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File: 1553303367554.png (1.55 MB, 960x960)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
If you had a time machine, who would you save?
For me, its Laika
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I would save conscript Carrasco and ensure the military service for many years
I always heard that Bobby hated everything about LBJ, and thought of his presidency as a joke wanting to personally undo the systems he set up.
File: LONG.jpg (101 KB, 500x358)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
File: mccandless.jpg (46 KB, 728x505)
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this story is heartbreaking
Fuck Enl*ghtenmentoid thinkers for spreading propaganda about Caesar being muh evil tyrant.

'ate romans
'ate saxons
'ate picts
'ate gauls
love me island
love me wife
love carnyx
love druids

simple as
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File: 1550698545577.jpg (478 KB, 1000x879)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
File: 1554235674297.png (67 KB, 800x1200)
67 KB
Roight la'
File: 1477532531336.png (58 KB, 387x483)
58 KB
'ate scots
'ate danes
'ate danegeld
luv me wife
luve me burh
luv monks
luv god
luv me ealdorman
simple as
Works of fiction belong on /lit, not on /his.
spamming pictures of random newspaper clippings from the 80s to prove the holocaust never happened is not a historical topic

File: 1530441.jpg (97 KB, 1011x1024)
97 KB
Are there any good introductory books or videos about early medieval Ireland during the viking age?
Also general book thread I guess
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File: Alfred.jpg (51 KB, 590x903)
51 KB
Based Saxon Poster
Whatever you do OP, don't read about Ireland immediately prior to the Viking age or you're going to be assblasted at what the norsefags ruined.
File: collinsfu.png (89 KB, 172x257)
89 KB
>brian boru for muh kino
This x100, I know a lot of fags know him because of Clontarf but his life is honestly one of the most overlooked stories in my opinion. Absolute madness, spent his entire life removing norsefags, united Ireland, started reforming and then fucking died in one of the biggest and most important battles of Irish history.
Boru was pretty badass, shame what happened to the O'Briens after though. Red Hugh O'Donnell best life-story for sure.
I read a book about the battle of kinsale, shit's interesting af

File: alexander le great.jpg (50 KB, 620x413)
50 KB
Is there any one figure from history more OP than Alexander?
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Hernán Cortés
You've now called three different people the same person, because of your low IQ and nonexistent intellect.
File: Greeks BTFO.png (149 KB, 318x604)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Chandragupta Maurya>Alexander, Caesar, Cyrus, Khalid, Subutai, Genghis, Napoleon
Rankings are beside the point, you should kill yourselves off this board if you take pride in not knowing who they are. The absolute state of military history fags.


File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (228 KB, 1200x883)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
What's the /his/ approved method for firehosing greek mythology into my brain. I only know about it from movies that reference it but I don't know how they know it all to reference. Is there a podcast or something I can listen to?
File: GNFOS.jpg (118 KB, 363x500)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Watch this movie. Then you will understand everything there is to know about Greek culture, including their mythology.
thanks senpai but I need it to be primarily audio based

The undeniably greatest American president of all times.
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File: maxresdefault(4).jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
Has an objectively better state than America ever existed in human history?

>Starts the modern democratic trend which is destined to spread better governance around the world right at its inception
>Shepherds globe into the modern world order
>Defends it from misguided egalitarian extremists whose vision was fundamentally impossible and whose worldview would be harmful to any nation it touched
>Literally the first people to leave earth's gravity well
suspending habeus corpus was a huge mistake but literally every president will fuck a lot of things up at some point
>They were told to evacuate the fort
And I'm telling you to lick your own taint. I don't expect you will, at least not on my account

>Secession could've gone peacefully
I'd like to agree with you but I do not believe it.
>the south dindu nuffin wrong
>Lincoln was the real bad guy
You lost, get over it.
South started the war.

I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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Based and freedompilled
This thread needs to live on
can you please explain
Is that what’s left of Notre Dame?
why is this so special its just a dumb building
America achieved great things back when it was populated exclusively by Anglos.

>Yamnaya are R1b
>considered to be late Proto-Indo-Europeans
>apparently go on to destroy Europe and create Corded-Ware Culture
>CWC is R1a

But how?
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Founder effect
The yamnaya were not the ones who started corded ware. They were r1b-l23 and colonized the Balkans anatolia and central Asia.

The r1a and celto-germanic r1b clade indo euros were in the wooded areas and colonized the steppe after the Yamnaya abandoned
it's real simple, Yamna weren't the only PIE
another steppe group that got folded into PIE is the source of R1a in CWC
>CWC is R1a
chris chan?
Yamnaya R1b destroyed various local Uralic hunter-gatherer tribes. A few of the R1b men became elites after conquering a few primitive Uralic R1a tribes, and then the Uralic Corded Ware were slowly being acculturated to be Indo-European.

File: 2323232323232.jpg (115 KB, 1024x1024)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Why is Japanese history more fun than Chinese history?
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But they aren't banned from this website, which is what I was specifically talking about. I never said that they never had censorship.
>Google pulled out of the Chinese market. They didn't get banned. They simply cut and run.
Yeah they basically got kicked out because China had demands from them that they did not want to uphold. I never said they specifically got banned. All I said what that they had no access to google services because google doesn't operate there.
>And Google, Facebook etc.
Do you just mean in general or just China? Because China doesn't have Facebook or Twitter, to name a couple.
Because you're weeb and that's just your own opinion. Or you simply have shit taste.
dont forget the part when emperor chang-wang-fu eventually loses the mandate of heaven because of something out of his control like an earthquake/flooding or being a fucking retard so they have to put in a new guy to restart the process.
File: Hong_Xiuquan.jpg (33 KB, 349x396)
33 KB
Sup, /his/. It's me, Jesus' younger brother. Wanna join me in my rebellion?

File: 333655.jpg (46 KB, 225x350)
46 KB
Has there ever been a case in history of a lesbian ruler keeping female concubines?
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In 1735 Manchu bannerman A-er-xi murdered his wife in Ningguta suspecting she had an affair with his nephew Cha-na-bu so he killed his wife and nephew with a knife.

In 1736 Han Chinese Bordered Blue bannerman Sun Hei-zi killed his wife Wan with a kitchen knife after suspecting she had an affair with his younger brother and because she insulted him and his parents and disliked him for being poor and ill.

In 1736 Han Chinese bannerman Zhang Yang-cheng saw his wife and younger brother making eyes at each other while sitting on a kang and suspected they had an affair. When he went to sleep he woke up to see his wife sittinfmg on a kang smoking and she said she went outside to urinate and he suspected she had sex with his brother so he killed both of them with a kitchen knife.

Manchu bannerman Rui-bao injured his widowed sister in law Zhai with a kitchen knife after he suspected she had an affair with a distant Manchu relative, An-zi who moved into their house. Zhai was previously married to Rui-bao's elder brother Kui-lin. Zhai and An-zi were chatting and laughing by the door and that was enough to make Rui-bao think they had an affair. Zhai's mother was called to court to testify and said it was normal for Zhai and An-zi to make small chat and they didn't have an affair.

In 1773 the Bordered Yellow Banner Manchu Chi-ba-er and his wife killed their 19 year old daughter by strangling her to death for having pre marital sex when she stayed away from the house overnight. The coroner confirmed she lost her virginity so Chi-ba-er and his wife were aquitted and not punished, being excused as committing a crime of passion by losing their temper in an honor killing.

Manchu women resented these Han Confucian influenced new controls on their sex lives and personal lives and wanted to continue their old Manchu ways.
based han anti-thot patrol
The slits were made in the abdomen and the testicles squeezed out there.

Manchu Empress Longyu (born 1868) was 8 years older than her Han Chinese eunuch lover Zhang Lande (born 1876). He became a eunuch at 15 and was quickly promoted to a harem eunuch. Longyu let him do anything he wanted after she became empress dowager. He pilfered state coffers for funds, insulted dukes of the imperial family, took 4 wives and a mansion and Empress Longyu always sided with him.

The Qing did not apply castration to Han bannermen or Han bondservant (baoyi) bannermen or Han banner slaves in the banners. Han Banner slave Chen De attempted to assassinate the Jiaqing Emperor in revenge for being fired from his job. His two teenage sons were hung to death instead of being castrated. Chen Luer, 15 and Chen Duier, 13. Disgruntled Han bannermen helped the Eight Trigrams White Lotus attack on the Forbidden City and their sons were not castrated.

However all non-banner commoner Han Chinese boys who were sons of rebels and mass murderers who were caught were instantly delivered to the Imperial Household Department for castration at their licensed clinics and palace service. Sometimes if the number was over 100 the Qing had the Han Chinese boys delivered to Beijing in batches of 16-40 at a time. The Qing warned the authorities sending them not to let a single boy escape because they wanted as many Han Chinese eunuch boys in the imperial palaces as possible.
Some eunuchs were already married and had children when they were castrated in their late teens and twenties but the mortality rate was higher for older people.

Han Chinese boys over 15 some of whom had wives and children were also castrated if they were sons of rebels and mass murderers, the law also applied to grandsons meaning their sons. The difference is that Han Chinese boys under 15 were sent to the Qing palaces but boys over 15 were banished into exile at Ningguta in Heilongjiang and Urumqi and Ili in Xinjiang where they were given as slaves to Evenki Solon families in the Eight Banners. The reason was that involuntary eunuchs older than 15 especially sons of rebels were difficult to control while sons of rebels under 15 who were castrated were easy to brainwash.

Voluntary Han Chinese eunuchs older than 15 were accepted into the palace in the later half of the Qing.

The introduction of the law on castrating sons and grandsons of rebels and mass murderers coincided with the finishing of the renovations on the Summer Palace, the Yuanmingyuan. The Qing wanted to furnish and decorate the renovated Summer Palace with Han Chinese boy eunuchs for aesthetic purposes and had a major rebellion with hundreds of boys captured and mass murder incidents recently so the law was passed. Hundreds of Han Chinese boys got castrated immediately.
Jesus christ no wonder the Chinese chimped out on their monarchs so often

File: 1 S6RfbHdsLvjOzgl0dWhzgA.jpg (278 KB, 2000x1040)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
What's the ultimate architectural pleb filter and why is it Brutalism?
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When my university built a new campus in the 60s and 70s it was all brutalist buildings. Now thankfully the newer buildings have things like windows and wide hallways.

The old buildings feel like fucking prisons. The hallways are too narrow and the classrooms have little to no natural light.

Brutalist buildings look like they're built to demoralize the people inside
I don't know, anon, there are some pretty aesthetic examples.
And it looks better when you add greenery.
Barbican (>>6479875) is especially comfy when you consider that it was built as pleb housing. I mean, houses for the masses have never looked /comfy/ in any period of history, and most brutalist boxes don't either. But Barbican actually tried, and you can't say that cities wouldn't look better if the ProleHoles of giant glass dildos were replaced with other such examples of Brutalism.

The big problem with it for me isn't that looks evil, it just looks... unfinished. Like the architect was showing off with the shapes they could turn into standing structures, and then ran out of money before they could add the final elements that'd make it look like a building.
Add in some Gothic touches, or Art Deco/Nouveau; put some hanging gardens in the plan to give it that babylon aesthetic.
And most importantly, don't spend all your budget trying to test the limits of a standing structure.
Brutalism is unassuming, functional, autistic, based and the ultimate style to rattle up both the bourgeois and the hippie. It rings so well with me
Brutalism looks good if there is significant vegetation present
Nice appeal to pathos

File: Richard III.jpg (56 KB, 474x594)
56 KB
Well? Which is it?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Based. The Barons were uppity cunts.
It was either get fucked by the Woodvilles or take power --- he didn't have much of a choice.
He was a cuck.
so the truth is that the game was rigged from the start?
File: 1534921822051.jpg (350 KB, 1600x1195)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
Even Richard's enemies cannot deny the glory of his final moments. He went out like an absolute baller.

Every city mentionned in the Bible (Akkad, Babylon, Harran, Ur, Jerusalem, Memphis..) has been proven to exist

Why do you refuse to admit that all the characters also are real and have existed ? God included.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
In Ezekiel God says the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah was the mistreatment of the poor. It had nothing to do with trying to buttfuck angels.
There's still a handful of virtuous people living in those cities, I imagine.
because edgy faggots have nothing better to do apart from mental gymnatics in favour of nihilism and chaos
Based hellenic poster
>New York is real, therefore Mad Men is real

The oldest dildo found in history comes from the stone age and is about 7 inches. Have humans made sex toys since the beginning of time? What did men do?

41 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>be hunter gatherers
>nothing to do beside hunting and gathering
>make some wood carving to spend time
>thousands of years later sex-crazed wh*Te subhumans claim that your wood carvings are dildos
Why not both anyway ?
File: German_garden_gnome.jpg (2.32 MB, 2560x1920)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
>femanon here, shortest guy i would go for is 11-12"
baby want some fuck?
>when you absolutely want the dick to hit your cervix and hurt you
>femanon here
Proper technique is measuring bone-pressed, r-right guys?

File: GODS...I HATE GAULS.png (105 KB, 314x1202)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
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The battle, if you read, was to get France to stop attacking American shipping. France agreed (at least on paper) to stop and hostilities ended. England was asked to stop its council in orders and England refused which led to the war between the 2.
Zzz it was the representation meme when it suited them, they liked it most because it sounded noble never mind that it was non-sensical were one to spend even five seconds thinking about it. It was raised once during the stamp act (repealed in less than a year) and once again almost eleven years later with the tea act. Neither of these were direct taxes (in the case of the tea act it would've lowered the cost of tea for most colonists), they were more akin to sales charges that many non-citizens pay in modern countries for goods today. By magical coincidence all the men involved in protesting these "taxes" were phenomenally wealthy (even by the standards of the time) and many like John Hancock were smugglers who stood to profit from jipping their own people out of cheaper local competition. Isn't history pat!
Ah right, yes, it was just France attacking American shipping with no provocation was it?
>Basing alliances of of ideology instead of what benefits your country most
>US freely conducts trade and diplomacy like any sovereign nation
>This causes the French to chimp out, like their more savage Teutonic brethren just one century later
More or less

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