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File: F1403.jpg (331 KB, 1920x1040)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
The next time someone tells you an advanced human civilization didn't exist thousands of years ago, show them the Portolan Charts. Watch them stammer and sweat as they try to regurgitate big history's talking points. Remember, the remnants of this advanced civilization can be found, but only if you know where to look.
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>anatomically modern humans have been around for roughly 100,000 years by most estimates
>civilization has only existed for 8,000 years old at most

yeah I don't buy it
Actually, it's long suggested we evolved previously to at least the level we are at now and blew ourselves into the stone ages.

There's ancient people knowing about batteries and radiation sickness, and shapes of planes way before we had planes.

Not to mention there are quite a few zones still radioactive to this day, which have no natural mineral deposits but do have a crater suggesting a nuclear bomb landed at some point.
>shapes of planes
oh you mean birds and flying insects?
>>civilization has only existed for 8,000 years old at most
and it was born fully developed, fuck wasting time with R&D, we got it right the 1st time, we always do.
I was specifically talking about the precolombian models found.


File: eye-of-god.jpg (207 KB, 2000x2000)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
If, after reading the entirety of what I have written, you are not struck with the irony of my even having begun its construction then I will have failed in my quest. I could nearly use the word ramble instead, because I understand the futility of what I'm attempting to do. If I'm being honest, the true purpose is boredom. I write this with as much purpose as the flame of a candle has for its dance. The flame dances of itself.

The goal of these words is to bring, in no uncertain terms, an initiation of the reader into the what can only be called the End of Knowledge. This deepest of truths has not been hidden, though appearances deceive one to believe it has. In fact, once it is known to the Initiate, it is so plainly obvious that they often wonder what took them so long.

It should be said that this knowledge does not convey anything of value to those who posses it. It is not magic in that you will not suddenly gain some control over your material existence by your understanding of it. If you are reading this for any other purpose than pure curiosity then I urge you to turn away now. Additionally, those who have been initiated into this knowledge, myself included, often experience a refractory period in which they experience a sort of trauma with which they must learn to cope. Now is the time to look elsewhere for entertainment if you do not wish to experience discomfort. I say this not to create an err of mystery in order to pique your curiosity, I say it as a genuine warning.

The End of Knowledge is known to relatively few. Some of these people live in solitude, others lead normal lives. Many are famous. The End of Knowledge was known to Albert Einstein, Hegel, Emerson, Thoreau, Giordano Bruno, Spinoza, Jung, Tesla, Walt Whitman, Beethoven, Goethe, Carl Sagan, and Alan Watts. There are many thousands of others. You have undoubtedly met Initiates and perhaps even one or more those we call Adepts.

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ITT: babby's first Kant
hmm.. a paradox.. i wonder if OP might have mentioned that..
why am i out of my depth? i kinda got what op is talking about im just saying ts not new and i expected more or something new
It isn't secret in that sense you dummy.
Pretty sure this has nothing to do with Kantian philosophy.. please enlighten me.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
You have one week to stockpile food, water, medicine, and ammunition. By next Saturday, a military confrontation between the USA and China, over evidence of Chinese participation in North Korea's nuclear weapons program, will result in a number of high-altitude nuclear explosions. This will destroy the vast majority of Earth's orbiting satellites, and the placement of the blasts will occur within direct-line-of-sight of a number of major cities, including NYC, Washington, DC, Shanghai, Beijing, and Taipei. The world economy will grind to a halt. Food distribution will collapse. Expect the worst. Protect your family. Remember, you have one week.
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How do you know, faggot?
File: bri.jpg (31 KB, 423x371)
31 KB
as if China participating in NK's nuclear program would legitimately escalate into a nuclear exchange between them and the USA
worst case scenario if this happens is for every UN member to be like "i don't support this!" and life goes on as normal
also sattelites control very little of what a normal citizen gives a fuck about, even the internet runs through underwater cables, not sattelites
worst case scenario if nuclear bombs explode in space is that we don't have as many television channels for a while
regardless this claim was made with no evidence whatsoever on a mongolian basket weaving website, at least you got me to reply OP
Um, no, we'll counteract those with other missiles in the air it'll hit more near the european ocean, then we'll drop a nuke on china without no pussy-ass droids we'll drop that shit with a jet and backup right on the "old emperors city" and beijing, then agent orange all their crops and then send the navy to blo up their bays, then after their people have gone poor from being so brainwashed by socialism and not knowing self sufficient they'll be forced to fight their own government with us and we'll send in the army.
I fucking hope so, but food is no problem I am so fucking small and used to starving I could probably go 2 months without eating anything
Please, just start already.
Bring down this civilisation and lets start again..

i know u are meming, but i wish u werent.

File: 4l13n5.jpg (328 KB, 1240x560)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
These are the only known photographs of artifacts recovered from a debris field of a UFO crash. Can anyone help identify their function, decipher their runes or have a clue as to their origin or use?
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Way to not read the thread.
see: >>22226127
What does that post have to do with his post at all? Did you just click on some random post and tell him to read it?
Do you know how to read?
The anon is saying the items are some kind of control buttons, he got directed to a link that explains that they are part of a failed game.

Read that as many times as you need to so you can maybe understand it.
kys shill
File: 1346560724365.jpg (37 KB, 570x400)
37 KB
>artiffacts from a UFO crash
>turns out they are just metal cubes from an extraterrestrial board game

File: sleeper.jpg (399 KB, 980x570)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
What is the "higher self" to you?
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An archangel that is the unification of every temporal moment into one tapestry of infinite experience.
my wiener
The all.
The infnite consciousness in which we are but a thought in its infinite mind.

We’re just the infinite consciousness experiencing itself. Every possibility, every outcome. It’s infinite, we’re but pawns on its chessboard
You could say that the entire tree is made of leaves.

File: christ.jpg (6 KB, 311x162)
6 KB
The concept of salvation via Christ - redemption - is a trick.

You are actually meant to reject it and take on your sins as your own.

Why does it make sense for somebody else to suffer for YOUR transgressions? Would you allow somebody else to take the fall for you in other circumstances? No, you would demand to face your crimes yourself.

To believe that you are somehow cleansed of your own wrongdoing because somebody suffered in your place is arrogance, and even borders on evil.

I regret to inform you that most of you have failed.
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Hail... well... ME I suppose!
Obviously you've never taken a religious class. Not only are you taking "transgression" out of context, you're ignorant of why God sacrificed his son to you.
Do you know what a scapegoat is? Not a patsy, but the actual ritual. Why they had to perform animal sacrifices before jesus. Why we don't now.
Who is responsible for the deficit in the first place. Why did cain kill abel? Why wasn't his sacrifice enough? Why would god ask for anything in the first place?

For the record, you are refusing payment that is owed to you. By rejecting jesus, you absolve your transgressions. Oh, you think that's something you did? Well, now you can't be forgiven. Maybe you should have read the dictionary before you damned your soul in conceit. Did you think heresy was just a fun word?
Right - because YOU could bear the full weight of human sin. Oh you can? Human sin isn't THAT great? Oh of course, you know better than everyone who came before you.
Well because nothing you could do could ever right your wrongs. Only the perfect sacrifice could which is what Jesus is. This all elementary stuff fampai, come on you're better than this

This is entirely based on one view of salvation-Penal Substitution. There are several others. I'm partial to the Christus Victor model, which is basically the idea that the life, death, and resurrection of Christ was the starting gun for the ultimate renewal and healing of all things. It was God entering into solidarity with humans, suffering and dying, and finally overthrowing death and decay--the true enemy of mankind. From here on, we're called to share in Christ's work in the healing and renewing of the universe.

There are other theories besides these too. Check it out.

Is this board pure LARPing or shit like that? Anyone here cares for some REAL shady shit?
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Then you don't have the right .onion links.
>tfw you live in belgium and were a child around the Dutroux case
What can normal people do ?
I have a niece and a nephew I dont want them to get hurt because of me
It's all real, anon.
The charges against Aquino were dismissed when the court appointed medical examiner found the girl to be untouched. The dad admitted that he only made the accusation because he was pissy he saw someone being a nonchristian in the military, and brought a satanic panic huckster onboard.

You can read his side of things in Scroll of Set, the newsletter for the Temple.
File: 1543106245872.jpg (277 KB, 960x929)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
I remember when pizzagate was exploding on /pol/, i got off that train when shit got too fucking real

File: Anonymous.jpg (70 KB, 750x739)
70 KB
Have you ever looked at someone and realized they're just a reincarnation of you? This keeps happening to me.
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Sounds like a basic bitch problem
Yeah, I've felt that way before.
You're legit right. The collective subconscious is different for different races. Mixed people have access to a portion of both.
Surely only one person can use the soul at any one time, right?
Two people can't exist at the same time with one soul.

In fact, if the population is going up, where are all the new souls coming from? All the animal species that we keep killing off?
Take your meds.

Let's once again show mythical creatures/cryptids in a realistic light with the help of speculative biology and evolution.
>And ffs, please don't die so bloody soon this time.
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For you.
that's a whales dick
im the guy with the dad with dementia. im working on a fungal demon and somebody else requested a medusa or something. im currently working on other projects atm, but will finish those as soon as im done.
what an odd way to ID yourself
yeah, i guess i couldve said my trip was tuberculosis, but i dont think many people noticed that anyways.

File: hand tootao clock.jpg (61 KB, 712x1024)
61 KB
Hey /x, is it possible for the palm of your hand to store energy that comes from the body and mind? Where it acts like a filter or something? I had a friend from a few years back who said that after masturbating for the first time in his early 20s, he mentioned that the palm of his right hand, (specifically) he almost felt like it sealed up or got tainted with an energy of not the good kind. He kind of went awall since then and doesn't sound like he's in much of a good space from the last I heard, at least mentally.

What can you guys on /x tell me about this?

Why was Lucifer casted out of heaven and is he really that bad?
109 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
That is because the woods have fresh air and are beautiful... but underneath the veneer of beauty and freshness.... there is a dark secret..... Ever wander into the woods at night.... Tis but a dark and unforgiving place.
Christfags won't give you a straight answer because they're brainwashed cultists.

He's not that bad, Christian's, just like in every part of the Bible, take the slightest concept shown in the Bible, ignore what they dislike, and amp what they want to market up to 100.
Yes, I do not fear the dark.
File: EntryToLimbo_LARGE.jpg (295 KB, 750x995)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
Well.... that is because you haven't seen what is there. Lurking. Waiting. Hungering. Tired. Yearning. Wet. Dry. The dark comes for you... it's a great surprise.
He was the first conspiracy theorist.

File: 1548261410704.jpg (279 KB, 826x1046)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
The other night I awoke and saw this blue demon figure by my side. I asked him who he was and he said "You called out for me" and "He associates with him (referring to the devil). He then said "I have what your looking for". At that point I was certain I was awake and then he handed me a grand grimoire. I panicked then threw it to my side. I didn't know what to do then I saw a seal to my side glowing. I then fell asleep and forgot about it for the next few days. He was tall and broad. Had some sort of helmet on and also had a sword. His eyes were black and also had blue armor. What was it? Pic not related
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
He was a Protoss.
Looks nothing like the star craft thing. It’s had no other colour other than blue
It also said something about sparrow blood or a dead sparrow
Draw it, faggot.

File: Alien meta physics 2.jpg (2.17 MB, 1704x3403)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
Any and all information will be appreciated.
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lol when i first read your post i read "Red Pill Me On Extratesticles"
The 3 testicle harnesses the potential 'third gender'
It's like a woman but much taller and with a lot of muscle.
She has a long thick clit, about 7-9 inches average and is based af
white on black text sucks.
They have extra testicles ayy lmao

File: kundalini.jpg (164 KB, 1200x1199)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Anyone have experiences with Kundalini meditation done incorrectly that resulted in less-than-desired side effects? New an acquaintance that did some meditation and induced some panic attacks on themselves for quite some time due to what I suspect was incorrectly done Kundalini meditation.
42 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.

Is this something you need to do on acid/shoorms/psychedelic drugs?
>muh kundini
Devil worshippers.
Had an 'awakening' after a solo meditation retreat for a few weeks in the desert, sitting on a rock and just focusing on breathing. Since then, contextualizing the experience has been interesting. I can't talk to how other people deal with similar things, but over the course of the past year, I:
-spoke with faces in a storm and was hit by lightning, then merged with creation for a timeless eternity a la highlander.
-regularly let my ego dissolve, yet I always come right back.
-Quit my $150k/yr job leading technology advancements for major aerospace company.
-waking visions, more or less all the time, wherein I commune with fundamental aspects of creation / my unconscious that are personified best by elements of the hindu pantheon and jungian archetypes.
-hit on my motorcycle, should be dead, walk away with scratches and a mildly broken foot.
-wrote 6 books, 2 of which are getting published. They're not totally bad.
-missed a turn on my motorcycle, rode off a cliff, landed with no problems. Had visions of slipping between worlds, wherein I left the world I died behind.

Barely scratching the surface. All these things happened (for example, my friend watched me get hit by lightning and can attest), but there is a lot of subjective stuff that is solely my experience alone and if I were to tell a psych, they'd put me on meds. But I'm a genuinely happy, independently wealthy guy, so instead I'm merely eccentric.

So behavioral / lifestyle changes are the primary 'danger' as such, for me, alongside just a general sort of what other people would call craziness.. You could also say these are blockages being cleared. A girl did some k yoga, started clearing her swadisthana, and had diarrhea for weeks afterwards. Other blockages manifest in different ways, depending on the person.

These might be less-than-desired. K-related, though, so yeah.
No and I doubt drugs would help.

File: 1548214279113.jpg (78 KB, 800x580)
78 KB
Hey, /x/,
When I was a child I remember my father telling me about a book whose story was spooky at hell. Unfortunately he left my mother and I can only rarely speak to him. He told me this like 15 years ago. I thought about it many times but never looked for the name until now.
I wonder if anyone here got the name of the book (the story may not be completely exact, I only speak about what I remember).
It was about a man who entered in his oven?and end up in a labyrinth. There was nothing and it was pitch black. The guy survived in the labyrinth for like 10 years eating roots before finally finding the exit. And after, I don't remember why, he end up once more in the labyrinth.
Isn't it the story about some guy buying a magic matchstick from a gypsie to light his gas oven?
Maybe. I don't really remember. What's the name of that story?
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