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File: 1566519767805.jpg (7 KB, 250x250)
7 KB
Why does everyone around me treat me like shit? Am I an old soul?
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why do you get kicked out of bars? have you asked any of your friends why they ignore you?
Apparently my face has a lot to do with it.
do you go around mean-mugging people? do you look like joseph merrick? give some details.
Apparel I look depressed af
I feel that. Sometimes I feel like telling everyone fuck off and sometimes I'm like "I love you all"

File: rv.jpg (50 KB, 690x497)
50 KB
I have a few critical targets that needs to be viewed and I cant access them right now by my efforts so im asking for some help. I know there is at least 1 or 2 good remote viewers on here so im just reaching out and hoping you drop by and contribute if you are able.

Before I give you the real targets, I am going to post a simple "hard target" to test your abilities and if someone in this thread gets the easy "hard target" correct before I post the source image/location I will then proceed to give out the real targets.


For those who want to attempt and don't know how to remote view, simply get a piece of paper and a pen/pencil, write the number on the top of the page and intensely focus on the number with nothing else in your mind, focus on your breathing to get you into this state and repeat the target aloud make sure it is completely quiet while you work, close your eyes while doing it if any visuals, smell, feel or anything comes to you on the target write it down. It's basically just meditation but on a target. This is a gross oversimplification and it takes lots and lots of practice but that is the basic gist of it.

If you do get the target let me know if this is the first time you have remote viewed because the real targets I need done may be dangerous and not beginner friendly.
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I can't direct link the lecture but I think it's still free in the Rhine vid library.
They're jerking off dogs
I can see a dude. A face in the mind. Who is? Is real this face that I just imagine?
Whats the point in trying. Whats the point of living. This is all such a pointless thing. Living. So pointless.
File: 1560916113709.jpg (102 KB, 795x1004)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>Bigger Front teeth
>using a black laptop
>short black hair
>black rimmed glasses
>white t shirt

File: Broken-Clock.jpg (261 KB, 1060x1200)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
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universally, it is zero.
source: I remember it from a dream or something.

If it is always zero how come shit moves in it and I can member shit that already happened?

Checkmate bullshitters.
It's late. So very late. Your realm is far beyond its expiration date and yet we've long since lost the means to end it. Existence will get worse and worse before it crumbles under its own weight. Please forgive us.
Its depression time. Whats the point in living at all? Why? You just suffer and die with some happiness sprinkled around
According to einstein time is the 4th dimensional integeral for e = mc squared.

File: Vergina sun.png (50 KB, 330x330)
50 KB
>want to learn druidry
>find out it only works for people of Celtic descent
Any magic(k) that I could learn/develop as someone with a Greek/Macedonian ethnicity?
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>Muh druid majikk

The druids all died and left no written records on how to do anything. Celtic religion is all about a connection to the gods. There is no remaining Celtic Magic. Unless you work through the gods. And that's not exactly easy.

You can't be a "modern druid" it's a sad fact.
File: images(220).jpg (10 KB, 259x194)
10 KB
>>want to learn druidry
Why you wannq do that for? You're just gonna die someday.
It doesn't matter because modern Macedonians have nothing whatsoever to do with the ancient Macedonians. They are not genetically related.
Aren't the original hermetic texts in arabic though?

am Irish, how should I get into druidry?

There was a gentleman who, about a week ago, talked about the nature of our reality. He said he was sure we are living in a simulation. I can't seem to find that thread anywhere. In any event, a few things I've figured out upon thinking about this:
It is not a simulation like the Sims, necessarily. It is more complicated. Reality isn't what it seems to us but day to day life is largely unaffected.
We are all part of the simulation as well as being simulators... like distributed computing, in a way, we are all contributing processing power.
There is a group consciousness aspect due to our all being part of and contributing to the simulation. We can affect things in small ways by swaying enough people.
Patching errors is done, but not by some all knowing Runner of the simulation; people patch the errors on the fly, together, not knowing so through their belief on what they call "reality".
Laws of physics and the like cannot be broken. I'm not sure of this is "hard coded", so to speak, or a construct of the nature of our simulated reality.
Do any /x/philes have input, comments, other ideas, or anything to add? I will test some of my ideas soon via this board.
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This was good, I finished it.
Yes, we live in a simulation.

The real earth is long gone, there are very few humans left, about 170 thousand of us all in a coma-like state. The rest of the people out there are just npcs. We are meant to cycle through the 19th century all the way to 2025,thats when the simulation is wiped clean and we start in the 19th century again. The purpose of this is to relive both world wars and modern society so all the bad things that eventually led us to the destruction of the planet are inprinted on us as mistakes, so we can never forget it. This is why the clash of ideologies become so strong in these last years of the cycle. Earth was turned into a hellhole unable to support life, thanks to a mix of extreme resource starvation and nuclear war in the year 2241.

We are meant to stay in this sulimulation until we reach an earth-like planet.

Our ruling elite are the "engineers" they can wake up at will to maintain all systems up and running. The problem is that constantly waking up means that they allow themselves to age, they were supposed to wake people up for training every few decades but they don't want to share the power they currently have. Their plan is to alter the simulation in a way so that the world never cycles, we just keep living on fantasy land forever, with them as our immortal rulers.

This is the 27th cycle and it's tiresome. Honestly, we should've died with the rest of the planet long ago.
Lmao of course it's more complicated than the Sims. Dumbass.
That sounds alot like my belief system, but i never Made a thread and cant call it a simulation but more like something that Is happening just for Is, since we cant ser beyond this.
And yes, i also did some extensive research on such topics. I would like to talk with this anon.
>The idea that realities can occur spontaneously out of nothing is horseshit
That Is exactly how it happens tho
It happens when something awakes in nothingess

Hi /x/ I really need advice. So about a month ago I had an existential crisis which lead to some kind of crazy vision. I posted about it on here and you guys gave me good advice but I'm really struggling to cope now. I don't know if I'm going schizophrenic or if I've just broken through to the other side. Last night I saw a ghost owl, it flew in front of my car but it just dematerialised, it was bright white and then it faded out of existence. The night before I heard a woman's voice in my bathroom, it whispered something in my ear but I couldn't make it out. I keep having these experiences, I've been to the doctor and a therapist, both have told me I'm not turning schizo, but one's a hindu and the other is a buddhist, so I don't know if their judgement is clouded by their belief, or if they're actually more qualified to judge these matters. My dreams are going crazy and I feel like I'm losing my mind in all honesty, I'm really scared, I don't want to lose my sanity. What does /x/ think, am I going schizo or am I making major progress?
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I've just over the past couple of days started getting more sleep actually, I've been so tired all the time since all of this started. My brain has really been struggling and I've been finding it super hard to shut off.

There were no trees, it was completely open fields, I'm used to seeing owls in my area but they're always something super special to see. This one literally faded out of existence, I watched it happen, it was flying in a straight line and then completely dematerialised. I know what I saw, I've lived in the country my whole life and I've never seen anything like this.

Thank you for kindness and advice anon, I really appreciate it.
File: PICO MEME.jpg (56 KB, 420x490)
56 KB
I've got a broken root chakra, and overactive higher ones. You should start doing stuff in/with nature, ground yourself, and do work to try and get your muladhara fixed. Meditations and yoga spring to mind. Don't rush it either!

Good luck, as they say.
Anal sex could open your root chakra
File: 1558367147453.gif (1.95 MB, 328x328)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
nah bro you're just a meganormie with sleep deprivation you should take some valerian root and have a good nights rest
Speaking for myself - it permanently led to a lifelong kundalini awakening. Many asanas and sex magick practices can lead to significant to major energy openings. Breathe

File: yyeppp.jpg (100 KB, 939x1200)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
I was talking to some trabjadores about Tijuana and stuff. Then I stared asking them about Chupacabra and other stuff. Then they told me about how some people down there caught the a winged hominid creature that sounded like Mothman or something.

Pretty Interesting Shit.
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I hope you're not joking
Go to the downtown of any mexican city (if you don't look like you can be mogged) and you'll find plenty of esoteric businesses. Bookstores. Astrologers. Maybe you find a reader that's legit.
>Las brujas crudas
Its nothing special. Just a small community of occultists who focused on demons and learning from demons. There were some workshops as well for a variety of different things. The forum is dead now.

Curse me, /x/. Hex and condemn me for real if you have true belief and aren't afraid to test it.
I don't know if the supernatural is real or not and I'm curious enough to test it out and am not scared of the consequences, I already have had a good life.

Here are some ground rules:
1. No vague, unconfirmable bullshit like giving my soul to an entity or stunting my ascension or redirecting my soul to the bad afterlife/energy when I die. No "I cloud ur aura xddd" unless you can say what that actually causes to happen. Vague answers with no hope of verification will be considered fraudulent.
2. No clearly likely things that will happen to almost anyone, like "you or someone in your family will suffer great misfortune within the next 20 years" or "you will feel like you are being watched or have seen this all before somewhere in the next year".
3. Don't be a coward, if you have a tripcode you use on here, post with it when cursing.
4. Give an observable effect which is specific enough to not just happen to everyone all the time anyways. If possible, give a general timeframe - should be under one month, if it takes longer than that to effectively curse someone you oughtn't even bother given our temporary nature.
5. No kvetching and justifying it if it doesn't work with something like "magic doesn't work on unbelievers" or "the demon decided not to bother with you because you're already pathetic" or "you must have a more powerful spirit on your side that protects you OP" or "the weather wasn't right" or any shit like that. If you can't actually make it happen, don't start it.
6. 27, Leo, Male, White, US. That is all the information you can have about me, if you can't make it work with that don't bother.
7. For bonus points when it happens, explain what you did to curse me.
8. If you curse me with something I already have or continuance of it, you fail.

I will update this thread every day or two if anyone actually curses me to let you know what's happening.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
M8, you are on /x/, trying to get attention points by using a trip on an anonymous- centered anime image board. No curse could make your life any worse at this point.
Ooga booga u will stub your toe on the 24th
Another schizo who can't deal with his inability to actually into supernatural and relies on woo-wooing about things that can't actually be perceived
Rule 8, you fail
Not sure if retarded newfag or senile oldfag who forgot the original purpose of tripcodes
FINALLY an actual response in this flood of miffed pearl-clutchers, thanks anon, I'll look out for that.
you cant curse someone over the internet, nerd.
Are curses melee or ranged? Seems sort of less useful than a punch or a pistol in that case.

File: buddhism.jpg (34 KB, 460x538)
34 KB
Tell me what Ego Death feels like

I will place a curse on somebody for you. Just give me the initials of the person you want cursed as well as the town they live in and their birthday along with a brief description of why you want to curse them. I will then place a ritual curse that causes them to have very bad luck and depression for the rest of the year. Stuff will just consistently go wrong for them and they won’t know why and will feel like they’re losing control.
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't know their birthday. How about a link to their profile on their employers website (pic,
city, name) instead?
Not OP, but why not do it by yourself you lazy faggot?
File: dl.png (109 KB, 354x298)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
because i'm not the offering to put curses on people
Ok go ahead.
Curse me please, I'd like to play on a harder setting

File: 1566510080080.png (6 KB, 336x242)
6 KB
are there any examples of real magik rituals in a movie? like the director read thelema or whatever the fuck and incorporated it into the material. and I mean in a substantive or interesting way, not just some cheesy actor dropping "do what thou wilt" heavy handedly
i haven't seen it but i A Dark Song is about some lady performing the Abramelin ritual under guidance from some hermit.

File: 1566442651646.jpg (13 KB, 250x250)
13 KB
Why is nature so cruel? Is like we live in a super advanced horror game or nightmare devised by satan. Why would god create something like this? We are macabre, cronenbergian meat creatures deformed through years of evolution and suffering in these wretched lands to continue to kill each other, suffer and survive through this insanity

148 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ecologists like spooky stories too.

And, again, you’re assigning human emotions to what is normal workings of nature

Might makes right retards absolutely BTFO
Your the joker
>Why is nature so cruel?
So you can conquor it.
If life was easy it wouldn't be worth it.

I’m looking for at least 3 book recommendations about Western European, Druid, Celtic traditions. Preferably Historically inclined, the older the better. Authored by someone with a PhD and/ or with an interest in Occult topics. I’m looking for rituals, beliefs, mysticism, and Mythologies that can help expand my knowledge of such peoples and traditions.
Please, please, please nothing new-agey, nothing written by someone with lacking credentials, or authored by someone with odd racial beliefs.

Thank you everyone!!!!
Language books would also be valuable!!!
File: bond1.png (165 KB, 1264x712)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Are you affiliated with the B.O.N.D perchance OP? Druid/pol/?

File: 1565940239207.gif (1.8 MB, 540x540)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB GIF
people keep hinting or mentioning my interest in the occult in a teasing/derogatory manner. Im almost certain I haven't done or said anything to indicate my interests in the matter but still it comes up without fail.
any anons have experience with this type of thing?

pic unrelated
give a detailed example please. it can be easy to misinterpret things people say out of paranoia about keeping something secret.
come to think of it, it's hard to give an example without it sounding like paranoia... maybe I am overthinking it
File: 1558092981410.jpg (55 KB, 593x767)
55 KB
You need to become two people OP
Use your mind and heart to project astral battle armor. Use some kind of emotion or meaning that pertains to what you would consider camouflage.

File: br III.jpg (1.12 MB, 1872x3328)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
Haven't posted about/from The Backrooms in a while, the subject matter got too much heat lately. But here's a few new pictures, documenting the existence of at least one elevator and a staircase, proving that different floors exist on the same levels; at least on level zero.
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
feeling/aura is pretty close, yeah.
I'm listening OP keep talking. Fuck the detractors
thnx bruh. Took the pictures some weeks ago, everything on Level Zero looked as it used to except for elevator and the stairs, but they've prolly been there all along. Went up the stairs, more rooms leading into rooms leading into rooms and so on, then I thought of trying the elevator but chickened out.. I take it leads to different floors within Level Zero, but I could be wrong and I sure as shit don't dare to be wrong too often inside The Backrooms.
What else have you found there?
Isn't this just a reddit scp larp rip-off
""""DOCUMENTING""" lol go away retard

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