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File: mud flood.jpg (38 KB, 473x473)
38 KB
Ok so I have ran across a plethora of videos apparently made by flat earthers? They claim there was a recent "mass extinction?" event sometime around 1500-1900 with most people claiming it was either the 1600's or 1800's that a mass "global?" Mud flood left cities desolate and humanity rebuilding...

Im not sure if I have this straight, but some seem to think it was a humanity reset that the elite steered humanity through then they edited history and maps to make it appear as if it didn't happen?

Others seem to think it is the result of a mandela effect. And some think it was a actual weapon used by the elites to flood cities around the globe.

Some people seem to think there where global empire around the world sometime in the early 1600's. These empire where according to them erased from the history books, such as grand Tartaria, a empire some blaim ruled everything from Romania to china, including India. Some people even think all of north America was apart of grand Tartaria.

People have gone as far to say that cities like San Francisco, Chicago and others where there BEFORE Europeans arrived!?

They think Europeans found abandoned mega cities across north American and simply inhabited them. They even claim the worlds fair's held since that time displays architecture and machines and other tech from lost civilizations. Almost like we are parading it around and showing It off before exploiting it.

But wait the rabbit hole doesn't end there.!

Some claim ancient ruins such as greek roman and even Egyptian are just as old as some of the structures in Chicago etc. Claiming the same people that built them also built Chicago !? lol
People claim that old photos of cities around the world are lacking people and that the cities are abandoned. I have read some people think that Europeans began massive breeding programs at this time to produce children to inhabit these cities and to operate the industrial factories they claim they found there.

People think the "tartarians" who built these cities are cone headed elongated skull annunaki type peoples. The even go as far to say TOP HATS where only fashionable bc Tartarian from the east where super smart and wore them to cover their massive heads.....

I don't believe any of this, just want to know what others think and if they have heard of this nonsense. And what other crazy things /x/ has heard regarding this theory.
i got your mud flood right here, OP

File: FB_IMG_1538787537561.jpg (117 KB, 850x1206)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Created her as an imaginary friend when I was 8 and now she won't go away while I touch myself at night anymore.
What do /x/?
File: come.jpg (5 KB, 268x188)
5 KB
are you a girl or a girl(male)?
Stop touching yourself at night and use me to satisfy your needs
Heard of schizophrenia before?

File: download.jpg (345 KB, 1024x1024)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
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should photoshop harvey weinstein in there
File: download.jpg (1.2 MB, 1024x1024)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Issa bear nigga
Saw something like this in a closet when I was younger, except the eyes were red.

The closet was my grandpas closet and he was very holy/religious. Devoted his life to Christianity, even opened the local church every day at 6am.
These are pretty fucking great, from a distance you wouldent even think twice that this could be a real person, heck with some of the fucky ones youd go 'oh it must be a birth defect/they've been in an accident/covered in some kind of muck' till you get a better look.

File: Vampire-Teeth-9.png (240 KB, 477x451)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
Thread where we may discuss vampires. All discussions of vampire folklore, encounters, science about blood etc welcome PLEASE NO ROLE PLAYERS This is for serious discussion of the topic only talk about folklore both modern and traditional!
previous thread: >>22234715
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t. Sabbatard that will be the first to die in next crusade
So do vampires only suck blood or

According to Wikipedia they consume life energy, which blood is a type of.
So they could live of semen? hmm...
Two questions:
1. Would drinking vampire blood cure
type 1 diabetess?
2. If the answer to the first question is yes where can I get some of that?
There are some cults that do the whole "we are astral vampyres" LARP but theyre mostly faggots

Yes: Tempel ov Blood, you are faggots

File: 0008518440_20.jpg (70 KB, 800x800)
70 KB
can i still go to heaven if i kill myself?
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This same god also never specified that babies born too early to choose baptism go straight to hell.

If there is a God, and he’s as omnipotent as some claim to know every thing that will happen, he knows you're already doomed to burn.
You can't go to heaven.
>euthanasia when a patient is extremely sick and asks to be taken off of life support
How is that any different from suicide? Either way, it's a person deciding to die rather than continue suffering. It's the exact same thing.
Suicide is nothing, for you are not achieving liberation, you are merely to be punished more severely by the Demiurge when you die. What foolery, to think death will set you free from the grasp of the Demiurge?
God gave us our bodies and compared them to temples. Suicide is a sin, and it is extremely unlikely that you can receive forgiveness for it. However, it is not the Unforgiveable Sin. The one sin truly unforgiveable is to believe that the work of the Holy Spirit is the work of Satan. For, if you believe this, you are no longer Christian. Returning back to the point, suicide is murder of the self and the Bible condemns murder. It is debatable whether you could still get to heaven after, but I would doubt it.

File: 235px-Ihs-logo.svg.png (13 KB, 235x235)
13 KB
What does /x/ think of the jesuits?
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File: images.jpg (12 KB, 269x187)
12 KB
great article, thank you
the jesuits have been immensely influential. this book is a long read, but influenced the way i view history. they have had their fingers in many of history's most interesting pies.

File: 0002537781.jpg (58 KB, 770x433)
58 KB
The jesuits are freemasons too
Jewish Catholics with pyramid scheme internal organization.

File: OkayButYTho.png (388 KB, 378x435)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
Guys, is there a way to like impose your will on people like in the movies where people make other people do things or they trick their mind? Like I guess I want to know how to get into people's heads snd and makebthem think things or do things with my will imposed onto them.
Done telekinesis shit. Think of objects has your energy.
Well not telekinesis specifically but like a sort of 'triggering' to make them think things on like LSD and weed
Bump pls help just trying to learn about it

So, a friend of mine was invited to a discord server from a random person he had never met. Server is named “Project Monarch” (I assume after the MKUltra program).

Spent a couple hours in there, and it was a weird place. Lots of little kids from /pol/, and some dude pretending to be an ultra liberal. The server was apparently ran by some guy who was obsessed with binaural beats. The whole place was just weird.

I did some further research, and found that these invites were getting sent out very frequently. So frequently, in fact, that I found two threads on reddit about the subject. Both short, with only a couple of posts, and very little information. The running theory among my group of friends is that it’s a neo-nazi server attempting to persuade the young and impressionable into embracing a far right ideology through gaslighting them and roleplaying as far left stereotypes. They even had a reading group for a book written by a neo-nazi, which is why I supposed this makes sense.

However, that doesn’t explain anything else in there - the weird bots, the obsessive collection of binaural beats.. it almost seems like there may be more to this. I’m making this thread to reach out; does anyone have any experience with this weird discord server? Had a friend who was invited? Any experiences with this place?

Please post what you think or have experienced here.
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heres some shit from Twitter about it. nevermind the tweet by vanillaraccoon from '17
>Server is named “Project Monarch”
these people are what's called "larpfaggots" in paranormal circuits, and very often they're the pinnacle of fakeness and gayness
wanna play apex?
mobile game master race and I have a $2000 flexpai

File: image.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
If there is a psychic branch of the military, what kind of operations do they carry out ?
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Stargate project was real.
So is the kids with powers that were used on the battlefield in Iraq.
Go watch the movie called men who stare at goats.. wtf
yes. includes things like remote viewing and astral projection
The INSCOM/DIA remote viewing team was just contracted out for the most part. The docs mention being funded contracts by the CIA, NSA, Navy, DEA, MICOM and some others. These operations included finding missing people, missing aircraft, tracking drug smuggling vessels, checking in on hostages, etc.

The CIA also had used psychics like Pat Price and Ingo Swann to spy on Soviet facilities in the early 70s. It's likely that other intelligence agencies had their own in-house programs that we'll never hear about. We know that the CIA's Foreign Technical Division was practicing remote viewing. We know that the NSA was interested in an in-house program. The docs mention that the DOD suspected the Navy had their own program but were stone-cold silent.

>Jimmy Carter confirms they had used a psychic to find a downed bomber in Zaire.
>Nightline burn of the Stargate program
>The Iran hostage situation
>Drug smuggling vessel op
>pic related's doc

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Stare at Goats

Human meat

File: map.png (1.17 MB, 790x618)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
So guys, check this out.
Friday morning, 77 year old Brenda Hamilton of Pantego NC was found severely mauled by an unknown animal, in an attack with no witnesses. She has since succumbed to her injuries. Police haven't identified the animal responsible, but apparently there was enough physical evidence that preliminary DNA testing has ruled out bears, gators, coyotes, or "any native wild animal".

Beaufort County Sheriff's in conjunction with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission have allowed that it may have been a domestic dog, but here's my question, how the hell is the DNA test gonna rule out "bear or coyote" but not pin it down to "dog", if a dog is what it was? Shouldn't testing be a little more precise than that?

And another thing, Beaufort County is neighboring to Craven County, where Casy Hathaway got lost and then discovered and rescued last month. The one who said he was hanging out with a 'bear' that he apparently described as purple. The two spots are 50 miles separate by highway, shorter as the crow flies. In one area a child being protected by an unidentified mammal, a stretch of woods away an old woman being killed by an unidentified mammal.

What do you make of that?
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The fair folk, maybe.
DNA exist, it's just flat.

Certainly not because there's a culture of "We don't talk about that to outsiders" in those areas.

That's how weird shit is handled where I live, so I assume it's the same there.
that was the first thing that occurred to me as well. similar to the stories of interactions with huldufolk in iceland- interested in children, abducting them and making strange requests, then returning them about a week later.

personally, i think it points to interdimensional intelligence capable of interacting with our world in ways we don't understand. in this i follow vallee and keel (trojan horse/passport to magonia)
Ate herself because she didn't want to kill anymore!

Let's once again show mythical creatures/cryptids in a realistic light with the help of speculative biology and evolution.
>And ffs, please don't die so bloody soon this time.
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>page 10!
Assuming you get Hypertrichosis, yes
File: Esquilax.jpg (50 KB, 1100x618)
50 KB
safety lift.

File: tbh17.png (16 KB, 632x554)
16 KB
End this illusionary material plane right now, or I'll scream.
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File: 101016_blackhole_1.jpg (61 KB, 835x470)
61 KB
This universe is fucking awesome.
File: tbh21.png (21 KB, 632x554)
21 KB
File: matrix-architect.jpg (33 KB, 640x480)
33 KB
What if deja vu is literally the perception of past universes and we are actually just living the same cycle over and over, expanding and collapsing, forever ad infinitum.
File: button.jpg (158 KB, 1770x1090)
158 KB
158 KB JPG

Me and my friend recently have had a dream with the same figure in the picture below. It has haunted him for years and I didnt believe it till I saw it 1 night near his pond. I could only see it out of the corner of my eye. It vanished when i looked directly at it. He was able to draw it and we wanna know if anyone else knows what it could be or had seen it as well. We are generally scared
Is it something we should be worried about? As far as I know it hasnt harmed him.
no, everyone gets them

File: 0864378.png (237 KB, 640x604)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Are they just us from the future?
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Probably. We can't go back in time by conventional means so sitting in a 4th dimension would be most desirable. You could dictate your own life and others by simply feeding information from the future.

Yeah, sorry I don't feel like waiting how ever many years it takes for human science to start synthesizing these ideas like this.
Just do it. Literally.
Your life right now is a test to prove you can ascend yourself.
Nobody can hold your hand through it. There's no such thing as cheating. You must become the master of your universe.

You're already doing it on some level.
shadows are 2-D projections of 3-D objects. Would it not follow that our 3-D world is a projection of the 4th dimension? Marcel Duchamp played with this notion later in his career, and then became obsessed with avant-garde chess strategies.

So the 5th dimension is really what it's all about, looks like. The fabric from which our world is woven. Imagine the relationship between a 1 dimensional object and our 3D world, then extrapolate that from 3D to 5D.

Flatland https://ned.ipac.caltech.edu/level5/Abbott/paper.pdf

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