put forth in recent times.

I would add Ourang Medan here, but much of the evidence or research into it have strongly suggested that it never existed.

Perhaps not historical, and the details surrounding this will lead many here to jump to conclusions, but the story of Cindy James is a fairly famous and still puzzling one.

The Late Bronze Age collapse in general is pretty fucking spoopy.

The Yuba County Five (America's Dyatlov Pass incident) remains unsolved.

The Hinterkaifeck murders is a classic.

The Flannan Isle Lighthouse is somewhat interesting, but even the Wikipedia article contains info. that has long been debunked.

As far as I know, the Tamam Shud case remains unexplained.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: rapedx.jpg (17 KB, 345x180)
17 KB
Could this have been prevented?
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File: 1551363218063.jpg (70 KB, 750x1140)
70 KB
Bro you just posted cringe
based and underrated post-pill
File: 1525801024362.png (15 KB, 644x800)
15 KB
>Civilians are always off limits in wartime unless you're a literal animal
Let me guess - British author?

File: southernbelles.jpg (109 KB, 1024x700)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Why was the US civil war so civilized?
An anon just brought this up in the General Butler thread.
Most civil wars are full of massacres of prisoners, mass death of civilians, ruthless repression by the winning side, thousands or millions of people from the losing side fleeing the country upon defeat.
The worst I can think of in the US civil war is the massacres of black troops by rebel soldiers, and some of the guerrilla actions in the border states. Overall soldiers on both sides seem to have been pretty respectful of both civilians and their captured enemies. Even the march to the sea saw very few actual civilian deaths.
After the war, I can't think of any reprisal killings by the Union. Even the leaders of the rebellion received a few years in jail at worst, or were totally pardoned, with maybe their voting rights being revoked (and even this usually didn't last very long).
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I mean in fairness it's not like London didn't say the same thing to us. The difference is we won that time.

The north went out of its way to try and smooth things over with the south post-reconstruction, to the point of throwing the black population under the bus if it meant the war's wounds were healed. And for the most part it worked, the north and south were on largely amicable terms up until the civil rights movement as a result.
Andersonville was the worst of many shitty POW camps on both sides, made worse by the CSA running out of food at the end of the war. Medicine and sanitation were pathetic even in regular army camps, much less POW camps, and it was often up to civilian volunteers like the U.S. Sanitary Commission or volunteer nurses like Walt Whitman to do what the governments should have done. Again, this was for soldiers in the armies so with the inept bureaucracy running POW camps there was going to be a lot of misery. One of my ancestors spent a winter in Camp Douglass in Illinois and according to the muster roll I’ve seen a third of his regiment died. The exchange and parole system worked pretty well until it broke down in the latter part of the war over the issue of black POWs, another reason Andersonville was so crowded. No excuses for anyone here, just pointing out that a Civil War POW camp, hospital or army encampment was an unhealthy shitty environment.
There were some pretty bad PoW camps.

Who is more based?
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Teddy was a progressive by the standard of his time. He'd be seen as a giant racist, sexist imperialist by today's terms.
File: fdr-smoking1.jpg (30 KB, 195x225)
30 KB
Both were pretty cool.

I think we have to look at a comparison/combination of their domestic/foreign policies.

Domestically, both are solid. The New Deal and assorted policies from FDR are some of the best legislation (fight me) in the history of the modern United States. TR also had some solid progressive policies for his time.

In terms of foreign policy, FDR was a wartime president, and possess a much better (by todays standards) fp legacy than TR tbqh. Things like the Treaty of Portsmouth and the other one that effectively delayed WW1 (I can't recall the name right now) are alright. Portsmouth was hated by all parties involved iirc and really pissed off the japs.

Both top five presidents, but FDR comes out on top.
Dixiecrats used to be progressive. White southerners were for breaking up monopolies, social security, universal healthcare, minimum wage, government works programs, massive infrastructure projects, and on and on. As long as those programs benefitted whites first. Southern dems loved FDR for the most part.
>It didn't help that FDR was constantly tricked and bamboozled by the Anglos and Chinese
Tell me more...
Ted and Taft bust some trusts. Based and redpilled.

File: nazis at war.jpg (121 KB, 460x600)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>11 million Germans surrender in WW2
>2/3 of Wehrmacht/SS
>More than every other European combatant COMBINED
>no meaningful resistance post-occupation, something even Albania and Ethiopia managed during the war
>All the nazis rat each other out or otherwise collaborate with Allies. "Hitler's favorite commando" Otto Skorzeny becomes Mossad agent, etc
Why were they such cowards, /his/?
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Germs just could escape to western Germany, Poles were occupied by a completely hostile nations on both sides. I guess krauts actually fell for American memes, they were content with American "freedom".
I know this is just a bait thread, but what would continuing to fight achieve? Germany had no more allies, the global opinion was completely against them, and their nation was covered in millions of enemy soldiers that wanted any excuse to start wasting them, all the best men and soldiers were dead and fighting would simply get more Germans killed.

Obviously you don’t care and will simply call it cowardice despite this as you are not here to argue or to learn something, you are merely here to get a reaction.
They’re cowardly scum
>11 million Germans surrender in WW2
Can one man really act so high and mighty after that number
Well they still had Japan but then Japan was on the other side of the world.

File: clock.gif (1.49 MB, 320x180)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB GIF
predict the next 100 years
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How long until America falls
>beating china
lol okay
a bunch of human bullshit that then gets over run by robots in like the 2070's.
When oil starts getting scarce. Americans are so reliant on their cars and are so used to being able to drive everywhere that some states have already dismantled their railways turning them into bike paths for some reason. Not useful bike paths, but for recreation. And much of rural america is way too underdeveloped to support electric cars, and public transport takes a long time to set up, not to mention how difficult it would be to service bedroom communities where people will commute 50~ miles from out of state into the big city to get to work. So just wait for the gas prices to rise and for the lower class and the commuters to riot.
Will Africa ever not be a hell hole?

While I know it's not the greatest source here is a link of anarchist communies who all for the most part seem to be doing well.

Is anarchism capable of functioning at a wider scale or would it just collpase/be tajen advantage of?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You need intelligent and good people who won't go ooga booga and start looting and killing people when they realize that there are no rules
File: 1511724074535.jpg (80 KB, 650x1350)
80 KB
Those anarchist communes are protected by the state and operate under a capitalist system. The closest thing to a successful anarchist society there's been so far was Kurdistan, and even that failed.
Are they creating prosperity and technological advancement at the same rate as liberal democracies?
Only if the vast majority of people get offended and do something about ant emergent states.

There has to be a common and widespread understanding that 1) anarchy is "good" and 2) it is worth defending, by force
Only because the infrastructure is there to support them.

If Slavs are the descendants of Scythians, does this make then Iranian?
42 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
They were all absorbed by more successful groups or killled.
Ossetians still exist but they are heavily caucasianized and russified.
File: the-path-of-the-goths3.png (1.25 MB, 1300x928)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Check the map. Scythians spread deep into west.
Proto-Iranics were closer to modern Slavs than to Iranians.

So to answer the OP's question >>7584794
Iranians are muttified East Euros.
File: Untitled.jpg (123 KB, 1089x422)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
One of these is a Tajik military officer.
The other one is a Croatian singer.
>Aryan = Iranian
only if Hispanic = Iberian

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