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File: tourist_go_home_pic.jpg (93 KB, 694x390)
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I WILL call your region cute and you can't do anything about it.
>your governments systematically destroyed local cultures and languages
Why does everyone on this website always assume people support everything their government did in history?
>Why does everyone on this website always assume people support everything their government did in history?
most are fucked in the head, obviously
there are like 4 frisians that want independence but no one has ever or will ever take them seriously because they are frisians and also retarded
only meme movements
What, have you forgotten about Ireland?

File: BkpuzL1.jpg (59 KB, 768x432)
59 KB
Previous Thread:>>144642946

Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/djt
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File: IMG_20210331_171657_889.jpg (166 KB, 1072x1074)
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166 KB JPG

It’s legal to do this in your country ?
don't see why it shouldn't be
Mutilation of the body and those are the doctors who voluntarily do this.
voluntary bodily modification for adults is legal everywhere in the world as far as I know
As it should be, this shouldn't be the domain of the law

File: nazipardos1.jpg (75 KB, 1024x575)
75 KB
This is how the average white brazilian /int/ poster looks like.
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Because I want a twink Finnish Boyfriend.
That's a bit gay.
File: 1579824885669.jpg (70 KB, 720x626)
70 KB
My medieval catholic LARP of a country legalized homosexuality back in 1830 when it was punished in a lot of European countries. Which is pretty wierd if you think about it.
Anyway, can I mail order a finish guy? How do I contact a tribal mongol chief to negotiate? Also do you come with a Nokia attatched?
It's funny because often the whiter they are the more liberal their politics

File: RTX6UJW5.jpg (47 KB, 892x501)
47 KB
was he better than people made him out?
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>is that your sister/cousin/mom?
No retard
>Can you hook me up when I get there?
Its kinda hard doing one night stands as a foreigner you’ll have more luck if you convert and marry someone
>are there a lot of actual (white) Arabs
They’re not that uncommon, we call them Halabs and I’d say they are lik 15% of the sudanese arab population
Pic related my hand
That's cool, nice hand/leg combo. Anything else I should know about how based Sudan is?
Cocoamillkx on Twitter
Just don’t come here in the summer


File: 1602075471846.png (93 KB, 1094x575)
93 KB
>tfw wasnt born in north america or australia
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only 150000000x wealthier and generally better in everything
the bullet doesn't reach very high velocity that close to the barrel

it would maybe make a small dent in your forehead but not penetrate it
File: AmeriDive.jpg (20 KB, 577x532)
20 KB
Sorry for your misfortune, anon. You can always try to immigrate to civilization here in North America, I know the backwardness and ignorance of Europe must be tiresome.
Migrating to the US legally is actually hard as shit unless you're a millionaire or willing to live 20 years on non permanent visas.

File: 1601101526161.jpg (202 KB, 960x720)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
طبعة-جديدة ل : فلسطين حرة حرة واليهودي على برة

اغاني هذا الخيط

>لا تطعموا المتصيدين ولاعبي الادوار
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كس امك يا خالد ابن الوليد ليش نشرت السلام
كنا نقدر نكون اثنوا ستيت نجدو حجازي بدين خاص لنا لكن لااا لازم ننيك الفرس والروم
هدفي الآن هو استهلاك موسيقى جيدة
العابكم جربه ياعرب العبوا
واتركوا كرنج الممو

File: 1620663182242.jpg (459 KB, 2895x1795)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
Why do Europeans deny America has any culture while stealing it?
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We should stop having kids
Humanity should end with this generation
retard french thinks indians will stop having kids
They'll stop when they'll become sterile because of their water.
If they don't, nuke them
This guy has a point American culture is about steal.

File: 20210509_171018.jpg (111 KB, 750x773)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Why did he do it?
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Pa pa?
>What no black pussy does to a man
>this is what blacks actually believe
My creator :)
No, he wasn't evil, he merely did something that seems evil. But it was God's will, and ultimately for the benefit of mankid.

Trying to think of what the quintessential european country is.
Germany? No because people automatically associate them with nazis.
England? No they are hellbent on not being european.
Ireland? No they have too much of their own alcohol and leprechaun identity.
Scandinavia? No too fishy.
Netherlands? Naw, too much weed and bicycles.
Italy, Greece, France and Iberia are ruled out because they are all basically Mexicans. So that basically leaves the non countries like Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. I guess those are the “quintessentially european” countries.
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Peter I was 300 years ago. St. Petersburg was built as a projection of the West in Russia, but outside of it Russia feels like a Eurasian country. You'd know what I mean if you'd ever been to Moscow.
>muh institutions
>It is relevant.
Nope. Western Europe is an outlier in the grand scheme of Europe. If you want the average of Europe you have to go further East.
No it's not, Western Europe is what defines the continent. A country that far removed from the European heartland simply isn't the quintessential European country.
The average Europe should be Spain+Germany (East).
Czechia/Slovenia or Netherlands

File: flag_8046843840.jpg (49 KB, 768x431)
49 KB
what are some apartheid states?
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Not him but they're absolutely cursed. They pioneered the model of authoritarian surveillance hypercapitalism that everyone from China to America is copying today. Lee Kuan Yew is probably the greatest political innovator of our era
natural order of things
We keep poor people(90% of the population) far from where rich people live
It's a dictatorship
File: dont_call_it_apartheid.png (387 KB, 2066x1024)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
I wouldn't mind Chinese overlords if my city turns into Singapore


A few people I met on this board a while ago have finally come together and made an album.

Appreciate any feedback on it. It was a blast making this with you guys.
Sounds good through my laptop speakers
Thanks dude. it means a lot

What do they even have in common anyway Giuseppe?

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