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File: TheSneedBuilding.jpg (102 KB, 538x714)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
This is parliament of Wales

Say something nice about it
Formerly Ch(UK)s

Will they ever become a state?
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Actually we almost did. Alot of people don't know but in the american mexican war we actually actually captured Mexico city, their fucking capital. So some Americans suggested that we ask for all of North of current Mexico to be annexed however most Americans were afraid that if this happened non whites will be a majority. Racism basically saved mexicans from loosing even more land
>imagine being poorer than mexico and controled by the french
spain deserved to lose it all
File: a38.jpg (67 KB, 1024x962)
67 KB
And yet central America and the rest of the Caribbean is a shithole
This is a cope
File: 1588466806975.png (52 KB, 644x800)
52 KB

Do you have people who show extreme signs of fragility in your country?
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File: frog.jpg (46 KB, 660x574)
46 KB
yes they're called the elderly and you should treat them with respect
How many monarchies were in colonial Africa? The only one I know of was Dahomey where the actual kings there were making so much off slavery they were begging us to keep it going
>Black kings
Yeah, no. The Arab slavers paid local black people to catch or trick other black people into slavery. The ones that got shipped off to America were literally the slowest or stupidest.

File: fox_gods.png (40 KB, 408x393)
40 KB
only fox gods knows
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File: arrival of tears.jpg (145 KB, 1366x768)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
OP, I dedicate this song to you

arigato desu
絶対譲れない この空の全部
欲しい欲しいから 何度だって飛び立つよ


File: DjAiE1_W4AcIRqA.jpg (120 KB, 731x1200)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>india is a shitho-
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Living in forest and throwing arrows at outsiders is not exactly being better.
The image tries to convey a message that the way of most 1st worlders are living is completely unsustainable in the long run and I don't think they're stretching it.
Undending consumerism of the western world ruined the planet.
This is the first time i’m actually saying this unironically on 4chan, but kill yourself retard
Americans are by far the worst offenders.
Climate change will disproportionately fuck over poor nations. Most of Bangladesh will go under water. Where are those people supposed to go?

Do you support Norfumbrian independence?
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I always support the norfbros
File: Chadclyde.jpg (256 KB, 2000x1200)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
I get the feeling this would be a rather poor country by Western European standards
Neither is Cornwall.
File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
only if they bring back their smallpipes

File: images.png (18 KB, 469x451)
18 KB
I want the independence of Minas Gerais together with the South !!!
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De uma pesquisada de como funciona o Parlementarismo, eu achava que era uma porcaria antes também, mas é realmente muito melhor.
File: Minas Tirith Naismith.jpg (407 KB, 1600x1012)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
>Minas Gerais
do y'all niggas also stop your horse and announce the name of the area when you come there?
Refugiados do Rio são bem vindos em Minas?
tenho uma ideia melhor

1. eu sou o rei da porra toda
2. a mãe de quem tá lendo vai fazer parte do meu harém
Vire deputado, a maioria pensa igual

File: eyeem-92274479_vq5qqo.jpg (62 KB, 640x427)
62 KB
Edisi Megalitikum
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White guys are the same too, being white is playing life on easy mode.
No, being blond with blue eyes is.
Contrarily to my sisters and my younger brother I am pretty med in phenotypes and I noted directly the difference with them in Asian countries. Plus I have a friend who is a blue eyed 1m95 ginger and he can virtually pickup anyone in non white or Muslim countries. Literally went to Taïpei and fucked two times some girls in the parking next to a club like it was nothing and it happened by accident because he was completely drunk as he is in a relationship. Also have a blond friend who had an internship in southern Taiwan and he was literally virgin when living and on >25 body count 2 months after
He was a a typical nerd playing WoW everyday and nearly incel on some points but after all the experience gathered in Taiwan and Japan where he now lives he is may be one of the most knowledgeable womaniser I know now
Your doing Gods work anon
>check the new thread

But I have to admit they've contributed so much to music. Why don't they get credit like black Americans do?
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I hate angloids
That's like saying skiffle, doo-wop and blues are just repackaged classical music so don't deserve any credit. New subgenres are created when people are inspired by others. Did Bowie have heavy black inspiration? Sure. But he was definitely his own thing too.
what about New Wave? that was not black.
English. Learn to write it.
Did we do that?

File: Christopher_Columbus.jpg (77 KB, 495x599)
77 KB
> Accidently finds the American continent when he meant to go India

Why is he great again?
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He knew about America beforehand, and somehow the Chinese knew too and gave him maps?

The merchants and jews who financed his expedition.

The Crown did put a single cent.

If you read his diaries, he's obsessed about calling the native indios and making sure his men also called them indios. Why? Because that was part of the deal with the crown. That he had to found India.
Yes obviously he knew he wasn't in India, and tried to trick the crown, then got fucked because of it.
Doesn't mean he knew about America beforehand, that sounds like alternative history to be quite honest
to be fair, the Westo, Yamasee, Chickasaw, and the Creek indians already had slaves. He just bought some of them. Cherokees owned slaves too

File: comfy.png (292 KB, 512x512)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
> Irish
Total speakers: 1,887,437
Republic of Ireland: 1,774,437
United Kingdom: 95,000
United States: 18,000

> Welsh
Total speakers: ≈ 947,700 (2011)
Wales: 788,000 speakers (26.7% of the population)
England: 150,000
Chubut Province, Argentina: 5,000
United States: 2,500
Canada: 2,200

> Breton

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I think the Celts need to man up and learn their own tongues.
Just like faroese then?
Faroese has a small number of speakers but it's still the main living language in the Faroe Islands with strong intergenerational transmission. In other words, Faroese people live in Faroese, speak to one another in Faroese, work in Faroese, speak Faroese to their children, etc. Their situation is quite enviable compared to that of Irish.
no, i would call that a meme alive language with no future.
ireland should be blockaded\embargoed until they all learn to speak their own fucking language. same for all other countries.

File: french conquest algiers.jpg (304 KB, 1600x900)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
Why did Algeria, Morocco, and tunisia surrender to france if they weren't conquered and defeated with no other option than unconditional domination?
what was the occupational government like in algeria after they were conquered and why did muslims surrender and bend over to the french?
File: EFI-3DBW4AE_70V.jpg (214 KB, 757x1100)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
because they were pussies
i wasnt there to led them
At that time the resistance was very complicated, we are talking about a very sparsely populated world, in addition to Europe suffering from overpopulation (The only exception), France could continue sending troops without stopping, the Muslims with three or four defeats were already finished.

That without taking into account the technical and productive differences of what the armies need, something in which France was winning and by a lot.
File: 3rdmay1808.jpg (57 KB, 800x618)
57 KB
How do Spaniards feel about napoleonic french people slaying their people?
Do Spaniards still hold a grudge against french people for slaughtering them?

File: 3rdmay1808.jpg (57 KB, 800x618)
57 KB
How do Spaniards feel about napoleonic french people slaying their people?
Do Spaniards still hold a grudge against french people for slaughtering them?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
do you hold grudge against vietnamese for clapping your asscheeks 60 years ago?
US was aiding the south vietnamese and not leading an independant invasion and occupation under occupational laws.
Yeah and we invaded iraq to get rid of islamic terrorism and concern for human rights violations and totally not to secure their natural resources.

You can peddle this bullshit once you get voted into the office anon but I don't think that will work here.
not talking about morality just that places occupied by usa would be handed to south vietnam administration and not under us occupational rule.
Nah it was just banter m8

File: file.png (857 KB, 660x413)
857 KB
857 KB PNG
Pray for my health
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is this what baboons also call it?
also how have you not finished high school already mate
you are literally a fetus
I went to a vocational one so I had to do an extra year. I'd never actually finish HS if I had to do Albanian grammar and literature five hours a week and maths, history geography, chemistry, biology and all the other meme shit they put in the schedule with all the retarded projects and shit they all want. Fucking worthless teachers keep giving me extra shit to do as they think I'm a good student, but thankfully with the rona I got a health exemption and have been neeting it from home.
so you're doing to the baboons what the baboons do to us
you go there, get money, don't learn the language whilst getting free schooling, etc...
pretty based
I know the language of course, had to learn it when my family returned here, but having those classes only once a week to qualify for the matura is much better than 5 times a week. If I have to write one more essay about how much I love Albania my great fatherland I'll strangle the worthless bitch even if she gives me good grades.

Thoughts on Dravidian music ?

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