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What is the most aesthetic war and why is it Yugoslavia?
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Yeah especially since he was on our payroll.
There is a legitimacy crisis in most of the Western countries. Catalonia and Scotland are just ethnic tensions waiting to explode. In France this manifests as the Gilet Jaunes. The flexible nature of Democracies means the fracture point for society is harder to reach; but once it does come to be, it explodes with much more intensity than a normal revolt against a maligned sovereign. In a revolt against a sovereign the enemy are arrayed against a narrow slice of society, when a democracy breaks the people are arrayed against each other and the only path to victory is the full destruction of one of the parties. Churchill points out in his WW2 memoirs that Democratic nations are absolutely shit at negotiating peace terms because the entire population has to feel rewarded for their efforts, in an aristocratic system you could just get this or that Monarch to vacate the throne to their successor and all was well. When a democratic system breaks the need rewarding for the commons is hard to fulfill without a near 'Carthaginian option' level of peace terms for the loser.
File: 1558045080745.png (274 KB, 1864x789)
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274 KB PNG
>Hiroshima and Nagasaki were justified.
>Bombings of Dresden and Tokyo were vengeance, so automatically justified.
War crimes, all of them war crimes and against the conventions signed at the time.
Everybody was doing it, so nobody will answer for it in the court of law, but it shows how the military at the time couldn't be trusted to respect the rules of war.
Perfidious bastards were everywhere, in all armies.

Is it true that there used be alot of high ranking viking female warriors?
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Have you thought of the possibility that maybe, mayyybe, it's the sword that was buried with the woman instead as a human sacrifice?
that would be dope, but a bit too twisted imo, why not a sacrficial victim (male) with clear sword wounds?

Was probably a noble, maybe a warrior or just a woman known for skill at arms. Lack of skeletal battle damage doesn't mean much, for a warleader or rider. A woman doesn't go into the front rank of the shield wall to get hacked apart, she rides a horse and fights with spear and javelin.
young children were buried with swords and war axes. are you going to suggest they were sending 6 year olds into the melee with grown men?
I always reckoned the women was the spouse / slave / concubine of the warrior whom the site was dedicated to. maybe he died in such a way that his body was not able to be recovered.

File: 1523704350673.jpg (69 KB, 1000x1334)
69 KB
>be so called "god"
>create pic
is he retarded or has very bizarre sense of humor?
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subhuman who deserves to suffer
Bro....hydrogen poroxide. Use it
God does what God does, he is Logos and created logic but He is not bound by it, certainly not by human logic. He only cannot commit sin because of self-restriction
Could you imagine if you took like a big bench scrapper to that back?

File: confederateleaders.jpg (173 KB, 696x900)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Has there ever been another civil war where the losing side was treated anywhere near as mercifully as the Confederacy?
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File: maxresdefault (32).jpg (76 KB, 1280x720)
76 KB
>Your pathetic shell of a mongrel army couldn’t defeat the Vietnamese, the Afghan, or the Iraqis
>Thinking Confederate mutts aren't mongrel
My got the state of the Antebellum
>thinking Confederate descendants didn't hoop and holler right alongside those troops
>thinking Neo-Confederates are on par with the Vietnamese, Afghanis or Iraqis
This is why you are perpetual losers
>TFW Canadian
>Get to enjoy watching Civil War Kino and vidya
>The battlefields and museums are close enough to visit without too much expense
>Get to root for both sides because I have no stake in either
Feels good, eh?
File: 1558837296127.png (277 KB, 469x452)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
I would decapitate your uncle-cousins LARPers with my 44 magnum inbetween brunch and my afternoon shit. Go back to binge watching netflix and think nothing of it
File: 1558777911295.gif (1.35 MB, 400x206)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB GIF
Lmao. Cletus

Why do they try so hard to try and make it look as if their dumpster country has culture and history? We got it, Alamo. But honestly a 1x1cm piece of Chinese land has more history than entire USA.
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At least include the link you dumb cunt
>Too lazy to just google it
I bet that's why you got depth charged and I only grounded myself you fag.
>posting about us
I don’t think we have to try lol
They’re always so upset
Most history on your average x by x piece involves subsistence farming. Unsure why that’s more interesting in China.

File: 1559209256374.webm (817 KB, 1200x675)
817 KB
Given enough resources

Will all living things tend towards peace?
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probably not.
People like to fight for its own sake.
wanting things is a reason people fight but it is not the only reason.
What is going on in that video?
Her fucking wrists, Jesus
File: 1503859074637.jpg (68 KB, 473x480)
68 KB
not as long as life has to eat itself to stay alive i mean its impossible

File: antijapanese.jpg (33 KB, 348x153)
33 KB
Why the fuck were Americans so afraid of Japanese men?
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File: Afro-America.png (439 KB, 1615x1080)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
Sounds comfy
File: 1559918584530.jpg (150 KB, 960x960)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
File: 1559200272371.jpg (38 KB, 369x495)
38 KB
That hurts so much anon.
>wanting a never-ending race war between Yakuzas and Triads

America should’ve stayed White
Eww. I'd take Yakuzas and Triads over hick, chastity belt wearing Confeditards any day

File: Botai people.jpg (1.87 MB, 7000x4970)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
Is this what the Botai people look like?
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Is there any evidence of the EDAR gene in these people?
File: 1542669345946 EDAR.png (34 KB, 480x2951)
34 KB

Not very important and doesn't define a mongoloid.
>Botai people were
9% Nganasan average, that's less than the EHG.
Clusters near ust-ishim so it's mostly australoid.

Before relatively recent contact with outside cultures, Subsaharan Africans did not invent the wheel, did not invent writing, developed minimal art, or agriculture, and lacked musical instruments beyond simple percussion.

Why is that? I have been pondering this for a while now.
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>Kinky curly hair is a complete mystery to me. I cant determine what its purpose would be in a hot climate. Perhaps the fact it grows up and out rather than in protects the scalp from excess sun rays? Scalp is close to the brain and thus you want to protect it.

Does kinky hair make it easier for the body to cool off?
>proceed to sell brothers
Are you retarded or understand nothing about slave trading?
>stupid people are actually superior
Not that guy. But neither called anyone stupid nor superior. When does the dick measuring stop?
>cauz they realized thinkin too much makes you unhappy xD
>the kingdoms you've been warring with for centuries are your brothers now
Its for sweat

How do you establish an eager want inside someone and make them believe it was their idea alone?
you would have to feed the subject solipsism
This is /his/ fren

How is Muslim religion?
Specifically Sunni , asking for a fren
Also , Crussades n stuff too i guess , to keep it tematically to the thread
Read about ancient hebrews, ebionites and zoroastrians

How involved were jews in the slave trade?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>implying jews won't pay a disproportionate part of reparations because (((rich people))) pay most of the taxes.
File: Radhanites2.png (1.41 MB, 1201x601)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
About as involved as any ethnic group possibly could be

The Radhanite (middle age jewish merchants) had trade routes, spanning all of Eurasia and parts of Africa mainly the north and east.

>These merchants speak Arabic, Persian, Roman,[5] the Frank,[6] Spanish, and Slav languages. They journey from West to East, from East to West, partly on land, partly by sea. They transport from the West eunuchs, female slaves, boys, brocade, castor, marten and other furs, and swords. They take ship from Firanja (France[7]), on the Western Sea, and make for Farama (Pelusium). There they load their goods on camel-back and go by land to al-Kolzum (Suez), a distance of twenty-five farsakhs. They embark in the East Sea and sail from al-Kolzum to al-Jar and al-Jeddah, then they go to Sind, India, and China. On their return from China they carry back musk, aloes, camphor, cinnamon, and other products of the Eastern countries to al-Kolzum and bring them back to Farama, where they again embark on the Western Sea. Some make sail for Constantinople to sell their goods to the Romans; others go to the palace of the King of the Franks to place their goods. Sometimes these Jew merchants, when embarking from the land of the Franks, on the Western Sea, make for Antioch (at the head of the Orontes River); thence by land to al-Jabia (al-Hanaya on the bank of the Euphrates), where they arrive after three days’ march. There they embark on the Euphrates and reach Baghdad, whence they sail down the Tigris, to al-Obolla. From al-Obolla they sail for Oman, Sindh, Hind, and China.

Radhanite trade routes are only in blue btw
No more than other races honestly.

File: apucrying.png (37 KB, 1127x685)
37 KB
>read European history
>he surrendered his armies after being promised clemency
>instead, he was blinded, skinned, eviscerated, and finally beheaded
>his family was hanged and their houses seized by the crown
Who are you talking about
based king
fuck that guy and also fuck niggers

Will he go down in history as based?
He could have kept Hitler's autism in check and prevented WW2 so yeah definitely.
File: pilsudski_packing_heat.png (438 KB, 392x600)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
What are you mean? He was friendly with Hitler when he was alive, and he died in 1935. You make it sound like he put them on the war path.
>You make it sound like he put them on the war path.

That's the exact opposite of what I said

Pilsudski prevented Hitler from doing stupid things like trying to invade all of Europe. Had he lived he was a strong enough personality to keep Hitler in check.
sorry i'm unironically drunk

Let’s say everybody agrees today that my shirt is not green but "shmeerp". Wherever you see this color, it’s not green, it’s shmeerp. One might argue that, since my shirt is shmeerp now and was green before, and since green and shmeerp are definitely different, that my shirt has changed color. This is definitely wrong, because my shirt is the same color. It’s tricky phrasing.
Now, does this mean this color is inherent to my shirt? No. It just means the color of my shirt remains the same regardless of what we define color to be.
Let’s say everybody agrees today that adultery is not wrong but OK. Wherever you see adultery, it’s not wrong, it’s OK. One might argue that, since adultery is OK now and was wrong before, and since OK and wrong are definitely different, that the moral properties of adultery have changed. This is definitely wrong, because adultery is the same morally. It’s tricky phrasing.
Now, does this mean a certain moral character is inherent to adultery? No. It just means the moral properties of adultery remain the same regardless of what we define morality to be.
>the moral properties of adultery have changed
>adultery is the same morally
>one might argue that the moral properties of adultery have changed
>this is definitely wrong
learn to read
But you haven't explained why it's "definately wrong."
If something was once wrong and now ok how has the morality not changed?
smoke weed everyday

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