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File: 1618060521114-1.jpg (123 KB, 618x530)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
In Brazil was common for blacks to have slaves (natives, blacks or mulatos).
In fact, even slaves had slaves here.

Was that the case in USA?
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File: 784787383.jpg (57 KB, 1280x720)
57 KB
This is the image soap operas inprinted in people's minds. Completely innacurate to every other historical portrait.
is it autistic if this shit kind of annoys me. dave chapelle does the same, lecture whites and be all woke, then goes back to his all-white area. why doesn't he live by his people if he champions them so much?
Was common as fuck
Mainly in Bahia
Literally ALL candomble houses were founded by black slave owners
You dont even know what youre talking about
O maior capitao de navio negreiro na Bahia era um preto do Benin de sobrenome da Costa amigo pessoal de um preto escravista chamado Jose Antonio dEtra

Vai chupar uma rola,petista retardado
Tinha crioulo capitão de navio negreiro, seu retardado

They literally have two new ones, fully personal. Even the BBC and Daily Mail hardly talk about them.
>fully personal
Meant fully operational.
>two new aircraft carriers
>max combat wing at 40 planes each
>entire navy only has access to 48 fighter aircraft which have to be shared with the air force

I'm going to Hungry Jack's. Do you guys want anything?
a pepsi
una pepsi para usted señor
Get me an Oreo mcflurry

File: IMG_20210414_202953087.jpg (3.81 MB, 4000x3000)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB JPG
hilo hunterchad
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alguien tiene algunos archivos que funcionen? desuarchives y watarimasen archives no me sirven
para /int/?
y si no me equivoco nyaa tambien
hilo de venti
>una paloma se cagó en la antena y me cortó el internet

File: anime girl crying.jpg (9 KB, 222x227)
9 KB
nobody likes mexicans, specially first-worlders. and even if they dont outright hate a nigga they dont trust us with any job more complex or prestigious than gardening, washing dishes, scrubbing toilets or being low level teachers... i have a PhD in philosophy and I havent been able to find work abroad in years... my professional life was ruined before it even started!
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Why are self hating Mexicans so common lately
hmm honey
I like Mexicans, i mean i got no reason to hate and u have some Olmec blood.
i like mexicans.
Inferiority complex has been our thing for a while now. Read "El perfil del hombre y la cultura en México" by my nigga Samuel Ramos

File: map-chile.png (201 KB, 1275x1275)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
>Richest country in Latin America
How did they do it?
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*blocks your path*
All politicians are inherently corrupt. To even choose to be a politician you have to be morally bankrupt in the first place.
hazte pendejo que te sale natural
Croatian genes
File: CsA0mw9WEAAEuiH.jpg (31 KB, 720x755)
31 KB

File: Untitled.png (90 KB, 828x544)
90 KB
What the fuck do they eat
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Mcdonald, taco bell, burger king, kfc
I do not think they will eat the animal they just fucked.
i eat turkish infants

File: cowmount.webm (841 KB, 368x322)
841 KB
DC10 Dex Check edition
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Are you a bitch
no but you are
Tuscaloosa more like tusca loose ass from all these dicks
>all 6 dixxxxxx

File: 1618372279054.jpg (869 KB, 2048x890)
869 KB
869 KB JPG
Why would someone follow a religion that has this place as the most sacred spot? It looks like the most similar place to hell that could exist in this planet
I would suppose that people who have an interest in theological matters or the traditions of their people value substance over appearances.
>Wow, just wow, yikes! They're like, literally Slytherin! I am a Gryffindor btw.
That actually looks like an improvement
What's that? The grand mosque of London?
The thing you have to realize is that Islamic Civilization has been effectively dead since the Mongols swept through. It's been a decaying carcass ever since. The Turks maybe kept it strung together a bit but they too just collapsed into nothing.

File: Oud2.jpg (254 KB, 1148x862)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Post a favourite instrument from a cunt other than yours.
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File: minimoog2.jpg (77 KB, 768x447)
77 KB

I like Flamenco guitar. I want to play Spanish rhythm into Shamisen.
File: kool.jpg (30 KB, 569x370)
30 KB

File: transferir (2).jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
Why do socialists/leftards around the globe simply deny their monumental collapse?
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why are you making /pol/ tier threads at 3 am?
Imagine being an imbecile that debates politics on fucking 4chan
Suck CIA cock more, faggot
literal cheap veneca whores everywhere in brazil and colombia
Do you not get what an ideology is? It's propped up by feelings, and then rationalized to seem sane and reasonable. Every single work of apologetics and propaganda is an overwhelmingly clear example of this. It's just chemicals in your brain making you like or dislike something, and then you feel the need to explain why you feel that way by covering it with "logic" and "facts".

Any ideology will downplay their weaker, contradictory aspects and emphasize those that do link up with facts and reality.

What’s the best ‘alphabet’?
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How delightfully autistic. I love it.
we have a lot double double consonants which stretch out our words and our language is older than arabic, we have always done our own thing. We tried adapted the arabic script and called it the "wadaad" script around 1000 years ago but it didn't work, only the religious people, mathematicians, historians and traders used it to record stuff. Most tribes had their own scripts. The Latin script fits Somali very well
At least you should use macron instead of doubling the vowel letters. It looks ugly imo.
writing is degenerate
embrace tradition, learn protoindoeuropean
File: meroitic.gif (19 KB, 460x420)
19 KB

Do people in your country flush your toilet paper, or do you put it in a waste basket?

In America, most of our ethnic groups flush it.
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Maybe our shits are to massive to handle both
or shits too shitty, requiring more paper
damn tacos
I thought this was some /int/ joke until my dad went to the hospital and I had to take a piss. I walked into the bathroom and saw it. Someone had wiped their ass and had shit stained paper in the trashcan. I remember feeling really bad for the janitor, but he was probably from one of those countries too.
It's a cultural thing. The plumbing is good enough in the vast majority of places, but it's hard to convince people to change their habits. Same thing in Taiwan.
Dont feel bad for the janitor, it’s probably his own toilet paper

I’m currently stuck on a train towards Tokyo with nothing better to do so I’ll drop a truth bomb about Asian beauty culture on /int/.

Every time somebody talks about makeup and surgery in East Asia there are all these white knights like
>They look fine without makeup
>She looked cute before surgery. Why is she so insecure?
>Actually I think single eyelids look fine
>they should be comfortable with their natural skin tone

Well guess what, they don’t give a fuck about you’re opinion. They’re not trying to impress you. They’re not even trying to impress the average Japanese guy (who would fuck anyone with a vagina). They’re trying to impress the most attractive, popular 5-10% of Japanese guys who basically hoard all the pussy in high school and college and won’t settle for anything less than a pale, double-eyelid, idol-looking girl and are fought over by 80% of the school. Ok now shut the fuck up
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maybe they just do it but don't tell anyone?
Are all your women lesbians?
That's how it is everywhere, Kenji.
How is common knowledge a truth bomb?
numales STILL think this way? lol keep that high class lack of testosterone mr civilized

File: 1603938276983.png (144 KB, 1152x878)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Edição final feliz.

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esse maluco é muito bom
aparentemente é tuga
File: constitutional.jpg (26 KB, 459x476)
26 KB
esse é um meme dos Estados Unidos, por isso presume que os direitos constitucionais são respeitados em outras condições.

no Brasil não é assim.
A maioria tá cagando pro vírus e tá é desesperada pra que esse loquidau acabe logo, por isso acatam tudo que é dito. Pena que o governo é incompetente, então nem o virus nem o loquidau vão acabar tão cedo

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