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File: untitled.png (123 KB, 300x225)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
does anyone have Paper Pendulum Clock kit or pattern? I have a kind of kit book but it quality is bad. pls share if you have better. I really want to make this one. thank you!
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File: 1651249426715.png (408 KB, 1000x871)
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408 KB PNG
>5 years.
What the actual fuck.
File: 1621153232752.jpg (269 KB, 684x705)
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269 KB JPG
Please go back
I want this thread to live forevah
it's honestly nuts how deleting /qa/ just made soiteens start posting on every other board instead.
File: 1649565886971.jpg (56 KB, 500x589)
56 KB

File: 20220510_072540869.jpg (2.08 MB, 3468x2401)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
Template Download FREE! no Ads or link protector
I forgott the URL! XD

I don't know SHIT about papercraft and I accidentally came here

Why isnt the saucer just a circle, and isn't there a way to curl paper for the edge?
>accidentally came here
Another chud who misspelled pol

File: images (8).jpg (31 KB, 429x606)
31 KB
Does anyone have Kaede Nakamura's Bambiraptor diagram? Thanks!!!

File: IMG-20210217-WA0019.jpg (44 KB, 1040x493)
44 KB
Your own design.
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Damn anon she's cute, what's her name?
Does anyone have the plans for the weasel?
bounce mode
File: ashe.jpg (306 KB, 1700x1700)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
>inb4 furry garbage
>postan on old thread
>no white woman

Would anyone be willing to share Papierschnitzel's Norse Village/ Dark Ages Village Builder paper terrain collection?

File: unnamed.png (17 KB, 362x512)
17 KB
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File: 1633902604409.pdf (646 KB, PDF)
646 KB
646 KB PDF
File: 1652570092488.pdf (6.76 MB, PDF)
6.76 MB
6.76 MB PDF
nas (not a snek)
Nope, not a snek, but very retarded.

File: 20220421_224026.jpg (1.35 MB, 2576x1932)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
I made this model earlier today, i think it resembles gizmo from the movie gremlins, what do you anons think it looks like?

Nibbler from Futurama raising his arms and saying "boo!" in his scribble voice, not his deep voice.
I would have said pitbull puppy, but now reading that you said Gizmo, I can see that.
The paper colour aside it is a goof fold
Goblin. Machine elf. Nefarious.
it look like Baby Yoda

File: alice_r_f.jpg (45 KB, 380x550)
45 KB
hi /po/

does anyone have the scans for


there were some from the archive back from 2014 but the link died

also are there any more who did touhou papercraft stuff other than ssa and lily?
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this board is so slow
File: 1510745365909.png (167 KB, 439x667)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Congrats anon!

I'm making an effigy of a McDonald's nightmare golem
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I too know this feel... Behold
Not a lot but I'm slowly smoothing everything out
This is amazing! Are you gonna 3d print it? If so post a link to your STL when it's done
Oh, yes, that was the plan. I'd wanted to get a larger printer first, But I will provide the OBJ to anyone who wants it. Let me look for my upload site. Im always glad to see another fan of the real mcdonalds mascot.

Here is the current OBJ. Completely solid and printable and free of errors. If you cannot do it yourself to print, I can break it down to smaller pieces. Alas, This site will only allow it to stay up for 30 days. If anyone else prints this out too, Post results. I'd recommend sizing 2400% or a bit more for the wearable head.
"...It's Mac tonight"

Thanks OP!

Just a question about the color version. it has both a white sheet and a color sheet. Are we supposed to glue the color sheet to the white sheet? Never seen it done like this.
Obvy just a reference so you know how to glue it retard
Thanks for the help and the insult! i love /po/!!!

File: PewPew1.jpg (52 KB, 539x765)
52 KB
First post on this board. Be gentile.
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File: PewPew5.jpg (31 KB, 539x765)
31 KB
File: PewPew6.jpg (30 KB, 539x765)
30 KB
File: PewPew7.jpg (39 KB, 539x765)
39 KB
File: PewPew8.jpg (37 KB, 539x765)
37 KB
File: PewPew9.jpg (34 KB, 539x765)
34 KB

File: 56.jpg (82 KB, 1080x1350)
82 KB
Is my gf's work good? She's always looking to improve.
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Too late, already saved and coomed and cropped her feet, printed it out and hanged up on my wall. /s
i like it, the drink reminds me of grim fandango
Go back.
Show us pictures without le quirky millennial shit.
I wanna see this bitches waist and feet.
File: 1650056073772.jpg (157 KB, 1080x1350)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
For what this is you probably don't NEED to improve but i've noticied some real sloppy edges in places, the fact that the flipper don't have any way of staying on is a tad distracting and theres a lot of dead space at the top of the pic. Next time remove every layer of the cardboard except of the top one on a bit that you're planning to glue on and keep the subject more centered.

i need bizarre origami works by hiroya Ogiso but all the other books have empty pages. anyone got the complete book?
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So he gets thanks for a dead link and I'm giving working links and gets NADA ?
thank you for your sacrifice
hail satin and satan and hare krishna
phil pdf
It actually got interesting towards the end because you seem to be inching towards the topic of telepathy. Freud, Walter Benjamin, Derrida have all expressed at the very least an interest in the subject and the topic itself really gives a quite atypical twist to the problem of individual subjectivity. To wit, does it provide resolution to the otherwise fundamental impasse of Kantian solipsism?

File: Machariys Omega.jpg (34 KB, 426x604)
34 KB
Used to post a lot here until it was taken over by the Cult Moronicus trolls...see if things are better:

whole bunch of files:

Space Marine/Chaos:




Imperial Guard:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Now with instructions. It takes longer to do the isometric perspective than it would to just take photos and add text. Not sure if I'll keep doing them this way or not.
Acastus Knight Porphyrion


Necromunda Zone Mortalis:

is there any sons of the phoenix ready to print army?
God Emperor Bless you brother!
Not that I have found. Sorry.

File: In Remembrance.png (28 KB, 1332x832)
28 KB
In remembrance of the last paper planes thread, which just so happened to be one of the oldest boards on 4chan that passed away quite recently, this thread will serve as its successor. Hopefully this thread won't be prematurely bumped into oblivion like the last one did.

Anyways, this thread could serve as a sort of "Paper Planes General". Feel free to post your designs, .pdf files, and folding instructions. Anything goes as long as it flies or at least looks like its supposed to.
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I had one as a kid. It was a silver or bluish book of 10 planes; I'd say they were moderate difficulty. Newbie-friendly to be sure, but not the basic dart airplane shape levels of simple. Like, 4/10 difficulty. It was for kids. Had some fun little gimmick designs like taping a penny to the nose of a plane to make it faster or folding the wingtips in opposite directions so the thing would do corkscrews.

I don't remember the name or the author, but I do remember some of the plane names. There was the Twister, the Sky Coaster, and the Cloud Chaser, to name a few. Maybe that'll help lead you to find it...?

>t. guy who got lost on the way to /pol/
File: 81uknhhdf7L._AC_SL1500_.jpg (243 KB, 1215x1500)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Had this one as a kid
I did some models yesterday, was pretty fun. Funnily the "worst" design was the best one flying with two paperclips on its nose for the right stability.
Does anyone have the John Collins book of Paper Airplanes? Called "The World Record Paper Airplane and International Award Winning Designs: The Best of John M. Collins and More Paper Airplane Book"

He has some designs on youtube but I want a visual step by step on them.
Yes. In a world with almost 8 billion people, including the author himself, the answer to "does anybody have it" is definetly a YES. All in a days work. I am off

*Capitan obvious flies away

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