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File: giphy (2).gif (483 KB, 420x236)
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483 KB GIF
I need to forget someone... or at least forget this feeling that lingers in my chest.
Any /x/ ways to heal?
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Personally I just drink heavily.

Inner demons don't swim too well.
File: grape.png (1.06 MB, 719x706)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Reminder that happy endings exists!
found a video about healing from heartbreak its really cool https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Check out how to be a 3% man by Corey Wayne. He has many videos on youtube and offers his e book that accompanies it for free on his website. Most of the content is centered around becoming a better man in every way so you are in control. It will turn around your social interactions completely if you have a hard time as I did. He's also a really great talker and has videos on getting over an ex, heartbreak, not feeling good enough. You'll feel better after listening to it, and if you manage to apply the techniques and knowledge you will benefit. It's all free I highly recommend you check it out dude.

File: ar2m5cry.jpg (137 KB, 736x981)
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137 KB JPG
Does /x/ own any guns? If not, what's a good defense against things that go bump in the night?
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I lost them in a tragic boating accident.
>Where does /x/ hide the spare key to their homes?
>What paranormal bank card pins does /x/ use?
>Post your work hours /x/! I'm working the skeleton shift!
Same. Sometimes I think we worry too much about the Democrats and overlook the real gun-grabbers, naiads, undines, and loreleis.
I dgf
Have a rifle and shotgun in basement. Would never use unless zombie apocalypse tho. I have a metal bat stashed that'll take care of a lot of things. Don't go for head on people unless you like manslaughter charges.

Hello /x/, i am just wondering if anyone may have the baphomet symbol shown in this crowley picture, in a black and white clear format that my tattoo artist could use as a template ?
Why are branding yourself like a cattle, or a slave?
i am exalting myself, by losing every virtue i could hope for

thank you brother
I’m planning on branding myself for the complete opposite reason.

File: Christ-and-lucifer.jpg (124 KB, 499x499)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Earth is hell.
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Thats actually a really cool site thanks for droping the image.
Sounds like a nicer version of azathoth
>since matter cannot be created or destroyed
That's because matter doesn't exist. It's a linguistic term that Aristotle invented. There is only energy.
>Firstly, there is no such thing as Hell, never is it mentioned in the Bible
Not in the old testiment, but this also has no heaven. The new mentions it several times
>mark 9:43.
43 If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out.
>Jude 1:7. In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.
It's not, we make it like this and so is now.

File: _4755829.png (101 KB, 308x235)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
Not life hacks, but actual ways to control the body that most humans don't know?
Pic related is a good one.
>Amygdala clicking is a simple visualization excersize which activates your prefrontal cortex (the super-conscious brain).
>When we feel fear, anxiety, and similar emotions we are "clicked" into the reptile brain.
>When we feel love, joy, contentment, inspiration, ect. we are in the prefrontal cortex.
>You simply find the rough location of your two amygdalae in your head, and visualize tickling the front of them with a feather.
You should feel immediately your mind becomes quiet and a sense of peace over-takes you. Some people say they feel a click.
It's not even subtle, it's a potent noticeable difference. Try it whenever you're feeling anxious, pic related is the location of the amygdala. Just picture a feather tickling that area and your anxiety will melt off.
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This makes my tinnitus very loud
Dafuq? Look at some anatomy texts.
Tried this
It breaks your dick.
It's handy for cleanup though
Legit one here. I have a thing called SVT, which means I sometimes get heart palpitations, it's not a major issue and millions of people have it. Sometimes though you can get repeated palpitations which is a bit scary and can make you a bit lightheaded. People also get palpitations for other reasons and I assume this works for that too.
To break the cycle you simply hold your nose, shut your mouth and "blow" out your ears, like if you have water in them or are trying to pop them when flying. I think it's 24 seconds later your heart rhythm is kind of "reset" for want of a better word. This legit works.
It's not a very good adhesive but it does taste good though.

File: DzYvgo2VsAALdgM.jpg (164 KB, 900x1200)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
howdy /x/, I'm that guy who posted the shit about Cape St. Claire Maryland the other night.

Just a follow-up, since I was house-sitting for my grandparents when they came back I told them exactly what happened, and they told me about something weird.

So it had snowed a week prior to them leaving, and then they went into the backyard to look around they saw these weird tracks in the snow. They were perfectly circular and each step was about a yard and a half apart. What weirded them out however, is that if it was a deer or whatnot then there's be a different looking track/tracks, but there was no second footprint for each step.

Since then I've returned to my usual dwelling, and my Grandpa set up febreeze traps around the property. If anything trips the wire over the fence, they're getting a facefull of febreeze fueled flamethrower.

Pic unrelated
>If anything trips the wire over the fence, they're getting a facefull of febreeze fueled flamethrower.
things that never happened
well to be honest, I've yet to know if they work

File: alp_i1.jpg (126 KB, 655x823)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I have been attempting astral projection for some time, but it always ends badly for me.
I have been plagued by sleep paralysis, and through that hallucinations (both visual and audible.) after some research, and a series of discussions with a friend who I am no longer in contact with, I decided to see if I could turn that seeming curse into a blessing by using sleep paralysis as a bridge to obe. now, its worth notic I am scheptycal on the whole obe thing; I am not convinced it isn't just a lucid dream built around the world we just bore witness to. regardless, I attempted it a couple times and all those times ended the same.

I am locked in the paralysis, then I push my arms upwards, seemingly displacing them from my physical arms (phantom limb syndrome or something like it, perhaps?) it feels as though I am pushing through a thick substance which prevents many movements. I use the substance and my arms to pull my head upwards. reality snaps for a second, I go blind and deaf, then not even a second later I can see but I am above my body. I begin looking around, then I am immediately yanked back into my body. I am paralysed, but this time a bizzare daemon from a recurring nightmare Ive had in the past is in my face. he circles around me, and with each cycle I get pushed into a false awakening which ends upon my discovery of the fact its a dream, and I wake up paralysed again, he circles around me and I enter a false awakening again. he completes an estimated average of around 7 circles before I finally break free for realsies.

now then, does any one know of a way to stave off these cursed encounters and allow me to obe/ lucid dream through sleep paralysis safely? or know of a quicker and safer method of obe?
You are like a chick trying to break out of an egg. Keep trying. You will have to face that entity one way or another. If that is too much for you, maybe stay away from obes. There is far worse than that out there. You can probably overcome it, but you need to find the source of your spiritual power and innate knowledge.
>find the source of your spiritual power and innate knowledge
I've never heard that before. how would one go about starting a search for such knowledge or power? I can imagine there is a complicated answer to that, but you have peaked my curiousity.
Accept Jesus as your savior. You're then able to tell demons to GTFO.

File: 1549766213949.jpg (1.16 MB, 2000x1448)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Anyone have a paranormal discord chat?
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Oh, that's nice then
All aboard the /pol/ hate train choo choo
/pol/ is a board of peace faggot
Pol sucks
How to identify a zoomer in 1 easy step
If it posts like this, it's a zoomer

hey guys, so i just normally lurk this board and i always been skeptical but i wanted to know if anyone had a similar night or could tell me what it means
>yesterday i went to bed like at 1 am
>almost everyday i sleep at the same time
>i just live with my mother
>go to sleep
>suddenly appear in a room
>my grand ma enter the room and tells me my mom is missing
>ask her whow she knows that
>she just leaves
>after a while i dont even notice
>she in the room staring at me
>"here's your mother"
>see something like a person covered in a black mantle and just a mask and the mask looked like the anonymous one
>tell her what the fuck is this
>suddenly the person just jumps towards me and starts to strangle me

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm not sure if it's this video talking about the blackc apparitions or not.
its kind of similar but in my case he did actually approached me and tried to kill me like this >>22247188 autist says
He is a ghost cowboy.
File: 1470205984045.jpg (145 KB, 1111x597)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
What >>22247188 said
op ur killing me man. this is a serious board, but pls keep it up.

File: 071207-F-JZ500-791.jpg (68 KB, 780x780)
68 KB
Does /x/ know anything about this organization?
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OSI for short. They investigate above top secret occurences. And more. Dr. Steven Green has several OSI retired people coming on the record about some of the stuff they did. Mind blowing.
Youtube... crap whats his name.
That should read : Dr. Steven Greer
Youtube: Richard Doty
Sounds like the dead end department in the Chicago Police in the Dresden Files. They investigated all the paranormal stuff and were pretty much supposed to lie to their superiors but giving them a palatable explanation.
My neighbor in Grants NM :)

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 288x175)
8 KB
I lived in Texas as a Child, in the northwest panhandle area. This is when I was 11 the memories are faint but I'll tell you this in much detail: Our school bus never came down on our dirt road on our farm, the road was really rough, and we had to walk down our road as a child. I used to slack off, and play our goodwill SNES, And walk down our dirt road as the usual, but one day something on our walking schedule was broken. As I was on the middle of the road I hared hissing, and this incomprehensible scream: somewhere between a hawk, and a women screeching woth her mouth covered. I sawed a dar kfigure in a field: it looked like gorilla mixed with a buff human, but when it got closer I sawed it: it looked like a women head with pale face and a pure white eyes on the miniature elephant like body, with black hair, and her claws are as long as arm from my observations.
I screamed and ran away; guessed it scared that thing away too.
can anyone explain this?
The grifter dude

File: 1550343180276.jpg (110 KB, 661x960)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Anons I heard a little screech, bug like, and when I asked what was that no one else could hear it. What does that means?
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it's a jumping spider. i guess they like to hide.
out of all the spiders i could have in my ear i think a jumping spider would be most welcome
Astral aids
File: capt_ears.jpg (112 KB, 1155x771)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>I got my ears revised
File: 1548854184681.jpg (54 KB, 640x609)
54 KB

File: iu3.jpg (239 KB, 1920x1200)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
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look and see the truth...
We live in a society
Is there some Magic’s that can bend my pens into my ass

File: Capture.jpg (12 KB, 686x379)
12 KB
Hoping for your help /x/

For those of you who have ever played CSS, there's this one minigame map called mg_remsopor encore.
For those of you who have never played through it, it's an obstacle course type of map where you try to get from A to B as the levels go by.
The thing about this fucking map, is the symbolism behind it. There's about 10 different levels ranging from floating mushrooms to magical bookcases, etc. I have been trying to find more information about this map for years now, i've even tried to find the owner/creator to know success.
Something about this fucking map from the moment I played it has always drawn me. I feel like as if there's something there, something deeper, something waiting to be discovered, or at least there has to be some symbolism to be interpreted

Does anyone by chance know anything more about it, or does anyone at least feel the same way I do about it??

Pic related, that's the opening of the map. Does that tree symbolize something?
I've played some maps like that, can't remember their names though. I'd doubt there is anything really meaningful to it. Most likely they're just going for that aesthetic.
And yes games make me feel like that too. The myst series of games for example. There's also Kairo on steam

Its not surprising to be unable to find information on a map, they're often just passed around. People download it when they join the server and even if the original source goes down they still have a copy.
I once tried finding a map I liked called "bhop_memories" but it's gone. If I search for it I find other maps that have the same name but the one I played is nowhere to be found. Ironically, it's just a memory now.
It happens.
Same shit here. I played some really wacky CSGO maps but they were ported from CSS. It's basically just kids going full retard after watching anime and having lots of creativity.

Honestly, those maps could have been a standalone itself just based on the creativity but I largely believe it has something to do with the map making tools because I remember one artist mentioning how he had to switch music software because he felt like all of his sounds would always have that distinct style because of it.

Thus in your image you see a random tree, 1 particle effect and hammer's tile placing tool. While if you were doing it in unity, you'd have to create a new particle effect, import a tree from the net or create your own and then fix a tiling system which would go from 5 minutes in Source to several hours in Unity.

File: 1549658794256.jpg (60 KB, 770x593)
60 KB
There's going to be a large battle coming up
It will ruin my mood, it will perhaps set me back a day or two on motivation but in the end I am prepared right now
I am ready
They will try to destroy me
But my armor is up
My shields are up
My body, mind and soul are all fine tuned and ready
I am waiting for you
I know your next moves before you do
I know what is coming
I am waiting
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujVNKQrYSuk [Embed]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
t. paranoid schizophrenic

based schizoposter
You could just ask me whats going on and what will they do but I'll explain anyway

I work in business and in this game whenever I succeed and have a good week, projects get done etc.. I am, happy and feel great so other people seek to bring me down so they want to cause trouble by requesting meetings and shit to point out things they consider failures and not "right" of me to handle paperwork for days when i could be done in 30 minutes
So they are going to call me on it, I literally dont care

I do a great job and no respect but than others step in to push me down
I'm ready, they have done this before

You succeed once
Other line up to push you down for bullshit reasons
File: retrocausali.jpg (6 KB, 511x230)
6 KB
Physicists provide support for retrocausal quantum theory, in which the future influences the past.

"In the future you will stumble and fall at the right moment causing you to crack your head open on a sharp object."


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