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File: 1634914943419.jpg (52 KB, 610x502)
52 KB
Russiabros, could you please explain this meme to me? There are other versions of this meme or just one?
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There actually is no Russian literature. People who say it's great and that you can actually read it are just paid government shills.
All the texts in Russians are just AI-generated gibberish, based on some half-literate peasant novels.
Just like any other wojakposter, OP is a drooling retard
Sad, isn't it?
How about you read their books, and read a wiki article about their lives?

>hate the English
>welcome foreigners from South Africa and Africa
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I don't care about the empire I care about the current fucking situation and how significantly better it would be if anycunt other than the UK govt was in charge of the UK
Go back to potato-land you fucking taig
>t.Boris Johnson
No hes right England is a national socialist ethnostate for sure
Definitely not globalised
It probably wouldn't be though. Everyone is mired in the confines of whatever static bureaucracy they have

Brune édition

Previous : >>153809467
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File: 1634883039547.jpg (16 KB, 414x262)
16 KB
>do fake theorical driving test
>question is basically can you go in the space reserved for big problems if a wasp is in your car
>answer is yes
Literally 10% of the average Libyan monthly wage just to look cool with a hat
15% lol
There is no shop in Libya where you can do it yourself like your bring logo and the cap and they do it
There are but they are shit at their job

File: 1630885672599.png (272 KB, 747x487)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
what country do you think eats the healthiest, bros.
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South Korea
Norway, only the top 1% can afford junk food (specifically, za)
File: 1562530124957.png (433 KB, 420x410)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
norwayians be like "damn this pizza too expensive"

File: 332155_600x315.jpg (32 KB, 600x315)
32 KB
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Comparados con las chozas de los africanos.
Las hierbas se te van a quemar en cuanto selles las chuletas en la sartén, haber hecho un chimichurri o un aceite aromatizado buen hombre. Además marinar solamente durante dos horas no sirve para nada desu
Quienes son esas nenas??
alguien juega haxball?

Hilo muerto.

File: 1628370144229.jpg (242 KB, 1250x1741)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
hilo anime
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File: u8898.jpg (57 KB, 640x934)
57 KB
fri faier
File: 1634566414399.jpg (277 KB, 872x1232)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
con olor a leche y tabaco*
voy a volverme griser

File: FCV3gwZUYAM3l8S.jpg (406 KB, 2048x1361)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
Eagrán Sakura Miko
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deaths from covid are all old or poor health
Meant for >>153888012
in arabic ireland means dickland
Do you support trans liberation?
Getting the urge to fuck an extremely sexy trans, one that basically looks like a think sexy girl but still had a penis.

Also welcome: coked up Floridians.
Immigrants keep Carib afloat. Art imitates life they say
The digits do not lie.
Go see Dune
File: Levi.jpg (60 KB, 500x500)
60 KB
>live action adaptations

File: 1635008190203.webm (3 MB, 390x680)
3 MB
Americans can you please explain me how easy is it to buy a gun in your cunt?
You can just go in the nearest walmart and buy them?
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Most grocery stores sell guns unless they are a small store without a gun aisle
Probably just an annoying white suburban kid trying to hang out with hood guys. Probably said something dumb, now he's getting jumped. They 100% will not kill him though.

Kid wanted to buy a guy. These guys showed up and took his money.
>You can just go in the nearest walmart and buy them?
How come usa doesn't have dozens of streetcleaner type serial killers?

Do Japanese have inherently different taste in art? They gave a tracing of Nikocado's asshole 8k likes on pixiv.
their goals are beyond our understanding

Sooo,uh, what is there to do in Vienna? I already ate a schnitzel
go to the kunshistoriches museum to see caravaggio's david with the head of goliath
Ok sounds interesting I’ll do that

File: 1577814935699.png (1.25 MB, 824x960)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Most people in Brazil look like this. Brazil is a mix of Europeans, Moors (portuguese), Japs, Natives, Blacks. Basically every major race there is. In Brazil, you can see the future of the human race.
they look nice
File: 3153465446.webm (2.52 MB, 576x1024)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB WEBM
not my problem

they look healthy and happy

nature only cares about the survival of the specie not about "muh mutt" "muh miscegenation bad"
It's true

File: RamMcCartneyalbumcover.jpg (172 KB, 320x320)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Best post-Beatles solo album
John and George mongs not welcome
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or constant insecurity becomes familiar and is just an imitation of security and stability
nah its more demeanour and attitude. plenty of uggos just coast it with their personality
...oily? not sure what that was about lad. Every time I've done it, it just tastes like skin.
Back from Lidl de lads
Bought one pumpkin and one pumpkin-flavoured instant coffee to try to get myself into the spooky mood a little bit
File: 1621879782532.jpg (77 KB, 1008x839)
77 KB
where the fuck's the leash going

File: hnnng.jpg (125 KB, 1051x1260)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Sir Thot
prev: >>153846084
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I mean, we'd be the only Baltic state with actual tanks, as opposed to AFV's and whatever.
In theory we already are, but scrap tier T-55's barely count
you'd make a shitty politician
when avoiding answering a question, at least try to keep it in the same topic
>you'd make a shitty politician
>there is police patrolling latvian streets for people being and fining them

honestly, i'd no longer want to do anything with this shithole country if it came to this point in estonia. wont pay shit and likely wont take arms
File: 1635010902507.webm (892 KB, 500x281)
892 KB
that is one tasty ice cream

File: stinkymartin.png (480 KB, 489x425)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
You see the chinche in your bedroom how do you react in your country ?
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Grab a cup, quickly cover the bug with it, slide a piece of firm paper under, lift the cup while holding the paper in place, open a window, remove the paper, and violently shake the cup so that the bug goes flying outside my window.
They're native to Asia and they got introduced to North America and Europe accidentally.
Lol, we introduced house centipede everywhere in the world too, we truly are the main villains aren't we
We call them stink bugs because if you kill them it gives off a foul oder, so we just ignore them
I take it and throw it in the neighbours yard

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