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File: dabbing chad caesar.jpg (2 KB, 125x104)
2 KB
Why did Asian-Americans, Irish-Americans, and Indian-Americans manage to get themselves out of abject poverty while African-Americans didn't?
>inb4 muh inferior genes
pic unrelated
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*shrugs* nevermind then I guess. Can't force you to speak your mind of course
kek that irony
>apologia for white nationalism
lmao, yeah, any form of immigration restriction is 'white nationalism'
Has the GOP sought to restrict any white immigrants?

File: IMG_5946.jpg (457 KB, 750x980)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
memes aside, do people not know that Loyalists existed, and were very different from the Patriots?
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>If you'd ever vote against your interests just to spite liberals
lol, there is almost zero reasons to vote liberal at all, the entire party is based off of social virtue signaling and resentment of society. The only groups that have interest in voting liberal are rich artists/athletes/academics etc that dont contribute jobs to the world and broken slave communities
>>I will die for the profits of the smuggler class

>still believing marxist theory
“The history of modern, civilised America opened with one of those great, really liberating, really revolutionary wars of which there have been so few compared to the vast number of wars of conquest which, like the present imperialist war, were caused by squabbles among kings, landowners or capitalists over the division of usurped lands or ill-gotten gains. That was the war the American people waged against the British robbers who oppressed America and held her in colonial slavery, in the same way as these “civilised” bloodsuckers are still oppressing and holding in colonial slavery hundreds of millions of people in India, Egypt, and all parts of the world.”
-V.I. Lenin
americans also act like everyone back then was a patriot. most people werent and lots of people just didnt give a shit
Not marxist, utopian. There’s nothing Marxist about rejecting bourgeois revolution in favor of feudalism

File: 1573224333279.jpg (341 KB, 1275x717)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
"Indo-Europeanism" is simply retarded as an ideology for understanding European paganism. The roots and essence of paganism pre-date the Proto-Indo-Europeans by thousands of years and go way further back, to the stone age. Indo-Europeans were just one BRANCH of the same, pan-European, religious traditions.

Yes, the Proto-Indo-Europeans migrated to Europe and had a major contribution to our culture - especially in regards to language - and our genetics, and they were "warrior-like". But they didn't carry a distinct or a novelty religion. The essence of european pagan traditions can be much better understood if one looks on to their roots, in pre-indo-european times, in times that predate even the existence of the Indo-European group, which, again, was just one branch of the proto-European peoples..

Indo-Europeanism and the idea of a distinct "Proto-Indo-European" religion is pushed deliberately in academia and intelligentsia by individuals who want to keep people focused on a counterproductive dead-end, and with no understanding of what the real roots of European paganism are - they didn't start some 5000 years ago with the Proto-Indo-Europeans. There is no distinct "Proto-Indo-European" religion, it was part of a much older pan-European religious tradition. There are no things like a distinct "Indo-European Solar Cult" opposed to other "chthonic" traditions. All peoples had a "solar cult", more or less. Not just the Indo-Europeans.

So please, stop ruining countless threads here obsessing over what the Indo-European were like and what their beliefs were about - and discuss instead "European paganism", of which the Indo-Europeans were merely one more recent branch in a much older tradition.

File: japandfagz.jpg (9 KB, 201x250)
9 KB
What caused the fall of the Japanese democracy between the two world wars?
the democracy didn't exist, the emperor still had the final say in whatever the democratic government decided.
>Implying the emperor was implicated in political decisions and not just considered as god far from human affairs
Wow, you ate a sushi and think you are an expert on japan or what?
Like right now in UK?
If you want a one point answer, it was the war in China.

Carrying on this generation-long war distorted the nascent democracy to the degree that it began to resemble the fascists in Europe, and distorted the foreign policy to the degree that it began to resemble the Empires out of Europe.

File: heilseisse.png (132 KB, 496x374)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
Why do people still call Hitler white and German when he was clearly just a Somalian with white skin and blue eyes who spoke German? Hitler was only culturally German, he was not genetically German. I'm sorry but I'm really getting fucking annoyed by this. Why do people keep mistaking nationality for ethnicity. Hitler was ethnically Somalian.
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Bad bait.

Just like all germans.

Hitler was Blakk Sumerian man freeing the world from hwhite semites
> He was clearly just a black man with white skin
White logic.

File: cutie charles.png (472 KB, 1208x1007)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
Just look at this cutie!!
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File: charlesII1.png (6 KB, 233x216)
6 KB
I miss him so much bros
They are producing this garbage for shock appeal. They need to get people talking and make their work stand out. The way they do this is by making them look deformed.

Another possibility is they just suck shit at their jobs and can’t use the computer program properly.
He is about to coooooooom
Except if he actually looked like that his contemporaries wouldn't hold back from mentioning it, so you know this is retarded.

Someone can explain to me what exactly is griffin doing on a Minoan wall? I think that myth about griffin has diffused to the Middle East during Indo-Aryan expansion, Mitanni 1600 BC. for example). They saw fossils of dinosaurs in Central Asia/Mongolia and create a myth about griffin. But Minoan Civilization exists from 3200 BC. and the Palace period from 1900 BC.

So Minoan and Indo-Aryan griffin it's a separate myth?
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*Mauling a deer
griphons are present in the Scythian myths as guarding the treasures in the North iirc.
After Greek influence
there was indeed Greek influence on the Scythians, but only on the most western tribe that was mixed with Greeks. The Scythian, it could be, but I find it hard to believe that the Scythian mythe they told Herodotus was Greekified, Griphons were a consistent theme in Scythian jewelry and myth. So all in all, I don't know, but I personally doubt it. Nothing other than greek amphorae of wine I've noticed as greek influence, no Gods, nothing.
>They saw fossils of dinosaurs in Central Asia/Mongolia and create a myth about griffin
That's metal as fuck

File: rapedx.jpg (17 KB, 345x180)
17 KB
Could this have been prevented?
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>german civilians
no such thing, just nazis out of uniform
That's irrelevant because the USSR declared (in 1925 I think) that it would comply with all the humanitarian conventions signed by the Russian empire, so ratifying them again would be redundant. In any case, the conventions force you to treat civilians and POWs humanely REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE, whether they're part of a conventional army, or guerrillas, or paramilitaries, or terrorism suspects, whether the side they fight for is a party to the conventions or not, etc. "Soviets didn't sign" can never be an excuse. You could execute people for espionage, for example if they attacked you dressed as your own troops, but never torture them or use them for experimentation for example.
more like 1955. not that any text, whether legal or theological can set boundaries for collective or individual human agency. only actual, material power can do that. "soviets didn't sign" isn't an excuse simply because there's no need for an excuse in the first place: it was perfectly in their power to do so, and no authority had the power to prevent it. however, the soviets had the moral high ground compared to the actual signatories, hypocrites who violated the same principles. one thing to argue about is if it was a politically expedient tactic to tolerate widespread atrocities committed by members of the red army against the german population? it probably was, given the racial-biological self-legitimization of nazism: the demoralizing social-physological impact and political symbolism of mass sexual assaults surely helped the subjugation of a people that believed themselves superior to their present conquerors.
>War is father of all and king of all; and some he has shown as gods, others men; some he has made slaves, others free.
that's pretty much the whole thing. everything else is empty moralizing. now, if you ever find yourself in a position when you're a leader of men and one of them tries to hurt a woman or a child just look into his eyes and fucking blow his head off, I'd do the same. but that takes actual agency, something that only comes with life lived.
File: 1551363218063.jpg (70 KB, 750x1140)
70 KB
Bro you just posted cringe

File: 1573099098561.jpg (99 KB, 953x1024)
99 KB
Someone redpill me on eras where the middle to upper classes were spoiled and self-entitled little BITCHES like Americans today

Also, post hot Fascist women like pic related
>Fascist women
She's Finnish
Whatever. It gets my dick hard.
So, you're clearly solid wood both "down there" and on top.

File: napoleon_1818323b.jpg (76 KB, 620x388)
76 KB
Honestly universities are shit I came to uni to study ancient but all they teach us is highschool level bullshit and women's/nigger history with a little about Islam, can't even imagine how bad other history courses are

Why do Slavs wear these things? Can I get one?
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Unified Georgian ethnos exists from 10th century. See unification of Georgia. Also svans are kartvelians, while Circassians and abkhazs together with adyghes are northwestern Caucasians not related to kartvelians.

Cartridges with black powder/bullet but later people used them as tobacco holders and what not.
They are "Muslim" but they drink and are very casual with their Islam. They are Tatars after all, such people tend not to be very pious.
Whats the shit in the tubes? Magic potions?

File: cybele.png (789 KB, 979x816)
789 KB
789 KB PNG
Cybele, was a mother and fertility goddess in Ancient Rome (~200 B.C.). She is depicted as a plump woman, of exotic origin, carried by a chariot pulled by two lions.

Her myth goes, she was the lover of a man, who left her and fell for and planned to be married to a different woman. Cybele went into a hysterical rage, and used magic to drive the man to castrate himself.
The cult of Cybele of Ancient Rome's priests consisted of eunuchs, and would hold celebrations, where men in a drunken stupor would castrate themselves.

heres a video that describes her and the myth better
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File: hqdefault.jpg (25 KB, 480x360)
25 KB
File: Cathy-Cora-001894-11.jpg (916 KB, 1866x2799)
916 KB
916 KB JPG
File: hhg.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
Despite the fact that she was ugly or fat, I dont see why some bimbo-type or promiscuous woman couldnt be the embodiment of this "deity" today.

File: an.png (153 KB, 351x832)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
post JUST battles
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They aren't that bad. Italians fought in Crimea and the Boxer rebellion, and won. They defeated Turkey and conquered Libya, they held the line against Austria-Hungary (with D'Annunzio even dropping leaflets on Vienna), puppeted Albania in a week, turned the tide in several battles in Spain, performed well in Russia (such as Nikolayevka), and are an important part of EU military operations like Atalanta. People only remember the embarrassments (Pont St Louis, Greece, Compass) but that's unfair to Italians. It's like remembering Americans for Little Bighorn and Bataan.
And Vietnam lol
File: IMG_20191120_134028.jpg (29 KB, 187x192)
29 KB
>be me
>be 1898
>be fighting the spics over some islands
>get in battle
>spics get slaughtered with their wooden ships
>would be excited if it wasn't 100 degrees outside
>Oh fuck its hot
>so hot
>mfw I'm the only death and it wasnt even in combat
Americans performed the best they could in Vietnam, but the Vietnamese are very good soldiers.
>t. Shitalian

File: IMG-20180430-WA0000.jpg (6 KB, 200x211)
6 KB
Would it be dumb to try to revive or even learn old germanic languages? Give hour thoughts on the subject and your reasons.
Only if you're a linguist studying things from a period were old Germanic languages were still spoken would it be acceptable, and even then a bit extreme.

File: dna test.jpg (66 KB, 1169x650)
66 KB
i hate northern europeans. No germans aren't nordics.

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