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File: batman.jpg (164 KB, 601x539)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Any other Batman fans here? We have tons of regular Batman papercrafts out there, but none of his crazy suits and gadgets. Is it possible for someone to create a craft of this Winter Batman from the upcoming comic Eternal Winter?
No :)

Besides, you got paid commissions for things like this, don't be a cheap-ass

a few while ago there was a thread were everyone was posting a bunch of old origami files that are dead now, here's a torrent file i made of what I could salvage from that thread and who ever was that one guy with 2 gigs of Russian paper tank instructions please repost your google drive link. Also my dsl internet is very slow for seeding.

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thanks man, I'm still seeding as of now
The only origami there is "individual models" and "Tanteidan conventions". Other stuff is papercraft.
Can you give an idea what is origami as to the folders don’t specify. I appreciate the effort but don’t want to download a bunch of not origami stuff needlessly. Thanks
My apologies, most of it is paper craft and you should be able to see the files in the mega nz links
Ok cool. No need to apologize. Appreciate the info and the effort

File: images (4).png (11 KB, 360x288)
11 KB
Is it always a good idea to Score every fold? Or is it better to just score some parts where its supposed to fold and leave the other ones to make it look more neat?

I scored almost everything except the cylindrical/circular parts, but thinking about it back then, while I was working on Yuuka Kazami, most of her parts were not scored at all except her hands, her shoes, and her head
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Ohh, sorry, didn't read it right then. In any case, I think that this is the only pro way to go, not beding any other parts but the flaps.

Else, the other ways to make it look more professional is using better print paper, coloring the edges that are still visibly white, covering and reinforcing the papercraft with spray, reinforcing the inner parts with tape and filling it out (either crumbed-up paper or foam that doesn't expand), etc. I think there are some tips like that online with the folks building crafts in realtime and I also saw some tutorials in PDF form a few times.
Great, I'll try my best then

The only thing I could do is probably score the clearly complicated glue flaps then let the larger ones that doesn't have to bend at 90 degrees or over stay to keep the whole body rigid

Here's my Yuuka Kazami, probably my best craft yet
Looks very netly done already.

I didn't find any real links to neatly made papercrafts per-say, but I know this guy who makes videos of all his crafts and he does them pretty smooth:


I know I saw another file somewhere with tips and I am trying to find that one, else just try to google "how to" papercraft videos or something and you should be able to find some
This is the one I found. Not really much to go on picture-wise and not really detailed, but it does give some tips on what I already mentioned earlier.

Also, I know people ask a lot of questions about how to reinforce things and how to make things better in FB papercraft groups, so it may be good to try to ask people there for their tips and answers on what materials they actually use.

File: images-51.jpg (34 KB, 465x462)
34 KB
hello im looking to get in toy modeling/papercrafting but i have hard time dealing with the material... basicaly looking for easy to model material but also easy/bake or permanent,

also maybe flexible end product but not fragile so you can stretch it around...

also "fun" modelling technique where i dont need to sand, cut, to get precise shape? especially moving joints and articulate forms...
So, basically you want a anime figurine and not a papercraft? Because as the name says, it's made out of PAPER, so no paper-like material stretches and none of them are made so you don't "need to cut things", coz that's the whole point... so I got no idea why you even posted this...
I think he has tried paper and doesn't like it or can't handle it well, and is asking for an alternative.
I don't have one but it makes sense to post here to ask papercraft enthusiasts what they would consider a good alternative.
I think it's actually a stupid question, because what else can you get to make a papercraft if not paper? You can use really simple stencils and make it out of wire or steel and bend that, but good luck with the more complex desings. There just isn't anything like paper or cardboard that can bend as easily for these figurines, so it's pretty much a given that you use paper.

Now AFTER you make the papercraft, that is a whole 'nother story. You can reinforce it while building to make it stury, like filling it out, spraying it with all sorts of sprays to make it hard like rock, using glue and toilet paper for instance to glue over it and color it new and make it hard like gips, etc. etc. But the building process will always be paper.
you can use soda/beer cans. if you glue the paper to them and you have a lot of patience it can end up really good
I actually did see some wannabe papercrafts made out of packaging material, aka thinner cardboard. A Japanese deisgner makes papercraft figurines out of snack packaging, but as said, none of those are actually papercraft template and all of them are made free-hand. So, again, not a papercraft.

The only other one I saw made without paper/folding was a simple bulldog papercraft, made out of metal parts. So the guy wielded all the parts together and made a wannabe boxy dog out of it. Again, since it was metal, it's not a papercraft per say.

The only other option you got is to actually lear to do things from polymer clay and normal cray and to those PVC molds for figurines like the Japanese figurines they sell. Really fiddly work, and if you want to be precise it can be a bitch, but that is the only way you won't "bend" anything or "use paper".

Where can I find this model ?
>Where can I find this model ?
Where did you find this model ?
Good question, I couldn't find it with Google search either. It's definitely not in giladorigami.

File: fish+small.jpg (517 KB, 2500x1676)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
Can anyone share Beth Johnson's origami fish?
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Thanks! I feel like I might have bitten off more than I can chew with this one, but I'm slowly figuring it out
File: fishfull_sized.jpg (746 KB, 1250x3000)
746 KB
746 KB JPG
I've been having huge amounts of trouble visualizing the fold in images 2-5, so I made a little guide. It really helped me, maybe it'll be of some use to you as well.
I notice that all your creases are (kinda soft) valleys, which can be hard to see. When folding any tessellation it can help to make all your grid creases flexible from the start. Also, if you happen to have any of that shiny crappy paper that cracks when you fold it (sometimes comes in cheap kits), save it. It's good for making models when you need to see the creases and it's good for zoom teaching.
Good advice!

I should've used the mountain-side of of my 10x10 grid to work with. Not sure why I didn't. Flipping my paper over, I can already see it stand out more... and creases are extra weak because this is just basic 22lb printer paper. I didn't want to waste good (or even mediocre) paper until I had a good grasp on the process.
I suggest using plain old kami for your first attempt. I could be wrong, but I'm thinking that the thicker printer paper will be tough to make this model from, especially if it's small paper. But since you've already started and may not want to refold your 10x10 grid and aren't too far along, I would backtrack and recrease your 10x10 grid very firmly with the back of your thumbnail as flexible creases.

Can u help me? I'm looking for Jindrax's helmet, i want to make a plastic or 3D model
i dont know what to tell you

Looking for this Paper totem by Harlancore
Here ya go!

File: Eva Fish Rei & Shinji.png (246 KB, 1222x1615)
246 KB
246 KB PNG

I am a newfag, however i hope not to fall into newfag behavior, because that is obviously quite annoying. I am wondering what my first origami piece should be as a beginner, and also what i should use. Now for the question i have, i heard from /mu/ that this board is the least infected by /pol/ and thus is the most peaceful board on the website, is this true from your experience?
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im not even op but nice diagram, i've wanted to find one for a while now

also no, since the board has a similar name to pol /po/ and /pol/ theres a retard every once in a while that just posts some retarded shit before looking which board he's at since he forgot the l
This is a relatively slow board, but there's lots of entitled people here as well.
Have fun folding man.

That sounds like some stuff only tourists would do (I say this despite being a newfag my self because i am going by the definition of tourist) Because /pol/ and /po/ have different backgrounds.
it is, but that doesnt mean it isnt annoying
the board is slow and some idiot kills off a thread cause he didnt take the time to look at which board he was on

That is true.
File: orizuru.jpg (131 KB, 2560x1565)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>I am wondering what my first origami piece should be as a beginner, and also what i should use.
Pic related is a classic for a reason. As for materials, I'd recommend buying some origami paper at your local craft store for your first project. You'll want a perfect square. You can make square paper on your own out of printer paper, but it's hassle to get it right, especially for a beginner.

File: P1010055.jpg (2.43 MB, 2272x1704)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB JPG
Today we entered a new lockdown status here: Purple Wave.

Sharing purple papercraft.

God bless you! :D
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File: Ciri.pdf (1.01 MB, PDF)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PDF
Not a Disney princess.

God bless you! ò .o
File: Geralt.pdf (921 KB, PDF)
921 KB
921 KB PDF
White Wolf! :0

God bless you!
File: Leshy.pdf (884 KB, PDF)
884 KB
884 KB PDF
God bless you!
File: Triss.pdf (1.01 MB, PDF)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PDF
Merigold. Tread lightly.

God bless you!
File: Yennefer.pdf (1.31 MB, PDF)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PDF
Last of the group. ^ ,^

God bless you! :D

File: hhhhhh.jpg (2.09 MB, 4401x6077)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
Fixing Papercraft Templates: Hi, I use Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to try and fix or if it's simple re-create any blurry, damaged or faded papercraft templates. I’m looking for the KamiKara woodlouse and armadillo. I saw blurry versions a while ago on youtube but the link is dead now. If anyone has them or any other templates that need fixing post them and I'll try my best to help!

Please keep in mind that it might take me a while to fix depending on the number of pages and the complexity of the texture.
Can't help you with your request but just want to say good job OP!
Can you share the whole thing on here? Looks so cute XD I would love to make it
File: 1.jpg (2.76 MB, 4725x6076)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB JPG
You need to put a coin in the white pouch in-order for it to work. When it lies on its back and you push it forward it'll rise back up.
Thank you very much! Will do and try it out :)

File: En01KzPVgAAbXkr.jpg (356 KB, 1690x2048)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
Any idea where can I get low poly animals like these?
Look for lowpoly papercraft groups on VK. The papercraft Etsy sellers based in Russia like PolyFish and PaperFreak have a lot of free ones in their gallery; but obviously they're not as good as the one they're selling.
You can make your own with little effort. Though they don't come out as symmetrical as the ones you can buy.
Etsy.com has some nice ones.

Cat origami thread! Because why not?
anyone got any good, simple-ish guides? tried 2 hours on one and the paper ripped so i gave up. i just wanna make a decent cat :|.
like one of the standing ones on four legs
File: TX-Cats.jpg (597 KB, 2839x1816)
597 KB
597 KB JPG
These are my favorites! Can you find out who designed them and where they are published?
File: 20170821_184636.jpg (1.61 MB, 3264x1836)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
Boxy cat
One of my favorite simple models.
that one's cute, d'you have a diagram?

My paper foldy I made

Hi /po/ people, I have a question for you. what is your favorite youtube channel or webpage to learn origami or papercraft? mine is Origami Club because I found the webpage on my wii 5 years ago an then I learn more about origami
Mariano Zavalas channel.
Also fearless flourish on YouTube because there's a feature where you can slow the videos down.
Also Bilibili has plenty of origami but it's in foreign and links for anime figures are harder to search
I use this board mostly, to get books.
But I have ask, why did you use your wii to browse the internet? do you still do it?

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