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File: 1450312783537.jpg (3.53 MB, 975x8125)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB JPG
Chart of truth/iceberg thread
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Why do people look through the catalog, see an iceberg thread, and then say:

>No, that won't do. I want my own.

have you guys been wondering about that mcdonalds cardi b commercial, why doesnt mcdonalds admit its her goin B BOLD. Cardi b is the new b
>Her is a automated text to speech lover made by yamaha in 1987, it was to much by otakus, leading to them killing themselves, it was all covered up.

Because you're a gay homosexual and also quite possibly a faggot.
Why does truth need to be linear in order for you to want to consume it

The Second Coming is walking around on Earth today. He is Anonymous (let him that readeth understand), and his face won’t be unveiled until that time when people will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory (approx. 40 years from now according to Kabbalistic and Chassidic tradition).

He does not speak on his own; he speaks only what he hears, and he tells you what is yet to come.

When he comes, he will prove the world to be in the wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment: about sin, because you do not believe me even as I tell you the truth here now.

But he IS Anonymous and you will never even know his birth name or what city he lives in.

The end of history is finally here, bros. The time has come once again to repent and to believe.

Yes, I’m telling you the truth. That’s why you don’t believe me.

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Me Holy backwards
>How and why was Jesus' psyche damaged by being underaged when he was "dating" Mary Magdalene.
Cause she pimped him out and made him have sex for money, she made him develop the mindset of a slave
>If Mary Magdalene has pedophilic tendencies, how is she supposed to resolve this?
Therapy, and also coming clean about her past relationship with him. If she keeps repressing it, she may try to do something bad like find him and kill him
By being a sorcerer.
sinful faggot here to call bullshit lmao

"He's anonymous and you will not no him, but I know he's here lol"
"You don't believe me because I'm right"

That's some weak shit OP
May Magdalene is nothing like the person you are describing. She recently sent out a holographic message, hoping for friends and assistance for returning home. She sent it to Michael and Gabriel. Michael heard the message, and told Gabriel, who went to help her.

File: 1534863099035.png (72 KB, 320x293)
72 KB
Hello everyone. I had a lucid dream the other night (2 days from now), and it was the first one I ever had.
I always was able to remember everything from my dreams, but I was never able to control my actions or the environment.
But this time I was able to do as I will. I started trying running through a street, but I couldn't run more than 2 blocks because "something" in my dream was like "no, you're not supposed to go there". So, I decided to generate someone. Like making him appear. But what happened was, that person appeared, but sightly different, and before I could even say anything it turned into some kind of slug and started dissolving, which was really frustrating.
Then, something that always happens when I'm about to wake up, I started to feel my shirt (since I almost always sleep in pajamas), and feel like flying, but not up to that dream's sky, but in a dimensional way, I can't really explain how, I just "ascended" until waking up.
I really want to feel another lucid dream, but I don't know much about it. What am I/was I supposed to do there? What does that slug means? And the "block"?
I really would appreciate any help
It sounds like your lust for young boys is causing the dreams.
It's not hard but it takes discipline. I've had and remembered as much as five lucid dreams in one night!

Disclaimer: these are just dreams, illusions generated by your brain. If you think your soul is travelling out of your body or some shit like that, you need to kys. Now to the point.

1. Train dream memorization by keeping a dream journal. Write down your dreams everyday.
2. Choose a trigger to test if you're awake or dreaming, like looking at your watch, pinching yourself. Develop the habit of doing this everyday when you're awake.
3. Go to sleep rested. You can't be tired or else you'll fall into deep sleep. Prefer weekends.
4. Set your alarm to go off 3, 4 something am, then sleep again. That's when you're really going.
5. Enjoy.
To me it seems like you're unintentionally (or maybe intentionally, who knows) blocking yourself. Maybe it's subconscious, but in any case practice makes perfect. Just keep applying methods until you find something that works. Personally I use psychic landmarks and triggers, objects or specific concepts that I can use to let myself know I'm in a dream.

File: ↔.png (59 KB, 1209x388)
59 KB
I like
I solve
>I like
>I solve
Then try and figure out a correct site to post on then mega-brain.
File: 1529815873859.png (14 KB, 491x208)
14 KB
4th dimensional symmetries?


File: 1.jpg (928 KB, 992x1404)
928 KB
928 KB JPG
ok my autistic friends.

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I swear I saw it years ago on b
And then this weird site that has like, half of the first chapter on it, and absolutely nothing else.
What's up with this weird comic.
Anybody know where this came from? Or what it's trying to communicate?
So how does it end?
it doesn't the original writer never finished the story.
Who's the artist doing the manga-styled remake? Do you have a download for these OP?

It's a cult. They did some mass suicides a while back.

File: 1488239934894.jpg (39 KB, 200x200)
39 KB
do you believe we have soulmates?
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Yall coward don't know nothing. Tell me you love her the same way after 8 years.
Pro tip: You can't
All love will fade eventually and there's not a thing you can do about it.
I did, but now I'm not to sure. I will let you know at the end of eternity.
How can Jews be pushing for couples to stay together while also encouraging roasting? How can you actively promote monogamy while actively promoting polygamy? It can't be both you fucking spastic, just use your brain for a change, I promise it won't hurt.
It's like you have no problem accepting whatever illogical claim someone is making as long as it validates what you think is true, in this case /pol/ BAD! why don't you go to /pol/ and argue your point instead of crying about /pol/ on not /pol/? Afraid someone might question your stupidity and you'll be forced to reflect on how much of a retard you are?
Be honest, you're the type of mong to say "durr everyone equal" and then in the next breath say "durrr everyone unique snowflake" aren't you? A real brain dead NPC whose "allegiance" is wherever it's told to be, because thinking on your own is hard.

>The same people that constantly whine about saving the white race are the same people who whine we should kill all white women despite them already knowing that without white women you can't have white children and therefore couldn't save the white race without them

That kind of logic isn't what you see on /pol/, it's the kind of logic you see on plebbit, or some pseud zoomer mental gymnastics to validate what they've been told is true, even when it makes zero sense.
We both know you can't prove me wrong because you can't even recognize the doublethink you constantly use.
So if you feel compelled to post, do it sensibly. If not, don't do it all. Better yet, fuck off back to plebbit where the rest of your ilk exist. You are not welcome here.
>those who are like you have already found theirs
>meanwhile you're still single

File: 2225l.png (675 KB, 1080x1653)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
What's the best way to induce Dmt naturally, and why is it sesory deprivation?

What's the longest you think you can go without light or sound?
we have a society which deprives our senses. so much that people seek an outlet in excessive behavior like drug abuse.
when you are immersed in nature, free and happy, you do not want for drugs.
I think eventually the eyes stop working you may wanna be careful, also it's called sleeping, and dreaming. eat regularly, have a clove garlic, some spitulina, lions mane etc... cover your eyes with a cloth, and cover your ears with some noise cancelling headphones, wrap up get really warm drink lots of water etc.
Im not talking about sitting in the park and turning your phone off
If it goes over two days dreaming and waking, sleeping and not sleeping are the same thing

File: 1828.jpg (52 KB, 550x587)
52 KB
our planet existed in a higher dimension and then something bad happened and all the sacred sites with big blocks no one can explain are the solidification of whatever was previously resonating at a higher vibration?

what could have possibly happened to throw an entire realm into solidity, gravity, 3rd density, and all the subsequent pain and suffering that has come as a result of this event?
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maybe they are. who would do such a horrible thing to lock us in here?
>No-one can explain
>>No-one can explain

but everyone is ready to shoot the messenger
Are you really bitching about and calling objective evil the very concept of having a sense of up/down on planets, the ability to differ in standards or keep to the same of what you want with solidified energy's matter-state; and then blaming that for all your mental malarky and traumas based on lack of personal order of definitions instead of taking that opportunity to copy what you like and form your own insight paradigm based on a mix of what you experience in solidity alongside insights gleaned from looser meta-environments?
There is just no pleasing you people, is there? You just want everything handed to you on welfare without contributing.

Yeah that’s why we’re making a slave race called robots to perform all labor

File: images-45.jpg (65 KB, 686x447)
65 KB
I didn't think too much of it at the time, but we have 5g internet now, I read into it and it says it can be potentially dangerous ect..

Basically the 5g waves move through the body, and ever since I have had 5g I have noticed some strange things. Im not going to go into detail about that, but basically.

>TLDR is 5g as safe as 4g?
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no, it’s really not, you poor, paranoid faggot. Collecting data by transmitting waves thru an object requires directional waves (very unlike 5g) and a receiver on the other end to collect the data. Blasting randomly placed waves thru people is just likely to cause cancer. Try looking at the world critically for once, rather than thru the autistic lense of wanting to believe in something spoopy
Literally the wifi inside your home is equally as dangerous.
We have to blow up the 5g towers, why are we still on this site. It is the first and foremost duty of all.
tell it
Naa you had your chance. Ill tell if this post is dubs

File: 1829.jpg (32 KB, 496x526)
32 KB
I just watched a movie called Frankie & Alice based on the true events surrounding the life of a black woman with dissociative disorder and 3 distinct personalities; one of them was white. in her the case the cause of her condition was trauma from earlier in her life.

I see posters here talking about schizophrenia (not the same as dissociative necessarily) as if it isn't a serious issue when it is found to be a legitimate problem causing dysfunction in a person's life so let's get something sorted if you like:

serious mental conditions are not "gifts". they are not talents nor anything for anyone to joke about. we live in a very confusing world and millions of people right now are going through their own struggle, to varying degrees of sanity. many of those people aren't insane at all. we all have our issues, but for some, those issues are difficult to overcome.

trivialising serious mental health issues by saying things like "schizophrenia gives us strength and power" is utterly absurd. it is also horrific to presume you can tell if someone is "schizo" or not, from a single post.
some might call that assertion delusional.

human beings have a tendency to wear negative labels like a new coat, from being called fat to making obesity a fashion statement, to being called nigger to making it an affection term between blacks, to being labelled crazy to making it a new car bumper sticker.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fanatic approach to mental health issues: permitted by Facebook and elsewhere average humans think they can change reality to suit them regardless of whether it is right or not.

Just because you have an internet connection does not mean you are automatically right. You cannot for example, get together and decide whether certain words should be capitalised or not. The rules for grammar are already clear on this. People trying to change those rules who simultaneously lack the education to do so or understand why the rules exist, are not fit to change the rules.

Similarly, you are not the experts on mental health. You have little idea about these disorders except your own personal experience. You turn them into memes as an insult to people who genuinely suffer. You assume your 'support group' on non-professionals is somehow helpful.

You are not qualified to assert anything about this to anyone, that includes insulting other sane people with mental health slurs.

Grow up. You cannot always what you want. Stop fantasising that you can bend reality to suit yourself at other people's expense.
Exactly. This is like telling gay people that they can't reclaim "faggot" or talk about their struggles being gay. Nobody here is romanticizing having schizophrenia or anything like that, it's just a coping mechanism because being open about your issues and talking about them makes things way less stressful and uncomfortable.
>This is like telling gay people that they can't reclaim "faggot"

reclaim. as if they created it? NO. IT IS AN INSULT. "hey everyone we're going to insult ourSelves just so you can't. Ner."

Grow UP.
Its all about survival, if you can keep yourself alive while having a mental illness then it is a potential gift, if you are unable to take care of yourself with a mental illness thus it is a curse. Part of the problem is that we have built complex societal systems that revolve around your wellbeing being dependant on certain social ques like having a job, having friends, and working for common goals. People consider those things good because they cannot percive wanting a life outside of those things, the societys of earth have worked very hard to make sure the hermit life of building a shack in the woods and hunting gathering to survive is impossible, thus we are left with people trying to hunt and gather in the concrete jungles of America, or the crazy homeless as we call them. No room for them in society yet no room outside of it either for them anymore.
>Stop fantasising that you can bend reality to suit yourself at other people's expense

Yes goyim dont evolve, you need your shepards goyim, you cant enact change in your life only the people on the idiot box are allowed to decide how your life goes

File: Altered States Alter Me.jpg (186 KB, 800x1187)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Watched pic related for the first time recently and loved it. All over the place tone-wise, but it's one of those movies that takes itself so seriously you forget how bizarre the premise is. Also, you get to see William Hurt kill a goat and turn into a caveman and energy.

What did you think, /x/?
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File: OST.jpg (95 KB, 740x740)
95 KB
drop a link to that motherfucker
I saw it years ago and I thought it was ridicolous.
File: a3842921513_10.jpg (281 KB, 1200x1200)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
Loved it ever since I saw it on tv as a kiddo in the 80s. Considering some of my other favorites, it is no small wonder that I gravitated to all things paranormal as an adult. To this day, I don't know if a certain terrifying event around age 4 was real or a dream. My encounters with the paranormal began in my 30s. Very /x/ film on a number of topics like you said.
Watching it as a kid would definitely lead to some strange thoughts, care to elaborate on this terrifying event?

Also, got any paranormal/cosmic horror recs in the same vein? I haven't been able to find anything that hits those same beats for me.

who else here has full blown conversations, debates and arguments with the voice in your head?
i have been discussing lamborghini and other rear/mid engined cars with myself for the last 2 hours.

is this a gift or a curse?, i feel like the constant refining, pruning and reinforcement of ideas and concepts in my head gives me twice the intelligence of the typical normie... i feel like i have twice the power of normal people to make logical decision.

if you experience this also, do you think it could be related to a head injury? (i had a bad head injury about 15 years ago and had mild epilepsy since).

gonna go back and talk about lamborghinis with my friend now.
Most smart people do this, you arent alone anon, lets drink a beer and use our 4 brains
Do it quite often. Even if just a conversation with myself, allows me to see the pros and cons of any given situation/idea etc. without having to approach anyone else.
Except I've been doing it with philosophy and esoterica. It's led to half a writing pad full of things that I'm considering putting into a book for publication.
Normal for analytical people don't worry. Though it predisposes anxiety so try to meditate.
Ive done this since I was about 8. It’s incredibly helpful in regards to maintaining my sanity.

Pic related created ISIS through meme magick.
>It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.
I have a new theory too. It's called, OP is a fucking faggot who literally never stops sucking dicks.

File: 20190214_185706.jpg (1.7 MB, 1709x2058)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
Schizophrenia gives us. Power. Strength. Utility.
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Everybody now.
File: yqQ8Y.gif (33 KB, 425x254)
33 KB
It's even funnier because they don't know what they're saying.

Wojak keeps hallucinating on this strange symbols drawing and redrawing the world around him.

The honker have gone outside and realized he is just a funny image, his purpouse it's a laugh.
Schizophrenia may give you power but your post gave me aids.

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