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File: ggwfs.png (1.91 MB, 1276x708)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
What do you call a million Mohammed's jumping out of an Airplane?
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post pics, the good ones, the kind that can't be posted here, upload them to /b/ or /soc/ and link them here, you have nudes from your sister right?
>upload them to /b/ or /soc/ and link them here
2 brave 4 me
Came here to post this.
Is there a Harris-chan out there?

Name your favourite ancient/medieval military unit, mine are the tercios.
"Capitulation, only after death"
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Also tercios, followed by Macedonian phalanx.
File: Gendarmes.jpg (210 KB, 734x435)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Tercios are early modern, cretin.
File: byzhigh-1.jpg (17 KB, 150x322)
17 KB
Cataphracts are /fa/ as fuck
Did you just called me a "cretin" or i just miss-heard?

Who were the most influential first ladies of the US?
File: Melania.jpg (46 KB, 959x685)
46 KB
I'm actually having trouble telling who's who.
Hillary Clinton.
Hate to admit it but she's probably in the top 5 most influential FLOTUS
Nancy Reagan is probably why Ronald unironically spoke to fortune tellers all the time.

File: iber1901_4.jpg (124 KB, 2400x1222)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Why don't spain and portugal ever do anything? It's like they stopped trying after they lost their colonies.
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I think there's liberal mixing of footage here. If you've seen Africa Addio, you'd know it's not an actual documentary
Not the theme of this thread but the continent is the spiritual reserve of Spanish culture and it is what will differientiate Spain from Europe
Under this leadership yes.
There are blondes in Portugal, man.
You sometimes see France, Uk, Germany etc doing stuff on the news. But never Spain or portugal

The barbarity of this fucking war is beyond my comprehension. The Nazis attempted the most insane invasion that any military has ever attempted. Will we ever see a conflict again of this scale?
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>Germans had a specific level of contempt for civilians and POWs that led to mass murder of an unprecedented scale thoug

Nice meme.
I hope so it would be kino
there will be no WW3
Yeah yeah Axis apologist, so edgy and cool, redditbro.

when will life come to be

File: download (3).jpg (8 KB, 276x182)
8 KB
I've been thinking about experiencing each religion and seeing what sticks lately. Would this be considered offensive? I don't even know how I'd go about doing it.
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太 初 有 道
Not that guy and ex moslem here
After you die you'll go to the first afterlife or the barzakh world where you would wait until the end times,until then how comfy you are there is determined by your deeds,and how many people pray for you in the hereafter
After a period of waiting where it could feel like an eternity or seconds depending on your worldly action the angel will blow the trumpet that will kill everything except god,god will raise that angel again and a second toot will raise everyone in a field where you will wait to be judged on scale by your sins and virtues,then you will run a trial course to reach either heaven or hell
Music being haram is a fundie thing,music is consider to be distracting from praying and shit
Jesus is a prophet,and the guy on the cross is a replacement that God put
Jesus is lifted up to the sky and will fight the antichrist with the Mahdi and bring peace on earth for 40 years
>only these 2 religions promise hell
>telling lies to push islam
I recommend you take on a belief on god outside of religion, and then take on meditation, if to this you wish to add the taoist practices for health (qigong and such) you won't be doing wrong.
Tell me about 72virgins. That's the only shit I care about

File: image.jpg (157 KB, 620x565)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Apologize to him.
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Like it ever mattered
>implements price controls

nah, fuck him
>>Have you every masturbated in your life, tell it the nation!
nigger who in their right mind would say no to this question
Kill yourselves
>le immigrashun act of 65 boogeyman that destroyed le white race!!!
Kill yourself
That's not how perjury traps work at all you retard

File: C-qAXL_UQAAFW6r.jpg (202 KB, 1200x817)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Why did East Asians never adopt Brahmic scripts?

Its much more efficient than Han characters
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okay this is epic
There's also a reason why Han characters survived for so long.
汉语是unironically一个pleb filter

File: 1544834160265.jpg (59 KB, 1280x341)
59 KB
whats a good way to find out more about the ancient Germanic tribes in the netherlands
Go to like the wikipedia article for the frisians or something and run through sources and crosslinks from there

Anyone got more?
Yale has tons of lectures on history you will find interesting

File: 8h9er5haws6y.jpg (166 KB, 1200x1142)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Why is France so underpopulated???
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West Asia having a smaller population than Europe is a new phenomenon that only existed for a few centuries. The fact that it's skyrocketing now is just a return to balance.
France died in the revolution. It's just been a freemasonic hellhole since the mid 1700s and has been in decline ever since
They let their subjects starve cause they were catholic.
Pretty sure part of the Revolution was an enforcement of divisional inheritance among children and liberalization of women's rights. Both encouraged families to have less and less children, farmers inheriting smaller plots of land each generation also made them have less children and with no landless peasants migrating to the urban centers for work France was slower to become as industrial as Britain.

Such is the punishment for abandoning their King and their God.
Scotland and the Scandis have way less pop density than that. These kinds of charts spread the population out over a wide area when most of the countries are centralized urban centers.

Was there anything that was invented in the U.S.S.R and later adopted in Western Capitalistic Societies?
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File: USSR worked.jpg (35 KB, 488x525)
35 KB
File: Katyn.jpg (105 KB, 999x352)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>end racial inequality
>end famine
>eliminate poverty
>end racial inequality
this must be a fucking meme, i guess that its technically not poverty and racially inequal if everybody is dirt poor and treated like shit.(dabs on ukrainians)
>end racial inequality
Crimean Tatars and Chechens were deported to Kazakhstan in thousands after WW2. There's a lot of lies or just very tricky facts in the picture but I'm not going to write long post and repeat everything the 10th time on a fucking anime board of ideologues and literal manchilds who never check statistics
t. Ukrainian social democrat
>Social democrat

>The Franco-Bavarian army is able to inflict a devastating defeat upon Marlborough’s army at Blenheim
What changes?
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>The fact that the worst mistake he ever made was winning badly, tells you a lot about the man's raw intelligence.
Winning by losing twice as many troops as the enemy = losing

>He also spoke several language
English cause he was English
French cause it was the language of the elite
German cause his armies were Germans
>Winning by losing twice as many troops as the enemy = losing
I guess Germany won the world wars then
>Kay dee
If that's losing what do you call it when you lose twice as many men in battle but then are also forced to retreat?

File: the great debate.jpg (212 KB, 317x660)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Now that the dust has settled, do you think Jackie Chan survived it?

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