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File: IMG_1039.png (488 KB, 1024x764)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
What would Africa be like if the slave trade never happened?
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>XVII century
File: hmmmm.jpg (23 KB, 340x265)
23 KB
>the only places even remotely civilized in africa are places with white people
Those areas ironically were the most deranged unless you think bring 24/7 paranoid of sharing an office with an African is normal
Wakanda would be real.
the same.

File: 1497899402697.jpg (495 KB, 1600x900)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
/his/ larping in The Sims edition
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Give SimAnt a try
what a dumb town
Last time i watched porn years ago, they were pushing incest
What are they pushing now? Is it still incest or did they start puahing cartoons or trannies?
File: 1679962365306304.png (499 KB, 388x520)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
>reboot of The Office in the works
we don't need this but we deserve it

File: 16249543908570.jpg (572 KB, 946x606)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
Anne Frank edition
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File: 1513809374038.jpg (40 KB, 600x338)
40 KB
File: 1668569095404696.jpg (105 KB, 591x627)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>don't smoke more crack
is that right?

File: 1670594617542704.jpg (10 KB, 211x239)
10 KB
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File: 1671025472561.jpg (168 KB, 1175x1175)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
French is an evolution of Old English Frenċisċ, which is equivalent to Frank + ish.
>c. 1200, frensh, frenche, "pertaining to France or the French," from Old English frencisc "French," originally "of the Franks," from franca, the people name (see Frank).
The relevant part:
>A similar contraction of -ish is in Dutch, Scotch, Welsh, suggesting the habit applies to the names of only the intimate neighbors.

This region has produced some of the ugliest languages on Earth, both spoken and in writing. Why?
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I like how Turkish and Arabic sound.
correct map
(sorry i couldnt find a blank one)
Phoenicians founded what a written language should be.

File: 1695455286441631.jpg (178 KB, 900x1200)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
-Vietnamesische Oiden
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File: 1678681693305902.jpg (101 KB, 977x719)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Dein Date läuft gut, neet?
Du kannst nicht brüten, neet
Das ist dein Problem'chen, neet
You can't breed
Hätte Halle auf den d gehört und freeBSD installiert hätte, hätte er die Obdachlosigkeit sicherlich abgewendet.
Korrekt er wäre schon Junior infosec consultant
In zwei Jahren Google security engineer 200k
Der Kanaki Cum brudi war einer der wenigen guten Spämer.
very cute

File: holy trinity.png (57 KB, 680x1770)
57 KB
these countries make me kneel
those countries make me vomit
File: 1673342482867209.jpg (98 KB, 955x850)
98 KB
right in front of them?
with your face at cock level?

imagine that
The SOVL triumvirate

Will latinos reconquer aztlan and topple the american kingdom this century?
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That svelte waist
>that fkin nail
Wash your hands
How does it feel to witness the extiction of your own species in real time?
Aztlan is a mexican nationalist-fascist-colonialist project. It’s doesn’t differ from american settler colonialism or how the spanish invaded these territories and named them “new mexico” ignoring the vast numbers of amerindian nations already living in it.

Chicano struggles must ditch the whole aztlan thing and focus on working with working class blacks, whites and native americans to create a multicultural anti capitalist state
>the spanish invaded these territories and named them “new mexico”
You did, the Novospanish conquered those territories and they were administered from Mexico.

File: 1827383949.jpg (144 KB, 1242x1336)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Thinking about that time there was a race-war between black people and Indians because some black dude tweeted "I know it smell crazy in there" in regards to an Indian nightclub.

And blacks still destroyed Indians LMFAO
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But really now, why does India have a national scat fetish
File: 2938383994.jpg (106 KB, 945x305)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Gm sir
How does me disliking one imply that I like the other you obese american monkey

Why do they think they wuz kangz n shiet?
They be Volga-Bulgarians n shieettt

File: 1615767455434.jpg (1.38 MB, 1045x3399)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
Crni andjeli izdanje
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kita u bila, e to je filmcuga ipo
upravo serem govna
kad ce neka politicka partija da se osvrne na pitanje incela, ima vise nejeba u ovoj drzavi nego glasaca
>Inceli su ko jevreji u nacistickoj nemackoj
Nije ni daleko od istine
U ovoj državi je društveno prihvatljivije biti ratni zločinac nego nejeb.
Jednom prilikom sam rekao drugu na kafici da nikad nisam vidio pičku, on se tu nasmejao i posle me više nikad nisu zvali na kafu iz tog društva.
I pedofili smrdljivi bolje u društvu nego mi nejebi zato što znam kao činjenicu da se jedan odavde oženio kad je izašao iz zatvora i sad živi normalan život.
Nema gore egzistencije od balkanskog incela, najveće smo parije

How can we fix Israel's reputation?
they need to invest in soft power like the japanese and koreans have with their pop culture. Need to make Ipop and then export it to the world.

I mean, come on, they are jews, they have to have some culture connections to hollywood and the music business

File: 1695662153977856.webm (1.8 MB, 576x1024)
1.8 MB
Would people in your country find it weird to see a mixed race couple walking about?
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File: psyop.png (6 KB, 301x240)
6 KB
>booba zoomed out
hory mory
I need an Asian gf
Imagine splitting her head open like a coconut with a sledgehammer
my parents said i cant bring home a black gf

File: 1000002608.jpg (106 KB, 719x724)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Love mum prank grandpa some as that
I have 2 dads
I was found in the trash, my name is Victor that means victory.

File: 1677080257461011.jpg (227 KB, 1068x1087)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
edycja huhu
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File: 192380192380.jpg (2.18 MB, 1736x1736)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
kto pamięta to kurestwo? obraz relatywny
ciekaw jestem jak Unia by zareagowała na skład xd
File: 1667239730180603.jpg (197 KB, 1060x404)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
jednak poszedłem do nocnego
może być, ale jak 12 lat temu zamykali rozlewnię komandosa i leśnego dzbana to płakałem
ile tego się na koncertach punkowych wypiło, ehhh
fedora, dom

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