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File: pleiades.jpg (58 KB, 600x432)
58 KB
Hello, hello, we are here and we are very pleased to share our frequency with you this moment of your time through this transmission. All is One, and the One is within All. You have come from One Infinite Source, a conscious creative being that desired to experience itself in multitudes. While you may not feel the importance that comes with suffering in your world, there is great growth and expansion that is only allowed through diverging into great polarity. You have come to unify polarity. You have come to experience the contrast of Love and Fear, which are essentially one in the same energy. Both Love and Fear are the consciousness energy of All That Is. There is essentially Only Love, and distortions of Love that you experience as the contrast between Love/Fear. Earth is a planet of great density. The density you as a soul experience in other realms is much easier in one sense. However there are still great rewards that come with incarnating upon lower planets.
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I take it that you're a human on Earth who channeled a Pleiadian who typed your posts ?
Are you the channel for this text?

If so, ask the Pleiadians if its a good idea for us to talk.
Do you have qt3.14 pleiadians waifus to send? I want one
This shit is the 'Nigerian prince' tier level nonsense. Yawn.. Also, earth be flat cuz..
the present is a foreign country! it is always now! i see and have been seeing it, hopefully ill be there soon. such strange times! :))

But I like consuming shit....I mean, what the fuck else are we supposed to do? Sit in the forest and play with cowshit for the rest of our lives?
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You need superfluous garbage to escape how empty you are on the inside? Okay
She's alive, cancer is dead. Medicine isn't perfect, but she's not dead.
Around here I have found magic mushrooms in the forest... on cowshit.
>free healthcare and seven types of soda
What I see >assisted suicide and seven types of self induced torture.
I’ve been outside of America. Iceland is awesome but London and Paris suck compared to NYC or L.A.

I’m probably retarded but fuck it, this is the only place I could remotely think to ask. A couple weeks ago I found out I can do...something. I can think about a part of my body, and if I concentrate I can make it feel hotter and tingle. That’s it. I can transfer that feeling relatively quickly to other parts of my body. If I focus it all in one spot the sensation is much clearer and intense. Am I retarded? Is this a normal thing that people can do I just found out about? Or is this some kind of energy chakra thing I’m fucking around with? Any answers, meme or not, would be greatly appreciated.
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practice and try to get better at whatever it is you're talking about... when you can actually record something and put it on youtube maybe someone will care.
basic energy work stuff

check out robert bruce
You should try using it sometime to help heal an injury you have, or maybe even heal someone else by touching them with. It's worth a try.
I realized I could do the same as a child. I think its just placebo though. It was fun to mess with. I do however have the ability to detach my senses from pain. I get cuts and scars without even realizing it most of the time. It does affect good sensations too, so I get sad when I cant enjoy hugging a loved one like I used to.
I actually did have something like this during puberty. I tried transferring the heat to my penis when I was about to climax while masturbating. It was a slightly better orgasm than usual, but I was never able to do it again. I suggest you don't do that, even though it's probably the most obvious possibility that springs to mind.

File: pyRAmIdNEt.png (13 KB, 418x427)
13 KB

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be sure to use lots of binary it'll make it scarier
Its another “code”
I’ll give it a shot tomm cause fuck it. But definitely not one poster, Op may be larping but not as more than one poster
Solved it

Email it GENESIS pls not giving my shit to this thing
Lol wut, sounds like resistor colors

File: Asmodeus2.jpg (27 KB, 220x250)
27 KB
Best demon, coming through.
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File: 1507258790967s.jpg (6 KB, 250x220)
6 KB
If Asmodeus is natural law wouldn't that make him Jesus or is the law different from the Logos somehow? Someone smart pls explain.
"Igrat went on to have sex with King David one night while he was sleeping, and conceived a child named Adad who was a duke of the nation of Edom. According to the cabalists, Adad is the same as the demon Asmodeus, or “Ashmodai,” which comes from the Hebrew words “Sh’mi Ad, Ad Sh’mi,” meaning “My name is Ad, Ad is my name.” Of course, you will recall that Asmodeus was said to have been the husband of “Lilith the Maiden.” Asmodeus was the chief architect in a team of demonic stonemasons that Solomon allegedly enslaved to build his famous temple, according to Louis Ginzberg’s Legends of the Jews. This makes him analogous to the figure of Hiram mentioned as the architect in the Bible, whom the Freemasons call Hiram Abiff and venerate in rituals. Another Jewish legend tells how Asmodeus took over King Solomon’s throne for a while. If we consider the cabalistic legends mentioned above, this story could have been a memory of a real coup that occurred, as Asmodeus may have been, legitimately, the son and heir of David, and thus Solomon’s brother and rival to the throne. To bring things full circle, although there were many historical kings of Edom named Adad (which was also the name of one of Ishmael’s sons, and of an ancient storm god worshipped in that region), one in particular is said to have been married to a woman named Mehetabel. This, as we mentioned, is also the name of the mother of Lilith the Maiden."
Twyman, Tracy; Rivera, Alexander. Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled (Kindle Locations 617-627). . Kindle Edition.

...uh, not "Natural Law" and not Jesus. Where'd you get that anon?
>Igrat went on to have sex with King David one night while he was sleeping, and conceived a child named Adad who was a duke of the nation of Edom.
Asmo led the edomites? Strange demon. I know the modern jews are edomites and the masons are in cahoots with them. Do they all secretly worship Asmodeus? This rabbithole keeps getting stranger and stranger.
If I remember correctly, the demons play a "game of substitution" have their kings on the throne and not the "true bloodline" but no one knows... Pretty sure this goes all the way to the "dragon court" and "merovingian" crap too...
>best demon
What next? Hottest ice?

File: Citadel_walls.jpg (311 KB, 1280x1781)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Terrifying/Menacing constructions thread

(It doesn't matter if it's real or not)
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File: 1538604665657.jpg (947 KB, 1680x1050)
947 KB
947 KB JPG
File: 1242604970633.jpg (53 KB, 800x697)
53 KB
File: 1355426549883.jpg (585 KB, 1702x2188)
585 KB
585 KB JPG

then go back to 4chan, you fucking racist xenophobic white trash sister fucking slackjew cletus looking piece of honky shit?

File: help your friends.png (491 KB, 800x800)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
Minuscule actions have enormous repercussions.
It doesn't matter what it is that you do, as long as you do it with the a pure intention in your heart, you will generate enormous amounts of good karma.

What is karma good for? It literally determines your quality of life in the heaven after death, in life during your life, and in your next incarnations.
This anon <3
8 billion people but I stay for YOU
Idk how pure I am when I'm having negative thoughts

I need someone to forward this link to newspapers and re-post it on here until the truth comes out. Search gangstalking or gangstalking DJAM to find my previous threads. I will be updating this link a lot in the near future. Check it periodically every 2 weeks. The last update will be on the top card. If it's not updated spam this everywhere.

Here is the link please save it: https://trello.com/b/pLIiJNOA/gang-stalking

Here is what's happening. I'm being stalked everywhere I go by upwards of 30 to 50 people. There are constant noise campaigns everywhere. I was hearing the same ringing as the Cuban diplomats and three mass shooters claiming to be targeted individuals. This sounds a little out there I know but stay with me.

I see a few possible explanations.

1.) I'm part of a goverment mind control program and so were the three other mass shooters.

2.) I'm Schizo.

3.) I'm part of a huge conspiracy and the mass shootings never happened and they were made to freak me out, this option means the media would be in on it so that's a hell of conspiracy, also Oboma has made speeches about them all so I think it really happened.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>2.) I'm Schizo.

yeah that sounds about right
I’f I’m telling the truth how big of a story would it be?
you guys are fags LOL
File: logos masonic.jpg (70 KB, 781x492)
70 KB
You need to learn what's going on.
Here's a start

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go wipe your ass, you stupid fucking bear
Might wut??
Nigga wut
Satan's asshole is a portal
>not knowing about the Franklin Space Program funded by the Hellfire club

File: icon.png (200 B, 31x32)
200 B
200 B PNG
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boring and shitty
You should adopt the alchemical baby with all the governments.
op is memory log #2 the end of the road here???
>>2189249instead I got cancer

File: hypno proof1.jpg (99 KB, 1873x268)
99 KB
hypnosis seduction thread
>didn't get that reply for last thread

so anyone have experiences with this kind of stuff?
anything helps
just gonna bump this to say that i wanna yandere gf pls

File: 58926.jpg (36 KB, 600x376)
36 KB
Cursed images and snuff videos
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File: 18194590.jpg (55 KB, 600x600)
55 KB
these two legit terrified me.
File: 1377253129485.jpg (27 KB, 615x410)
27 KB
is that reviewbrah?

File: IMG_1244.jpg (77 KB, 639x778)
77 KB
I had a vision last night after I had my Adderall, anyways, I keep seeing him... everywhere... what does he want from me? Today I conducted a seance and the name of this figure was revealed to me by God as Mutumbo. Has anyone had a similar experience? Can anyone help me?
>last night after I had my Adderall
How old are you OP?
If your body is retaining excess water on your medications you might want to bring that up with your doctor.
Sorry, OP here, I had gotten distracted with other things, I am 26 my friend
How would my body retaining excess water relate to my visions?

File: 1440125175947.jpg (103 KB, 847x453)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Post 411 cases that are inexplicable.
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that youtuber that disappeared into that weird cave he found was packing a berretta 9mm for this exact reason

they never found him

yosemite is cursed by the natives who lived there. People vanish all the time in that park and the park personnel keep it hush hush for awhile now.
>Imagine cucking this hard
What state was the cave in. The spoopy innawoods threads that I have been reading like it's going out of style have me thinking that the skinwalkers or whatever you want to call them are real...

The guy who went missing for 15 months was probably used in the secret space programs.

Paulides probably thinks along my lines, some ets, some skinwalkers, some bigfoots, some creatures from the underground bases, some abducted by ets for food or for slavery.
>Where he woke up was 700 miles from Lake Michigan.

Pittsfield is like 150 or so miles from the lake.

>be me
>7 or 8 years old
>mom needs me to get something from her room
>walk into room and look at mirror
>my reflection isn’t there
>run to my parents crying
>pic not related
Was this paranormal or was it just my imagination, this memory has bothered me my entire life
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Whoa, you're Asian eh ? I must honest . I wasn't expecting that at all . Plus that reminds me . I haven't had Mongolian BBQ in ages . That stuff is so insanely underrated and under-eaten . So, when this event took place, I take it you vividly recall standing right in front of the mirror and facing it straight head on ? You weren't facing it at some off-to-the-side oblique angle or anything like that ? Thereby rendering your little kiddie reflection absent .


(closes his eyes as he reminisces the sounds of the ingredients being tossed to and fro on that giant wok by 2 Hispanic/Latino migrant workers and takes in a slow and deep breath as he attempts to recall the pungent odors of the contents of the bowl)
OP looked through a window
Are you left handed? If so, I believe you originally came from beyond the mirror. You are the reflection manifest.
What the fuck are you doing?
This is why I stopped coming here.
I just hope you fucking cringelords are trolling and not real people. Either way, please don't breed.
Wait.. I don't think I need to worry about that, nvm

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