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File: 1650428645976.png (379 KB, 800x829)
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379 KB PNG
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Ny tråd
varför dog tråden
File: 1643776066556.jpg (71 KB, 687x535)
71 KB
Håller fortfarande med dem om en del grejer men jag slutade vara på /pol/ efter 2017 valet i Frankrike. Allt deras skit om KEK var bara för cancer för mig och alla turister från USA valet försvann aldrig.
vi är kvar här

File: coup.png (407 KB, 572x704)
407 KB
407 KB PNG

What's the meaning of this?
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ch*ng ch*ng then make winne the pooh appear and give a public speech
pooh has been missing ever since his trip
File: k89JvoP.png (595 KB, 1005x795)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
if someone's gonna lead a coup, it's gotta be this nigga
File: hindustan times.png (423 KB, 1600x900)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
Apparently Xi Jinping has an aneurysm and is dying?

Can anybody confirm? News look pretty legit.
kek looks like the virgin from chad vs virgin meme
The Powerful Wang...

File: 2022-09-13 15.18.30.jpg (192 KB, 1768x2048)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Out of the following countries, whose women enjoy being spanked the most?
the country with more tyrones to do the spanking
probably Germany
What causes women to develop a spanking fetish?
German women like spanking men and not the other way around.
File: Negev spanking.jpg (61 KB, 724x1024)
61 KB

File: muh neighborhood.png (2.89 MB, 1804x804)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
What does your neighborhood look like in your cunt? here's mine, now post yours
How close it is to your home
Not saying :)
then its not really your neighborhood is it

File: francaise.webm (1.36 MB, 540x960)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB WEBM
Le peuple François
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Moi, ça m'a coupé.
t'aurais pu lui écrire que le loyer était gratuit aussi
File: lskdjfls.jpg (111 KB, 1088x1080)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Mensonge !

File: Galileo_Galilei_2.jpg (167 KB, 700x886)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Why italians so brown when gallileus looked like this?
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File: Franco Nero.jpg (68 KB, 680x478)
68 KB
not by necessity, have in mind that most roman elites were local because unlike germanic tribes romans weren't migrating en masse, they were just conquering and estabishing some political ties with someone capable of administrating the region plus germanic tribes had a extremely high fertility, so you can guess that even in that context they would've outbred them.
most roman were displaced and overwhelmed. most people with a coin, education and a ship moved east as soon as rome staarted decaying
you can notice this precisely by how sculpture, literary tradition and other trades abrutly cease as soon as rome falls everywhere in western europe, there is also some evidence i recall where you can notice they did not intermarried aand that there was general rejection between them, in the cementeries, germanics were buried in the central areas and locals in the corners, exactly the same happened in anglosaxon england
It wasn't common for them to mix but just as you said they mostly displaced them fastly and given the village based economy germanic tribes had the "elites" multiplied speedlight, as everyone was forming its own settlement cause the gavelkind n stuff
All of Renaissance artists/scientists are from Northern or Central Italy.
not that much, roman elites were a very very small number, think about it, while romans inherited wealth they sent everything to the firstborn and the other childrne had to make their own and received just the leftlovers. this caused them to remain a small number overall.

when germans passed their goods they were divided mostly between all their children so you had several of them and all were wealthy enough to asser noblity, for each 15 germanic nobles you had 1 local worth marrying
all italians look like arabs

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technically it is england, its a county not a country
Bollocks to this, I'm off for a bevvy
File: IMG_6495.jpg (60 KB, 532x459)
60 KB
You mean Cornwall.
Cornwall is Cornwall and is not part of England.
Move somewhere in Galicia or Asturias you andalunigger kebab eater

File: patrioty.jpg (131 KB, 1076x1200)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Russians on September 20th
>i'm apolitical, don't care
>muh nato hohol gay jewish nazis
Russians on September 21th
And we're supposed to feel bad for them? Fuck them all
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Never said I am siding with Russia, I am just wondering why so many poles are dickriding ukraine and germany in this conflict. They have never gotten anything positive out of them.
>muh lesser evil
You don't get it bro, Russia is trad and the saviours of the white race
File: 1640452717400.jpg (60 KB, 1024x790)
60 KB
>dickriding Germany
If anything, they're pissed off at Germany for not listening to them about Nordstream.
You don't have to be pro-Ukraine to delight in seeing Russians get their comeuppance in Ukraine, besides, compare the rhetoric about Poland coming out of Ukraine to the one coming out of Russia, it's no surprise they have a much better disposition towards Ukraine.
because unlike ukraine or germany, russia is posing an actual threat currently

File: Untitled.png (1.79 MB, 1366x768)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG

Why are Romanians like this?
We have Civil War LARPers here in the US.

File: 1641249094937.png (57 KB, 407x600)
57 KB
What country do you want a gf from?

UK for me.
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I think the US is just more extreme - loads of fat ugly mulattos but also loads of beautiful girls.
That photo is in Denmark or Norway btw
i think that's true. overall UK girls probably win out because of this though. a lot of 5-7s in the UK. some fatties here and there, some uggos. Like I understand the stereotype some of them just look downright fucked up and inbred. But the average girl there is pretty enough. some 8s here and there.

in the US theres probably more variety and maybe a bit more of the 8-9 thing but we have tons of 3-4s too. that makes the average 7/10 girl like pretty fucking difficult to maintain.
source? majority baltic phenotypes in that pic

I am learning a liturgical language (Japanese). My favorite words are ゴメなざい、こんばんわ、and お尻ぺんぺん.

Ignore my flag
>Traveling in Europe by train
>Randomly meet a Turkish guy
>We talk about Turkey, Cyprus, etc
>He mentions Slovenia and Slovakia starting with Slo-
>I say "I know, you want them to be next to each other"
>He says "YESSSSS"
Well? Why aren't they next to each other?
Do you see those two countries in between them? That's why
coincidentally, Slovenia was a part of Austria and Slovakia was a part of Hungary for like 1000 years. That's why our cultures aren't similar, ours is Austrian and theirs is Hungarian.
The same reason Ecuador and Equatorial Guinea aren't bordering each other
we are homo with slovakia. they have the tatra mountains, we have the julian alps
Czechia was also Austrian and Croatia was Hungarian. Does that mean Slovaks and Croats are closer to each other than either of them is to Slovenes or Czechs? The "Hungarian" names of "Horváth" and "Horváthová" are both among top ten most common surnames in Slovakia lol.

File: IMG_3539.jpg (345 KB, 1511x2267)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
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babushka pattern rn
i call it the above-mans pattern
File: 1659641701364.jpg (53 KB, 564x752)
53 KB
beauty sleep
nate higgers
and ben dover

The real flag of Iran.
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File: Iran.jpg (812 KB, 3430x1166)
812 KB
812 KB JPG
A disaster averted
>supposed to represent Muhammad

The Prophet would be disgusted if he heard someone uses a pagan fire worshipping symbol for Him. But he would be equally disgusted to hear those Shiite sectarians claim to have something to do with him.
File: حقیقت.jpg (107 KB, 1080x1030)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Thanks bro



Ok chang

Yeah it's Tehran

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Shut up Paki

File: 25.09.22.png (238 KB, 600x600)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Eдицiя aпcкeйлiнгy зoбpaжeнь нeйpoннoю мepeжeю

Пoпepeднiй: >>171312802
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дaйтe мeнi ceкc
дaйтe мeнi coyc
дaйтe мeнi webmи c чaйкoй
File: pepe-sad-pepe-crying.gif (40 KB, 220x220)
40 KB
Хиcтopик пpoпaл
cпoчaткy знaйди вiйcькoвy фaбpикy
Here's some music for you, lads.
File: 1663847746484916.jpg (20 KB, 286x308)
20 KB
A тaк пiдiйдy дo вiйcькoвoгo i cпитaю, гeй дoбpий пaнe, a дe тyт вiйcькoвa фaбpикa я хoчy нa нeї пoдивитиcь?

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