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Hey guys, I know it's a long shot, but I figured this would be as good a place to ask as any. About 10 years ago I had download a bunch of these Advance Wars-eque Japanese SD tanks. They were called The Cat Army or something. I can't find the old patterns and sadly it seems like all the original links are now dead. Does anyone have these to share? I figured they'd make a great quarantine project to introduce my 5 year old to papercraft. Or is there an archive of old papercraft you can point me too? Thnx in advance.
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Thanks for the link, I agree these are fantastic little designs.
I feel like working on a little 3d project so I'm thinking making a paper model with this style
Anyone might have any requests?
Why is it not using caterpillar tracks?
I'm retarded. How do I download the models from here >>583264 ?
Click on the model you want. you should see a link underlined with the word zip and the filesize beside it. Ex: (zip圧縮 86kb)

it also helps if you translate the page into english.

Hope this helps!!!

File: maxresdefault.jpg (48 KB, 1280x720)
48 KB
I have been doing origami for a couple years know, the most complex model I have done is most likely Jo Nakashima's dragon. Any good points to go off of from here?
No clue what you're into anon. There's so much good origami of different styles, you just have to find what you like.

If you want to build up your folding skills, go look for a PDF of Jun Maekawa's "Genuine Origami." If you can fold the hardest model in that book you can fold a lot of stuff from diagrams.

Satoshi Kamiya's models are often recommended, for a good reason, they look great and they're good fun to fold. It's a strong starting point too, harder than Maekawa's book. Since they're well known models there are video tuts on youtube you can use to help you out.

Does anybody know of a more detailed papercraft of a triceratops skull?

Pic related is great, but big polygons.

Also any more dinosaur skulls would be appreciated
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File: stark direwolf.jpg (57 KB, 705x960)
57 KB
I've done the stark direwolf emblem by the same author (Pic related), his papercrafts are cool.
------ are valley folds and -.-.-.- are mountain folds, right?
This file is incomplete, where can I find page 12?
The file is complete, I simply can't read kek
>his papercrafts

File: origami.png (23 KB, 259x213)
23 KB
how do you read some of the unclear instructions in origami pdf instructions? I just have a hard time understanding what some of the instructions mean. Don't know if I'm just stupid, or others have this same issue.
Usually when it is unclear it is because it involves a manoeuver in 3D, don't be afraid to open your model, partially or even almost completely. Some folds can't be done if the model is flat. Also, the Crease Patterns are a huge help in these cases.
It may help if you look at the next diagram in the sequence, as this will show the effect of the creases. It looks like a small crimp to swivel a part towards the long "nose".
And sometimes the diagrams really are bad. Diagramming pet peeves include: too many steps on the same illustration and not showing clearly (especially in the case of a 3D manuver) where something ends up. A dot and a label saying "point A ends up here" on an extra image can be very helpful, as can a properly placed arrow. You can search for videos (try translating the model's name into Japanese or Chinese and searching on foreign sites; the Chinese are not picky about making vids without the creators' permission) and you can take pictures of the point at which you're stuck and ask for help on various forums.

I have a 3D file of this Batman design. Anyone want it to convert it to a papercraft? I am awful at Pepakura.

There you go.
Also, a hint: there's this thing called Google,it's pretty much free and if you use it you'll find nice stuff in it

File: calibre_7aOQu5J2vR.png (976 KB, 1710x1203)
976 KB
976 KB PNG
How do you manage your origami libraries? I use Calibre and it works fine for my purpose but I've always been interested how everyone else keeps their books organized
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>tag system similar to Danbooru
I tried to find Danbooru but in vain. Would you mind give me the name of your system ?
Dear sir, I thank thee.
Upload them pdf files here
>them pdf

Hi /po/ I came here humbly looking for your help. Some years ago I found a transformable Gold Lightan papercraft which looked similar to this one. But I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone have it? Please. Thanks in advance

File: Sans-titre1.jpg (17 KB, 310x416)
17 KB
Anybody can share Puss in Boots papercraft from Shrek? Links are all dead... as always :(
hahahah what the fuck are you talking abouuut
Here you go OP, I just downloaded it and it works.

Thank you very much! Didn't think to check with the russians if they have it XD apreciate it
File: Puss in Boots.pdf (7.04 MB, PDF)
7.04 MB
7.04 MB PDF
Here are the pdf's.

This one has lines.
This one is lineless.

File: IMG_20191121_090549.jpg (2.98 MB, 3120x4160)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB JPG
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Fucking heretic
One of the best paper planes I've seen yet.
there's some unusual ones in this too


Hey guys I got really into the game 13 Sentinels:Aegis Rim. I just found out the Japanese special edition came with a papercraft sentinel. Would anyone happen to have a copy or know where I can find one?

Can somebody share the Princess Zelda papercraft from Wild Walker? All the links are dead :(
*Waker sorry
Here ya go!

Had to use Waybackmachine to get it from 4shared.. Not sure if you have a 4shared account to d/l it so I uploaded it to Mediafire for you.


Thank you so much! I tried the Waybackmachine but couldn't get through the Snapchat. Then I tried another date, waaay waaay back in 2008 and it said they don't have an archive for this link :/ too stupid to use it I guess? In any case, I am very grateful :)

File: BellBag.png (456 KB, 1042x721)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
I made this, free download with 3 different versions for anyone that wants to make it. Sorry I don't have a photo of it constructed but haven't gotten the chance to make it IRL yet.

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this is super cute
if anyone else has animal crossing themed papercrafts i'd,love to seem em, here's one i've been waiting to put together :)
File: image0.jpg (1.23 MB, 3024x4032)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
Hey, OP, this was officially my first ever venture into papercrafting (even if it was a bit sloppy and I used too much tape)
Thank you for the design (:
Had to post this, since the 1. design is pure shit. Please, make a better one with this: https://www.deviantart.com/antyyy/art/Bell-Bag-Animal-Crossing-FREE-papercraft-839170213
cool to see your completed version, thanks!

that's a nice one, his is done a lot differently (circular strips versus big pieces). Is this better? I am new to actually making papercrafts and I want to get better.

File: blackbombs1.jpg (257 KB, 600x450)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
With these five Black Bombs from Advance Wars Dual Strike, I now made over 200 papercrafts that you can download for free from my papercraft webpage! (and I plan to make many more ;o) Have fun building!

File: katsuta_h.jpg (50 KB, 283x400)
50 KB
Origami House has a new book coming out later this month: Works of Katsuta Kyohei.

Only 13 models unfortunately, several of which have already been published in Tanteidan Convention/ Magazine, but some good stuff:

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Share what?
Oh sorry. Origami Works of Katsuta Kyohei.
Some day.
Been share here before, not new.

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