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File: Jeanne dárc cp.jpg (173 KB, 772x774)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Let´s start a new thread since the other one has been archived.

Here yo can post origami books and request models
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Oh, I actually missed that one. Looking at the schedule nothing seems to be worth the price.
Right? There are only like 4 interesting models
Sup people, just have finished upload those to genesis lib:

>A. P. Nikulin - Collection of the best Paper Models
>Benjamin John Coleman - Origami Ikebana
>Enzo Ruscitti - Un Natale tutto di carta
>John Montroll - Perfect Pets Origami
>Ju Ping - Teach origami
>Jun Mitani - Beautiful 3D origami
>Origami compilation - Monkey, Macaque and Gorilla
>Takuji Sugimura - Origami greetings
>Voge Japon - Traditional Origami
>Zulal Ayture Scheele - Origami - Animali di carta

They're available only in the upload area by now, go there as User: genesis, PW: upload

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Nice. Thanks yet again

No problem.

BTW , just finished upload some more books to Genlib:

>Abu Koji - Folding 96 Fantastic Articles With Recycled Paper
>Alan Folder - Aeroplani di Carta
>Carlos Genova - Aves em Origami
>Carlos Genova - Enfeites Para Festas em Origami
>Fumiaki Shingu - Incredible Origami Animals
>Henan Science and Technology - The Best Origami Gadgets
>Origami by Wu Juyi
>Origami Diseños de Altura Nº 02
>Origami Society of Hong Kong-Nº 01

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File: prenos.png (2 KB, 305x165)
2 KB
Can somebody give me working codes for Pepakura 4.1.6. please? Thank you.

File: 20200620_230424.jpg (74 KB, 1068x618)
74 KB
Hey first time poster here! I was wondering if anyone has any favorite ways to wrap their flowers? I am a new fan of a thight double wrap of the bouquet since it looks very fashionable. Anyone with inspiration or picture of their favorite variants? Peace and blessing upon you all.
Wrap that baby.

File: 1609865661394.jpg (4.63 MB, 4032x3024)
4.63 MB
4.63 MB JPG
I am looking for resources (video/documents) or references to resources about the history of origami throughout the centuries. I am also interested in other resources on the background of origami, such as going in depth on folding techniques.

What are resources that gave you insights about origami and made you love the art even more?
Complete Origami by Eric Kenneway takes it's time to give a lot of background information. It tries to put the models it describes in a historical context.
File: Origami Design Secrets1.jpg (500 KB, 920x1200)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
Origami Design Secrets Vol.2 by Robert Lang blew my mind because it goes so in depth on folding and design techniques. It does a wonderful job on explaining how and why box pleating works and the way it shows how a simple model is taken and parts are added to it to make a complex model was very interesting.

File: 1608882604030.jpg (2.36 MB, 2216x2628)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB JPG
hii! anyone has this scan or knows if theres one? i think i can trade another youlingke scan that i haven't seen here
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What the hell are you talking about? Nothing got deleted. Have you checked the other threads? Jesus Christ.
Dude, someone mentioned this model on the thread I started and I literally said I had ordered it and it’s been scanned and uploaded since yesterday... it’s the Myethos Cheongsam Miku.
I literally got nothing. Bump it then if you can find it. I got 0 and I can't find the thread in the last 10 pages. No idea what YOU are talking about.
thread is called "Chinese site papercrafts", it is on the 1st page for me.

File: Screenshot_3.png (224 KB, 262x403)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
Hi. Will someone have this papercraft?
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When you spoon feed them they never learn to be useful to this community, not to themselves. Clearly the clues "VERY ACTIVE THREAD" and "SANTA'S SACK" were of no use, because they didn't even try. They didn't rub the two brain cells, drifting aimlessly through their vacant skull, together. They apparently didn't want it bad enough to put ANYTHING into getting it.
thanks! The truth is that I have seen that post but I grass high the publication

Hi. I'm the one who created the post and I'm new to 4chan. I did not know that there was another publication that talked about the subject, I apologize if I hurt other people's feelings! Being new I do not understand how this page works. I found the papercraft I was looking for with the help of the clue they passed.
nah ur good that guy is just a cunt

Post any Robot Series Papertoys by Pavel Prochazka, originally available in ABC Magazine in 2014 and 2015, that you have. I'll start with the two I have. I am missing the ARCADEBOT, FOTOBOT, LCDBOT, and CRTBOT

I'll start with HIFIBOT...
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File: 2154358-img-robot-v0.jpg (125 KB, 750x500)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
File: 2015712_crtbot-v2.jpg (53 KB, 836x999)
53 KB
Missing CRTBOT
File: 2090482-img-fotobot-v0.jpg (219 KB, 750x671)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Missing: FOTOBOT
Thank OP. These are pretty cool. Hopefully we can get the other ones!
Bump for interest and for the save.

File: images (1).jpg (14 KB, 225x225)
14 KB
Found this papermodel of Shinku but has really bad quality, someone know the author?
IIRC, i have a pepakura model somewhere. I'll try to find it.
Found it:

File: seaweed.jpg (1.94 MB, 2121x1414)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
Saw someone using a glue that I think was made out of kelp or seaweed for collaging. It was in a jar. Any idea what it's called? I'd like to buy it.
Not sure but try looking for something similar to agar powder. Its a product of kelp that's mixed to make stuff like jellies and gloopy lube.

looking for Le Truancy Crew de Tougui

File: mikan.jpg (101 KB, 600x800)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Happy new year /po/, hope 2021 goes well for all of you
thank you
Why is it still December 32 for me?
Like look at this, but I wish you all a happy new year too!

During the 18th century there were many way of sealing a letter. Some would do it for love other to show friends and family's they cared. Still others out of boredom. Yet today the art and there technetates are almost gone. Can anyone share how they did it and other technetates on how to close a letter the way they did?
File: 1609430488760.jpg (144 KB, 750x477)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>8.6KiB 282x179
slit your throat

File: 2346773373_9ffc5fc740_b.jpg (343 KB, 1024x850)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Haven't seen a thread about models that can be used as furniture, props, or backgrounds for /toy/ photos and displays in a long while.

Hopefully I can provide some nice things for you all, and get some new stuff for myself.
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File: 1452763915926.jpg (333 KB, 2668x1764)
333 KB
333 KB JPG

File: rodo rora.gif (6.8 MB, 535x296)
6.8 MB
6.8 MB GIF
I shall make great use of this asset
Is that Liquid Snake?
Thanks for this based anon

looking for El picante by Dolly Oblong
is this where you got the photo from? https://www.flickriver.com/groups/873328@N23/pool/interesting/ it's a shame as all the rest are quite good in quality
File: 2860210251_53e41fdf3f.jpg (85 KB, 500x353)
85 KB
yep got the same size as you plus also their other toy in that size too
el picante link is down
maybe someone can modify don noche to look like el picante

File: where.png (192 KB, 514x214)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
So the tutorial for box pleated cps on the Welcome to /po/ thread is missing it's final step on the origamiaustralia website. Where is that last PDF? I can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet.
Still waiting
Spelling is . mandatory.It is origamiaustria
Yeah you're right but honestly it doesn't really matter and you didn't answer my question

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