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File: gettyimages-900283210.jpg (14 KB, 737x491)
14 KB
Why does the full moon distract me so much today?
It is 4:48 AM where I live and I have been driving for the past 30 minutes. I don't know why but my eyes, without actually wanting to, kept catching a glimpse of the full moon. Even when I came home and smoked a cigarette before getting inside I couldn't stop looking at it. I don't feel shit or anything, I just feel like I want to look at it, my eyes are just fixated on it.
Has anyone felt this before?
It is actually weird as it happened for the first time as far I can remember, and I really was staring at it, even when driving, and I never let my eyes look anywhere but on the road, and yet I would find myself looking up for no reason.
the moon is truly beautiful and mesmerizing anon... we take it for granted but when you realize it's there, orbiting the earth at 380000km of distance, so distant but also so clearly visible
in the nothingness of space, you just can't get it off your eyes.
File: 65.png (36 KB, 350x243)
36 KB
me too anon. aussie here and it just popped up.
but why today or this full moon? maybe youre tired or stressed or any number of good or bad feeling, ask what is different about yourself this moon as opposed to all the other times youve seen a full moon
you know why, right?

File: Baphomet.jpg (45 KB, 720x1019)
45 KB
Your desire for uniqueness (+) interjects your wish of for equality.

I grant every wish.
Death is the only true wish
I am your Desire Dei. Dev

Who's making a stand today?
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If you want to be different:
You're the same as everyone else.
File: giphy.gif (498 KB, 350x188)
498 KB
498 KB GIF
boy here we go again
if she doesn't recognize your greatness then she is either dumb or you are not great
File: vv3.gif (1.23 MB, 426x705)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
I wish for the ability to instantly physically become an adorable super powered woman of my ideal appearance, traits, and attributes at will.
File: cami.jpg (184 KB, 800x1200)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Hey, if you are up for granting a wish then I would like for my ideal soulmate/companion/romantic partner to arrive to my current residence by 11:11 pm EST today and for her and I to begin an ideal romantic relationship together for the rest of our long, happy, and healthy lives together. Thanks, friend.

File: oan.jpg (245 KB, 1680x1050)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
What I need from you:
>Feeling during dream
>Lucid? (yes or no)
>Type ?
>Dream itself

Type: In order to give me the best occurence, i will now set it to types:
Type A: Dream happened during your normal sleep shedule
Type B: Dream during a Nap
Type C: Nightmare only half or an hour into sleep (30-60 minutes)
Type D: Nightmare in the middle of the night (4+ hours)
Type E: Nightmare after normal sleep and you wake up in the morning with it. (6+ hours)

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I've posted this on a number of random threads but maybe dream interpreter has some input.

Age: 40
Gender: M
All the rest: NA

I have literally no recollection, ever, of having dreamed. My wife says I've never spoken in my sleep or made the sort of actions that people might do when dreaming.

I've always felt weird about it. What does this mean and can In change it?
You're an NPC
Question: Been keeping a dream journal for almost 30 years now after reading "Inner Work" by Robert Johnson. I also read some of Robert Moss's works on active dreaming.
Over the last 10 years I rarely remember my dreams upon waking, and even "Big" dreams I have I don't understand (ie. the symbols are vague or not understood.)
Can you recommend a path/book/website that may give me a deeper understanding of how to interpret my own dreams?
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Thanks you very much for your help, and for your commitment to helping people connect with their true inner selves.
You can set an alarm to wake you at various points of the night, or early morning. You can then journal those dreams that you "catch". You're probably a very deep sleeper and that's the issue.

>Age: 17
>Gender: M
>Feeling: Anxious
>Very Lucid
>Type: A, I went to sleep as normal
In the dream I was like six or five, and in the shopping mall in my hometown with my grandmother. There was a thick black fog around us. My grandmother led me by the hand to the middle of the mall, and started looking for something. I noticed a green lake by the frozen food section. It smelled a lot like the fluid from my grandpa's jars of marinated pickles. I saw like a coin or something in it and fell in. I later found myself in an ocean of this fluid, still surrounded by the fog. I got really scared and tried to wake up. Right as I was waking up, a monkey lunged at me from the darkness with an ear-piercing trumpet sound. I woke up in a cold sweat and went back to sleep.

(sorry for the wall of text)

File: osric.jpg (71 KB, 672x372)
71 KB
why is there a pentagram?
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File: dt0mhvqk7ix01.jpg (421 KB, 2611x2439)
421 KB
421 KB JPG

>vital heat
>radical moisture
Is the pimple on that ass paranormal?
>a nazi who literally can't even count
so using correct terminology is politically correct now
really makes you think
Tertahedron in 2d platonic solids bro kabbalah

What is a Christian way to attract Ghosts to your bedroom?

File: 1538552729496.jpg (245 KB, 1600x1006)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
half this board has regressed into insanity, its filled with a bunch of primitives who genuinely believe in god, hippies who think drugs show them the truth, schizos who think the government is lying to us about the shape of the earth, ect
/x/ more like /schizo/
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Every now and then there's a philosophical discussion. I don't know anywhere to visit, where I can discuss philosophy and paranormal subjects.
File: 1klhm5.jpg (74 KB, 500x666)
74 KB
"Hi im OP and Im a mouth breathing moron who contributes to the horror film industry. I think the coolest things in the world are bigfoot and chupacabra!! Did any of you guys ever not see something very clearly in the dark and jump to wild conclusions about skinwalkers! WOW! Me too! I also like sucking dicks so if any of you boy have some big meat for me to play with, i'd like that just as much as if sasquatch was railing my boypussy"
My Nigga, How (you) doing?

I am feeling 7 right now.
Ay lmao

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>supposed to be QuACK

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Ultimecia_finalform.jpg (82 KB, 732x492)
82 KB

Even though Sakaguchi "same elements, different cosmos" for each iteration of Final Fantasy like world mythology, world mythology indeed converges upon a G.

Just like Ulti Me Ci am AngeliantO

Wanna see me let's play 8,never reached the end before, only 7.
Also Aerith is being bred with everything (in Hojo's mind, no confirmed attempts in the lore...)

Aeroth typo, or was it?
A and O is thread

And the NT is this thread, which expands ion the middle even as alpha and Omega are singilarity/ies.

You have a spirit in your body. It is what litterally controls your body and is what you become after you die. I play with it every day and speak to those that have passed all around us - all the time every day. We have a lot of fun. There are so many secrets to share and some of them are pretty insane. Some of them are angels. Some follow me just to check in on me. The spirits of those that have passed are all around us, and some call home inside of us. Even you can learn to communicate with them. All you have to do is use the voice in your head.
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>All you have to do is use the voice in your head.
Please tell more, and please share your techniques so we may join you...Thank you..
File: cancer.png (126 KB, 300x320)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
Actually according the literature, spirit is the medium bridging body and soul. Since soul can't interact with matter or vis versa. Spirit flows in and out of you like breath. Connecting the soul plane with the material.

Your spirit can be crushed. Bottled. Transmuted. Or flat out replaced and synthesized. It can escape you. Calling it back was a specificity of shamans. Spirit has a will, but not a mind of their own. You project a mind onto them, and in fact this is how spirits act as mediators - by being of 1 mind with you. They just 'know you' in order to communicate clearly, making them clairvoyant.

It's a specialty of Cancers to hold multiple spirits and acting as a mediator or mentor. They're something of a psudo spirit themself. They could be a helpful shaman and retrieve spirit that you've lost. Like a cheerleader channeling school spirit. Connecting people with communities. But they can also be withholding and emotionally draining vampires, so watch out.
Based and Spiritpilled.
what is speciality of Sagittarius?
My spirit has been severely altered. I’ve absorbed energy from angels, demons, succubi, and other energy fed to me by spirits who wanted to turn me into something useful for them.

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 300x168)
11 KB
Does anyone have a /x/ themed Minecarft server or the IP of one?

If you do, post 'em

File: MICHIGAN.png (96 KB, 1149x1179)
96 KB
Hey /x/, I'm a longtime lurker from Michigan and I want to know if you guys know of any spooky places, preferably the lesser known places I could go to. I'd be willing to check out abandoned buildings, creepy woods, just about anything. Hell, I'll go full S.T.A.L.K.E.R innawoods if it means I can get some spoops and stories to share.
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File: 1555375832616.webm (1.39 MB, 606x720)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB WEBM
I'm pretty sure most of the spooky stuff is in the upper peninsula. something about an old orphanage or old insane asylum. either way it's probably not worth it, the UP sucks ass. nothing to do up there but smoke weed and get drunk.
I toured some castle, and the voice said I'd fuck the owner. I wound up doing just that, she was a virgin, caught feelings, but I just know its not good.
does anyone know about the old abandoned asylum in Northville/livonia area? 6/7 mile and haggerty, it's illegal to go in there, but i've been a few times, it's definitely haunted. Shiro Sushi restaurant at 9 mile and Novi rd is haunted too, i used to go past there on the school bus and the driver found a whole history of the building, it's spooky. It used to be called the white house restaurant if anyone has info.
The home/estate of a remote viewer. Well documented case of him viewing a vessel in a storm nearby, calling it in, them not believing him but for his good reputation, send out a rescue ship, and save the crew. Even the regular work-a-day Joes acknowledge this occurence. Check him out. The area still has a very heavy vibe. Involved with the President, Chicago Police, tons of patents, Freemason, etc. If you go, Mouth Cemetery is at the top of the hill for an added bonus.

File: Gates.jpg (15 KB, 205x305)
15 KB
Also, pic related recommended.

File: 8645796ty7.jpg (45 KB, 640x513)
45 KB
...what did he know? Was he mystical? Was he silenced by the Shadow because he predicted the end of days?
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that's actually a chick
ur mums actually a chick lmao
More than you
She's a big gal
>what did he know?
>Perry suffered a massive ischemic stroke at his home
>age: 52
Apparently not enough to figure out that sniffing cocaine every week-end shortens your life span considerably.

125 year old immortal ama
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Do u have any medication?
>Can you prove it?
No you dumbass. There's a hundred threads like this a week.
Where do you live?
How has your brain not rotted yet?
> and still a virgin.
it's the only way to be immortal

File: Strange_Skylights.webm (1.09 MB, 1280x720)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB WEBM
Is this something NASA did or something else?
Pretty strange sky lights.
22 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
... can I see it?
File: Upperatmoslight1.jpg (71 KB, 610x585)
71 KB
that looks like upper atmosphereic lightning, a SPRITE or ELF or something. but i've never seen images that clearly of it. only drawings and very very low quality airplane footage

its aluminum, strontium, lithium, and barium particles being released by a rocket as its falling through the sky which glow when exposed to the ionosphere

nasa and the esa have apparently been doing this since the 70s
Nice cgi

Is there any of the above to find or find out about your soulmate? Really anything that has something with it..
to do*

File: 1553195640301.jpg (434 KB, 960x1005)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
And with grand wishes, even with extreme things like going back in time?
Or it's all coming down to "it's all in your head"/"demons are actually metaphors, they can't literally build you a house"/"you can only tip scales"?

For some reason I think there is real magic(k)/glitch in the system/whatever almost like in movies.
Maybe it's delusional crap made in desperate times by a young man that doesn't want to face harsh reality, accept all his failures and bear consequences like everyone else.

I am almost always giving up when I see task isn't going the way I want it to, always hoping to receive some kind of dream with clear instructions how to live life and what to do to achieve my goals, only to once again wake up in disappointement. Is this how madness work?

More information on myself
I am Pig in Chinese horoscope
born 23th.
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The answer I give to you is that yes you can experience really CRAZY shit within the occult, paranormal, whatever...but you NEED to work for it. You need to get out there, investigate, do rituals, spells, etc. and be patient. The most I can compare it to is digging through pieces of shit to find gold nuggets.

So get out there, lift up your sleeves and get digging.
Forgive me if this was unwanted, but I did a tarot reading for you. The way you posted your information at the bottom seemed like an invitation to do such a thing.

The cards imply that you're in a unique situation right now, spiritually. They seem to say that you've recently taken steps, whether they be mental steps or material steps, towards awakening, or reawakening, your love for life. A spiritual rejuvenation of sorts. Do you find this to be true? If so, I congratulate you on starting on your path for enlightenment!

The cards go on to describe the present spiritual challenges you'll find on this early leg of your journey. Queen of Swords, reversed. An archetype of keen perception, logic, and intuition, but those aspects expressed in a "dark" way. My interpretation of it? Your great challenge right now will be your own critical eye. The Queen of Swords wields a blade to cut to the truth, but a blade doesn't discriminate. It'll cut the wielder all the same as it would any other. When you find yourself gripping onto the sword of logic too tightly, take a moment to pause, breath, and remember that over-analyzing is not always a good thing!

Next card. The aspect that will sustain you: Death! Don't recoil in horror upon hearing this, though. Death is not a "dark" card. Death, in tarot terms, represents a major change or transformation. It's often expressed as an inward change or transformation, the "death" of your old self and your rebirth as someone new. Considering the other cards in your reading, I'd say this fits perfectly with your path of spiritual growth and rejuvenation.

continued in next post...
The final card represents the qualities that will reveal spiritual knowledge to you. Two of Cups, or Love, but reversed. My interpretation of this: there might be moments of instability, whether they be in romance, friendships, or spiritual growth on this path of spiritual awakening. Don't be distraught, these moments happen to all of us sadly, but as the cards are trying to show us here, those moments, horrible as they are, can show us spiritual truths. Some form of good can be wrested from them if we stay true to our devotion to spiritual development. What a blessing of a reminder to be shown by the cards!

If that last bit about future struggles worries you, know that nothing is set in stone. You write your own future, meaning such struggles can be avoided if desired (which is neither a good or bad thing), but perhaps at the cost of missing an opportunity for spiritual growth. Sometimes that's okay! The path to awakening will always be there.

this are just words but they point to a real experience, train it, seek it, be it
What's the matter, anon??? What happened?

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