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File: apalpar-lhe a peida.jpg (73 KB, 480x427)
73 KB
how is promiscuity seen in your country?
File: promiscuity.png (37 KB, 663x766)
37 KB
it's embraced

File: lll.jpg (118 KB, 960x720)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
ugh... una delicia
unironically tasty and damn good, cualquier cosa al escabeche es rica
Ay qué lindo
love a bit of yacare me

This is very true
You exploit black talent and make billions
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That's what they are good for though
>h-he's half black
you were at fault at trying to peddle this argument as proof that blacks dominate motorsports lol.

and that's ignoring the fact that contemporary f1 is more bullshit than rallying was in the 1980s lol
File: 1565690740190.png (29 KB, 753x960)
29 KB
if you think f1 has anything to do with the driver and isn't entirely about the engineering teams, I have a brand new cryptocoin to sell you
If you didn't know Hamilton's background no one would dispute him being black, no one would believe him if he said he was white and that's the difference.
t. Biracial Black, don't fucking tell me society sees us as anything but black.

File: 1529530692701.jpg (32 KB, 299x299)
32 KB
Fuck ghosts bros...
File: 1614200531261.png (129 KB, 500x500)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Im a fat ghost
boo nigga
im not bald got a full head of thick luscious hair me, also dont call me ghost dog eater

File: 0bN5fKv.jpg (396 KB, 873x796)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
its getting worst frens
maybe those shitty days were my best days ever
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Yeah I feel ya. I was worried about what my future was going to look like in the past but now I realize that there was more hope back then.
That's simply the nature of life though
Boo hoo lost a kike dumpster
Are u the same algerianon from the superstition thread?
> Being Algerian
> Living in Algeria
> Being surrounded by Algerians

Would unironically end up on antidepressants whatever the rest of my life looked like

File: _20200828_153432.jpg (181 KB, 720x1012)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
>Based Po-
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yeah but why dont we just kill them lol
Most SEA immigrants to other countries integrate very quickly. Only Chinese people refuse to integrate for several generations.
>tfw your race is a modern slave
God cursed me.
Filipino women are genuinely very kind sweet people many of them Catholic too so thats part of Polands culture
Filipino men have never smile a day in their life

File: sweden-map.jpg (123 KB, 800x775)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
I live in sweden but have never seen the ocean
does this happen in your count?
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You may be correct...
What kind of sperg are you? Do you ever live your fucking house.
I hope you are raped by a pack of feral trannies.
>I live in sweden but have never seen the ocean
>does this happen in your count?
Fuck you, whore
the water to the right of sweden is a lake

File: 1610018966493.jpg (198 KB, 806x1048)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
does your country look like this?
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I did unironically
Oi do ya want yerk pecka sucked love??
they don't say "pecka" or "pecker"
Well what do they say? I need it for linguistic study purposes.

File: Caribbean-map.jpg (319 KB, 2400x1674)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
It must be tough being ground zero for some of the worst storms on earth. I'm pretty sure America has a dedicated team of jannies who go clean up Puerto Rico after a hurricane happens. There was a big controversy a few years back where Puerto Rico was without power for months because Trump didn't send enough hurricane jannies. But what about the other caribbean countries that don't have American hurricane jannies? Is their infrastructure just in a constant state of ruin from being leveled every few years by hurricanes? Makes me think of the Stormlight books.
They're so backwards and third world that even hurricanes avoid them.
File: IMG_20210225_091502.jpg (363 KB, 992x876)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Here's how my country deals with typhoons. Thanks to Flips and Indons, we don't have to deal with it. No volcanoes and earthquakes either.
most of them just build their houses out of non-thirdie materials like brick. however, Haiti has a proud tradition of living in homeless squalor, and insist in building with wood and mud

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Ananı sikim trk
pure soul
:DD amına kodumun altyaşları hiç bir sik patlatamaz. bariz balçanağına atlamış salak PİÇ :dd
korkunç. kardeşinizi sikmeyin

File: 1550319723738.jpg (38 KB, 362x346)
38 KB
I had sex why am I still opposed to immigration
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why are we so based israel bros
having sex made me hate women more desu
have more sex

This depiction of ancient Greek warfare is so mind numbingly retarded that it forced me at poorly held spearpoint to make an angry thread to rant about it!
So we see depicted a bunch of Greeks (looks like Athenians vs Spartans or something) going into battle all with their spears held over-arm. Why are they held over-arm? Why... to throw them, of course!
And they needed to throw their spears so that they could draw their swords and fight each other that way.

Well, it sure is convenient that BOTH sides threw their spears because if one side didn't throw their spears, then they could engage the enemy at a greater distance and slaughter them. Unlike in Rome 2 : Total War, a phalanx with only swords is not going to beat a phalanx with spears since they would just be poked to death! It is utterly stupid to throw your principle fighting weapon before a battle. The reason this artist depicts this is because he fell for the over-arm spear-fighting meme. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS MEME!

Number II, a few guys seem not to have gotten the message that they're supposed to throw their main fighting weapon before engaging with swords, and you see them in the foreground smashing their shields into each other. They're trying to spear each other but this is made awkward because they're now too close for effective spear combat.
Hey, I have a better idea; How about you use your spears at effective spear range instead! Or, now that you have inexplicably gotten yourself into this situation, NOW is the time to draw your sword for close quarters fighting.

This picture is yet more evidence that spears were not used over-arm in real battles. It's just a stupid concept.
Now that I have made this rant, the picture will disappear and no longer bother mankind ever again.
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This is the equivalent of modern day artists depicting Napoleonic soldiers flying attack helicopters and driving MBTs.
>le Grand
>Omelete du fromage
>Royale with Cheese
Why does everything French sound like food?

File: ENdWzGDXUAACF1f.png (652 KB, 493x578)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
There are huge differences between the north and south of Italy, the south is genetically a mix of Arabian-Turkish-Black genes, speaking of the Italian nation is a joke.

I have traveled throughout north Italy (Lombardy named after the Swedish tribe of Longobards) and there the phenotype is mostly Nordid (tall, quiet, reserved, intelligent).
Lombardy is full of 3rd gen southern diaspora who flooded after the war, ethnic Lombards are actually a minority and they are the ones working for practically the rest of the country, sending Rome more than 150 billion a year in surplus taxes.
They could be like Austria or Switzerland if they were independent.

Lombardy is much more like Germany/France than Rome/Naples that you know from TV series.
It is wealthy (finance, industry, fashion) and Teutonic culturally.

A lot of Italians have pale skin and blue eyes.
Even the dialects sound more German.
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The holocaust is the only reason I don't hate krauts.
you forgot the Poopenfahrten
horseshit. if anything theyre related to Southern Germans
I must admit, the German language is god-tier.
File: monkas.png (211 KB, 1200x675)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
Soith italians are greeks for what I read and know, my question is the next, is Italy that divided between north and south? We never have that type of discussions here between northerns and southerns.

File: the Good n word.jpg (59 KB, 489x688)
59 KB
Here's the good n word:
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> нигp
Yes, this is official Russian name for black race
Never actually spoke to a black man, so no.

I wouldn't say it to a complete stranger, but if it was an acquaintance, i would have no problem with it.
It depends on why, but I don't think I've ever seen a black person call another black person "nigger" to their face before with intention to insult them so far. I'd assume they'd get mad like anyone does when insulted tho.

Most of my black friends, family and myself have jokingly called each other niggers tho at some point so I'd assume it's not that uncommon for other black people to joke about it from time to time with each other but then again maybe it's different cuz were Africans and not black American
>middle school
Are you sure you were in Australia?
So is Secondary school the appropriate term here or something? I get words mixed up sometimes

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