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File: victor.jpg (67 KB, 750x1183)
67 KB
you are a figment
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i think therefore i am ya shit
Prove it
Leaked footage of sv3rige's reincarnation
File: 7467546754.jpg (33 KB, 480x360)
33 KB
I already have

File: 13.SERPENS-OPHIUCHUS.jpg (1.72 MB, 2616x1590)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
What is the deal with this number? Why did NASA reinstate the Babylonian 13th zodiac, Ophiuchus, in 2016?

Have you noticed anything... different since this change over? Are current astrologers misleading people by not factoring in the 13th zodiac?
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It certainly seems popular for hiding in logos.
ask death grips.
File: s-l1000.jpg (85 KB, 857x581)
85 KB
The 13th amendment was added after the civil war. It had to do with "ending slavery", or more importantly unbinding all those deemed "not guilty of a crime".
Article 13 is an EU directive that was approved this year. It sought to curb and control the flow of information by implementing a "link tax" (links on a chain?) which would favor media conglomerates.
File: 13seal.jpg (56 KB, 500x500)
56 KB
13 also featured prominently on the greenback seal.

Why are there short little Aliens and Tall ones? The short ones seem so innocent and kind while the tall ones seem all knowing and carefree.
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File: KyleOdomMartianAnunnaki.png (1.28 MB, 1596x985)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
I know the truth. :)

It's the reptilians David Icke, Mark Passio, and Michael Tsarion all oppose which tortured me with directed energy weapons and are behind the NWO.
File: Pjface.jpg (4 KB, 185x185)
4 KB
>many DMT users report seeing gray alien-like beings in their trips
>some even report being tortured by them
>roughly 50% of all alien abductions involve some sort of sexual torture
>alien abductions result in genuine PTSD as proven by numerous studies
Demons. They're demons. Demons or archons. The guardians of the spirit realm in the World (realm of Satan).
This. We don't know anything more that what we can judge from the consequences of their actions anyone claiming to know otherwise is a larping no nothing faggot. From all intent and appearances it doesn't seem 'they' have our best interests at heart.
File: Rothschild Skull.jpg (38 KB, 693x378)
38 KB
The Khazars.
Interesting. For all my life I seen them in the astral world and they never hurt me in any shape or form regarding the abuse and torture that most people report....but I’m not talking about greys tho.

I met blue ones and they’re very kind and intelligent. Most of the time they’re either trying to teach me something or are inconvenienced when I suddenly show up to them whenever I dream of them.

File: 1486076556592.jpg (346 KB, 1526x1600)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
Whose ready for the War of '34?
cool image

File: Flag.jpg (206 KB, 1553x1081)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
I am here to share my knowledge that ive gathered over the years as the state of awareness in this board is very very sad.

There are also some very wise lurkers that dont post much, i invite you to join me in this thread and help me get rid of harmful disinfo.

Ask me about any topic and i will share what i've learned, also theres many topics that im not very familiar with so keep that in mind.

I am not all knowing, im simply a being who has developed his sense of discernment and i receive knowledge inwardly pretty often. (usually in the early mornings)

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Bear in mind this is because most people are not ready for real truth. True truth is something you can only find when you actively seek it, and are wise enough to handle it. If truth went 'viral' many people's life lessons would be ruined, not all souls are ready to progress so fast.
What do you know about the clouds? They feel alive to me but I have nowhere to research this subject.
is it possible to get a stand (or something similar)?
Is OP die?

File: bossofthisgym.jpg (9 KB, 184x184)
9 KB
So, I don't know if this was because I was tired/exhausted or what, but it was in the kitchen last night while I was cooking after I had a long ass day of work and school. I live in the midwest so spooky shit is kinda the standard here, but I don't pay no mind to it usually. But while I was cooking, I felt light-headed all of a sudden and could hear this sort of weird rumbling in my ears. Nothing was shaking mind you, but I swear to god that I saw the salt in my shaker turn BLACK. How fucked am I, /x/?
U wut m8?
File: 1511438987876.png (21 KB, 756x791)
21 KB

Ultimate Red Pill on Spirtual Awakening,trying to be on my way to becoming my best self.
The red pill I have for you is that you are not ready for the ultimate redpill
learn to dance

File: greasy_foods-8-11.jpg (43 KB, 540x360)
43 KB
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fug now i'm hungy
Money is hella gay
The saddest story ever told is that so many people on this planet actually think that.
Money basically represents the modern struggle to survive, and if you think that's a great story you lack vision. Sure it may be "the story of our time", but there's nothing great about it.

How naive. Look up fractional reserve banking and quantitative easing.
You're completely neglecting the idea of WORTH. Worth does not equal value but is a more inconsistent idea of value. If money has value, that's only because there's intrinsic worth, worth coming from a collection of people (population) that give it that value. Money is literally the realist thing on the planet, because people say that it has worth, despite it having little to no direct utility as paper or whatever. Kinda spoopy when you think about it.

File: car snow storm.png (403 KB, 800x533)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
Who is Martin Alekseevich?
try google faggot

File: Windmark-observer-Fringe.png (1.34 MB, 1280x717)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
ask your questions
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I see lots of tentacles and tubercle shealths. You are a strange man
how long till it culminates to our demise?
By whom?
tall, athletic, shaved vagine
Jokes on you that’s my fetish

so im sitting here watching mindhunter and suddenly im thinking to myself why does america have so many fucked up killers? does it have something to do with the water
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Your whole nation is founded on subjectivism and the concept of self-conciousness. This lutheran bullshit is the same reason protestant countries needed Freud's sexual theory while the rest of the world, even other european countries, no.

When Russia has less killers than your country, you should know that some shit is wrong in there.
you are so brainwashed it's hilarious
And your so jealous of my freedoms it's hilarious. Just be happy you aren't being forced to have this conversation in German, or Russian faggot. Also, you're welcome.
>less killers
fewer killers*

The interesting thing about people reading information is that they don’t un-read it... they retain it, share it, shape it. In this way there can be a growth beyond what was initially thought impossible.

Plus, there is NO rule that says reality must make sense.

We keep it <<<100>>>
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nice to know, now just hope the events play out right and i will get that gf soon
Get your old school RuneScape skills up IRL. That easy.
not in the situation i'm in
Unironically based and redpilled.
Finally a non doomer thread. Thanks anon i needed that.

File: 1557890325644.jpg (342 KB, 960x720)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
Christians of /x/, what does "hell" and "heaven" mean to you? do these terms describe mortal states of being, or realms only of afterlife?
i believe heaven and hell are experienced in life and the consequence of sin is some degree of hell. if you die while still ensnared by sin you need to try again and do a whole life over again. hell is on earth. pic unrelated
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Hell is Earth
Heaven is God
they are your destiny. harmonics and the law of attraction.

when we sin I think there are ways God tries to bring us back to him
File: hot stuff.jpg (45 KB, 293x445)
45 KB
Speaking just for myself, I believe Heaven refers to what is experienced by the souls of those who accept the gift of salvation God offers: eternity in the presence of God. I have no real opinion on what it is like, though I am fairly certain that it does not involve wearing togas, playing harps and standing around on clouds.

I believe Hell is the opposite -- what is experienced by those who do not accept the gift of salvation and thus spend eternity separated from God. Again, I have no real opinion on what that is like, but I do not think it is a physical place, nor do I think it involves little red dudes in diapers holding pitchforks.
Both are just descriptors for being happy or sad in the afterlife. Going by NDE's and ghost encounters it's obvious everyone becomes a ghost after death. You aren't magically teleported to Jesus' mansion.
I personally subscribe to the idea that Heaven and God are synonymous. You can't have one that is not the other. What the experience for souls who truly ascend to Heaven is like however, I can't possibly imagine. Definitely wouldn't be a physical experience in any form, though.

>mfw I see a Capricorn
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Nah, I will marry you personally and make love to you.
my mom told me Aries is greatest of all time t. cap
then i'll stop wiping my ass to ensure that you get poop on your dick.
Why the change of heart?
Id like to see you try.

You can wash your anus in a bidet or sink with warm water, soap lotion.
It sounds like you struggle with hygiene as it is to begin with.
File: 1541792272733.jpg (307 KB, 1024x768)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Fucking pathetic Aries children assuming and attempting to categorize your betters. Don't you have a wall to slam your head into, or a Pisces to bully? We're busy running this show.

every night throughout the world thousands of people dream this face.
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>Why does this face scare me to my core so much
You're a wussy.
File: Gargamel_Comic_Book.jpg (26 KB, 274x400)
26 KB
That's literary Gargamel.
File: this man2.png (238 KB, 575x511)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
>this mans face is scary

That's a mean thing to say. I'll be looking for you when you fall asleep tonight.
this is the meme of the man with the game you would use a magnetic tipped pen to drag the shavings of iron across to give him hair, or a mustache, or something...
Yep I see this guy every so often but he's a minor actor, the guy in charge of a store, security guard, clerk, etc. Not really anything I consider creepy or threatening

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