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File: pepefunni.jpg (382 KB, 2544x4000)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
>german inflation rising to 10%
>value of the euro cratering
>winter coming

this is what jealousy of a significantly higher GDP/capita and HDI looks like
wrong im an albertachad. know the difference

File: 96d.png (42 KB, 200x240)
42 KB
The brazilian elections are basically a fight between those that believe that the population can be directed by the ongoing narrative and those that believe that the ongoing narrative cannot direct the brazilian people

Who do you believe will win?
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Mind telling us in the audience what the Brazil narrative even is?
The need to integrate brazil to the free democratic world where everyone is happy
Who said what?
Whats going on in the webm? Whats special about him drinking water?
Will you?
nah, i don't waste my life for politicians

File: nuclear.png (36 KB, 547x204)
36 KB
it was nice knowing you int
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File: 1547832684654.jpg (26 KB, 399x400)
26 KB
Is this the closest we've been to nuclear war since the cuban missle crisis
I think that the annexation signals an end to this climaxing of warfare in Ukraine. We are going to be back to pandemics and climate change it looks like.
Cuban missile crisis was real, this shit today is fake click bait articles
It would start ww3
The only time nukes were detonated on real targets was when only one country possessed them. Puts things into perspective.

File: 1607219473753.png (240 KB, 1146x1089)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
I've been let into the homes of white women on numerous occasions
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dogs can type now?
Did you look into the closet and sniff panties?
How big was their ASS?
Smells like wet dog, right?

You wake up in North Cyprus
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There is only one Cyprus
and its north cyrpus
Yes, Turkish Northern Cyprus
Wait for the daily supply of Arabian sand to arrive by boat so I can join the locals in spreading it around the island while chanting in Arabic so that the island can eventually feel more like home to the local Muslims, who are incurring psychological damage from there not being sand, camels and date palms all around them.
File: mehmet.jpg (84 KB, 884x1000)
84 KB

File: ROME-1664296975996671.jpg (1.98 MB, 3730x2582)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
I get why Italians are always so proud, they literally descended from this.
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American (Revolutionary, Civil War, and Wild West Period) and the Persian culture
File: 1664497088477.png (555 KB, 694x470)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
t. street shitter

Very interesting how you stole an Iranian term popularized by Muslims.
I respect Poland. Geographically, they got dealt a shitty hand, given flat land sandwiched between Germany and Russia, but they still managed to survive and preserve their culture despite numerous attempts to erase it. If other people were put in Poland's shoes, could they have really done any better?

Also, despite the street-shitter memes, I think India has a really cool and unique history.
Singapore is the only instance where I find the nation's present more appealing than the past.
File: 1651197899284.jpg (54 KB, 1024x937)
54 KB
>Skyrim Imperial armor

You're a failed man if you're not shredded. Doesn't matter what country you spawned in
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>Dies at 22
Still lived a life 300000x more important than anyone posting in this thread

also died before the world truly went to shit
Don't care. Never did. Never will.
>Still lived a life 300000x more important than anyone posting in this thread
that makes me feel bad about myself, considering he was completely irrelevant except as the basis of decent memes

>also died before the world truly went to shit
inarguably based, I'd rather be dead than deal with half the shit that's happened since

Brazilian indian or mexican indian?
In your country
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That girl is not Brazilian nor 90% euro and OP is the proxyzilian subhuman
>i've been to Peru and this is what half the women look like
Not really, Peruvian indias are more asiany
RIght has a soul
yes she is. Brazilians are extremely Portuguese, it's just that Meds are extremely swarthy in the first place.

File: Flag_of_Georgia.svg.png (11 KB, 1280x853)
11 KB
What happens here?
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Agree I eat Kubdari regulary now, replaced kebab and goyslop from McDongers.
Damn nigga, that like chitlins?
No completely different
raising rents
Good food and nice people. The women are sexy… I slept with a couple this summer… hopefully I’ll be back next summer

File: 1558506401803.png (644 KB, 1098x648)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese language.
Japanese speakers learning English are welcome, too.

Read the guide linked below before asking how to learn Japanese:

Use filters: https://www.4chan-x.net

Archive of older threads: https://desuarchive.org/int/search/subject/Daily%20Japanese%20Thread/

Translation requests, insults, politics, reddit posts, lust, learning method / eceleb discussions: >>>/jp/djt

Previous Thread: >>171382628
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File: イヤンバカン.png (395 KB, 713x428)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
why are people on r/learnjapanese always seething and arguing
File: 1659391579959860.jpg (59 KB, 540x718)
59 KB
Why are you going on reddit
Please post >>171558227
File: 1603419222184.png (149 KB, 600x700)
149 KB
149 KB PNG

How long will it take for the Russian language to die in Ukraine?
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You pay attention to the last 6 months?
Couldn’t you say the same for most ex Soviet republics? Russian usage amongst non Russians has completely died in the Baltic states and Georgia and Turkmenistan. I think the same will happen in Ukraine

What’s the difference?
Do you really believe nobody uses VPN to access VK for example? Or that there's no youtube nor discord nor twitter nor instagram nor 2ch nor 4chan nor yulilauta (even) nor telegram nor... you got the idea. Even their own fella countrymen produce a lot of russian content themselves.

>mutt blabbing about language, ethnicity, culture

Russian language is still presented in Baltics, but the baltic states populations are way too smoller than such of ukr and blr, plus keep in mind that east slavic languages are essentially close to one each other, taking aside vocab.
Russian is still largely presented there, and assuming the recent events, lole.... even larger than b4
Can't say for all the population of Turkmenistan but the students from there I pesonally knew spoke russian fair well without any accent, and they told most of the turkmen youth speak russian they learnt in family. Or maybe it's them who weren't of the poor background (which's doubtful assuming the way they appeared in russia)

File: 9f9.jpg (4 KB, 200x200)
4 KB
My mom is an unironic Buddhist and think that random bugs are some reincarnated ancestors
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There's a lizard that keeps looking at me at night when I wank, it makes me think it could be a dead family member of mine.
prove that they're not
Sorry bud, but it is.
is that why japs are obsessed with catching bugs???
File: mib.jpg (28 KB, 640x480)
28 KB
>anon looking at his mom after

File: 1613972481012.png (524 KB, 819x540)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
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> 4200 dolares por mes

de qué trajabás boludo? tomaste la itpill?
File: 1663637334281501.jpg (53 KB, 407x440)
53 KB
>17 años
>17 semanas

Which is more seems lier?
K: The universal name of the Sea between Japan and Korea is East Sea. Not Sea of Japan. Every other countries must use the name east sea.
J : its Sea of Japan.

K :japanese martial arts is originated from ancient Korean martial arts which has 2000years of history, such as teakwondo ,teakkyon , hawarangdo, subak , haidung gumdo and hapkido. Especially , Haidong Gumdo attributes its history to Balhae/Parhae as opposed to Koryo.
J :Korean martial arts is made after japanese martial arts after ww2 except korean bows and wrestling. and hawarangdo has no any real record as martial arts. Tekkyon is just foot stamping game. Kenjitsu and jiujitsu is originated in japan. Karate is originated in okinawa and its rooted in china.
There is no written historical records on the swordsmanship of Balhae kingdom. Haedong Gumdo’s origin is in modern history post Korean War of 1960s.

K :comfort woman was sex slave who was mass kidnapped and raped and massacred by jpn army
J : comfort woman was sold by own parents to local Korean brothel and Jpn army used the local Korean brothals. Its war criminals indeed but Korean is exaggerating.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
So When did you realized that most of the shit Koreans say about japan is obviously the product of severe butthurt, Anti japan propaganda as national inferiority complex.
File: japanchad.png (308 KB, 1080x1175)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
I stand with Japan

File: Untitled.png (39 KB, 475x601)
39 KB
What goes on here?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
damn are you québécois ?
haha yeah
File: 973.jpg (6 KB, 200x202)
6 KB
They have a city named after the Turkish fez hat.
>Cette semaine, vous avez un épisode qui est raconté d'un ancien ministre qui s'est fait coincer à Marrakech dans une partouze avec des p'tits garçons, bon... Probablement nous savons tous ici de qui il s'agit...
Not a bad country

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