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File: 2b.jpg (428 KB, 580x773)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
where do i find pdfs of youlingke's work?
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I know why you are bumping man. The Nier one I wanted to get for so long now, it's really super sweet ;_; but probably 99% not getting it on here
Man, I just got into this series and I want this model so bad! Hopefully somebody comes through!
ADMIN. Delete please. Thanks

What do you guys do with your folds ? I don't have the heart to trash them :(
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I put the ones I don't like anymore in a box. When the box gets full and I've forgotten what's in it: I empty it into the bin without looking. If I can't remember exactly what it is I'm throwing away and I just now that I don't like it anymore, I'm not as sad. This is just what I do; other people may have better options.
These are both excellent ideas, thank you.

I will connect the cranes and for the others I shall place in a box and hopefully will have the heart to empty it one day, any other ideas are very welcome because my room is being flooded with paper
File: 1471658651178.png (89 KB, 809x738)
89 KB
Scatter them through the city, OP; Just leave them in places that will be seen and brighten someone's day
i give them to my bf as a gift and he just trashes them after a while lmao
burn them

File: doot doot whiteback.png (152 KB, 2485x3513)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Share yours!

the last thread reached the image limit
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I posted from VPN without problems.
You're right, it worked with Private Internet Access. It didn't last time.
File: s-l1600.png (79 KB, 1127x1600)
79 KB
I make my stencils in Inkscape. If you're a mod, would you kindly permit .SVG image posting to /po/ and/or this thread?

File: 8.png (4.72 MB, 2544x3504)
4.72 MB
4.72 MB PNG
Hey everyone!

Here is the fixed scan.

Did some major adjust on images

Re-draw sakura face and other parts like base card

Not %100 accurate but now i think is a better option for people who can't afford it

The scans were made by >>590237 annon

Did my best cleaning some parts! Enjoy

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Good morning! It Will be easyer if you could make the folds visible so i just re Paint some stuffs xD i mean, i tryed yo Fix all Sakura sheets but im lazy + work and study
File: 554596554.png (868 KB, 636x876)
868 KB
868 KB PNG
This one.
Ahhh stardust, i don't have the file
All files were posted on here. And the f*** from SV also stole from here and posted on their site as well btw:


Just actually use the search option on here. It's all posted and shared.
Meant VN** sorry XD f** from VN steal all the stuff and share them as they are the saviours of the planet. Hate agent orange!

File: 1608882604030.jpg (2.36 MB, 2216x2628)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB JPG
hii! anyone has this scan or knows if theres one? i think i can trade another youlingke scan that i haven't seen here
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File: miku.pdf (7.43 MB, PDF)
7.43 MB
7.43 MB PDF
got a pdf of something close to it
the pots for the flowers are different and there isnt that wood frame thing but everything else is the same
Yeah. It IS this one 100%.

If you actually look on the picture posted, the "frame" and the "pots" are NOT papercrafts. They were fabricated to make the papercraft look better. Typical china move to make it more plastic-like for the eyes. The craft is the one that got posted on this site ages ago, and anon also posted on this thread. Case solved, now stop bumping useless posts that got solved.

File: sonobe.gif (349 KB, 1500x1500)
349 KB
349 KB GIF
A thread for discussion and posting of anything related to sonobe, kusudama, bascetta, Chinese paperfolding and similar stuff.
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Does anybody have Ekaterina Lukasheva's books to share?
tengo 3 con gustolos comparto
es un pinche sample

Started this because I couldn't post it in OP Thread, and it looks like it could be getting close to post limit, idk...

That is awesome!... The must have models from Youlingke imo, are Yae Sakura, Mandarin Dress Ver from Honkai Impact 3rd and Megumi Kato, Swimsuit Ver from Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata.
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He told me that he had many problems, so no
And if one of those who got it, share it, we will have another S.V. situation. You get one model and no more new ones. Let it go, it's one model. If you want someone's model bad enough, next time don't procrastinate and buy it. Otherwise, oh well, you didn't really want it that bad anyway.
gonna try to sway the negativity from this post to say that I finally finished my 2020 Magical Mirai this weekend, Hands are kinda crappy, but it was a really fun build overall.
That’s awesome! Built this model too :)
nice work dude!

File: bolsonaro_gamers.jpg (220 KB, 1440x693)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
shit's all 20x20 or even 5x5 (cm) and if I go slightly higher (30x30) it's a robbery, any good online pages that sells large sheets? Pic not related
Where do you live? If you live in Europe and aren't cucked out of your life by Covid, you could look if you have an Action somewhere. They have cool paper for cheap in many different sizes. You might have to cut it to your preferred size, though.
Passion Origami Nicholas Terry

Can u help me? I'm looking for Jindrax's helmet, i want to make a plastic or 3D model
i dont know what to tell you
looks cool tho

File: Wolf had.pdf (95 KB, PDF)
95 KB
its that time of year again,

since october and by association halloween is right around the corner let's post halloween themed papercraft, origami and costume ideas/tips so we can help our fellow /po/lite friends

please no arguing this board is too slow for that shit

ill start with this wolf head i found in my folder and a question on whether i should do something like this or a helmet from skyrim
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File: skull1469inch.pdf (122 KB, PDF)
122 KB
122 KB PDF
I used to be savvy, but now I have no idea how. It's based off this:

I just reduced the number of faces as low as I aesthetically could (146). I lost a chunk in the mouth...but since I was using it as a mold I didn't care....no idea how to fix it anyways.
File deleted.
I’m here on the shitter high and drunk on 4/20, my girlfriend just went to sleep. Right before she went I told her look, this is 4chin. I passed my high school arts class 10 years ago thanks to 4chan because I was an autist obsessed with spearkerdogs and pokemon palercrafts and finding the secret shin Tanaka paper craft sources. I really should do some papercraft again
if youre talking fixing the obj i guess you could either up the number of faces a bit or just add that face yourself but like in the pepureka? editor no idea man
Anyone have the pdf for Dragon V1? Pls

anyone had the pdf/pdo file?
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You are obviously the person >>592299
is referring to your way of speaking to others is VERY characteristic. The glass slipper fits Cinderella. You are clearly mentally disturbed, psychotic in fact... And I quote, "I would shoot you in the face with a tank if I were there." Do you even hear yourself, go look at all your posts. Get some mental health help, it is just words from some anon about papercraft. WOW, just WOW.
Fags will be fags
The whole board is shit and you are the shit people. Take a look at yourself in the mirror before accusing me. Fagget troll bitch pussy
AND btw fuckface. Better check who you are accusing of saying what. Your illiterate ass probably doesnt even know who posted what on this rant but I didnt say any of the things you are accusing me of dicksucker. There were at least 5 ppl posting on this shit post. Better learn how to read boomer.

File: _sXHGAPApIc.jpg (136 KB, 1280x960)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
All old papercraft forums are dying and almos all links there are dead for more than 2 years and after my hard drive died i decided that i'll share everything that i could recover from it also i urge you to share your collections so they won't dissapear like mine did https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vTOwUI78y3D0k63uTxC7-G5bArKQP0Sr
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>This upload does not exist

Can you please reupload?
Posting in old thread
3 years is nothing for this board
Blessed thread

File: In Remembrance.png (28 KB, 1332x832)
28 KB
In remembrance of the last paper planes thread, which just so happened to be one of the oldest boards on 4chan that passed away quite recently, this thread will serve as its successor. Hopefully this thread won't be prematurely bumped into oblivion like the last one did.

Anyways, this thread could serve as a sort of "Paper Planes General". Feel free to post your designs, .pdf files, and folding instructions. Anything goes as long as it flies or at least looks like its supposed to.
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Well, I found one I could do with letter paper. The F4. Not too interesting, but it’s a start.
Anything new?
thanks anon
It's a shame that this thread never gets updated
Looks great, Anon! I tried making his A-10 model but the final product came out really wonky. The fuselage was way too narrow and the engines came out lopsided, even though I followed the dimensions to the letter. Guess I gotta try again.

File: [7200SS]SD SAZABI.jpg (344 KB, 600x800)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
Ive had this file for a while. I got through the head, chest and skirt assemblies but i have no instructions for the legs, back boosters or weapon. Can anyone help??
I wish I could help. Could you post the files you have already?

File: death.jpg (12 KB, 280x280)
12 KB
Is papercraft as a hobby dying?
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_3014.jpg (1.3 MB, 3264x2448)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
>591283 #
A paper craft haven't been dying. It is what I am crafting today.
People needs to use their hands.
Nothing, other anon is being a melodramatic teenager or an elderly youth hater.

In reality there are health issues such as sight problems, addiction and sleep disruption to name three. But also in reality the gym has as many if not more well documented problems and life threatening health hazards, including addiction.
Paper on the other hand is nice and safe... if you don't have trouble clotting or grow lemons.
Sale figures of the figurines are steadily dropping, GW lives off of whoring out their IPs
File: U4Iu8N8yh58.jpg (1.31 MB, 1920x1920)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Ruskie gang represent m'duud
what did you use as a base for that?

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