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File: 11s97c.jpg (38 KB, 500x303)
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But censored everywhere
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That's my name

Can prove it all the time
File: 51AjkQIA0yL.jpg (36 KB, 282x500)
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Amentiu Osiris Khenti
Read the numbers, you know it to be true

Phorced meme is mine too
What is d'hrdla?

File: IMG_20190418_223641.jpg (927 KB, 1944x2592)
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centralblaze ofdarkness, radiating its night upon all


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your sigil is a pussy with ass cheeks .
have a sage
File: 4 (2).jpg (258 KB, 1170x668)
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258 KB JPG

File: 8mg8MhGa.jpg (9 KB, 256x256)
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Hi /x/ I've never posted here before. As long as I can remember I see visions when I close my eyes. I assumed everybody could do this and it was normal until one day I asked somebody about it and they looked at me like I was insane. When I was really young I would just see what looked to be like slideshows of people's faces I have never seen before. Then as I've gotten older I see visions that change really fast, but sometimes they're recurring and go on for a long time, and I even return to them if I open and reclose my eyes. It's like there's a tv screen when I close my eyes and it's as clear as real life. Sometimes I see really demonic looking people/entities and other times I just see shit like plane crashes or war etc. None of it really seems to make sense, and I can do some other weird shit too.
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I see visions, when I close my eyes, too. Fiercely vivid and terrible things. But, only when I take opiates, especially heroin. Which is odd, because opiates are not hallucinogens, and even shrooms never made me see things that were that vivid and lifelike.
I'm religious though. I just don't think that OPs experiences are paranormal.
Why should God's reach be restricted to the world and not man's soul?
Magic can work but there's no convincing someone who's not willing to actually practice it.
If you think it's all crazy shit it's no issue.

His interesting trait can is a powerful talent that can be put to use if he trains himself. Right now it's just random noise that's not doing much for him.
Just put it down to imagination, it happens to me too...

File: file.png (33 KB, 229x275)
33 KB
What is the point of building a Solomons Temple (in secret) in America just to destroy it?
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>be Jewish temple
>get destroyed
I said no nonsense replies.
Can you explain that in basic terms?
Pyramids were built with purpose in their design, buildings are just built around efficiency
6 is the number of man and can also be seen as materialistic.
OP is the only one allowed to post nonsense in this thread

I am scared to death about Hell. Eternal conscious torment. Avoiding Hell is the entire point of life. It’s all anyone should ever think about. Wtf??? How do more people not acknowledge this simple fact?

I guess they did in the heyday of Catholicism. Protestant invented the notion of assuming you are not going to Hell because you have been predestined not to. I guess that’s how more people operate these days... FOOLISH!
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“Fear God and keep the commandments” this is mans whole dharma.

You are right that we should not live in fear and shame, and that they are weapons. You are also right that we should enjoy our lives, but I don’t agree that we should ignore the afterlife. Basic phsyc studies show that cultures who incorporate worship or and attention to the “underworld,” or world of the dead are happier and have stronger community and familial bonds. This is just the immediate effect of “memento Mori” type thinking in a hive. On a large scale, we have the height of pre-ancient Egypt, which we can only speculate about in terms of grandeur and societal satisfaction through the hieroglyphics and monuments we have left. Luckily, a lot of ancient texts help us piece together the puzzle. Turns out, the most “death accepting,” or hell fearing culture, was one of the most magnificent written history has ever seen. Fear of death is wrong and bad, you are right. Fear of suffering after death is not bad, and in fact is one of the only prominent motivators in group society for people to cooperate and behave themselves for multi Generational periods of time. Imo.

I would ask say that Jesus could be considered “indistinguishable from a charlatan” if it were not for the fact that there are multiple eyewitnesses to his being risen from the dead and ascending bodily into heaven. This happens to a few holy men in the ancient Indian scriptures as well. And in the medieval book Saints Lives there are a few accounts of men who achieved both glowing and flight through penance and ascetisicm. There is no reason to doubt that there is a “science of the spirit” which Jesus had mastered. Something that liberates our spirit from our material form. Something that shifts us from darkness to light. Most of us are not “clean” enough.
Remember, "Hell" is a creation of man. We made it up. It was some old niggas answer to what lies beyond death. Something anyone of us will never know, until we get to that point.

So make up your own afterlife. Go ahead, anyone can do it.
I wasn’t scared of Hell UNTIL I became Christian. Once you’re Christian, you know death is serious business. No Christian has any guarantee that they are saved.
Sin is slavery.
Falling in love with the wrong girl makes you fall out of Love.

File: black..png (1 KB, 372x266)
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Are you evil?
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I don't think I am, and I try not to be.

I think evil is something you have to try to be and when you are truly evil you probably know that you are.

I think I've probably done or believed evil things in the past, but I've been trying to do better. Help people, love them, respect them for who they are, all that stuff. It's a hard thing, realizing that you've been wrong about so many things and how stupid you must be for just swallowing some fuckheads awful ideology. Maybe I'm not evil for that, but gullible and easily fooled into thinking about things in terms of "the greater good" rather than what is actually good and right for people now.

What about you OP? Are you here to judge me or anyone else? What is it that our failings will inevitably be? Masturbation? Voting for democrats? Or are you just asking the question to ask it?
Not anymore.
Yes. You are neither judge jury or executioner.

Flip a coin: 0 -> 1
isn't that the first thing you're taught to program?

Hello world

File: visualsnpw.png (338 KB, 850x597)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
I've had this for about a year and a half now, i's annoying
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This isn't visual snow, visual snow is more like tv static. There's some link to autoimmune diseases and things like that, but it isn't researched well enough to know anything really.

Most anyone can see the circly/squiggly stuff when looking at the sky, it's called "blue field entoptic phenomenon" and it's a result of light shining through the blood cells in your eye basically.

The blobs/blurry shadowy stuff is your most likely vitreous material floating around in your eye or possibly even signs of retinal detachment, The fact that it's new and something you noticed adds to it. You need to see an eye doctor yesterday.
Based and good info. OP would do well to listen.
Floaters = morgellons
Shouldn't have done those drugs, Anon.
>Is there a way I can get my regular vision back?
No. Get used to it.
YES I have the exact same thing. It just appeared gradually, never had any problems with sight whatsoever. No one can really explain it and I've looked all around. The fact that it's unexplainable is an explanation in itself, I think. Definitely linked to spirituality.

File: gematria.gif (9 KB, 472x472)
9 KB
an alphanumeric code of assigning a numerical value to a Hebrew or English name, word or phrase based on its letters. People who practice gematria believe that words with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other or to the number itself.
people try to apply this to the most important events nowadays like 911 or sandy hook shooting and it produces some interesting results. your thoughts on that?

What is a Christian way to keep Ghosts away from your bedroom?
File: 15124947390293.jpg (71 KB, 450x600)
71 KB
A line of semen across the front of the door
A Bible crucifix etc
Probably this in addition to prayer. Although I don’t recall salt being a demonic repellant in Christianity, I thought that was strictly an eastern thing.

Let’s say I had the potential for psychic abilities but I haven’t unlocked them yet, how could I unlock them?
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And make sure you read as many people as possible so your abilities aren't confined to your own particular group.
do you have any recommendations?
what do you mean when you say “confined to your own particular group”, are there others who haven’t unlocked their powers too?
>how could I unlock them?
You level up, then the abilities become unlocked.
Mindful meditation can help you sort the ability from the unknown. Learn more about your psyche and you will learn more about yourself.

File: YouNeverWere.jpg (94 KB, 1200x1200)
94 KB
This morning around 8 am I felt a spirit or entity presence. I was halfway asleep when I felt it, and I would describe it as a slight pressure on my chest, followed by a very strange warm and tingling sensation throughout my entire body. This occurred twice over the span of about 30 seconds or so. After the second pressure wave I began drifting back into sleep, and I got the distinct feeling of a body laying directly next to me.

Just wanted to share.
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I was able to move the entire time, and I wasn't afraid at all. It was a very comforting sensation, even though it was completely foreign.

fag ghost tried to rape you
File: a0798874467_10.jpg (152 KB, 710x709)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
I didn't detect anything sinister while it was happening, so I doubt that the presence had any ill intent. It seemed like it was there to comfort me, and be by my side. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy but it did put me at ease. It just felt right in the moment, like it wanted to be there.
did you spoon?
Same thing happened to me last night, it was sleeping by my left side. I felt like if I'd move it would go away. Kinda like a dream like state.

>pentagram on the blouse

Is she satanist or just discordian?
13 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Aaaaand derailed
>I believe 4chan is a product of discordianism
You do realize you are NOT on 4chan, right?
File: Untvfdgitled.png (573 KB, 1185x533)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
Guize! Guize!!! I watch TV shows and see Satanic Messages in them!!!!
I thought the same thing but OP is talking about what she is wearing in the video, not in the pic.

Chaos Magician interested in Dream Magick.

So a few months ago I started doing sub conscious rituals in my sleep without my concious approval.
I feel led to focus less on Ceremonial Magick and more on doing rituals in my mind and I'm wondering if any of you have some experience in this field.
File: ner.png (3.72 MB, 1080x1920)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB PNG
I wouldn't call it dream magic, but I'm experienced in dream states and altered states, through personal experience.

Ask specific questions
Chaos magick isn't ceremonial. There are no strict guidelines. Your magic can manifest in many different ways, all of them are real. This includes in dreams or the 'astral' reality

File: 1548802511236.gif (3.05 MB, 606x808)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB GIF
Holy shit!
That looks real
finally, some proof.
File: Ah yes fren.jpg (179 KB, 1108x1395)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Compelling evidence.

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