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File: thethirdeye-uk[1].jpg (17 KB, 312x210)
17 KB
How do you unlock the Third Eye?

How do you connect with your inner self?

How do you understand the Divine Being?
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this. Inb4 newfags do not even know what is third eye
When i wake up in the middle of the night?is there something im supposed to do?
File: 1569729684691.png (412 KB, 746x2192)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
Lost and at my wits end I wanted to know if other higher power exists. I wanted to know any information kept from me. With clear focused intent and a lot of energy I prayed. I didn't pray to a god or idol, I prayed to the universe itself to help me, give me knowledge and teach me all I'm here to know. Atfirst i thought i had failed and went about my week. One night at 3 am when i had extreme difficulty sleeping i heard the most intense ringing in both my ears imaginable. the ringing intensified and made me feel energy in my forehead. as the ringing went away I felt what feels like opening of an eyelid inside of my brain. I don't think I actually opened an eyelid i'm not delusional but my third eye pineal gland felt the most intense amazing energy possible. It's almost impossible to express into words how wonderful it feels. It feels like your floating with the universe, like your brain is the size of a galaxy. It feels like the most potent happy high. After this happened I had the worst day of my life and don't feel like typing that online. The following day after i hadn't slept all night was the most stressful terrible day of my entire life and I still had my third eye active. If my third eye wasn't online guiding my actions and thoughts the day would have ended very very differently. Somehow the universe knew what laid before me and helped me by giving me superhuman thought processes. this story is 100% real and not a larp even though i don't expect anyone to believe me. Try asking with pure intentions for the universe to guide you. Don't do it for personal greed.
Well said checked. Also try supplementing iodine if you aren’t getting enough. Really made a difference for me.
Interesting. Also scary.

You don’t have to be on your deathbed to walk towards the light of death
>You don’t have to be on your deathbed to walk towards the light of death
Playing in traffic at night, /x/.
>making light of truth

Seriously, how the hell do I astral project?
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Is reality not supposed to be 1:1 when you astral project? I've been getting what can I only describe as "astral projection" lately but a lot of stuff is amiss. I can freely move around my house, and farther down the street, but it comes increasingly hard when I venture to places I don't know well and I end up waking up.

It's pretty cool though. But don't ask me for instructions, it just happened out of nowhere once and now I've been getting it multiple times whenever I nap. Might be a factor that I've recently quit drugs cold turkey.
Yeah, theres lots of distortions and glitches. Especially at first. It takes practice to make sense of everything. Youre using senses that you're not used to using consciously, so the brain doesn't know what to make of it.
Do you need to ask? If so, practice some more introspection about the matter. You know yourself better than I.
File: 11b8xa.jpg (56 KB, 568x335)
56 KB
File: xct_oil_bulletproof.jpg (57 KB, 1000x1000)
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File: 1565981513998.jpg (61 KB, 465x750)
61 KB
I don't want heaven or hell to be real. I don't think so many people deserve to go to hell just because they worshipped the wrong God. I don't want to spend eternity in heaven either. I just want there to either be reincarnation or a state of unconsciousness. I'm scared.
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>I don't think so many people deserve to go to hell just because they worshipped the wrong God
It doesn't work like that retard. Do you think that the beings that exist outside our solar system even know about Jesus? Are they going to go to hell? You have to be 8 or younger to think anyone would go to hell for eternity, and even kids know better.
You dont even know what heaven is. Nobody does. So how can you say that you dont want to be there. Eventually god will restore eden. Besides most of us end up in purgatory for a time, depends on how bad you were on this planet. Saints might spend only a few seconds in purgatory while evil people who arent evil enough for hell might spend 10000 years in purgatory but most spend around 40 years there.
Tough titties that's the way it works posted from my iPhone
Most people idea of heaven is influenced by media. We dont really know what it is truly like and we cant even perceive its greatness with our human minds. We will have to wait till we get there to understand.
How do you feel about another possibility? Nonexistence. Your mind and perception of the world ceasing to exist and you die just like any other creature on this planet with no afterlife. It's an oxymoron to be honest with you. After life. There is no after, life. There is only life. Then there is nothing. That is what I believe.

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I had another black sun dream. I thought the universe was ending and felt the most palpable dread.

I hate those
>What's going on?
File: IMG_20190721_093440.jpg (12 KB, 218x301)
12 KB
The rain

File: paint.jpg (394 KB, 1200x1200)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
why is there something rather than nothing?
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Umm... Retarded?
>every leaf would be a different quale, a different sensation. suddenly, the forests explode with color and sound and information. trees are no longer trees but pullullating onto-ramas, their every leaf and branch iridescent with dream.

have you tried psychedelics?
lots of shrooms havnt done lsd or dmt yet. really wanna try dmt
File: 1562425563601.gif (935 KB, 245x223)
935 KB
935 KB GIF
There was, then there wasn't.
>why is there something rather than nothing?
Because there has to be "something" in order for there to be "nothing."

File: Donnie.jpg (17 KB, 600x337)
17 KB
Is there a way to reserve time?
Fuck i meant reverse
Why wouldn't there be?
You can fix that earlier.

>let’s give every girl feeder/fat fetishes because it’s easy and Society is bad enough as it is so why not ruin it with MY preferred type of degeneracy/thought virus

That’s the greatest most perfect idea ever
File: 1562384833130.png (312 KB, 591x637)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
Quick, who got some weight gain spells
Just when I thought I've seen every weird fetish on the net, op, proves me wrong.
OP proposed this fetish a couple weeks back with limited response. Let's see how it plays out this time around.
I'm all for getting to a desired result in an easy manner but this just seems lazy. And unhealthy.

I'd like a desired romantic partner that encourages me to be the best version of myself and to work out with. I bet sweaty post workout fucking around is keen.

There was another event in my first contact scenario. I spoke with the beings again and asked them to create a face or 314 in the clouds. They created a couple eyes which when rotated became a CN. C = 3 and N = 14 so CN = 314.

Here’s the video


And here’s a link to my first contact journal


It’s a true story you guys... There is aliens here pretending to be God!

File: Bob-Lazar.jpg (43 KB, 768x512)
43 KB
This nigga is full of shit, isn't he?
File: !!.jpg (6 KB, 123x126)
6 KB

File: nobody.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
The Nobody meme was NEVER about promoting paganism of Christianity.

The nobody is a supposedly special guy who has power to change reality, regardless of religion.

Yes, the nobody is related to God, but not to any specific religion.

Why are LARPagans trying to take it for them in the same way they pretend to believe in gods they don't?
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Well said. It’s a narrow path, but the evidence for the existence of that path is wide and deep. Checkedddd
That was Saturday. Things can change fast ;)
Simon says, I'm outta here

Our Discord was shut down almost immediately. We're definitely onto something... Meanwhile, I've a few surprises for you guys.
no it wasnt
no youre not

File: tzj6a66wgzp31.jpg (56 KB, 712x712)
56 KB
What is it with the uptick in "Look at me everybody, I'm an enlightened skeptic hurr-durr" threads today? I'm new so I have to ask: is this normal?
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histrionics love attention.
oh so that's why im here
didnt post a thread though but now everyone is posting some jokercrap, i did it first
Like what?
4chan in general has degenerated pretty hard.
but honestly, /x/ has been shit since the /b/ raid

/tg/ and /k/ did try to help restoring after that shit, but it's been going down the shitter pretty much since then yes.

File: clown.jpg (268 KB, 1201x2048)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
how can we sense when someone is looking at us? science shit not welcome
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You really can't.
It's all Communists you just don't realize it capitalism is just cherry-picking communism.
And besides you guys need a decent generator the other generators were corrupt.
And on top of that it's about proof if you honestly work more you deserve more money but if there's no proof of that how can I give you more money this is the society you live in.

Even if someone goes to school and has paperwork to prove s*** that still doesn't mean they're smart enough to know something in that subject.
its usually because someone says
This, a bit of your aura reaches out and touches them like a tendril. You can send people thoughts if you think of your aura like a tendril and repeat a short phrase to them. If they are comfortable with you, they will repeat it. I do this with song lyrics all the time, then people start singing the song.
thats because theres someone else talking
When you are half nekkid wearing clown make-up, you are probably pretty sure somebody looking at you.

no LARPs, what kind of experiences have you had?

All of mine have been related to sleep paralysis, which in my opinion does not get enough analysis from the science community. Not all negative, I had one where I felt the bed sag behind me and the most incredible sense of euphoria and warmth washed over me, as though a loved one was hugging me.

Another interesting one was I was locked up in my bed and heard music, very faintly, but it was beautiful. It slowly got louder and louder and more intense. I never wanted it to stop. Then the sound of an audience laughing was deafening and when I snapped out of it I realized I was hearing an arrangement I’d been messing around with on guitar, done with more intricate and beautiful voicings. I wish to god I could remember how it sounded
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fantastic read, I was imagining it was Chad Thundercock and his virgin friend narrating it.
Are there any /x/ theories or more stories on the lightning ball? I've heard so many stories about it but I don't think /x/ really has an accepted theory
A few years back when i was sleeping,the top half of a shadow person appeared above me.It said "i've come to get you."I then told it to fuck off and gave it the bird.The thing then laughed and said "i'll be back for you."

I still don't know if it really happened or if it was a dream.Looking forward to meet that bugger anyway.
>Be me
>be a kid in a pacific island area working part time at a rental car place
>everyone is cool and it isn't too bad of a job cleaning and parking the rental cars
>Older pacific islander lady there, she is nice
>Co-workers tell me she is a witch and jokingly tell me never to piss her off
>One day a loud, rude, obnoxious Australian guy rents a car
>nothing is good enough for him and he insults everyone but he is some kind of bigwig so we have to put up with his BS
>He insults witch-lady
>Co-workers all turn pale
>As he leave witch lady starts mumbling under her breath and moving her hands
>I watch but my co-workers grab me and pull me away
>witch lady is casting a spell, don't look.mov
>next day I show up for work and there is a wrecker there with the remains of the rental car the Australian was driving
>dried blood all over the mangled car

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

There is no such thing as the "supernatural". At best there are unexplained phenomenons. So let’s talk about those. Starting with spooky action at a distance. Why does it work?
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My grandfather burned Nazis alive and bragged about it. It was easy.
>Why does it work?
You've heard it before, I'm sure. That being that everything is ONE. There is absolutely no separation, nor distance, nor dimension or time. Just the ONE.
This will give you an idea. Check out Darryl channeling Bashar. It's narrated in English...
>There is no such thing as the "supernatural
go buy a ouija board and report back

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