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File: 1632531746636.png (15 KB, 668x862)
15 KB
>66% of 14 to 17 year-olds have never had a drink in Australia
>It was only 28% in 2001
>Virginity levels are also rising

Did zoomers in your country also somehow get tricked into being incredibly boring? I don't know how they did it here actually it's bizarre
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Millenials have the same access to information PLUS real life experience.
Where do you live? City or country?
I'm a 6/10 and am only 5'8" and have literally fucked two models. I'm not a richfag either. You have no excuse.
>zoomers aren't falling for the liquid Jew
>this is a bad thing
You are going to jail

File: IMG_20211017_171906.jpg (514 KB, 1080x1600)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
/balk/ e в oпиcaниeтo
Cтapa: >>153554807
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File: 1597833025950.jpg (2.28 MB, 4160x3120)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
cпeтe cпoкoйнo вeчния cи cън...
aйдe лeкa
az niama kak da zaspia predi 5 sutrinta takache shte sum tuk ako niakoi somnambul iska da govori
File: firefox_Y6UNtLHcc0.png (192 KB, 1616x416)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
чecтитo нa aнoнa дeтo cи e взeл PS5
a игpи?

File: 6dhqd26z1qt51.png (171 KB, 390x372)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
the wypipo smile
The most smiling brit
File: 1.png (184 KB, 418x468)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
blkppl be like books too spicy
File: Englishmen.jpg (33 KB, 615x409)
33 KB
No smiling here

bb strip edition
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pegen be'ol gan
File: 1625121266173.jpg (1.08 MB, 962x1560)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
i don't get it
Uninstalled trials of mana after playing it for 3 hours. What a shit game
>news about mother of 9 getting death penalty for drug trafficking posted on /r/Malaysia
>mention about her having 9 kids despite being poor
>gets downvoted
do malays really
File: 1634511628952.jpg (64 KB, 1080x1080)
64 KB

>Tfw you're eastern european and you see that even your shithole country is now starting to fill up with mentally unstable genderfluid zoomers that support stuff like white guilt and femminism.
Not really desu
They did it with Spain and just in 20 years. Politicians were not chosen to change the morality of a society using public money and with dictatorial laws no one voted.

File: 1614069866037.png (962 KB, 965x765)
962 KB
962 KB PNG
opinion on japanese games?
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I prefer playing as the girl being the towns public bicycle (Example Liz of the Tower Town or Melty's Quest), and most HRPG are based on that lol
But NTR is my second favorite genre, vanilla bores me.
Is a sand coon wanting to eat another mans cum out of a girls mouth also patrician?
idk, ask your dad
you ate his cum? fucking gross
no, but your dad probably does that shit since you bring it up randomly

File: 14c.png (169 KB, 372x474)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Yes I'm American, how did you know?
i don't get this meme
it's only bong bois that get this retarded perm stye

File: y2ukhbnr7n8z.png (190 KB, 446x216)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
Eagrán fuair tony soprano bás
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>Using gay as an adjective
What a 13 year old
Yes in that the age of consent is only relevant to a married couple. So the marriage age should be 16 for males and 14 for females as dictated by the Catholic Church.
oíche mhaith lads
Oíche x
Sodomy should speak for itself really.

File: 1628461825710.jpg (62 KB, 720x741)
62 KB
Have you ever met an Italian irl? What were they like?
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The only Italian I know is the guy who runs the local chipper, he is married to a black woman from the seychelles and has a cute loli daughter with a caucasian face and coffee skin
Italian woman I've met are beautiful and have fat asses
And take BBC exclusively
Hi pewds.
He sounds pretty based ngl

File: 56-Figure2.1-1.png (14 KB, 1006x1058)
14 KB
See a lot of North Africa flags here but very rarely ever do I see ones from Sub-Sahara Africa.
I see lots of Italian and Spanish flags so yes
the second someone from chad roles up in /int/ then everything is fucking over
the people that do have 24/7 internet access are more likely to visit facebook and instagram than 4chins
Yea, we post on Nairaland.

>t. Nigerian
yes, of course
we had legit anons from Gabon, Kenya, Nigeria, and more before
but they generally far and few between

File: karaboğa.jpg (53 KB, 999x963)
53 KB
i am currently living in thrace region of turkey. majority of the locals of thrace region is basically balkan turks who came here after ottoman empire collapse, majority of them are blond and pale. i am in small town and people they call me "kara kızan" which literally means "black boy".
BLACK the women
File: 1607980043922.jpg (201 KB, 820x836)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
You know what to do.
Are you Obanaya trying to marry Thracian Osman Aga's daughter?
Do they speak their old languages or only turkish?

Only us based meds know
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>Marko even said he'd love to play the old roles again
Didn't know that. If anyone gonna do it it's Marko and Fredde Granberg. The last few people that aren't too politically correct and can make jokes about really anything.
Now we are stuck with Solsidan that normies like and fit into the political climate we have.
Yep. Marko kinda half retired recently (was in the news) because he's struggling with depression and anxiety. Mostly because he feels like he can't do the old stuff anymore and the world won't accept it.
>Marko kinda half retired recently (was in the news) because he's struggling with depression and anxiety. Mostly because he feels like he can't do the old stuff anymore and the world won't accept it.
that's fucking sad. A creator, and a big creator as him, should be able to do anything that comes to his mind. Comedy and songs shouldn't be restricted to if people get offended or not.
sad sad sad times.. I hope they get together and do something.
butter makes me scared
I always feel like my heart is going to blow up after eating eating it
Olive oil is my go-to, and it's pretty cheap too
>I always feel like my heart is going to blow up after eating eating it
This. Same feeling as I get after energy drinks and stuff. Feels like my heart is skipping beats and doing backflips. Even went to a doctor to check it out, turns out it's pretty common with caffeine, lots of sugar and fat.

File: 1572023344445.jpg (547 KB, 1400x797)
547 KB
547 KB JPG
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Man bruker faktisk mye mer varmtvann på å vaske for hånd.
>dfn strømmen fortsatt billig i trøndelag
Har noen få venner, men liker ikke å bruke tid med dem ettersom det bare er stress. Samme med jv, da sitter man bare og teller ned til hun går hjem.

In 2017 a US Navy F-18 shot down an Su-22 which is confirmed, but there have been at least a couple of other incidents of F-22s having to get very aggressive with Russian/Syrian jets.

I don’t see the benefits of being in that area of the world anymore for the West. The battle lines for the defense of Western supremacy have clearly been drawn and they are in the Pacific/SCS. I think the US is doing the right thing by focusing on moving everything we have to Guam, Australia and getting ready to go at it with the CCP over Taiwan and all of the trade routes in the South China Sea.

The Russians can keep fucking around with the muslims for all I care.
File: 151110-F-LC301-410.jpg (182 KB, 2100x1200)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Norway requires a specialized force. Svalbard could support hostile forces into the Atlantic; the strategic significance of the northern sea is notable.

File: 1598910327584.jpg (62 KB, 500x457)
62 KB
What do your parents think about white people?
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mom: indifferent
dad: infdifferent
My parents don't think that anybody outside of Northern England is white.
They’d be correct, all but pure Anglos and Saxons are white. Meds are brown, Frogs are swarthy, Swedes are orange and Italians are tawny
Nursing homes are death camps.
they’re stupid and smelly

File: 1633264768254.gif (21 KB, 400x98)
21 KB
do you like 90s-00s rock? pixies, weezer, archers of loaf?
please post some from your country

ill start
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what about Victor Tsoi and Kino? there's some goof stuff in russia
absolutely, there's some good ones
thank for the thread btw you amde me remember some good songs
of course !
this is incredibly familiar, was this a TV theme or something?

i like Keren Ann too, she's very sweet
and Julie Delpy made this one song I like, but I don't think she made any more music after that
>was this a TV theme or something?
good question but you've definitely heard it before


and completely unrelated but I imagine you'll like it as well

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