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Anyone here like Apex Legends? I designed a papercraft of the shield battery. Please try it out if it interests you!

Nice model, elegant design

File: 1619493985693.jpg (66 KB, 780x656)
66 KB
Was anyone able to get the rest of this papercraft as well as the ship that came with it? The old post got archived
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Hey! OP here! Yeah, I believe that only the upper body was published by the designer. I can only hope that the designer do answer the request.
I'm contact someone on instagram who already build full body, but he don't want to share the legs. so sad T.T
Typical asian bitches prob
Oh dear no! There has to be another way of getting the complete version of this papercraft.
The only way is directly contact the designer, hope he still want to share the legs part

File: 8.png (4.72 MB, 2544x3504)
4.72 MB
4.72 MB PNG
Hey everyone!

Here is the fixed scan.

Did some major adjust on images

Re-draw sakura face and other parts like base card

Not %100 accurate but now i think is a better option for people who can't afford it

The scans were made by >>590237 annon

Did my best cleaning some parts! Enjoy

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I think this one... But she looks okay for me...
Maybe we can try another one too
Hmmm.. Okay! I'll see if there's any need to fix that one. If not, what else should we work on?
Miku 10 anniversary,?
thanks, can't wait to make this just to cum on it

File: 171063.jpg (65 KB, 640x451)
65 KB
I am 80% sure that I saw a Eri papercraft of the anime Hero academia before. Somewhere on FB probably. But I didn't find it anywhere, I searched on google and didn't find anything.

Does anybody know if there is a template out there. Do you know where to get it, buy it, are you willing to trade it? Anything that would lead me to it really, I am a huge fan :PPP
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Yeah, I feared that it's nowhere to be found XD I got no idea about designing, only making the finished ones. Any recomendations for commissions?
hey anon, if you have pepakura, you can probably unfold a pre-existing eri 3-d model into a papercraft.
I've found one on DA, but you might have to convert the file so it is compatible with pepakura's sofeware.
Yeah, good luck importing a un-edited un-posed 3D model with 1000k polygons. Idjt. That's the 1. thing you DON'T do if you want to have a papercraft. You can just import everything willy-nilly and think it's gonna look great.
Besides, anon asked for a designer for a commission, not your crappy stupid oppinion. Obviosuly he doesn't want to work himself (doesn't know how to), wants it to look proffessional, and not just the ones the latinos on FB think a papercraft looks like, importing all the 3D stuff they can find for free in the program and just unfolding it with 1000 pieces. Let the grown-ups talk here.
I was asking for a commission... because this isn't how you do a good craft, obvy
Pretty much sums it up here XDDD
Oh so that's how it works. Thanks anon, I know now.
I hope you can find what you are looking for.

File: EXV 01.pdf (59 KB, PDF)
59 KB
You cannot enter exvagos
No problem. The links of the 1ª week of the year
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javascript:quote('595938'); Good morning, see if you allow yourself to be influenced by people who insult and talk nonsense, you lose the essence of how important it is to promote origami and sow that seed in many people, that is your main work, when you share those beautiful origami books, rest everything you need, recharge your batteries and when you can, don't forget us.
Bla bla bla, share something yourself if you care so much. But no, better to be a free rider.
And how many book did you share? I guess 0.
More than I should have. Won't do that mistake again ;)

File: mokoufunny.jpg (19 KB, 240x320)
19 KB
Hi /po, absolutely new here. I wanted to make a mokou papercraft small thing, pic attatched is the one. I found two links:

that both reference a page that has since been taken down. went via way back machine to see if i can retrieve the old zip file, but couldn't find anything at all. It is a pretty old post on those two blogspot accounts (2009), but I really wanna see if the files to make this specific papercraft are still lying around for anyone, or anyone knows where I can find em.

Thank you to anyone who helps, anything is appreciated.
by the way, if anyone has any mokous that are simple enough, feel free to post em- I basically take anything at this point, the only mokous other than this that arent shitty are some overly complex ones, so i'll take whatever I can
I'm not sure if it was ever fully released, all the versions I found only had the bow and stickers. I'll link a site with similar ones just in case you wanna try those instead.

this was quite useful, but alas, I think you may be right, and it was never fully released, or it was lost to the sands of the internet... unfortunate
Duuude, these are super easy to re-make. Just order a commission, pay those few bucks for it, and you get an almost same papercraft of them. If you really want them. Even I can re-make them myself. You can pay me and I can make you the 2 missing ones.

File: b_1_q_0_p_0.jpg (13 KB, 453x310)
13 KB
i have been into origami for a while now and i feel like i can't find any challenging origami. Anyone have any REALLY challenging origami instructions? Found some cool pictures but i cant find the instructions.
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Ah, I can translate if anyone really needs.
My dad gifted me this book when I was like 8, to this day I cannot recreate those models. I feel so dumb
Love it anon
OP may have it, but I didnt. So thank you :)
File: 20210719_021212.jpg (2.02 MB, 3264x1836)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
Not OP, (its me from above again ^^)
But thanks for sharing that origami book! Now I've done my first ever origami! A seal and a walrus :)

This guy published a great origami book with high quality original models at age 18 some 30 years ago and then disappeared forever.

If you don’t know this book I highly recommend it.
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this link is not more working, can you please reupload?
Is it working yet?
Thank you, mate
Any chance of someone uploading a link again?

File: death.jpg (12 KB, 280x280)
12 KB
Is papercraft as a hobby dying?
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Sale figures of the figurines are steadily dropping, GW lives off of whoring out their IPs
File: U4Iu8N8yh58.jpg (1.31 MB, 1920x1920)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Ruskie gang represent m'duud
what did you use as a base for that?
no idea, just learned about it today, but you inspired me to try my first one with this design as it looks fairly simple, so if its of any concern your helping create new patrons
Well, things are only going to get worse every year until something is done about the endless stream of mindless apps and platforms that want nothing but your time. Today's 20 year olds and especially the next generation will have a tough time concentrating on anything, I'm sure of it. But hey, it was neat being able to look at a 5 year old thread.

File: _sXHGAPApIc.jpg (136 KB, 1280x960)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
All old papercraft forums are dying and almos all links there are dead for more than 2 years and after my hard drive died i decided that i'll share everything that i could recover from it also i urge you to share your collections so they won't dissapear like mine did https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vTOwUI78y3D0k63uTxC7-G5bArKQP0Sr
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Can you reseed the torrent until I can download it and start seeding, at least for a few months, hopefully enough time for others to download it and seed.
Is Pepakura free, or do I have to pay in order to use it?
Pepakura viewer is free but some of tge functionality in pepakura designer is paywalled

File: 1405321734938.jpg (78 KB, 1280x960)
78 KB
Max images have been reached on the old one
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File: 1405322217603.jpg (57 KB, 553x506)
57 KB
File: 1405325776509.png (121 KB, 1050x1050)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
File: po Stencil.png (37 KB, 1706x1294)
37 KB
Shit, I have an imagE I want to turn into one of these but i'm too smoothbrain to do so.

File: image.jpg (131 KB, 750x750)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Do you ever give away your paper creations? Do people appreciate them? Tell some stories ITT
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fair enough
In ancient Greek mythology, Pygmalion was a highly accomplished Cypriot sculptor. Though skilled at imitating the human form, and well acquainted with it's subtleties, he became disgusted by it when he witnessed the Propoetides prostituting themselves. These women were punished by Venus for their lack of worship with a coarseness of skin and a crudeness of nature, and were then forced into prostitution. Seeing this, Pygmalion the sculptor was repelled and could no longer appreciate women.
Seemingly alone, Pygmalion sought to create for himself a perfect, pure, unsullied companion. He used his particular skills to this end: he created a statue bride.

What you are seeing is an "autistic" picture. It's origin is attributed variously, and almost certainly spuriously, to various abstract artists or surrealists. The truth is that what we are seeing, and what we perceive to be strange and disturbing, is actually beauty to it's creator.
Perhaps what we are viewing is the work of a modern Pygmalion. To him, her toneless voice, the paleness of her skin and the comparative vibrancy of her lips may indeed be the very embodiment of a perfect woman...
Consider the mind-scape of the creator. In whose mind does this appear beautiful? In whose mind is this pure, near worshipful? Are we missing out on his perspective?

Who are we to be afraid or to judge them? He may well love her fully, perhaps more fully than any of us could ever hope to be loved. In the mind of her creator, she is a near goddess; the perfect representation, not just of femininity, but the peak of human potential. A perfectly satisfactory being.
That's pretty cool anon.
I made a post.
fucking awesome. Once I have a house I'm making an army of concrete papercraft garden gnomes.

File: paper_img05_off.png (16 KB, 175x300)
16 KB
Hi /po/! I've managed to find 3 out of the 5 Evangelion models created by Epson, but I am missing EVA-01 Berserk version and EVA-08. Does anyone have these by chance?
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Why not?
Why would I work for lazy bums that don't know how to use google search. Besided, the pink one was never shared, so nobody got all of them anyway. The rest are online and download it yourself, work-shy faks
Because /po/ is about sharing and helping out the papercraft community. Cab't ask a simple question without resorting to name calling. Man this place is so f'kn toxic!
>>toxic<< says the one being "better" and name calls the whole papercraft community on the site because of 1 person + can't spell either...

How about you are actually "better" and you share the files on here? That would actually make a statemen, yet, it's easier to name call than to help the request and do it yourself. Guess the guy was right that people are lazy, even the "better" ones

I posted these but can't seem to find 3, 4 & 5. Any help with those? Or even a pic of what they look like would be helpful.

Is there any papercraft armor models out there?

I mean armor without the person inside, like pic related, I would be neat to do something like this for your work desk
It would be western, oriental, historic, medieval, fantasy, anything goes
Any help will be really appreciated
Schreiber-Bogen models, ABC magazine, Zioprudenzio models.
where to get?
Zio Prudenzio Models you will find at

I hope, it helps...

Started this because I couldn't post it in OP Thread, and it looks like it could be getting close to post limit, idk...

That is awesome!... The must have models from Youlingke imo, are Yae Sakura, Mandarin Dress Ver from Honkai Impact 3rd and Megumi Kato, Swimsuit Ver from Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata.
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Ahhh Anon, you are a breath of freash air in this polluted swampland. Thank you so much for sharing stuff with us as always ;_; you make my week
Thank you so much! You're the main reason this toxic community is bearable. I really appreciate it!
anon love yooou!! thank you so much <3!
Hey Everyone. I have Bad news.
Someone has contacted me and let me know that Youlingke has stopped shipping abroad all together, including the warehouses that the crafts are usually sent to. I don't know how closely it's being monitored but it's safe to assume that he knows the warehouse addresses for superbuy and will refuse to mail to them. Hopefully this doesn't impact other proxies but for now I know i can no longer share the scans publicly If I want to get my hands on them at all, I also don't know if this impacts other designers. He also took off his new 2B model for some reason. hopefully not because of this.

I'm Sorry about this. Hopefully one day he'll sell abroad again but I urge people if he does to buy them directly from his shop from now on. I think I'm going to take the scans down soon so if you'd like to keep in touch please contact me @ffrtz24 on twitter.
That sucks, I'd been wanting the Blaze one bad and it appears I just missed it, damn the luck. CRAP! :(

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