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Imagine you're alone in a tiny spacecraft - it's your first time up there, all alone in endless space. Then suddenly - a knocking sound.

That's what happened to Yang Liwei, China's first man in space, on his maiden flight in 2003.

In a recent interview, he has now recalled hearing "someone knocking the body of the spaceship just as knocking an iron bucket with a wooden hammer".

"It neither came from outside nor inside the spaceship."

Naturally, he got a bit nervous and had a peek out the porthole but failed to spot any explanation for the eerie knock.

He's not been able to figure out what it was, neither up in space nor after returning to earth. He has even tried - but failed - to recreate the sound so that experts could help him identify it.

Unsurprisingly, the story about unexplained mystery sounds in space has garnered quite a bit of attention.

What - or who - was knocking on Mr Yang's spacecraft as he was all alone miles from the safety of the earth?
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classic Chinese engineering
>dude! let me in! i'm a fairy!
It's the gay. You can't run from it even in space.
as well as low-cycle thermal fatigue

File: pigeongirl.jpg (340 KB, 1200x1600)
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Partially unsolved:

File: rwM3xeCm.jpg (13 KB, 320x273)
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Not sure how to get into any of this magic stuff. Someone please give me some beginner resources or something. Thanks.
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franz bardon
Not the guy but,
Can the staff be made from stone or steel? Can the ornament be changed?
Well it was a beginners staff so of course, the ornament can be upgraded and changed as needed.

File: 54456464.jpg (53 KB, 343x434)
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Share some good ones please. The people from back then saw some crazy shit.
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The fuck?
File: 56456444447.jpg (67 KB, 430x565)
67 KB
File: 45356356.jpg (135 KB, 546x830)
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135 KB JPG
Some book I have mentions some former priest in the late 1700s that looked into reports of supernatural stuff. One case that stood out was of a light in a field. The guy went to investigate and encountered the light which was actually a floating orb. Then, it essentially projected a young girl. The priest thought he encountered a spirit even though it sounded like he encountered a hologram.

File: 1571082851764m.jpg (50 KB, 1024x565)
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How to enter diaper world?
For that you will have to ask the keymaker. But I think it's closed to everyone because of a leak.
Do you have enough diaperium crystal? If you use them with a crystal obelisk, it will open a portal to the diaper world. Be careful not to lose up.

File: file.png (290 KB, 400x320)
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290 KB PNG
I think this is truly paranormal because no matter how much I study this phenomena about myself: people always take things extremely personally no matter what I say. I don't joke around or anything because of this - even little things like calling someone a NOOB (literally) and people think I'm mind fucknig with them. So what is the paranormal explanation to this? I think I make people feel inadequate with my aura, they don't know this because they do not think abstractly. But because I shine so much more, I think people just generally feel inadequate around me and have this subconsciuous inferiority over me. It's like if someone beautiful called an ugly person "ugly". It has such an impact especially when there is such a stark contrast between the two people. It's not my fault I'm so different in a good way, and why don't people treat me like that. Rather they treat me like a threat . life is so backwards and cruel.
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Fuck people who do not understand you.
Don't adapt to them. Run away from them.
You deserve empathy and sex and fun.
women dont like me.
probably just the boomers and zoomers following their go-to paradigm of HATE that they have been taught to follow, for their own karmatic downfall. Because they were born to be that way, NPCs, Puppets. For the lulz.
Them and the mexicans.
Don't get in the way of it, it's a big train wreck looking for a biblically proportioned scapegoat. They'll die trying to find it. That is all I can say ananoanoanonoaon
You don't even like yourself.
Do things that you like to do. No matter what it is, you will feel better and people will feel better around you.
you probably just naturally have a serious cadence to your voice, like James Jones (darth vader) for an example.

File: 1569811259461.jpg (22 KB, 348x423)
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Find the right world. Use your thoughts to move to the right timeline.
The absolute fucking state of this board.
Well, shit. You gotta make some big change yourself.
text message backwords to change forwords
First, prove that switching timelines is real.

File: kid.jpg (93 KB, 636x355)
93 KB
I was only 10 years old when I realized that religion is a mental illness, how old were you?
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File: ShortBus.jpg (34 KB, 350x270)
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>I was only 10 years old when I realized that religion is a mental illness
>anon got his religious feelings hurt: The post
Your thoughts are not immune to the law of causality.
This guy is very smart and you should listen to him and checked.

File: RqSANj3.jpg (58 KB, 648x581)
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Having established a relationship between the stream of consciousness we refer to as "sapience" or higher level intelligence to a complex interaction with the newly discovered field (tentatively referred to as the 'astral field' by doctor Salar in reference to fringe concepts such as the "astral plane") we were able augment this interaction through the use of silver particulates through out the frontal lobe.

An unfortunate side effect the experiment was depression and eventual suicide.

Further testing is required.
too much experience is bad for you.
This can in fact be observed with the increasing depression as internet usage rises.

File: Black.jpg (100 KB, 1920x1080)
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100 KB JPG

File: soy excited.gif (59 KB, 452x371)
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You should probably leave if you are expecting anybody here to do anything other than leap to the most ridiculous conclusions possible at every opportunity.
You already have by following their religion. SLAVE
>implying I do

i love seance :-}
It are?

File: strange.jpg (16 KB, 400x247)
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It's true... all of it...
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I see people who have the same facial structures daily. If I can see two people who look a like that I’m sure over thousands of years people would have similar faces
explain this
File: 13200919902.png (378 KB, 613x353)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
Why do people think cameras predate tee shirts? Even in medieval times people wore shirts like that.
it's a knock-off

File: 1571056381071.png (72 KB, 1059x409)
72 KB
The day after WW3 starts, youll find her.
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i will finally find her?
File: god emperor trump.jpg (831 KB, 2700x1800)
831 KB
831 KB JPG

>turkey thrown out of nato
>trump orders polish base to nuke the refugees
>minorities flip the fuck out in europe
>minorities get put into camps, then deported
>trump statues in every city for saving europe
>also brexit
now say that to all the animals in all the humans that use tools for food don't eat anymore don't drink anymore don't do anything anymore.

im the bitch that wont kill you.
im weak.

Woody Allen is not your father, Hanz. He is a character in your thoughts you use to convince yourself that someone else's father is worse than they were so you can larp as nobody in particular better. You need Steve
You for real?

File: stargate.jpg (42 KB, 500x280)
42 KB
This thread is to discuss real-life Stargates, as in, the TV show Stargate "SG-1". This is not to discuss the unrelated government "Stargate Project" which is about remote viewing.

Three facts.

1) I feel that the show was too red-pilled about several subjects such as aliens. This is uncommon for an American show, they usually lack any depth.

2) Episode 100 shows the in-universe TV show "Wormhole X-Treme!" which is released by the US government as soft disclosure so that if information is leaked about the real Stargates then people will say, "lol, you have watched too much Wormhole X-Treme".

3) The military was involved in the production of the show and Richard Dean Anderson was made a honorary general for producing the show. The official explanations is to picture the military accurately and positively. Official explanations are known to be bullshit and include "weather balloons".

Because of those three facts, I feel that the TV show Stargate SG-1 is soft disclosure.

Is CERN’s Large Hadron Collider Actually a Star Gate?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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stupid Florian forgets Daniel was the one who actually Ascended while ONeill literally becomes a glorified Janny
I don't understand the question. I'll try to answer anyways. By our maths it would require more energy than we can even observe to propel something to FTL. A wormhole is simpler. If you're familiar enough with e=mc2 then you know the equation works backwards as well. You can build a supermassive black hole (first step in wormhole generation) by increasing the energy in a given chunk of matter. As you increase then energy the mass increases exponetially, this is how stars naturally form black holes with lightweight materials like hydrogen and helium. We (humanity) don't currently produce enough power to generate anything more than tiny blackholes that evaporate in mere nanoseconds. Something like ITER, if successful, would be able to generate large enough blackholes to accommodate larger things (like people). From there you have to stabilize it by continously feeding energy to it, or it will just evaporate. To make it a wormhole usable for travel you'd have to expand the singularity to touch the event horizon, or you'll just kill your traveler, and I don't know how that would even be done.
More usefully, if ITER us successful, we will be able to create liquid metallic hydrogen and neutronium right here on Earth, or fix the energy crisis. But ITER is using an updated version of an old design, and I doubt it will become the first manmade energy profitable fusion reactor. We'll probably be making Dyson swarms before we develop usable fusion power.
SGU lost the spirit of the series completely. Don't watch it unless you crave for more. There's really nothing there.
At that point you might as well watch The Librarians, which is in the same spirit as SG-1.
what a great post
Stargate went to shit when it became just Farscape 2.0 but not as good.

Don't even get me started on Atlantis or SGU, both those shows can suck my hairy nutsack

File: Childhood Ending.jpg (49 KB, 650x325)
49 KB
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When Jesus is King drops things are going to get crazy. I’ve been a Kanye Stan forever, been praying he would come back to the light.

Very exciting times!
Says someone who has never listened to his music and probably still hates him because of a Taylor Swift incident 13 years ago
Can you tell us more? Is he going to die? If so any idea when? How do you know this? Where did you get your information?
File: 1569280931271.jpg (529 KB, 1227x2048)
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529 KB JPG
New album bout to be lit wit them Jesus pieces

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