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File: VmoS.gif (1022 KB, 312x281)
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You just know this is how Phil reacted to the Bucks approaching him in the locker room. They probably put a hand in his shoulder and he thought they were gonna heem him, so he heem'd them first.
His AEW paddy being a shoot makes him based with me. Fuck the elite sissies
he hit the wrong guy kek
>inb4 blindcels saying he didn't
>fan puts his hand on you, not even hitting you
>beat the shit out of the guy standing next to him because you didn't even see who did it
Unironically how is Phil not in prison? Normally guys who assault others like that are incapable of having a career or getting far into life.
okay yeah i believe he snapped on the bucks in a rage over nothing because that guy barely touched him. get rid of him tony

For example, if WWE was interested in Malakai Black, WWE should give AEW 6 million dollars upfront (Malakai’s 5 year deal in dollar figures plus a treat for letting him walk very early).

If Tony and Paul could choose to buy out contracts of wrestlers on the other side, it would lead to a far healthier wrestling landscape, assuming all parties consent. AEW is compensated handsomely, HHH gets his guy and everyone ends up happy.

Or, HHH can just wait until 2027 kek.
Why don't you shut the FUCK up?
Rude. Settle down, Paul.
Because WWE doesn't actually have big plans for guys like Malakai or Murphy. The most valuable thing they can get in this situation is the perception that "everybody" wants to leave AEW and go to WWE. So many people nowadays pay attention to news/rumors that WWE gains that perception whether his release is granted or not.

File: 65745467.png (465 KB, 959x720)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
Would a shadow game gimmick get over? Have an evil character collect his victims' souls until he's finally defeated and his victims are freed?
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Lucha Underground?
Whose souls has he sent to the shadow realm?

Never watched it. Is it any good?
Cena's but later he returned like nothing had happened.
It got cancelled. It was essentially a tv show featuring wrestling, so wrestlers got killed off
I had a yugioh type of soul stealing in mind where they're trapped in some alternate dimension until the villain is finally defeated.

Do they steal souls or do they just have character deaths?

File: pepefroggie.jpg (40 KB, 800x450)
40 KB
>post all female wrestlers from the wrestling business
>salty anon calls them ugly
why are you guys like this
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90% of them are trolls anon don't get worked
and at least half the female wrestlers posted here are shoot men
This anon is a man
all girls are ugly too you?
Just salty virgin incels, unironically. Even trannies get more poon than them, wouldn't you be salty too if that was you?

File: 0x0.jpg (50 KB, 960x851)
50 KB
>demoted from dynamite for the last 4 weeks
>dynamite improves massively and consistently gets a milly
best decision tony khan ever made
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Prerecorded rampage also has the advantage that they can have Excalibur dub over JR if he fucks up too badly.
100% agree, taz has been good too. dont like excalibur IMO
JR needs to just retire and stick to telling stories on podcasts. If you clearly don't give a shit then stop shitting up my TV with your mumble mouthed commentary.
So true, glad he's gone. Commentary is much better now. Don't like the new roh guy but Daddy Magic is dimes.
i love jr the fact that he shits on things he doesn't like makes me believe it when he puts over stuff he does

File: jobber 4 life.png (217 KB, 1214x994)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
this faggot has shoot go away heat with me, brother.
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It's how dumb people think smart people talk when in reality smart people talk like retards
File: 1656907308753.jpg (36 KB, 284x226)
36 KB
Ikr. It's amazing when they try to talk human
Lee was raped
kek, great pasta
Kek they're always on page 1 too

File: 1650088366795.gif (1.54 MB, 400x388)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB GIF
I told myself I would leave 4chan and never come back, but.....
I just can stay away from /pw/, I love talking and shitposting with you all, you're my best friends.

And I know this is making you cringe but after a whole week away I'm back and I'm here to stay!
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You will never be a woman. Welcome back
We don't want you here.
tranny tranny troons. YWNBAW faggots
go back to /lgbt/
File: 1572281184559.jpg (144 KB, 1242x1354)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Hell yeah brother, dude, jack
Are we truly a hive mind, same exact situation here. There's literally no alternative to /pw/. I mean sure there's /wooo/ over at smug but that board is shit compared to /pw/.

File: champ-jacket.webm (1.59 MB, 404x720)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB WEBM
For me, it's AEW women's champion Toni Storm.
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Not even a little sexy. Toni simps are losers.
Worst part is simps actually pay for this new version of Tony. She has no incentive whatsoever to get back to the thickness she once had.
Why not dress like this on tv?
>Using the title belt for your onlyfans shoot
I see Paige is in good company over there.

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Perfect time for Darkfags to show up and be ready to work
Mmmmhh now that's a badass tropical storm
>you wouldn’t be on the card anyway
>strong wind is comming
>card subject to change
Was it that hard?
How come aew dosent have group messages? Don't they have phones? Can't Tony just text to group chat that stuff?

File: 1651879760461.jpg (335 KB, 2048x1152)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
>Tegan's returning to the WWE to be with her Shiny Cupkicks SISTERS
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Tegan Nox has knees that are made out of glass and wouldn’t be a good fit for WWE. She’s a shitty in-ring performer that lacks charisma.
She was always bi. She said it in interviews after coming out.
>no dump area
nah you are
>made out with a chick once

File: 1659410870173.png (2.06 MB, 1200x1200)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
>I am the WILD THING, and I am here to make everyone's HEART SING
would you start awwing at how cute that is then make a mess in your diaper and start playing with your tiny pink little sissy clitty locked in chastity
When did DEAN look that good?

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I'm going to leave this here. Believe it or not, but this is what I heard
>Punk was set to sue AEW
>Steel was set to sue as well, with Punk agreeing to pay his legal fees
>Potential lawsuit on shaky ground after the story about the Bucks kicking down the door
>Punk camp retracts the kicked down door claim as it was ridiculous
>Punk's focus then shifts to a contract buyout
>Steel still plans to sue AEW
>Steel still claims he came in later, was worried for his wife, and acted independently of Punk
>Punk quits paying Steel's legal fees
>Steel is pissed
>Punk stops responding to Steel
>Steel no longer suing because he thinks AEW would bleed him dry in court
Cody's booking sucked
When the fuck was Chavo in AEW?
for himself, yes
File: 1664263390184.png (395 KB, 704x623)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
>sign every talented
Shitters aren't really talented. Why are smarks such losers

File: 1664042881508345.jpg (161 KB, 749x1278)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Big match IYO edition

Previous: >>7356125

Social Media:

Io's official blog:
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File: smol.jpg (129 KB, 957x1080)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
She is so smol lads...
I'll make webms later
It's because it was created to service Bagley. They are there to eat the pins in builds so she doesn't have to.
Bagley is huge mark for herself. She just hides it better than Sashit and Charles and Cunter is now letting her book shit because she is the one that booked this stable.
Was probably Bagley's idea to bring Candice back just like Dakota was.
it's 100% obvious Candice is going to help Bayley win the title at Extreme Rules. IYO, Dakota, Asuka and Alexa will have taken each other out with big moves, Candice runs in, pretends she's going to hit Bayley but turns and hits Bianca instead. Bayley climbs the ladder and wins, Damage CTRL celebrates. Sets up the WarGames match and Super Bianca's chase for the title.
Iyo will be a RAW womens champion in 2023

File: homo-milk.jpg (19 KB, 240x320)
19 KB
What are the first wrestlers who pop into your mind when you see the pictures in this thread?
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File: mox kiss.png (534 KB, 800x479)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
Shawn Michaels
>nobody said Kurt Angle yet
>What are the first wrestlers who pop into your mind when you see the pictures in this thread?
File: cum-guzzler.jpg (77 KB, 1069x711)
77 KB
steve austin was raped by wild texan rednecks in the stone-cold summer of 1998.

File: cm-punk-darby-allin.jpg (99 KB, 1280x670)
99 KB
Remember when gAyEW faggots were saying that Darby losing here didn't matter? That he would bounce back and be booked strong after this? Where you at now, retards? He's buried forever.
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File: 1662474327541001.jpg (55 KB, 600x587)
55 KB
>calling a few sentences a "wall of text"
>dodging my point entirely because you know im right
kek, now that's a cope
concession status: accepted
>wall of text

All those Big Macs have rotted your brain
Are you stupid? Losing one match doesn't matter. His ongoing booking, which is independent of that one loss and entirely up to Tony.
>jobs to junkie Jeff
Having him be Sting‘s sidekick and doing absolutely nothing with it did far more damage than losing to Phil in a Hitman tribute match

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