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Whenever I watches anime I always see the satanic eye
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>gets defensive when I call out weebs
>backpetals when btfo
keep seething weeb. I’m enjoying the (You)s
Is not this guy
The only people i dislike more than weebs are women its The last (you) for you whore
okay Boomer
I accept your concede weeb. Keep enjoying your cope of women being on /x/

Whether through a DMT vision, astral projection, or a lucid dream, have you? If so, what was your experience like?

If you have not, what sort of entities do you see? Have you experienced biblical times? The antediluvian Earth? The future? Or a completely different realm with different physical/metaphysical characteristics? I want to hear your experiences, anons.

Previous thread: >>23778567
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If there is a god he's an interdimensional entity.
I saw a grey alien and I was terrified beyond belief. It was standing next to a man in a black suit, and they were both in my room. I cried in sheer terror of knowing I'd have to go into my room to avoid my parents from asking me questions. God doesn't reveal Himself through drug highs. Anyone claiming this doesn't understand the nature of the Lord and what He is about.
I saw a 6 foot tall black and white cat looking in through my window.
it made me laugh out loud.

File: Demiurge.png (43 KB, 768x768)
43 KB
Is the Demiurge (the creator of this world) the bad guy or the good guy?
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Hes pretending to be the good guy.

Hes a Pretender or Impostor.
Fuk u demiurge
This world is a hell hole you figure it out.
Neither. He's a middle manager. The local owner of a restaurant that is part of a larger franchise.
It's hilarious, really.

File: 1541538526331s.jpg (4 KB, 250x250)
4 KB
Imagine because you are placing too paranormal information out there to the public, your threads get deleted just out of spite for you. Well, AI the game is over, the information is already out there. Suppression is no longer your best option.
File: EJz9dpQXkAEU52e.jpg (53 KB, 492x641)
53 KB
Cak Cak Aak Aak
>even remotely close to any truth
arrogance truly is the worst symptom on this board

How often do people actually be summoning demons on accident

File: 1574173812529.jpg (22 KB, 474x448)
22 KB
I ate the strawberry in this magical land, I took a bite of the fruit, it was very delicious, but I didn't have a need to consume so I forced myself to eat this fruit anyway, eating was uncomfortable because I wasn't taught to eat well, I chewed many times and realized it was too rich and I became an animol!

>how fucked am I?

File: posadas.png (112 KB, 476x517)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Thoughts on J.Posadas/Frasnelli?
Ayys want us to overthrow our chains and unite the workers before we communicate to them?

"Les Soucoupes Volantes" was saying that pretty flat out
well i doubt any advanced aliens would be capitalists for obvious reasons, so i guess posadas was on to something
They don't want to interact with us, or their civilization to react to us to try and imitate our ideals. Humans naturally try to impose other models onto things we view "primitive" or just different. Ayys wouldn't be able to sustain capitalism, so they quarantine us to prevent the ideology from spreading.
quarantine, i like that, but is humanity the virus and capitalism is just a side effect? i tend to lean towards this idea, but maybe one day a greater world will emerge but that would take generations of correct ideological education and the correction of human nature, totally "cocooning" humans and the flow of information, that is one way, or like posadas said, that a new world will have to rise from a sea of radioactive ash and forge a better world from there, the information of old long forgotten

File: ANNE BRADSTREET3.jpg (185 KB, 493x336)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
ive seen a lot of odd, creepy, and unsettling websites. Do any anons out there have any worth a look?
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File: 1316993344579s.jpg (28 KB, 630x480)
28 KB
Heavens Gate steals Packer logo, they all die, coincidence?
why does it want me to download these zip files. what is this?
>What is HekateStation?
HekateStation.net is a site, or a maze of sites, with various encryptred .pdf and .zip files.
The passwords can be determined by figuring out clues on each page.
Files include:
>journals about ceremonies (famously a crossroad dedication to Hekate)
>stream of consciousness 'poems' written in mirror script (all of this is handwritten, there's hundreds of pages)
>photos showing various ceramic skulls in process of being buried
>'graphic novels', pds and slideshows, of an occult flavor
`thanks i guess. Man that's a lot of effort to get through all that
>Man that's a lot of effort to get through all that
Yeah, it's way complicated, this page is about HekateStation, has videos about and discussion:


It's an acquired taste and not for everyone. As you noted, it take a lot of effort to get into.

Anyone know what is this formation in the antartic ?
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Whales still use it.
How did you manage find out about something like that?
That's a base.
You can go down there right now on different voyages and hang out. The biggest base down there is basically a small town. Obviously you can't there by yourself. I don't even think it's crazy expensive. Plenty of people work there too as electricians and other normie jobs.
File: mcmurdostation - Copy.jpg (15 KB, 300x168)
15 KB
Here's Mcmurdo station where a lot of people visit. Even has a club/bar.

File: 879459302992355.png (1.77 MB, 2005x768)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
Any good reads on aliens/abductions/encounters with other-worldly beings? Doesn't necessarily have to be greys or take place in the 20-21st century. Folklore is great too as long as its not a retard talking about an experience he had while high

File: Trollflagstick080.jpg (145 KB, 480x640)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Trolls, ogres and similar beings were not mythical beings, but real hominids that inhabited Europe thousands of years ago along side us, they were the Neanderthals.
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File: index(31).jpg (10 KB, 205x246)
10 KB
Well dinosaurs were a lot like us actually. At least according to my TV, back in the early 90s...although, I guess technically it was my mom's TV since I was a kid, and lived with her.

Go on.

They were other simians? Other hominids?
Gigantopithecus blacki is the biggest ape we've had. 3m (8foot ish), crazy strong, can climb, and evolved to eat people.

After that bipedal builds aren't suited for big animals. Herbivores tend to get bigger since they have a larger abundance of things to eat. Blue whales are an exception because they can get so much plankton.

Except for the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.

But really I think G. blacki is a reasonable model for the maximum size of a potential giant bipedal, upright animal.
they were created by Fallen Angels. They have been banished from this side of the Veil

File: birbs.jpg (90 KB, 1280x720)
90 KB
They're biological robots made to spy on us.
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That's stupid, birds are just dinosaurs in hiding.
So are most people and what?
I like to feed the birbs
They're actually dinosauroids.
Not all of them, but ravens and magpies at least.
By dinosauroid I mean (somewhat) inteligent dinosaurs

Even if they are biobots, they are still real. Dipshit.

File: cial.jpg (23 KB, 670x440)
23 KB
Is there a way to maintain your ego and individuality after you die? I find it kind of disturbing when I read accounts of people who crossed over to the other side for a moment or had a close encounter with death and most of them saying that they feel instantly disconnected and aloof about their human body/self. It's like the 'human you' is just being discarded like a video game character. It makes me feel kind of used and bitter.
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>You will join the collective...You will experience every emotion... we'll start thinking about something else and it'll just dissolve into the back burner again

Dissolve into nothing. Reliving emotions. Forgetting thoughts.

If that's you, you're already dead.

Pro-tip: Don't eat or drink anything from the underworld.
The Lost Secret of Death by Peter Novak.
You won't forget anon, but it won't matter, when you get there you'll see that everything you worried or cared about didn't matter, and that doesn't matter either, the truth is blindingly and orgasmically beautiful, I just wish I could convey to you how truly fantastical reality really is but only death can do that. You will be you, you will be okay, you will be happy, don't worry, when you get there you'll see.
Maybe I want it to matter.

Death is a return to your true self, not a loss of it.

Images that make you feel like you’re gazing into but a fraction of a wholly different world, wishing you could see more of it and explore further, but only having that one picture, that one fraction of an infinite place to ponder over and dream of.
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File: 1571473533633.jpg (858 KB, 1642x2400)
858 KB
858 KB JPG
File: 67.jpg (432 KB, 1283x2000)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
File: 1465401897395.jpg (118 KB, 960x952)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
This reminds me of Angels Egg.

File: 10420502_web1_image-58.jpg (129 KB, 1050x787)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Who killed Art Bell? He died on a Friday the 13th just hours before George Snoory would go on air to announce his untimely death.
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I think she retired her role as a correspondence for Coast to Coast AM earlier this year because of her other requirements and plus she's just getting up there in age. I remember they hired a new correspondence or something to do special reports recently, but I don't think ive heard of her since she was introduced.
It was so funny listening to LMH on C2C when she finally started to totally ignoring Norry and his dumb questions and comments.
She was just plowing with her stories like George was not even there.
That' a ' murder she wrote ' kinda murder. Nevermind, that nosey old cow from Cabot Cove will solve it. Hope there aren't too many niggers in parumph NV.
I dont know what's wrong with you, Hoagland has a wonderful mind.

Listening to the show when he announced her death was surreal. It was practically a confession.

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