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I’ve been hearing a persistent scream in the back of my head. It’s not an auditory hallucination (I don’t hear it from my ears), it’s just a voice in my head that occasionally appears. It says “God help us” in a very tormented, agonizing way.

What is this?
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If you smoke weed stop smoking weed.
I do not smoke weed. Every time I have, I have had drug induced psychosis.
A few weeks.
sup loren

There's a full moon tonight. Any full moon specific paranormal shit I can do?
howl at the moon? maybe not that paranormal but still weird thing you can do
use a ouija board and contact moon ghosts
Make a potion or salve and set some component in the moonlight to mature. That’s what I usually do.

What are you looking for, in particular?
>what are you looking for?
Anything supernatural related to the full moon. Like werewolves but less meme.

What kind of potions do you brew anyways?
If you want the lycanthropy stuff without the anthropomorphic sex stuff, shave all the hair on your head and then take a walk while the moon is up.

I've only used the moonlight for soil amendments.

File: 2332.jpg (1.34 MB, 2000x1333)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
>Loch Ness Monster
>it's actually an alien
who thought this was a good idea?
why is that statue looking at me so seductively?
tfw no big tiddie loch ness monster gf
File: 1520557951016.jpg (35 KB, 534x542)
35 KB
go give her about three fiddy, she'll know what's it about.
File: 5.jpg (77 KB, 570x570)
77 KB
go back to your flat earth shitposting general you flat brain

File: oKxXdLx.jpg (29 KB, 400x400)
29 KB
all my life it feels like before anything good happens a lot of bad has to happen. for example I am set to soon get my first car and I got my first gf and I am getting a job. So naturally my life has been shit for the past month. It's like anything that could be left up to chance always went south.

is this pattern the result of something?
get a job you lazy fuck
>could I be cursed?
Damn you. Your welcome.
I have one.


File: 1543733161869.jpg (1.06 MB, 3264x2448)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
So I have managed to free my mind from the monkey and found the Middle Way. It is weird since all the conventions I had lived with so far have to be reassessed but it is incredibly fun, every day is like being on MDMA as a mortal, I hear the Music everywhere and see the Numbers. The (((X))) is actually a pretty cool guy after all.

All my social problems, anxiety and depression have evaporated with my banishment of Doubt. Creative pursuits have become very easy and all doors lay open. The eXperience is the Best.

The Infinite potential I now realise is very interesting, all things are possible.

>I have only known about this for about 3 mortal weeks now, I am very new. I want to reach into the pool of Wisdom.

My question is what do you other Enlightened beings do for fun and what did you do when you first figured this shit out?
i look for a suitable bob y wegana to make my kin survive

File: 1552946544243.jpg (44 KB, 600x600)
44 KB
Planning on doing a big shrooms trip this summer with my wife where we'll both that just take a whole day off and trip together. I've done shrooms a couple of times kinda lame trips tho for various reasons. She's never done them. Thoughts and suggestions? My going plan right now is to listen to doors albums on our record player and have some uninhibited sex not too much of a leap we do some pretty kinky stuff sober. Is this a good idea?
File: 1549685697162.jpg (61 KB, 621x646)
61 KB
Is sex+psychedelics a path to enlightenment or esoteric knowledge? Could we accidentally mess each other up and MK Ultra ourselves? Thoughts on taking black coffee with shrooms?

File: libyan_continent.jpg (281 KB, 735x1000)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
How does water come from the sky, out of nowhere?

Don't answer "evaporation" like a clod. If this was true, where did the water in the oceans come from? The skies, obviously.

There must be water in space. Or, more likely, some supernatural entity that is sending us water from nothing.
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All starts with the Big Bang...
god you're dumb
You sound like a good candidate for suicide.
take your pills crazy

File: 20190419_221325.png (543 KB, 564x554)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
Hello /x/, do you have any ideea on how to obtain a "stand-like" ability? Like a tulpa that influences reality or a demon that would work for/with me? (i am not looking for "time-stop" or anything like that, a punching ghost will sufice) I am more than glad to hear your opinions
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Thank you for your ideea
Do everything yourself you faggot.
Wait for a meteor to land on earth, chip out a piece of it, make a number of arrows and stab yourself
It's that easy
Already had that in mind, but thank you for contributing to my thread
Make a tulpa dog.

File: 1551999240135.jpg (17 KB, 400x388)
17 KB
I'm a practicing chaos magaician. I have done a few successful workings but for the most part my occult skills leave a lot to be desired.

>be me
>be magickfag
>Don't look so good anymore, start getting rejected
>got magick though
>Do ritual
>get hot gf
>gf is crazy, trys to shank me with my athane
>dump her, change address
>Luckily both parties have moved on safe and alive (could've been killed so im stoked)

What did I do wrong? My sigil was made of:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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haha, this was the wrong metaphor to use
>Do ritual
>it works, "Sigil have sex with x girl many times
>pay the price

If magick is trading, the merchant cut costs by giving you a x girl the quickest way possible. Aka. closest girl in proximity to fullfill your desire, which to your luck was a psycho(best sex).

Next time, keep it simple:
>"want x girl according to y ideal to sex many times.
dont do a triade of many specifics, use ideals instead. Like; I want hot girl sex many times that believe in race war.
You can't rape women. They don't have souls
So I’m schizophrenic, after I got into a big fight with some friends I had intense negative feeling towards them and a couple months later one of them killed themself out of nowhere. Is it possible I accidentally cursed him?
Basically: yeah. You gotta be careful with the shit you put out into the world, especially if your schiz (read: sensitive to the paranormal)

File: 1553902104626.jpg (140 KB, 500x502)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
-- Save this sigil and share it when these threads emerge so that as many people as possible will charge it. -- This sigil holds the power to evoke hitler from the grave and give him permanent reign. Make sure every anon involved has a copy to focus on. >On April 20 on exactly 20:04 german time, (on Hitler's birthday) we will synchronize our minds for the greatest 2019 happening. >We will challenge (((their))) hegemony of the spirit world with a coordinated worldwide attack and we will summon Adolf Hitler in the proccess. >It is important that no one acts alone and we all follow the leadership and instructions of the more experienced occult anons. This is a continuation of a thread on /pol/ https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/209626609/ which was deleted by the tranny jannies. Apparently attempting to summon an avatar of the ideal of mankind in the form of Adolf Hitler isn't politics related, so we'll stick to here for now. So far we've had some good contributions to the idea found in the archives, such as a speculative mantra as well as advice on how to align ourselves spiritually during the event. Some anons will be using DMT to convene in hyperspace where they will have more influence, while the rest will be entering into a meditative state for the recital of an as of yet undetermined mantra to aid the endeavor.
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omg bots
Notice TBD is too chickenshit to post on /pol/

Did you guys heard that Iran’s government made a mandatory app for every citizen effective in one month?
So this app is for everyone who has a bank account and unless you use this app(and only this app which made by government) you can access to your banks.
Can it be mark of Antichrist?
I always thought that the mark was Facebook
It's monster energy drinks, you absolute plebs.
no BAR CODES were the mark of the antichrist remember?
Got a source?

Greetings, puny Earthlings!!
I am Skeletor, AMA.
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Sad fate of anyone who isn't skeletor.
File: 1555276297492.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
if you could take your schtick back to >>>/tv/ and return to making up stories of Sam Raimi and Uncle Ben's vietnam fuck hut there, that'd be great.
File: images(56).jpg (6 KB, 273x185)
6 KB
Not right now Lumberg, I'm busy. In fact I'm just going to go ahead and ask you to go away, mmmkay?
File: images-1.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Remember: Be a good goy and don't do DMT, kids! Peace out! Skeletor loves you!! I'm going back to Eternia now for my bone massage!
File: 9k=-1.jpg (4 KB, 104x104)
4 KB
I'm also having some highlights put in!!!

File: gang stalking.jpg (21 KB, 480x360)
21 KB
Former handler and coordinator of gang stalking here. I can't divulge any personal information or my current location, as I'm currently in hiding. However, I can answer some questions. Ask me anything
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nah it aint, you know what is? Schizophrenia
Is V2K technology real?
What does a V2K device look like?

while I watch from a mental hospital
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Cheers m8 I’ve been to one 3 times the chocolate cake is pretty good
Put simply, in case of a civil war, people in prisons and mental wards are never getting out. Ever. They will be euthanized on the spot by putting gas in the vents
. So you'll die too anon!
Lucky for me I want to kill and die in combat. I was going into the army first time i went to a mental hospital and had those plans cut short. But as long as I get my invega 3 month injection or even without I'm down to serve in combat as long as I don't get the rope for my schizophrenia diagnosis
The zombies got me.
I hate them I stayed to save more but I feel like I regret it.
Lul anyone that isnt retarded knows the goyim always do.

File: 1555458651792.jpg (37 KB, 400x485)
37 KB
What happens after you die?
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Your loved ones grieve. You decay. The world keeps spinning.
If you are worth your salt, you will work every day to make a lasting legacy; make kids, start a business or an artistic portfolio, help others, get educated and educate others.
What the fuck is the sense in a lasting legacy that you won't be around to see flourish?

I think there's something else beyond death but even so, I don't worry too much about what legacy I leave behind here on Earth. In the end, we'll all be forgotten anyhow.
Hopefully nothing
I find it interesting how whenever anyone talks about how to make the most of your life it's always in relation to other people. "leaving a legacy", "starting a family", "helping others". What has anyone done for me that I should all of a sudden give my life to them? I'm just going to live for myself because like >>22538938 says, we are all forgotten in the end regardless.
I mean, helping others is a noble thing to do. Not as a means of leaving a legacy but just more or less leaving the world a better place for your loved ones and future generations.

I just don't get the concept of busting your ass and squandering your life to achieve some status that won't be relevant in the long run. I'd rather spend my time here on Earth enjoying it with those that I can call loved ones.

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