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File: 1556238195368.jpg (47 KB, 656x581)
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Why aren't wars of conquest a thing anymore?
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Not really but desu, in this case it would definitely be a very good thing. Much like the crack down on child rape/abuse.
absolute cringe
because it isn't worth it, Google Ads business alone makes more in one fucking year than if you invade a big country and take all its natural resources
File: download.png (1.72 MB, 2990x2848)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
Maybe in Africa you could get away with it If you are a rather Obscure country. Rwanda almost did it in the Second Congo war.
Yeah, Vietnam clearly had no reason to resist US interest.

deer americains, what do u feel about don't be able to draw your ugly flag ?
It is one of the most distinctive and recognizable flags in the world, along with UK, France, China, USSR and maybe Turkey. No other flags are instantly recognizable to everyone around the world.

File: C6LyxOB.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
What was Japan like before the Samurai during like the Heian period?
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The shoen system was instrumental in allowing a lot of powerful families to take a lot of valuable land to plant seeds in.
File: Pre-Samurai Japan-40.jpg (280 KB, 1200x1605)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Noble family chimpouts and a fuckton of archery.
Cool. Thanks, anon
I thought the fujiwara were an offshoot house of one of the imperial families that settled towards the north.

File: Languages of Europe.png (111 KB, 1215x1045)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Why was the German language able to retain its case system when every other major western European language lost it?

Was it close proximity/intermingling with case heavy languages (Slavic, Hungarian)? If that's the case, then how did Irish and Welsh manage to keep it (as well as stay so far away from Standard Average European features) despite all of their speakers having such extended contact with English (and Middle French and Old Norse) speakers?
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File: 1542593773992.jpg (53 KB, 500x380)
53 KB
>If that's the case
Standard German is a constructed language, it did not really evolve, but is a literary language based on the Luther Bible. Almost all german dialects lost a case or two, most retain only two cases if at all.
>if at all

Name three dialects that utilize a single case.
Low German has mostly two cases, one object and one subject case, with some varieties having still Dative and Accusative separated, but no Genitive. Some swiss german dialects are pretty conservative, iirc Walserdeutsch retains the complete adjective declination for example.
Clearly these languages are just outliers OP. Most languages tend toward losing case systems because they are complicated.

Even Icelanders have a phenomenon now where people conflate dative and accusative cases, called "dative sickness". Pretty sure they have this in Germany, which is a sign that the cases will probably all be lost in like 100-200 years.

File: Roman inventions.png (3.69 MB, 1524x2736)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB PNG
because Greece and Rome did not have an industrial revolution? at the technological level they were superior to the peoples of the middle ages
of the ancient civilizations only Egypt and China are compared to them but Greece and Rome were on another level
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stop baiting. my nigga
File: Ax00952.jpg (361 KB, 1500x1100)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
>this is ridicu-
>had nothing

except the biggest country in the world with unfathomable natural resources
Don’t you need an absurd amount of coal for an industrial revolution?

File: download (1).jpg (10 KB, 231x218)
10 KB
*Sip* What could have been
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File: 1561413567424.jpg (96 KB, 600x519)
96 KB
You seem to be incapable of refuting my argument
>guys they are invading our kingdom we shouldn't resist them
Resistance is natural, Byzantines were aggressors, like the guy above you, you are incapable of refuting my argument
They don't know that the Byzantine Emperor gave the land to the Goths
>the Romans were aggressors when taking back their own land
based down syndrome anon
The actual latins of Italy sided with the goths
>the Goths started the war
>it wasn't the Byzantine Emperor who gave them the land
>Italians siding with Goths because Byzantines were barbaric
Yeah my friend we can see the righteous Byzantium

Was Cato autistic?
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As the result of getting neglected and ostracized, not as something inherent to the disease.
Violent behavior like this is associated with 7/7 homozygotes. It's common in MMA fighters, for example.
Was he truly so violent though? Violence was pretty typical in the day, but his defiance of authority and eccentricities are abnormal
Which Cato?
If you mean Cato the younger, he might have been.

File: wordorder.png (9 KB, 568x295)
9 KB
Which is superior?
is best the last one
free word order

Will the business suit ever be replaced?
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Is the business suit really the western equivalent to this? What would be an alternative?
Nobody really cares about "pulling it off". Suits put everybody on the same playing field.
>>red turtleneck
are you a homo?
File: 1559861455082.png (69 KB, 800x800)
69 KB
With the rise of the global temperature, probably it wont be used anymore in summer, only in winter

Which ancient mythology is best? And why is it Welsh mythology?
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Babylonian, Hindu, Celtic, and Greek in that order.
>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.
i'm 22 dude
I like the Welsh.

File: Lapland1940.png (18 KB, 339x293)
18 KB
How could the g*rms have fucked up this bad?
The allies almost went to fucking war with the soviets over winter war, how the hell couldn't the krauts realise that this was a really fucking good thing for them?
also, fuck Sweden and Norway, fucking spineless scum
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Because they needed Swedish iron ore you fucking dipshit, it was the main reason why they invaded Norway (Narvik was the harbor used for importing it during winter).
The British primary motivation for getting involved in the Winter War was to stop the Swedish iron ore getting to Germany, not to actually help the Finns, that was just an excuse.
>We could've had degenerate allies Vs NazBol axis and Soviets.
Would've been even more kino. Soviets could've supplied Germans with all they needed and then level entire angloland with V2 rockets.
Just imagine.
Sounds cool but it would never have worked ever. Neither side gets any of what it wants.
No chance with Molotov's autism.

What if, instead of attacking the USSR, Germany had channeled her ressources into executing Operation Sea Lion?
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Germany fought the USA because of American military, economic and logistical aid to the British, incidents and acts in the Atlantic and Donitz's & Hitler's strategtic assesments about the strength of the US Navy, not because of the RO-BER-TO Axis.
if Sea LIon was so impossible then why was Churchill concerned that the germans could withdraw 60 divisions from the eastern front and invade britain in 1942 ?
Because he was a wise man
Don't attack either UK or USSR, build massive defences on the eastern border.
Wait till UK tires up and sees the war is useless.

File: Jiang_Jieshi2.jpg (199 KB, 682x947)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
What would China be like if the Nationalists prevailed?
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Like South Korea, it would democratize in the late 20th. Potentially more unstable than China is today and more likely to stir shit up internationally, but also a nicer place to live.
Shitposting doesn't deserve arguments in return
I fucking hate that dumb Americans. Why must you humiliate your country like that
>ya argue with my low effort and low iq shitpost
I don’t argue with mental midgets
I rebuted the claim that "Hong Kong was a hellholde it only got better because it was a gateway to China" and now the song is "Hong Kong shouldn't be compared to China".

Even if it wasn't a cop-out for this specific discussion, it isn't very convincing:
>Hong Kong still compares favorably to other Chinese cities in non-economic measures and Hong Kong citizens still compare favorably to other Chinese citizens, in any other prefecture, in economic measures when adjusted for population size.
>Hong Kong, if it was put in Europe, would be right behind Swtizerland in terms of population size, ahead of many other countries with even less population and a lot more natural resources (like surface area), including all Nordics except for Sweden.
>The "countries of different sizes can't be compared" is pretty much only used to lax the standards for countries with more resources, like when people try to excuse the pisspoor US healthcare system by saying "look how big it is" - all those people, all that room, those are assets and generally make it easier to improve your fortunes hence why nations don't go to war to force their lands onto somebody else's hands.

File: 32107_143817_1.jpg (233 KB, 587x416)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
So, why does /his/ think latin america is a poor and underdeveloped part of the world?

Let's just ignore racial reasons like blacks have low IQ and such.

I'm a colombian sociology student currently studying this particular subject. One of the explanations we've been given is that there are two poles in the world, developed and underdeveloped. Underdeveloped nations are not in a prior state to development but they're in a subaltern condition in which developed nations explote our resources and leave nothing behind, all wealth is transferred to developed nations. Check Celso Furtado's and Raul Prebisch's theories about this.
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Shut the fuck up, retard.
>Colombia because of it's high percentage of indian and black population
>high percentage
is low, on amerindians specially
>And yet Chile has the lowest poverty of the continent
thanks to the suckdem that come later, learn history.
It is you who must learn history. Chile's economic progress is a product of the policies established during Pinochet's late regime by Hernán Buchi and preserved in the following democratic era.

File: 300-poster.jpg (13 KB, 170x255)
13 KB
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>Greek side
Fuck meant Persian side.
I remember getting really baked with my cousins and going to see that when it came out.
There was never a more epic cinema experience until I saw mad max.
It gets almost eveything wrong.
It was never trying to be right.
This. It's based on a historical fixtion comic book.

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