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>we will never get a RDR style game about the Russian conquest of Siberia
It hurts

File: Fryderyk Niecki.jpg (39 KB, 663x364)
39 KB
When did you realised that women are inherently morally inferior creatures?
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fuck off CIA
So is the average 4chan poster so I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove
Insult, no explanation from previous comment
incels should be hanged
I won't argue with this because I agree, but I think it's pretty stupid to further conclude that the version of you that is getting laid is the ne that is correct.
>You're only advocating for various social policies and programs because you're poor, once you get rich you'll hate taxes and minimum wage laws and shit

Powerful stufff man

File: the great debate.jpg (212 KB, 317x660)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Now that the dust has settled, do you think Jackie Chan survived it?
One of the greatest unsolved mystery of history.
Tonight at 8.

shut the fuck up
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dumb kiwi
good thread
no u
File: 32c.gif (39 KB, 399x369)
39 KB
File: AustralianBushCamPepe.png (131 KB, 488x423)
131 KB
131 KB PNG

Are there any philosophers who were born as poorfags? Not talking about mythological fantasies or people who gave up their money later in life.
>Inb4 Epictetus
Dude's master was rich.
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Even Marx was middle class before being exiled from Prussia as revolutionary.
Nowadays we all are, materially speaking at least
Epictetus was a crippled slave
I think Marcus’ noble and virtuous life as the most powerful person in the world is much more admirable than the cliché of the ascetic. Marcus Aurelius had effectively infinite power short of being outright murdered, and practically unlimited access to all of his vices or any fucking thing he could think of that might entertain him, and yet instead he lived according to his stoic ideals. It’s astounding, really.

File: 400px-Seevölker.jpg (39 KB, 400x204)
39 KB
>tfw you will never set sail with your muscular bros with perfect physiques from your high animal protein paleo diet
>tfw you will never set foot ashore the decrepid shithole shores of c*vilization, sword in hand and ready to die for the greatest cause ever known to man
>tfw you will never cut down swarms of manlet vegan grain fed bugmen in your path
>tfw you will never burn every last (((city))), raping its barren scrawny women and dashing the inferior babies of your foes upon the stones
>tfw you will never return to your ships, the flames of glorious victory at your back, with your heart full of pride at knowing you've saved the world from the evils of centralization and materialism for the next millenia
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biggest chimpout of history?
Sardinians, possibly Sicilians, Greeks, Anatolians and Levantines
Egypt fucked them up even worse though
They were a bunch of angry incels because there were not enough sheeps for everybody back at the homeland
File: 1458184051094.jpg (31 KB, 256x279)
31 KB
>implying masturbation is akin to honoring your ancestors who worked hard enough to ejaculate in actual vagina which led to your current existence.

File: 1543937179681.png (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
If Mark Antony was retroactively scrubbed from the records how do we know so much about him today?

File: 98712376123888123.jpg (270 KB, 2469x1396)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Is the lack of regard for human life? Addiction to profit? What is the Rubicon for capitalism?
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>You may not like human nature
Capitalist and mental illness go hand in hand.
Nope. Conservatives are older, have more workplace experience, and are more successful. Now make me a burger.
Where the hell does it say or explain that welfare doubles money somehow? And the source you’re using is a think tank who’s purpose is to lobby for welfare programs.
Yeah they're boomers who had an easier time than us.

Just got a new PC and lost my old collection, so please share away
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File: 1544415425091.jpg (83 KB, 422x750)
83 KB
please post more angles
Does hair like this possible?
File: -.jpg (3.57 MB, 4032x3024)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB JPG
tell me if you find out

File: 1471004374927.jpg (652 KB, 1700x1000)
652 KB
652 KB JPG
Is he right?
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>spoonfeed me Aristotle

How about no
People still remembered what the region was like before Cyrus
Snowniggers are big but dumb
Persian and Tvrk BVLLs are smart, but complacent
Sounds about right
I thought they just called that asia minor
Didn't they know about China and India?
They would have been aware of the indus valley/ hindustan

File: download (2).jpg (11 KB, 374x135)
11 KB
Which do you tend to agree with the most?
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why do most people pretend to not understand Taoism
Most people don't need to pretend, they genuinely don't understand it.
>Unironically trying to “understand” Taoism as if that’s the point

>unironically thinks there's a point to taoism
>uses lol on 4chan
>too deterministic for my taste
You don't believe in free will, do you anon?

why were the British able take over all of India despite the Dutch and Portuguese getting there first? Why didn't other European powers take over India or at least work together to remove bong?
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Anglos are the superior race, it's why America is number 1 and why we are communicating in English right now.
>t work together to remove bong?
Because the British army beat the French there in the 1750s and Portugal was a British ally who literally gave them Bombay as a dowry

But like the other guy said, the British navy was dominant, it was impossible for other powers to effectively kick out the British from India when the British could stop them from even getting there to begin with
File: A_lesson_in_trickery.png (1.21 MB, 1016x696)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
*Scots are the superior race
Plus the Doctrine of Lapse policy which made most of the monarchs, big or small, their vassal states. Which is why after independence one of the India's big challenge was to get monarchs in their territory to assimilate in the new republic since all Monarchs were given option to either go independent (lol) or join Pakistan or India.
Guess what Hari Sing, king of Kashmir, tried to do?
Result - current crisis in that region.

File: Persian_army_formation.png (138 KB, 1075x317)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
>This kills the steppenigger
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>then lost to people that didn't
Who do you mean by that?
Every time Mongols were defeated had been done by the same/similar military culture, because almost everybody around the steppes adopted it, even the Byzantines did, when they didn't outright hire Pechenegs or Oghuzes. The Mongols' first major defeat was dealt by Mamluks, who were entirely Cuman in that period too.
>forgetting that most Greek states became Persian vassals, the Macedons too
>forgetting that the Spartans eventually allied with the Persians
They won the majority of both battles and wars though.
Persia managed to submit the ionians, quell their revolt and defeat the expeditionary force sent to help Inaros.
Greeks managed to fend off the first Persian invasion, soundly defeat the second one, Athens alone with a few allies retook the whole ionic coast and imposed to persians a navigation limit, Alexander ended the Achaemenids. Even Xenophon's 10,000 were left mostly unscathed in battle and managed to go back home despite being surrounded by hostile Persian forces.
>Forgetting of this bad boi
He was talking of Achaemenids and not Sassanians who were vastly military superior to them, duh

Who are the biggest thots in history?

Pic related
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He was rasPutin it in her.
pls say this boy still has penis?
yo mum op
Nu/pol/ is second only to Tumblr, when it comes to supporting thots
Yes, but a based thot. Based like all Bathory dynasty.

File: Smerdis.png (1.4 MB, 788x800)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Gautama ? Smerdis ? Bardya ?

I can't make heads or tail out of this, can anyone explain the deal to me ?

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