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File: IMG_20210125_134324.jpg (602 KB, 1080x1078)
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602 KB JPG
Do you prefer China or Japan?
Personally, I think China is cooler.
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File: vancouver riot.jpg (123 KB, 600x513)
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123 KB JPG
China is best
8 years of butchery and Samurai-style beheadings in Japan-Sino war, human-experimenting Chinese for its own medical development are my favorite aspects of Modern Japan.
don't make me choose
File: img_0.jpg (32 KB, 336x500)
32 KB
Based Ishii Shiro, I kneel.
t. gonzalez-garcia-romero-marquez

File: Agurk.jpg (59 KB, 850x428)
59 KB
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sådan mand
er det bare mig eller lyder det som om hun er ved at bryde ud i gråd hver gang hun snakker
har kantet siden fredag aften og kan mærke pikken snart er ved at være slidt, men det er mig der bestemmer
den ser sød ud
sådan, den skal kraftedeme ikke have noget at skulle have sagt om den sag

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How come you live in a swamp dude
Well next to it I guess as I did.
I know Finnish is a weird language in general, but do you guys have multiple names for multiple kinds of Swamps?

English has marsh, bog, wetlands, swamp and probably many others. We only really have one: pântano.

But then we have a ton of words for mountains and mountain ranges: montanha, serra, cordilheira, fraga, and probably many others.
> yookwain

>but do you guys have multiple names for multiple kinds of Swamps?
Neva=open, wetland type of swamp
räme=classical swamp
korpi=Coniferous swamp

diarrhea edition
Help me I have diarrhea.
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Who is the drawing hun?
>start to write post
>Switch tabs
>Switch back
>Forget that I already starting a post
>Write a new post without deleting the old post
Does this happen to you?
I thought this is Slon >>138381747
Well you thought wrong
t. Slon
You're right
t. Slon
>t. larpszlo

File: germanyy.jpg (49 KB, 570x684)
49 KB
Stop calling us central european, we are nordic, thank you.
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ahahhha how did u know :D
no he's cringe
also whats ur opinion on bavarophobic brits
File: 1569278658507.jpg (15 KB, 280x256)
15 KB
don't like them
he was really mean

File: wtfff.jpg (34 KB, 399x361)
34 KB
wtf med bros why did we get conquered by blonde and blue eyed savages who put upon us laws and became our leaders and masters?
I thought Meds were way more masculine and BVLL than Germanics?...
Meds were the sissies to the Germans?
essentially all the rulers of europe were germanic. Even the romans themselves were blond and blue eyed. A brown person has not once in history ruled over a white person
Sure thing, Tyson Alejandro Muller-Kennedy

File: china.jpg (63 KB, 512x315)
63 KB
I work for CHINA
I wake up for CHINA
I breathe for CHINA
I defend CHINA whenever i can
I will destroy anyone who dare to disrespect CHINA
I will find you
And i will send you to a re-education camp
Cope and Seethe westerners
Give your souls to your GLORIOUS LEADER
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no, i'll die for israel and my general abraham ben israel!
based as FUCK
File: 1594531462645.jpg (77 KB, 600x678)
77 KB
>cringe. he is literally destroying democracy and selling your countries' limbs one by one to (((bankers))) as we speak
what happened to you man?
you french used to be cool
File: 1610941727103.jpg (163 KB, 1080x1440)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Gigachads coming through, I will pray for Xi to give me a chinese gf

File: originale.jpg (56 KB, 400x320)
56 KB
Did you know being an Italian in Japan is life on easy mode, even more so than other whites? They are crazy about everything Italian, from cuisine to criminal organizations, even their porn sites often have an 'Italian' category, on a general note we are probably the most desired men from jap women. Yet, if you exclude the usual losers Japan isn't that popular here, even the USA are much more popular, and I never seen a non-weeb praising asian women.
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I personally met a middle aged italian guy at tokyo who was in difficult financial situation
his wife earned some little money by selling cheap items to locals on craigslist
As an incredibly skilled man at the art of massage, that has conquered countless women through his skills, this gif makes me cringe hard due to the dude's incompetence
Poor men with attractive wives are automatically alpha
but she was fat in our standard
italian looks good only when they are in younger age
>Japanese poster is a pedophile
how surprising...

File: 1560125283074.png (2.6 MB, 1222x1006)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
learn icelandic
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Thú ert spesfeis.
I realized I have no idea how Icelandic is like
got any examples?
imagine an actual language spoken by actual people being handed to celtic half-humans
Where do I start?
Here's an Icelandic cheese advert from the 1980s to give you an idea of what their language sounds like:


File: 2014harrosyning12.jpg (131 KB, 1366x912)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Post art that attempts to describe your society
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Duchamp was based. Fountain is the single most important artwork humanity ever did.
I dont get it
File: 1599179618866.jpg (167 KB, 960x854)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
b-but the memes
File: Skinwalker Drag Queen.jpg (155 KB, 972x649)
155 KB
155 KB JPG

File: MgkG3IErALU.jpg (175 KB, 960x686)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
The SIBERIAN man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity.

Let's start by looking at his body. His body is large. His domineering size makes his presence known without him even needing to point himself out. He is muscular, as a result of his high levels of testosterone. This gives him the appearance of health and strength.

The SIBERIAN man's demeanor is one of alphaness. He is dominant, assertive, and can be explosively aggressive. His behaviour strikes fear into the more timid, cowardly races of man. In total, the SIBERIAN man expresses this masculinity in a most exemplary manner in bed. When he fucks, he unleashes the entirety of his lusts and desires upon his partner without any restraint.

All this is the reason why the SIBERIAN man is the epitome of dominance masculinity.
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You seem to know a lot about gay porn
Knew she is half Finnish before I opened Wikipedia
why yes
He looks like Roma Acorn's and pewdiepie's son in his 30 fresh from heroin addicts rehab.
No clue why the thought is so specific
Pycaчoк Димa oбoльcтил финкy и yкaтил c нeй в coлнeчный cyoмилэнд.... a нaтaши ocтaлиcь дpoчить хyй вaзгeнa в питepбypгe.
Лишниe Haтaши в pyccкoм миpe...

I have seen frogs think they understand culture and art in a meaningful way just by being born french and speaking french. They think that getting a decent grade in the french baccalaureate exam means they are scholars.
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>6 IPS
There are actual 3 different French retards spamming this shit
File: seethingmutt.jpg (11 KB, 248x203)
11 KB
>Look how enraged and defensive the frog becomes when his pseudointellectualism is exposed.
File: 1604647830928.jpg (957 KB, 2129x921)
957 KB
957 KB JPG
>I have seen frogs think they understand culture and art in a meaningful way just by being born french and speaking french. They think that getting a decent grade in the french baccalaureate exam means they are scholars.
i have seen burger act like expert geneticist/international relations scholars despite them being 16.
doesnt really mean shit tbf
NPC: the country

File: n.png (718 KB, 1252x642)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
It's time for freedom.
It's time for democracy.
It's time for Navalny.
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we did it reddit
Genuinely believe Navalny glows in the dark. Just read his 'history' - genuine nobody who becomes the face of Russian democratic opposition overnight with funds from.. where exactly?
>Genuinely believe Navalny glows in the dark
He very obviously does

File: soyjak_2685.png (50 KB, 600x800)
50 KB
>/bant/ - International/Random
holy shit i forgot it exists

File: 1592201169497.jpg (16 KB, 400x400)
16 KB
My hair is thinning.
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Black people would be better off it they had their own state. Black college graduates have higher unemployment than white high school graduates. They just don’t get hired over a white person with the same qualifications.
Wrong thread lol oops
File: 1605524143027.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1440)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
Pull a 2007 Britney and shave it all off. I'm tempted myself

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