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i thought i was racist until i fell in love with a mixed race black girl
Racism is a human survival instinct against the other tribesmen (niggers)
They always fuck the women after theyre done killing them, its normal bro
It's okay anon, soon you will be racist and sexist when she tells you no but you can still be frens.
her brothers are nice to me though, one of them gave me a gift yesterday
she likes me and treats me well though, we've been dating for a month now. We have a lot in common

>white americans are basically always on the run like gypsies in their own country because of state mandated ghettofications
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I don't even bother unpacking anymore.
File: 1657970040159.png (96 KB, 640x480)
96 KB
ywnbaw and now I've GOT YOUR NOSE AHA
give it back you bastard
how will he breathe??
I wish I was born in Iceland. It's a beautiful country!

File: 10381037196.png (123 KB, 548x503)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
how do you say "two more weeks" in your language?
in italian it's altre due settimane
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cherez dve nedeli
trescientostreintaseis horas mas
Nice flag! Post here please >>171558227
iki hafta daha

File: 0o1arf8ksgey.png (331 KB, 3675x2350)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
How would a sengoku America play out?
Great Plains, home...
File: 81iPE7A4tLL.jpg (257 KB, 1022x768)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
I want to see the REAL America
Arkansas-missisipi has every advantage.

File: Flag_of_France.svg.png (1 KB, 1200x800)
1 KB
I wish I were French.
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de? si t'es dans le secteur de nantes je te prends demain
Marrante la tournure du fil.
>Yea how do you do that without getting a first hand experience you mong
tu vas sur indeed et tu regardes les centaines d'offres d'alternances sur 3-12 mois pour te former dans les centaines de métiers qui recrutent de chauffeur routier à maçon sale merde
cette salope chie sur la france depuis 50 posts et personne dit rien, le mec est capable de te dire qu'il y a aucune nature en france et aucune gastronomie, c'est une merde de wannabe juriste qui pleure parce qu'il se retrouve au mcdo et c'est moi le con et en plus il se met à jouer le col bleu parce qu'il a fait l'arpette couvreur pendant 3 mois nan mais j'y crois pas
>Le schizo qui casse les couilles à tout le monde depuis des mois en racontant de la merde est un sale fils de pute de JVC
Mdr tout s'explique

I’m about the crack this one open
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A lager is a type of beer. Not just the word for “beer”. A “lager beer” is perfectly fine and correct to say
that's a really odd combo
hey what's the deal with lager
File: 1664495914812.jpg (2.26 MB, 3058x3888)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB JPG
I prefer something stronger

File: r83kf4.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
Sex all asians
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don't google (naked Asian girl dancing to Teemo)
sea asians are more sex than east ones
File: chinese crotches.jpg (575 KB, 1920x1856)
575 KB
575 KB JPG

Does this happen in your cunt?

Polish thread about
[X] Germany
[ ] Russia
> amerimutt education
jogger, I'm picturing myself doing that everytime i've anxiety nothing about germs themselves though their ww2 version is much cooler than their current cuck selves.
it's a flag joke calm down indog
We are host the finest education platforms on the planet.

File: 178.png (309 KB, 640x483)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
It's normal in your country to offer things (like food or a treat)without the intent of giving it? I always deny things because of the fear that people are offering just because education, today I was quite busy and accepted it because I wasn't paying attetion to the person who offered me some soda (he was with a 2L bottle). People treated me like I killed and kicked him on the nuts, just because I accepted a cup of soda, the guy got so offended that he gave me the entire bottle. Why the fuck do you offer things if you don't want to igive it, we are adults at work, I would understand if you wanted to eat a thing that you bought with your money all by yourself, why do you need to come out of your way and interrupt my work just to make me look at you and say "no" to your soda offering. I don't even like soda, He got so pissed that he gave me the entire 2L bottle as an ironic signal of angryness. Why can't I just stay on my computer and do my work?
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yoi're misinterpreting his intentions, he offered you the soda 'cause he want a sip out of dat ASS
>It's normal in your country to offer things (like food or a treat)without the intent of giving it?
Yes that is a normal occurrence. I might be drinking a soda and my wife will ask for a sip. I say “suuuuree” but really I am thinking “you bitch you bitch.” Soda is a rare treat for me and I only drink those little baby cans, 7.5 oz. If she wants a drink she can easily get it her own.
Now a 2-liter, that is a different story. Did you “share” it by drinking straight out of the bottle or did you pour a cup.
I had a cup, but the guy got pissed and gave me de bottle before I was able to pick the cup. The problem is, denying things is also considered an offense for some people, so sometimes if the person sounds too pushy about giving me something, denying it would cause an equal assblast, it's fucking confusing, if I deny I'm an asshole because I think i'm better than everyone, If I accept, I'm inconsiderate about people's politeness.
that guy is a retarded faggot fuck him

we don't have a custom like this exactly but I know of weird social customs like this and it irritates me to no end when it's done
It's not the same thing .
In your country people asky you to give your thing but in 3rd world they offer their stuff but you have to reject them because retarded culture.

File: 1603928745048.jpg (173 KB, 1042x770)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
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Indio larping is more common here nowadays (even though that's the smallest ancestry in the caribbean)
>was built way later, arround 2500 BC,
The civilization flourished between the fourth and second millennia BC, with the formation of the first city generally dated to around 3500 BC, at Huaricanga, in the Fortaleza area.[1] It is from 3100 BC onward that large-scale human settlement and communal construction become clearly apparent

>its just a medium sized settlement with a circular plaza nigga
During the third millennium BC, Caral-Supe may have been the most densely populated area of the world (excepting, possibly, Northern China).
i submit to the authority of women's tits
Riddle me this: when Alexander conquered Egypt he was made Pharaoh. The priests took him to the temple of Apollo-Ra. Who the fuck and what the hell? Who was Apollo-Ra?? How was there a temple already made? How did this merge of deities occured? Was it an ancient case of revisionism by the priesthood?

File: 1663542097832.jpg (89 KB, 726x900)
89 KB
Does this look like Strong Female Empowerement to you in your country?
My gf does this
Why do these girls always have such bizarre faces and make up
File: sniffing physiology.jpg (192 KB, 1200x877)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Imagine the smell.
It's hot and makes your dick hard. Girls with no makeup look pure and its makes you not want to touch them
Normal make up looks fine, this girl looks like a cheap whore

Are those guys even white?
it's a grey area, but they're Muslim, therefore no
some of them are white
some of them are arap
White and soulfull are extinct after 90s
Bosnians are whiter than you.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (60 KB, 1280x720)
60 KB
Pic related lives in a shallow/soft nest that you can't really see, step on the nest and you have 1000 of these crawling up your leg, only takes 2 or 3 of them stinging the fuck out of you to kill a person.
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Australia sure hates australians so much
File: lk9dptqm48k61.jpg (17 KB, 400x263)
17 KB
I don't think so. But they can conquer the entre planet.
Enough fire ants probably could, it's rare but it happens

Fuck you nigger, take them back.
It's not, don't come here.
We live in the sand with the ants.
They don't use scent pheromones either so you have to fight the biggest worker and show dominance for them to trust you.
Black Crazy ants are worse than the fire ants desu, Fire ants sting a tiny bit, the black crazy ants smell like piss.

How you say 'zero fucks given' in different european languages/countries
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>Mнe пoхpeнy
Haven't heard it since 5th grade..
Akschually Georgian version is supposed to hang on the dick not balls.
File: 1556671280231.png (327 KB, 859x960)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
>my dick doesn't hurt me at all
Redpill me on Estonian dessert powder
My dick sweats.
It (my dick) comes bent.
It (my dick) comes flaccid.
It (my dick) comes in the open air.
I care a dick.
I care a radish.
I care a pepper.
I care a cumin.

File: 1632638959903.png (302 KB, 457x457)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
Why are latinas able to talk all the time, constantly? What are they talking about? Why is there never any silence or any time to be alone with thoughts with latinas?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
kind of yeah, never encountered latinas before but I have for work, and its completely different
they're very energetic and enthusiastic and friendly, its almost exhausting
i do attrack females in my country by not talking, thats makes em so crazy, then i proced to fk em.
File: 1650479250422.jpg (85 KB, 601x461)
85 KB
File: 1655793939794.png (114 KB, 400x300)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
WOW..... really!?!?
File: 1657966407470.png (434 KB, 976x850)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
how much they LOVE or HATE white men unironically

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