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File: download (1).jpg (7 KB, 168x300)
7 KB
Earlier this morning I was with my 14-year-old younger brother, playing some console games just fucking around. He gets up to go get some fucking food or some shit, the kids a fat ass. He leaves his phone unlocked on his chair and curiosity overtakes me. I go on his phone and open up his photo gallery. This photo right here is basically his whole camera roll, each fucking photo just get blurrier and more sharpened. I'm fucking repulsed and genuinely worried about the kid's health. He comes back into the room and sees me on his phone. Takes it from me and fucking walks out of the room and he won't come out. Does anyone have any clue what the fuck this creature is? Is this some new meme I'm too old to understand? What the actual fuck. Luckily I texted one of them to myself. Someone please fucking help.

After this, I went into his room to try to talk to him and he just stared at me, this image is also his wallpaper on his pc and its ultra distorted. I'm kinda worried
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>Console games
>14yo "kid"
>Get some fuckin food like you don't want any
The boomer is seeping thru the lines. Calling fake and gay
File: skeleton 2.jpg (80 KB, 653x468)
80 KB
reminder that OP's pic is part of an old psyop
The image began to circulate approximately two weeks before Dick's tiki torch adventure, and it was the only meme related to the word tiki seen before or after it in these parts
Chances are the original poster is some species of operator
The fact that we also have a Sam Hyde thread in the catalog is further evidence that this is the case.
Hello, spook.
Put the crack pipe down faggot. You don’t have a brother.

File: mpv-shot0025.jpg (187 KB, 1920x1080)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Sleep paralysis freaks me out, what do?
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I've never had sleep paralysis, but I kind of want to. Just to see how it is.
It can be horrifying, but I love it. I love being scared shittless. Shame that I rarely have them
Don't sleep on your back.
Me too. I had lots of night terrors in my youth but not this. Am i a sadistic escapist?
shit. Last time I had one when I felt that demonic presence threat I remember thinking out loud "if you come any closer to me in the name of god I will fucking rape your ass you fucking demon just fucking try boi I WISH A NIGGA WOOOUUUULD" and I remember VIVIDLY HEARING it's response saying "I'll kill yooouuuuuu" and then I woke the fuck up all scaredand shit

File: 1544507861829.gif (865 KB, 435x250)
865 KB
865 KB GIF
I currently take a very basic vitamin regiment(multi vitamin, fishoil, D3); but I want to know what else /x/ thinks should be something that everyone should take and why?

>Vitamins, minerals, supplements, extracts, herbs, ect; what do you use?


>Does it work(effect, side effect, ect)?

>How do you use it(pill, salve, smoke it, ect)?

Really interested in this, will research further/experiment/get back with results if the thread comes up with anything interesting. Cheers.
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Nothing, i take nothing
File: fellowkids.gif (1.29 MB, 480x212)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB GIF
OP doesn't even pretend that the thread is meant to be paranormal.
File: 1550396762744s.jpg (8 KB, 200x212)
8 KB

I asked /x/ what they used specifically, /x/ = paranormal, therefore replies will be paranormal by definition(at the responsibility of the reply poster) and the original post literally contained paranormal.

seriously though, this topic verges with both the legit conspiracies and the woo-woo new age stuff(obvious disinfo campaign, using new-age aging hippies). Chill, this thread has been atleast 5% better than a succubus summon thread, so count your blessings.
File: download (2).png (118 KB, 600x460)
118 KB
118 KB PNG

File: 170.jpg (29 KB, 300x100)
29 KB
ask me a question and i shalt answer it
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what is the answer?
What do you know anyway?!
how to fix muh dic
File: 1549194117381.jpg (56 KB, 540x405)
56 KB
>Didn't see this coming
I was just waiting for my (you)
Here you go *tups fedora

part 2 from the last thread
File: sdsdc.png (473 KB, 1530x951)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
>>22245875 (You)
>Is this supposed to be an example of evil eye?
yes weak physical attack but connected to the evil eye
>becoming the center of attention
ehhhh where i start { ; (
>be me
>whatever you guys had i had it %1000 worst
>everybody is trying to fight with me becuse of it
>a man once came to me angry saying my wife cannot stop talking about you !!?
>when i got me " 2007 Chevrolet Lumina" many people hated me for it "two fuckers one with AUDI A8 and the other with Lexus ES"
>when i was in a movie theater in Madrid spain
i almost destroyed a couple relationship "the girl could not stop looking at me"
>Giada De Laurentiis from Food Network is divorced becuse of me not the media story BS
>when i was at supermarket there was a Presentation platform for a contest and from all the people he choose me first he gave me the an eye look than he made fun at me"i wasn't nice" for some reason
>i got my Tervis 30 oz.Stainless cup and some at work just went mad about it "you know you can just get one of these like us"!!!!?
>i hear it all the time "who the fuck he think he is"
>they keep scratching my car(new car)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: mormontempleendowment.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
People say Mormon temple rituals are just copied from Freemasons. Pic related is pointing out the creation story in the Mormon ritual. What does Freemason ritual say about Elohim, Jehovah and Michael?
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Hey!!! I'm Mormon! That's disrespectful! We are lizard people! Fuck this Mason guy!
Wouldn't be surprised. Mormonism seems to be a mix of all sorts of stories and sources, plagiarised and imagined by good ole Joe Smith. I stopped buying into it around 15 or 16.

I'm technically still a member even though I haven't been in ages. I'm considering doing endowments even though I don't believe it just to see what goes on behind closed doors.
File: 1550555104267.jpg (288 KB, 1918x770)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Report back with the juicey deets
Hey, I have been through this ceremony many times and have a strong background in its understanding and other temple rituals (more than one ritual happens in the temple). Ask me anything. I would like to get this stuff off my chest.
No, it is not a straight copy from Mason rituals. But it does share a number of elements. Primary structural. It is a drama in which the initiate acts out as a percipient. The Mansons have a play about the temple of King solomon. But with the Mormons the ceremony is in fact the creation story were you act out as Adam, the father of ,man.

The signs and tokens are directly taken though. Those are the only elements that are the same.

What is the difference between Anahata charkra and Hridaya Chakra? I don't get it at all.

2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I think that is the chakra for the pranic body or something like that. Its the chakra of intent. ITs fainter than usual chakras, so its really hard to discover, according to some dude.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (125 KB, 960x720)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
File: Siva-Keshav.jpg (46 KB, 453x520)
46 KB
There are many chakras throughout the body, really only until the 13th century was a treatise based on the 7 classical chakras we know today was brought to the west. The important thing about chakras isn't trying to research them and discover their attributes, you'll encounter new age interpretation time and time again. Better to understand them as energy channels to use for during meditation.
hmmm you're talking with Sanskrit words. I've been hearing since childhood.
Watch Naruto?

File: 5325664363.png (151 KB, 500x772)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
There's people much worse than me, why is my life such shit?
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Sounds like a total cop-out and excuse for the reason why this world is so shitty. This view will only enforce people's negative attitudes.
File: 1550247733818.jpg (40 KB, 740x495)
40 KB
The highs get higher and the lows get lower. Just try to enjoy the rollercoaster and make a funny face for the camera near the end. I'm gonna flip it off, hope they don't kick me out of the park.
In heaven everything is fine
You got your good thing and I've got mine
Or you can try even harder to be a better person and cultivate compassion for others to make the world a better place and atone for your previous misdeeds. You can see it as negative if youd like.
Count the good things that happen to you and write them down. You have trained yourself to focus on the negative and ignore the positive. Also, stop beating your meat.

File: 8794593029923.png (1.04 MB, 1024x768)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
What are the odds that agencies such as the CIA are the one's muddling the truth by burying it under tons of disinfo derived from the subjective beliefs and experiences of the mentally ill?

It seems a bit careless that they would directly "shill" on one of the lowest regarded boards on 4channel with a populace that is fully aware of their presence. Almost too easy. Surely they are more clever than that and have already succeeded in fooling the majority of posters on here with surface level conspiracies (i.e.,gangstalking) that mask their true intentions? Especially considering that these are national/international organizations. It would be arrogant for the typical schizophrenic to think they are more clever that an organization that presumably hires the best minds on the planet. And perhaps these agencies exploit this narcissism and superiority complex to fulfill their true agenda (whatever it may be). By planting the seeds of disinformation, other like-minded schizophrenics will soon follow and compound the stray from the truth until it's completely gone.

It could be argued that the CIA is macro managing this board in that regard; by making sure that schizophrenics (and similar disinfo agents) maintain a strong presence on /x/ and continue to feed the naive with lies that they've convinced themselves are truth. This would put less effort on the CIA's part as the mentally disabled would be doing all the leg work. This would make /x/ low-priority and much less likely to be any sort of threat to the agencies' agendas.

Given their vast resources, it would be foolish to waste it on such a small group that practically does their work for free (with the added benefit of /x/ being completely and ironically oblivious to the fact they are unwittingly helping these organizations). But I don't know. It's just a thought and I'm not going to present it as fact like how most people on this board present their opinions as fact. I'd like to hear arguments from all sides.
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Anytime agen- fellow anon (;
CIA is all over this board

Especially the gangstalking threads
so how is cutting the weed addiction going
The good for nothing spent all his allowance on that shit again. I’m strongly considering kicking him out of my house for good this time. I’ve given him too many chances, but he’s just never gonna grow up

Why is Gremory superior to all others that one may work with? There has to be a reason?

Hail Gremory!
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File: Rias.png (624 KB, 900x664)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
Did somebody say Gremory?
look in the mirror buttercup
The rest of it is pretty boring in comparison.

So, ever since I was as young as I could remember I’ve had this thing, for example when I say dream or doze off or go unconscious of any sort, I have a vision or dream or whatever it may be. And give or take some days maybe hours that exact thing that I dreamed happens. It’s nothing exhilarating but that fact that it happens bothers me. So far it’s only happened for conversations that I have with other people and I k ow what they are gonna say if I say the same thing I saw in my “dream” or its some one performing an action like standing up or telling a joke... this thing keeps happening to me at completely random times, sometimes it can happen multiple times a day or once a year. Last one I had was 3 months ago in chemistry class when I was being a smart ass to my professor.. I’m 17 and fully healthy with no mental problems with the exception of ADHD. Any answers or similar experiences?
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Yes I have many times, I usually intentionally say something else and nothing even close happens to that that happened in the dream and it makes me lead to believe that we total control of the future with our actions.. but once I veer “off course” I’m completely on my own because it only shows one outcome in my dream
File: 1545248019127.gif (1.23 MB, 320x234)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
Did my brain just glitch? This thread had 25 replies a few minutes ago.
Interesting, I'm sure my friend will be excited to hear that someone else has the same experiences as him, and who has actually "gone off course". I was kind of worried since he had never dared go off course, that somehow we were predestined to follow a specific path.

I've always told him on the positive, that if he has one of those prophetic dreams, theoretically that should mean he will at the very least live from the point of the dream, to the point of the deja vu moment.
Yea when it happens to me and I realize it’s happening I immediately get a huge smile on my face because I feel so powerful know what’s going to happen next or I could simply let curiously get the best of me and I veer of course just for the sake of knowing what would/could happen...

I’ve never told anyone, This is my first time telling anyone about it. And I couldn’t find a single thing about it on the internet
Oh no they are coming for me.... I think? Probably not.

Hi /x/, I want to share with y’all a picture I took on August 1st, 2010. It is 100% authentic, no edits, retouches or enhancements, no trickery. A friend and I were walking in a park enjoying a dance with Lucy, when we noticed a large neon red spider in a bright blue spiderweb. Attributing the bizarre colors and appearance to our state of mind at the time, I took a picture to verify if what we were seeing was real. As you can see, the picture that I got was far different from what we were seeing, but still extremely interesting. I only have the one photo, because after I snapped the shot, the entire tree the the spiderweb was on began shaking violently and appeared to be entirely composed of other spiders. Freaked out, we booked it outta there. I’m posting this here just to share what I think is a truly incredible catch, and to ask what others see before giving my own input on what I see/what I think occurred, thanks for the interest and time!
Ooooh a spider wow so paranormal!
About how much weed, did you smoke?
OP said they were strung out on Lucy (which these days is probably not real LSD, but one of many new hallucinogens which can cause much worse effects)
Was hoping for more intellectual insights and actual examinations of the picture to see what I’m talking about, but alright then. Thanks for the time.

File: Creepypasta Plague Doctor.png (439 KB, 1548x2407)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
I'm gonna start up a scary greentext thread, if anybody is interested.
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Jesus i didnt know how long that actually was till i posted it

>as i get closer i realise that the dots keep moving back
>no matter how many steps i take it never gets closer
>im starting to get doubts and i begin to think maybe it was a packing house or a grainery or something that turned on its lights (it was only 8 or 9 at the time)
>after about 5 or so minutes of just walking, and a decent distance away from my car, i saw fuck it and aim and shoot at one of the dots
>one shot and it fucking disapperas while the others fucking stay
>i fucking throw my remaning stump of a flare at the shit and because of it being old asf it goes out once it hits the ground
>when the flare goes out the fucking eyes or whatever grow fucking bigger
>i empty the mag of like 20 in the general direction and once its empty i stow it in a pocket and light the second flare i had with me
>i strike it and cause this ones newer it burns better and brighter

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>as i reach my 4runner i see a fucking siloutte under the fucking thing
>im fucking scared shitless now cause i left the extra pistol mag in the car, and the dots were fucking growing bigger now, to the size of a quarter from where i was at
>i say fuck it and sprint towards my car with the flare pointed down to illumintae the ground as much as possible
>the fucking thing under my car darts off into the fields away from me
>im so fucking pumped with adrenaline that at thing point i just get into my car and start the shit and floor it without closing the door or disposing the flare
>as im fuckin bouncing my head on the potholes i try to turn on my headlights and nothing happens but im too fuckin scared and pumped to care so i keep driving, using what little light i have to drive
>i hit a pothole kinda bad and drop the flare on accident, but at least gives me an excuse to close the door
>after about 5 or so minutes of driving at almost 50, i reach a liquor store with the light on and a couple mexican farmer dudes chillin outside
Pt4, final bit

>with the kit i got (all the while trying to calm down) i try to troubleshoot why none of the driving lights work
>i also notice i can see the flare down the road from where i came still (gotta love orion flares, theyre bright asf)
>one of the guys who speaks some broken english asks why i dont have lights on aand i chat with him for a little saying im trying to find out why n all, and eventually we get onto the subject about what i saw
>i describe to him the green dots and the silloutte under my car (the size of a toddler bt,w) and hes nodding all the while but with a ever growing expression of fear or something
>i eventually tell him i shot at it a couple times and point to the pistol ive got and he freezes up and gives me a stare of idek how to descibe it, like hatred and saddness and walks inside the liquor store
>i shrug it off and get back to work on the lights
>i remove one of the headlights and find that the filiments inside the bulbs are just gone, fuckin nonexistant
>i got through all 6, headlights, dlr, and turn signal bulbs, and not a single fuckin one had a filiment
>i go the the tail lights, and same fucking story
>i was super pissed off at the time cause i was a good 25 minute drive away from home
>im also super perplexed cause i drove to the spot with my headlights on n everything
>at this point idc and replace them with some spares ive got

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1540691887156.png (31 KB, 846x408)
31 KB

File: 1550137464899.jpg (69 KB, 530x698)
69 KB


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File: cmon.jpg (78 KB, 483x589)
78 KB
>investigate the circled areas
maybe there is gold buried there
it's one die but photographed from 2 opposite directions
File: s1_ (5).jpg (95 KB, 640x480)
95 KB
>When I said I would upload I meant like to imgur or some other service.
Other imgur pages with photos from HS

ceramic skulls

>I tend to take a lot of pictures
That's a good thing
>maybe there is gold buried there
Or Magic Money
File: 1520864642282.gif (996 KB, 500x281)
996 KB
996 KB GIF
Yin you fucking slut
Bring me more sake
File: 1546890844466.jpg (54 KB, 741x684)
54 KB
New page bros
passwords are

This is a thread for general fucked up mysteries or known cases from real life. I'll start with Johnny Gosch.
276 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
Happened before look at Balcerzak,

I saw in some book that the cops were laughing about it after they handed it over
File: roch and his family.jpg (65 KB, 500x399)
65 KB
Like reading about fucked-up cults and insane cult leaders?
meet Roch Theriault aka Moises (Moses), a French-Canadian cult leader and psychotic drunk who ruled over his followers (The Ant Hill Kids) with extreme, extreme violence.

Read all about it (and be disgusted and disturbed by the insane savagery) here:

>The Ant Hill Kids raised money for living by selling baked goods and members who didn’t bring in enough money were severely punished.His punishments were extreme. Punishments included making members break their own legs with sledgehammers, sitting on lit stoves, shooting each other in the shoulders, and eating dead mice and feces. A follower would sometimes be asked to cut off another follower's toes with wire cutters to prove loyalty. The children were not spared, and not only were they sexually abused, but they were also at times held over fires or would be nailed to trees while other children threw stones at them. One of Thériault’s wives left a newborn child outside to die in freezing temperatures to keep it away from the abuse. If a person wanted to leave the commune, Thériault would punish them with either belts, hits from a hammer, suspending them from the ceiling, plucking each of their body hairs individually, or even by defecating on them.
... and that is NOT EVEN THE WORST of it. Not by a long shot.

Trust me, I've read all about Albert Fish, Richard Chase and the transcript of the murder of Shirley Ledford; as truly horrifying as those stories are, the story of Roch Theriault and his poor, suffering followers is is the worst.
The POST that saved /x/.

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