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File: 20190819_235807.jpg (673 KB, 1431x973)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
Was the Krag Jorgensen rifle ever used in the Vietnam war?
Doubtful considering it had been out of service for nearly 60 years, was chambered in a non standard cartridge, and almost all of them had been sold as surplus in the 20s and 30s.

File: Kino war.jpg (198 KB, 917x525)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Alt /his/ time. Kino wars that could have been. Conflicts that were so close to happening but for some reason just didn't spark. I want to hear some of your would be war ideas. I'll start.

>be late 16th century, early 17th century Islamic Africa.
>Ottomans just failed to defeat Abyssinia and with Adal-Somali allies. Funj have cut the Ottomons off from the Horn and the Oromo Expansion has made Adal useless
>Egypt is being uncooperative and sometimes defecting. Otherwise a fruitful colony
>Ottoman occupation of Europe and regular slave trading going as planned
>Barbary States in alliance with Ottomans. Muslim pirates because why not
>Kanem-Bornu being provided training and firearms projecting Ottoman influence in the Central Sahara-Sahel. Slaves are supplied and half a dozen sub kingdoms are assimilated.
>Saadi Moroccans resisting Ottoman expansion in the Maghreb. Defeating the Wattasids
>Moroccan army installs the Pashalik of Timbuktu as its Sahelian colony after defeating Songhai. With a Sankore fatwa giving legitimacy to the puppet Timbuktu-Askia dynasty in contrast to their real life neutrality
>The Fula kingdoms of Denianke and Macina co-rule the pastoral lands between them. Providing many slave soldiers for astrolabes and firearms
>Sultanate of Agadez and a confederation of Tuareg tribes consolidate the remnants of eastern Songhai with the support of Morocco and Timbuktu. Agadez doesn't decline
>The Kanoan Empire responds to Songhai remnant and Kanem-Bornu aggression by honoring its old marriage alliance with Morocco's Timbuktu-Askia puppets. Is provided military support. Refuses to sign the peace deal with the rest of the Hausa kingdoms like in reality. Rules through perpetual war and extortion.
>Tons of Andalusian refugees fleeing to Morocco, the Ottoman Empire or the Sahel. Collecting them become a great asset in the coming conflict
Who wins this "Islamic world schism? Morocco and Timbuktu or Ottomans and Chadians?
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man this book you posted is garbage. So much overall garbage it's hard to know where to start.
"before al mansur, no north african power had successfully a full fledge invasion of sub saharian africa" => lol what is the almoravid empire? all the random sanhaja/zenaga states/empires etc. Almoravid alone had a lot more SSA land under their control than the saadian, and it was real, direct control, not vassal.

al mansur didnt invade for the gold only/first, the slaves were more important, he used them to build a massive sugar and slave industry in the country that brought more ressource to the state than the gold I would say.

that's weird to claim that the saadi challenged the ottoman because of their sharifi heritage, literally all tribe and states in medieval and modern north african history claimed sharifian heritage.
Also saadi at many times recognized the ottoman caliph as the rightful caliph and prayed in his name.

"Under Murad (1574-1595), the Ottoman had firmly estimablished themselves at the main power in north africa'" => completly stupid again, in 1585, under Muraid reign exactly, that's where the pach era of algiers (1585-1659) started and ended the Beylerbeys era (1519-1585), that's where the ottoman lost most of the effective control and influence in north africa. Khizr Pacha was accused to be fully independant in 1593-1594.. this book is full of bullshit.
"with the notable expection of morocco" Really? what about the mokrani/beni abbes kingdom? They defeated the ottoman in most battles in the second half of the 16th.

"ottoman didnt conquer morocco because of the distance to mororccan hearltand" => bullshit again, that's because there were 2 millionsarmed independant berbers tribes between them that didnt respect ottoman or moroccan authority.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
the parts about the guns is even more bullshit, firearms and canons etc. were massively produced in the marinid and wattasid era, a long time before the saadi even existed. The author doesnt seems to be aware of that. I guess only few papers were published on that subjects. He should probably read "Warfare and Firearms in Fifteenth Century Morocco, 1400-1492"

I'm a bit tired to quote and debunk this shitty "book" so..
Mongols vs Europe and the middle east if Möngke didn't die

Imagine knights cataphracts and mamluks fighting mongol cavalry

Pretty kino
The ottomans and Bornu considering they both outlasted the Morrocans and Timbuktu puttpets

File: assyrianempiremap001.jpg (123 KB, 640x516)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
What the FUCK was their problem?
Autistic edgelords, is that what you want to hear?
Were the Assyrians the first Mesopotamian empire to conquer Egypt, or could the Hyksos be argued instead?
I would say Hyksos, they were labeled as foreign rulers afterall.
Their problem was with all those non-Assyrians living around them
I've heard other anons say they believed the world was gonna end if they stopped conquering everyone. Is that true?

File: golden-horde.jpg (32 KB, 525x340)
32 KB
Now that we know that indo-Europeans invaded Europe from the steppes, does that make Aryans subhuman by Nazi standards? Here's a snippet from the official Third Reich book on subhumans, Der Untermensch:

>The eternal hatred of the subhuman for mankind exists; they envy the clean and noble character of man. So they have tried to destroy what they hate, and from out of the vast deserts and endless steppes they have gathered hordes of their Huns whose leaders Attila, and Genghis Khan descended on western civilization bringing with them violence, fire and death, to every part of Europe they came.

>The subhuman hordes would stop at nothing in their bid to overthrow the world of light and knowledge, to bring an apocalypse to all human progress and achievement. Their only goal is to make a desert wasteland of any nation or race that shines with creativity, goodness and beauty.
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Nonsense they had the lighter skin associated with EHG and CHG

They weren't however 90% blonde and blue eyed only the SHG was like that
Scientific DNA studies>>>>>>your cope
Yeah, he would chased those horse archers down with his mighty phalanxes!

I seriously don't think the Macedonians cause a single casualty on the Mongol side. Unless somebody falls off his horse laughing, that'd be about the only way.

>What about the Companion Cavalry?

What ABOUT them?
EHG and CHG had the typical light skin markers that became common in West eurasians

The only real difference was probably the non-tanning gene which became more prevelant later in parts of Europe.
>Pretty much all of Central Asia, Western China and even parts of Mongolia are a result of mixing between West Eurasians (Indo-Europeans) and East Eurasians.

Yeah and Eastern Europe too

I am gonna read 12 thousand page history books within a year(one a month) in an attempt to increase my overall knowledge of history

what do you recommend?
The gospels.
History of the Russian State by Nikolay Karamzin, a 12-volume national history
File: worldhistory.jpg (33 KB, 363x499)
33 KB
not a thousand page book, more like 400 pages, but that's because it has huge dimensions. I would highly recommend it
Durant's Story of Civilization
File: 1522599555886.png (10 KB, 666x666)
10 KB
toynbee's a study of history
spengler's decline of the west
will durant's story of civilization
paul colinvaux's "fates of nations"
william ophuls' immoderate greatness
john bagot glubb's "fate of empires"
peter turchin's books
ravi batra's "the downfall of capitalism and communism" plus his "muslim civilization and the crisis in iran"
gibbon's "decline and fall of the roman empire"

File: Stalin.jpg (205 KB, 1280x842)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
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t. Kulak bitch
File: 15628503770010.jpg (38 KB, 195x306)
38 KB
Just call all peasants as kulaks and now you have a carte blanche to kill millions of them
That's how communism works
File: lenin.jpg (257 KB, 1920x1080)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Also you're chatting shit. Kulaks were a specific type of peasant.
>farmers not wanting to be herded into kolhoz
>private property all over the place
>wheat sabotaging itself
>a bunch of ethnicities not wanting to lose their homes or languages
>officers with soldiers under their command
yeah i am thinking he was

File: 620-ap-50010111594.jpg (37 KB, 620x350)
37 KB
Did North Korea have any real opportunities to invade the South after 1953 or did they lose their only chance?
I'm going to go with yes. World events did not create another favorable point for a similar invasion without major cold war super power politics making it nonviable.

I mean that didn't stop the North trying to destabilize the South:

Their next best chance will come after their hackers destabilize the north american power grid
North Korea was better than South Korea in every metric until the 1980s so possibly. The only thing that stopped the reunification of Korea was American soldiers
Kys Tankie
Cope, nigger

name a bigger shit show
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>Whole political and cultural platforms in the post-television era have arisen that go again the established media narratives.
In Croatia? Not so much.
>Caring about those is antiquated thinking
Says the monarchist.
>what if you have monarchists among the higher media echelons
What if there's aliens on Mars?
File: IMG_9172.jpg (65 KB, 741x609)
65 KB
How did they manage to keep their empire by jumping from to defeats to defeats?
So we're doing that? Labeling each other and dissecting posts?

I signed up for a Habsburg royalist movements discussion, as it's something I know a few thing about. I didn't sign up for being labeled a monarchist and being greentexted everywhere. Good night anon.
Austria was important to maintaining the balance of power so any time they got BTFO the British, Russians, etc. would intervene and save them and no one could take too much land from them
>a-anon, you're my trusted friend as well as a renowned medievalist, so please tell me: w-would my beloved croatian people really protest against me and laugh at me and call me a larper? I know I'm not an ethnic Croat but I love them all sooo much!

>ywn live in an Oppidum
why live?

File: pompeii-mount-vesuvius.jpg (189 KB, 1200x918)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Did they deserve it?
Yes. They were filthy, buttfucking degenerates.

>I.2.20 (Bar/Brothel of Innulus and Papilio); 3932: Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!
>killed by a volcano
>because of his asthma
Lmao what a fucking nerd lol

File: Scholar.jpg (130 KB, 858x988)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Is this chain email true, /his/? Or if it isn't true in terms of its details, was it based off of some particular incident? What is the origin of this whole "species" (as it were) of apocryphal stories?


>AS the new semester began, and students filled into the lecture hall, a very haughty and arrogant professor strolled up to the lectern and delivered a bold challenge: "If God exists," he blared, "Then may this supposed 'God' strike me down within five minutes!"

>The professor smirked and chuckled arrogantly as the minutes ticked away. Then, just as time was about to expire, a student sprang from his seat and ran up to the professor, giving him a mighty shove and sending him crashing to the ground.

>"You stupid fool!" cried the professor. "Why did you do that!"

>"God is busy protecting our troops overseas," calmly explained the student, "So He Sent ME."

>You could have heard a pin drop.

>The professor sobbed bitterly and shat his trousers in terror as he ran from the lecture hall in great shame. A thunderous chorus of applause greeted the student, who took the place of his professor on stage and gave a moving lecture on his faith in God to the rapt audience.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Wouldn’t be Anglo French though, would be 100% French by now
England would be the junior part of the union and in some centuries Paris would've killed english like they killed breton, occitan and basque (in France at least).
File: Johnofgaunt.jpg (198 KB, 469x600)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
It's only a question of time before some jealous noble shit/y*rk/tr*stamara cunt starts posting itt saying shit about my man Johnny, despite him being the most faithful servant of his nephew, despite that faggot not deserving his loyalty

Also, John was the rightful king of Castille, Peter of Castille was murdered in an illegal way
File: Peter of Castile.jpg (98 KB, 512x633)
98 KB
This. John of Gaunt is unnecessarily vilified even though he was as a staunch loyalist to Richard his whole life. Also based for recognizing the true monarch of Castile. Peter was based and Henry of Trastamara is burning in hell for his crimes. John and Constance were Peter's rightful heirs
>England would be the junior
Under Edward III perhaps but not Henry V.

File: Semailname_47b.jpg (60 KB, 345x605)
60 KB
Suleiman, Genghis, the Cordoban caliphs etc.

What is up with so many bloodlust men being ginger?
33 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Redhead without freckles
But the Turks were more ginger than the semites
You get kissed by fire

I shit on my balls

File: 1564671348998.jpg (490 KB, 1100x687)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
>Made the trains run on time
>Built roads, bridges, buildings...
>Gave the Italian people their pride back
>Conquered Ethiopia, making up for past humiliation
>Pacified and reconciled Italy after the chaos that communists and socialists caused
>Kicked out the mafia from Sicily
>Turned Pontine marshes into new towns (the farmers paid no money for it, he gave them houses and pieces of land for FREE)
>Saved Italy from the great depression by creating the IRI
And many, many other great things.
Say something nice about the greatest leader that Italy has ever seen since the times of Roman empire, Il Duce Benito Mussolini
30 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I think that mussolini is the only WW2 leader who had offsprings who continued his legacy.
King George's daughter seems to have done reasonably well.
That's the equivalent of saying that King Victor's daughters (pic related is his granddaughter) are doing well. He was the king just like king george was, only in name. Churchill was the guy in charge of UK, just like Mussolini was in charge of Italy
File: boomer harris.png (829 KB, 1079x733)
829 KB
829 KB PNG
too bad boomer harris didnt get to them
Based image
Cringe post
Whats interesting is that before the war he was probably closer to the UK and France rather than Germany, I don't know why he decided to side with Hitler in the end, maybe he was retarded.

My intuitive swordsmanship not any of that faggy shit
The one where you put powder and lead into a pipe and shoot the opponent dead

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