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Thoughts on Budapest?

File: EfJ_0WRXoAIiLpw.jpg (639 KB, 2174x2177)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
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olm sen nabıon tüm gün kendi ip'nle surface webde $ß mi kumluyosun dün de linki atan sendin dimi
söz filtresi varmış amk neyse siz görürsünüz
baka yadım hiçbir şey çıkmadı + burası ne boktan çan oqlimler
hyr oqlim bu çana denk geldim geçen bu tiradı gördüm aklıma geldi
çıplak ip ile girdim bir şey olur mu

Norsk-samisk vennskapsutgave

Forrige tråd: >>140187520
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File: apu-same.jpg (72 KB, 754x886)
72 KB
Fem ganger mer fåvæ.
Hørtes jævla kjedelig ut. Ikke brev før du har skaffet deg et ekte herremåltid
File: Syktnice.gif (1.62 MB, 336x200)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB GIF
File: 1611311704688.jpg (72 KB, 750x499)
72 KB
Du liker personangrep og ikke minst breivik sammenligninger. Takk for det.

Du kan nå mer om saken, det er bra. Men skjønner at du føler media ikke har gjort noe krittikverdig ved å ikke dekke saken. Flott det, du er milevis fra der du startet kritikke din, håper du ser det i det minste. Startet hele greia på grunn av det åpne brevet fra open society foundation. Men jeg er som du sier, en breivik kopi som bare har sittet på promperommet & brevet svr propaganda. Liker også hvordan jeg må forsvare de russiske nikkedukkene mens du er helt frabedt det samme med vestlige nikkedukker. Eneste jeg har søkt er en ærlig gjennomgang av bevisene/rapporten til Ian henderson & ffm teamet. Ja jeg har fulgt saken lenge, fordi jeg mener det er en viktig sak å avklare redeligt, noe mediene & statene har klart å sørge for at ikke skjer.

Sjekker du arkivet så ser du at jeg brevet uironisk fra nato stratcom i lang tid, jeg skiftet angående syria fordi det er en idiotisk proxykrig som har forandret hele det demografiske bildet av europa og er gjennomsyret med moralskt forkastlige allianser & operasjoner. Er cia sin dyreste proxykrig noensinne og enda så feilet de(nyt kilde). Men men. Er bare en harsjrøykende, breivik kopi, som brever fra promperommet. Er umulig at jeg har fulgt en sak av en legitim interesse for forandring, fordi det at jeg følger saken må jo bety at det er idiotisk & ren russisk propaganda.

Tar hintet ditt, tråden er lei av rants om proxykrigene & lekkasjer fra vestlige myndigheter. Er en narrativ krig der ute selv om du liker det eller ikke, anon.
>Du liker personangrep og ikke minst breivik sammenligninger.
to forskjellige brevere din schizofjert, pluss >>140237335

File: 1529756150351.jpg (126 KB, 1080x1080)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
מהדורת פורים
>לא להאכיל טרולים
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Are you a gril?
File: 1589550787898.jpg (85 KB, 1080x1266)
85 KB
>בחירות? תה מתכוון לחג הזה שצריך למלא קופסאות בפתקים של מחל?
no i love big ass israeli soldiers
אני לא יודע אם אני יותר בודד או יותר חרמן
אל תהיה לא זה לא זה

File: 1614104446507.png (1.75 MB, 1764x2508)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
edycja nocna
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Why are you talking about porn bro
>temperatura losowo idzie w górę
>co2 zaczyna rosnąć
>temperatura idzie razem z nim w górę
masz łopatologiczine
he's a degenerate
przypominam że w środe padł rekord temperatury w lutym
kierwa koniec świata 5 lat
mówi wam 5 lat jeszcze

File: BEST ROBBARI.jpg (68 KB, 1185x677)
68 KB
>Janitor applications are now being accepted for the next ~72 hours.
do the sneedful for she (hiro)
>yes mom I have applied for a job
What's the pay, my son?

File: housing.jpg (78 KB, 645x430)
78 KB
i can't even fathom what americans and new worlders do with so much space in their houses?

my house is just a bedroom upstairs, a room for cooking and sitting downstairs and an outhouse for washing and using the toilet in the garden which we share with the neighbours
what more does one need?
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I used to not care about home size until I became old enough to understand how much stress-relief comes from owning a big home. Stepping inside feels like you are really home and not just in a cramped cabin. There is more light, higher ceilings, and more room for light beam reflection. Sound dissipates more smoothly, you don't hear any neighbors whatsoever, and you don't have to interact with any soul, not even with the rest of your family if you don't want to. It is truly comfy. As I've grown older, I do feel a sense of pity for Europeans. Sure, there are some decent sized homes in exclusive suburbs of Norway or whatever (I myself lived in one during my short stint in Oslo), but for the majority it is incomparable to the American way of life.
you know what's even comfier?
not being majority non-white
>outhouse in the garden
Fucking grim m8, imagine having to go outside at night in the rain because you have to take a shit.
Sharing a bathroom is grim. And ideally you want a decent sized kitchen with good ventilation so your house doesn't smell if you try to cook anything with flavour.
>so your house doesn't smell if you try to cook anything with flavour.
literally only matters if you're making fish or c*rry

File: 1609323547035.jpg (137 KB, 1280x720)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Have you recognized Slovenias supremacy today?
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what is in slovenia? it is mostly known for being mistaken as slovakia

are slovenians cute or what?
wtf i love slovenians now
Traps are really gay
Sorry, your body odor would ruin the country

File: 9.jpg (265 KB, 2048x1615)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
Why do orthodox churches look more like mosques than christian churches?
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ah yes, the missiles for jesus
praise the lord
File: 35443.jpg (985 KB, 1920x1920)
985 KB
985 KB JPG
What are you gonna do about his cope? Kiss his legs like the pope teaches you?
File: 1548377527882.jpg (69 KB, 554x383)
69 KB
Orthodoxy - SOVL
Catholicism - SOVLESS
Protestants - pic related
>orthodoxy was created in 1054
Polish education at its finest, ladies and gents

File: 65006579.jpg (395 KB, 1415x2000)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
makan gan edition
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Spend your free times relaxing instead*

Don't be like me. I'm a Compsci guy who tried to get invested into writing a novel and learning to draw in the same time. I failed my freshmen year gaining nothing, my novel didn't work out, my drawing still shit, and I got downgraded a year lower than my peers.

This year I just want to prioritize my academic obligations first. Drawing and making novel can comes later during a long break or after I graduate.
File: Capture 4.jpg (127 KB, 940x580)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I would blow my brains out if I don't get in a platonic relationship with a qt Spanish model gf
but she got no boob
patrician, and a great example too

Is Israel genociding the Palestinian people?
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I dunno, I find the dispute really stupid. The area is made up of both arab and jewish culture, why can't they just settle on the original borders between the two nations?
File: tenor (52).gif (1.03 MB, 220x220)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB GIF
>breaking the walls of Jericho
No but I wish they would
We tried but arabs kinda started a war

File: Apu_Gigachad.jpg (680 KB, 1550x1000)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
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Het is hier echt in alle opzichten een speeltuin vol domme kanker kinderen
Ja een lui paard snelheid
Ik ben een brok alfa dynamiet met zeer explosieve snelheid
jouw moeder pijpt negerlul
Wacht wacht wacht laten we even stilstaan bij mijn goddelijkheid

File: 628010.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
these people are considered ''starving'' in america LOL
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: soyjak.jpg (50 KB, 728x678)
50 KB
>noooooo I'm so poor please help me, w..what no ignore the fact I bought 2 cars on finance and had 3 kids by age 23
I hope that one day you will be poor. The day it comes I'm sure you will remember this post, you retarded faggot.
I mean, some of the country is kind of suffering an economic failure, also "Fat person" does not equal rich person
In fact people in poverty often weigh more due to the lack of getting nutritious foods, because most of the cheap shit we have is very unhealthy
good goy
Their diet is so poor that they're starving while being fat.
That's what happens when 90% of your calories come from corn syrup

File: Owned.jpg (76 KB, 720x946)
76 KB
How do people banter in your kunt? In Sweden we pull down each other's briefs and challenge our sizes. Loser is the banter'd one lol.
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Mine is short but thick.
Lads. I no longer get a boner looking at naked women. I just CANNOT get it hard. I also feel that I can't force ny pp to get hard unless I touch it. What do? Me virgin too......
mine short (17cm) and thin (14cm)
I had the same probelm a few months ago. All you have to do is abstain from fapping for 2 weeks.
We suck each other off, whoever cums first is the loser and is left out of crab cock.

File: israel.png (254 KB, 830x593)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
пepeбyвaючи нaдaвaти yвaгa дoпoмoгy
B этoм тpeдe бyдyт пocтить пидopaшки
File: 1587938047596.jpg (50 KB, 793x786)
50 KB

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