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File: 125343-004-E0E57F29.jpg (28 KB, 309x350)
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reply hail satan, or satan will take away all of the material things away from you that you enjoy, such as your computer, or phone.

hail satan
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try my faggot i dont give a shit about it
So one theory I heard was that Lucifer actually still works for god, as the book or job, forgot the verse, god called all his angels and the devil came too. Implying he still answeres to him, and that ultimately Jesus wants his job, which is why people thing they are the same.

Lucifer has a job, that job is to test mankind's souls to see if they are bad or not. The way he does that is through temptation, lies and tricks. Jesus on the other hand does not like that he wants to judge people based on the good they do, and where their soul is, more or less, the devil wants to trick you into jerking off then going "Gotcha!" Jesus wants you to admit what you did was wrong and if you are guilty about it and admit you were tempted and weak and ask fro forgiveness he forgives you. Because only a person with a good sould would see they did something bad and feel bad.

Just a theory I heard here once
lying bastard
lucifer's a pretty neat guy, i beat the shit out of him
Get thee hence.

Is Hinduism the true continuation of the pre-flood religions?
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what's so great about the aryans? the cthonic deities like shiva and kali are the coolest ones in hinduism. krishna (obviously aryan) is gay as fuck
indians mostly seem mean though so the religion is garbage
what's with the standoffishness
If one of their gods can help me get a south-asian girl then yes.
in my experience they're very polite and accommodating. maybe you just met some low caste indians. i knew a brahmin guy and he was extremely friendly
No, just normal pagan degeneracy.

What does /x/ know about djinn?
I should start by stating my belief in the paranormal is minimal at best. I had a guy straight-up tell me at a party that he was a djinn. That was the exact word he used. In my head I was like "Lol okay bro". After this I began picking up on some weird "interference", it was like he could read my mind and steer the ambient conversation to 'respond' to what I was thinking. I still get the willies just thinking about it, but at the time I was not super alarmed. This wouldn't be the last interaction between us.

What I need to know is, How would one go about attaching a djinn to someone else? And if this was done to me, how would I go about either protecting myself or destroying it entirely? I'm legitimately trying to improve upon myself as a person, and don't need any 'stragglers' messing with me.
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I did, thank you. It wasn't easy but finally someone listened to the words I was saying. I'm quite aware of narcissists now, they are the reason I've gone so far away from my ancestral home. I don't mean to disparage an entire race, I don't distrust Roma or anybody without good reason. I was just fairly sure this guy was straight-up lying to me from the start.
Im so glad you got away from your family. Narcisscistic family abuse is the worst kind. (t. former n-abuse sufferer) Sending you love and so happy you made your escape!
>What I need to know is, How would one go about attaching a djinn to someone else?
various Arab/middle eastern occult rituals don't know the specifics but they involve a piece of paper written on with seals and gibberish arabic letters to imvoke the jinn and have him do your bidding
>And if this was done to me, how would I go about either protecting myself or destroying it entirely?
you can't destroy it, you ward it off by reading some selecting quran verses
Man ever since I lived in that djinn-infested house in Agadir you can't catch me entering a building without muttering a "bismillah."

Ain't no fun dealing with tricksters.
>What does /x/ know about djinn?
Muhammedan nonsense.

File: IMG_2985.png (24 KB, 516x594)
24 KB
Keep pressing refresh on earthquake monitor software every day never any mega quake happening this sucks
I’m havin a hard time sleepin:(

In the meantime, you can take a look at the GCP dot. It's all the way blue again which is apparently very abnormal. Some weird shit going on.
I'm sorry fren it will be better soon no doubt
Yikes! It's happening google shutting it down
Something is definitely happening. I'm sure you can feel it too. Just wish we knew what...

File: wtf.jpg (10 KB, 202x200)
10 KB
tell me everything about perception of time.
I know its an illusion but how come each day feels shorter than the next?
if its cause of the age then i get it i got the message.
but i need to know more, all the knowledge on time higher best version of me nigga
File: timetravel.jpg (112 KB, 630x630)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Literally your brain is just perceiving time going faster because you likely don't do much in a day so all hours all basically the same hour with different levels of light.

Time is also just decay.
>new experiences are perceived with more detail
>younger people have less memories and time spent on earth
>older people live the same day for years, which makes years worth of time redundant to store in the mind

This is essentially why time feels shorter the longer your exist. This combined with the fact that older people are slowly dying at the biological level.
I'm half asleep, so it may explain where my time's gone.

File: ara.jpg (64 KB, 432x574)
64 KB
If Law of Attraction/magic really works then how come stalkers never get the person they obsess over with?
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because they don't apply the LoA system. They stalk because they WANT to be with or to get their target. LoA and the universe reply their 'want' with exactly that : 'want', which means they'll be forever in the state of wanting. LoA requires you to fully feel, sense, believe that you already HAVE what you desire, to act and think FROM the state of having it, not thinking OF the state. The act of stalking itself negates with Law of Attraction.
It’s invasive if you want it to be. Eye contact is revealing. Step one, make eye contact. Step two, don’t break it first.
Mark 11:24

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”
Don't try LoA if your intent is 'giving it a shot' or because you're 'desperate'. You'll start with a wrong foot and will end up frustrated all the same. Clearing up your mind and being in a state of mindfulness is your priority right now before you try LoA.

File: KISf3CP.jpg (57 KB, 540x960)
57 KB
What's the term 'hard-hat' really mean in relation to mind control?
So I don't actually know the origin, but the best definition I would give it is being mentally strong and stable, with sharp self relfection and doubt deferral along with memory and stamina. All important for a lot of things, including not being a pushover in the mind.

File: 1561418987349.jpg (134 KB, 624x891)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I am able to read minds. I took a bunch of meth and for some reason was able too read minds.

When you go through stimulant psychosis...how come it sounds like three voices talking to each other?
Why do we have voices in our heads?
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>reason was able too read minds.
No bro. You just get Schizophrenia
Fuckeng fag
I bet you want me to beat your ass with my cock
I already have a bf
Might be drug induced schizophrenia. Good luck

File: moldavite2.jpg (816 KB, 1179x904)
816 KB
816 KB JPG
What is the most magical rock, and is it moldavite, and why or why not?
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is that a cabbage?
File: bismuth.png (736 KB, 634x633)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
bismuth is pretty cool
nope that doesnt count.
that stuff is obv using hacks

What memory stick has the best paper on it?

It's not the material as much as the history, and energy.

probably the most powerful effects would just be using them like a focus point for manifestation of some sort too. laser point your focus.

Pretty rock though m8
Wanna fuck?

File: Ose_sigil.png (114 KB, 335x341)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Hey fellow paranormals. I'm looking for an OLD creepy pasta website about a "sunrise" and the demon "ose". It also had banter on it about everyone being retarded or something. It used to be on one of the old original creepypasta website lists. Thank you so much.

File: third eye.jpg (19 KB, 210x316)
19 KB
How many have already seen through the lies of the Roman Catholic Church?

If you studied the history, the art, the culture, well you find out that it's so full of lies it's counter-truth. They say one thing and you usually find the opposite, like pedophiles in a place supposed to teach and protect children, that kind of shit.

Their saints are also total rotten garbage from what I can tell, for instance I came upon some information while looking for saboteurs in heaven before this finale the apoc.

Turns out Joan, is marrying lucifer, the enemy of Jesus. A saint is betraying Heaven for a person who rapes little girls to death, that... thing... is pure evil, and he finally found someone as good as him at lying to use against them.

Joan of Arc is one of the best liars I've encountered, problem is heaven, it isn't full of liars so they don't have practice at it, so they don't spot them so easily, cause it takes one to know one. That girl is the worlds worst female hell bitch.

Do not ever believe 1 thing that comes from that church, if it says something it is usually the opposite.
Know what I think Heaven needs? They need a special type of demon hunter agent, one that can and will torment traitors, make them more afraid of betraying heaven then the devil, show them who to be more afraid of.
That's satan in a nutshell, he hates those who want more because he is perfect but is not God. He knows everything even.the future, but he and God do not and did not see eye to eye...the same future.

Both make sense,
One was correct. It was true, I dont know but in what I dont know i can predict and flow with, able to fail in the most intentional of ways. My humbleness is that I am, and what i see ahead or what i am is me. I see myself in the future.

I am ahead of the curve while you react and walk the line, the devil. He says I AM, IN THIS MOMENT I AM RIGHT. I WAS ALWAYS CORRECT AND THAT IS THE TRUTH!

The truth is I just am, but I certainly am not God. That's why you dont betray me as much as you are willing to see from you perspective, another's above you and another's below. You will see eye to eye in many ways..

You dont look down on me as much as you realize how high you've climbed etc.

>A demon hunter in heaven
That would serve no purpose, as a demon would walk out the gates because it was no longer in harmony with that around it?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
What the fuck are you talking about, and why the fuck are you slandering my Joan?

Is there any credence to a possible ancient civilization on Mars?
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File: images (15).jpg (8 KB, 299x168)
8 KB

Yes, here you go
Non whatsoever
How could you remote view the past if time is a human construct?

I think you need to reimagine your belief faith in what you see as time.passes between where you stand and a planetary body.

What if something is being filtered out or a frequency keeps you or your minds eye blind. Start thinking in paranormal or extraordinary!
humans are a construct of time.

that was Joe McMoneagle. this race of beings probably moved onto earth or another planet after mars wasn't sustainable.


File: motoko1498855623284.jpg (106 KB, 724x1024)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
try to prep my mind for sleep by reading GITS manga

drift off to sleep

dream about living in the house i grew up in. we'd brought in a contractor to empty the septic tank (old house didn't have a septic tank) and he ran his truck into the carport, left sewage and red dye all over the place for some reason, and brought his eight-year-old daughter along, and she stole all my mom's cosmetics.

then the contractor - whose face was coated in red dye - asked me to make a promotional video for his business. for free.


>browses /x/ once
He'll be a great eraser in his next existence.
File: 1561516619590.jpg (43 KB, 592x374)
43 KB
RIP Gerald
File: 1445798649569.png (142 KB, 415x367)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
I'm going to hell for laughing at this

What are some concepts or theories that were dismissed as myths at some point that you think deserve a revival or fresh consideration?
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Pre-gravity field theory.

Basically everything "swims" in ether.
Decent primer on the subject.
Alternative theories on the shape of the Earth.

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