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Thoughts on the Kingdom of Iraq?
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are you stupid? the kingdom didn't fight against the anglos, the Golden Square did.

was perpetrated by kurds not arabs tho and not with the support of the royal government.
I suppose there was the abortive Hashemite counter to the United Arab Republic of Egypt and Syria (and Gaza), with the Arab Federation between Iraq and Jordan (and the West Bank). It was done in an attempt to prevent Nasser's Pan-Arabism from being the unifying force of Arabs, and attempt to keep the tradition Hashemite monarchist spirit of Arab unification alive.

This only destabilized the Kingdom of Iraq further and resulted in its end and subsequent rise of the Iraqi Baathist Party and Saddam Hussein.

British puppet state that tried to break away during WW2 via a coup but british government said "no" and zerg rushed the shit out of them and took their oil.
Thats one of the shittiest flags I’ve ever seen, and I’m a monarchist.

File: 1545946579686.jpg (403 KB, 2858x2249)
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403 KB JPG
Was there much rape during the Vietnam War
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File: 100% pure mutt.png (9 KB, 256x197)
9 KB
Pick one and only one mutt
I'll rape you if you keep doing these types of threads
Do you think the GIs would get shellshocked looking at that bush
Some say there wasn't enough.

File: Tunis.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
Tunisia has continuously been ruled by foreign conqueror invaders for 1,800 years with not a single native Tunisian ruling themselves for that time. From 814 BC since the Phoenician Carthaginians invaded and conquered Tunis to the Romans, Vandals, Eastern Romans, Arab Umayyads, Aghlabids, Fatimids, until 1049 when the Berber Zirids declared independence, Every single one of those people were foreign invaders who violently conquered Tunis.
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Culturally yes.
Ethnically? Nah. But thankfully very few people care about their ethnic makeup, apart from a small group of Berber identifiers who try to distance themselves from "Arabization" by claiming they're 100% Berber BVLL and trying (albeit failing) to revive Chelha (Berber language) in social settings to replace the standard dialect of Arabic.
only like ~500 for lithuanians and ~700 for latvians and estonians
>Tunisia has continuously been ruled by foreign conqueror invaders for 1,800 years with not a single native Tunisian ruling themselves for that time. From 814 BC since the Phoenician Carthaginians invaded and conquered Tunis to the Romans, Vandals, Eastern Romans, Arab Umayyads, Aghlabids, Fatimids, until 1049 when the Berber Zirids declared independence, Every single one of those people were foreign invaders who violently conquered Tunis.

Entire North Africa was ruled by foreign invaders during the last 2000 years.
tunisians are arabized berbers even if they identify as arabs they are not full blooded arabs culturally they are arab but ethnically they aren't and their arabic dialect is way different from the middle eastern original and egyptian dialect their dialect is called derja and it's arabic mixed with berber languages it has alot of french turkish italian loan words in it as well pretty much any one from the middle east has trouble understanding tunisian arabic or maghrebis arabic in general
>what is morocco

It's the "day of the shining star".

Big Dick Energy and Massive Cock Presence moments of history
Pic related, second paragraph
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Huh, so even in WW2 American tourists were rude, arrogant pieces of shit....
What's with /his/'s obsession with sexual violence? I have a theory that the average /his/torian has some kind of bitter, inner rape desire.
>My God, Stuart, you look fat.
its not obsession its reality

File: file.png (927 KB, 1200x800)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
Were the Japanese internment camps justified?
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>A 1990s review of service records for Asian Americans who received the Distinguished Service Cross during World War II led to 21 award being upgraded to the Medal of Honor. In a ceremony at the White House on June 21, 2000, one was presented with his Medal of Honor by President Bill Clinton. Twenty-one other Asian Americans also received the medal during the ceremony.

Aftr reviewing their citations, their actions would not normally qualify for a BS/v and perhaps a SS.

Almost every single citation cites basic soldiering tactics, with actions performed by thousands of men in combat units.
>During an attack, Technical Sergeant Kobashigawa's platoon encountered strong enemy resistance from a series of machine guns providing supporting fire. Observing a machine gun nest 50 yards from his position, Technical Sergeant Kobashigawa crawled forward with one of his men, threw a grenade and then charged the enemy with his submachine gun while a fellow soldier provided covering fire. He killed one enemy soldier and captured two prisoners. Meanwhile, Technical Sergeant Kobashigawa and his comrade were fired upon by another machine gun 50 yards ahead. Directing a squad to advance to his first position, Technical Sergeant Kobashigawa again moved forward with a fellow soldier to subdue the second machine gun nest. After throwing grenades into the position, Technical Sergeant Kobashigawa provided close supporting fire while a fellow soldier charged, capturing four prisoners. On the alert for other machine gun nests, Technical Sergeant Kobashigawa discovered four more, and skillfully led a squad in neutralizing two of them.
This action in no way goes 'above and beyond" and would MAYBE warrant a Silver Star, depending on the officer writing the citation.

Their reputation is ENTIRELY political
Most developed nations lost that moral right to outrage.
>ENTIRELY political
Then why were they so lauded in the 40s when the average person thought japs were scum?
Spotted the (((neocon))).

Being an autocrat president doesn't make you a bad leader. FDR's policies were objectively good for the nation and the only people who disagree are conservacucks and neocon bastards who think that all Dems are literally Hitler because 'muh high taxes'.

>Empowers big banks and corporations
>Prolongs the Great Depression by seven years
>Abused executive powers
>Established the welfare state

The only people who think that FDR was a good president are retards like you who know nothing about him save for the popular myths promoted about him in grade school social studies classes. Most of the modern day social ills of the country can be traced directly to FDR's policies; he was a shit president and a dangerous populist autocrat who nearly destroyed the republic.

File: Alexander the Great.jpg (71 KB, 768x432)
71 KB
If you need a general to win just one classical era battle, with no other aspect of the war mattering, would you take Alexander or Hannibal?
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The one I mentioned before about a dozen times showing that
>We do know that in the ancient ages armies above 100,000 men could be mustered and led by large empires even in offensive campaigns deep into enemy territory (e.g. Rome in Dacia)
>We do know Persians did that too (e.g. Plataea, a not-so-important (for Persians) battle in the outskirts of the empire)
>We do know Persia had plenty of resources, population and was filthy rich
>We do know that by the time of Gaugamela Persia was in desperate need of repelling Alexander and we do know they fought into their own territory in defensive position in a rich fertile region with lots of routes allowing for large supplies for an army raised just to win that battle and chase Alex the fuck off
I can repeat that a dozen times and it wills till hold true, it is entirely possible and an ancient source (probably writing on the basis of greek texts to us unknown as was the standard procedure rather than making it up as he liked) confirms that. It's a pile of ancient data against people who lived 2000 years after guesstimating on the basis of what they like and patently ignroing not only said figure but also all the others which hint it was utterly possible.
Everything you keep listing over and over is still conjecture. The reason why you have to keep writing it is because you keep forgetting the source on all of these because you don't have any
are you really going to forget Cannae?
The March of the 10,000 was essentially a how-to guide for Alexander. Cyrus II already defeated the Persian Empire with an army of mercenary Greek hoplites - it’s just unfortunate he died on the battlefield.

Alexander was amazing, but the Persian Empire was ripe for conquering.
I already quoted both Curtius and Thucydides for sources for these, why do you need things to be repeated 2-3 times at least?

>is still conjecture.
Based on actual data which proves an actual figure from ancient sources to be true.

Why has Palestine been ruled by foreign conquerors for the past 3500 years?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Middle Eastern ethnic groups are physiologically inferior to their neighbors thus they are basically a permanent race of fellah
because its the gateway from asia to africa, making it very valuable for empires from both continents
This. Dumb Jews and boomers spread the fake meme that Israelis “made the desert bloom” and turned worthless land into something valuable, but Canaan’s strategic location is priceless
Israel isn't geo-strategically important anymore, the Sinai peninsula is far more than Israel.

Why did Algerians and Turks get BTFO so hard?
40 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Forgot to add.
After Mongols and later Tatars came, Ruthenia became a literal desert devoid of people for nearly 400 years until Russians mass colonised these lands.
Actually, the majority of the most successful Barbary pirates were European renegades. There were also Moriscos (especially in the Republic of Salé), Turks (but in an Ottoman sense, a Sunni Muslim was part of the Turkish millet, including non-Turks like the Barbarossa bros). Arabs and Berbers were rarer among the captains, even though a famous one called Raïs Hamidou was a Kabyle.
>How do you think Turks, a central asiatic peoples, became more or less European looking?
1) Natives being Turkicized and islamicized
2) Mixing
Conviniently ignoring over 100 million blacks enslaved by arabs? Or were they all crypto whitoids?
File: 1541186138636.gif (289 KB, 400x300)
289 KB
289 KB GIF
The thread was originally about Barbary pirates, anon. I'm not ignoring anything, even though I find your idea of 100 million Black people enslaved by Muslims (not only Arabs, for example Berbers were massive slavers) a bit exaggerated.

File: 1550103088037.gif (1.92 MB, 1880x3452)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF
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>The forces of Ibrahim Pasha have committed – by direct orders from the Ottoman Sultan – extensive violations in the cities and towns of Najd, from robbing and vandalism, cutting off the ears of the dead and sending them to Astana, as well as the torture of princes and jurists through several means such as tying them in the nozzles of the cannons and firing shells, and then throwing their bodies to dogs.

>They were the masters in making it as they conducted many studies on its use. The Ottoman state paid hefty rewards to the skilled executioner who could prolong the victim’s life with the spear inside him for as long as possible, that might reach to a one full day! This type of torture happens when a stake is pushed slowly all way through the anus to the top of the right shoulder without affecting the vital parts of the human body such as the heart and the lungs, which might lead to the death of the “offender.” However, if the offender died during the operation, the executioner shall be tried for gross negligence and may be subjected to the same punishment as a punishment for his neglection.
>The task of weakening the grip of the House of Saud was given to the powerful viceroy of Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha, by the Ottomans. This initiated the Ottoman–Saudi War, in which Muhammad Ali sent his troops to the Hejaz region by sea. His son, Ibrahim Pasha, then led Ottoman forces into the heart of Nejd, capturing town after town. Saud's successor, his son Abdullah bin Saud, was unable to prevent the recapture of the region.[7] Finally, Ibrahim reached the Saudi capital at Diriyah and placed it under siege for several months until it surrendered in the winter of 1818. Ibrahim then shipped off many members of the clans of Al Saud and Muhammed Ibn Abd Al Wahhab to Egypt and the Ottoman capital, Istanbul. Abdullah bin Saud was later executed in the Ottoman capital Istanbul with his severed head later thrown into the waters of the Bosphorus, marking the end of what was known as the First Saudi State.

>his severed head later thrown into the waters of the Bosphorus

>Ibrahim Pasha (Mohammad Ali's son) completely destroyed Abdullah's forces and took their capital, Diriyah in Najd. Abdullah bin Saud was captured along with two of his Wahhabi supporters. They were then sent to prison in Constantinople. Abdullah and his two followers were publicly beheaded for their crimes against holy cities and mosques.[1][3] Prior to his execution, bin Saud, a Wahhabi who forbade to listen music, was forced to listen to the lute.[2]
>... but the Moors and Arabs are either impaled for the same crime, or else they are hung up by the neck, over the battlements of the city walls, or else they are thrown upon the chingan or hooks that are fixed all over the walls below, where sometimes they break from one hook to another, and hang in the most exquisite torments, thirty or forty hours.
Islamic SHARIAAAH law, slaves had access to courts and you couldn’t mis treat your slave or force them to have sex with you— but that didn’t stop orientalist erotic pornography art and literature from being produced by wh*tes.

>Although both scholars disagree over the meaning of Safarberlik, they are in agreement about the events that the term Safarberlik describes. In Medina’s memory of the war, Safarberlik refers to the collective deportation of the city’s inhabitants by the famous Hijaz train. According to current research on the topic in Medina, Safarberlik for the original inhabitants of the city invokes memories of humiliation and the destruction of social and familial structure.[8] Families, women and children were dragged to the train and randomly abandoned in Greater Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. According to the same source, only 140 people remained in the city and they suffered from food shortages caused by the Ottoman military leader Omar Fakhr eddin, also known as Fakhri Pasha.
Slaves were far more akin to state servants rather than capitalist commodities like they typically were. This was quite unique even within Muslim Empires.

File: JamesBrooke.jpg (93 KB, 622x800)
93 KB
Why have you never heard of James Brookes, White Rajah of Sarawak?
36 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I honestly think that most of their gripes with the world could be solved by Marxism
This. I can't understand why someone would reject a literal utopia and choose a flawed system like capitalism instead.
They have been brainwashed by their masters. In a way they are victims of capitalism too. That won't save them when the revolution comes asking for traitor's heads though.
Marxism isn't a literal utopia, and honestly I think that's one of the biggest flaws Marxists have in general.

Marxism DOES provide very pertinent critiques of capitalism, and a healthy world moving forward will require a lot of Marxist ideas, but thinking about it in binary terms of "Marxist utopia" and "capitalist shithole" is both unrealistic and actually kind of dangerous.
>Marxism is a literal utopia
Give me one shred of evidence on that downright outlandish claim that doesn't include your daydreams
Also obvious samefag

File: Kazakh ASSR.png (808 KB, 719x600)
808 KB
808 KB PNG
In the 1930s a famine broke out in Soviet Kazakhstan causing many Kazakh Turk Muslims to try to flee to British India by crossing via Xinjiang and Tibet.


The Tibetans under the 14th Dalai Lama's regency massacred thousands of the Kazakh Muslims when they tried to flee from the Soviet Union to India across Tibet in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Tibetan soldiers robbed the Kazakh Muslims and gunned down them and their families or used swords to butcher them. The Tibetans viewed Kazakh Muslims as their traditional blood enemies to be killed on sight with no mercy. The Tibetan army later killed American CIA agent Douglas MacKiernan in 1950 because he was dressed like a Kazakh Muslim and they killed Kazakh Muslims on sight.


The Tibetan attacks against the Kazakh refugees are on p.192 of this Turkish document



The surviving Kazakh stragglers who managed to escape the Tibetan slaughters of their people reached the Tibetan border with British India. At first the British border guards viewed them as hostiles and opened fire. The Kazakh survivors were later admitted into British India. Indian Muslim princely rulers like the Muslim Nizam of Hyderabad state paid for the Kazakh's expenses in their refugee camps. After partition and independence in 1947, the Kazakhs relocated to Pakistan. Some Kazakhs moved onto Turkey since Turkey granted asylum to Turkic Muslim peoples. The Kazakh survivors of the Tibetan massacres still live in either Turkey or Pakistan today.
48 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Interestingly Dungans use Cyrillic alphabet for their language, i. e. a dialect of Chinese
Absolutely based
Anyone who kills a turkoid in history is a champion of justice and peace
I found the chink propagandist.

File: Kashmir.jpg (10 KB, 253x199)
10 KB
Muslim invaders committed genocide against native Hindu Pandits in Kashmir in 1989.


>The Hindus of the Kashmir Valley, a large majority of whom were Kashmiri Pandits, were forced to flee the Kashmir valley as a result of being targeted by JKLF and Islamist insurgents during late 1989 and early 1990.[4][5]
34 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
So he's is calling Indiana's borders in the land occupation but trying to get Ghazwa-e-Hind – the conquest of India and people who died to make this happen are martyrs in jihad they told do?
There are genocides every three decades or so.

File: salafistsBTFO.png (213 KB, 310x878)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
You're welcome.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>He was culturally albanized
He was born in Kavala, not a culturally Albanian city.
That was an army of Egyptians Arabs not Turks
turks and persians don't use Arabic words like al, bin, or ibn because they don't speak Arabic, moron.
thank you for the nice post anon
one of the days when /his/ didn't make me dumber

Tell me about this guy. How did he earn the name “the Portuguese Mars”?
29 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sorta, from my experience more people are the leftist sjw kind but then again I livr in the capital where people are more "woke". The one thing that both extremes meet on is their lack of actual knowledge about Portuguese overseas expansion, they imagine it was like the Spanish in south america with conquistadors and shit.

What makes Portuguese naval expansion so interesting in my opinion was the fact that it was mostly made on the basis of diplomacy (brutal or not) rather than outright conquest since firstly it was so early ans spanned such huge distances that moving armies by ship was unfeasible and secondly because Portugal had such low manpower to raise the levies necessary. So they improvised: one naval bombardment here, one assassination there and a lot of "tell us who your enemies are, we'll kill them and you'll let us set up a port here". Macau was gifted to Portugal by China that's pretty mind blowing
Portuguese bribed the Chinese provincial officials of Guangdong to lease Macau to Portugal in 1557 in exchange for Portugal paying 500 taels of silver to China each year. Macau earned money because direct trade between China and Japan was illegal because of incidents of Japanese trade violations but the Portuguese could legally trade with both countries so Chinese goods could be sold in Macau to Portuguese and resold by Portuguese in Japan. The profits made by Portugal covered the cost of the lease. China banned trade with Japan right around the time the Portuguese came because of two Japanese Daimyo sent trade missions and one of them rioted after only the other one was granted trading passes. China fought against Chinese smugglers and pirates who were illegally trading with Japan directly and circumvent the ban.
War in india.

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