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File: 13830-post-img-1.jpg (122 KB, 600x302)
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what do you think about making sculptures out of aluminum foil?
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very nice
File: exis2.jpg (820 KB, 1808x4032)
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820 KB JPG
File: exis1.jpg (925 KB, 1808x4032)
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925 KB JPG
made this today, probably doesnt belong on this board but i dont know where else to post it
File: exis3.jpg (235 KB, 1808x4032)
235 KB
235 KB JPG

A simple question
pic related is the Skull from Kunihiko Kasahara - Joy of Origami, however the scans that I've found of that book lack some pages, incl. the skull
so, has anyone got the full scan or a diagram? I do know that the diagram exists, because I used it a few years ago to fold the skull, but alas I've lost the image by now
thank you <3
File: Kasahara_Skull_CP_only.jpg (1.36 MB, 2040x2640)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
Kasahara also published the CP in New Discoveries in Origami 1, but the CP image was quite small and there were some mistakes in the polarity of the creases. Someone did their best to enlarge the CP and mark over the mistakes and shared a copy in a Zoom meeting. P.S. If anyone has a decent copy of Joy of Origami, we'd appreciate it.
Here's the page from Kasahara's New Discoveries.
looking for a pattern for a hanya mask, or like any demon mask.
Thank you so much!
Here's the incomplete Joy of Origami, just in case...
And now that you mention it, I do seem to remember having to grapple with some creases when I was folding the skull, but I ascribed that to the fact that it was the first CP I used, otherwise I used to fold solely off step by step guides.

File: images.jpeg-1.jpg (8 KB, 180x250)
8 KB
Someone have new magazines of origami??? Like Origami tanteidan 181???
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This was the shitty low quality version last time I checked, the actual HQ version is on the Zlibrary. The link was already posted somewhere in /po.
OK, take it or leave it, I don't really give a shit. I was just trying to help. I didn't check the quality, I just knew where it was.
Oh, it's on this list also. >>587815

Wanted to start a new/same thread, since the old one with the shared files got maxed and it doesn't show on the new posts on the 1. page?

In any case, I wanted to ask PaperTV anon, if there is any way I can still request some files to download from the site, or if anybody else knows where to download them of course. Here they are:





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I mean, you can get Mona if you pay $15 now (as it is last Tier 3 model now), you can get al free models too, but i don't know about older tiered models.
I think I'm gonna ask the artist

Hi Anon, as I've promised, since no one showed up with the files you've requested, here they're, hope you enjoy:


NOTE: Aparently this host delete the files after 15 days of inactivity, so please download while you can.

I'm sorry for delay to take them, I'm kinda bored to go to those very bad designed and slow chinese sites, I can only log on paper.tv using Weibo and the login lasts 1 week, then need to renew and sometimes get problems with QR codes over and over...

And the way I do to download from Baidu without account takes sooo long, those files are just 19MB but took me 20 minutes to download, it's ridiculous.

BTW if someone want me to tell how I download from baidu, I can tell here, so next time I just need to get the links with coins and send here, that will save me some time
I have a Baidu account, I followed a YouTube video. I can try and find it again if that helps.
Thank you very much for the shared files :)

Hi, first time posting here, im from /biz/ , and i am creative soul and like making origamis since i was smoll. Maybe you guys dont like monetizing origami, well I see no problem doing it.

Now , know that i will make these water lilies in beautifull original and decorative colors, like 'redwine' colour from pic related. the paper i use costs 0.44 EUR/piece. I think people may see this as a creative gift or decoration, so I thought i could maybe ask 15 EUR or a little more?
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Origami isnt going to sell. For one, its not a venerable art. Its not understood as 'difficult'or 'out of reach' like painting, or singing, are easily understood as.
Two problems.
Nobody outside of the origami community has an appreciation for the difficulty and artistry of origami. If someone unaquainted looked at a masterwork origami peice, they wont get it. Sure it,ll look cool, but you have to explain to them that its made with a single sheet with a complex design and theory. That right there is the largest barrier to monetization.
If youre gonna sell origami to the layman, then you have to sell it as something other than origami. Maybe as a low poly decoraction, maybe complete with a boxy flower pot and a square stem. Its not gonna be 'origami' though.
Second problem.
I very much doubt you designed this. Origami design is filled with enough theory to fill a college semester. This does not scrape it. This is a 1/10 on how capable origami is.
People do make a living off of origami, but its by selling their designs. You're gonna need to step it up and fold some complex peices if you want to sell origami as an artisin product.
Pic related is a modified Winged Kirin, designed by Satoshi Kamiya, but the name of the folder is lost to me. This would sell. But you need an artisan buyer, which is as difficult as selling a painting.
File: winged-kirin(2).jpg (134 KB, 1200x900)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
This is pic related.
There is a video on youtube that shows you exactly how to make this. So why would someone buy it?

I myself am not good at origami but I was able to make 2 of these watching the tutorial

There are hundreds of videos about how to cook, but people still go to restaurants.
But that lotus is a grilled cheese sandwich

File: DiEkkxgU8AE6MhF.jpg (181 KB, 758x1200)
181 KB
181 KB JPG

Hi /po/ people, I have a question for you. what is your favorite youtube channel or webpage to learn origami or papercraft? mine is Origami Club because I found the webpage on my wii 5 years ago an then I learn more about origami

File: 2014+14frankSidebottom2.jpg (148 KB, 900x1200)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
What is the best paper to use to get started
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Read the sticky at the top of the page. Has all the info you need.
Hijacking this thread to ask if Tant makes paper that's only colored on one side. I see they make single-color one-sided packs, but do they have any packs with multiple colors that are only on a single side?
Colored on both sides
decent quality loose-leaf is thin, strong, cheap, and will carry you through high-intermediate complexity models

File: 1 Inch Floors.pdf (2.95 MB, PDF)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB PDF
So sad to see WWG go. And worse is the fact that the Terrainlinx system is going to die with them.

It's a shame nobody else is picking up their banner, the system mixed simplicity with pleasing depth. And it's not like they're around to try and defend their copyright or patent or anything.
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like you're dad lol
Every year I make pilgrimage to this thread, wondering if anybody still has the full expansions for wormhole and not just that one file containing the frigates from rutracker. I wonder if anybody ever actually got those files.
File: 17646-thumb140.gif (28 KB, 140x210)
28 KB
Anyone who has a TWILIGHT STREET Basic Urban Environment Set from Microtactix, please
Just checked this mega. It tells me every folder is empty.

File: untitled.png (123 KB, 300x225)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
does anyone have Paper Pendulum Clock kit or pattern? I have a kind of kit book but it quality is bad. pls share if you have better. I really want to make this one. thank you!
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>It's like all of my fucking phobias and fears go not just to generational loss of pirated media, but all the way down to the accuracy of a second and the speed of light. Anon, my life was going great. You have put me in a solipsistic tail spin that will be haunting me for the next 30 to 70 years. What you have told me, is that I can't even trust the fundamental mechanics of time keeping.
Aw, no need for solipsism. Instead, consider that the fundamental basis of something might be subtle and easily overlooked in favor of its more flashy parts. (And that it took 150 years from the first scientific examination of pendulums to develop a stable clock to become useful for navigation.) What's really important is sometimes not obvious at all, and can be a long time in coming.
4 years huh? Don't bury this yet. I am still planning on building this one day. When I have time.
This board is as fast as my dreams too
Let's aim to 10

File: emilia.jpg (38 KB, 512x341)
38 KB
Can anybody share the papercraft of Emilia from the game Phantasy star online?

I do not mean the version of Moekami, but the version of LIFE PAPERCRAFT, because that link on his site is down and others are not working. I already got the Moekami one, I would like the Life version, if possible.

File: EUSVliXVAAI8UGh.jpg (10 KB, 180x250)
10 KB
Anyone have this and willing to share? Yeah I know it probably won't happen but I gotta ask.
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The motorcycle diagrams are here.
Thanks for that!! Would still like the thing in its entirety being the greedy fuck I am :)
There are 2 diagrams, there's no more to it.
Got it. Thanks for the info!
This is most likely as far as it's gonna go.

File: ZatannaCollage.png (344 KB, 800x800)
344 KB
344 KB PNG

File: gards.jpg (355 KB, 1599x1186)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
What can I craft with trash magic cards? They're like playing cards but slightly bulkier and some of them have cool art.
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shove it up your bum
File: Immagine.png (1007 KB, 763x718)
1007 KB
1007 KB PNG
A life counter?
examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=k-qcxXZ8grg
You can burn them one by one. Fun way to pass time.
File: 20210214_225023.jpg (162 KB, 587x492)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
The artwork on even the bulk are fantastic. They make for some cool diy game tokens
File: 49e.jpg (515 KB, 2048x2048)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
Make a cape.

Why are origami instructions always so terrible?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
you get gud
because once you get gud youve seen it all and you don't need as much detail
You haven't seen the terrible instructions yet...
This one is crystal clear.
Basically, you just need to learn basic forms and open/closed sink - this would be enough for majority of models.
>open the pooket
Think of how hard it is to teach someone a new skill. Teaching is a skill on its own, and it requires a delicate balance of keeping things concise as possible, without leaving out detail.
When reading a diagram that is ambiguous, in the authors mind it made perfect sense. This is actually a really easy mistake to make, especially if you don't have experience teaching.
There's a certain beauty in the more sophisticated diagrams, especially the japanese. While some 'lower grade' diagrams have sentences to explain ambiguous looking steps, the masterful ones explain complex series with only pictures, while being super jelly to follow.

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