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File: 2020092510144752_org.jpg (80 KB, 944x580)
80 KB
17. mai utgava.
heia norge
hipp hipp hurra
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File: 1652372478271.jpg (264 KB, 2102x1339)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Jeg elsker gutter
File: 1553255323390.jpg (40 KB, 509x720)
40 KB
lyder lidt bøsset

반갑습니다 반갑습니다
반갑습니다 반갑습니다
동포여러분 형제여러분
이렇게 만나니 반갑습니다
얼싸안고 좋아 웃음이요
절싸안고 좋아 눈물이니
어허허 어허허허 닐리리야
반갑습니다 반갑습니다
반갑습니다 반갑습니다
동포여러분 형제여러분
정다운 그 손목 잡아봅시다
조국위한 아픔 뜨거우니
통일잔칫날도 멀지 않네
어허허 어허허허 닐리리야
반갑습니다 반갑습니다

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South Koreans look down on their Northern brothers.

Nork defectors commit sudoku or simply move away from South Korea because the odds are stacked against them they might as well restart in other countries.
hanguk manse
We despise Southeast Asians. We do not look down on North Brothers.
Go back to your fucking shithole country mother fuxkers
No we love sea monkeys. Let in all the sea monkeys !

Must be controlled by the North tho, South is cuqed.

File: japanese.png (30 KB, 823x694)
30 KB
What did Japan mean by this?
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File: download (7).jpg (4 KB, 122x123)
4 KB
好 like (woman + child)
it means good in mandarin tho
This thread is about Japanese not Chinese
Cheap 安い
It is very telling on how ancient people think. Kinda cool to analyze it.

File: FSgq12HVgAE5zec.jpg (394 KB, 1284x1531)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
What worries you in your country?

For me, it's food inflation. Food cost is now 5% of my salary.
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It's going to get worse.
That guy's a complete clown btw.

RW here blame China for each of our neighbours retarded economic policies
I earn shit and everyone just want more and more money from you. Like getting sucked dry of blood from greedy mosquitos
>actually everything is about class and not race
That’s retarded he’s debunked how does anyone respect Marx? I get respecting the people who tried to make his fantasy work and actually did something but he’s a loser
nothing, left is finally dying out, everything is going to be better in the future

>you are a zoomer
>you will NEVER experience Slayer in their prime
>you will NEVER hear lombardos drumming and arayas vocals live
>you will NEVER form a wall of death to Raining Blood
>you will NEVER smash into fellow metalheads at full speed while Lombardo blasts
it’s fucking over, I hate being a zoomer
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I'm quite sure boomers already were homophobic, racist and misogynistic when they were young as well.
Nah you become like that with age (and experience...)
No, it's just lack of morals and intelligence. Age has nothing to do with it.
Millennials never experienced that as well

Imagine God Hates us All as your first Slayer album

Then a decade later Jeff dies of OD kek

What zoomers missed is prime Dave Mustaine, nigga is no longer the same
>tfw never got to see Mozart in concert
Why even live?

File: nasty.jpg (39 KB, 400x400)
39 KB
an*meci İTinin kaFFasını kestim
File: PngItem_4996578.png (293 KB, 518x596)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
animeci kestim
kinyas deneme sorularını ver fizikci phana kaFffffayı taqtıı
bokuluna giderken otobüste çomar dayıların tacizine uğrayan an*meci İTi tirad açmayı unutmuş ahahahaha

File: 1652670338709.png (187 KB, 1200x777)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
The midwest. Home.
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Now go listen to empire! empire!
Looks more east than west.
The Midwest will revive America when shit hits the fan
Outdated terminology from when California was still Mexican

Name a more iconic duo
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Crimea is rightful Tvrkish clay
Turkey is rightful Greel clay
Ukraine Turkey Russia more iconic trio
russian conscripts and an unmarked grave

How did they manage to preserve their European culture?
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take that back!
Same with America and look at this >>164873781 the first thing he thinks of is brown people when Australia is mentioned.
America had a significant population before we were founded as in we literally had a few hundred thousand people until the 1870s gold rush and the australian nation of 1901 is was first and second generation immigrants from the British isles
What European culture? Drinking tea?

File: 4.png (933 KB, 814x814)
933 KB
933 KB PNG
Are you a bot ?

File: 1642545128269.png (3.83 MB, 1536x2048)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB PNG
Hilo de waifus y pistolas.
Preñar travestis
File: zxcv.jpg (80 KB, 1200x1132)
80 KB
>bot ?
no, por?


File: Finland_Estonia.png (78 KB, 1236x1245)
78 KB
I will show you how Finnish and Estonian differs with a clear example.

Many people ask about this and the truth is that Finns and Estonians can hardly understand each other but there is a certain twist to it. See below
This sign reads:
>kui rahvasta on palju, palun vota ratas käekorvale. Aitäh!
which in English means
>if there are a lot of people, please start walking the bicycle. Thanks!
which in Finnish would translate to
>jos ihmisiä on paljon, olkaa hyvä ja taluttakaa pyörää. Kiitos!

so now we break down the word
Meaning if. This in Finnish would be "how" so the meaning of the sentence is already a bit weird but its understandable if you are familiar with Estonian.
Meaning people. This would be "ihmisiä", but the word "rahvas" is also a Finnish word albeit very old fashioned one. It does mean the same thing but it also has bit of a rural connotation
Means is. Same in Finnish

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: sign.jpg (461 KB, 1908x4032)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
Forgot the sign. Here.

So yeah, basically 90% of the sentence is understandable to a degree but the actual meaning is messed up. Given the context though, its 100% understandable for Finns but it sounds very funny and odd.
thanks frende
i always archive these kinds of posts maybe i will dump them
Thanks bro. Nice that someone was interested in this
maybe you'd have more success posting this in the language general

Why that much hatred against the Québécois? Is it autism?
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Don’t hate the Chinese but this is reality here. Anglos seethe at us but they wouldn’t dare lay a finger on their golden or I should say yellow geese.
hon hon le traduction du fromage
It's a coping mechanism for the fact that *nglo Canada will never amount to anything more than being USA 2.0.
but JJ literally wants the us to annex canada
where did he say this?

File: images (1).jpg (55 KB, 420x560)
55 KB
>have dual mexican/US citizenship
>work in USA, but prefer living in Mexico
>look into jobs in my career field here in MX
>I'd be earning at best 1/4 of what I make in the USA and likely even less

It's a grim life lads, the heart wants one thing but practicality all but forces you to choose the other
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That's Monterey, not Monterrey.
I've been to Monterrey (NL) and Monterrei (Galicia).
I hope I can visit Monterey (CA) some day.
Living in the first world is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a person.
What do you work with? Is there any chance you could get a remote job in the USA and live in Mexico while doing it?
That's not such a good long-term strategy because that's just enough money for a couple of years or something and then you have to go back to USA and you'll be even worse off in the labor market.
t. did the same thing with Sweden and Thailand
OP said he was a truck driver

File: 1649230635294.png (281 KB, 618x372)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
How do I financially support Russian revolutionaries?
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>Add sweden to the alliance
I don't hate you so much
"Anti-racists" aren't secretly redpilled. Have you never talked to anyone on the left in your life? They believe everything they say about race.
Russia is slightly less racist against whites than the leaders of all white countries. Then Russia is the lesser evil
You need another Lenin figure for that.
When Russia uses word ''fascist'' it's basically a stand in to anybody and anyone they don't like, not the actual ideology.
I guess westerners fell for this because they are ideologically minded.

File: 1444248362101.jpg (17 KB, 250x245)
17 KB
ESLs pronounce "busy" "bussy"
Wrong , I pronounce it B-JI
Mexico = secret italy

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