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File: GG.png (114 KB, 291x288)
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114 KB PNG
So the good old gangadiddle is back
a new arg has started
Could someone give me a recap of the lore?
File: ..png (667 KB, 1080x1080)
667 KB
667 KB PNG
nypa qrd fgt

File: file.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1080)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
So I went to
to make him say some dadaist poetry.
the first thing I put in was
>ab ac ad ae! af ag ah. ai aj ak al. am an ao ap. aq. ar as at au, av aw ax! ba bb bc. bd be bf bbgbg- ua ui uu uy uo ou oi. v
It gave me this

The second thing I put in was
>da db dc dd. de df! dg dh di dj. dk dl dm dn, do dp dq dr ds dt. du dw dx dy dz. bbv. bba bbs. s
it gave me this

Are Machine Elves communicating to us through neural networks?
another one
You can literally hear the retarded annoyingness of his voice even through this weird dadaist poetry.

Why is Saturn so cruel and merciless to me?
Every opportunity it gets it fucks me in the ass as hard as possible.
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LOL OP here
Look what I did. Now every time I take a step I disrespect Saturn. I find it quite clever.
This is coming to an end. I’ve been bullied long enough. Now I fight back.
Saturn is good for you, OP. Use the restrictions he places into your life as opportunities to learn and grow. There is a method to the madness. Fight Saturn and long enough and you'll be absolutely worthless in this world.
File: satvrn2.jpg (789 KB, 1763x1258)
789 KB
789 KB JPG
>I find it quite clever.
Dude, i want to tell you that Saturn is the clever one here. Well the good thing is that Saturn is in your side and you have his blessings. Good luck on the war Soldier!
Remember that it will be long and tough but you will win in the end.
Ok rabbi
It's more effective if you do it in the astral. I dunno how much it helps in the physical realm.

File: HemiSync.jpg (32 KB, 494x240)
32 KB
Hemi-Sync changed my life.
It is all part of the system.
Try it, you'll like it

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Just some good fucking headphones, no walmart shit,
You don't deserve the knowledge, you fucking spiritlet brainlet. It was literally posted right above you

walmart has a lot of decent headphones.
Best gif of the day!!!

File: evil.jpg (49 KB, 500x500)
49 KB
I want to make a deal with Satan. What can I offer him.

>inb4 your soul
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Buy high level accounts then go to pvp then sell the items then sell the account.
This requires skill.
Or don't sell the items, I was thinking of games where you can sell items for IRL currency but those games don't have pvp, that is illegal,
PVP games can't have IRL currency for the same reason. Gotta sell accounts.
Also I don't know if TF2 hats are still a thing
Then use this capital to fuck with trendlines. A million ain't shit, housing markets in some countries are totally fucked.
TF2 hat market got flooded with free shit because of a glitch.
Ok anons you seem to know about this shit, maybe not get the 2 million dollars in 1 week, but how about virtual prostitution, rent more than the farming?
any recommended games?
ty and xoxo

File: a.jpg (37 KB, 540x297)
37 KB
Had a dream last night, in the dream i was in my bed having sleep paralysis, can't remember how long however after that i was up out of my bed inside the dream, it was exactly the same as my normal reality and i had an awareness level not like a typical dream.
I started to catch on that it was a dream because i started to go through my old memories as its the best way for me to tell and i was puling up random memories which were real in that dream but didn't feel like my own.
I remember realising its a dream and it didn't end or change, i couldn't control anything and i started to think i was trapped.
I also remember trying to tell my friends and family in the dream that i wasnt from their reality and i was just dreaming, i can't remember what they said.

tldr; had a dream with increased awareness and memories which i don't posses in this reality.

Anyone else experienced this? i assumed dreams couldn't do this

File: 1553474819366.jpg (107 KB, 680x1020)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
So pretty much everything we have learned in school is a lie. Are there any good books/ webm's/internet sites you guys know where someone can read up on "true" history?

Post the spicy stuff
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Evidence for life on other planets within our very own solar system has been kept under wraps since the space race era for unknown reasons.
tier 1 newfag
occult/conspiracy talk

spoken like a true yid, hook nose /s
File: images(198).jpg (14 KB, 219x230)
14 KB
>everyone who disagrees with me is Jewish

File: Ajnaa.svg.png (43 KB, 320x320)
43 KB
I see it when I meditate now after my kriya. The door is opening.

Library: https://mega.nz/#F!gwNBRAzS!mkAUO0OBTbZ8gXVQkRXsqQ

https://osoaa . org
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please enlight me, my bibliographic repertory doesnt has yet any works that deals with angel evokation



Geoffrey James and Donald Tyson wrote ok books on Enochian.
File: 1562026240028.jpg (69 KB, 1200x420)
69 KB
aight i'll check it
Fate Grand Order

i want to channel a higher being through my art. i am willing to sacrifice my physical as well as mental health for this, and i don’t care if this being kills me in the long term. how do i go about inviting one of these beings?
bumping out of curiosity
someone please help. i don’t know where else to ask this

File: 14-14.jpg (93 KB, 895x620)
93 KB
Does seeing double hours mean anything according to /x/?
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My phone battery percentage and clock constantly line up, for instance yesterday it read 44% at 4:44 pm. I doubt it really means anything thing tho
Same, or I'll be occupied with something then I'll check the time and it will either be on one of the times or a minute before or after.
11:11 is the witching hour

File: IWAKURAREP.gif (578 KB, 1400x1400)
578 KB
578 KB GIF
What if I told you that you are, right now, being controlled constantly? Pretending you have free will when in reality the Universal RNG is controlling all of your possible actions thoughout the multiple possible timelines? Some call this God, others calls It Magic, Witchcraft, Science Fiction, Heresy; When in reality it's all the same thing: The Universe.

The Universe is Us, We are all, but still are nothing; we at EKXEN are still seeking for an answer, and us at Axolotl try to find a way of manipulating the Machine; however, the actual human people refuse to believe such "stupidity".

If humanity just stopped caring about mere physical things like politics, money, differences, equality, status and power; they could join Us. They could connect. But instead, they do not see the truth, they do not seek the truth. But we are still waiting for them; hoping one day they will understand, and finally become a part of Us, the ones who control the Machine.

Thank you for your time.
The Human Representant of the Iwakura Organization.
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yes, and you can fight back against the RNG Architect by becoming the Oracle, which is funny because he likes order, but admits he has to rely on an intuitive program to balance his equations.
Look my previous replies. I just use Lain as an "Avatar", she is not related in any way with the project.
Parry the next months (and every month from now on) you fucking casuals.
Listen up folks, the only reason people like this are starting to come out, is to keep you under the belief that you are STILL being controlled, many humans resurfaced after the recent events. Otherwise they would have never shown themselves.
Okay but eventually there'd be a free will aspect at the top, and so we also have this.
Ahahahahaha another bitcoin scam by some 16 year old Dutch kid. Simply epic.

If it was really a hoax, then the rest of the world leaders are in on it … or else they would've debunked it because it's in their best interest to embarrass America.
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"Dangerous" is relative. The while fucking undertaking was "dangerous."

The trajectory of 14 was more dangerous, in terms of radiation exposure, than other Apollo missions because it was shallower and crossed deeper into Van Allen Belts than other mission profiles.

So I take it you are not going to answer my question about what you think this report means, why is it significant? Does it reflect what happened, and show that 14 flew deeper into the Van Allen Belts than other missions, or even "through the heart of," the belts? Or is it a fake document describing something that did not ever happen?
>So I take it you are not going to answer my question about what you think this report means, why is it significant? Does it reflect what happened, and show that 14 flew deeper into the Van Allen Belts than other missions, or even "through the heart of," the belts? Or is it a fake document describing something that did not ever happen?

My point is that for every "iron-clad debunking" of the conspiracy theory you can find a NASA document that says something clearly inconsistent with what the debunker wants to believe.

It's unimportant whether I believe in what the document says or not, because the debunkers have to believe it. It's coming from the ultimate and sole source of true information for them regarding the moon landings. If their arguments contradict, then it ruins their credibility.
More of the issue is that there even is an uncertainty about anything as it is.
It would be a lot more certain if any of the original data or video footage survived, but NASA claims it deleted every single film and shredded every single paper.
>It's coming from the ultimate and sole source of true information for them regarding the moon landings.

Well, the ultimate source, not the sole one. The whole fucking world watched things like the launches, and independent agencies and individuals did things like track the craft in flight.

But yeah, NASA is the primary source.

>If their arguments contradict, then it ruins their credibility.

Two thoughts:

First, finding one misused phrase in a document is, I think, several miles from "their arguments contradict." In the Apollo 14 medical summary, if you read the rest of the document in addition to the one phrase, it is pretty clear what they are talking about. If you look at other documentation, you can understand what I have typed enough times; Apollo 14 flew a shallower arc to get past the VA Belts, and as a result the crew experienced more radiation than other crews. That is not even close to finding the smoking gun that "ruins their credibility" proving that one of the best documented undertakings in history never happened.

Second, if you really want to use that standard to disprove a position, the conspiracy proponents are going to have a rougher time of it, since so many of the arguments raised against it are nonsense (see several in this thread, such as "Von Braun, the number one proponent of space flight, believed it was impossible and said so in his book about how he wanted to explore space," or "Why no dust when landing?" when the crew on 11 refers to dust being kicked up and you can see dust kicking up in footage shot out the windows during the landings.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

I have attained nirvana. By meditating and reading what the Buddha said. Ask me anything.
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what's this reality / universe look like outside of time and space. Easy ????
do you still get angry at video games faggot
I was engaging in vipassana meditation one day, after increasing my metta. I felt a strange weight in my lower back region, like there was this intense pressure inside me, ready to explode. I observed and let my discomfort fall away, allowing myself to absorb fully into the sensation, as I had been taught to do. I found the space between the sensation where I could observe without labeling or engaging with the sensation, other than labeling it once for convenience.
When I came to the end of my session, I stood, and a large black dildo fell out of my ass onto the ground. I was pretty close to orgasm, but was I close to enlightenment? My ass was so wide that it felt like the ghost cave you describe.
Are there mistakes?
There is the perception of mistakes.

File: téléchargement.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
Give me some spiritual youtubers please
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

Eckhart Tolle
Alan watts
Tim keller (Christian)
Terrence Mckenna
Rupert Spira
Teal swan
Spirit science
Michael Medina
The young turks
Ben Shapiro
Jordan B. Peterson
Nick Land
Jimmy Neutron tin can
Rusell Brand
Abraham Hicks

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
ayy lmao
I would trust an engineer about as far as i could throw his stupid fucking powerpoint presentation he banged together this morning while being hungover after banging all those hot chicks in the toilet of the raddest club in town because he is such a fucking Chad Thundercock living in a multi-million dollar mansion despite knowing jack shit about anything.
Owen Benjamin

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