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>worst board?
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I don’t mind /bant/ mainly because it keeps the major retards out of /int/
Too hard to pick one honestly

Which country will leave NPC club next ?
The Dutch

File: Shinzō_Abe_Official.jpg (847 KB, 1176x1600)
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847 KB JPG
I know that you want to do it. Make your dream a reality.
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I am also autistic
>Yes, it's really fucking autistic
I think you are based, don't be so mean with yourself. I find this dedication so appealing
Thanks anon
I'm very upset that I have to call him Abe Shinzo now
I want to fuck a Japanese ninja.

File: 1568485377368.jpg (11 KB, 250x241)
11 KB
>american civil war starts this monday
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post more
please let it happen holy shit
Gunfags are all larpers, nothing will happen
Apparently "background checks" is the exact same thing as banning all guns.
You see, it’s all about the Slip’REE slope

File: 1556942057792.jpg (564 KB, 750x1096)
564 KB
564 KB JPG
Is this peak Asian masculinity?
he is pretty handsome, for asian.
haircuts are a jewish scam
He's attractive
He is Jomon

1. Your country
2. What jobs have you had

Photocopying place and Italian restaurant
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"office boy" as a teen (I don't even know if this profession even exists elsewhere)
then worked a boring HR job, company basically handled payrolls for hotels
another HR job at a car dealership
then systems analyst, pretty boring too
and currently programmer which I like a lot
Dishwasher (shit sucked)
Call center worker (shit sucked)
Papa Johns worker (shit sucked)
Uber driver (shit sucked)
Java programmer (shit sucked)
Python programmer (doesn't suck at all, in fact I love this job)
I've never worked, and I never will.
After school math tutor - paid $18 an hour, hated working with kids but at least it pays better than McDonald's

Economics and math tutor for a rich Chinese student - paid $40 an hour, he also offered me $3000 to take an exam for him but I didn't take it. it was an easy job

Software engineer intern - $28 hour for 40 hours a week, easy but I felt like the engineers didn't respect me

Junior software engineer - $90,000 salary, the work conditions are good (free lunch and relaxed attitude about work hours and vacation) and the work is easy
I'm a NEET too
how is your life

File: Reddit soyboy NPC.jpg (63 KB, 680x940)
63 KB
Do people spend $200 on GotchaCoins in your country?
I don't know, never heard of 'em.
'people' maybe, people, no
what is a gotchacoin?
Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger, I really did not expect that xD
Online currency that is undeniably worthless for the amount of enjoyment yielded by the price

File: NLA.jpg (23 KB, 456x370)
23 KB
*Costa Rica
*Dominican Republic
*El Salvador
*Puerto Rico
Special guests
*Saint Lucia

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File: Capturahyui-3.png (426 KB, 726x379)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
There's nothing lower than you in this world
File: 83jkd.png (341 KB, 417x419)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
have sex
Vete a la chingada, a ti ni te invitaron a este hilo.

Bros he knows about us...

File: Untitled.jpg (138 KB, 639x630)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Video footage has been unearthed of then-Prince Harry touting his wife Meghan Markle's acting skills to Disney boss Bob Iger at the a Lion King film premiere. A few months later, Meghan was hired by Disney in exchange for a donation to the charity Elephants Without Borders. Mrs. Iger, Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z were also present.

Harry: If anyone needs any extra voiceover work… just not Scar.
Meghan: That's really why we're here – it's the pitch!
Harry: You know she does voiceovers?
Iger: Oh really? I did not know that.
Harry: She's really interested.
Iger: We'd love to try.

Canadian author and commentator Mark Steyn calls this exchange 'the lowest point' in Royal history since the abdication of Edward VIII.

Mr Steyn said: 'That's the absolute lowest point of the monarchy in the last 100 years. I think of all the pathetic things that the Duke of Windsor did after he abdicated when he entertained wealthy Americans and gave them a sort of pseudo glimpse into Royal life. But that's nothing like actually touting your wife as available for Lion King 7 or whatever it is.'

Harry has signed a deal for a six-part series on Apple TV+ which he is producing with Oprah Winfrey and which focuses on mental health.
>this exchange 'the lowest point' in Royal history
Not one of the royals being confirmed to fuck cunny on Epstein's lolita island? Imagine getting assblasted over Lion King instead of acknowledging the fact that the royals are involved with global pedo Jewry.

File: images.png (5 KB, 213x237)
5 KB
So, I started my job 2 weeks back. I walk to job (half hour), code while listening to songs, walk back, eat, shitpost and watch youtube, Then sleep and I am perfectly happy with it. Should I bother getting a girl? I make loads of money and am not ugly. So, shouldn't be hard, but I am fully satisfied with my life now. What do?
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Do you have a gf/wife my friend?
Try fucking girls while being friends with them (friends w/ benefits). Don't give any time to a relationship unless you've known them for awhile.
fuck off redd*t normalfags
>Should I bother getting a girl?
>I make loads of money and am not ugly.
no not worth it

File: 18812116_303.jpg (55 KB, 700x394)
55 KB
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America takes in quite a few Ukrainian "refugees".
They are welcome and settle in Pattaya and Phuket we need someone to distract the Russian here
>Professor of MSU
>keeping outdated pictures for 7 years
To be honest, I’m surprised we don’t see more of them here. 1 million+ Poles and Polish being the second most spoken language in the UK, but almost no Ukrainians.

What are Osakan aunties like?
They are zainichi korean.
I like Osaka people, here in Tokyo, well, it's a little cold? Is it correct?
all of them look like my grandmother

Woke up for a midnight snack

Hard sparkling water
Turkey sandwhich with black truffle, Colby Jack, Monterey, and spinach
Spicy dill chips
shut up fat
Okay poor

This is what a $1.3Million house looks like in my country.

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Looks like a pack of different sized bee hives glued together.

Not all houses should be like a commieblock like your thirdworld shithole.
The new McMansions. You can find them here as well.
oh absolutely, don't we know it

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