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File: Hard to be a god.jpg (121 KB, 1100x662)
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121 KB JPG
Had your country produced any pretentious kino that was praised in foreign cunts but largery ignored/disliked in yours?
File: waltz-with-bashir-11.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1080)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG

File: 20598794.1.jpg (69 KB, 350x510)
69 KB
We had a queen 1400 years ago.

And years ago, had a female president,

Women's abilities are always disappointing.

File: x.jpg (376 KB, 1354x900)
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376 KB JPG
Previous Thread:>>134962345

Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/djt
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File: 1589254373669.jpg (33 KB, 293x486)
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File: 1578355687395.jpg (48 KB, 540x550)
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Post cool stuff from your cunt
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Modern buildings can be cool, but also can end up as glassy fucking messes and postmodern shit
Are you ever capable of providing colorful adjectives that don't lean on common vulgarity?
File: Denver airport.jpg (56 KB, 828x552)
56 KB
NWO base in the middle of America
Ok, modern buildings can look trite and tacky in the way they do things, for example look at this thing. It’s horrendous, like somebody let a 5 year old design it. It’s an eyesore to say the least. There’s thousands of buildings like this made by postmodern ““““architects””””, they go for fashion over function and fail at both, some also just end up being glassy, brutalist, garbage. Like the infamous laser building in London.
that looks good
idk wtf are you on about

Why do romanians do this?
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Japan does the same shit. Guess they haven't discovered underground wiring.
probably because it has something to do with the internet
i hate this too
but i think at that time in the 20s and 30s people started to get rid of those rich ornaments to make the building more "modern"
blame art deco and modernism
It was a satellite state.

My father....

Let me come into your arms i love you

Hold me tightly and take care of me forever

You can rule over us in eternity and take care of our lands and cultivate defenses

So that noone will take us away from you ever again

teach us strength and honour my father

make us happy again

much love

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please no.

File: 15131612312132.jpg (57 KB, 482x549)
57 KB
I only leave it on short trips to 5ch.
Is it better or worse than Twitter/Reddit/Facebook/YouTube?
The way everyone talks and acts and thinks the same regardless of where they're from or what language they originally speak is starting to become grating.
A lot better
Japanese twitter is significantly better than English speaking twitter
File: Carl Wheezer.jpg (663 KB, 3000x4000)
663 KB
663 KB JPG
Spanish internet is just endless shit posting.
This is true but it still has spillover from the *Nglosphere

File: 1602873168964.jpg (26 KB, 240x240)
26 KB
I just found out about how in Europe we pay much more money for everything while getting paid less than in America. What the fuck? Why didn't anyone tell me that Americans live life on tutorial mode?
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Move to an expanded Medicaid state. In my state income doesnt matter.
I suffer in Mexico
File: 20201111_193746.jpg (149 KB, 715x1469)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Europe is great if you are poor, America is great if you are rich
you could totally live on 30k a year and invest the rest of the income on the American stock market, the payouts are so much better for the American stock market than European. My German friend says he wishes he could trade options like Americans do and make a shitton of money, but German tax laws make it not profitable at all, and in Germany you still get taxed even if you had a net loss
It doesn't really matter where you live if you are rich tho

File: 33e.jpg (24 KB, 396x385)
24 KB
2.What degree are you taking at university?

2.Mechanical Virgineer
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review and practice again
What degree should I pursue that seems like fun and I can get a good job from. I tried STEM but I didn't like it
good idea. for me it feels like my brain says "no" when I've covered everything. But I guess I should practice over some stuff....
i know what you mean, but you have to push through. it's robotic but that's what it takes to pass
File: 1602914949055.jpg (92 KB, 1022x578)
92 KB
i can't believe /int/ is an STEM enclave. No wonder i felt the community using this board

repetition is key bro

File: 1562932177490.png (88 KB, 678x626)
88 KB
>reeee evil ottomans kept us poor
meanwhile even during collapse of empire balkans are on par with portuguese which stole all gold of a continent.
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>somehow, even after a revolution that destroyed the already basically non-existent economy of greece, we are still richer than the russians.
was the tsar THAT bad?
Ah yes, some random numbers on a bullshit map totally make up for 500 years of tyranny, I see your point, lol.
Turks have nothing to offer, it's no coincidence that all their previous vassals hate them.
it's per capita and Rusia is very big and has many people
It's so big they even have T-I-G-E-R-S and monkes and volcanoes
File: 1501444048156.png (239 KB, 480x512)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
We should have just bought Russia while we had the advantage

File: y67bS1w.jpg (16 KB, 450x299)
16 KB
Is he handsome?
How the fuck a jap has a semitic nose ?
File: file.png (551 KB, 1209x435)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
nihon people really are the lost tribe of israel

File: 1606524602416.jpg (64 KB, 719x688)
64 KB
Why do firsties think we live in paradise?
grass is greener, you always want what you don't/can't have, etc...
Because you can get laid with minimal effort.
Western dimwits believe that a traditional simplistic way of life is spiritually satisfying
>lives in a tropical paradise where women are beautiful and easy
>bitches about having a shitty life and muh third worldism
therdies are fucking subhuman

File: mkhachklala.jpg (85 KB, 700x466)
85 KB
Would you live in the North Caucasus(Dagestan, Chechnya or Ingushetia) for 10 million USD? You have to stay for 10 years at least
I heard that if you even LOOK at their women they chop off your hand
Why do swedes have the most retarded questions? I’ll fucking rape and murder your arab fucking mother for 10 million too
File: boss.jpg (130 KB, 1280x720)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
I'm BOSSnian, I'm one of them.
calm please

File: IsleOfSkye.jpg (173 KB, 1200x800)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
VGH The highlands of Sco'land
Bagpipes sound nice

File: IMG_20201130_192754.jpg (334 KB, 1080x1810)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Haдiшлiть, бyдь лacкa, вaгiнy i cиcьки.

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