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File: image.jpg (49 KB, 821x462)
49 KB
Hello, /x/

This is what is to come:

Elites have figured out centuries ago, that there is no afterlife. once you die that is it, you cease to exist.
In order to avoid eternal death, they devised a plan. to create a "God" which can give them eternal life, or afterlife.( This is actually what the bible talks about, the false Messiah who will appear on the third temple of Jerusalem. This false Messiah will have god-like powers.) To create a their god, humanity must reach singularity, advance technology to god like level at that point they will select one among themselves to fuse this god-like powerful technology unto.
This individual will cease to be human and become seemingly all powerful "God" with a human consciousness to carry on the elite's ideals and plans.
Eternal life will become a reality, they will control the world. until God of all creations intervene.
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You should write a letter to all of the world's cosmologists and astrophysicists and tell them of your discovery.
Are you still here?
File: 175975308.jpg (573 KB, 565x800)
573 KB
573 KB JPG
How do I join?
Have you tried wanking while watching The Reign of the System Lords?


You guys know you’ve been lied to about astrology, right?

Like with everything else, they corrupted this knowledge and got people believing in deception.

This is what sign you really are.
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I liked being a Capri, it's hard, but when I bloom it's going to be rewarding.
both are trash.
>Aquarius to Capricorn

Lol no get bent cuck
I just did my chinese w/ a book I bought. Pretty fucking cool anon

File: NAA.png (322 KB, 629x380)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
Am I the only person who was taught Neil Armstrong died in the 70's from an airplane accident? His plane crashed on the runway?

Then, I just read he died from cardiac surgery malfunction in 2012...

Please tell me I'm not the only one.
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one word: sage
I'm actually being serious.

And I don't believe all the Mandela shit, there's no other word for it.

Also, was it some other astronaut in the 70's who crashed like that?
Edward Givens. He died two years prior to the Apollo 11 mission.
I'm actually being serious too. You're a fucking retard.
No you're wrong. Armstrong died of a heart attack brought on by the stress of idiots claiming the moon landings were fake.

File: 1541342542356.gif (1.59 MB, 267x200)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB GIF
Where does the feeling of Deja vu come from?
the future
You posted this exact same thread yesterday with the same image and everything.
the astral realm
It is a wound from without consecration.

File: download (1).jpg (393 KB, 1152x864)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
Redpill me on these
Are they soul stealers?
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It is a cool acoustics problem.

It is like the best movie theater opening.
File: 1538194905264.jpg (59 KB, 645x619)
59 KB
fucking reeeeeeeetard

no Egyptian mummy or dead body was ever found in pyramid. They are found in crypts and tombs.
nah nigga. them things beam pharaohs soul to the after life.
It is where the soul is reborn into the flesh.

File: 90823231421421.png (71 KB, 240x300)
71 KB
What are normies most afraid of?
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File: 786845463475357.jpg (8 KB, 229x220)
8 KB
ugly people
Hard conditioned by society this person can’t tell above from below.
Say for example myself being an empath, I can read a person from how they are feeling, thoughts or intentions. Now for three almost 4 years I’ve recorded everyday as every day holds lessons and data/information that can me analyzed.
Understanding psychology only helps you understand people and for the most part I agree using your abilities to tear down a individual is a sociopathic trait, but you’re an empath if you can feel empathize other people’s emotions (and differentiate them from yours)
Now if they’re scared and believe me most humans are in a constant state of fear, anxiety, depression, suicidal, and clouded by negative and or hateful/evil thoughts expressed through their emotions, if said person is scared it has nothing to do with the empath but the person experiencing the emotions of fear.
Usually anything could trigger fear in anyone and if it’s the empath causing it it means that subconsciously the empath fits qualifications that the person who is experiencing fear registers and reacts to by being fearful.
Now for me for example, people feel a range of emotions but usually they feel negative emotions because through their existence they havent and were never taught how to be and think positive so if I look a certain way, talk a certain way, think a certain way that is abstract and foreign to them, they will try to associate the patterns and symbols their brains are interpreting and categorized them in a way that is familiar to them.
Usually most people in modern civilization and throughout human history have been conditioned to be understandable, in our attempt to be understood we gave up freedom.
We live in a world or duality when really there just is.
I cannot speak for others, but myself as an empath gifted with other abilities I choose not to abuse them and simply live as normal as I can. Simply accept the way reality is heading, and any attempt I have made to educate and enlighten the masses always has had the opposite effect where what is overall good is looked as bad and overall bad is looked as good.
Many people will speak nothing but evil and negative about me, but again they don’t know me, they don’t know themselves and if they did they would join me on this journey of life spreading truth, knowledge, love, rather than tear down me and my work because the truth is it’s not the empath that’s sociopathic, the empath is feeling the sociopathic intent and emotions because society is conditioned to be crazy, evil, unpure, negative, jealous, lustful, fake etc. and glamourized as normal because it’s the only way to keep the unconscious from killing everything or themselves once they realize the truth.

If you’re an empath like me you probably enjoy spending time alone and far away from the toxicity that is society, and it’s rampant online too. I would say focus on yourself. The mind body and soul.

Will Humans ever wake up? How many must be sacrificed for you to live in your delusions of false happiness.
As of right now I’m taking a break, I’m not being (gang) stalked by people online and In real Life, people DONT talk about me and spread lies and rumors, people don’t try to manipulate my words and intentions to fit their agenda, I’m not being monitored by the government, people don’t “expose me” (when they’re really just exposing themselves,) people don’t harass me or direct their hate and insecurities towards me, I am not being singled out and alienated because I believe in God.
This is a loving world filled with educated, open minded and loving people who trust and build everything on the foundation of love. There is no evil here, everyone is totally not being lead astrayed as sheep to the slaughter house.

I am indeed just everything you have ever heard (or not heard about me *wink*) and you should continue to ignore my existence and live as you do, and if you see me make sure to take your hatred out on me, it’s ok everyone is doing it so it must be fine.

Now because it’s me I don’t plan on exposing these people, they believe their actions are justified and they are good, loving, understanding, educated, open minded individuals who did no wrong cause if they were wrong they would realize their entire life is a lie, fine ok

I’ve a very forgiving person and I’m not interested in having the internet go on a witch hunt for these people, they gave me what I wanted which was pure concentrated life experience unaltered in a way I can dissect and convert into advice for people in life who struggle or will struggle with the reality that we’re born into.

If ever mistreated, harassed, persecuted, and victimized I would say thank you, record it all, forgive them because they know not what they do and the ever lasting effects every decision has, hopefully you have pure intentions but remember even if you convince the world the truth they would still rather kill you than accept love

>Explain the penality of suicide
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Found one of the ppl I was talking about. Please castrate yourself, low class future single mother.
Oh, wah, I'm a failure, wah. Anon, I have failed at everything, including suicide.

Live, you dumb fucker.
This thread is full of demiurge controlled faggots. After every death you have an opportunity to escape the reincarnation trap, suicide is no different.
I hope someday you lose something you really care about. I hope it makes you wonder how you can go on. Then I hope everyone around you reacts as dismissively about your suffering as you're doing here. Maybe you'll learn something from that experience.
>Both those comments are me
Good. We don't need more than one person like you in the world. I mean, ideally, there wouldn't even be one of you, but this isn't a perfect world.

Is Astral Travel dangerous?
Can be about as dangerous as a really bad nightmare.
You are already.


It can be like living without judgment if you do not.
So not at all?

File: stuffiread.png (117 KB, 1392x812)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
I've been researching the history of occultism in Nazi Germany recently. In addition to Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke's books, I've read everything in pic related. I'm intending to do a large writing project on this based on the literature available in English, but I'm having trouble finding good sources. Some of the books in pic related were entertaining, but hardly scholarly.

Can you suggest some good books on the subject to me that I haven't read?

File: books.jpg (277 KB, 1744x2462)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Guys, I've been trying to find this whole set on PDF but I only managed to find the first one, already searched in the most popular portals (libgen) for books but no dice.
Does anyone happen to have the complete set?

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idk, I have like 200k in osrs.
You can always rewrite them.
u could just buy them, couldnt you?
>already searched libgen
Well, shit. Did you try Archive.org?
They're all available on there.

File: Siren.png (429 KB, 2640x2664)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
Let's once again tackle cryptids/mythical creatures with speculative biology and evolution, and so portray these creatures in a realistic light.
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pepe on bottom right
wojak on the bottom right
The Goatman.
File: 1529732665504.png (601 KB, 1600x1200)
601 KB
601 KB PNG
Loved this Hippocampus that one artist did a long time ago.
that is unsettling as hell

File: 4_4.jpg (239 KB, 1024x667)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
i'm really interested in the idea of a person turning themselves into a god. And, the people in history who seem to have possibly done it, and how they eluded to copying it.

Also, semi obsessed with movies about time, time travel, messing with Time. The movie Ground Hog day is the kernel of a great idea. The idea of being stuck in an infinite loop, which could be used like a green house is used to transform one thing into something else in a time/space/place where it could not have been created / existed otherwise.

I dont think you could ever get a magic time loop like in Ground Hog Day. I do think if you could get a small portable time machine, with an energy source that allowed for near infinite trips, with the tech to stay any age in perfect health indefinitely, that a person could warp to an uneventful time period, and spend years, decades, maybe centuries, and beyond, continuously looping over and over until they had reached a point where they could solve an unsolvable issue.

>back in ancient rome, they blame the Christians too "make Rome great again"
>and this cult leader appealed to the poor to return to traditional values. Sort of like a certain president he he he
>and they lived in crazier times. Though I can feel the same now hahaha

What is it with those you appeal to sjws philosophy and never shitting up about trump? Also any good podcasts like lpotf?
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
To answer OPs question about other podcasts:

> liberal hosts of a conspiracy podcast make liberal comments about ""drumphff is LITERALLY HITLER""

who could have predicted this
Its just That it happens in every episode. Would be nice if peopke learn how to separate politics from paranormal podcast

if they werent liberal, or were remotely right wing, their patreon would be banned, paypal would shut them down, and no one would be able to see their live shows without being afraid to lose their jobs

the only way you can bring /x/ to the mainstream is to be as normie as possible and constantly virtue signal to (((them))) so they know that while you might make some off-color jokes about serial killers, you'll never piss off the true masters
>"and then he cut her up and spread her innards around the woods"
>"hurr hurr Bundy that scamp"
>"By the way did you guys hear what DRUMPF said today?Reee"
Agreed, OP. It's hard to take their edgy show about serial killers and shit seriously when they kvetch half the time about meanie fascist drumpf.

File: 1544588096106.jpg (188 KB, 1050x1400)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Is there anything genuinely frightening to look up on the internet? I want to watch something spooky, something similar to deep web stories, as they've died down a lot now.
32 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wtf is this?
Amy schumer nudes and bogdanoff theories
>google results

thats pretty terrifying anon
Bigfoot was never mentioned, you fucking retard.
File: 1540145512077.jpg (263 KB, 1018x689)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
being THIS fucking dumb.

File: 9634198_xl.jpg (536 KB, 1600x1066)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
Lemuria is a Land That Imagination Forgot. Many will speak of it as legend or as fantasy or even as mythology. And that is perfectly fine; we have no objection. However, Lemuria was real in the physical fact, in the physical world. But it will never be conclusively proved to have been so. No amount of archaeological or anthropological exploration will ever conclusively prove that Lemuria ever existed. Because, you see, Lemuria existed beyond the Bridge of Belief, beyond the Bridge of Belief in the realm that God and God/Goddess/All That Is exist.

Lemuria was, and Lemuria is. Past tense and present tense. Lemuria is still real. Even now, it is still existing beyond that Bridge, and it is only to be found by the individual, only to be found by you, the individual you who is willing to cross that Bridge. And it is only to be found by those who are brave enough and courageous enough to suspend the illusion, the physical illusion, and to cross over that Bridge of Belief into the real, into the metaphysical realness to find the Land That Imagination Forgot, and in that land to find the Dreamer.

And as you cross the Bridge of Belief, as you imagine yourself lifting out of the logic and reason of the consensus reality, moving beyond time and space and beyond time-space, you can find that land that is and has been forgotten in imagination.

As one were to approach Lemuria by air, it would be located in the Pacific Ocean, far from other land masses, to be sure. And one would note first what seemed to be a cloud or a mist that seemed to hang low over the ocean. And out of that mist would poke mountain peaks that would be black rock ... very dark, very black, like coal almost, almost shiny against the soft mist.
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Give calea zacatechichi a try . It helps prolong your dreams . Sometimes to insane levels . Like an absurd amount of Time can pass in just a single dream . There might be one other herb that can lengthen the duration of dreams . However, I can't recall what it is .
Citation needed
> Ionly posted five times before this post
Try the first nine replies and several subsequent replies. You're a fucking liar and you know it. I wouldn't mind mind so much but there's a lot of vulnerable individuals visit this board and you need to be called on your bullshit.
Reality is pretty shit boring so I get why people want to believe in this kind of shit.
didnt read except the "with love and peace" which im all about
have a bump

>t. never went to school beyond high school, if that

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