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File: blackfoREEL.jpg (183 KB, 1300x1255)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
aight alrite niggas wuz good im bac for gud dis time i hope yo fo'some shit dis shituationm needs help anmd shizbiz nigga

shaun wuz gone missin' be' snached reel quick nigga by tall ass nigga ligga white claw monglong dawg shit pants an a popocorno whne i saw dat dawg nigga

if u see shaun, hmu so i can call dat nigga an ask why he let be aducshion nigga

File: baalbek08_05.jpg (110 KB, 684x464)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Baalbek thread.

How did they made this blocks?
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Make Civilization Great Again!

The Pyramid of Giza weighes five million tonnes (roughly), ten times the weight of the top ten skyscrapers combined!

Yet the Burj Khalifa took six years to build, and years of planning beforehand. The estimate of ten to twenty years for the Great Pyramid seems a bit low.
File: A40_2011_32_079.jpg (300 KB, 640x426)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Well is nice that my thread is still here.
yes. it took them a few days to cut through 2 inches. that was also granite, quartzite is much harder than granite. the proposed methods are impossible. there is no way they took raw rock from the ground, and formed millions of those perfect blocks. even if they had slaves it wouldn't be possible, and they didn't have slaves.
the tools are in the same place as all the stone removed from those carvings - in the dust and dirt, unrecognizable.

File: 6676536.jpg (45 KB, 500x374)
45 KB
hey /x/
what are the scariest or most unsettling youtube videos you know of

Hello /x/, me and my friends were planning to go camping in the woods this summer at the same place we always go to. It's a nice place near a lake without many people. We thought it would be cool if we did a occult ritual there. Are there any cool rituals that we could do that you can suggest me?

We already have some idea. We thought of sacrificing a chicken while dancing around a big bonfire. Are there any spells we could do or anything we could summon?
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How do you think magic is done?

Go read a grimmoire.
Go into the woods when the sun is rising or setting, and follow the paths the light carves out in the forest.
IMO if this is how you think, nobody is going to answer your summons during your "super cool" ritual
Magic is done through intent, first and foremost, you memetic faggot
You can't do rituals just 'cause it's ,,cool"..

satan is outdated
Satan the Devil has changed. how do you call this entity without referring to him as an angels opposite? "God" is taken so is "Allah" but he is in his own right so, ?

Belial! Behemoth! Beelzebub!
Asmodeus! Satanas! Lucifer!

File: 1549729325398.jpg (353 KB, 788x576)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
What is it with bad synchronicities ?
Is the world trying to test your resolve ?
Is it Karma punishing you and making it clear to you that this isnt just bad luck but something done with purpose ?
I have some social anxiety that i m trying to work through and some paranoia about people laughing being my back/being generaly suceptible and I have a hard time discerning between banter or people mocking me
This sensation that I m an outcast and people are seeing through it
So some psy told me that it was possibly a lack of confidence and low self esteem so I try to generaly go out more and to not see everything in a bad light
I start to feel better and work on myself and then out of the blue some guys I dont even remember start doing strange shit on social media with me.
I musnt have seen it for YEARS and just the night I feel good this shit happens

I feel like I m slowly becoming one of those gang stalked guys and I m gonna end up feeling like everybody is out to get me.
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File: Dss0ltbWwAACfhn.jpg (81 KB, 945x546)
81 KB
what you're going thru. its called gangstalking brah
File: gangstalking.png (255 KB, 965x562)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
fixed your chart for you

Why would anybody gangstalk me
you must have angered the elder sock
Elder sock ?

share creepies photos or recordins here
and we gonna see who is the winner.
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>we gonna see who is the winner.
It's obvious who the loser is, OP. Holy fuck what cringe.
>being this new
a young fred durst...


File: vanherusingu.png (651 KB, 664x575)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
No vampire thread? Let's make one.

This thread is about the blood succing immortal creatures.
>Vampire enthusiasts welcome
>Vampirologists welcome
>Vampire hunters welcome
>Vampires welcome
>Psychic "vampires" not welcome

Last thread: >>22202395
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Mortal Kombat is best fighting game and Apex Legends best BR game
nowt wrong with being a 'pire
It would disguise the smell. Psychic phenomena can also influence olfactory sense (I have first hand experience with this), and I'm pretty sure anything trying to pass as human doesn't want to smell like Clorox and death.
The thread seems to be going slower than usual, so here is some dumb questions for you guys:

For vampires:
>How many people, if any, have you killed?
>How much blood do you drink in a day?
>When were you turned into a vampire, and by whom?
>If you could be cured, would you want to?
>What are your weaknesses? (e.g. garlic, crucifixes)
>What is your reaction to sunlight?
>Have you ever interacted with a vampire hunter?
>How many people know of your vampirism?
>Do you have a job? If yes, what is it?

For vampire hunters:
>How many vampires have you killed?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: dualism regress.png (289 KB, 472x558)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
why are you still dualists /x/?
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Rather than argue why Plato is dated, I'd rather argue for the constructive counterpoint which I was attempting, but apperently failing, to allude to. Each one of us is responsible for building an intellectual/philosophical structure in our own minds to help us understand reality, and idea's from the past are important for building that structure in our minds, but idea's aren't rendered relevant or useful solely because they are a quote from a smart guy from a long time ago. Real wisdom is compelling because the value is self evident, and we have many more tools for understanding this world than Plato's idea's.

I disagree with:
>Plato sez it so it's immutable truth.

That being said, I could have dialed back the condesention, and I apologize for that. I find your idea's compelling and well thought out, and I hope I haven't discouraged you.
I agree with you but we have no more tools than plato.

We have one human brain to understand reality and that's it, same as he did.
Yeah, my conscience tells me what right or wrong actions are. They aren't just concepts someone made up. Morality is literally built into us.

Someone once said there is no clearer voice of god than your own conscience, and i believe it's part of our connection to the divine. Psychopaths with no conscience have lost their connection to that divinity.
I just don't agree with that statement. But I would define evolved tools as new tools, like how Einsteins theory of gravity evolved from Newton's. So maybe we are just arguing semantics. And I don't want to argue semantics.


The gnostic Jesus answers questions in a deeply thoughtful, and intelligent way. He also says things that imply that merely forming tribal ideological gangs and telling out-group members they’re going to hell is not the path and the way.

Don’t let the hateful, judgmental, spiritually lazy, and bigotted religious mobs turn you away from the truth. Our actions matter, we are the instruments a force that wants to help us help ourselves and each other if we just listen.

The truth belongs to no group or human, it is self evident and for all, and it never ever stops trying to reach you through brand new speakers (pic related).

Take charge of your own impulses and emotions for good, and truth will find you as you it.
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Daily reminder the th Catholic Church is the Synagogue of Satan and you’re just cattle. I bet you diddle kids, you catholic shit-stain.
So YHWH is a force of evil... and we’re back to the demiurge.

So the problems is semantics, it is evil but you worship that. What a surprise.
This guys response to children getting cancer, or sexually maimed is... but their Dad is stern.


No benevolent God would treat anything as this.
>do as christ did and the light will work through you

Yeah. I can see that.

I know you probably mean it from a magical-thinking way as “Use Jusus’ name in a talismatic superstitious way and then spend your time telling the out-group they’re going to your Dante-esque version of “Hell”; despite the fact these people may well be walking the path of Christ in their daily acts, while you merely pay lip-service.” How tribal. How small.
>the Synagogue of Satan

File: 3.jpg (4 KB, 276x244)
4 KB
Have a nice day !
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Did you have a great day?
Is that so ?
Neglecting the banishments is like giving out unsigned checks. Having your crook used against you and make you the scapegoat.
they say this to me a lot. I never understood why, "have a great day" or "have a great weekend". Finally, some clue as to what all that bullshit is about
File: AgarathVB.jpg (228 KB, 1200x1145)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Thank you, anon. I jerked it to your sigil, I hope that's ok.

Continued from >>22159908.

Unanswered question from that thread: Can Lilith turn me into an incubus?
151 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's a legitimate question to ask someone who appears to be interested only in shitting on people in the thread instead of discussing the thread topic. >>22221775 is somewhat relevant to the topic of succubi, though.
I'm not looking for enlightenment, I just want to be an embodiment of lust and hypersexuality beyond human standards.
If you want to be super human, you need to enlighten to the standard you are aiming for just the same.
>being a slave to your passions is better then
being one with divinity and righteousness witch would give you more pleasure and happiness then hedonistic cummies.

fuck off faggot remember when succubus niggers and any other of Lilith,s nigger lust demon spawn are fucking you up in the most painful way possible( i mean like having them rip out you intestine and simulating anal with them while thy skull fuck you) remember these words

get fucked
What does that even mean? You're being really vague.

File: sleepparalysis-web.jpg (41 KB, 700x498)
41 KB
Share your stories.

I've only recently been having sleep paralysis and I'm genuinely convinced that it could be something paranormal. I've watched documentaries about how tons of people have the same things happen to them, like seeing shadow figures and that one of them wears a hat. People have seen demons etc.

The last time this happened to me I woke up around 5 or 6 am and tried to fall back asleep, but weirdly enough I kept phasing in and out of REM sleep it seemed. I laid on my back to sleep and that's when it happened. I dreamt of sharks underwater. Then I briefly woke up and fell asleep again and ended up somewhere on a farm or something next to a barn. Again woke up and went back to sleep then was sinking into the ocean as I watched the surface getting further away from me and as many claim I got the buzzing sensation in my head and instantly had it happen. I was just seeing all this random jumbled mess of images and suddenly was interrupted by 2 shadows moving towards me quickly shouting "HEY HEY HEY!". Super bizarre. It's actually the first time I saw the shadow people. The last time I can recall having it was trying to take a nap and fazing in and out of sleep and I imagined a flamethrower burning my face, but I couldn't move. It only ever happens when I lie on my back.

Did you see that one documentary about sleep phenomena where the one guy gets up and starts screaming and kicking and punching in his sleep? It's not sleep paralysis but it's featured in a documentary about sleep paralysis
It was sucking my thumb which was over my head. I managed to twitch my foot. Big mistake. It had 2 small dicks it stuffed up my nostrils. I had couldn't breath, or open my mouth but it taunted me because it wanted to tea bag me.
I had the worst sinus infection after that.
I dunno about it being paranormal but it happens to me occasionally and it's fucking TERRIFYING. you're awake and cognizant but can't move, for like a minute. one time it happened, I tried grunting, to get my wife to shake me awake or something, and she started fucking laughing. like I'm sitting there, heart racing and terrified, and trying to get help, and she laughed.
I was asleep in my parents' basement with my dad's moss. 500 beside me in bed.

I woke up and saw a shadow person in the hallway. It slowly hovered closer to me. I remember feeling intense dread. I could not move my body at all.

It eventually was 2 feet away and I was able to move my arm. It instantly vanished and I felt better.
I think I had some sort of sleep paralysis idk. I was sleepin on the couch and I woke probably around 6:30am7. I remember an intense locking of my chest which I thought could be from me in half awake-sleep state paralysis or some weird force holding me down.
I could see the recognizably dim lights in my living room since I could slightly flutter or open my eyes. Spazin out a bit I could faintly feel my limbs but couldn't move them completely and was just shaking or tensing up. Now my usual response to anything fucked is too;(confidently) say in my head for what ever thing to get the fuck off of me and to go back to Hell and get some help you cunt. Aswell I continuously said I'm sorry im sure someone loves you and I believe you have the power to change for the better.

I wanted to put together a thread detailing Africa's cryptid beasts & listing any stories about them. Feel free to post any info you have.

>Pic attached is the 'pig genie'
>It's described as a small ape x human like creature that is very curious and capable of simple animal husbandry.
>It's description is similar to the 'Agogwe' (another African apeman), both have features known to exist in extinct Australopithecines.
>The pygmy tribes of central Africa claim the 'pig genies' used to occasionally hunt alongside them.
>They are supposed to have died out in the 1960s.
32 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't recall them being african
Are they the same as the mini ones from India that shoot poison tusks at people
Fuckin hell those were it, thanks man! I wish I could remember what those shows were called, they always had some spoopy top 10 countdown shows on Discovery or Travel Channel and the like.
do y'all think there might be some undiscovered giant creatures in the Congo Basin? Due to the decades of war in Zaire it seems unlikely we may ever be able to find them

Maybe, giant snakes & unknown elephant like creatures might still exist or have gone extinct within living memory.


File: wyfu.png (1.13 MB, 847x1287)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
I can't find a place in the internet where people are knowledgeable in both tulpas and astrology, so this might be my best bet. So I'm trying to create a tulpa except I'm terrible at creating a personality so I'm just using the best traits from astrology signs. I picked exalted signs in planetary joys and my question is, how would you describe someone with the combinations below:
>Mercury in Virgo in the 1st house
>Moon in Taurus in 3rd
>Venus in Pisces in 5th
>Mars in Capricorn in 6th
>Sun in Aries in 9th
>Jupiter in Cancer in 11th
>Saturn in Libra in 12th
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
How would this tulpa's overall personality/general perception be with all those traits?
Is it just gonna be a female version of rama?
You don’t seem to understand how a tulpa is made. You can’t just plug in astrological bullshit or say “it’s personality is like this”. You have to imagine its speech, movements, reactions, expressions, etc. until it becomes a personality inside your own. You can’t simply graft a personality profile onto your brain and start hallucinating a friend. His is how you end up with a screeching mess stuck in your brain that wants to die but can’t. Just trying to help.
so how would you do it, using those placements?
That’s what I’m saying, of you can’t picture its personality yourself, it’s not going to turn out anything like how you want. A personality is not a set of planetary positions.

Again, if you can’t just imagine a personality inside of you, you cannot create a functioning tulpa because that’s how tulpas are made. It does not work like a personality quiz or a nonsensical astrology chart.
What the fuck is a rama? I have no idea how to answer your question.

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