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File: carthage.gif (21 KB, 205x161)
21 KB
>Ancient Africa had no cit-
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Stop using the wheel and domesticated animals cum skin
shit bait/10, be more subtil next time
File: tunisia_protest_-_m.jpg (145 KB, 1024x578)
145 KB
145 KB JPG

So are Indians and pitch black Ethiopian, It doesn't mean anything
semites cannot be white, they are antithesis of the white Aryan man
Only Semites are white, you're mongoloid-negroid mutts with some heavily diluted White Semitic ancestry.

File: finnish.jpg (61 KB, 747x621)
61 KB
give me a quick rundown on Finnish history. what are some great Finnish historical personalities?
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File: 1541995893203.jpg (892 KB, 1280x2090)
892 KB
892 KB JPG
Ok then what does lactose tolerence have to do with white nationalism ?
File: Finnish Viking.png (15 KB, 501x559)
15 KB
>subhuman fr*Gs actually believe this

File: 3ecb1da.jpg (271 KB, 2304x4096)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Why do people blame slavery for Sub-Saharan unexceptionalism when the Europeans didn't give a shit about Africa until the mid 1400s?

Eurioeans, Chinese, Arabs, and even Azteca built stuff like the Pantheon, Coliseum, Great Wall, Pyramids(African and South American) , Notre Dame, Taj Mahal, on and on, while Africans were living in mud huts and nobody even knew what a negro was until Portuguese people decided to sail some ships.
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nubians arent negros
File: 1555678827536.jpg (102 KB, 727x732)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>live in mudhuts in 8000BC
>live in mudhuts in 2019 AD
give me one reason to study African history
Because not the entire continent is mud huts?
holy based
Because egalitarianism among human population groups is a central pillar of both neoliberalism and progressivism. Admitting that Sub-Saharan underperformance is primarily a result of intrinsic qualities of black Africans (e.g. lower intelligence, higher time preference, higher propensity to anti-social behavior) undermines that central pillar, so only extrinsic factors are allowed explanations in polite society (e.g. colonization or unlucky geography). You see the same phenomenon with explaining Haiti's abysmal economy - the second poorest country in the western hemisphere has 3x Haiti's GDP/capita. It's as if there was a fatal car accident and all the experts analyze in excruciating detail how rain and wet roads led to the accident while neglecting to even mention that one of the drivers had a BAC of .30; it amounts to laughable dishonesty by omission despite the wet roads analysis being technically accurate.

File: z148486919382.jpg (11 KB, 250x239)
11 KB
I think that a dehumanized man is his own god, and that you can't be rational without being dehumanized. Did any philosopher explore this subject? What are your thoughts?

I believe that dehumanization is a key aspect to become self-aware and gain independent critical thinking; that our current society conditions people to not develop these aspects; and that you're just a sheep unless you become your own god, a dehumanized/rational man. Being your own god means that you do and think as you please whenever you want, without fear and pain.

In my mind, that drug addict that hates society, who chose to live on the streets, apart from society, is his own god. The total opposite is the person who chooses to cling to our society's whims.

20k mongols btfo 80k russkies? How did they managed to do that?
superior army and tactic/strategy
Found the answer right there.

How did socialist Albania manage to defend itsef against western subversion despite being so small? Is it proof a small state really can maintain sovereignty in the face of superpowers?
>Is it proof a small state really can maintain sovereignty in the face of superpowers
Yes, it has nothing to with them being the missing liking of evolution between primates and chimpanzees.
first, build some bunkers
They were so tiny and irrelevant that even in the context of the Cold War, none of the West gave a shit
that’s not true. there were active attempts by USA as well as Italy to subvert Albania in the 40s after WWII
As an Albanian, take it from me, Communism fucking wracked our country.
We were NOT successful whatsoever. In the 40's and early 50's our country was actually a lot like Korea in many ways. And look what happened to the ones that went commie and the ones that went democratic. South Korea became an economic powerhouse, North Korea and Albania basically fared the same under communism. We're much better now that we're no longer a bunch of fuckin commies but we're still not doing well, and we can thank daddy Hoxha and Stalin for that.

File: t1.webm (2.3 MB, 198x360)
2.3 MB
The humanist and enlightened "values" created so much destruction that the only two societies that will exist in 20 years are the muslim and chinese societies. They didn't experience any jacobin revolution so they are the only two societies today that can survive
>didn't experience any jacobin revolution
Guess we'll just forget about that whole Xinhai Revolution and 40 years of on and off civil war thing
>Xinhai Revolution
That's the thing the kids don't even know about this. No one teach them about the beautiful values of liberty, equality and meme fraternity. That revolution and Mao revolution although direct consequence of french propaganda is not present in their society today
>The humanist and enlightened "values" created so much destruction that the only two societies that will exist in 20 years are the muslim and chinese societies. They didn't experience any jacobin revolution so they are the only two societies today that can survive
Why is /pol/ so smart?

File: Marignano.png (221 KB, 314x906)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Protip: you can't.
>Political shitshow in Italy
>Charles V
>Pierre Terrail
>Pike and shot
>Ferdinand II
Watched a yt vid about it a while back ago. Very interesting indeed.
I like the war where the Pope switches sides 5 times because he gets scared of a new power emerging in Italy

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I care deeply about you.
those would be pre-20th century Europeans
>Let this be called the tree of the Christ-child
Was he a fanfic writer? Explain to me how it is in any way a Christian ideal to become a Christ-child. Does he mean God-child? Why not say that instead, since it actually makes sense? Christ-child implies a biological human descendant, not a worshipper of God. Fuck this pseudo-Christian bullshit, put the tree back.
Fuck my tree's what OwO
It’s just more proof of Christian retardation
>pagans pray to a tree
They worship the tree
>Christian pray to a cross
It’s just a vehicle for veneration, we don’t actually worship it

File: diversity vault.png (473 KB, 650x704)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
A new study just came out. Turns out, diversity was our strength after all. The myth of white race crusaders pushed by deus vault gang debunked once again.
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I read the entire study you retard
the crusades were “diverse” insofar that the involved Christians from all over Europe and West Asia. this wasn’t disputed by any historian at any time or place, except ironically muslims who’d love to frame the whole thing as an “us vs them” conflict.
No one said it's conclusive, but it fits what we know about the crusaders. Even the European ones were diverse, some more Southern, others more Western.
So they were Crusader rape babies. Cool.
You mean a horde of people picked up people along the way? Next you'll tell me Muslims had Christian mercenaries!

>Jacobinism is at peak autism across all of France
>the Reign of Terror grips the country
>a war of extermination (as it was literally called by the leaders of the Revolution) is being carried out against the people of the Vendée for daring to stand up to a government that had little respect for them or their traditional way of life
>in a bid to dismantle the last vestiges of the Ancien Régime, the Revolutionary government steal the reasonable American institution of Separation of Church and State and take it to new extremes that not even the Founding Fathers could've conceived of
>public worship is outlawed, evenutally devolving into a full blown de-Christianization campaign
>thousands of employees of the Catholic Church, from clergymen to janitors, are massacred or forced to flee abroad
>Notre Dame, long seen as a symbol of both the Church and the French monarchy becomes a target of revolutionary hysteria
>28 statues depicting the various Kings of Judah (Saul, Solomon, David, etc.) are pulled off the facade and publicly decapitated in the square right outside the cathedral
>the glass-paned windows are smashed
>the building is ransacked of virtually everything of value inside that isn't nailed down to the foundation
>suffers a fire at some point that destroys part of the building
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File: 1498816690587.jpg (82 KB, 1067x978)
82 KB
Reminder that the Revolutionaries executed approx. 13,800 people - most of the "civilians" executed were, strangely enough, people confirmed to have been resisting the revolution through combat.
Roughly 30,000 people were executed in extralegal fashion and against National Assembly's (and its' successors) will.
The 300,000 casualty count in the civil war(s) also includes loyalist and revolutionary fighters, with revolutionaries filling up at least 40% of the death count
Foreign invasions against the French people (the loyalists were willing to sell out their own people as long as they could keep their position) cost France roughly 280,000 people. Fortunately, ancien regimecucks can't fight so both the foreigners and the subhuman sellouts got slaughtered.
Oh, and "Jacobin" isn't synonymous with "revolutionary"
Reminder that almost every famous revolutionary died on the orders of another revolutionary
>every famous revolutionary

Not all of them
>he prefers decadence when it’s painted dandies and prostitute-banging clergy hoarding all the degeneracy for themselves while hypocritically brow-beating everyone else
Ones slander, that other is fact.

File: 1552126565265.jpg (83 KB, 600x690)
83 KB
I know, history videos, but this one is the shit I tell you. We wuzzing over a hunnid, but still good nontheless, all those anceint historian quoets.

Scythian general, I guess.

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Closest to modern day North Slavs.
considering the fact that most scythians and apparently their ruling class was R1b I beg to differ. Imo, they come straight from yamnaya
They're nearly identical, dude. I don't resemble my own parents this closely. You realize that humans aren't clones, right?
nah they probably were yamnaya

Is true that jews played a big role opening the gates of spain to muslim invaders and were able to became important figures under the muslim caliphate in spain?
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File: Hitler Islam.png (302 KB, 881x572)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
Even Hitler agrees, lmao
>and aren't holding on to millennia old grudges against innocent people
They aren't. You're mentally ill
Oh noooo this desert tribal religion is teaming up with an alternative version of the same tribal desert religion to take down our slightly modifed version of the same desert tribal religion!
He should have said Persians, but he's somewhat correct.
The Jews learned usury from the Romans. The Romans conquered the Italian Peninsula in part via dept slavery and enclosure. Brutus was more than happy to use rising interest to cripple his enemies. Read Cicero.

File: reg_basquecountry_1.jpg (34 KB, 240x220)
34 KB
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File: 1554905150974.jpg (209 KB, 700x700)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
>etruscan is a slavic dialect
Pic related.
Yes, you definitely are one.
Any language that is born in Europe should be considered "European" by this point of view
Baque is probably either a Paleo-hispanic language from North Africa (they language have a few unique ties to some Bersers language) or a eastern farmer language from Anatolia. Both of them probably werent the first languages spoken in Europe, and destroyed whatever languages where spoken there before and got completely lost, just like later Aryans did
I wish this place had user accounts so that I could ignore yours.
Etruscan = Et-pyccкий

Pretty self explanatory

guanche is berber

and no they are not related to basque.

What are your thoughts on Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi?

Has the narrative been exaggerated by the right-wing or was he genuinely proposing the muttification of Europe?

Was this just a proposal, or have the EU began enacting his plan?

Has the merging of the aristocracy and the Jews already begun?

Keep /pol/ faggotry to a minimum I’m looking genuine answers
33 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You're not funny.
It's the Charlemagne Prize but Kalergi was the first recipient, yes.
Who named?
He was an urbanite faggot and had a case of terminal hapa angst.
>A quiet literal happa mutt of austrian father and japanese mother, wanted to make europe just like himself but also suspiciously being ruled by quite literally jewish elite.
His writings are conspiratorial lunacy tier, but funny enough it's actually what he believed.
/pol/niggers are wrong on a lot of shit but this one this one, i genuinely believe they are right. Seeing him as a boogeyman is a legit consirn. Kalergi was one of founders of European Union but how far his influence went is debatable. Im not sure if EU is practising his ideas but from present EU policies about demographic replacement/migration hold the fear valid.

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