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I would like to start preparing my Christmas nativity scene.
Could someone share this book?
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thankyou so much for this!
I would suck your dicks if I could!
Many thanks!
Wow thanks amazing!
This is amazing thank you friend!

File: face.jpg (160 KB, 1837x610)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
I got some curly plastic strips from envelopes at work and want to turn them into curly hair for a bust I illustrated in pic related or similar.
I want it to look plain white with very minimal details for the modern artsy look.

A dodecahedron net would be easy to make from some thin white cardboard, and it is somewhat spherical like a head which would make the hair look better.
Plus a rectangular or trapezoidal prism for the base and a right angle triangular prism for the nose attached with glue.

I was planning on using glue for attaching the plastic strips but they may not stick well as they are designed to be easy to peel of the envelope glue, plus I imagine they would fall off over time.
Perhaps a stronger type of glue will make it an non issue, but I am looking for alternatives I could use like staples or tape.

Any advice or design critique? How would you make it?
My previous papercraft experience is limited to paper airplanes and chatterboxes so I am not very skilled at it.
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File: IMG_20221226_153342.jpg (1.8 MB, 4032x3024)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
The points are going to be tricky to deal with, might look stupid
File: IMG_20221226_160131.jpg (1.78 MB, 4032x3024)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
what did you mean by this

i still havent finished adding the hair

Thought this was awesome https://twitter.com/Cermrnl/status/1137722958577713152
Anyone tried doing paper puppets like this? Where would one get started designing something like this?
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that was a really good one man you kinda got him there

Here >>606562
I know I shouldn't have uploaded the link to the artist's file, but at the same time, we needed just one base model to work with and give us ideas of what we could do to make our own.

If I thought the artist would've been a retard who would choke on his own pride before taking a breath of humility, I would've never done such. If anything, I was hoping that others, having seen a sample of the quality would desire to purchase other models (which they did)

I still regret that even though I was a dick, I thought the other guy was a dick too, and if I realized that he was a pussy I would've never fucked him, because he started doing such shitty counter attacks that he became an asshole. I hope one day he can at least clean off the shit and be the creative pussy he was, knowing I won't fuck him again.
Everything you need to figure out how they're made are in the videos and photos. Unless you're a newdyke.

does anyone have the book "Origami Paper & Form 2 Jozsef Zsebe", that book is out of print and would like to fold your models. Thanks for understanding.
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you know, even though I think 4chan is for SHARING, if you ask them to share without offering anything in return, they'll keep calling you a "beggar". And I really didn't know that OUSA 2020 has been shared before.
I think OUSA 2019 wasn't.
Yeah, I know what you mean with that "beggar" crap. This is a sharing and requesting site. Those dumbasses that call other people
"beggars" come in here and request just as many books as everyone else.
man, thanks for understanding.I thought everyone on 4chan was the same (no offense).
Hi, i'm looking for: Tinkering with folds o
by Vigo Marc. Anyone can share? Thanks in advance!

File: unnamed.jpg (31 KB, 540x960)
31 KB
Feel free to post your collections, your works in progress, or your star hordes! You can find lots of inspiration in the old thread (http://boards.4chan.org/po/thread/515222) Remember /PO/ is a slow board so please don't bump the thread. I created the last thread over two years ago. Here's to two more.
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File: stars-material.jpg (289 KB, 1441x930)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
the thread can only live through update pics, artificial bumps prolong its existence but give no life to it.

it's almost another birthday of this thread fellas, get some pics ready
here are some great ribbons for paper stars i have been using, look for similar ones as christmas season comes around and stock up, they're easy to cut and great for stars
Hope she wasn't too itchy.
Is this the oldest thread on the board?
>>539494 is

File: cover196.jpg (57 KB, 510x720)
57 KB
does anyone have this (or this eagle's diagram)?
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But if they already have it they can fold it without sharing
Actually I am quite disappointed because there is no F-15 diagram. I am not impressed with the eagle.
Obviously they don't have it.
Sorry, F-14.
Ha! Bet u thought some1 shared it.

File: papouch (3).jpg (7 KB, 240x320)
7 KB
does anyone have and can share the diagram of this parrot, I think it's in NOA magazine 5, but I can't find that book anywhere.
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If this someone folded it, then this someone should know exactly which NOA it is in (not just
"some NOA magazine").
the person may have folded a long time ago.
File: noa 005.jpg (47 KB, 383x393)
47 KB
It is not so difficult to understand.
Indicates that it is not in NOA 5
The parrot in NOA 5 is very different
FPH předmět be like
>ZT z domova 50 bodů
>Docházka 50 bodů

FMV předmět be like
>PT I 10 bodů
>PT II 10 bodů
>ZT 20 bodů
>Skuponová seminární práce 5 bodů (min. 12 stran)
>Indivuální seminární práce 7 bodů (min. 5 stran)
>Dobrovolný essay (povin.)
>Docházkové kvízy 5 bodů
>Case study 12 bodů
>Prezentace 7 bodů
>DÚ 5 bodů

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

If you have this book, please share it.
You fucking scumbag. I hope you fucking die. Fucking cunt.
Really, all that for making a request.
Same back to you little boy.
>You fucking scumbag. I hope you fucking die. Fucking cunt.
Yeah, you tell him. We don't take polite requests around here on /po/ where everyone makes requests!

Now if you have nothing useful to contribute, then I would like to make a request for your death to be expedited immediately (or at least before the one you think is scum even though he's a million times better than you based on manners alone), please.

File: papercraft.png (337 KB, 902x1202)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
Any amusing/meme-y papercrafts?
the archive has some funny 4chan ones

I need to buy a new printer and it must be an inkjet. I’ve shopped around but I can’t make a decision on which one to get. Right now I’m looking seriously at the Epson EcoTank line of printers just because I tend to print a ton of stuff for my projects and the tank makes it easy to refill.

I’m not sure about the print quality, though. Any recommendations anons could make would be appreciated. My budget is ~$350.
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any flatbed.
zamn good thread
I loved doing lino in HS and macrame in primary school. Why did I stop?
I find it odd that expensive printers do not have space for A3 paper .anytime I have to send pics to email_ go to the library and print them off at 30pence for b &w £1 for colour .But like you said it's great for posters and bigger schematic that can be carbon traced onto tissue paper
What kind of paper do you use

File: IMG_20210802_061847420.jpg (2.66 MB, 3120x4160)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
Day 2
988 to go
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God bless you, anon. This has been a fun journey.
Stay strong OP, and kudos for your efforts!
At least you tried, anon. I hope it all gets better for you :).
You have inspired me, and I've started my own with the paper I use to take notes in my university.
It's over
I'd folded around 300. Then got busy with the moving, then just forgot about them for a couple of months. Yesterday I tried to find them and realized the box where I put the folded ones got lost while moving. I think I'm still going to fold the rest. It just sucks that I put so much effort into this and I can't even finish the project because I started folding by color
File: 1654601050077085.jpg (34 KB, 370x699)
34 KB
Sorry anon

File: firefox_3LOaNL0O0b.png (518 KB, 742x1017)
518 KB
518 KB PNG
Hololive papercraft thread.
There are lots of holo related papecrafts scattered across the web. Post them here.
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Shit is shit, no matter how you describe it ^^
Christmas is coming, and it would be amazing if someone shared their papercraft scans, greetings, wink, wink.
This thread is still being snowed in...
Hi anon, I'm new to this. What tool are you using to view that in that gif?
File: 1673842291492560.jpg (28 KB, 375x361)
28 KB
What spray do you guys use to preserve it? I've heard matte coatings are better because they look better when things get dusty than gloss coatings, but I don't even know where to start. Do you add the glue/sealant coatings on the paper before you cut it, or after it's done, or what?

File: origami.png (1.33 MB, 598x894)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
alguien me puede colaborar cargando este libro por favor
32 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It was shared in a neighboring post, download it there
No it wasn't.
Thank you for this anon.
thanks dude excited to make maestro yoda

da mantis
very nice

File: hizfo433vl761.png (27 KB, 747x491)
27 KB
The threads that have torrents are gone, but I am still seeding.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is there some origami, or is it all papercraft?
Thank you sir, do you have other Papercrafts apart from those?
Haven't looked through all of it, but from what I can tell it's just papercraft.
there's a few folders with origami :)
Please continue seeding generous person

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