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File: 18592.png (85 KB, 571x459)
85 KB
Since the investor event is just going to be streamed on Vimeo, figured it might be >fun to have a watch party on ye olde cytube, so here you go.
Was also thinking of streaming an hour of old pony videos before the investor event starts, so feel free to post pony videos you'd like to see (got a couple in mind already). Also feel free to suggest potential emotes and discuss anything else stream related.
Another thread will be posted Thursday morning before the old pony vidoes start.
Hope to see you there! Or not, it's understandable.

>when should I be there?
Feb. 25th at 10am ET (New York/Florida time), an hour earlier for pony videos

>where it gonna be at?

>wait what's all this stuff about g5?
see this post >>36584846 and >>36590973 to catch up
also some good info in this thread >>36581356

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File: 1587421467739.png (8 KB, 191x154)
8 KB
>>14 hours left
File: 1590951187398.png (1.85 MB, 1200x1576)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
>13 hours remains
status quo, in perpetuum
File: 1611153756704.jpg (1.04 MB, 4766x3458)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
>13 hours left
File: i dont feel.png (248 KB, 722x692)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
Potential emote?

Paprika wave edition

Previous thread: >>36486949
/ourlobby/: Leaf
Status page:

===== Events =====
NEET #35 (22nd February 4PM EST):

MANE #35 (27th February 4PM EST):

QT #36 MANEIVERSARY (20th March 4PM EST):

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leaf is a private server hosted by one of our own friendly neighbourhood autists, he tweaked it so it doesn't report the playercount to keep people from joining randomly because they see high numbers during tournaments and stuff. Also just general secret club shit
File: blackcelestiaflag.png (18 KB, 1024x576)
18 KB
Based king
File: Spoiler Image (134 KB, 565x565)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
>devs doing anything
...where are those laughingalapacas....I know I put them somewhere around here...
Whatever, have this instead
File: 1539832476956.png (666 KB, 2127x1719)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
File: Watch_Pom.png (18 KB, 223x152)
18 KB

File: rise.jpg (79 KB, 1024x640)
79 KB
Last time on Rise:
>Finished showing Ruby some of the planets in the day
>Talk with Ruby about something you did with Lupad. She gets mad enough to literally spit fire
>Decide that the two of you will talk later
>Talk with your advisors about the new Changeling situation
>Find that Syrphoidea is the ambassador now and show her to her room
>Have dinner with some of your sisters
>Talk with Ruby again and repair things with her
>At night, go back to the roof to show her the stars again
>Go to bed and wake up to have a tour of the Changeling Hive with Caiside
You can also catch up here: https://www.anonpone.com/rise/36275930#navbar
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You nod your head to the chef.
"Thank you."
As he trots away, you use your magic to serve up the salad to the three of you.
"You might also want to remember to bring a snack with you when you visit," You tell them, "They grow mushrooms and moss in there, but I'm not sure if the mushrooms are safe for us to eat, and the moss lacks flavor and isn't that filling. I'm Famished!"
As you are about to eat, you remember something.
"Oh, by the way, remind me to tell the family that I need to borrow the dining room tomorrow," You say, "Lupad and I are going to have a private dinner after the tour of Highland."
"Like a date?" Argantel asks.

What do you do?
I... it's... complicated.
'I can't exactly tell them anything about speaking with Ruby... We both really need to talk about eventually letting the family know.'
Think back for a couple moments in the teasing and joking we were doing with Lupad back in the hive, a small almost unnoticeable blush forming on our cheeks.
Hah, no. It'll be pretty much what I did down in the hive today, I'll be showing Lupad deer culture and such. And afterwards it's probably going to be very boring political talk plus questions and answers.
Pause for the briefest moment, wondering if Argantel had heard some gossip before realizing how simple and innocent a question it is. We make a light joke about it, hoping to keep it vague enough that they'll assume otherwise.
"What, a King and a Queen can't arrange a private function these days without people assuming it's a date?... There's still some things I need to sort out before tomorrow. I'm hoping things go well."

Yeah, it just felt a little weird to bring up the nymphs without mentioning their appearance.


"If you want to think of it that way, but it's more of a way to formally get to know each other."
'Wait, that sounds exactly like a date...'
"Anyway, it's more of a private meeting between royals since we'll be working together for now on. Just a formality between new allies."

File: 1592913231505.jpg (31 KB, 507x640)
31 KB
Redpill me on Josh Haber. Why is he so unanimously hated on /mlp/? All I've gleaned through osmosis on this board is that he's a bad guy who did bad things. What exactly did he do to warrant all this contention?
31 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ah what new fact today ?
I suppose just how much disdain he actually has for the show and fandom. Like, i knew he didn't really care but >>36603789
This is just ridiculous
But how did you hate him not knowing that?
Not him, but presumably because he fucked up so much already. Anon probably thought he did it out of stupidity, and not malice
Anybody responsible for s8 and the student 6 doesn't exactly bring warm feelings to my heart

File: 1612893922363.jpg (32 KB, 808x426)
32 KB
EDLWGM in a Nutshell Edition

This thread is all about Equestria's mares in uniform. Whether they're a fighting troop, a backwater garrison, or the ponice, all are welcome subjects for art & green.

Everyday Life With Guardsmares: https://ponepaste.org/1047
Everyday Life With Guardsmares FAQ: https://ponepaste.org/1058
Sword and Shield: https://ponepaste.org/3066
Elsewhile in the Royal Guard: https://ponepaste.org/2346
Feather Scarf: https://ponepaste.org/1087
Parks and Wilderness: https://ponepaste.org/3967

>Out-of-Thread Honorable Mentions

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1599336590076.png (1.62 MB, 2085x1325)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
File: 1605656377582.png (591 KB, 1200x1200)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
File: 1605575414950.png (855 KB, 1200x1200)
855 KB
855 KB PNG
File: 1606012727563.png (617 KB, 1200x1200)
617 KB
617 KB PNG
File: 2347354.png (750 KB, 1299x1125)
750 KB
750 KB PNG

File: 1614145106995.jpg (178 KB, 1205x929)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>36585547

GoogleDoc Archive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gf8UOWR5eIfp8FqpAWt3EUrSCCocOWazrZlMiTJwAYs

Fauster's Story Archive: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XiJRe1NWl_kIoWsHssZ27BMV7bZAe1jgX59-dWggYkA/

Uh-hmmm's Prompt Archives https://ponepaste.org/1046

Remember not to save anything of value on pastebin.
Have a broken pastebin link? Replace pastebin.com with poneb.in
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Thank LaP , may your lap be filled with lapdancers from Lapland.
Dr. Caballeron's backstory is actually pretty tragic
Ah, wait, hold on, it wasn't a real backstory
Daring Do lets herself be captured by Ahuizotl
I despise it too, in the context of the prompt. If it's really just trust issues, I think it's something a couple should sort out before buying rings to show off. The idea of a prenup is not a problem, but in the prompt it’s during the early stages of the wedding planning. I don't mind being engaged for 30+ years, just sort things like that out PRIOR to planning the fucking wedding. Come up to me at any time and say, “Hey, when we do eventually get married, can we go over a list for a prenup?” It makes me think she only brought it up then last minute to pressure me into it since in early stages, we've likely already announced the wedding itself and have probably already made a few calls to get things rolling so it's really awkward to back out at that point. Not only that but she had the dough draft done and asked for input to change it after the fact during the wedding planning. This implies she's been thinking about doing it and maybe even working on it prior to the planning itself but didn't want to bring it up until then.

I'd probably call off the engagement and wedding. That's too much of a big red flag for me.

File: Applejack (Human) 11.png (915 KB, 1193x1666)
915 KB
915 KB PNG
My Big Sister has some Big Apples Edition

Previous Thread: >>36460793

General Pastebin: https://ponepaste.org/541

General Archive: https://ponepaste.org/1318
205 replies and 69 images omitted. Click here to view.
Our's name was Jackson. Good guy, everybody liked him. Of course, he eventually got "asked to leave" re: expelled, because his dad had a loose gun in his car when he came to pick him up one day.
I don't know why Silver Spoon feels like the ideal imouto, but it just feels right.
She comes across as the type that acts haughty and stuck up but completely drops the persona when she's with the big brother she thinks the world of, making her have to cutely balance her image in public around her friends while trying not to push away her brother.
The juxtaposition of snobby brat and clingy little sister is what Japanese otaku call "gap moe"
sorry what
there are so many problems with that story
File: 1560178166361.jpg (125 KB, 592x591)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
>ooh like big yikes, his father had a firearm in the car?
>uh red flag anyone else?

File: 1613072377257.png (328 KB, 1200x900)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, dragons, gryphons, changelings, draconequus, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

For the list of PTFG's recently updated stories, see below.

Archive of over 500 stories, as well as additional links and materials:

Unrated TF image dump thread:

Below are some suggested writing prompts.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Jesus Christ, that's the full package of shittyness.
Man, I miss the time when the art was solely about ponies and nothing else.
File: 1613803991032.jpg (171 KB, 1400x1605)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
File: 2557024.jpg (154 KB, 1439x1017)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
say the n word
Huh! I was just thinking about Eris this morning.

File: 1850977.png (925 KB, 1282x1573)
925 KB
925 KB PNG
Post Fluttershy with big tits.
Last bread: >>36321108

https://ponepaste.org/1079 (Bet's Masterpiece)
459 replies and 80 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1177782.jpg (291 KB, 1280x1694)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
More pics of our waifus' big-titted friend?
File: 2335290.png (113 KB, 460x460)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
File: 1677505.jpg (452 KB, 800x1103)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
File: 2468077.jpg (670 KB, 984x1859)
670 KB
670 KB JPG
i wanna take upskirt pics of hootershy and send her videos of me fapping to the pics

File: 1614203649246.png (792 KB, 1213x950)
792 KB
792 KB PNG
15 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
fuck off satan, mlp will last forever
People said that in 2019 and that didn’t really end up being true
I know
I know I've let you down
I've been a fool to myself
I thought that I could live for no one else
When one era ends, another will rise up to meet it. And the horsefuckers will remain, diligent and tending to it as they always have. Never forgetting the past, never scorning the future. At harmony with the tide of time, and the eternal span of pony.
>never scorning the future
Yeah about that...

File: 1430974225307.png (816 KB, 1344x1200)
816 KB
816 KB PNG
Home... like noplace is there Edition
>"I've always felt alone, anon."

She's a girl who feels depressed, who feels defeated by both herself and the society that surrounds her. Despite the sunshine that she bathes in every day, she can see nothing but a hollow, grey landscape. The figures she walks amongst every day seem to her to be both so close as to be claustrophobic, yet so distant that they might as well be on the other side of the planet. She is a beaten, broken, emotional wreck of a pony.

This is essentially a toned down version of her poetry.

/emo/ is the home for t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶r̶o̶k̶e̶n̶,̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶a̶t̶e̶n̶,̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶d̶a̶m̶n̶e̶d all things emo, goth, or gloomy. Miss Eri is our mascot, but her melancholic friends include Deep Rest, Connie Amore, and many others.

As long as there are those of us that keep her spirit alive, she can never die. Though she may want to.

Previous thread: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/36413145/
35 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Good to see we have a new thread again, I'll get to posting the story I was writing last thread sometime today
File: 1439539578095.png (1.3 MB, 3882x5000)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
Awesome, i can't wait
File: 1426650291969.png (1.28 MB, 5000x6224)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
File: 1505432485724.png (651 KB, 1426x2679)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
Okay so likely I'm not gonna get around to posting it tonight unfortunately, since I'm still working on it.
So instead, I'll post some Kit Kat, since out of all the emo ponies, I've always liked her, despite being a poser. or is she?

File: 1725046.jpg (2.88 MB, 2662x2822)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB JPG
There's something about that magic girl,
That brings a full stop to the whole world,
When I look in her eyes, and suddenly nothing matters
Inspiring me to face my fears,
Her magical spark brings me to tears,
All these years, of me watching this show for little girls,

Everyday I look and try,
One day we'll see eye to eye,
I'll break the fourth wall just for you,
Reality can't hold us through,

This chick means the whole world to me,
I just want everyone to see,
I'd give it my all just to see her smile smile smile,

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>what the fuck is a fantasy
>what the fuck is the idealized self
>what the fuck is dreaming of something nice just because it makes you feel happier
You wanna see that at it full potential, go read the comments on older PMVs, like Daddy Discord or something. So many of the comments are people saying how they used to watch it when they were little kids or that they’ve gone from childhood and are teens now or adults. It’s really jarring (and annoying since it gets tedious reading the same slightly reworded comment over and over)
>All of the other mane 6 turn grey because of Discord's magic
>Twilight turns grey because she just flat out gives up
>Would've left too if Celestia didn't intervene
Celestia should've let her leave to be honest.

File: Fillies.png (72 KB, 599x502)
72 KB
Last thread: >>36531756
>18+ server #1 [R]
Post Con Edition
>For new users:
To get in without selling your soul to the Zuck, first make a throwaway Twitter with a fake e-mail.
Quickly use that Twitter to log into pony.town.
Then, make a Patreon. You don't have to provide any information or money to Patreon.
While still logged in, connect your new Patreon to pony.town.
Congratulations. Now, whenever you want to log in, use that Patreon account.
Then, post a picture of your filly at the docks.
Dramafags get the rope, filly is supposed to be comfy.
And remember to LURK MOAR.
133 replies and 59 images omitted. Click here to view.
alright who the fuck let anna in the party
File: moo cow.png (2.77 MB, 1419x1352)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB PNG
fillies earlier today
I'm very much still in my own party schizo
oh, are you not that supporter dash? i thought that was you
Supporter Dash is some random German roleplayer normalfag.

File: 1407948.png (274 KB, 654x368)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
Previous Thread: >>36390476
This is a thread about mutual sexy times involving futa mares or futa stallions. That means all the equipment, not just one set or the other.
Please try to keep image/link dumping and posting of extreme fetishes to a minimum, especially so for /d/-tier fetishes, and at least tolerate others' differences in taste.

Ponebin links for previous greens:
407 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
/mcg/ recently put out a green that's actually good and relevant to this thread
make a pone paste for it, and drop the link for it here so it can be in the OP
>futa meat lover's pizza pone
Like, one of those edible food pones? Does her sausage grow back when she puts of it some on a pizza?
What else would be the case?

We know that in G5 there is going to be 5/6 new main characters, 3 of which have already been leaked yesterday and one of them is Pipp, a pink "Pegasus" with some weird wings (white and cloud-like), which could infer she is a special type of Pegasus, a Flutter Pony, perhaps?

From other leaks we also know that there is going to be another Pegasus in the main cast, Zipp, which apparently is going to have normal Pegasi wings like those of G4, so here's my theory:

Much like in G4, Pegasi are still going to have normal wings, but a few special ponies like Pipp are going to be Flutter Ponies, which means they would be back from G1!

49 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: mama mia.jpg (45 KB, 750x573)
45 KB
I tried to start threads twice but got yelled at both times, looks like I'm still not up for the task
Thou shall not enter my secret tree house
Yes, learn the lay of the land before making yourself look like a complete retard
Maybe I'm too young for that...
File: 1947311.jpg (79 KB, 815x498)
79 KB
based Monster drinker

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