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File: 5683658568.jpg (65 KB, 960x640)
65 KB
why has there been no real visible from earth supernovas since the telescope was invented?
they were happening once or twice per human lifetime before that.

what is it about the invention of an inanimate object by humans that caused a natural process in the universe to be disrupted for millions of light years in every direction?
If you were ever able to observe those before it was at a time before the heavy light pollution. I can barely spot 20 of the brightest anymore. I'm sure you can still spot one in the upper peninsula or Bolivia or some place remote. Tho I still think something like a stars color/brightness isn't observable by the naked eye tho. Planets just look like stars with the naked eye.
i mean a supernova happening in our galaxy, not the remnant.
it would be seen by the naked eye as an extremely bright light in the sky regardless of light pollution.

it should happen on average once every 30 - 40 years
some time around 1000AD there was 2 supernovas within a few years of each other... but since the 1600s there has been no bright and visible supernovas in our galaxy..

So i figure quite a few daemon/demonologists frequent this board. Personally i am looking for advice from experienced mysticists/occultists.
However i would like to use this thread as a general thread pertaining to supernatural/paranormal tier entities. From angels to demons, dragons to gnomes, anyone who has had an experience, feel free to share.

Naysayers and thread derailers i encourage you to ignore (do not reply to) and report so the mods can take care of problems if they arise. I encourage you to do this across the entire board. Scepticism is welcome, but outright denial is not productive to this board.

That being said, i have had a recent encounter with an embodied ''entity''.
A fairy sized winged humanoid flew in front of the wheel of my bike a few days ago. I am a seasoned mysticist/ufologist and have had encounters with legendary beings before. (tangible encounters)

The thing is, i assumed this entity was a fairy. It flew by and i did not see ''great detail'' but the ''figure'' looked somewhat odd, and somewhat familiar.
I talked on discord about how to discern daemons from demons and i visited the wiki entry for demon.

Well pic related it's the first image on the wiki and although i didn't see the ''creature'' in great enough detail to 100% match it to pazazu, I feel like it IS the entity i saw fly past my bike.

It was smaller than the smallest local bird and much larger than a bug. At a FIRST glance the being looked like a ''paranormally large mosquito'' (like, bird sized mosquito)

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The true name will give you power but we don't have those. They go by the common name of the time which may or may not correspond with their true name such as in the case of Lucifer / Helel and the watchers
Lmao man you just casually see entities passing by? I have never seen any supernatural being. How can I increase my chances to see one? Is your third eye open or are fairies like those which you described physical too?
I prefer to speak from experience, rather than what ive learned from research. Anyone can dispute what entities or demons are, and whatever the intent is, but no one can dispute personal experience.
Ive had two major experiences. Once was smoking dmt infused leaves, and another straight from fasting and meditating (some would say i activated the kundalini to a certain degree)
First time, it was pretty easy to snap out of. I was told for me to have peace, id have to kill my pet cat. Fortunately it was short lived, Second time from meditation, it was an entire day of torment. I didnt eat a full meal for approximately 3 days. This entity really tried to convince me to kill myself, and i nearly ablidged. Out of these experiences, i learned to forgive and love unconditionally, however, I am still having a hard time applying these to my personal life. Sigh.
Do I realy have to fast for 3 days to talk to gremory?
first you need to stop thinking as entities of any group as Demons. thats simply untrue. many of the beings I have encountered are not tied to anything but their own energies. Now if a being is spawned around or is surrounded by negative and violent energies then they usually display as such until they release enough to become neutral again. As to appearances, it all depends on the area. For example a fae of the earth will not appear the same in New Mexico as it would in Canada. This is based only on my own experiences so take it as you will.

File: ghgh.png (29 KB, 282x321)
29 KB
(alt link: http://boards.4channel.org/x/thread/22232544#p22232562)
dont know if the op is still here, but i wanted to share this thread. seems hes got a lot on his hands atm. discussion/updates go here
>pic not related
I am the only demon in my closet
His “proof” photos are iphone drawings. Trash thread

You’re the OP of it arent you
No but go off i guess

File: 2000px-Pharaoh.svg.png (1.03 MB, 2000x3886)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
A kind god lets man create his own universe.
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So the communist utopia the NWO are trying to meme into existence is actually a good thing?
You created this thread right? It's a universe that did not exist until you created it.

But for real, a "nice" used to be so synonymous with "stupid/naive/innocent". He's supposed to be wise and all powerful. Not kind and irresponsible.
No, not everything is good. The universe is not heaven.
I don't know of such things, all I know is that everyone and everything is a god. The question to ask yourself which you must answer and which has no final answer is "what kind of god do you want to be?"
Man had inherited everything we could possibly need and desire but we broke the law and had to earn our way back in. We fucked up senpai

File: 20190204_162621_HDR.jpg (3.06 MB, 4160x2080)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
You fucking idiots.

Wake the fuck up.

Any time you have a dream where you are even slightly aware of your own presence,

you are astral projecting.

Every living being is connected in this void we call the universe.

Every thought, idea and emotion exists on a plane as big as the imagination can stretch.

At the same time.

Time stands still in this place.

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You are constantly astral projecting you fucking morons. Even when you're awake your consciousness is projecting in another realm right beneath your feet. A mirror tassled in drag you dumb faggots. That's how it works. Consciousness exists in multiple states simultaneously on different planes. You're just to stupid to realize it.
Yes you dumb faggot.

Because you're a dumb faggot.
That's because you're a dumb faggot.
Reading this thread is like reading the kybalion
but when I realize that I usually wake up

File: 1508555584532.jpg (31 KB, 958x400)
31 KB
Anyone else felt like if something was taken away from you after watching the stars for too long?
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Yeah my foreskin
That picture resonates with me on a deep emotional level.
All the stars have somewhere to go
There is a purpose you know,
they are following each other
one-by-one to precious black holes
One day--perhaps when you are an adult--
all the stars will begin to disappear,
or maybe just one in a life time
too subtle to ever know, in your heart,
but you will look into the night sky
and you will feel sad,
and you won't know exactly why
and you will feel wrong
but you'll never be able to explain it...

when in your soul, there is an end to songs

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File: grape.png (1.06 MB, 719x706)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG

can we talk about this movie x ? im looking for some insight
It’s gake and fay

File: photo.jpg (19 KB, 240x240)
19 KB
what's causing the low frequency hum i hear 24/7
am i bugged?
how do i cure depersonalization/schizophrenia?
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Have you considered hearing loss induced tinnitus?
Depends on how loud it is and how good your hearing is. I have to unplug my phone charger to go to sleep because of the electrical noise it makes.

It could be the sound of 'nothingness'. what you 'hear' in absence of other sounds
>Depends on how loud it is and how good your hearing is. I have to unplug my phone charger to go to sleep because of the electrical noise it makes.
Shit Chinese electronics like wall warts always hum because they aren't tuned well.
Phone chargers shouldn't actually make humming noises, but since they are engineered like shit they do.
cool reddit thread

you should go back there
The simulation is breaking down.

File: Kabballah Supreme.jpg (1.39 MB, 2192x2680)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Any and all information will be appreciated.
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online collections continued...

this site has stored a lot of information/articles on different /x/ subjects, including consciousness and magick,
a lot of interesting stuff to study here. definitely worth digging into.

>Folktexts: A library of folktales, folklore, fairy tales, and mythology

>x (texts - fiction, history, monsters, occult, paranormal, religion and mythology, ufo's)

>Monarch Mind Control MK Ultra Resources
fwiw, helped start this group-effort collection with Caylus Ark a couple years ago

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks for making that look better. It’s so clever and funny.
>infodumps on /x/
>libraries casually shared in /omg

And people say we're not in an apocalypse.
You know what Orwell said.
"Being in a minority, even a minority of one, does not make you profound, correct, or anything other than a lonely bitch."
Bumping because i know someone out there has more for us

File: 10128057526.jpg (197 KB, 485x650)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
What's the ultimate truth?
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There is no truth.
There is nothing that matters.
We're all just waiting to die.
based and gay
nah mate, thats only you and your depression

File: 1430293529855.jpg (136 KB, 672x924)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Let's talk about werewolves, /x/. I've always been rather fascinated by them. Are they real? What exactly are they? What causes a person to become one? All opinions and any insight on the matter would be appreciated.
29 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1550587576946.jpg (120 KB, 445x373)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Is it?
>more detailed
I mean afaik in human form they're hairier than before and have more wolf-like features as a human when closer to their last/next transformation. In wolf form most probably have black hair because it's the most common body hair color, and I doubt they magically gain mass during a shift. It probably burns so much energy that it makes them very hungry as a wolf. I also think there's a month long intermediate phase between when they get afflicted and when they first shift. During that in between phase the body accumulates hair under the skin so it doesn't have to be generated during every shift, and bones alter to make the shift easier. I'm not just pulling this stuff out of my ass btw. I read stories about how they found fur underneath a dead werewolf's skin (in human form.)
apparently six llamas were killed in louisville yesterday by an unknown canine creature

...on the night of the full moon

The person doesnt become one. His spirit does

Seriously flat tards? Why can't you see the sun from Australia at night, not even with a telescope? And how the fuck does this explain the sun rising and setting?
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You my friend have not been introduced to Eric Dubay. He has 200+ proofs
Well, it has "evidence" , just nothing that can stand the test of actual research.

Also, it's a psyop.
>Found one yet?
No, which I guess you knew already.
Can you prove that Australia exists?
Because God.

File: 1398401801379.jpg (94 KB, 1024x768)
94 KB
How zooted a re you?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm still working on wearing poisonous snakes like jewelry.
All carnivorous animals, in fact almost all wild creatures are sensitive to your chemistry, but snakes in particular are super-sensitive. You can go in the wild and pick up a venomous snake if you are at total ease. If your chemistry shows a little anxiety or fear, it will go for you because it instantly perceives what is happening in your system.

The reason why yogis always keep a cobra next to them and why Shiva has a cobra next to him is, among the creatures on this planet, a cobra has a maximum amount of etheric aura around it. That means it has a fabulous perception. For perception, this particular animal is helpful, and its perception is something that yogis bow down to. Its perception is better than that of most human beings because of the etheric aura that it creates around itself. There are certain tribes in India who have the necessary sadhana to generate a certain amount of etheric aura, so that they can perceive what others cannot perceive. Only what you perceive you know - the rest is all nonsense. It may be said by me, it may be said by a god, it may be written in a scripture, but it is all nonsense unless you know it from your own perception.
Gotta put on my zoot suit.

File: 1550616369476s.jpg (2 KB, 125x92)
2 KB
hate to burst your bubble /x/ but hes on a amusement park ride with zero gravity. no paranormal elements just clear some air
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>retarded schizophrenic that shits up MOST /x/ threads talking to himself under dozens of samefag-namefags about being an alien ambassador
>complains about actual shitposting in a RIPPEN thread
Blessed be he, whom hath ascended,
Through thy sacred triangle in thy firmament,
Only to land in the very back yard the Lord himself.
Omg guys this ride just flew over my house
The low-oxygen zero-gravity environment is the only thing keeping the cancer from eating me alive.


File: WimHofIceburg50.jpg (48 KB, 517x410)
48 KB
We can theorize as much as we want. Or we can actually go into the experience.

Wim Hof truly is a modern day madman mystic and awakened man. He's doing things never concieved possible only by taking back control of his brain and influencing his fysiology.

He's no bullshit approach is what actual spirituality is all about. Re-connecting with our deepest essence and breaking all it's limits.

POWER OF MIND. This man is doing magic and he's challeging the entire health system, education system and pharma industry.

So... Have you taken your cold shower of the day?
46 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
they do it outside in the cold
what else do they do in the cold
The incredible thing I see in this is he have time available for this sort of thing.
coat cucks BTFOed
I can’t read his name without seeing this guy in my mind

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