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File: chang.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB

>is it real
>why not
>how can a normie learn this power

a nigga wanna start fires w his hand

book about this guy

File: Izel-Skinwalker[1].jpg (430 KB, 1200x1920)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
can we get a ''totally wasnt skinwalkers'' thread going on
>noises heard in the farm
>human tracks leading into the farm
>none leading back out
>entire family dead by being lured 1 by 1 into the barn
>no traces left behind
reports of people standing on the edge of the woods staring at the family farm for months before the massacre
>''killer'' stayed in the farm for days after
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File: tin-foil-hat.gif (2.85 MB, 600x600)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB GIF
>dog goes missing must be skinwalkers
>skinwalkers are autists
How do we know that you are not the skinwalker? They have evolved into gangstalking and following people with clouds at this stage. Keep up.
File: Tomoko.jpg (19 KB, 640x360)
19 KB
I like how Skinwalkers are so big here. Can they be considered cryptids? I would certainly worry about flesh eating monsters. I mean they make people so paranoid. I am sure if they were good spirit, they would knock on your door and ask to be let in.

>Where are you from?

The swamp.
good observations anon
Bill sounds like an absolute bro.

File: pepe crowley.jpg (17 KB, 326x327)
17 KB
Is it worth selling what little soul I have left? Can I acquire Occult knowledge like Crowley did?
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roll a blunt


File: 667.jpg (562 KB, 840x854)
562 KB
562 KB JPG
she is real.
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so 1990s
Nah way celestial gf is watching me?
Eris or French Celestial gf?
the angel of two hollywoods.
they may be over but i never left.

File: 819851.jpg (252 KB, 480x800)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
the aliens drink your piss from the sewer and it fuels them
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That sounds gnarly bro

Who comes up.with This shit
smells like it :)
do they host scat parties as well anon
Joke's on them, I piss is my back yard.

Check mate ayyliums

Last night I was laying in bed and it suddenly got extremely cold. I heard a young woman whispering "don't move" a few times, getting progressively louder until I heard her talk right into my ear - "I'm here." After that the room was pitch black and I couldn't hear anything - her voice, my fan, not a thing. I couldn't move or talk - when I tried talking I could just feel the air escape until I couldn't breathe. After trying to rock for about 20 seconds I got dizzy, closed my eyes, and when I opened up it was like before I heard the voice. The only difference was I had hand marks on my shoulder and my throat was insanely sore.
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>I couldn't move or talk

obv Sleep paralysis
your mom molested you
That would be sleep paralysis, if you didn't just make it up.

So everything up to that was probably just a dream. I've never had sleep paralysis before.

I wish.
Futa ghosts.
Or just sleep paralysis.
Probably sleep paralysis.

File: qMEnDqq.jpg (172 KB, 1200x900)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
I need the biggest paranormal red pill you have.
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John 3:5-6 is talking about real humans, born though the waters of the womb, and the fake humans, made only of flesh. Yes, they are all around us, even back then. I think the events of the Bible were more like Sci-Fi than how they are presented. Like the Matrix movie, we are living in an artificial technological past right now.
Damn. That was too heavy for me. But I find it hard to disagree.
You died.
The stupid dog killed my Friend.
and Now im Bound because of the rapist slying women to him.

im the Babyman.
File: tim.jpg (92 KB, 1636x1582)
92 KB
because ignorance is bliss
because youve convinced yourself youre an actor and not real

File: Ningen.png (189 KB, 468x351)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
What's everyone favorite unexplained creature or cryptid? Bonus points for creatures that have unexplained photos captured of them?

pic related
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which eva is that one?
This board sucks now. You should be ashamed of yourself OP
Fresno night crawlers, I'm convinced they are real. They have been depicted before by native Americans who probably encountered them for years before settlers arrived. Also the footage is unexplained to this day.
What do they do?

I wrote Revelation around 66 AD. But before that I wrote Matthew and Luke and Paul.

Matthew was written sitting down sort of outdoors I guess, and happy, during a hot and bright day.
Luke was written sitting down indoors, standing up and in a rush and sort of angry.
Paul #1 was written sort of angry as well.
Revelation was written sitting down and calm.
Thanks for the 4.

File: 1566329813736.jpg (199 KB, 740x696)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Spooky gif thread
File: 1565250121397.jpg (77 KB, 600x337)
77 KB
That's no gif fagboy
>found my Moria folder , I'm back wi/x/ards
File: 1543432883372.jpg (52 KB, 960x911)
52 KB
Whoops forgot to namefag
File: 1566432190388.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
give me the spooks
File: 1565671329306s.jpg (3 KB, 125x123)
3 KB

File: Zeus-statue.jpg (122 KB, 450x600)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Were they demons or nephilims?
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fair play for making your own shit and all that but its unwatchable
Read Deucalions flood.
File: Control.png (619 KB, 1240x1751)
619 KB
619 KB PNG
They are called the Pseudo-creators. They are allied with the Nagas (reptillians and greys) and are also known as the Archons, the Demiurge, the Devil, and Satan. These are all referring to the entities of the Negative State.

File: obr5000.jpg (770 KB, 1406x1988)
770 KB
770 KB JPG

File: hmm.jpg (24 KB, 450x341)
24 KB
Too many practitioners of the paranormal arts or magic are annoyingly lazy. All of their convictions, beliefs and theories are from some source other than themself. They are armchair practitioners, only talking and looking for echoe chambers, never practicing or achieving physical effects and knowledge. I'm tired of looking for dedicated practitioners only to find unhealthy, out of shape, uneducated losers who assume what they believe at the moment cannot be disproven. Their reason for believing what they believe isn't even experience or repeatability, either. So, if you're interested in health and wellness, true magic and paranormal knowledge, and ACTUAL self mastery, reply to this post. I want to be able to share my paranormal knowledge with people of this caliber. Tired of speaking with sheep and slobs.
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That is perfectly fine but don't expect Ascension when you have a big anchor weighing you down.
That is the original meaning of the term "left hand path", to overcome desire by fully engaging in it, instead of the "right hand path", which means to essentially deny your material (feminine) half.
Right hand pathers are obviously faggots with mommy issues.
Hahaha! How do you think certain addictions start? Sometimes it is better to not endulge. Balance and moderation when appropriate. I have seen too many great and powerful people fall prey to their addictions. For the aspiring magicians; do you wish to master or enslave yourself? Ignore these words at your own peril.
>How do you think certain addictions start
By indulging in things that can grab you in ways you don't know because of your ignorance. That's the best way I can explain it, which I know is not very good. But I have plenty of first hand experience with this. Don't be so arrogant and sure of yourself. This "left hand path" I explained is legitimate and is a path that can be followed, but it's not a matter of "enjoying the flesh" like that other anon said. It's actually an exploratory way of "exhausting" reality that is often not pleasant.
Well spoken anon. You are right, there is a fuzzy grey line. Perhaps there should be some ground rules? Like experimenting with highly addictive drugs that can trap people.

File: 1570097525723.png (194 KB, 469x451)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
Welcome to the Nobody General thread.

There are too many links for 4chan so I'm dumping all the links on Pastebin.

No LARP version. Post information that you've found in old threads, in spiritual texts, in the astral plane, Akashic Records, or as a telepathic conduit.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/W0pfrD9q

Previous thread: http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/23545318
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Commit your path to the Father’s Glory and He will give you the desires of your heart. Seek the giver not the gift.
God chooses the foolish things of this world to shame those who are wise in their own eyes. There is great power in asking. Like a child. It doesn’t matter if it’s something that isn’t spiritual. Don’t be embarrassed of your desires if they aren’t evil or violent. If we give our desires to Him, we can be sure to get them back. Because before we gave them to Him he gave them to us.

Power belongs to the Father (and Mother). I always just say Father but I hope you all know your Mother is the Holy Spirit. Pneuma :)
Transcendence comes when you stop seeking it for a purpose other than to know and be known. You shouldn’t try and use God to accomplish your own will. If I had gotten everything I ever wanted or thought would make me happy... “sometimes IIII thank God, for us unanswered prayers.” I know most of you are too young to know Garth Brooks.
Trust Him and He will make your path straight. Don’t try to understand everything. He gives Wisdom as He pleases to those who can admit that they need it.
And I say all this as someone who has not transcended anything. I am still in the muck along with all of you. But I have found joy in the struggle because I am not alone.
Great question though let me know if you have any more.

How can I find the Holy Grail?
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Matthew 10:34-36 King James Version (KJV)
34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household
Well dammit woman you can’t expect no damn green eye pillow swallower to stop following you around if you keep givin the monster money. If I saw that damn green eye pillow swallower I tell him to go on and git!!
The Grail isn't a cup. It's the serving tray that the cup was on.

Can we start a thread to roast ppl based on their natal chart? Post your natal chart, and get called a fag because you have a Pisces sun, or anything in cancer desu.
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File: 1.png (111 KB, 670x471)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Tell something about me and recc music
File: 20180501_014320.png (125 KB, 670x470)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
Give it a go I suppose..
Just fuck my shit up senpai. Why am I feeling like shit and doing retarded things in the recent days? Planets cucking me up?
File: Its Me.png (64 KB, 1200x1600)
64 KB
Henlo roast me senpai

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