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File: th (6).jpg (17 KB, 169x300)
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the goal is to get humanity to a super evolved intelligent state with the help of a.i., supplements, and selective conditioning to jump start an evolutionary reaction.
t e l e p a t h y_ n o w !
list any supplements that increase brain power and any discoveries a.i. or man has made that will aid in development.
I'll start:
l-thiamine. l-serine, garlic, spirulina (which contains l-serine), coconut oil, lions mane, potassium iodine.

What can you do today to adapt to a harder environment for future generations? Shut off a main utility today, see alternatives to survival you may not have thought of!
As always pray and lord with.
File: Wat8.jpg (40 KB, 604x404)
40 KB

File: boy.jpg (100 KB, 750x739)
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100 KB JPG
How do you convince normalfags that 'age' is different for mind and body? Physical age is literally just progress of decomposing of the body. Age of mind is expansion of consciousness as opposed to experience of events throughout time. The latter is particularly difficult, even if you point to the most obvious boomer retards that still act like teenagers.
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This. It's like convincing ants to rebel against the colony

tell it to the judge lol
materialist cum eater
File: 6722.jpg (441 KB, 3500x2940)
441 KB
441 KB JPG


File: 1558118088612.jpg (84 KB, 600x450)
84 KB
The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) have been proven to be the most insane ones by having the highest % of serial killers and being 3x more likely to be a serial killer. Source: https://www.nvwoa.nl/pdfart/ruis/ruisen.pdf

>QUOTE: " If we consider the celestial factors Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and also the Ascendant, serial killers show a far higher emphasis on Mutable signs than expected (p =1E-6). Mars and Jupiter contribute most to the excess of Mutable. The prediction ‘especially for the Moon sign’ was confirmed in the group with timed birth data, but not in the group with lacking birth time. Secondly, I found that the distribution of the aspects between the Moon and the other factors deviated from expectancy (p = 0.0005). A high frequency of Moon-MC and a low frequency of Moon-Mars aspects are the main contributors. Deviations of these specific aspects were not predicted. A high frequency of Moon-Saturn aspects is observed only in the dataset with known birth times. The low frequency of Mars aspects is observed only in the group with unknown birth times. Thirdly, I found a far higher frequency of celestial factors in the 12th house than expected. Neptune, in astrological theory the planet corresponding with this house, contributes most. Furthermore, we observe a high frequency of Pisces (only marginally significant) and far more ‘stress aspects’ of Neptune than expected.

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Yeah that explains Donald Trump a lot
>Thomas Edison
Your list is full of lies.
because faggots like to fag
gemini and scorpio are more aggressive and dominant than fags like virgo
scorpio are normally hot headed and highly intelligent and gemini have a natural charisma, even when ugly and neetfucked they are capable of coherent and convincing speech. People fear scorpio because they dont want to accept they have to submit to the greatest.
also cancer is the best sign
op is a fucking faggot
Feels bad man :(
So what you are saying is is that the planets current alignment with earth affects the way that cells form in children? Interesting idea. Considering that the pull of the moon and the sun has an effect on how life evolved on this planet. I can understand where the planets are currently positioned and their gravitational force exerted on earth, can affect the cellular growth of an organism.

File: images.png (393 B, 465x660)
393 B
393 B PNG
Can you guys tell me what you think about the Saturnian Matrix, the cube, and possibly the alien element behind this, and how they're all affecting reality?

Also any thoughts on the moon soul recycling theory?
The aliens who built it are long gone, now it just is one dude, joe, total cocksucker
totally unrelated but vote biden 2020
Heard you were talking shit

How did such a good guy create such an awful following?
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Portuguese fag detected.
I try to spanishize french words when trying to speak Spanish. I getcha.
>Corruption of the church.
It was hijacked right at beginning by Saul of Tarsus, he is the one who curated Jesus word to fit his agenda (and it went downhill after that).
the catholic church replaced emperors with popes and forced anyone with some land to give the church some of it.
they are basically a maffia.
>The church was infuriated by satan in 787 during the Second Council of Nicaea(what, you don’t think he would stoop to that?).
>The gospel makes it clean god can remove his blessing from any church, and the Catholics lost it long long ago.
Where are the proofs?
All governments are. They're just really powerful gangs.
I'm not a libertarian or conspiracy fag. Just a fun thought.

I don't know about you but where I live alcohol is sold and regulated by the government. Alcohol is drugs. Weeds legal and sold by the government here, too. So they're also drug dealers to make the simile come full circle.


What does Dave Chapelle know? He plays it off as a joke, but its obvious he's trying to redpill people

A lot of the stuff he says reminds me of the same stuff Michael Jackson has said before he died
1 your intro is cancer
2 why the fuck should i give a fuck about sudan - fuck niggers, if they want to kill themselves they're free to do so. go back to apefrica nigger and build your own shitty cunt nigger
did i say fuck niggers? fuck niggers.
dont use the word redpill in this board you pol shit
a lot of huge comedians have died in extremely violent situations (or narrowly escaped death).
there is definitely some type of ritual to regularly sacrifice them.
i would not be surprised if dave is next.

i think it goes back to the old days, when the king or queen would randomly call for the jester to be killed, just to hear him scream.

File: 20190521_045544.jpg (186 KB, 998x1920)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Damn nigga i bet you can shave diamonds with that chin
Is this you? lmao

File: 0024298937.jpg (86 KB, 781x639)
86 KB
yes, she's alive in another body... Click in the video and i'll tell you the story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9LibMUrQro
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I wanna know who else is reincarnated
She’s a little boy in Spain
Donald Trump is general Patton. Theres this one woman who claims she's Marilyn
Monroe and that her daughter is Monroe's mother.
File: 4678.jpg (284 KB, 2400x2740)
284 KB
284 KB JPG


Thats spot on!

Redpill me on eating humans, how does this influence somebody's spirituality? All around the media I see claims that cannibalism is unhealthy and bad for you but to my knowledge, there were some tribes unaffected by it. Does eating human flesh damage your body, mind or soul? What does it do to your karma?
What about the god that demanded human meat and blood? Are they simply evil or did those societies knew more than us?
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Early man was a cannibal; he enjoyed human flesh, and therefore he offered it as a food gift to the spirits and his primitive gods.
Cannibalism was once well-nigh universal among the evolving races.
The taste for human flesh grows. Having been started through hunger, friendship, revenge, or religious ritual, the eating of human flesh goes on to habitual cannibalism. Man-eating has arisen through food scarcity, though this has seldom been the underlying reason.
Man-eating came on at a time when men experienced intense and bitter emotions regarding their enemies. Eating human flesh became part of a solemn ceremony of revenge; it was believed that an enemy's ghost could, in this way, be destroyed or fused with that of the eater. It was once a widespread belief that wizards attained their powers by eating human flesh.
File: 1522209670958.jpg (12 KB, 310x163)
12 KB
A lie. Not to be an edgelord but I've consumed a pint of blood (consentually and no vampire faggotry) and have tasted a small bit of flesh (miniscule). A very long time ago.

Basically it's no different that animal flesh, because hey humans are primate hominid freaks. Avoid brains because prions and infectious disease. Cook well and have a healthy source. I cannot fathom why it's taboo if it's consensual or if the being is already dead (naturally or from some other source). People have this aversion to the idea they aren't always top of the food chain and inviolable.
>I cannot fathom why it's taboo
I think you can.
No. Because I don't feel how most of you do about it. I can't relate and it confuses me. I don't see life as separate or any one type of creature inherently better than another. So it's weird to me people torture farm animals for flesh, or talk about not wasting food, yet somehow believe in the sanctity of humanity above all else. I don't know why people fear eating human flesh. Beyond being told to? Fear of punishment?
Meatpill: The elites/illuminati/jews/aliens, however you want to call them, they need meat to gain power. "You are what you eat" is entirely true, they use human sacrifice in order to strenghten their mortal bodies and achieve their pure chaotic corporeal forms. To do this, they first made cannibalism taboo by spreading disease among humans, you get sick by eating shitty sweets, processed meat and junk food. While you know that human meat gives you plenty of diseases, they have an unlimited amount of pure, healthy human meat from their private slaughterhouses.
>b-but if this is true then why are they so ugly and sick all the time? shouldn't they look like beautiful demigods?
Fair question, they has the innate ability to transform, given a good amount of energy from meat. I don't know if that's because they're aliens/demons or other creature, but they gain energy from meat and they don't want us to become more powerful. Such concepts are very prominent in fiction, for example, just look at Berserk and the Apostles.

File: 1554658164745.jpg (24 KB, 500x500)
24 KB
Post conspiracy theories you believe and why.
>moon landing hoax
Never been back to the moon, prominent astronauts saying we never went to the moon(you guys know the video) , easty excuse to funnel billions of money. Kubrick death
>Jewish wo
Bolshevism being mostly jews, killing millions in holodomar(man made famine), israelie-jewsish bias of a lot of politicians which is blatant. Banks being owned by you know who etc (such as prominence in positions in power,tv, porn and news)

Tell me what you believe in /x/ and give me proof
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Congrats. You’re the most mentally ill poster in this thread. No small feat.
This is true except it's not just the government it's all the corporations as well. The corporations don't even try to hide it they just make you want to give your information and conform and be brainwashed into buying their shitty products. But corporations are very close-knit with governments. People always make the government out to be the Boogeyman, but they aren't the only ones with an interest in controlling the masses. Marketing/public relations is literally peace time propaganda. Check out Propaganda by Edward Bernays. He lays it all out there. He's one of the shills who manipulated people's fears and desires to get them to buy the products of the companies he worked with and his tactics are just the basics of what is used today. People joke about redd!t, but it is a literal hivemind. Facebook and Instagram help make sure people conform and help apply greater social pressures to people. Not to mention they are all great ways for corporations to show ads.
>your fucking stupid
Wanna try again big guy?
The Moonlanding is real, i was there, reincarnation
ди aнтикpaйcт иc кaминг

File: 1515800759323.gif (47 KB, 306x469)
47 KB

how do i become perma lucid
i wanna lucid dream for my tup i still have to develop

one theory i have is if you dont instantly wake up once asleep and you to some extent feel some passage of time even if it is quick then maybe keeping in mind where you sleep and understand that once your in bed your going to dream or keeping your entire body under focus so that when you dream if you body feels different it could be a tick to lucidity since your body is always in dreams
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I often dream about my bedside clock.

It is usually wrong in the dream.
From my observations, while dreaming:

- clocks are not "fucked up". They simply are not consistent. You can look at a clock, then look away and look at the clock again and it will show a different time. The same goes for reading - you can read from a piece of paper, but if you read it again, it will be something completely different.

- you are basically never alone. Wherever you are, there is another person with you. You can think of it as your guardian - it's a person you feel like you've known for ages, but can take the form of any human being. Even when seemingly you are alone in some setting, the guardian is just "out of view" so to speak and you can turn to them at any point.

- electricity and intricate devices might not work properly. Light switches almost never actually change the lighting. Whenever I dream about driving a car, there's something just horribly wrong with it. Most of the time, I keep slipping down between the driver's seat and the door. This might have to do something with an accident I've been in, but generally mechanisms might work weirdly.

- I am not really sure if any conversations ever consist of more than 2 active speakers. It might be that the guardian is the only actor beside you in your dream and everyone else is basically a simple mannequin just acting out some situations.
a classic "test" i've always heard of involves grabbing your finger and stretching it out

if you have trouble with doing reality checks in dreams and not becoming lucid, be more inquisitive when doing reality checks. don't just go "am i dreaming?" pull your finger and then decide you're not, think about your finger pulling from your hand and be truly inquisitive in that moment about whether you could be dreaming

if you are consistent with dream checking then at some point you just know you're dreaming, it becomes intuitive because you realize you are somewhere without reason before your mind can make up a bunch of reasons why you might be there

the only trick is that sometimes you might not stay lucid, if you think too much about how you could've gotten where you are or how realistic the dream is, you can get sucked back in
>You can look at a clock, then look away and look at the clock again and it will show a different time. The same goes for reading - you can read from a piece of paper, but if you read it again, it will be something completely different.
Am I the only one who always focuses on keeping clocks consistent and reading the full story when reading something while holding it in my head such that it exists and I can read earlier parts of it? Maybe this is why I can't lucid dream - I always try to make the dreams real. Though some oddities I've noticed: when reading in dreams everything is AMAZINGLY well written - like shit better than I could write in a million years, and it is still amazingly well written after I've woken up and recall it word for word.
Try getting into the habit of doing these checks while your awake, and believing (for example) that you can actually push your finger through your palm. If it becomes a habit the hope is you'll do it subconsciously, and since it will work in the dream that's the trigger.

File: usabr.jpg (699 KB, 2963x1514)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
military vets of 4chan,do you have any bigfoot encounter stories? or anything similar,like zombies in temples or occult rituals that went wrong while you were guarding some nerdy scientist?
File: bigfootinfo.jpg (698 KB, 1700x2200)
698 KB
698 KB JPG
for those of you who think bigfoots not real go and do some research, the species is known to exist as the Great North American Ape. but what they aren't telling you is that it's not just a regular bipedal ape. It's inter-dimensional.
please tell us we'd love to hear

Post images like pic related, this whole backroom bullshit is just that, but the images of just empty office buildings/rooms/houses is strangely off putting

Post what you've got
Bumping with examples
248 replies and 113 images omitted. Click here to view.
Edgemere apartments lobby
I guess trees are kind of scary
>I can dump some OC this coming week once
Waiting for follow-up - that would be cool.
Which building?
The outside looks almost like some AI generated shit

File: Myeyes!.gif (592 KB, 225x225)
592 KB
592 KB GIF
I'm just a retard or the sun used to be more yellow? When I was a child I remember that you didn't need sunglasses to see well in the sun, that it was more yellowish than now, everything hasd a warmer color, and you could stare it for a couple seconds without burning your eyes for hours. Now it seems pure white, if you are outside you need sunglasses or you get blinded, everything has a grey-white tone, and if you take a glimpse of the sun you get an afterimage for half an hour.

When I was a child and I made drawings, i knew that the color of the sun was yellow. Recently I saw a kid asking their parents which color use for the sun. I though: WTF. I didn't undestand then but recently I've been thinking about how I see the sun now and how I remember it.

I'm just retarded, is just nostalgia, or have they done something to the atmosphere that changed its color?
24 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1409280734424.jpg (18 KB, 500x326)
18 KB
same for me except one part.
the sun for me nowadays aren't as bright as it used to be. it has some sort of a greyish tone and i can stare at it for a long time without burning my eyes.
when i was a kid, i could barely stare at it. it used to be so bright, yellow and vivid.
maybe this is due to some of my mental illnesses nowadays but some stuff really doesn't add up.
File: kek.gif (472 KB, 600x580)
472 KB
472 KB GIF
>it has some sort of a greyish tone and i can stare at it for a long time without burning my eyes.

File: 1331360817165.png (88 KB, 193x200)
88 KB
>and i can stare at it for a long time without burning my eyes.
>the sun for me nowadays aren't as bright as it used to be.

This coming from a frog poster is no surprise. Stop staring at the sun for fucks sake.
Sun (and physics for that matter) don't seem any different to me now at 35 then they did when I was 10.
What about air pollution? Does this not affect the atmosphere? How do we know the sun looks the same at every location on the planet?

File: 1557227407170.jpg (347 KB, 859x826)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Is astrology for real or not? From what i've heard western astrology is outdated but the vedic one is not? If it's real how do i get into it and what's the science behind it?
I said this before, but here we go: Vedic astrology is only correct on the moon sign. To see your true moon, check the vedic map. Western is correct about everything else minus the moon.
> From what i've heard western astrology is outdated but the vedic one is not?

You fucking retard, why don't you at least read a few articles or a book before shitposting? Western astrology is based on the seasons, NOT the constellations. Tropical zodiac.

And yes, I'm mad. Fuck you.
Did you come to this conclusion yourself or did you read it somewhere? I agree though.
OP here. I'm a total noob, where do i learn all of this shit?
What's real?

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